As you all know I have been doing more volunteer work this year than before and as such I haven’t been able to write as much as I did in the first year of the Pitt POV’s existence.  That has continued and if anything I am getting even busier with volunteering and Veterans Affairs issues.  With that I want to thank everyone who stepped into the breech and contributed FB and BB articles for publication on here.  Each was very well written and very welcomed.

Keep on submitting them because it looks like I’ll have even less time to write in the future.  You don’t have to ask – just do it and send it to me.

One thing I do want to let everyone know early on is that I have three different Veterans commitments on Saturday April 14th – which is Pitt’s Spring Game date… However I have strong personal priorities and without blinking an eye I choose to help other Veterans if at all possible – any time and any place.

In the morning of the 14th I’ll be doing Hospice work in the VA “Vets to Vets” program and will be conducting a speech & pinning ceremony for a veteran who has been diagnosed with a terminal illnesses (and his family) but who is still at home.  That will be his birthday also. I do about four or five of those a month

In the early afternoon I’ll again be a Human Book  – this time for the Prince Georges, MD County Library system representing disabled veterans with PTSD.  You may remember I did this last year at this time; here is the Baltimore Sun article written after that one.

FYI: For anyone in Maryland who wants to have a fascinating afternoon I highly suggest coming down and talking with all the different Human Books – this will be from noon – 4:00 pm and I’ll post exact location details later – but at the Bowie branch Library in Prince Georges County, MD. 15210 Annapolis Road Bowie, MD 20715

Then on Saturday evening I will be conducting two Library of Congress “Veterans History Project” interviews with two gentleman  – one a Marine who was in Guadalcanal during WWII and another Vietnam War fighter pilot.  Should be a blast.  Mine should be posted up on the Library of Congress website any day so I’ll give you guys a link for that if it interests you.

I urge all our readers to get in touch with me if they have any relatives or know of anyone who would benefit in participating to be interviewed in this valuable project.  I have heard many times after I have interviewed an older veteran (especially our WWII vets)  from their family members “This is amazing, Dad would never share any of this with us kids”  But get ’em talking and they go…

Please get in touch with me – I’ll either do the interview myself locally or help you to find someone in your area to conduct it – and if that fails I’ll drive up to PA to do it – it is that important.

So I won’t be driving up for the 2018 Spring Game and will miss all of you great POVers at the tailgate.  Which is sad sort of because it will be the first I’ve missed since Dave Wannstedt was coaching. That said it means The POV will depend on your eyewitness accounts of how the kids did during the game and I’ll ask now that someone (or two or three) write articles about it and send them to me.

I was going to be driving up to PGH for the Panthers Pro-Timing Day on Wednesday and hoped to get a good article out of that…but snow here and in the mountains between here and there precludes that.

The Ricky Town article is in the works but that will take some more time – I’m at 8,500 words and he isn’t even at Pitt yet!  I’ll get a Bits & Pieces up soon for some FB talk.

Thanks for your understanding…


NOTE: Tentative date for the Golf Outing is June 9th.  That may change and I’ll keep all informed.

123 thoughts on “Important POV Info & a Veterans PSA

  1. +1 for the writer of this article. Well done. Keep up the good and important work Reed. Thank you to you, but also please thank each Veteran from the POV readers.

    Their service allows me the freedom to have and post alternative viewpoints. LOL. Please do thank them for protecting our rights. Cannot say that enough!


  2. Except for talking about politics and religion and Pitt BB (soon to be barred) on here.

    JK about the BB – no one is writing or talking about Spring football because of it – hardly anything in the media at all.

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    1. I sure hope that Pitt is lucky enough to get some lily white bible tumper like VP Mike Pence as their new BB HC. Nothing could be better for getting the program back on the right track.


      1. Anonymous, FYI
        Interestingly, when you look up John Wooden’s bio (considered the greatest college coach in the history of the game) it states “Wooden, a devout Christian, read his Bible daily. His favorite passage was I Cor 13……..etc.


  3. Yeah!! for our starting Center and DE.

    PITTSBURGH – Five University of Pittsburgh student-athletes have been inducted into the Blue and Gold Society, the Department of Athletics announced Monday.

    “It’s a great opportunity for the Department of Athletics to further integrate with the campus and the Alumni Association,” Assistant Athletic Director for Student Life Lisa Auld said. “I am really proud of our student-athletes who are proactively seeking to get involved and give back to the University and the Blue and Gold Society is an excellent way to do just that.”

    The society inducted 14 new members in 2018 and five are Pitt student-athletes, including:

    Catie Conrad, gymnastics
    Maddie Hobbs, women’s soccer
    Jimmy Morrissey, football
    Anthony Starzynski, men’s basketball
    Rashad Weaver, football

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  4. The Trib hasn’t had anything since Mar 15th either – here is their last article, this on Tre’ Tipton’s return:

    The return of the 6-foot, 185-pound redshirt junior could bolster an unsettled position for Pitt, which lost wideouts Jester Weah and Quadree Henderson to the next level. Top receiving options back from last season are senior Rafael Araujo-Lopes (43 receptions), junior Maurice Ffrench (25), junior Aaron Mathews (16) and sophomore Ruben Flowers III (none).

    In nine games in 2016, Tipton had 12 receptions for 142 yards and a touchdown and added 61 rushing yards on 11 carries.

    “From a coaching standpoint, it’s great to have him back out there,” Sherman said, “and our team really is looking forward to having him back out there because we need added depth in the spring. We’re gradually easing him into reps. He’s not doing everything live or anything like that. He’s getting his stamina up and getting back to running full speed like he’s used to doing. But he’s getting better.


  5. Well, when there is a drought the Pitt News usually comes through – this was posted this morning. Here is a piece on a 2018 recruit – DL Tyler Bentley.

    Bentley, listed as a three-star recruit by, is a 6-foot-3-inch, 295-pound defensive lineman from West Chester, Ohio. Bentley is known on the field for the power he enforces in his game. He compiled 60 tackles, a sack and two forced fumbles in his senior year at Lakota West High School, where he was rated as Ohio’s No. 40 overall prospect by 247sports.

    “The one thing he lacks is that quick first step, but he definitely has the ability to go punch for punch strength-wise,” a analyst said of Bentley. “And I tell you, he’s got very quick hands that allow him to get some penetration because he is able to maneuver some angles.”

    “I bring precision,” Bentley said. “I can pass rush very well. I can also stop the run in short, goal line situations.”

    After originally committing to the University of Kentucky in June 2017, Bentley decommitted a few months later. He then decided to attend the University of Pittsburgh in December 2017, turning down offers from place including Alabama, Florida, LSU, Louisville and West Virginia.

    “I found out some things about the University of Kentucky that I didn’t really like,” Bentley said. “I just wanted to make sure I was gonna go somewhere where coaches truly do care about the players. They are there to help the players on and off the field, hold us accountable. I don’t think I would’ve gotten that [at Kentucky].”

    Ahhh, Tyler – you may want to refrain from bad-mouthing other schools at this point. looks like sour grapes and is unnecessary. Once you get a “quick first step” then you can talk (Note to Tyler: Here is Aaron Donald’s phone number (800-KICKASS), call and discuss his ‘first step’ – it made him the best player in the NFL last year.


  6. Some other Pitt News articles you may not have seen.

    One on QB2 Ricky Town:

    and one on OLB Sean Idowu:

    TPN: Obviously you’re focused on this season, but is the NFL draft something you think about in the back of your mind, knowing it’s your last year?

    OI: Even going back to freshman year, we come in with the mindset of, “Hey, we’re trying to get to the league.” Everybody’s trying to get to the league — that’s a goal. It’s the last year, it’s coming close to that time to make those things happen, so I’m really excited for what’s coming up next. Gotta put some work in. No doubt we’re gonna get there.”

    See – it is the staff coaches job to make these kids think team first and “league” second. I think that’s been a problem at Pitt for some time…


  7. 1) Reed, the spring game is one of the most overblown events around. I’m sure your decision to attend the VA activities was a no-brainer … or at least should have been.

    2) here is the latest Pitt FB news .. Pitt is practicing today and Joey Porter Jr is attending


    1. From what I am told NA had problems with Joey Porter Jr being on the team. Mostly caused by his dad being on the sidelines ( why? he wasn’t a coach). I’m not wishimg for him to be a Panther….



    Download printable version


    QB Clock (2 words)
    Dapper Sports Award
    Color of the Gunner’s Weenie
    He’s Batman (2 words)
    Pitt Student Section Oakland …
    Pistol and Press
    Fish Heels
    The other Super Bowl III QB
    Studio Wrestling Ring Leader
    Greensburg Duffer
    Honus’ big bro
    Winter/Summer Medals
    Blew up Heinz Field
    Shane Douglas alter-ego
    Luscious Johnny
    World Cup Defender
    Two-time VB medalist
    Chicken on the Hill with …
    1956 Heisman Runner-up (2 words)
    Pride of Pine-Richland


    White Josh Gibson (2 words)
    Sam’s drinking partner
    Jumpin’ John
    Diamonds and Hoops
    Crawfords’ founder
    The Stork (2 words)
    Jim Fregosi’s top guy
    Bruno’s Judas
    Former WWE champ trained in Pittsburgh
    First Pirate to 300 wins
    Little League Legend
    “The Ultimate Pirate”
    Dallas Billionaire
    Executed SMU (2 words)
    Italian Army 1-star General
    NBA’s Stokes
    Breaks teeth, fixes them (2 words)
    Big John
    Vindicated Buckner
    Mercury’s given name
    “Hey Kid …!”
    The Mayor
    Extinct Flower
    WNBA Gold Medalist
    “Moneyball” foil

    The answer key is at the bottom of this link


    1. QB Clock (2 words)
    3. Dapper Sports Award
    7. Color of the Gunner’s Weenie
    8. He’s Batman (2 words)
    11. Pitt Student Section Oakland …
    13. Pistol and Press
    14. Fish Heels
    15. The other Super Bowl III QB
    18. Studio Wrestling Ring Leader
    19. Greensburg Duffer
    21. Honus’ big bro
    26. Winter/Summer Medals
    28. Chief
    30. Blew up Heinz Field
    33. Shane Douglas alter-ego
    35. Luscious Johnny
    37. World Cup Defender
    38. Two-time VB medalist
    40. Chicken on the Hill with …
    41. No. 22
    44. 1956 Heisman Runner-up (2 words)
    45. Pride of Pine-Richland

    2. White Josh Gibson (2 words)
    3. Sam’s drinking partner
    4. Jumpin’ John
    5. Diamonds and Hoops
    6. Crawfords’ founder
    9. The Stork (2 words)
    10. Jim Fregosi’s top guy
    11. Bruno’s Judas
    12. Former WWE champ trained in Pittsburgh
    15. First Pirate to 300 wins
    16. Little League Legend
    17. “The Ultimate Pirate”
    20. Dallas Billionaire
    22. Executed SMU (2 words)
    23. Italian Army 1-star General
    24. NBA’s Stokes
    25. Breaks teeth, fixes them (2 words)
    27. Big John
    29. Vindicated Buckner
    31. Mercury’s given name
    32. “Hey Kid …!”
    34. The Mayor
    36. Yoi
    39. Extinct Flower
    41. WNBA Gold Medalist
    42. Tekulve
    43. “Moneyball” foil


  10. Vets deserve assistance and many thanks to Reed and other participants.

    I was lucky to have a Federal job to come back to after Vietnam, many did not.


  11. Reed, Thanks for all you do for the vets. I worked in 2 USAF hospitals during my time in the service in the 60s and served with numerous colleagues who had served in combat flight crews in WW2. It was an honor to serve with them and I have the utmost respect for them. Thanks again. Dirty Rich


  12. Here are some Narduzzi quotes from today about the LBs

    Brian Batko✔BrianBatko

    More from Pat Narduzzi on Anthony McKee, who’s a redshirt junior now but has played in two career games for Pitt: “He’s finally arrived — you been waiting for a couple years.”

    Pat Narduzzi said he was impressed with Pitt’s linebackers in Saturday’s scrimmage: “If there was a position where you go, ‘Whoa,’ our linebacker corps right now, I think, is pretty good.”
    Mentioned Cam Bright, Kyle Nunn and Anthony McKee beyond the experienced guys.

    FWIW, I did the LB piece here a few weeks ago and mentioned about McKee being more sought after than Brightwell, and was hoping the light would go.


  13. Reed, never met, but I have the greatest respect for everything you do for our veterans and sincere appreciation for their service to our country and that of your own.
    Thank you.

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  14. —Hats off to you, Reed. Noble work on your part. 👍

    —I always get excited in anticipation of the spring game – but I must admit that after about 10 minutes worth of play, I’ll once again be wondering why I always get excited for the spring game.

    Go Pitt.


  15. So if Hurley decides to turn down Pitt, which seems possible, then the bar has been set. Good that ADHL has the means to be a player but she still needs to get someone who wants to be here. That could be the biggest challenge.


    1. If that figure is even true. My gut tells me Hurley wants the UConn job and his agent threw a stupid number to the media. It is close to what Jamie was making in his last year at Pitt.

      I mentioned in a POV post this morning that if I’m Heather, I make a public statement that Pitt is not interested in Hurley. Sure enough, this afternoon there is a report of similar wording. Good for Heather, if she is behind that statement!

      I was listening to XM Radio 84 College Sports and during the 3pm hour the commentators were fairly positive towards Pitt and negative towards UConn. Then the 4pm hour started and Mark Packer just unloaded on Pitt in a negative fashion. He stated that 9 players have left the program – that is fake news. The 9 players have asked for their release and NONE have left the school. I did not lyke his approach, but then again I’m a Pitt fan.


    1. I was thinking the same thing Reed, and the Spring game would be much more fun discussing what we are seeing with fellow POVers. My wife went with me last year and was bored to tears. Although maybe that has something to do with me, lol.


  16. Instead of worrying about PSU – Pitt should try to set up home and home with other Big 10 schools, starting with Purdue.


    1. Make that Rutgers instead of Purdue. We are recruiting NJ pretty heavily. It makes more sense this way like when Pedo was playing Temple and grabbing all the good Philly kids


  17. Hurley should have a deadline. Like 9AM tomorrow.
    Then move on. Pitt’s offer was more than generous.


  18. Pay a guy that can win in two years or invest in a coach that can get you there in five years. Sooner if you cheat.


  19. This in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Panthers home town rag:

    Pitt went 0-18 in the ACC.

    Petersen Events Center was two-thirds empty for most home games.

    Nine Pitt players have asked for their release to explore transfer options.

    Pitt has no recruiting class to speak of.

    Pitt is trying to cheat outgoing coach Kevin Stallings out of $4.6 million of his contracted $9.4 million buyout.

    If there’s a worse place to coach college basketball, where is it?

    Pitt’s problems might quickly get worse. They are a good bet to again go 0-18 in the ACC next season. They might have to give playing time to walk-ons. Duquesne could win the City Game by double digits. …

    Stallings wasn’t a lousy coach until he got to Pitt. The problem is incompetent administration and influential alumni who don’t understand the ceiling for Pitt’s athletic programs and are too stupid to leave well enough alone.

    Here’s how this plays out: Tom Crean got the job at Georgia. Dan Hurley either goes to Connecticut or stays at Rhode Island despite Pitt having offered the most money. All those featured on Pitt’s ill-conceived short list will go somewhere else or, by way of bigger indictment, won’t coach.


    I’m done with the Pittsburgh media from this point forward….


    1. what do you expect from Mark Madden? I tell you between Madden and Benz, the Trib is really scraping the bottom. I was stunned when I started seeing their names on the by-lines.

      Now DiPaola and Gorman are OK …. especially for Nitters. The 3rd Nitter Adamski is even better though he is a PSU cheerleader


  20. Pittsburgh vs. Storrs
    ACC vs. American Athletic Conference
    No threat of sanctions vs. probable sanctions.
    Reportedly $3M vs. considerably less.

    If a coach cannot decide between the two, then perhaps their judgement is a tad askew.
    Better yet, perhaps we should look elsewhere.


  21. Bill Koch
    To my knowledge, no decision has been made. I can see the appeal in all three scenarios. Raise/upgrades give Hurley a chance to be a legend at #URI. Brand at UConn remains strong, can be rehabilitated quickly. ACC money/amenities on offer at Pitt.

    Good time to be a hot coach.
    7:33 PM – Mar 20, 2018


  22. EE, this has been going on for a long time. They do it because, quite simply, they can. We certainly deserve our fair share, but the local( and now national) hacks just destroy us. I’m not sure who the media relations guy is, but if he’s not competent get rid of him, if he(or she) is competent give them the clout todo something. Until that happens it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Certainly someone can get the message across that the glee they take is crushing Pitt is not appreciated and our dollars may go elsewhere, without tramping on the first amendment.


  23. Pulled this from the Hartford Courant –

    “Pittsburgh, if it does not get Hurley, could make a move for Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard, whose father, Ralph, coached Pitt in the 1980s. That would open up the Seton Hall job — and that is Hurley’s alma mater and near his Jersey roots. Also, the Xavier job could open if Chris Mack moves to Louisville, or elsewhere.

    According to Rothstein, Hurley could make his decision sometime on Wednesday.

    UConn was paying Ollie more than $3 million per year, and he was signed through 2021.”


  24. Madden and Benz are shock jocks who lost their previous jobs for being jerks. Online stuff is all they can get. I’m much more disturbed with the crap on our “ flagship station”. Again, it would not be tolerated in any other college flagship station.


  25. So EE, did you hear that hurley is out?

    I am trending towards Sean Miller after thinking Odom was the way to go given his recruiting in the baltimore area. Put the provisions in Millers contract that if he gets in trouble with the fbi or ncaa, he is out without a buyout. Let him negotiate his buyout with AZ. They would probably be okay with just letting him go. At a minimum, the working relationship between AZ and Miller is strained and untrusting.

    There will be no decisions in shoe/pay gate for quite awhile (3 yrs). In that time, we will be relevant and Pitt will be a much better job. He could also get the next assistant ready for a smooth transition.


    1. Huff – I’m just piecing together what I (think I) know. Hurley wants UConn more than Pitt. UConn needs Hurley more than Pitt. UConn will be a faster build to success than Pitt. UConn has won National Championships, which Hurley publicly said he wants, and Pitt has never won a NC.

      Further, Hurley turned down Jamie at Pitt many years ago for an assistant coaching position and he said no two years ago to the Pitt job to stay at RI.

      Also, UConn has reportedly paid Ollie $3mil – why not Hurley?

      Lastly, I heard on ESPN radio late yesterday afternoon that Pitt was claiming they were no longer pursuing Hurley.


  26. Pitt has no leverage that’s why. They are in this position because they care not about sports. If it wasn’t for acc money, Pitt would be cuttting programs like eastern Michigan. Pitts basketball program ate away at that acc check this year. The negative publicity cost well more than $10 million in brand damage. Now they better make the right call this time. Lucky to get a second chance.


  27. Never trust a woman that doesn’t move her family. Stallings didn’t move his. No loyalty. Can’t trust a person like that.


  28. I’m thinking the smart move is to renew my 4 football tickets & request the 8 tickets for the PSU game and then sell all 12 to Nitters for $200-250 each. That way the rest of my season is paid for plus extra money for booze. No?

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    1. Back in 2003, I sat next to two people who did just that …. only it was Notre Dame. They sold the ND game tickets that allowed them to recoup what they paid for the entire season.

      Then in 2013, I sat next to ND fans from the North Hills. The attended the FSU opener and the ND game .. and that was it.


  29. Hey Jay, remember we talked about that? You love PITT too much to do that. I asked for 4 extra but they won’t go to anyone who supports a school like psu. You got to hang in there buddy. PITT needs birdie on this last hole..


  30. ike – if Pitt needs birdie, Jay91 is your man. He’s drives it a ton. Played in his foursome at the POV outing… 🙂

    Go Pitt


  31. Note to Heather: if your plan includes a man you can hire today, pull the trigger.

    It would be best to beat Hurley to his announcement to go to UConn or worse yet, stay at URI.



  32. Addendum to Erie…Heather: send a message to Hurley that we need to know by 10 am or we are moving on. Diminish his leverage and send a message to the rest that are interested.


  33. If nothing else … I hope Hurley accepts just for the egg on the faces of a handful of local media cynics.


  34. Thanks for talking me off that ledge, Ike.

    Of course I would never get tickets for Nitters. Had a few beverages last evening and was overtaken by the Pens loss, the Pitt BBall mess and the deluge of PSU news we get here daily in Southcentral PA.

    With a fresh new day.. and several inches of snow, I’m reborn! Now, back outside for shoveling round 2 before heading to work. Everybody with snow, DRIVE SAFE! We can’t afford even one more empty yellow seat at Heinz this year.

    Majors, I’m looking forward to POV golf this year- we just need to get Dan72 a bionic shoulder to keep the foursome intact.



  35. HBO is broadcasting the Paterno movie on April 7 with Al Pacino as JoePa. I just read in PennLive a cast of actors and who they will be playing …Sandusky, Spaniel, McQueary, Sue Paterno, JayPa, etc.

    I also noticed that someone was playing the role of Tom Bradley, who was just hired as DB coach for the Steelers. I doubt that this movie will implicate him, but on the other hand, the Steelers may be holding their breath.


    1. Brian Batko@BrianBatko
      Pitt’s Pro Day starts in about an hour. Here are the expected participants:
      Max Browne
      Matt Flanagan
      Quadree Henderson
      Brandon Hodges
      Jaryd Jones-Smith
      Avonte Maddox
      Alex Officer
      Brian O’Neill
      Jester Weah
      Jordan Whitehead
      Ryan Winslow


  36. What a Plesant morning. Five inches on the ground and still snowing! Great article in PG by Ron Cook. Awaiting decision by my pick for Pitt coach, Dan Hurley. Oh, wait, with the exception of the snow none of that is true. Just another great day in the Burgh.

    Sitting here looking at the Winter wonderland I’m thinking of the incongruity of the second day of spring and several inches of snow. Got me to thinking about square pegs in round holes.

    I think that’s Pitt. A northern school in a southern conference. And then I think of hiring a northern east coast coach to compete there. Unless you are a big name guy I think this is the square peg situation. Maybe, just maybe, we have to adjust to life in the Bojangles conference. Think we have to ask,is it easier for a northern coach to recruit for the ACC considering we have no natural recruiting base, or is it easier for a southern guy coming here and getting used to 6 inches of snow? I always thought it was never an either or, but now I’m not so sure.

    See, we are in another no win situation. No matter which way this plays out we will get slammed by the local media, and they will really,really enjoy it. While Heather did the right thing by firing KS. everything else has been a cluster@#$&. To be fair, at this point, I’m not sure anything she had done wouldn’t have been slammed.

    I’ve also always chuckled at those who thought Tressel would have ever even considered coming here, but those who supported him were right about one thing, local media and clowns like Cook, Poni, and Madden would have treaded much,much more carefully if he was in charge. He would have wielded enough clout to blunt a lot of this negative crap. Somehow, I don’t ever seeing Heather doing that, sigh.

    Even the most adamant supporter of the athletic department has to admit that since the firing this has been a PR nightmare. I’ll be very curious when the dust settles if this toxic situation is addressed or if we continue to bend over and take it.

    With that rant done, I think I’ll put a dram in my coffee and watch the snow settle!



    1. I agree that Tressel as YSU Prez had/has no interest in Pitt’s AD position.

      The only issue I have with Heather so far is focusing on the Louisville incident as the ‘for cause’ …. but I’m not even sure of that. I think instead it may have imminated with KS’s lawyers who is playing the PR game, and wining it so far.

      The same goes with the offer to Hurley. I will guarantee that the amount of the offer was leaked by Hurley’s agent and not by Heather. He has much more to gain by this being publicly known than does Pitt


      1. Tressel was in play from the Tressel camp. Not in play from Gallagher. Why would Gallagher hire someone who is also a sitting President to become AD? He wouldn’t. Too paranoid. He thought Tressel would wield too much power and threaten his position as chancellor. That is the reality.

        Tressel would have fixed the media bias right away and it was one area that I was actually excited about with the potential hire. A great AD unites. An average AD, gets by. A poor one divides.


    2. JoeKnew,
      On the bright side look at WVU. They play in the Big 12 (million miles from WVA) and are in the Sweet 16.
      So, with the right coach it is possible! Which, quite frankly is our problem – are we capable of hiring the right coach, like a Huggy Bear? So far we can’t even figure out how to do a 1 car funeral…..Sigh


      1. WVU has complete buy-in from the Administration and BoT now. They didn’t have that before Gee. Gee understands the importance of sport. Not just playing it, but excelling at it. WVU is taking off in all directions under his leadership. I expect WVU to start matriculating North with their medical research and treatments to compete with Pitt/UPMC.

        Pitt is falling behind, every single day.


    1. Aanybody who clicks on this is crazy.

      Reed, would you please ban the use of “Anonymous” as a handle.


  37. Erie.. click on the link above.

    You should sue for copyright infringement and donate your settlement to the “New Pitt Stadium Fund”


    1. I lyke mine – but it’s close. I’d build a dome to house the baseball and football teams. Maybe then our baseball team could compete with the southern boyz.


  38. Wonder if the inclement weather in the Burgh will delay any announcement due to issues flying in for a presser…may give Pitt a few more days to finalize things since they may not want to announce until after this weekend’s tourney games are finished…just MHO btw…idle speculation.


  39. Maybe I’m being naive, but I don’t think the snow would delay it. I mean, get on a satellite feed or something. The sooner, the better, even if it’s not in-person.


    1. Not sure that would be in Pitt’s best interest at this time…need the personal touch to placate the local media types…though they always seem to be negative nancy’s no matter what Pitt does…I hope it occurs sooner too but am willing to wait as the tourny will dominate the news cycle starting tomorrow, let’s hope for more major upsets to dominate the headlines…


  40. I wrote a few months ago that if Narduzzi was smart, he would be reaching out to Shazier. If his football career is over, he would be an excellent role model, recruiter, coach for Pitt.


  41. Reed,

    Echoing what Manhattan Panther said so well. You most certainly have your priorities straight. Thank you for your service and for your service for our veterans. We wouldn’t have the freedoms we enjoy without our veterans’ service.

    As for the spring game, I’m one of those that needs their live football fix. I know far too few Pitt fans turn out for the Blue-Gold game and I wrote back in 2013 some ways to improve the Blue-Gold game experience to be a full day. My ex-wife and kids didn’t listen to me so it came as no surprise that Pitt’s athletic department didn’t either.


  42. Shazier has already been declared out for THIS season. I think that was fairly obvious but I guess he needed to be put on some kind of specific injury list.

    Hurley is getting on my nerves at this point. Any coach coming to PITT has very little to lose as winning anytime soon will not be expected. Also PITT has very little to lose in hiring anyone of these bigger name coaches, including Miller, would be seen as a legitimate attempt at fixing a problem that they broke. ike


  43. Tweet from Arizona Basketball … stating the I (Sean M) am not a candidate at Pitt but wish them well ..(paraphrased)


    1. Arizona Basketball@APlayersProgram
      From #APlayersProgram head coach Sean Miller:

      “I am not a candidate for the University of Pittsburgh men’s basketball head coaching vacancy. I wish them well in their search for a new coach.”

      My guess is that Heather called to ask of his availability and/or asked about anyone he recommend


  44. I already told you guys you would have to be a complete dope to think Pitt would hire Miller. Its not happening.


    1. For once Ike I love your unbridled optimism. I have none! Just waiting for Hurley to say no.
      I do think Heather spoke with Miller and let that slip to put pressure on Hurley to get off his ass.


  45. Brian Batko@BrianBatko
    General consensus is that Pitt’s Quadree Henderson ran a 4.4 in the 40 today, much better than his two runs of 4.51 at the combine. With a healthy hamstring, Jordan Whitehead was at 4.5, per Pat Narduzzi.


    1. He’s going to make a movie..”Why Make Millions When You Can Smoke Dope” with Josh Gordon and Martavis Bryant in a supporting role.


  46. It’s pretty interesting to me how people are viewing this search. I think it’s exciting. I look at it as a chance to energize the program out of the doldrums from Barnes and Stallings. I’m checking websites constantly (to the detriment of my job) to get updates.

    Most on here are either extremely negative or just plain worried. I think that the time that is going by shows that there is actually diligence being performed in the search. It’s not a a 2 day search with some one rammed down our throats like last time. I am willing to let the process play out.

    I would love to have Miller come back. BUT even if it doesn’t happen, I have confidence that the person who is going to be hired is going to be better than Stallings and his petulant band of “Not Quite Ready(s)” or “Never Will Be (s)”.


  47. Jeff Goodman account

    Follow Follow @GoodmanESPN
    Pittsburgh AD Heather Lyke could not hire Sean Miller — not with all the uncertainty. Major compliance background. Miller releases statement he is not a candidate at his alma mater.


  48. Once Heather flashed her compliance badge it was all over….

    I still don’t believe Hurley is coming our way. BTW, is he getting his nails done today? When he chooses his school, how many hats will he have on the table?

    Also I don’t believe we offered him money to be the 2nd highest paid coach in the ACC. Think about that for a second.


  49. Welp, if our AD leaked the story that a discussion with Miller took place in an effort to make Hurley decide, it backfired. Hurley is his own person and obviously didn’t feel pressure from the Miller musings. Being cute as an AD and in collegiate sports gets you the bottom of the barrel.

    In a nutshell, our AD does not have the experience necessary to have already formed relationships with other big name coaches that would leave their current roles to work for her. Case in point. Georgia waited all of three days to fire their coach and hire their number one candidate. Still can’t figure out the number of coaches that our AD had in mind for this hire when she fired Kevin “offensive guru” Stallings. Stallings was offensive to every Pitt fan. His offense was offensive and his defense was offensive. His entire coaching at pitt was offensive.

    Call Odom. At a minimum he gets a solid raise after you float his name out there.

    Our AD should have given Hurley 24 hours to decide, yes or no. She was in the control position and gave it up. If he says “No”, he loses all leverage with UConn and URI. He says Yes, you have a new coach. Instead, he gets to play out his negotiations and make Pitt look reactionary versus proactive. Proactive is closing the deal on your candidate on your terms.

    At this point, either way, Pitt looks weak. We came in third so far for his services in my opinion. Pitt doesn’t win this. We just paid more. That is the only reason he comes here at this point. Not the best job for him. If it was the best job for him, he would have accepted by now, not drawn it out to negotiate elsewhere. The fact he is negotiating elsewhere indicates Pitt isn’t number 1 with him and we would be the booby prize. And an expensive one at that.


  50. It looks like Lousville is now in the market for a HC. Will it be Mack? That would in turn open up the Xavier job which is a pretty good job.


  51. Huff, the story I heard from more than one source, Miller reached out to PITT first. Could be why Fogler was brought to PITT in the first place. Plus the first coach I heard PITT eyeballed from the get go was Hurley.

    The speculation for all of us is good fun and that makes for good blog talk but do we really know the whole story of how this process has taken place? Point is, is it fair to judge PITT or any individual without much more than speculation? BTW, Hurley should have taken a jump in a lake “About An Hour Ago”.


  52. Herman’s gift to Pitt is like gonorrhea – it just keeps spreading and spreading and spreading.

    Soon, we will be looking at junior high coaches and Uber drivers.



  53. From Goodman

    Dan Hurley with the leverage right now. UConn and Pittsburgh don’t really have a Plan B. It’s Hurley or bust right now, then the loser goes into scramble mode.


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