Pitt pulled the trigger, took fan’s advice and hired a new staff coach who has a successful  track record in college recruiting.  From the Trib:

Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi hired former Central Michigan defensive passing game coordinator Archie Collins to be his 10th assistant coach. But he just isn’t ready to reveal where he will use him this season.

The only certainty is that Pitt’s defensive staff will have a new look, with Collins and defensive coordinator Randy Bates, who replaced Josh Conklin (now head coach at Wofford).

Collins is no stranger to his boss, having worked as a defensive graduate assistant at Michigan State with Narduzzi from 2010-2012.

Most recently, Collins forged a reputation as one of the top coaches in the Mid-American Conference. In 2015, he was named the MAC’s Recruiter of the Year byScout.com , but he also apparently knew what to do with those players when he got them on the field.

This is a move in the right direction. But it also clearly shows that the Athletic  Department didn’t open the purse string for anything but a barebones  hire. Narduzzi hang said yet where Collins will land on the staff and if he’s also going to be a football operations staff member(position coaches for example).

What Collins’ true job description is going to be encompasses a very narrow mission…get the Pitt recruiting house in order and start targeting and landing the more highly ranked high school players.

Good luck with that  – we need it ASAP.

301 thoughts on “Pitt Hires 10th Coach

  1. Thus, don’t expect a splash hire for OL coach. Since the MSU staff is in a tenuous position right now, wonder what the thought would be if the OL coach was hired here?


  2. Since the money is limited, it’s all that much more important that Narduzzi gets these hires right. I’m satisfied he did with Collins. Good choice for the tenth coach. Now I would like to see him get an O-Line coach to PITT ASAP!


  3. Hopefully he is young and energetic to recruit and get on level of recruits. I’d rather have hard worker than older been around coach. H2P


  4. Archie Collins Named to Pitt Football Coaching Staff

    LINK: Collins Hired at Pitt


    PITTSBURGH—Archie Collins, who coordinated one of the nation’s top pass defenses last season at Central Michigan University, has been appointed to the Pitt assistant coaching staff by Coach Pat Narduzzi.

    Hired as the Panthers’ 10th assistant coach, Collins’ positional responsibility will be announced at a later date.

    A Detroit native, Collins spent the past five seasons at Central Michigan (2013-17). Following four impact years working with the CMU secondary, he was elevated to defensive passing game coordinator for his final season with the Chippewas.

    Collins’ influence helped Central Michigan in 2017 lead the Mid-American Conference (MAC) in interceptions (19), fewest passing yards allowed (185.5 yards/game) and pass efficiency defense (108.8 rating). On a national scale, the Chippewas ranked sixth nationally in pass efficiency defense, seventh in interceptions and 20th in passing defense. FootballScoop named Collins a finalist for the 2017 Defensive Back Coach of the Year award.

    “Archie is a fantastic coach and highly driven recruiter,” Narduzzi said. “We wanted our 10th assistant coach appointment to be an impactful hire and we achieved that by bringing Archie to Pitt. I first met him when he was a high school coach in Detroit and later I had him as a graduate assistant. Archie went on to do really exceptional work at Central Michigan and he’ll be a great asset for our entire program. I’m thrilled to welcome him and his family to Pitt.”

    “I’m incredibly honored to join Pat Narduzzi and his staff at the University of Pittsburgh,” Collins said. “It really is the best of both worlds: an outstanding academic institution with a rich football tradition to match. I’m very familiar with Coach Narduzzi, the way he teaches and his goals for our players. We will play with toughness, effort and knowledge to win championships. I’m thrilled to get right to work.”

    At Central Michigan, two of Collins’ defensive backs, cornerback Amari Coleman and safety Josh Cox, were 2017 All-MAC honorees. Coleman was a first-team selection for the second consecutive season and finished his collegiate career with three interceptions returned for touchdowns. Cox intercepted six passes as a senior to finish seventh in the nation (0.5 INTs/game).

    Collins’ ball-hawking secondary helped Central Michigan to an 8-5 record and runner-up finish in the MAC West Division with a 6-2 mark this past season. CMU played in the 2017 Idaho Potato Bowl, its fourth consecutive bowl appearance.

    During Collins’ tenure, Central Michigan ranked among the nation’s top 25 in passing defense three times: 2017, 2015 (No. 24, 193.0 avg.) and 2013 (No. 20, 203.9 avg.). In 2016, CMU finished eighth nationally with four defensive touchdowns—all pick-sixes by Collins’ defensive backs.

    Among the other standouts under Collins’ watch was Kavon Frazier, an All-MAC safety in 2015 who now plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Collins was also highly productive on the recruiting trail at CMU. In 2015, he was named the MAC’s Recruiter of the Year by Scout.com.

    Prior to Central Michigan, Collins was a defensive graduate assistant from 2010-12 at Michigan State, his alma mater. It was during this coaching assistantship that he first met Pat Narduzzi, who was the Spartans’ defensive coordinator at the time.

    In addition to contributing to one of college football’s elite defensive units, Collins worked daily with future NFL defensive backs Darqueze Dennard, Kurtis Drummond and Trae Waynes. Collins also helped with the special teams during his time in East Lansing.

    Collins’ additional experience includes seven years coaching high school football in the Detroit Public School League. He worked at three PSL schools (Cass Tech, Mackenzie and Southeastern), producing nine all-state performers and 28 all-city honorees.

    A safety at Michigan State, Collins finished his career as a two-year letterman (1996-97) for the Spartans.

    He graduated from Michigan State in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Collins went on to earn a master’s degree in kinesiology and coaching from MSU in 2011. He and his wife, Brandi, have three children: son Archie IV and daughters Amber and BellaRose.


  5. We are now the lowest scoring power 5 team and the only one without a conference win. We have hit absolute rock bottom.


  6. a young, energetic DB assistant who is reputed to be a really good recruiter would have been an apt description of Jeff Hafley about 10 years ago

    on the other hand, it would have pretty much described Conklin 3 years ago

    FWIW, I think Bates and Collins are two pretty good hires, all thing considered … but only time will tell


  7. Andrew Kristolic, Pine-Richland lineman and sure to be the next local 4-star, just got an offer from Clemson

    Hey Archie, for your first assignment ……


  8. Kristofic is in no way a three star and neither is Jordan Houston who PITT just offered. Check out his highlights on PSN. Reminds me of a slightly smaller Colten Beck, this kid can move. ike


  9. Young and energetic is fine for talking to the kids but I believe having the fatherly/grandfatherly coach to recruit the parents is essential. Majors used to close the deal by going to the kids home and talking directly to the mother. Times have changed, but moms are still moms.

    The recruiting industry has gotten insane. My daughter is a Freshman in HS and a couple of the Freshman on the basketball team already have offers. One had an offer before the season began. Basically kids are being judged based on their body of work when they are 12-13 and the fact that they were recruited to a certain high school. Ridiculous. Thank god my employer didn’t hire me based on my “body of work” from 12 to 30.


  10. Hey upitt didn’t we already have the mac recruiter of the year in 2012,2013,2014. This is a typical pitt hire I hope the up and comer works out, but we pay like the mac we may as well join them. I kid about Paul Chryst recruits they actually were better players than narduzzi is getting as with anything time will tell!!!


  11. In addition to his time at Central Michigan, Archie was a high school coach in Detroit for seven years. Good ties to recruiting in Detroit, I suppose. I hope that somehow the Detroit ties help us. I can’t remember many kids coming to Pitt from Detroit.

    And, I hope that he is energetic and good on the recruiting trail in general. Time will tell.


  12. Hmmm – let’s not hear anymore bitching about “MAC type offers” when we grab Stefano Millin from….. drum roll please…. Kent State for a new LT…

    ““With Brian O’Neill doing to the NFL, they needed a left tackle,” Millin told Panther-Lair.com shortly after committing. “And when I talked to Coach Narduzzi just now he said he’d be shocked if I don’t win the job. Nothing is given, I understand that, but it’s really a good opportunity and my plan is to go in and be the left tackle.””

    Just shocked I tell you!!.

    Honestly, what does this say about Narduzzi’s recruiting OL? And don’t give me the “They have to be rsJRs or SRs” either as that just isn’t true. His 2015 class are now rsJRs and his ’16 class are rsSOs – they should be stepping into starting roles if they were that good.

    Here are a few of our past good (some great) OL who played and started early in their careers and which class they became starters:

    Johnson – SO

    Bisnowaty – rsFR

    Rowell – rsSO

    Rotherham – rsSO

    O’Neill – rsFR

    Jones-Smith – rs FR (then injured )

    Jacobson – rsSO

    That is just a few – not even back to DW’s years. Most of the above were All-ACC at least, Johnson and O’Neill were all-Americans and that’s just a few.

    I could live with 4* transfers like Peterman and Hendrix, 5* guys like Brown and Clark or even 3* Hodges from Texas… but please…. a 2* recruit out of Kent State – and he’s going to beat out OL kids who were recruited and have been under Narduzzi for three full years now?

    Pass the Tums…


    1. I agree that rsSo should be big factors and coming into their own … rsSo means that it’s their 3rd year within the program. This means Narduzzi’s 1st and 2nd classes (2015 & 2016) should come into play .. and frankly, these two classes were both low on OLs.. both are quantity and quality. There were only 5 total in both classes .. and the 2 in the 2015 class originally committed to PC (Pilato and Paulina.) Also, only Bookser remains from the 2014 class …. Mke Grimm and Connor Hayes left. Grimm was big loss because of his big expectations 4-star.

      Thus, right now, only Bookser has become a large contributor from 2014-16. Hopefully, Pilato can come into his own this year

      I think his 3rd year which will be rsFr (2017 – Drake, Warren, Huoy) was much better at OL as is current class (Kradel, Zubovic, Brown).

      But of course .. it all remains to be seen


    2. Reed

      I knew you would overreact to the grad transfer. He is a backup, that is it. Did you expect Narduzzi would tell him he was 5th string. He is a one year insurance policy just in case the youngers guys don’t work this year. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

      By the way, and I know this will shock some of you, tons of programs grab grad transfers. Doesn’t mean guys already on the team at that position suck.


      1. Except that some here, if not most, had Millin inserted as a starter yesterday.

        Vukovcan (unabashed Pitt mouthpiece that he is) at least implied the same. Since it appears that you follow PSN you probably also follow Dokish (another Pitt toadie). Dokish clearly had Millin starting.

        The essential truth in Reed’s post remains that most on this blog are fine with accepting an unaccomplished grad transfer and two year starter from a bad program with a bad offense in a mid-major conference but would reject a freshman high school recruit with multiple offers from decent to good programs in a mid-major conference.


        1. I realize that some writers are overly positive in their pitt writing, but I don’t know why fans have to hate on them. Pitt get crushed by the local media on a regular basis so some positive publicity can’t always be a bad thing.


        2. I read PSN, not Dokish. Not sure what that has to do with anything. I don’t read an article from some sports writer that knows no more than I do to form an opinion.

          If there are no other decent high school OL on Pitt’s radar for this year then grab an available grad transfer.


    3. Reed – Oline recruiting is indeed worrisome, but I remember most, if not all, of those guys you listed really struggling in there first year of starting…

      Go Pitt.


  13. How would u feel if u were an offensive lineman recruited by HCPN and u hear that Kent State Guy was told the starting job is basically his to lose?


  14. How’d last year’s tackle transfer from Texas work out?
    Perhaps that’s y we’re looking toward the MAC


  15. And maybe, before u fire a coach, have another one ready to step to the plate.
    Applies to football and hoops.


  16. geez Reed you are so negative these days. Just change your handle to Upitt why don’t you. This guy is the 10th coach and a good recruiter and that is exactly what we need. Not sure who you were expecting us to hire for the 10th coach, Urban Meyer? Plus coming form E. Michigan or wherever, he probably got a significant raise and is very happy.

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  17. Reed just what did you expect Narduzzi to tell Millin? Telling him he would be shocked if he didn’t win the job was said as an inducement for him to commit to Pitt. He has one year left to play an impress some NFL scouts prior to next years draft. Not having a real shot at starting would not be my choice program to go to for my last opportunity. However my problem with Narduzzi is that he may not be the best choice to start but he will play him first anyway. By not doing so Narduzzi losses credibility with all other grad transfer in subsequent years for fear they will also not win the job for their last chance opportunity.—Example: There was no way Narduzzi was not going to play Browne last season. Ask yourself this question, do you think any other staff coach last season saw what you saw early on concerning Picketts ability? And if they did do you think they may have expressed their opinion to Narduzzi? But what did we see, Browne first and then DiNucci second. As such my greatest fear of Narduzzi coaching ability “Senority over Talent”.


    1. Well, USC started Browne over a freshman that ended up being a Heisman hopeful and probably a top 2 or 3 pick in the draft.

      Almost everybody would have given Browne the first crack, especially after it worked so well with Savage and Peterman.


  18. I’m so sick of all the grad transfers. I agree how bad must our o line be? The grad transfers mean that you are not developing the players you have on your roster.
    Also no wonder players are transfering at an alarming rate remember the last time he told a guy hey your our starter, or the time he said wait until you c this mc vat tie kid.
    If I was one of the o tackles I’d be mad. You could tell the players I’m bringing Milligan in for competition with the same chance to start as the next guy. What you don’t do is tell the next guy hey your starting until he earns it.


    1. like it or not …. grad transfers are now a way of life in college … both FB and BB. Wasn’t there something like 200 grad transfers in BB last year?

      and maybe we all can partially blame Paul Chryst for this …. remember a guy named Russell Wilson?


  19. while I think Reed has been pretty much on an > 1 year anti-Narduzzi campaign beginning with the Pinstripe Bowl, I thought his assessment of both Bates and Collins have been very fair. And he certainly wasn’t overly negative to either IMO.


  20. Are we seriously stooping to the level of disappointment because we got a transfer who was a “2 star” player out of high school? Seriously, who cares? All the matters is how much he will (or won’t) help the team and the ridiculous HS star ratings has zero to do with that. Millin may or may not start, but he started for Kent St. the last 2 years and brings veteran starting experience to a position of need. If someone is disappointed with the pickup fine, but if we are basing that on his HS “star rating”- yikes! And it works the other way too, we recently got 2 “5 star” transfer players in Brown & Clarke, and neither player is obviously 5 star caliber, but we could tell that from their experience prior to getting here, not from their star ratings. Now OL recruiting is another matter, but ironically Narduzzi has a chance to fix that with the right hire, time will tell.


  21. Let’s all head to Punxsutawney, hoist the POV flag in the Walmart parking lot tailgate area, join in the festivities and lighten up, light up or just get drunk..We all need a break from our beloved PITT sports, gloom and doom.

    BTW..there used to be a poster on the Blather who went by ” Punxsutawney.” He disappeared.

    Happy Groundhog Eve boys and our lady Annie.


      1. but seriously .. Carr, Stevenson and Davis all look like they all look like they will be pretty good .. Brown, Stewart and a couple others can be good part-timers.

        we must keep in mind that these guys don’t have the luxury of playing alongside of veteran players like tike previous Pitt freshman have. If was assured that these core guys will stay, I’d fire KS on Wednesday March 7.


  22. Reed – regarding the comment, “But it also clearly shows that the Athletic Department didn’t open the purse string for anything but a barebones hire.”

    Could be, but also possible its simply motivated by getting someone who is younger and has room to grow on the staff. Its possible he had more money to work with and felt that Collins was the best fit. I’m not sure that there is anything wrong with getting someone for a lower salary if you feel they have potential. We will have to see how he does.


    1. Right! Hence the “barebones” hire quote – you just agreed with me. Although I very much doubt HCPN’s sitting on a pile of money waiting for just the right OL coach to sign on.


      1. Barebones would have been adding a grad assistant, or maybe a HS coach, to the staff as No. 10. — something I actually was expecting…

        Go Pitt.


  23. wbb – that is a valid point above with regard to our hoops players, some of the freshmen certainly would look better with veteran or at least more talented players around them. I think that’s especially true of the PG position; imagine trying to play point in the ACC with a roster like that and no inside presence? That said, I think they’d develop a lot faster with a better coach. A team will only develop so much if 90% of the time all they do is toss the ball around the perimeter until somebody has just enough space to fire up a 3 point shot (and nobody tries to even rebound the shot most times).


    1. which is why I wrote above that if there was assurance that the guys I listed above plus Luther and Wilson-Farme would stay, I’d fired KS the day after we lose in the opening day of ACC Tourney


  24. How many of those lowly MAC teams would beat up on high and mighty Pitt basketball this year if they played?


  25. I am relatively new to this site and enjoy some of the information. But there is a ton of negativity against the football program. And it seems all one sided against narduzzi from a few. I would be anxious to hear what people like reed, upitt, and Barvo think that narduzzi is doing well. It can’t be all bad right?


    1. Criticism isn’t negative. UPitt is from another planet (Negatron). Contrary to the belief of some of the “positive” posters, exuberance isn’t warranted every time Pat Narduzzi breaks wind.

      I posted just the other day my belief that Narduzzi deserves a lot of credit for having placed Pitt in late season contention for the ACC Coastal in his first two seasons.

      I posted the other day that I anticipate Pitt’s back 7 on defense are going to have a good to very good 2018 season. I really like the players in the 2 deep mix. I think we may actually see some turnovers and good pass defense numbers, especially if the front 4 can apply some pressure.

      I think offense is a concern again in 2018 primarily because of the inexperience at offensive line, particularly against quality opponents. A grad transfer who was a two year starter at Kent State doesn’t “move the needle” for me. I believe Pickett will develop into a very good QB and leader. Lopes has proven that he is a very good possession receiver. Hopefully Mathews, Tipton or Ffrench can become a gamebreaker type. I think the tight ends have good depth and I hope that Watson is able to engage them more than he did in 2017. I think the running backs by committee are good. I agree with Reed that I’d like to see Ollison get more emphasis because I think we’d see more positive consistency from the carries, but I don’t see that happening. Perhaps Sibley or Davis breakout instead.

      We’ve been having lots of recent discussions about scheduling. Many seem to prefer that Pitt should play a softer schedule. I emphatically do not. Not that he had a hand in the scheduling, but I give Narduzzi credit for having Pitt competitive in most challenging games outside of Ok State in 2017, Miami in 2016 and the Navy bowl game after the 2015 season. I suppose laying one egg each season given the SoS (that was for wwb!) isn’t bad. I was thrilled to attend the PSU win in 2016 and the Miami win in 2017.

      Still waiting on my renewal….


  26. ^^It seems like that’s all you hear sometimes. (try reading a BB article) Reed has been more objective lately imo. The above article is not all negative. Some of the contents inside the article can definitely be construed that way. Some on the POV has pretty much threw in the towel. More power to them. ike


    1. I fully understand the bball negativity. Pitt bball is just a disaster. So sad where we are now as a program. I just don’t understand all the negativity towards narduzzi. He isn’t perfect by any means, but overall i think hes been a good hire given what he is dealing with at pitt.


      1. 2003 I do know the PITT BB program is in total disarray but it’s not what I want to read day after day. Will there be a time when we all get it? Yes, like a year and a half ago.

        There is one poster that cannot stand one thing about the University of Pittsburgh and from my recollection, has never said a kind word about the PITT football or basketball programs. Not all have received this memo as of yet. ike


        1. Not true Ike and if that makes you sleep easier at night then great. I have expectations. I don’t accept mediocrity like some.


  27. PM03…. thanks for jumping in the fray… I agree with your comment regarding Duzz…

    KS would not survive another month if he was working in the private sector. There would be a hungry up and comer ready to move up and show what he’s got. Are there rising stars who can recruit and coach ready to jump aboard the PITT ship and take over the helm? I don’t know if it is even a money question at this point but more of interest in the HC job. Does some exciting BB coaching talent feel that Pitt is his “ calling?”


  28. “Criticism isn’t negative”. Says who? It might be negative for me. Touche’ Barv!

    “Lopes has proven that he is a very good possession receiver.” Says who? Double Touche’ Barv.

    I coulda done 5 or 6 of those yesterday but didn’t want to waste my time. I did want to waste a few minutes today as I am waiting for a Board Reception to begin. Just busting your chops Barv, but yesterday you were a bit harsh. Every statement doesn’t need a qualifier such as “in my opinion, or I think….good grief!

    Bringing in this grad transfer and publishing that narduzzi said he would be shocked if the kid isn’t starting can be viewed a lot of different ways. The statement can be used to light a fire under the kids currently on the roster to work harder or expect to ride the pine. It could be a message that the current crop isn’t good enough and that some of the kids might look to transfer. I don’t think coaches like to hear what they say individually to a player, make it into the headlines.

    I am hoping “Ricky Bobby” gets a chance at qb. The lightbulb may have gone on and we might see some fireworks. Or, it might be just backup.

    Respectfully submitted,

    the language police

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  29. Not sure why Hall and Whitehead are considered PC recruits and Pilato and Paulina are considered Narduzzi recruits.

    Millin, I think he will start. I would bring in Applegate as well if I could. I hope Warren wins the job but I don’t think he will beat out a guy who has played for over 2 years in the MAC as a rSO. I think Warren will play but not start the season. First off the bench like Hubbard with the Steelers.

    To be honest, I am surprised that Pilato is still on the team. I expect at least one or two guys to leave before the end of spring on the OL (Pilato, Hargrove and/or Ford).

    Considering PITT have one open ‘ship and have visited about 7 – 2018 recruits in the last week I expect to see another 3 guys placed in the class which means at least another two guys will be asked to leave.

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    1. I consider both those OL tho be PC’s recruits as them committed under Chryst.

      I’m drafting a recruiting article now that will explain my thoughts on that division again.


  30. Wait a second Huff, Barvo broke the news that Lopes would be a good receiver?

    At least we are not calling ourselves realist.

    Telling me that the current freshman on PITT’s BB roster will never ever be any good is not criticism. It’s downright negative

    Calling the PITT BB players morons and idiots is not criticism. It’s beyond reasonable.

    I agree that it’s a wait and see what’s happening with this new grad transfer.

    These are not my opinions but from someone I bumped into down at the local bar. ike


    1. Your story is boring. I saw plenty of moronic moments and idioctic moments. You are the only one bringing it up. Go brag on 5-7 Pat somemore.


  31. What, I like this hire! I wasn’t negative about him at all. I like him even more since I looked up and saw his Chippewa DBs were 6th in the nation in passing yards allowed and 20th in Pass Efficiency defense.

    But the not opening up the purse is true, that isn’t on him But the admin.

    I think you all start reading assuming I’m going to be negative even when I’m not.


    1. Central Michigan played Okie state in ’15 (Loss @ home 24-13) & 16(win @ Okie State 30-24). The ’15 game was the 3’rd lowest points scored by Okie St. (only Baylor & Oklahoma allowed less). The ’16 game was the 2’nd lowest for Okie St.(only Oklahoma allowed less). Randolph passed for less then 275 yards in both games,

      Collins was paid $94,958 in latest contract year. per USA Today 12/6/2017 post.


      1. Nice info Pitt-Cocks!

        Now if we can just hire someone who knows how to defend the triple-option! 😁

        Go Pitt!


  32. In general, what is expected of a transfer (Grad or otherwise). For me:

    I expect him to be good enough to be a backup and if he starts for any reason and doesn’t stand out in a negative way…great.

    DiNucci wasn’t a transfer, but he is what I expect. Can play, maybe good enough that he does not cost you a game but don’t expect him to be a difference maker.

    Out of the guys we have had. Hodges, Vinopal, Ford and Flanagan are about what I expect. Savage and Peterman were way above the line and guys like Browne, Poteat and Karter were busts..


    1. UPITT,

      who would be an acceptable hire for OL?

      I am fairly certain you said you wanted an upcoming, Native American coach who was said to be a good recruiter. That is what we got. Granted I think you think he has to come from a P5 school as the 10th coach…well, its not going to happen at PITT or all but about 20 schools.


  33. Pittman2003, welcome aboard.

    Re: Negativity… I am certainly OK withPat Narduzzi as the Pitt HC and as a matter of fact I think he excels in areas which are the most important to me which is off-field leadership of his student/athletes.

    However, I also feel that he has some real shortcomings as an operational HC. Mostly on the recruiting front and the fact that the team is maddeningly inconsistent under him…especially last season.

    But truly, aside from the Miami win, what real bright spots did Narduzzi and his team have in 2017? I’m not going to blow smoke about him if it isn’t warranted. When he does things well I get excited…but I don’t make excuses for him when things go poorly as some on here do on a regular basis.

    For example, what has PN done over the last season, aside from beating Miami, that YOU feel deserves praise that I haven’t given him? Really had to think for a moment on that didn’t you?

    The bottom line is that this is a blog and thus puts out different writers’ opinions about Pat Narduzzi and his program. I publish reader’s articles which takes stances I don’t necessarily hold but ill publish them and then I’ll state any contrary opinions of mine in the comments.

    I’ll say this, and I don’t mention it often, but l have gotten hundreds of emails since this blog started not only agreeing with my thoughts on Narduzzi and the team but telling me they are sick of reading non-stop praise of HCPN & Pitt football from the other media venues covering them.

    Something must be working right with that as readership zoomed from the beginning and hasn’t stopped growing yet.

    Ill call them as I see them and so will everyone else on here.

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    1. I agree that this year was a bad year for narduzzi. I thought he handled the quarterback situation poorly and should have won a few more games even though the team was lacking in areas. But I don’t blame him for being a bad recruiter because he’s being negative recruited against because coaches say pitt is a steppingstone job with the turnover, he plays in front of 30,000 fans, he coaches a program that has been very mediocre, and we know he can’t just bring in any talented player he wants because of the universities standards. Sure it could be better but I don’t think it’s recruiting is as bad as you make it out to be. You say u call them as u see them but it just seems all negative.
      Not trying to be a turd here but just sharing my opinion.


  34. I think we all call it like we see it
    Don’t like Dog’s going with Conklin
    Don’t like Dog’s recruiting
    Don’t like Dog’s overall coaching

    I hope he’s learned to become a head coach. Hope he’s learned to delegate. Hope he finds good assistants and hold them accountable. Hope he fixes the recruiting mess…and it is. Hope he wins the Division in next year or two. Otherwise, he wasn’t worth the extension.

    Theres plenty good about him. I do like him more than Chryst but thats no saying much. And evidently he loves his boss Heather so theres that to…not really.

    Pitt could have picked worse. And they did mightily so with the basketball hire.


  35. Criticism, in the context in which i use it, is not inherently negative. Criticism is “the analysis and judgment of merits and faults”, such as in critical analysis. It can also mean “the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes”, again not necessarily negative but often viewed as such but not supported by the actual definition.

    Sort of like ignorant. While many people assume it means “negative” it really only means “lacking knowledge or awareness.”

    Personally, I TRY to be critical in the classical sense- forming my opinions based on available information and observation. While we are all susceptible to bias and emotion I try to be evaluative or “critical” in the formation of my opinions.

    Case in point, I love the Narduzzi type. I was a big Bob Knight guy. I was a big Ditka guy. I am an AVOWED Wanny guy.. However, that doesn’t mean I overlook what I read and see. Our recruiting is below average using every metric available (except the IRI- or ike recruiting index) and that can’t be refuted. Additionally, I think his game management is poor. I always have HOPE for Pitt sports. Always. But being “critical” of Narduzzi doesn’t make me anti-Narduzzi or a “hater”.

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    1. Spot on.

      I always say that if you want 100% puff pieces on Pitt football read PSN or Dokish, or…just about every other internet and media outlets.

      Myself, Peak at Rivals and DiPaola at are about the only three who’s lips aren’t attached to Narduzzi’s ass. Chas at the Blather also but hes really slimmed down his writings. Peak and DiPaola don’t really state what they really think, but at least they will try to be balanced.


  36. Bless you UPitt for not accepting mediocrity. But I still don’t get that statement.

    Doesn’t every person on here want to see Pitt excel? Who on here was happy that Pitt was 5-7 last season?

    And what form is “not accepting mediocrity” supposed to take. Your approach seems to be to ridicule the coaches and administrators. Is that what we all should be doing?

    I have enjoyed listening to you on the podcasts. But you certainly have a different persona at the keyboard.

    I have posted on here that “I will not accept Pitt losing and I demand Pitt win.” So there!😊

    So other than making fun of the coaches, I guess I could refuse to attend games and stop my donations. But I really enjoy going to the games, (damn it!). And I doubt Pitt would really miss the hundred here and hundred there that I donate.

    I’m looking for direction, here!

    All the best to you, UPitt. (Oh, And I also played on the Pitt baseball team – so take it easy on me…)

    Go UPitt!


  37. Major!!! Did you play at the lovely Trees?? Haha.

    Hey – Anyone ever install a dishwasher? I need to take old one out and install new one. Is it easy? Thanks.


    1. Replacing a dishwasher shouldn’t be bad since the electrical and drain pipe are already there – but it’s been awhile.

      And yes I played at Trees. Played centerfield and hated it when a fly ball lined up with that antenna tower… Played for Bobby Lewis – along with thousands of others. Tom Becket, AD at Yale, was one of our coaches…

      Good luck with the dishwasher…

      Go Pitt!


  38. Watson must earn his keep this year. Traditional O will not work with this talent. Slot receiver, tight end, and fullback use will be key. There are many ways to stretch the field, but you need two things: a really good QB and a great offensive coordinator.


  39. Someone said we are gearing up to switch into the MAC. And now we have the MAC Recruiter of the Year.

    Bball team might be more competitive too ! But probably not 🙂


  40. Well back to the OOC discussion.

    Should we play a hard schedule (To be the best you have to beat the best – whooo). Or do we wallow in mediocracy to pump up the “W’s”. How do the big boys schedule & who are the big boys?

    I decided to use the 2017 college football playoff rankings to get the best 25 teams. I then added a few teams from the final AP poll after bowl/playoffs where over. I looked at 2018 future & 2017, 16, 15 schedules. I am only going to list the P5 (ACC, Big10, Big12, SEC & Pac12) & Notre Dame opponents.

    Note: Big12 & Pac12 only play 3 OOC opponents in the above time frame. The Big 10 for 2018,17,16 only have 3 OOC games. In 2015, they all played 4. The ACC & SEC play 4 OOC games.

    Clemson – 2018 Texas A&M & South Carolina
    ……………..2017 Auburn & South Carolina
    ……………..2016 Auburn & South Carolina
    ……………..2015 Notre Dame & South Carolina

    Oklahoma – 2018 UCLA, 2017 Ohio St., 2016 Ohio St., 2015 Tennessee.

    Georgia – 2018 Ga. Tech
    …………….2017 Notre Dame & Ga. Tech, 2016 Ga. Tech, 2015 Ga. Tech

    Alabama – 2018 Louisville, 2017 Fl. St., 2016 Southern Cal, 2015 Wisconsin

    Ohio State – 2018 Oregon St, & TCU, 2017 Oklahoma, 2016 Ok., 2015 Va. Tech

    Wisconsin – 2018 “None”, 2017 “None”, 2016 LSU, 2015 Alabama

    I’ll post more later.


    1. Paulie must be doing the scheduling for the Badgers. He had a ‘lite’ schedule at Pitt as well. For a backup qb who played very little on bad Wisconsin teams, Paulie has lived a charmed life.


  41. Makes sense somewhat, we hired an AD from Eastern Michigan and now this guy from Central Michigan.

    Pitt loves these….. what Al McGuire use to call…….the Directional Schools.

    Too bad Pitt athletics has very little Direction at all. (a bad BoT joke played on all of us)


  42. Something to keep in mind about recruiting.. there seems to be a greater number of high star recruits in other states than there are in pa.

    One of the results of that is Pitt has to spend more money on travel expenses than say Florida State does if they want to recruit in Florida.(Which I feel they should and they do)

    Obviously that isn’t the only factor accounted for while recruiting. But it does create an additional expense on our already low budget provided by the board of trustees.


    1. Heather can solve this by getting out and raising funds. Thats the primary duty for an AD. They dont even hire coaches anymore…they leave it up to committees. Pitt can find the money. They chose not to.


  43. Pitt’s great OC landed at Maryland – Air Canada. Let’s pray Matt doesn’t steal our only hope at a 4* recruit, the RB Mychael Salahu…… from DC.


    1. PA is a dying football ground. Pitt has to expand its recruiting footprint. Narduzzi is doing so. But he was like 0 for 100 something in 4 star recruit offers. He needs to become more selective and then devote more attention on those few. This mass marketing approach doesnt work.


  44. Yet the recent hires of asst coaches are from BigJoke territory. Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

    You need to hire some coaches with ties to the ACC states, not BIgJoke states. Make no sense whatsoever.


  45. Hey UPitt
    My roomate did it with her mom like 2 weeks ago.
    They looked it up on the internet.
    The only tricky part is separating the garbage disposal from itself. You have to turn the upper portion that sticks out more than the lower. It can be done by hand, but if it’s stuck for some reason, use a screwdriver for more leverage while turning with other hand. But if the disposal is okay, no need to remove it. Skip that part.

    Obviously turn off the water and the power to that outlet.
    And put like a bucket under the sink, because some water will drain out when you disconnect the plumbing to the dishwasher.


    1. I read this after taking old one out. Haha. Power and water off but kitchen has towels all over it. Water everywhere. Good amount of copper in old one. Wondering if I should strip
      It. Copper is expensive eh?


    2. “My roommate did it with her mom like 2 weeks ago.”

      Are there any photos of that? And why would they have to look ‘it’ up on the Internet – her mom surely knows what to do.


        1. I must admit…I thought that post was going in a different direction and re-read it a few times to get the imagery right before I continued…what a disappointment. 🙂


  46. Altoona I too have had it with grad transfers, they are players who didnt play well enough for the next level Just because it is a trend doesnt mean we have to do it – eating Tide Balls is a trend but I aint partaking.
    A recruiter with ties to the south would have been better, notice Nard had him as a grad asst – he may be running out of people he knows. Any odds on whether the OL coach when hired will have crossed paths with Nard.
    Ike I ignore Upitt as a general rule but there is a place for class clowns. Heck I was one. I LIKE IKE. -rkb
    ps make sure you use a left-handed wrench and right handed hammer when changing that dishwasher


    1. Happy for the Girls! Sad Lyke has to try to hog the accolades. Just celebrate the girls without throwing your name over it puppet heather.


  47. More top 25 OOC schedules:

    Auburn – 2018 Washington, 17 – Clemson, 16 – Clemson, 15 – Louisville

    Southern Cal – 2018 Texas & Notre Dame
    ……………………2017 Texas & Notre Dame
    ……………………2016 Alabama & Notre Dame
    ……………………2015 Notre Dame

    Penn State – 2018 PITT, 17 – PITT, 16- PITT, 15 – “None”

    Miami – 2018 LSU, 17 Notre Dame, 16 Notre Dame, 15 Nebraska

    Washington – 2018 Auburn, 17 Rutgers, 16 Rutgers, 15 “None”

    Central Florida – 2018 No. Carolina & PITT
    ………………………2017 Ga. Tech & Maryland
    ………………………2016 Michigan & Maryland
    ………………………2015 Stanford & South Carolina

    Stanford………….2018 Notre Dame
    ………………………2017 Notre Dame
    ………………………2016 Kansas State & Notre Dame
    ………………………2016 Northwestern & Notre Dame

    Notre Dame – While I have always hated the Domers, they play between 8 & 10 P5 teams every year & I am
    to lazy to type them all.

    That concludes the top 14 teams.


  48. We are still not done. Starting with #15

    TCU – 2018 Ohio St, 17 Arkansas, 16 Arkansas, 15 Minnesota

    Mich. State – 2018 Arizona State, 17 Notre Dame, 16 N. Dame, 15 Oregon

    LSU – 2018 Miami, 17 Syracuse, 16 Wisconsin, 15 Syracuse

    Washington State – 2018 “None, 17 “None”, 16 “None, 15 Rutgers

    Oklahoma State – 2018 “None, 17 PITT, 16 PITT 15 “None”

    Memphis – 2018 Missouri, 17 UCLA, 16 Kansas & Ole’ Miss, 15 Kansas & Ole’ Miss

    Northwestern – 2018 Duke & Notre Dame, 17 Duke, 16 Duke, 15 Duke & Stanford
    When did Duke & Northwestern become rivals? Throw Stanford in & make it a 3 way.

    That’s #15 – #21


    1. Seems that most only play 1 P5 team per year, like some of us suggested.
      Next year we play 2 plus UCF, that’s just stupid.


      1. Which is what we play next year except one is Central Florida.

        We keep a schedule like we recruit in the top 10. Why?


  49. Thanks Pitt-cocks for all the great info, much appreciated as always.. Believe it or not I was going to mention ND and their yearly tough schedule but I couldn’t bring myself to give them any credit. That’s how much I disdain that school.

    Didn’t see three teams together like PITT has, psu, Notre Dame and UCF on anyone’s schedule.


    1. I agree – PITT over schedules. This gives data. To bad I can’t type or use word. It would be nice to have all this info in one place, like that spreadsheet that guy from rival board shared with Reed & the POV.


  50. Ike – I used only P5 opponents. I left out Boise, UCF, So. Florida, Memphis, Navy, Toledo, – the good other conference teams. But the first four are on my list of in total 28 teams. Except for N. Dame, no one else plays 3 previous year top 25 teams.


  51. Upitt.. if the charts are accurate, it’s about $20 an ounce. That is if my math is correct. 1 lb equals 16 ounces I think.


    1. Copper futures are around $3.20 / pound or $0.20 per ounce. That is for high grade, refined, bulk copper.

      Scrap copper brings around $2.00 / pound in my area. I would be rich if it was $20/ ounce. I have about 20 lbs of scrap copper. $40 vs. $640

      Scrap copper at one time was bring $4 / lb.. Thieves were breaking into vacant houses & stripping copper wiring & plumbing. Stripping copper wiring at night from outside HVAC equipment. $20 – $40 of copper cost you big bucks to replace entire unit.

      Everyone in South Carolina now has to go to local sheriff office to get a license to sell scrap non ferrous metals (Aluminum (yes beer cans), copper, brass, etc.


  52. I suspect no OL coach announcement until after LOI Day.
    And then it will be an up-and-comer with old recruiting ties to Western Australia, but who loves his family and is a tireless recruiter, and has turned out honorable-mentions, too numerous to count.
    Heather -the-Presenter will show pics with hugs and Fanta and tell everyone how excited we are to commence spring workouts, to culminate ina steak-n-lobster fest for the winners of the blue-and-gold game.
    Ho hum.

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  53. @Pitt cocks fan – I typed the schedules for 2017 of the playoff 4 and two others, OhioState and Dairy College. I didn’t post em because of the language police lately and am glad you did. If you look them up only for 2017 you will see Mercer, ULLafayette, GaSt. Arkansauce St.etc. I looked up the schedules. The teams rely heavily on their respective conferences to carry the strength of schedule. It’s very simple. Schedule easier OOC.

    Oh wait, I forgot. Pitt AD’s are outsmarting the football powers on scheduling. They also outsmarted all the other AD’s and trashed their on campus stadium and now play games too far from campus. They are brilliant.

    Overthinking and trying to be cute in P5 athletics, leads you to the basement, not the front porch.

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    1. Absolutely correct Huff. In doing this exercise, I quit writing all 28 teams OOC schedule on my notes. I knew I would the have to retype them all.

      It takes me longer to retype everything I type then it does to look up all the info.


  54. Gasman,
    I’m going to assume that you created the title: “Heather the Presenter”????
    If so……..
    Bla Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!
    Very funny buddy! Jump’n Jack Flash it’s a Gas Gas Gas!!!


  55. well, the only Western PA figure more legendary than George Ashton has made his appearance ….. 6 more weeks!

    1st week of Feb MI events

    LOI signing
    Super Bowl
    Groundhog Day in Punxy


  56. Well – another way to look at Pitt having big name opponents on the OOC is that the only national recognition we have gotten in the last three years are when we have been big underdogs and slain the Goliaths PSU, Clemson and Miami.

    If we are going to continually pull in between 6-8 wins then we need to have big upset wins.

    Only half joking with the above but the fact is that our only real bright spots in three years were those games.

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  57. It’s eight o’clock on a Saturday,
    It’s the ACC game of the week,
    I’ve got my MGD ready, remote trigger finger steady, I should have bought some Rolaids for relief.

    My wife says, “Pitt was damn good when Dixon was there,
    I’m not sure who this guy is on TV,
    He looks sad and not sweet, his record seems to be incomplete, no conference wins what a joke.

    Win us a game you pudgy bald man,
    Win us a game tonight,
    Pitt nation is in the mood for a victory,
    And Mr. Stallings you’ve never had us feeling alright.

    Now Cam Johnson of the Heels is a traitor,
    He could have been our best player this year,
    And he’s quick with a three but whined when there was adversity,
    Said there’s someplace that I’d rather be.

    It’s a shame the Pete is always empty now, A smile ran away from my face,
    I remember when my dad took me to see Ralph Willard’s Panthers,
    He thought they were a stinky disgrace.

    Oh dad if you only watched this current team,
    it would really break your heart.
    The players are likable, their lack of rebounding undeniable,
    Chuck up some more long range threes!

    Win us a game you pudgy bald man,
    Win us a game tonight,
    Pitt nation is in the mood for a victory,
    And Mr. Stallings you’ve never had us feeling alright.

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  58. For all you voracious readers of fiction out there here is my favorite website; Atlas Obscura (Atlasobscura.com) which has a new article titled ” Charting the Geography of Classic Literature”.

    It details Alice in Wonderland, Don Quixote and also L. Frank Baum’s first printed map of the Marvelous Land of Oz among other things.

    And this link takes you to the library that holds over 60 of these fictional land maps…



    P/S: does anyone recognize this art from their childhood in PGH??? If so who was your dentist?

    Land of Make Believe


    1. Yeah Ike – got that and I included them as general examples of our attention-getting big wins. If we did that against Clemson in 2016 then we could have done it against any OOC team we might have scheduled.


      1. Sure the more of them you play the more chance of an upset, but in the meantime, you end up with a poor record. Look at Joe Paterno, he made a legend out of beating cupcakes, then winning the big bowl games. You have to walk before you can run. We have won very few of our big OOC games. Only PSU, ND, and Va Tech come to mind. Our in conference schedule is what matters and is plenty tough enough with one additional P-5 per year.

        Obviously, our big upsets have not helped recruiting or getting better bowls. Nine or ten wins is what is important.

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        1. Actually – UCF only played one P5 team – Maryland. They were scheduled to play Georgia Tech but the game was cancelled & not rescheduled due to the hurricane in Florida.


  59. Seems to be a nice hire. He adds some juice to the staff as he will recruit and has nice contacts.Yes the Mac isn’t packed with power house offenses, but the secondary he coached performed well. He is a hedge for Hill is he bolts. They are not a staff of a guy from Hawaii, a high school coach who had a bad rep, and stunk,a coach who was a get the coffee administrator before being named secondary coach then amazingly DC. Under HCPC,.maybe the fact most of the issue of discipline were HCPC recruits that HCPN had to deal with. Blair, Taleni, Whitehead, Wirginis, Bookser as a quick list, all moosejaws recruits. Narduzzi also has a couple as well, Every team does. I’ll take this staff all day long over moosejaws crap D staff who couldn’t coach, recruit or win. Bates, and Collins are good hires relative to what Pitt has brought in the past number of years.


    1. what did Ara Parseghian, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Brian Kelly, Matt Campbell, Weeb Ewbank, Sid Gillman, Paul Brown and Don Nehlen all have in common?

      they all began in the MAC (and this is just a partial list)


  60. when it comes to PSU, we may have some bad karma, We played a 4-game series with them in lates 90s, and beat them in 2000 … the first year of their downturn when they only had one decent team in 5 years. Had we played them in early 2000s instead, we win at least 3 of 4.

    Then, they have another downturn with the sanctions … but when we start playing them again, they become a Top 10 team.


  61. Allow me to be the first to comment on tomorrow’s BB game: team has no talent, can’t rebound, inexperienced, and is poorly coached. Fire KS now. ADHL is useless.

    Reed, no need for a game thread.


    1. Honest to goodness, I think we win this game tomorrow. We are due, Pitt always wins wacky games that we have no business winning, and I want Cam Johnson to taste some tears.


  62. Reed, about the Clemson and Miami wins. Let your conference schedule become the draw for attendance. One OOC game between one of the following when possible, psu, WVU or Notre Dame. That is until the PITT football program has been built back up into a national player again and they will be.

    If PITT can start the season with 4 OOC wins when they play conference games and have a record of say… 5-0 or 6-1 you’ll start to see larger crowds. ike


    1. poll questions … which scenario is more unlikely

      a) what ajs32 posted @ 11;38

      b) what ike posted @ 11;39

      (I am undecided)


  63. Don’t know if it was posted yet but Cam Johnson had a career best recently with over 30 pts. I think 38 pts?


  64. The last of the top 25+ OOC schedule. #22 – #28

    Va. Tech – 2018 Notre Dame
    ……………..2017 West Virginia
    ……………..2016 Tennessee & Notre Dame
    ……………..2015 Ohio State & Purdue

    Miss. State – 2018 Kansas State, 17 “None”, 16 “None”, 15 “None”

    N. Carolina St.- 2018 WVU, 17 So. Carolina & N. Dame, 16 N. Dame, 15 “None”

    Boise State – 2018 Oklahoma State
    …………………2017 Washington State & Virginia
    …………………2016 Washington State & Oregon State
    …………………2015 Washington & Virginia

    South Florida – 2018 Ga. Tech & Illinois
    ……………………2017 Illinois
    ……………………2016 Syracuse & Florida State
    ……………………2015 Florida State, Maryland & Syracuse (3 P5)

    Iowa State – 2015 thru 2018 – IOWA (no one else)

    South Carolina – 2018 Clemson
    ………………………2017 N.C. State & Clemson
    ………………………2016 Clemson
    ………………………2015 North Carolina & Clemson

    That’s it for my top 28


    1. BTW – Notre Dame has scheduled between 9 & 10 (2018) P5 teams for my time frame. Plus Navy every year. Still can’t stand them (I only watch them for any significant length of time if they are losing or playing PITT).

      But hat’s off to them for their scheduling. But I guess you have to do that if your an Independent & want to be relevant. Look at Army, BYU & UMass.


        1. wwb – You are correct. Most p5 teams play 9 or 10 p5 teams every year.

          I got carried away in comparing an independent team schedule compared to a conference team schedule. My thing was to look at OOC p5 opponents. Well N.D. doesn’t have a conference so I didn’t want to type 9/10 names for 4 years. Also in a previous post, I stated that N.D. played 8 to 10. I wanted to correct a factual error.

          I like your comments. Especially links.


  65. As posted earlier

    ND is 13 -7 VS ACC in last 4 years.

    Maybe they do not want to join ACC in FB because they do about average

    We are 18 – 14


  66. Wow…some of you are advocating that we play a greater number of meaningless FB games each season? As a long time season ticket holder that drives 3.5 hours each way to attend games, I would rather play a meaningful game and lose than play a BS game and win (or lose)!


    1. I’m all for playing meaningful games but last year’s schedule and this 2018 schedule are way too hard. You need to give yourself a chance to be competitive and make a bowl. Playing only one cupcake a year doesn’t give a young team like Pitt the wiggle room it needs to play at least .500 ball and that also hurts our fan interest.


    2. As a long-time season holder who drives 5.5 each way to attend most every game and some away games, I would rather have a couple rent-a-wins for two reasons:

      I feel better after a win and it makes for a more pleasant evening watching the later games. When we lose, I don’t feel like watching any other games and hit the sack early for the ride home. ANd the ride home is shorter when we win.
      I am convinced that its better for us to play Whattsamatta U and Little Sisters of the Poor and get 8-9 wins than to play 3-4 Top 10 teams and get 6-7.

      Anybody beat 5.5 hours?


    3. If we continue to schedule these tough games we will continue to be a bottom feeder when it comes to recruiting and bowl games. Better kids are not going to sign up for a .500 team with a crap bowl game each year. Pitt-cocks fan’s data shows that attendance is not affected significantly either way and as someone pointed out, people are more likely to attend conference games if we have a winning record when playing them.


  67. I get that hbgfrank but think of it this way. When you’re driving to a PITT conference game later on in the season and PITT is 5-1 instead of 3-3 or 2-4 how you might feel then. First game PITT can always play YSU, they get a good crown for the opener on Labor day.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ike, you make a good point. A 5-1 Pitt team has a better chance of getting better attendance for the remaining home games that a 2-3 team.


    2. ike.

      Mark down the date and time because… I agree with you! Driving to see the ACC opener at 4-0 would make me feel waaay better. And I’m serious.

      If we’re 4-0 against mediocre competition, I can go to the week 5 game unsure of how good or bad we actually are as opposed to getting whipped twice, sitting at 2-2, and already KNOWING we’re not very good. I say, back load the schedule every year so I can at least enjoy the part of the season when the weather’s nice! And then, when the weather gets bad and the games get tougher, I can pretend I live in Pittsburgh and stay home!


  68. Looking forward to the day when we transition from a “rich football tradition” to a rich football program.


  69. With last years schedule, if we win 6 and go to a crappy Bowl and win it sort of evens out with just replacing the OK. State game with Bowling Green.

    “None” seems to play a lot of games against pretty good programs.


  70. as I have said a few times, I have no issue with play a tough OOC schedule … but keep it my mind when evaluating team and coaching performances.

    For example … it was a big deal here when Pitt didn’t qualify for a bowl but (1) compare the schedule vs some of the recent 6-win Pitt teams, and (2) compare our OOC vs UVA and Duke, two teams we beat this year but made it to bowl games


    1. I am totally cool with tempering judgement with a difficult non-con.

      Pitt didn’t qualify for a bowl because they lost to 3 ACC teams that also didn’t make it to bowls including UNC (3-9,1-7), Syracuse (4-8,2-6) and GT(5-6, 4-4).

      Turn those games around and Pitt finishes 8-4 and 6-2. There probably isn’t a person on this board other than UPitt who wouldn’t have been happy with that, especially with a bowl win on top.

      The other issue to consider in evaluating a team or coaching performance given a difficult schedule is whether the games (particularly losses) were competitive. Pitt lost 4 games in 2017 by at least 18 points to P5 competition. Pitt lost only 1 game in 2016 and 1 in 2015 by more than 10 points to P5 competition.

      I honestly don’t remember a big deal having been made about the failure to make a bowl. It seemed unlikely after the NC State loss and a foregone conclusion after the UNC loss.


  71. Good point wwb, if you’re asking for PITT to play the type of schedule they have this year, then understand the results may not be as desirable otherwise.


  72. One other team I would like to look at that shows the importance of OOC scheduling & how it effects a mediocre program or head coach prospects: The Southern Methodist Mustangs (SMU).

    This goes back to a comment UPitt made a while back on Arkansas hiring of Chad Morris. I originally read an article about the hire that Morris took a team that was 1-11 the year before he took over to a team that then went 2-10, 5-7 & 7-5 in his final year. Yep, could be a great hire of an up & comer coach.

    But was OOC scheduling a factor in the rise. SMU has scheduled 4 OOC in the years I researched 2010 – 2017 (8 years). Prior to Morris first year, SMU went 1-3, 2-2, 1-3, 1-3, 0-4. Morris went 1-3, 2-2 & 3-1.
    Oh, their overall record was 7-5, 7-5, 6-6, 5-7, 1-11, 2-10 ,5-7, & 7-5.

    SMU had a consistently bad W/L OOC from 2010 – 2015. In those 6 years best record was one 2-2. SMU in Morris’ last two years was 2-2 & 3-1. Hey, another improvement.

    But OOC scheduling changed. Instead of playing 3 P5 (normally TCU & a revolving schedule cast of Tx. Tech, Tx. A&M, & Baylor, SMU only played two P5 in 2016 & one P5 in 2017. (They also only played two P5 in 2011 – the year they went 2-2.

    Good coaching or a change in OOC or both?

    Personally, I think Morris won’t immediately change Arkansas performance. Arkansas already has a weak
    OOC for 2018 (No P5). But really the change is in style. Kind of like going from Wanny to Graham. We will never know if Graham could win at PITT. Morris will get his chance.


  73. Graham has an attractive overall record 96-61. He did well at Tulsa 3 of 4 years … and had a great 1st 3 years at ASU …. 8-5, 10-4, 10-3. But then 6-7, 5-7 and 7-6 which apparently was his downfall (although I firmly believe that 6 years of Todd Graham is about the maximum length that any school can take)


  74. Here’s another angle for playing bigger schools as OOC opponents – if we lose we pretty much save face because it was a tough opponent but if we schedule a creampuff and lose… and we sure know that can and has happened – it taints the season and our reputation.

    We squeaked one out against YSU this last season – but had we lost we wouldn’t be saying much about our would-be 4-8 record even with a Miami win.

    I’m not overlooking Albany this opener either.

    I can live with two easier teams on the OOC schedule – and I do also recognize those smaller schools really need the extra money they get in being a rope-a-dope. I believe we paid YSU around $500K to play us at Heize last season (last time we paid then $400K) and that can keep a small school’s football program afloat for a full year.


    1. For another $100,000, we could have had Howard University (Pugh’s new team) & there band. That’s what Nevada or was it UNLV) paid last year for there loss to Howard.

      Does Howard have a good marching band?


      1. Pitt-cocks, not trying to stereo type or sound racist but I bet Howard does have a good band. Howard is a very good school.


        1. eki – glad you responded. It was my intention to bring that up. Historically Black Colleges (HBC’s) in the MEAC & SWAC conferences are known for there marching bands & performances. If PITT scheduled & paid for the band, I am wondering if non college Pittsburghers would come to Heinz field on Friday night for a show & hopefully Saturday game.

          I know we have band members in the POV audience so I am not suggesting a half time show but as I said Friday night, Saturday prior to game outside or after game.

          Kind of like the Tyler (TX) CC Apache Belles & Kilgore (Tx) CC Rangerettes both 80-100 majorette or dance teams would perform a half time of their rivalry game. Always a sell out. For us old timers, the Rangerettes were long time halftime performers at the original Cotton Bowl.


  75. Pitt-cocks — Excellent information. Thank you.

    BTW, saw an article that said that Rutgers just withdrew from a 2-game football series with UCLA scheduled for 2020 and 2021…

    Interestingly, the article said that as part of the deal “Rutgers is required to pay UCLA a $500,000 termination fee WITHIN 30 DAYS OF BEING ASKED.”

    If accurate, what’s up with that last part?

    Go Pitt.


  76. I love giving our money to smaller schools for the right to put them on our schedule. These rent a wins can backfire. But scheduling tougher opponents can wreck your chance of a good bowl. So I’m in favor of playing MAC and Conference USA teams. They don’t ask for money and they aren’t going to embarrass you if you lose. So schedule the toledos, Cincys, South Florida, and Western michigans. Then get the hoopies back on the schedule. The Nitters can choke on their creamery sundaes.


    1. I believe they ask for money if it’s a one & done. Home & home or two for one usually doesn’t cost $. I will put money on it that we paid Rice.

      We will never know if we paid Rice as PITT as a state related / private school & Rice as a private school doesn’t have to release info. Youngstown State as a true Public school has to release info if a FOI request is submitted.

      Everything else I agree with.


  77. Reed, An article or two ago you mentioned a defeatist attitude when I mentioned a softer kinder schedule. I can tell you this. I’m not the least bit afraid of Albany. PITT beat YSU last year, something that previous coaches failed to do from time to time.

    A win is a win. Narduzzi beats cupcakes and top ten teams. Doesn’t matter how he does it. ike


  78. So some of you felt good after our 1-0 start last year? I know I felt like crap because I knew it was going to be a long season if we needed OT to beat YSU… Let’s say we open a season against YSU, Memphis, Toledo, and Kentucky and go 4 – 0. Our conference opener is against VT. Your position is that you would feel better going into that game than if we opened 2 – 2 against say Toledo, ND, PSU, and Memphis? That seems delusional to me because VT is still VT regardless of who we played before them. Frankly, I hope the ACC goes the way of the Big 10 (and PAC 12, I think) and bans FBS schools on future schedules. College football plays a 12 game schedule. All of the games should be against FCS opponents.


  79. I don’t think I said defeatist attitude Ike. I just think that it would be nice to play competition that is as good or better, but on the other hand I also see the point of trying to get as many wins as possible so we can get a good bowl at the end of the year.

    We’re really kind of grasping at straws here because what we need to do first is win more than five games next year… that should be rule number, one job number one.


  80. If you play a YSU and lose, you should be embarrassed as a team. It is better than being on espn lowlights showing okst scoring 6 touchdowns and immediately claiming two heisman hopefuls after they just burned you all day. I can’t wait for the draft day highlights of all the players we helped turn into high round picks show up on their highlight reel. That is what burns me.

    At the end of the day, you have to win games. Win games and you can sell recruits on a 9-3 record and “with you, we get to the next level”. That is how you bring in 4 and 5 stars. You make them the missing piece to the puzzle. I am hoping that all the research on ooc scheduling resonates. It is exactly how you build a culture of winning.

    Rutgers must be reading the blog! Must pay 500k when asked. No, that is not how it will work. First, Rutgers will most likely not be asked to pay because there is an AD fraternity. Second, UCLA will schedule a different team and they will “cover” the loss of the great rutgers from their schedule. Rutgers was a rent a win for UCLA. Rutgers head coach is an OSU coach alum that has learned how to schedule easy and let your conference carry the argument for strength of schedule when it matters. The easy wins will help recruiting.

    Has anyone noticed that since the playoff, the big always has 3 and sometimes 4 teams in the top 10 with 2 weeks to go in the schedule? Wisconsin beats a bunch of nobodies in the west. They all load up on cupcakes ooc and easy conference wins. In the East, the tough games are back loaded but by that time, all the media is saying the big10 is loaded, look at their number of wins”. In reality, they have a 2-3 week tournament at the end, assuring the victor(s) get big bowl games or playoffs and perception of being a great conference. That helps recruiting for the big 4 (OSU, Mich,MichSt and Dairy).

    They manipulate the schedules so they are the talk of the town for the last month of the season and may the best team win.


  81. Delusional Frank? Plenty of benefits come from playing a softer non conference schedule. Like getting more players into the rotation while building confidence.

    What I really can’t follow on the POV is the demand to win more than 5 games and go to a bowl game but play tough teams at the same time. Well hell yeah, me to. What are the %’s of that happening at the same time right at this moment. Are we still talking about PITT football here?


    1. Did Pitt get more players into the rotation against Youngstown last year?

      How about working out the kinks in the playbook and schemes?


          1. People want to forget that PITT was up 21-0 at half against YSU, maybe they did start playing backups or took their foot off the gas? I was there but that game is a bad blur… I guess the big point is that they won. Not many want to hear about how PITT lost out on quite a few close games the past couple years but more than willing to bring them up as losses non the less and throw it out there that it took OT to WIN against YSU….. ike


    2. Your point seems so persuasive that it’s hard to understand how anyone would disagree. We need wins. Then better recruits will follow. Then more wins. Then better attendance.


  82. I remember Wanny at his intro following his hire in 2005 was all full of hopes for Pitt but then offered up that he just wished colleges had pre-season games to find out what you really have each season. There are various reasons to have at least 2 cupcake games to start your season he touched on one important one. We now have a 12 game schedule 1 or 2 preseason games would be good all around. In 1959 Pitt played 10 games and a national schedule including UCLA,Notre Dame,Southern Cal, Penn State Duke and others but their opener was against Marquette who I believed dropped football a few years later and was definately a rent a team. They got to work out the wrinkles!


  83. Reed,
    If you want to play competition that is as good or better, then MAC schools should be on the schedule.
    We took YSU to overtime, lost to a woeful UNC and couldn’t score from the 50” line in four attempts against VT.
    Navy thumped us.
    A mediocre Northwestern beat us.
    I say schedule the cupcakes of the cupcakes. Maybe then we might see some fans turn out for a winning team. Who knows…that could even lead a 4-star prospect to sign with us.


  84. It does no good to start 5-1 and finish 1-5. A bad team is a bad team. Aspiring to play a weak schedule to make a bad team appear better may result in more Charlie Sheen style “winning”, but it is a losing proposition for a program that wants to elevate its level of play. Go play above your talent level and beat PSU, and you will hear “Wow, Pitt beat PSU again”. The risk we run for that type of victory is the stomping we took from OSU last year. Beat YSU, Toledo, and Memphis and you will hear “So what!”.


    1. Penn State has been doing just that for DECADES! They play NOONE in their OOC schedule, go 5-3 in the Big 10 and say, “We’re 9-3 again! Then, they parlay that with their legion of “zombie” fans into a lucrative bowl game.

      Compared to what Pitt’s given us the last 30 years, the occasional BIG upset in a 4-5 loss season, I’ll take that every time.

      And living in the same area as you, I can say PeeSU fans don’t care when people say, “So what? Who did you play?” They don’t care about SOS. They just say, “Hey. We won 9-10 games this year. I see you guys lost 5 again!”

      How about we become relevant before we kill ourselves over SOS. Had Wisconsin won the Big10 Championship game, they would have been in the PLAYOFF.. with a terribly soft schedule.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This still isn’t true but don’t let that stop you!

        Penn State plays 9 conference games (as opposed to the ACC’s 8). Pitt was part of Penn State’s “soft” non-con in 2016 and 2017. It will happen again in 2018. Penn State plays 2 softer teams in addition.

        If Wisconsin had won the Big 10 Championship they would have been undefeated and would have beaten Ohio State. No shame there. Also take it into account that they beat Miami by 10 in a road game. No shame there either.

        Now back to your world.


        1. Hey Anon..

          Prior to going to 9 conference games (only since 2014), PeeSu usually played 4 weak teams.. including our team last year (5-7). Here’s that TOUGH OCC schedule for the Lions over the last 10 years..

          2008 Coastal Carolina, Oregon St., Syracuse, Temple
          2009 Akron, Syracuse, Temple, E. Illinois
          2010 Youngstown St., Alabama, Kent St., Temple
          2011 Indiana St., Alabama, Temple, E. Michigan
          2012 Ohio, Virginia, Navy, Temple
          2013 Syracuse, E. Michigan, UCF, Kent St.
          2014 UCF, Akron, UMass
          2015 Temple, Buffalo, San Diego St.
          2016- Kent St., Temple, Pitt
          2017- Akron, Pitt, Georgia St.

          Outside of two games with Alabama (they lost BOTH) show me the TOUGH games.. SHOW ME. In fact, NOT ONE of those teams was ranked AT ANY POINT in the season in which they played PeeSU beside, Alabama (2010 & 2011) and Temple (2015)- AND THEY LOST ALL THREE OF THOSE GAMES.

          Wiconsin played Utah St. Florida Atlantic and BYU in non-confernce. BRUTAL! And the Miami team they beat by 10 pts.? Pitt beat that same team by 10 pts., as well– and we were lousy.

          Now, I’ll go back to my world. It’s nice there.

          My only real question.. why is a Penn State fan posting here anyway?

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          1. Oh, I was wrong.. PeeSU didn’t start playing 9 conference games until 2016. I forgot that juggernaut from Army played in 2015.


  85. Pitt really wanted this LT grad transfer and missed out:

    “Calvin Anderson is the hottest commodity on the grad transfer market. He told me his Top 5: 1. #Texas & #Michigan. 3. #Auburn. 4. #OU. 5. #TCU. He visits AUB next wkend. This weekend: he’ll be in Fort Hood to see his dad get promoted to colonel: http://on.si.com/2BL8uSp

    9:38 PM – Feb 1, 2018″


    1. He was only from Rice. They are terrible. They get their tails kicked in on the regular and he was a 2star coming out of high school. Something must be wrong with Texas, Michigan, Auburn & OU for wanting this scrub from lowly Rice….right guys?


  86. It will take time for Pitt to move from te traditional eastern independent program including the BE to the ACC as to rivalries and building real history. But the program is moving in the right direction and Pitt will need to win the coastal once or twice and be a real threat to win it every year. With Bates and now Collins added to the D staff, Both would not be here unless they saw the talent and the opportunity to do good things. Many suggest a rotation of the ND,PSU and WVU is most opportune to the schedule and draw to Heinz. Pitt winning will change the dynamic as well. I am not giving any team an automatic win here. Pitt has a legit chance to win every game. Hearing good things this S&C off season program. Pickett is 230 and he will be a real threat to run as well. He can be a game changer here. Young man can spin it.


  87. I was asked a while back why PITT would go after this Anderson young man, being told if he was any good he would have turned pro. Also, he informed PITT who was initially on his short list that he was no longer interested now that Peterson was out of a job. << Do I believe that completely….. . …. no. but he’s good.


  88. Major Majors, about the Rutgers question. The former PITT and Rutger commit who was leaning back to Rutgers just committed to UCLA. Matt Alamio or something like that. Maybe dirty/negative recruiting tactic’s? He’s going to UCLA. What’s up with east coast TE’s that commit everywhere and then move onto UCLA? Is this the last we see of Matt A?

    Here’s a not so funny stat. PITT had two Tight Ends in this recruiting class that committed and ran off to the west coast. Odd?


  89. “Other” people around the country remember the 3 big upset wins by PITT the last two years much more fondly than PITT fans seem to.


    1. “Other” people didn’t have to sit through the OK St. fiasco, the constant losing to UNC, the inability to score from 13″ inches against VT, a loss to Syracuse…………. I could continue, if that would help.


    2. Point taken. However I am assuming you are counting Penn State as one of those upsets. That technically isn’t true as I believe Pitt was favored.

      Great job on Clemson and Miami though!

      Loved all 3.


  90. Question, why is it when another teams coach, recruits or announcers speak highly of a PITT coach it’s because it’s what they are suppose to do or what did you expect them to say? Yet when a negative point of view is put out there it’s taken on face value without question by some? It boggles my feeble mind… ike


    1. If you mean Otis, there is nothing positive you can say about him. $2.5 mil per, with 4 wins in conference in what 30 games, and recruiting nothing but D 2 or D3 players. And Pitt losing over $500K per home game. What you don’t believe the Coaching Fraternity protects their own longtime members ?


  91. I understand Jay but you make my point. I didn’t say there weren’t reasons. Losses stick around longer but I don’t get why big PITT wins are reasoned away.


  92. I’m confused by babble talk. All I want are Pitt wins. Pitt better find a way or it loses another generation of fans. Babble is what comes out of heathers mouth. I’ll need an enema after the NC game tomorrow. Just face it people. Pitt is run by the most incompetent people on earth. They care NOT about sports. Never really did. Pitt is a wannabe Ivey. That’s the thinking. Pitt needs to think more like a State school. For all practical purposes, it’s a private school now. But even privates have a better sports record than Pitt. If Pitt doesn’t take sports seriously, why should I or You. Yes it’s happy hour. But again seriously, why does Pitt pretend to play sports. Damn I’m proud. No typos after 4 beers.


  93. when Pitt parted way with OL Coach Peterson (or visa versa), they lost any chance of landing a couple of the higher profile OL they were after. The OT from Rice even confirmed that the other day


    1. Peterson seemed like a good ‘soldier’ of General Nard Dog. Especially in our fight against Pedo State smug arrogance. So it’s sad to see a good ‘soldier’ who fought the good fight against one of our enemies, leave.

      Like I’ve said before if they didn’t (and apparently don’t) have anyone better to come in, it begs the question ……why.


  94. But the OL coach wasnt any good. Hell Oneil had poor technique at the senior bowl. Dropped him a good 3 rounds despite his immense talent and upside. Coaches got to coach


    1. I don’t really buy that stuff. They use that stuff to reduce a player’s worth. They didn’t seem to have a problem with Bisno’s or DJ’s technique.

      They like O’Neil, they just want to pay him a 1st round paycheck. A lot of this is politics too, sports politics.
      Guarantee you if O’Neil is a Bucknut or some other favored school, he’s praised and auto 1st round.

      Heck they didn’t even draft Shady until the 2nd round !


  95. I can xplain the O-line’s bad form this year. If coach was good, he would have been retained. There is some truth with those pro scouts. Dude is a TE playing OL without technique and getting by solely on his athleticism. Wont cut it in the pros.


    1. Bad players, bad qb’g makes everyone look bad. Plus O’Neil was moved from RT to LT. What that does say is he can be a very versatile player and I bet he wows them at the Combine.

      And who who who said he had bad techniques at the Senior Bowl ?


  96. Speaking of directional Michigan coaches, Michigan State has hired the now former Eastern Michigan defensive line coach to be their new defensive ends coach.


    If this link works like the ESPN website, the next article after above is about Miami blocking a request from their backup Graduate QB from transferring to any ACC team or any other 2018 OOC opponent.

    Where is the outrage from Bilas & all the others???

    On a side note the new Michigan State coach does have strong ties to his new school/


    1. Well, CBS sports has outrage over the Miami grad transfer. The kid in question is the Miami QB who replaced Rozier(?) for that one series against PITT;

      I posted above original ESPN link not the PSU anonymous.


  97. Anyone thinking Temple is getting an on campus stadium, hasen’t heard from their neighbors in north philly.


  98. What position will Archie Collins coach?

    My suggestion is give him a shot at safeties. In this defense, the safeties have a ton more to worry about – assignment wise – compared to the corners.

    I’d like to see a full-time safeties’ coach because that position is so critical to preventing guys running wide open in our secondary…

    Go Pitt!


  99. In my opinion, if Pitt is relying on one and possibly two grad transfers along the offensive line’ it means that their offensive line recruiting and coach em up speak, is flawed. The kids that don’t see the field by rs Soph season needs to be given the talk. Thanks for your effort but it’s not working out speech.

    I think many oppositionalists are thinking that a tougher schedule is the way to go. That’s hogwash. Build a culture by winning, Pitt football needs to learn to win. That is the other reason we struggle. When you learn to win against cupcakes, it helps you win agains unc and vetch. For those that typed we could have won 8 or 9 games if we only could have beaten Syracuse and unc, etc, that is correct. Unfortunately that isn’t how reality works. We are what we are.

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  100. John Grupp@JohnGrupp_trib

    Pitt is a 20-point underdog Saturday (at UNC) for the 3rd time in the past 8 games. From 1995-2017, Pitt was a 20-point or more underdog one time (2/14/98 at UConn) in a 746-game span.


  101. Craig Meyer@CraigMeyerPG
    Former Pitt star Mike Young scored a team-record 41 points yesterday for his G League team, the Northern Arizona Suns. Went 15 of 23


  102. I do agree with Anon on his post about the Miami QB grad transfer. I said it last year and I will maintain …. I take no issue with blocking a transfer from going to future opponent. grad transfer or otherwise. In the case of Cam J, he could have played for Mich, Kentucky, Kansas or Arizona … to name only 4 schools (of many) that were trying to recruit him.


        1. and the other part is that that anon may well be different from the anon that I was referring to. When I use a different browser, I come in as anon …. but then I identify myself


          1. wwb – that was me PITT-cocks who posted link & to ESPN articles.

            I used a different laptop then usual & didn’t realize I hadn’t filled in the info. I replied & said Iposted it & actually said I wasn’t the Psu anonymous.


  103. Guys – some staff coaches leave their jobs because they don’t want to be employed by that university or don’t want to work for the HC any longer. that could well be the case with Peterson this off-season. Some folks just don’t get along with others.


  104. JoeL was saying it takes him over 5 hours to get to the games.
    Joe, I had a car like that once to…….


  105. Huff, at a first quick glance your theory on grad transfers I can agree with. Yet PITT brought in Hodges last year and while he shored up the O-Line he really didn’t start unless there was an injury or two. So PITT brings in the Akron tackle and if he’s good enough to help the team all the better.

    Chase Brown and his teammate are jr college transfers and have more than one year of eligibility remaining.

    I think most of us would prefer to go to high profile games but right now is not the time with this fledgling football team. Let’s build the program up with wins, drive up the attendance and then bring in some big-time recruits. Then revalue where they are as a football program and adjust accordingly.. ike


    1. Yeah, way south. Outside Richmond, VA – 350 miles from dahntahn Pgh.
      I get there in 5.5 hrs when 95 to DC and the Beltway cooperate. Miss the launch window by an hour and it can be a whole different story.


      1. Have you tried taking 95 to 17 to 66 to 81 to 522? Its a nice drive and a lot less hectic but may be a little longer timewise, but one delay on 95 or the beltway usually eats up any time savings.


  106. 6&34 summed it up succinctly – “We need wins. Then better recruits will follow. Then more wins. Then better attendance.”



    1. But this has been our case for the vast majority of the 110+ years we have been playing organized football Joe… We just had two straight eight win season – the best we had had since 2009 and even after that our recruiting is getting worse.

      When you have the hype that Narduzzi had after being hired, the high energy he brought and then those two eight win seasons in a row we should expect a hell of a lot better two recruiting classes than we had in the 2017 class and now the 2018 class – it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse.

      And all Pitt fans seem to be able to say about it is make every excuse in the book about peripheral issues instead of pointing the finger directly at the person responsible – Pat Narduzzi.

      It’s like they can’t do it –


  107. While I think getting Millin is a good, the fact that we need him is certainly not a good thing.

    It all goes back to recruiting. This is Narduzzi’s fourth year. His pipeline of line recruits should be well established. Instead he has recruited a ton of D-backs. You win with linemen first. If you don’t have good lines, nothing else matters much.


  108. Reed, I can absolutely agree with your point about employees not necessarily getting along with their boss and leaving. If that is the case with Peterson, the thinking is flawed. Typically, when you don’t get along with your boss, you get another position first, and then quit.

    You may be right with your thoughts on Peterson taking the lead and quitting, but the lack of a job in waiting makes me think he got a talking too!

    Is it an NCAA violation to have a coach live in Bradenton…..near IMG? Develop that pipeline. You may have to start with one or two of their under recruited players, but you need to start somewhere.


  109. I think what might have dampered our recruiting efforts after winning 8 games, was losing BOTH Bowl Movements.

    We got crushed in the one and lost as a favorite in the other.

    You have to beat middling thought of programs like Northwestern and I know this might cause a stir among a few, and a service academy, Navy.

    Pitt should have never accepted a bowl bid, to a bowl where the opponent was playing on their home field.

    That was a major fail….was Herman the AD then.


  110. Whatever momentum was established in those seasons, ended with a LOSS.

    And both of those games had the entire nation watching. Imo they were crushing losses to
    nothing programs. Heck Northwestern was for decades one of the worst D1 teams in NCAAF.


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