Well, the time has rolled around again for the Pitt football staff to put their best feet forward and host their annual National Letter of Intent (LOI) Signing Day event this year on Feb 7th, 2018.

Even though some of the signing drama that existed on past LOI Days doesn’t exist much now that we have a early signing period in December – it is still great fun to watch Narduzzi and the position coaches talk about the individual recruits and what they anticipate for the kids while they are at Pitt.


For instance the 2013 LOI Day event was when the staff said they were going to play Conner at running back rather than at Defensive End as he was being recruited by other teams to play.  BTW – he was only offered by Pitt, Ohio, Bowling Green, Toledo, YSU and Eastern Michigan!

I like these events as it is an afternoon and evening of meeting other Pitt fans and talking about Pitt football smack in the middle of the off-season doldrums.

Here is the article we had last year about what we POV’ers did at the event... we met at Bettis’ at 3:30 for a few drinks then over to Heinz’s North Club Room for the event itself.  We really had a lot of fun last year so let’s do it again.  As always the first round or two is on me…

LOI 18.png

This is the official RSVP Link… (Although if you just show up I’m sure you won’t get turned away… but RSVP anyway)

So and again,  The Pitt recruiting class of 2018’s Pitt National Letter Of Intent Day (NLOI) that will held be at Heinz Field with free parking in the Gold Lot. (You can RSVP through the link above).

I will be hosting a cocktail hour before the official start of the event.  Meet me and other POV’ers at Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36  between 3:30 – 5:00 pm. Possibly earlier depending how long my drive up from Maryland takes.

At around 5 o’clock we’ll mosey over to the North Club at Heinz Field to do the football coaching staff ‘meet and greet’ that Pitt puts on before the more formal 6:00 pm talks and PowerPoint shows by the position coaches talking about the kids from the 2018 recruiting class they will have under their care.  That lasts about an hour or so then if we feel like it we can have another few back at Bettis’ Grille.

I’ll actually be staying overnight at the Renaissance Inn right there at Heinz so if anyone wants to keep painting the town blue and gold afterward I’m up for that also.

Plus, we may meet up with Inoke Breckterfield again – we are old friends and go way back to the Islands…


Later on I’ll throw up a poll to see who will make it – much like the Spring Game this is the only real Pitt football-related activity for fans for a long time so take advantage…

63 thoughts on “Letter Of Intent (LOI) Day Festivities

  1. Pay attention to this my friends – you never know where the tentacles of evil reach…. The AD just resigned also. This story ain’t over and it may be a lot bigger than the PSU scandal when all the dust settles. Wasn’t just gymnastics…


    And here is the actual ESPN story posted less than an hour ago:


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  2. Oh boy, here we go again with the Renaissance Inn debacle. The Residence Inn buddy, maybe Inoke is staying at the Renaissance Hotel for $500 per night.

    I have a free night with points at the Hyatt so put me down as 40/60% sounds like a fun day and night.


  3. I dont want any tentacles spreading to Pitt. How difficult is it to confront evil when you see it. This crap was hidden, abusers protected, accusers pleas denied over a long period time. All in the name of winning? I dont get it.

    I want to win but through honour and integrity. You must have a moral soul. A loving heart. WTF went wrong with Michigan State?

    Its one thing paying for cars, tattoos and hookers. Its another thing creating a culture where woman are sexually abused and raped.

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  4. This is an event that should be held on Campus. Bad enough we have to play at Ketchup Bottle, an event like this could be held at various places on Campus.

    The North Shore is not Pitt.

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  5. “number of allegations of sexual assault and violent attacks on women occurred with Spartan football and basketball players.”

    You know this is going on across America at probably the vast majority of colleges. Since you got the same element in the equation across America. A very violent culture has been created and if you ever have listened to what they call ‘Gangsta Rap’, you know what I mean.

    I won’t even post an example, since it is so vile, and so violent and in a lot of cases so anti-woman.

    This is a huge problem not only on college campuses but society in general. And the root of it needs nipped in the bud.


    1. I was suggesting more on the order, that the violence that has been ingrained in the Entertainment media needs removed. There is no reason for it at all. In my world, those that are responsible for creating it and distributing it would be held responsible.


  6. For the most part these creatures that run these universities are a disgusting lot. They look like other way, while all sorts of criminality is going on, right under their noses.

    They attempt and in most cases are successful in hushing all this criminality up, sweeping it under the rug.
    Much like the sickos over in Creepy Valley were for decades.

    None of these colleges are living up to their phony latin motto’s. I don’t think this rape farm in East Lansing even has one. So at least they aren’t hypocritical in that way.

    When you couple this with these creatures limiting Free Speech on these campuses, What exactly do these places stand for anymore. Sports at ALL cost, rape farms and No Free Speech.

    Society would be better off shutting all these cesspools down.


  7. Hey look, I hated the tearing down of PITT stadium as much as anyone. It should have been kept up through the years as we all take care of our own properties as it ages. I have an older smaller house that was home to my family of five. We were crammed in there for quite a few years. Little by little upkeep and improvements came along. Why PITT didn’t take care of it’s home long before it was torn down is the question that should be asked. Wrigley Field as an example.

    Why this rant? Heinz Field is PITT’s home. Heinz Field is where the LOI day should be held as this is where these new players will lay their hearts on the line. I do want a PITT stadium all for themselves anywhere near the campus but until then…… ike

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  8. If Dantonio gets forced out, which could happen, his whole staff might get the boot as well.

    You know what that means……right.


    1. Dog aint walkin into this mess

      And Heinz is ok for it. There is no other place besides the Pete and its a crypt right now.


    2. If Dantonio leaves there is no way they would look to Narduzzi. I’m not saying he had anything to do with the mess at MSU, but they would a complete break from that staff IMO.


    1. In that radio interview, located on the bottom half of that page linked, this pos even laughs at the thought of an NCAA investigation. And over the Nassar incident in general. And this is the Vice-Chair.

      Barbarians running things at this rape farm.


  9. Sorry Emel, my comment wasn’t directed at you at all. There were questions earlier in the week about a PITT function being held in the downtown district instead of Oakland. Your comment set me off in that direction. I should have been more clear. sorry again.. ike


    1. that AD conference of Heathers at the William Penn. Seriously, Pitt blew a golden opportunity to market campus


  10. EAST LANSING – A call for an emergency meeting of Michigan State University’s Faculty Senate for a vote of no confidence in President Lou Anna Simon was raised during a University Council meeting Tuesday afternoon. Expected to happen on Saturday.

    At least they are acting on it quicker than the sickos in Creepy Valley, who attempted to deny it and then vacillate for months/years. And most still are in denial in that creepy cult like funny farm.


    1. Whoops looks like Lou Anna Simon resigned already yesterday. Didn’t even wait for the vote.

      Looks like a man btw. gross


  11. This statement Dantonio made just this past June, could be his undoing.

    At least 16 Spartans football players have been accused of sexual assault or violence against women since Dantonio became head coach in 2007, according to the report. But as recently as June, when Dantonio was talking to reporters about four of his players who were accused of sexual assault, the coach said “this is new ground for us” when asked how Michigan State previously handled such allegations.

    “We’ve been here 11 years — it has not happened previously,” Dantonio said



  12. Love the LOI event — and don’t care where they hold it. I remember when Walt had one in the Fieldhouse. It was kind of quaint.

    Walt also had one in the Pete and a couple in an auditorium across Fifth from the Cathedral.

    Walt’s events were the best – he told more stories from on the recruiting trail, and Best of all, he took questions at the end. Wanny put a halt to the questions and we haven’t had them since.

    Is there a way we could invite Walt to a POV get-together (or get him as a guess on a POV podcast)?? Would be fun to talk to him.

    Go Pitt.


  13. lol Major Major’s, I would think if there is one ex-coach that could be talked into attending the famous POV/Fran tailgate it could be Wlat. Although I did see, then meet and shake hands with Johnny Majors and gave him a slap on the back last year while walking into the into the Villanova game last year or maybe it was OSU?

    Secondly M&M the guest podcast idea is super. Reed is really an excellent moderator. Great idea!

    I have thrown some ideas to Reed as well and maybe some ideas from others would be a good idea. ike


  14. For what it’s worth. I think tomorrow’s game will be the best chance for us to win an ACC game. Syracuse is really bad also.


  15. They do have an open AD spot. Our AD checks the boxes for a lot of things, especially compliance and investigation issues. Just sayin! And the expectations will be tempered as far as wins and losses are concerned.

    Universities need to have a crisis communication plan in place to control BOT. As smart as many of them are, they don’t understand how quickly things can unravel. Social media can be your friend or your nightmare.

    Dairy College spent over 250M thus far on their issue. I expect MSU to pay much more, most likely in the 400M range, especially with jackwagons like that bot member talking out loud. Good plaintiff counsel uses Dairy and Freeh Report against MSU. More resignations on the way with criminality soon to follow.

    I liked my other goofball avatar. Although the christmas tree avatar works.


  16. I think you all are missing Reed’s point where the “tentacles of evils reach” in this MSU debacle. Narduzzi was clearly in residence at MSU in some of the timeframe of the alleged football incidents going back to 2006. If Dantanio was involved (aware) how many of his other coaches were also informed of the allegations.


  17. Major, I believe at Walt’s LOI at the field house they served us cookies and we thought that was a big deal…haha. Coach Majors has attended one of my tailgates back in the day (briefly, of course) Hence one of the photos I rotate into his shrine we have at the tailgates.
    Walt would be awesome as a guest on a podcast…hope to make the LOI and post event. Hope you can make it Iek. Getting a kick out of the avatars.


  18. Anyone want to meet for a drink before the hoop game I will be at Hemmingways around 2:30. I’ll buy.


  19. Ike, how? Only if you take what Dantonio says at face value..and as we have seen now in both the PSU and now this MSU mess that isn’t 100% reliable at all. I think you selectively read that article… Here is that full paragraph:

    “At least 16 Spartans football players have been accused of sexual assault or violence against women since Dantonio became head coach in 2007, according to the report. But as recently as June, when Dantonio was talking to reporters about four of his players who were accused of sexual assault, the coach said “this is new ground for us” when asked how Michigan State previously handled such allegations.

    “We’ve been here 11 years — it has not happened previously,” Dantonio said.

    That first sentence clearly states Dantonio is lying. If that is in case the fact then Narduzzi and the rest of the staff will be smack in the middle of the investigation…as they should be. As at PSU, we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg so far. These investigations will go on for months if not years.

    I think it will be bigger than the PSU scandal when all is said and done, because this has already spread from Nasser tom the rest ..


  20. Is Heather going to bolt to MSU if offered.

    Speaking if player behavior regarding sexual assault and rape I want to share something with you that I learned several years ago while doing Kairos prison ministry with group of 32 men. During one of the breaks in the session one of the team members, Mr Perry, and I started. This gentleman , an African -American, was a pastor and had been a legislature representing the county that the maximum security prison we were standing in. He asked me “Do you know how the State of North Carolina plans future prison beds ?” I had no knowledge and the thought never crossed my mind. He told me the State looks at a 3rd grade reading score and the number of 3rd grade boys without a dad at home. They know there will be a percentage of the group of children who will be incarcerated….. that blew me away. Think about that for awhile and apply it to some of the behavior we witness in athletics… and I am not talking about Sandusky and the Olympic Doc….


    1. That is truly amazing. So they can predict future crime, but do nothing to try and stop it. And in fact have done more, to take the father out of black families.


  21. 2 things about the MSU incident:

    1) as written above, no way that MSU considers Narduzzi or anyone else associated with the program for coaching hires. Just like at PSU, it s imperative that they hire all fresh faces.

    2) unless there is documentation that PN was directly involved in a cover-up, he can continue as HC. As an assistant, he was not a decision maker in the cover-up. But of course, if there is documentation or testimony of PN’s involvement, then I’m afraid Pitt FB will have its 6th HC in this decade


    1. Just to play devil’s advocate here, and I hope this never comes to pass – but you cannot at this point say “he was not a decision maker in the cover-up’ at this point.

      Agree that if any stain of this scandal is on Narduzzi Pitt will cut him loose ASAP but I don’t think there even has to be ‘documentation or testimony’ involved. Every HC has a buyout clause and Pitt could pull the trigger at any time if they feel it necessary to protect the image of the University.

      We have seen that twice already with both Harris and Wannstedt and they weren’t involved in any public scandals at all.

      Hell – we just saw a whole student body rise up in protest ands not allow Schiano the HC at Tennessee because of past involvements. Not saying that Narduzzi is involved but in this day and age no negative ramifications are out of bounds when it comes to sexual harassment or the like.

      This is going to be a very interesting year…


    2. If Dantonio and Izzo aren’t gone, then no way in hell does Pitt act before and fire Narduzzi. And Pat would have had to have done something really bad that warrants being fired. I don’t think it is a happening as much as some Pitt fans would want to see it, whether they hate him as a coach or they are all Holy.


  22. Typos in the above.. wife telling me to get off the cell phone so I rushed.

    Would love to see you guys on LOI day for a mid- winter toast but Feb 7 marks 50 years when Jeanie B put a note in my locker at ole Apollo High… she loved me ! damn if George Strait didn’t turn it into a song.


  23. I can’t of a better example of SOP than if HCPN has to be let go and Heather is hired at MSU.

    Don’t laugh at the idea of Heather being hired at MSU. She is a Mich native and was an AD at Eastern Mich. But first and foremost, she is a woman … and I would think MSU hiring a female AD right now wold be an excellent move. (Of course, the one negative thins is that she is a UM alum)


  24. Reed: took me a minute to reread what I posted that you disagreed with. I didn’t mean this exonerates Narduzzi in any way. I think there was a question asked about any possibilities Narduzzi would be in line for the job if Dantino gets the ax. That Cutter has sailed away, could PN face implications in the future? Sure.

    I don’t think we know nearly enough just yet to see how deep this all goes. Any which way it does, I hope they nail anyone who had and knowledge of the goings on up there.

    BigB, your story about the prison beds is remarkably sad. A percentage of the population just doesn’t have a chance. Instead of beds, maybe they should be planning ahead to educate the people who are in that category and on the other hand. You can only lead a horse to water.

    Had to laugh though when you said you were told to get off the phone by your sweetheart high school lover. 🙂 … ike


    1. This is why programs like Headstart were and still are so important. As a teenager I volunteered to tutor youngsters in reading in the Federal & State Headstart program down in Homewood and it made such a lasting impression on me.

      We need way more of these programs – not less.


  25. Two points:

    Could Nard’s experience at MSU be the reason he is so strict with discipline at Pitt and his releasing eligible players like Blair and Taleni?

    If Nard gets tied in with this MSU scandal will he be looked at in the same light as Schiano and Bradley? His next job might be on the west coast.


    1. Narduzzi is disciplinarian and whatever he is tied to at MSU shouldn’t matter now. Pat has his own program now and is running it much differently compared to how Dantonio does at MSU.


      1. Even if he was complicit in covering up crimes? Not saying he was at all, but surely you don’t mean that whatever the severity of his involvement he’s above being held accountable?

        Please tell me that isn’t what you mean…


  26. Everything old is new again. Pitt football had a sex scandal when I was a student there in the early 1960’s. I think it was the 1961 team. Supposedly went this way. After a Navy-Pitt game at Pitt Stadium a girl was gang raped at a fraternity house. Some Pitt and Navy football players took part. Girl allegedly was the daughter of a Pitt administrator. Supposedly the Navy players were removed from the Academy and I think six Pitt players were suspended from the football team and the University. Story made the newspapers without revealing that the infraction involved sex. Players came back and some went on to star on the 1963 team. Can’t remember the players’ names. I recently googled this but struck out finding anything. Pittsburgh Press isn’t around any more. Couldn’t find anything on PG sites. Or a Sun-Telegraph. Purged because the players were minors?


    1. That’s pretty crazy considering how pure Pitt was in the crappy 60s for football. That 1963 Pitt team was made up of future doctors and lawyers, so if one of them was involved then that is a huge black mark on the school. Crazy about the Navy players since kids from the academy schools seem to walk on water.


  27. Sad thing about my story is the cause and effect are known but it certainly not publicized and it should be preached the community especially in the lower socio- economic communities. (I can speak openly because I never knew who my grandad was on my mom’s side) The lack of proper parenting with the lack of a positive male role model creates so many problems for our society. It costs the taxpayer about $30,000/ yr to house an inmate. State Universities are far less expenses. There’s a lot to be said about abstention from sex with this young generation.

    Kairos the prison ministry is an international organization. If any of you would be interested in volunteering- check it out online to see if there is a group in your area.


  28. Lets not get all our bustles in a rustle over MSU and their doctor’s problems ( and any more possible administrative fallout) as they say in the Lords good time it all shakes out. Let us keep our focus on weather any more good things can happen on Feb. 7. H2P


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