National Council for Aging Care’s guide on Military Veteran Benefit Options:

Here is just some of this all-important information from the Veterans Administration.

I was sent this by someone who works at the National Council for Aging Care. is a resource hub for seniors and their families to learn more about planning for healthy aging. If you have more questions, our experts can help you find the information you need to help you make the best decisions about insurance, government assistance, and other resources.

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I have talked with way too many Vets who think VA benefits are akin to charity, but nothing is farther from the truth. These are earned benefits and as such you are 100% entitled to use them…and you should.

Do NOT think that if you apply for, and receive, these many benefits you are taking ‘money from those who need it’, but that is not he case, the truth is that if VA benefits aren’t  used their budget gets cut and that hurts everybody in the long run.

If you are comfortable financially I urge you to still apply. If you qualify and receive monetary benefits you feel you don’t need then YOU can choose to donate it to a charity of YOUR choice.

Either way you are entitled and should apply for everything you qualify for.

For family members  of Vets – you’d be surprise how wide-ranging these benefits are.  If you even wonder if Uncle Joe might qualify…then follow up with it.  The worst that can happen finding out he doesn’t, but if you don’t ask then it is a zero chance he’ll  get the benefits.

As always a please get in touch with me at if you have questions or if I can help in any way.

Best to all and thank you for your service to a grateful nation…


6 thoughts on “POV PSA: Aging Veteran’s Benefits

  1. You know, I actually know someone who might explore this. I’ll pass this on just to make sure he has at least checked it out.


  2. Great points Reed…the last thing anyone wants is budget cuts for our veterans programs.


  3. Thanks, Reed.

    Though, as a Vet and a doc, I would like to see the eventual closure of VA hospitals. Instead, I want Vets to have access to ‘regular’ hospitals, thereby reducing the onerous drive to distant VA hospitals. That long drive often precludes them from seeking care.

    Take care of the people who took care of us.


    1. Please be aware that some veterans can qualify for the Veterans Choice Outpatient Program. This program was started by President Obama to allow veterans to get care from a local practitioner if they live more than 30 miles from the nearest VA facility. I have used this program to get treatment for myself, so it is operational.


  4. I mentioned this before, but as an example of what Reed is getting at with this post, I learned from a nursing home that my mother qualified for the VA “aid and attendance” program because she was the widow of a WWII combat veteran.

    I applied and she eventually received $1150 a month to help with paying her nursing home bills.

    Had never heard of “aid and attendance” as a VA benefit. And BTW, it can apply for care in the home too….

    Thanks, Reed, for helping to spread the word.


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