POV’s Take: Pre-Spring Drills – Defensive Line

POV’s Take: Pre-Spring Drills – Defensive Line

I just realized that I left out the defensive line when I did the units review a couple of weeks ago – so let’s do that now.

Here are the two-deep defensive line listings from the YSU game in last year’s opener and then the final game against Miami.

Notes 17 DL YSU

Notes 17 DL Miami.png








Here you can see that we didn’t go through too many changes over the course of the 12 week season; Hendricks and Roy stayed at DE and NT respectively but there was a slight shake up with early starters Camp  being sat down for Watts and Edwards  at the other DE spot giving up the starter’s position to James Folston.

Not that it mattered really because of all the units on the field on both sides of the ball the DL is one where you see the most substitutions week to week and in-game.  Being sat down really just meant they were in a continual rotation and situational packages. We’ll see that again this year.

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