Happy Easter to those who celebrate…

Here is another Sunday podcast – a little BB talk and some FB talk…


123 thoughts on “POV’s View From the Endzone Podcast: 4/1/18

  1. So, Coach Capel puts a full-page ad in today’s PG – here’s the text:





    Jeff Capel
    Head Coach – Men’s Basketball

    And at the bottom is a graphic of the Pittsburgh skyline.

    Is this guy to good to be true??

    Hail to Pitt!

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  2. Yet another great and surprising podcast by Commander Reed on Easter morning. Thanks Reed.

    Yes Jeff CA-pel really seems to be on the beam. Great hire all the way around.

    Some of the name pronunciations in today’s podcast don’t quite sound like mine but I can’t say if they are right or wrong. Coach K is referred to as coach K for a reason.

    In no way (zero) did anyone ever suggest that PITT could be in for 9 or 10 million dollars to sign Sean Miller. Even when I read that Miller was making 5+ mil per year didn’t mean PITT would be in for that much money. Probably around the same figure that was offered to Hurley would have be offered to Miller and was drawn up in pencil in case Fogler couldn’t find a good cause not to take a chance on him. << He must have found some and/or Capel became available?

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Reed did admit he’s feeling a little negative, check that, not positive about this years football team. Is this semantics?

    A. R. Lopes, last years top receiver and top returning WR for PITT is a “transfer”. I do not understand the problem with transfers? << it’s called options.

    Darrin Hall will have a good senior year just for spite.

    Reed takes criticism as well as anybody. It’s just that he gets it more than most. Reed gets critique for being too negative or “not positive” and I get questioned for being too positive. I admit to finding it queer that someone would find fault in someone who’s being too positive?

    Reed was right about Voytik, Reed was right about Peterman, Reed was right about Browne and so far, Reed has been right about Pickett. << Don’t really know what the point is there, I guess I feel guilty for giving Reed the business. ike

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  3. Hate to pile on a good young man like Max Browne, I just have to ask. Do we really know how bad the O-Line was last year? In what and how many ways did the poor QB play last year lend a hand in the, won/lost record, running game and passing game? Hell, poor play at the QB position leads to a poor offense that could lead to poor stats for the defense. Football is a team game and poor results in one unit could tilt the effectiveness in all units in a not so positive way. ike

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  4. @Ike – You are extremely positive. We had a discussion on this previously. Positivism vs. negativism vs. realism. I hang in the realism category. I am not going to say things are great when reality says they are not. Those are called excuses. In sports, you can’t, in my opinion, say we would have been 10-2 if this happened or that happened or whatever. You are what your record is.

    We can’t say we would have been 10-2 if we would have just cut down on our turnovers. We didn’t. Can’t say we would be 10-2 without injuries and yadda yadda yadda. We can be positive and hope for the best, but when that doesn’t come to fruition, we can’t say well, if this, if that, etc. There aren’t ifs.

    Same with the negatives. They can be pointed out, but at the end of the day, we are what we are. In football we are average to slightly below average last year (5-7). The two prior years we were slightly above average. In bball, we were well below average this year and slightly below average last year.

    Now to the AD. Some may be overly positive as to what just happened with the Capel hire. That is fine. I am real happy with the hire for sure. I am real happy that Gallagher and the BoT opened the purse strings. One might argue that if Barnes, Pederson or any other AD was given $3M+ to spend on a bball coach, we may have been in a better position for the last 10 years.

    So, is she good or did Gallagher and the BoT get tired of hearing the incessant complaints from fans, media and donors which led to the opening of the purse strings? We saw what $2M per year got us with a bball coach.

    Did Gallagher finally wake up and start to see that Pitt was slipping in a lot of different areas and decided to try what so many others in higher ed have done to stimulate growth? I think that had a lot to do with it.

    We won’t ever know those answers, so any anointing the AD as a savior of the program should be met with some thoughtful analysis of the entire situation, not just cherrypicking the hire. Did the large amount of new money, broaden the candidate pool and now raised the expectations of the fan base. So what is it? Would be interested to know if the $3M+ per year changes any perspectives. Always look at the totality.

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  5. Note to self – there has been no mention of the increase in funds as well as the buyout as a reason for a better candidate pool. I couldn’t be happier that our AD swung and missed at Hurley. That would have been a disaster and most on here agree with that.

    Assuming that the assistant coaches and recruiting pool increased as well, expectations will rise, correct? What should that be? What does $3.0-$3.5M in head coach salary get you? We are finding out so far, like the ad in the paper today. It is an obvious, thoughtful choice for Pitt to spend money on the media to sway it favorably. Gotta like the first week so far.

    Perhaps a glimpse of the roster next and then go recruit. I think Stone is a big piece and I would be spending a lot of time on him….if I were the coach. Then i would go get me some guards.

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  6. Thanks EE, thanks for some positive baseball news.

    Good post Huff. We could talk all day and night about the differences in the way we think. I am a positive thinker by in large. Couple things though. Some of my posts aren’t directly positive just because I defend Heather or KS as an example, when they first start their jobs. Honestly, I didn’t care for either hires. So the two cases when I said wait until we see how they do, one turned out real bad and the other not so bad up until this point. I wasn’t being positive at all. << maybe I was being a realist?

    Now let’s take a game, any game, oh how about the NW game. Is it positive thinking to say that if PITT hadn’t totally mismanaged, slipping untouched at the one yard line, intercepted inside the ten, fumbled and had bad play calling in the first quarter and then to have the misfortune to lose two of their best offensive players a good part of the second half PITT “could” have won that game? Is that positive thinking or reality? << That is what happened isn’t it?

    Anyhow, I do understand that the record is what it is. For me, it’s the labels you described above as being slightly above or slightly below average when I look at how each game played out. That’s when I think a little discretion should used in determining just how good a team really is. Sometimes it’s just not the final record that tells the story. Many people think the Steelers best team ever was the 1976 season when injuries derailed the team at the wrong time.

    Bottom line, I embrace being referred to as overly positive. It’s a comfortable corner I painted myself into. and being a true realist? Huff, you may be the best qualified to consider yourself that. others? not so much.



    1. I think you forgot about Orndoff’s dropped TD pass in citing Pitt’s bumbling and bad luck in the Pinstripe.

      Not sure who Pitt’s two best offensive players were. Pitt lost Conner in the first half, yet Ollison and Hall still played decently. Pitt lost Peterman and DJ toward the end of the 3rd quarter.

      Pitt was down 4 when Peterman was hurt. DiNucci then threw a TD pass for the lead on his first series. It was Pitt’s last lead. The defense subsequently surrendered a long drive for a Northwestern touchdown and the lead.

      Pitt surrendered 248 yards on the ground (224 to Jackson) and couldn’t get off the field in allowing Northwestern to convert 9-19 3rd downs, many of those 3rd and longs.

      Had you added those facts I would have suggested that you are a realist. However I understand that it’s not happening.

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  7. If anyone is interested in reading the link above, just highlight the entire line then right click then click on search goggle for optimism vs pessimism vs realism It’s a good read for the POV group.


  8. Happy Easter.

    Maybe the past BB season finally woke Pitt admin up. A lot of bad press.

    Maybe Capel is the answer we want. Seems he really likes Pittsburgh and wants to get BB going.


  9. I do hope Pitt has money in the budget to hire good assistants for Capel. His success depends on it. The ad in the paper was a good PR move by Pitt. Pitt is finally taking charge of the message.

    But all this comes down to money and how much Pitt is willing to spend and then more importantly who they decide to spend it on.

    Until I see results and the numbers, I dont think Pitt has suddenly changed their philosophy of mediocrity. If you spend time on a campus particularly down south that is P-5, you’ll quickly understand how much sports means to the school.

    I dont think Pitt will ever have that cultural mindset but I’m hopeful their goal is beyond mediocrity. Hiring Capel is a step in the right direction.


  10. Now my friend Tx_ please don’t try and tell me you are a realist. We here on the POV are kind of a version of The Good The Bad and The Ugly……… we just don’t who is which….. 🙂


  11. The 76 steeler defense was awesome for sure. Statistics prove that out. But it wasn’t the best team, because we were challenged in other areas.

    As far as NW game, we see that differently. I see it as follows. If there was no slip and fall at the 1 and it is a TD, the rest of the game changes. The game changes based on every play, if that makes sense. If we go in for a TD, does NW come back with a kick return td? An interception? A fumble, etc. The whole game changes every play. Similar to defensive calls. When an offense is stopped for no gain on first down, the defense changes on 2nd and long. The offense changes its playcalling on 2nd and 10 as well…..and on and on until the game ends.

    One play changes every next call. It just does. Again, these are my opinions and that is how I watch a game.

    Happy Easter folks.


  12. I’ve always tried to see things that way as well Huff. There is no way to know the outcome save a difference in a last play of a game.


  13. Jus saying goodnight and Orndof did drop a perfectly thrown pass late in that NW game from Danooch. LOL, yes I was chuckling when I commented there as this could go on all night… ike


  14. Yeah. I can see potential in certain plays, calls, injuries not happening. The potential for success is greater.

    Ultimately, every thing that happens can change something else, or keep it the same. No way to know unless we borrow upitt’s time machine.


  15. As far as the NW bowl game goes, I think pitt made some good adjustments at halftime and the offense was starting to take control of the game… then peterman got knocked out of the game and that was it for pitt’s hopes of winning. Conner and peterman both knocked out, hard to win when your two best offensive players aren’t on the field.


  16. One play can make a big difference in any game. And one player can make a big difference in any teams season. Had Pickett been installed as Pitt’s first team QB earlier last season, Pitt IMO would have ended up with at least a 7 and 5 record instead of the 5 and 7 record it ended up with. Hence my optimistic prediction(unrealistic or not) for the coming FB year at Pitt.


    1. Makes sense….except for some of the better O-line guys leaving. I think the secondary & linebackers will be better this year though.


  17. we all have our definition of what realism is … it is as subjective as anything else. In this site for me, the positive pole is ike, the negative pole is Upitt … and realism lies somewhere in between. While you can disagree with their opinions, they have as much right to express it as does anyone else.

    There is reason to not be very positive about the upcoming FB season based on this past season. However, you may also consider that the defense should certainly be better from the get-go, and the offense will be better if for no other reason than we have a better player at the most important position. But, of course, there is the chance that the OL will be even worse this year than last.

    But no matter what is written here pro and con, nothing will matter come September.


    1. We also lost two of our best defenders in Whitehead and Maddox. Our best OL, our most productive WR and our best returner are gone also.

      Two other OL starters are gone also. We have literally zero D1 experience behind our starting QB, not one pass thrown at this level.

      Our returning TEs have a total of one (1) catch.

      Those are real reasons for concern also…


  18. Pitts problem forever has been having one half a team. By that I mean a good o and bad d or vise versa. I think this was due to lack of depth and a poor overall approach to recruiting. They took the best they could get, and it often left holes on one side of the ball. Now with transfers and more jucos they have options to try and address those gaps. Unless you are one of the major land grants I think you’ll always have this problem.
    By the time you get caught up, like our d, the offense is ignored and is a liability. Really hard to hit both, and we haven’t done so in 40 years. That, however, is no excuse for the absolutely awful d we have had recently.


  19. Re: Huff’s post in last article…the definition of “Critism” is also:

    The analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work.

    alternative methods of criticism supported by well-developed literary theories”
    synonyms: evaluation, assessment, appraisal, analysis, judgment; More
    commentary, interpretation, explanation, explication, elucidation
    “literary criticism”

    It’s called “Critical Thinking” and I was well trained in it early in my Search and Rescue career because it is vitally important not to accept things at face value…or people die.

    So we must look at things from every angle to find as much thruth as possible, then work from there. Sometimes they are facts (in sport’s case stats) and sometimes they are assessing non-facts (Coachspeak or observations of others) to find what is as close to real as possible.

    For instance Ike’s question of if the OL really was bad last year…the facts are these:

    Sacks Allowed: 101st with 31 (13th ACC)

    TFLS Allowed: 99th with 6.58 per game (79 total) (10th ACC)

    3rd Down Conversion: 95th @ 35% (11th ACC)

    Rushing Offense: 85th with 148 ypg. (12th ACC)

    Those are the facts.

    Watching the QBs get ground into the dirt and having to run around like chickens with their heads cut off is a supporting observation.

    A secondary supporting observation was the OL coach being fired.

    Also, it is a silly-ass question in the first place…


  20. In the infamous bowl game:

    — Aston tripped on the 2 yard line stopping an obvious score
    — Henderson fumbled twice
    — Orndoff had a false start on the NW 5 yard line (2nd qtr) and dropped a TD in the 4th qtr
    — Peterman threw an interception at the goal line

    Everyone of the above were well seasoned and very reliable. Yet despite all of the key injuries and all of the above incidents, Pitt still had a lead in the 4th quarter.


    1. And lost the game keeping us from being 9-4 and ranked around 17th – 19th.

      See, NW played a perfect game…the only perfect game in the history of college football apparently. They had zero missed opportunities and not one bad play all game!

      Watching NW make zero mistakes and capitalize on every…single…opportunity was a thing of beauty.!!

      C’mon guys, we lost to a 6-6 NW team that we should have run up such a big early lead on the 2nd half injuries shouldn’t have mattered.

      But we came out flat and let them beat us around and lost a chance at a great season.


      1. Reed, so you still insist we came out flat … despite the fact NW went 3 and out its first 2 series, while in Pitt’s 1st 2 series, we kicked a FG and had an easy TD except for Aston’s trip?

        You will never ever convince me that Pitt came out flat


        1. I’m not the only one…it was discussed in the press box and by many who attended the game in person. Looking at the team on the sideline it was evident they were subdued and nervous…but believe what you want.


          1. What’s more telling of a team. How they look standing on the sideline or how they played the first quarter when totally dominating NW. To think otherwise is just plain silly. 😉


          2. I was there and said to my wife…”they look flat”. That was disappointing and a poor reflection on HCPN in my mind. No excuses (per HCJC).


        2. I was there at Yankee Stadium…in our seats well before gametime They were flat, and seemed distracted pregame and in the first quarter. Very obvious.


  21. Reality is taking a clean slate and fresh look at the players on the current team. By all indications, the secondary and the LB corp seem to be better than last year. There is more depth at these positions, and PN must get the credit for that as his recruits are taking more prominent roles. The RBs are more seasoned, and there is a significant injection of 4 star rated talent that should provide hope at this position.

    The DL and DEs seem much deeper and stronger than last year, and should be more capable of stopping the run and rushing the passer. These positions will be more experienced and should be improved this year. The WRs have raw talent but minimal experience. It may take half a season before the real stars emerge and the passing game holds its own. TEs are solid if not spectacular, but should help the running game early while the passing game develops.

    There has been much talk about the OL so far, and it is an area where the first few games may be rough but the raw talent should be there for improvement in the second half of the season. And there is a significant upgrade at QB as we all agree. Overall, I would say this is probably the best team PN will field since he arrived.


    1. Well, I’ll disagree strongly with “raw talent” on the OL.

      If we had that the staff wouldn’t be scrambling around for transfers and switching a DL player to the OL.


  22. Baseball did win the series for the first time this year. Anytime you beat UVA, even though they arne’t ranked this year it is positive. 4-8 in ACC overall though is a problem.

    Capel – Yes looks like they had to open the purse up and maybe just maybe times are changing. I also think the Administration helped that not just Heather. Maybe she sold them on that though.

    Football – The problem again is they never click on all fronts at the same time. Some years offense was great and defense was embarrassing and vice versa.They will be better than last year but barely. I see 6-6. The offense will be weak while Defense improves some.

    My 2 cents.


  23. Reed, I should have added that the coaching staff has also been upgraded this year especially for the OL, which should also do some good. PN’s OL recruits the past two years seem to be of sufficient quality to eventually move up with better coaching, and I think that OL, which we all agree requires years of development, is particularly suited to use of graduate transfers, which Narduzzi is pretty good at getting. I’m just not ready to give up on this year’s OL.


  24. I haven’t put on paper my early prediction for this coming season.

    First game is my only 99.9% victory. Albany.

    Losses, I’ll pencil in psu, UCF, Notre Dame, VT and Miami.

    GT, UNC, Cuse, Duke, VA and Wake Forest remain. So 1-5 with 6 games up in the air. So I can’t say PITT will win all 6 of those games. I do think there are 4 wins from that group though.

    I’m not one to buy into past years as relevant to the current year. It doesn’t make sense to me that a particular team has PITT’s number or PITT has VT’s number as an example. Not only do the players change but the coaches do as well and the style of play by any given team may change due to the evolution of the changes.

    That said. I think PITT will win 1 of my 5 loss games and I do choose it to be VT. It doesn’t have to be VT but I think PITT will win one of those 5 tougher games. << and no, not because they have won a big game in each of Narduzzi first 3 years.

    My too early final PITT record prediction this coming season 6-6.

    What I’ll be looking for the in the coming months to move that record up or down will be how the back-up QB’s develop. News and an update on Kessman’s kicking this year. More proof the defense will be much improved. I can see PITT winning 7 games right now and losing 7 games very easily at the same time. ike


  25. I’m thinking the defense will be marginally better this year and the offense will also be somewhat better. The oline really only lost Oneil who was playing out of position at left tackle. The other linemen showed no real potential to play at the next level.
    Coach Borbs had success at Louisville and Colorado and hopefully can put together a competent starting five here.
    The defense will have two new faces in the secondary, the same linebacker corps and hopefully an improved young dline, marginal improvement at best.


  26. ike, I think you are a bit too cautious at 6-6. I say five of your six toss ups are Ws and they will win the UCF game. This puts me at 7-5 if my math is correct. Then let’s take Pedo. I think it is POSSIBLE that Pitt kicks the Nitters’ butts at home. Does anyone stand with me on this? Nothing like a little pure hatred to gin up an upset.


    1. Pitt can beat any team on a given day… But, psu will be tough to beat early in the season. They have one of the better D1 QBs with a solid receiving corps and a good RB. And, they have a very talented D-line as well. Pitt will play them closer than last year, but will likely lose.

      This looks like a 6-6 team that should play all opponents tough (no blowouts like OK State last year). If they get real lucky they could be 8-4. If injuries pile up then 5-7.


    2. I predicted a few weeks back that Pitt beats the nits in 2018. I’m with you on that for sure. McSwirley has two new receivers, a new TE and RB. He’ll make enough mistakes to allow Pitt to upset them as a ranked, top 10 team.


      1. Hope that you both are right. But, McS has played more than 100 quarters of D1 ball and Kenny has played 6 quarters. And, they’ve been smart about getting their backups playing time including the RB (Sanders) and WRs. I see another 10 win season for our country rivals, while I only see 5 to 8 wins for us. But, like I said, I hope that you are both right.


        1. You mean “drop it on the sod Sanders”?

          He’ll probably have a big season due to their soft schedule. He may even rush for more yards than Barkley had in 2017. The nits play Wisconsin, Michigan, tOSU, Mich State and Pitt. All other games can be penciled in as W’s.


  27. I’ll withhold judgement until I see them in the Spring game. Wifey gave me permission to go by myself, looking forward to it.


  28. Reed, about your comment calling my question silly ass. I believe you failed to “read between the lines”. The question was merely mimicking your thoughts on Max’s inability to move in the pocket and how much did that contribute to some of those poor stats put upon the O-Line. I have to think some of the blame can go to the QB position.

    … and another thing. Did you ever notice how you really lean towards the most negative aspect of PITT’s football team? Hammering us over the head with how lousy the O-line will be again this year. OK, I get that but how about hammering me over the head on the potential of the line-backing corp? << Is that too positive?? I get carried away… ike


    1. I agreed with you about the LBs.. best unit on defense.

      Re: the Pinstripe Bowl. Everyone I talked to who were actually at the game seems to agree the Pitt team came out “flat” and there was no emotion on the sideline like in our other games.

      But those who watched it through the TV felt differently because they weren’t there.

      But there was absolutely something off about the team that day.


      1. Ugh The pinstripe bowl… I was there. it was one of the more frustrating pitt losses of the Narduzzi era. Classic case of coming out flat and letting a lesser team hang around. Should have put them away early. Pitt should’ve beaten that team seven/eight out of 10 times.


  29. We will be 1-0 after the first week of football. That’s as far as I am willing to commit to at this time.

    UCF lost a lot of talent to graduation, but more importantly there is a new set of coaches and for that reason, I think there will be an opportunity to win that game.

    Anybody notice Michigan dumped VTech for two years and brought in Arcansauce…St.? OOC scheduling is critical and Michigan didn’t want to face VTech and Washington on their OOC schedule. Smart on them. Now why don’t we think about 3 wins and perhaps 1 loss in ooc each year? The scheduled tough game will be one that when the stars align, we can go 4-0 in ooc and make national hay!

    In average years you go 3-1 ooc and 4-4 in conference and end up 7-5. When things align, you go 4-0 ooc and 6-2 in conference for a very nice 10-2 or 9-3. That gets you on the national map because your conference carries the narrative. Get the schedule right first which will lead to more wins, which will lead to better recruiting. Learn from the Dairy High School.

    Has anyone else thought that Capel would be a great football recruiter/closer?


  30. … and another btw. I read, I think Harley, mentioned one of Wirginis’s strengths is his ability to get the defense lined up correctly.


  31. Sounds like Capel is in Rooney’s box at the Pirate’s game, invited by Rooney.
    Gave a positive interview during game.


  32. I just noticed Pitt’s football roster has been updated. Indeed TE’s Carrigan and Reeves are both 285 lbs. Zeise is up to 240 lbs; last year he was 230 lbs. Chase Pine is 250 lbs. Let’s hope this is the result of the sometimes maligned S&C program and not off season junk food and malaise.


      1. Why is it OK for Mckillop to have played at 245 and not good for Zeise to play at 240? And do you believe the Pitt coaches are not privy to what weight these players are currently carrying? I have to assume in some cases(maybe most cases) that the coaches are not as concerned about what weight some of these named players are carrying.


    1. Prediction: Reeves puts on 15 lbs and winds up a standout left tackle starting next season.


  33. I think Chase Pine came in at 6’3″, 235. Add 10-15 of muskell.

    Had to giggle at the special k moniker when talking about weight. They aren’t eating that cereal, rather a lot of peanut butter and jelly.

    I did mention ucf losing coaches and key players, but their qb is a gamer. Gotta watch that.

    Tight ends in this draft are about 6’4″ 245 that run in the 4.6 to 4.8 range.The biggest TE that I saw was from MissSt at 6′ 5″, 265. Those are combine numbers so they are probably in their best shape and accurate listings. Our guys are a bit taller by all reports. Okay, no reports, just gossip. I am really okay if Reaves and Carrigan are both legitimate 6’6″, 280. How fast/quick are they running?

    Since we have no reports on that, I will be positive and say they are running the 40 in 4.35. Had to take a dig at the Athletic Department on that. Look if they still run at 4.8 or less at 285 pounds, good grief that would be awesome. I think Reaves can carry that weight. I think Carrigan keeps eating peanut butter and jelly and sees time at OL. I haven’t observed Carrigan except through Reed’s secret double probation telescope. Good feet is always critical. Plus our OC’s reward the big guys for making the change by throwing them the ball once or twice per year.


  34. Thanks Huff, I think I read between the lines there as if you were referring to me somehow? You know, the 4.35?

    Narduzzi did challenged reporters to bring in a scale and weigh the TE’s and also reinstated they can still run. So reading between those lines I guess that means like the wind. or 4.35 ike


    1. Nope, Ike, it wasn’t. If you read the next sentence I actually take a jab at the Athletic Department for not providing any access for our fearless reporters to say our dudes are big and fast, or bigger and slower. Athletics is missing the opportunity.

      But since you mentioned it and I don’t want to disappoint you, I can stretch it and say I took the optimistic look at the speed of our TE’s. it’s a stretch Ike. I knew I could weave something in there so you thought it was about you brother Ike. How was that? Too stretchy still? ugggh! I tried! 🙂

      Maybe McKee can take some of the Zeise and Pines weight…he needs it.


      1. Maybe not then Huff, maybe I was just trying to stretch in a hidden joke about “reading between the lines” 🙂


  35. I’m not that concerned with Zeise’s weight. I’m more concerned with his ability to finally play like a lb and not a safety. His problem was always getting out of traffic and needing to attack. At safety he had time to just react and see the play develop. He was always getting caught up in the wash. If he couldn’t use his speed at 220, maybe he can use his bulk. Bottom line, he’s just not that good.


  36. Is it muscle or flab, that is the question? Our linebackers need to be more physical and not get pushed around. Weight can help if they don’t lose quickness.


  37. My prediction: Zeise will not be a starter at game time. Also, I look for Aston to play more of a blocking role with two wide outs and no TE. His weight is getting a bit high for running purposes except in goal line situations. BTW, looking forward to some news on the BB roster, either players staying or maybe a flipped recruit or two.


  38. I agree with EE here. Seems like some are becoming unglued over this weighty issue. JJS is just a big man and Officer is big and seemingly undisciplined (FAT) but I don’t think it’s a team wide epidemic and the coaches allowing the players to graze unchecked. O’Neil was one of the better conditioned O-Lineman in the country as was DJ and Biz to a certain degree, same goes for Bookser. Anyways, Peterson is gone now so I’ll wait before I shout until the cows come home. Literally.


    1. thanks – I’m moving in May and getting a whole new cable/streaming set up with the help of my younger relations who know about these things. Movie Pass will be included


  39. Question, I actually have to go to the movie theater to watch these movies on moviepass? Crap! I was one click away from joining until it became evident to me that it’s not on my TV in my living room. That’s too far from my lazyboy and I don’t mean my sons.

    Here’s a test I came up with in my idle time. If you ask someone, anyone, what that think of this upcoming PITT football season and they begin by explaining in detail how lousy a particular part of the team will really suck or how they lost this player or that one, you can be certain you’re talking to a less than positive fan. I do say fan because some fans look at their favorite team in those terms. << Let me make this perfectly clear. That’s OK by me, jus saying. ike


  40. Insert “they” instead of “that” above

    Ask me how I think the PITT football team may fare this year and I’ll tell you the program is not quite there yet but I think they may be a more rounded team with a few flaws but definitely moving in the right direction. ike


  41. 280lb TE’s…Looks like HCPN’s plan to keep Pickett safe is to have a power running game.


  42. Reed – I know we’ve moved on to FB, but just for your information: men’s BB teams can have 13 scholarship players, while women’s BB teams can have 15 scholarship players.

    And I suspect Herndon is going to be a decent guard for us this season. I remember that he played middle linebacker in HS carrying a lot of weight. Herndon moves pretty well and last season he got some OL experience.

    I agree there are big question marks on the OL, but I’m most worried about the tackle spots – versus the good DEs we will face… This is why I’m guessing Bookser starts at one tackle spot.

    Go Pitt.


  43. Kinda more than strange while Pitt is having their worst bball season in over 50 years. Two Pennsylvania teams win the NCAA and the NiT.

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    1. We can officially turn the page on this season and look forward to next. How Chambers didn’t get PSU to the tourney in a down year for the B10 is puzzling. Now his best player is going pro (Carr) but Stevens and Watkins will be back.

      Who will be back for Pitt is what we wait on now. I’m thinking Stewart might just stay along with the majority of the kids. Two need to go though.


      1. I would think Capel could replace all of them very easily. So I’m only waiting for him to start bringing some freshmen in, some good juco’s in and perhaps a grad transfer or two. I’m thinking at least 5 of them gotta go.


  44. Capel will have to get rid of at least a few of these guys at some point to allow him the flexibility to bring in his own recruits. Realistically there are only 4 or 5 guys he probably wants, but will need to keep more for this year only. Attrition will occur over a two year period until he can bring in more balanced classes. My guess is he’ll Bri g in 2 or 3 kids this year with 4 or 5 the following year. So ya, some will be kept for one more year only, imho.


  45. The LBs being to heavy is BS. Look at the weight of the top LBs in this years draft. The OLB are actually heavier than the ILB.


    1. I think its too big for Zeise…he wasn’t real fast to begin with and doesn’t have the awareness and proper 1st step and angle play to carry extra weight imo.


      1. If we are counting on Zeise to start at LB we are in trouble. Have you guys watched the kid?


      2. Obviously the player has to have the athletic ability to carry the weight. I think Pine and Reynolds do, not sure about any of the other LBs.

        If Zeise wants to play, he better make huge strides over the summer. I am not sold on Zeise or Wirginis.


  46. in the FYI category: NCAA Title game MVP Donte Divincenzo is from the same school as Brian O’Neill. In fact, they both played on the state champion BB team (O’Neil was a year ahead) and O’Neill was a named Delaware BB POY .. averaging 13.5 and 8.2,


  47. It’s good to hear that PS is in Oakland, could have been BS or it was just a weekend back home. I pretty sure Parker was one of the players to make the ACC all academic team.

    Agree with the weight issue being blown out of proportions. There is zero doubt that a few of the O-Lineman were plenty overweight but that could have been Peterson’s stoopid strategy in creating immovable objects, which he did. << They couldn’t move. The LBer’s must have put on good weight as they probably have the bone structure to carry the lbs well.


  48. O’Neill, Reeves, Pilato, Tipton, Jackson, Sear, and Ffrench were all good basketball players … and I’m sure there are more. Reeves, O’Neill and Jackson received all-state recognition. Jackson averaged 28.

    Pitt may be the only school where the FB team would be competitive with the BB team … I’m pretty sure they would outrebound them with all of that beef

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  49. I feel sorry for our Charlie Chan look a like, OL Coach Dave Borbely. He has as demanding a challenge with Pitt’s inexperienced offensive line as the makeup artist for Sarah Huckabee Sanders does. That challenge, making Pitt’s OL look good on a daily basis. Fortunately our OL has more upside potential to look good over time however.


    1. He does look like Charlie Chan.

      I’ll stick with my assertation that there isn’t a nucleus or depth of talent on the OL. A staff doesn’t scramble around in the off season for JUCOs, CC and converted DL if there was talent recruited prior.

      285 is way too big for a TE unless he’s that 6th OL all the time. We have an unproven WR corps save Lopes and will need to get TEs out in patterns, especially as checkdown receivers and downfield blockers.

      And I think Pickett will need those checkdowns as he’s going to be under pressure all year.

      Has Pitt ever had TEs bigger than 265-270?

      Mike Cruz was our heaviest at 270 as an underclassmen but dropped to 255. Byham was the biggest at 265 but all our decent starting TEs in the last 10 years have been between 235 – 255 or so. Lately Orndoff was 255 and Holtz 250.

      285 -290 is just too heavy.


      1. Brian O’Neill didn’t look too bad on the tackle eligible in 2016 vs GT (I think) ..and he was at 290-295


      2. We need the current players 40 yard dash times. That will tell you if there is a weight issue. The players and coaches all act like Reeves is a freak. It will take one open field catch to find out if it is true.


  50. Parker Stewert could be that special 3 point shooter that every team needs to keep the defense from collapsing in the paint. Now, it Pitt would get a skilled PG who could beat someone off the dribble and get to the rim we would have something. Carr seems like a fairly good 2 guard who could compliment an ace PG. and I hope he will stay.


  51. Capel has been meeting with the players and talking to their parents. Basically recruiting them again.

    Does anyone understand the release they were granted?

    Are they no longer on scholarship? Are they like recruits now and have to resign a LOI? Is there a deadline?


    1. Just put my deposit in to reserve men’s basketball tickets for this season. I voiced my displeasure with the old regime and I am putting my money where my mouth is…looking forward to this upcoming basketball season.

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  52. They are officially on scholarship until semester is over … a couple more weeks. Then they have the ability to latch on with anyone they want … but still have to sit a year, or they could return here and not sit.

    About the only thing the release did was allow them to to talk with any school, and visa versa, without permission from Pitt.


    1. Thanks

      So Capel is basically trying to recruit players currently on scholarship. LOL. The NCAA is so messed up.


  53. This is a team that went 0 and 18 in ACC play. I’m not sure that recruiting very many should be a priority for Cabel. If he has has to recruit walk ons for next season so be it. His focus should be on recruiting players he wants to build this team around for the future. And not be concerned if the next ACC season we match our 0 and 18 record of this season. Buying season tickets for Pitt BB at this point would not be a priority in my book at this point in time.


  54. Players asking for a release also releases PITT’s of all obligations to the players. Thus relieving PITT of a need for any explanations. Doesn’t mean PITT will play that type of hardball though. Sounds like most of the players are being welcomed back. Which to me sounds bass ackwards. They should be begging to come back and that includes where’s Waldo, I mean Parker. << He should be in the weight room with the rest of them.


  55. Getting a release is a good thing when a coach leaves. It keeps everyone’s options open.

    Kids still have to sit out if they transfer, that really isn’t fair.

    This team went 0-18 because of poor coaching and pretty much all freshmen playing.

    Some of these guys will become decent players.

    Capel is capable of telling which ones have potential and should stay.

    If he thinks he can do better he won’t ask them to stay.


    1. I agree
      I’m hoping Capel can land a high impact juco, transfer and frosh
      He holds on to the players he thinks have potential and can help him win
      Pitt should win a few ACC games next year.
      My over/under is 5


  56. Reed: Nice article. All I’ll say about BB is that the Capel hire looks solid, but I’ll reserve judgement until he starts bringing in coaches and recruits.

    I share your concern about the O-line. They were bad last year and don’t look to be any better this year. What is truly frightening is that I had hoped that some of the young recruits would be good enough to play this year (Drake, Warren). If they can’t beat out the stiffs who are left, what does that tell us? The fact that we’re scrambling around the JUCO ranks tells us all we need to know. Our Oline recruiting has been terrible lately.

    WR’s are uninspiring at this point. Lopes is a solid slot guy. Matthews has done absolutely nothing and does not impress me (I will give him credit for being a decent blocker). The rest are a complete crap shoot. RB’s are pedestrian. Hall and Ollison are very, very average. Davis showed nothing although he only carried the ball 16 times behind a crappy line. Only real hope is if one of the freshmen are better then expected. Pickett is going to be very good. Let’s hope he doesn’t get crushed behind that line.

    I don’t share your enthusiasm regarding the LB’s. This is a very, very average group although we should be slightly better because of experience and the fact that Wirginis in the middle has to be better then Brightwell. Brightwell has some talent, but he is NOT a MLB. Zeise is not good. Should be sitting. Idowu ok but nothing special. If I had to guess, the D-line might actually be OK this year. Roy should be sitting and replaced by either Twyman or Wheeler. Hendrix has been average at best but hopefully will get in gear. The DB’s are always a crap shoot with Pitt. I’ll just add that if I see Dennis Briggs starting, Narduzzi should be instantly canned.

    Overall, I expect another mediocre year of 6-6.


    1. Frenchy and Shocky will be starting along with El Pequeno, as Watson comes to his senses (and seeing the O-line mess) and Pitt goes to the Spread. Houdini will be the juke back we haven’t had since Ray
      Ray. Not be confused with Rah Rah 🙂

      The Spread is the great equalizer in college football.


      1. If we don’t go Spread….I could see a 3- 8 season. Unless the D somehow turns into Nard’s last few years at East Lansing.


  57. I really think reversing offensive philosophies midstream may be a little more difficult to manage in a few short months then it sounds. Actually it does sound difficult. Although I do think the coaches are bracing to shore up the O-Line which is in question. Que the 285 lb TE’s. ike


  58. I don’t think Pitt will go to the spread either, especially one that widens out the OL. Here is a reminder of what we are discussing:


    Although I can see us going with an H-Back in Quadree Ollison and using a fullback (Aston) with three receivers out I suppose but I don’t know. I think we’re going to stay with the offense that Watson had last year


  59. a West Coast offense with a pro set (a la Bill Walsh- and Walt Harris) is more feasible … utilizing 3 WR sets


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