We had a great guest article the other day written by GC that talked about Pitt football player’s “star power” in historical terms. He said this:

Unfortunately, for the next 30+ years we have been fortunate to have an only a few great stars of the game. Passing through the Pitt program were possible future NFL HOF players Chris Doleman, Curtis Martin, Ironhead Heyward, Darrell Revis, Larry Fitzgerald, LeSean McCoy and Aaron Donald.  But we have not had the quality depth to go along with them. We have not had the secondary or tertiary level talent either.

Throw in Dan Marino and Tony Dorsett and you have a start at the star players who have passed through Oakland and given us great football play out on the field.

Of course and since we are still before the official February 7th LOI Day we are continuing current discussions about this year’s recruiting class – and when we do that talk invariably turns to past recruiting classes also.  But anytime we mention recruiting we also speak of the number stars awarded by the various sites to the senior class high school players who are being courted by the 129 Division 1 schools.

But there are differences between ‘stars awarded’ which is pre-college career and ‘star power’ which is post-recruiting after the player enrolls and starts playing for the school he chose.  Too often we fans look at stars awarded and wonder why a player never lived up to expectations. … or we look at the small number of star a kid had and wonder how could the recruiting sites get things so wrong when that player is highly productive and a star football player.

Like anything else it is inexact science and shot through with variables, most of which we fans have no idea are at play.  Adjustment to the more rigorous academics is one and that happens way more often than we fans know.

Every wonder why a kid might have gotten good playing time then all of a sudden is on the bench for the next game? That is most probably because of some sort of academic problem, which can range from failing a class to cutting a class and anything in-between.

So – with that I want to take a moment and look back over the last ten years – to 2008’s season – at our “Star Power” players and which coaches recruited them and which they played for.

Notes: My take on recruiting is that whichever HC the player committed to is who recruited him.  I feel that is the only way to see the true value of a HC’s recruiting efforts.  Others will disagree with this but I have been doing it since 2007 and, to me, it is the most accurate gauge of a HC’s recruiting ability.

Also I have considered that any player who was an All-American or 1st Team All-Conference to be a star player. Others are my judgement.

A major consideration here is that most of Pat Narduzzi’s recruits haven’t gotten a lot of playing time yet and thus this is skewed toward the past where we can see the player’s whole careers. He’ll have some – let’s hope starting this season.

In addition, who recruited who is just 1/2 of the whole equation – the coach which the recruits played under is just as important in my opinion.  So – while Paul Chryst had Whitehead, Henderson  and O’Neill commit to him – Pat Narduzzi is the one who got the great play out of them (especially in moving O’Neill from TE to OL).  I can’t stress that strongly enough.

Star Power 1I broke the years up to make it easier to read…

star power 4Now all the above said let’s look at some 4* and 5* players who didn’t play to that star potential, were injured or were complete busts by discipline or transfer:

2008 – 4* Shane Hale, 4* Chris Burns 

2009 – 4* Dan Mason, 4* Jack Lippert 

2010 – 4* Mark Myers, 4* Bryan Murphy 

2011 – 4* Nick Grigsby,  

2012 – 4* DaySean Rippy, 4*Chad Voytik, 4* Rushel Shell 

2013 – 4* Tra’von Chapman 

2014 – 4* Adonis Jennings, 4* Chris James, 4* Nick Grigsby 

2015 – None 2016 –  4* Kaezon Pugh, 4* George Hill 

Wow, 16 4* players who didn’t live up to hype after recruitment.  Compare that to the tables above where we see that during the same time period only nine 4* and 5* kids played to potential.  Damn! Is this just Pitt or what but it sure looks like we are snake bit when it comes to blue chip recruits fulfilling their high potential in a Pitt uniform.

Now what would be really fascinating is to do the same thing but with the offers the recruits had…

Just kidding – I think that is the least of indicators for future success there is.

117 thoughts on “Recruiting Stars* vs Star Power

  1. Knew you’d include Voytik. He was hardly a bust. Almost identical stats to Pederman and Pitt went Bowling the year he was the Starter. And should have won the bowl game thru no fault of his. With that said he is the last Pitt QB to win a Bow Game.


  2. Those stats being Voytik’s year as the starter and Pedermans’s first year as starter. Almost identical stats.


  3. Voytik (2014) 176 of 287(61.3%) for 2233 yards, Yards per Attp 7.8 16 td 7 int 140.2 rating

    Pederman (2015) 193 of 313 (61.7%) for 2287 yds, YPA 7.3 20 td 8 int 139.0 rating


  4. To include him with those others like George Hill, Travon Chapman, Pugh and these others who did absolutely nothing in their Pitt careers, is not exactly right. Hey but whatever…..


  5. Chryst got the most out of Voytik it is true. That is a tip o’the cap to PC. Under two other systems Voytik did nothing. Even when competing against vastly inferior talent


    1. And why do we care what Voytik did at Arkansas State. As I posted he wasn’t a bust at all compared to players that did absolutely zilch at Pitt. Zilch.


      1. Voytik is a tough one.

        By this standard “Now all the above said let’s look at some 4* and 5* players who didn’t play to that star potential” I see the point.

        However as you noted (and BTW so have I repeatedly) Voytik had a good first year as a starter that compared very favorably to Peterman’s first year at Pitt. Voytik was a RS-Soph and Peterman a RS-Jr. Voytik played behind an improving line. Peterman played behind an improved line. Both had Boyd. Conner was injured in 2015. However Ollison, Hall and James still combined for over 1600 rushing yards that season.


  6. I think if you had a running back who was as great as JC was in Voytik’s comparable year to Pederman’s first year that might have had a bit to do with Voytik’s stats. We saw him play and his arm was below average – actually not even FBS quality in my opinion. He had legs though. So I don’t give PC credit for Voytik. I give JC credit and Boyd who I thought was better in 2014 than 2015. Not just better stats. Better body control and better hands.


  7. On talent: The other day ,John Gruden said you have to evaluate the talent you have then make a plan that will get the most out of that talent and he was talking pro. This idea is an absolute necessity in college where the talent and players change so quickly anymore and recruiting is so intense. If you are fixed on making your players fit a predetermined plan regardless of their talent you will always come up short unless you are an Alabama that gets the talent it seeks.


  8. Geez Reed, at a first quick glance I would think you’re arguing with yourself. A second quick thought leads me to believe you’ve have had an epiphany.

    Now after a third glance, I believe without you knowing it, have figured out the difference between a 5.5 and a 5.9 recruit. There is none. You use the word inexact which is a good word and I use the word subjective. It’s insanity to me to worry about why PITT didn’t recruit a 5.8 recruit because of some numbnut geek screwball that designates a young kid without ever meeting him. Virtually no difference at all.

    Perception is a strange word to begin with. Think about this one.. perception is based on what? That’s right, different people’s perceptions. Now that I’ve caught up to my tail I do have to say……. This may be one of your finest article in a long while and I truly appreciate the work you put into it.

    It almost seems like we may morph back into who has the better offers debate.. please no….

    I know my new arch nemesis, barvo will appreciate this. It goes back to the coaches recruiting eye and their evaluation on the type and skill of a particular player best suited for their program. << Now I mean this in a way considering PITT’s place in today’s college football world. PITT does not have the luxury to miss on their recruits like the biggest programs.

    We all have an understanding, which btw is correct, that our favorite college football team has to deal with a completely different playing field as the elite.. (cheaters) The room for error is minimal for PITT football and I’m ok with that. Like someone mentioned the other day. Wouldn’t it be boring to be Bama and win all the time?

    ok bad example. I love PITT football and I would sure as hell hope everyone that reads this blog does as well. Bottom line? PITT is relative, I think we all know and understand more than we all let on. It’s not as good as some hope and not as bad as some like to portray… it is what it is… PITT football… ike

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    1. Wait, I’ve replaced UPitt? A dubious honor indeed.

      Even as your new nemesis I agree with your point. That’s actually why teams that stockpile 4*+ recruits are better in the long run. They can afford to miss on a few because the probability is that most of them will pan out.


    2. Ike, I just a couple of weeks ago wrote about how these recruiting sites rate players and that one of the reasons I use Rivals as a baseline is because they DO see each blue chip rated kids in person.


    3. per·cep·tion


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  9. I agree. Pitt’s margin for error is very small. Thats why teams that cant recruit elites end up employing ‘gimmick’ schemes and recruit a certain player for it. In football though if you have 2 good lines and a good QB, you’ll do good. Thats where the focus should be. Develop those recruits. Good lines will never go out of style. Outside the QB, these skill position athletes are over-rated particularly running backs. And great DB’s are always helped by pressure by you guessed it…the line. Give me a big ugly any day over a pretty boy.


  10. There needs to be an asterick next to Dan Mason’s and George Hill’s names. In fact, when pressed into duty against Navy as MLB as a natural freshman in 2009, Dan Mason made 17 tackles. He also, as a last second replacement, played well in the Belk Bowl win vs UNC. Of course, he suffered a horrific injury early in 2010 and was never the same.

    Hill, of course, never got the chance to play.


      1. Pitt also missed on Barry Church from Penn Hills who went to Toledo and had seven tackles vs Steelers last night. When you get Fralic, Flynn, Donald and some others from Penn Hills, you shouldn’t miss on Church.


  11. Looks like you touched an old nerve on Voytik. I would agree that a guy that loses his job and transfers out doesn’t live up to a four star rating for performance. I also agree with wbb on Mason and Hill.

    Love the overall analysis, it really shows that we need more 4 and 5 star guys, but that it is still a crapshoot.

    Also that recruiting 3 star guys with potential is an artform and really important to Pitt’s success.

    Way to many fails with our 4 and 5’s, which also points out that recruiters can’t just fall in love with the numbers.

    I also think Jennings deserves an asterick as well, because of the coaching change and that he did play up to his rating at Temple.


  12. PC got the best out of CV once the coach adjusted his play calling to CV strengths. CV came on strong during the 2 nd half of ‘14 season.


  13. Major Major,
    Praying that the God of All Comfort will comfort all of your family during this difficult time.
    II Cor 1:3-5


  14. If everyone plays to a standard as Voytik we probably win +/- 8 games a year. This year if was QB we win 7 games for sure…maybe 8, possibly 9 thus I don’t see him as a bust.

    Without ever seeing some of those guys play I knew they were no way 4* players. Hale and Rippy come to mind.

    I think you have to include Peterman in the conversation though…and possibly Savage.


  15. Voytik was one on the list who actually contributed on the field of play. Most did nothing- zilch.

    Emel, I am convinced you and I have the same highlight film of CV playing in our heads.


    1. Right Bernie. Voytik was the #1 QB in ACC games that year. Pitt has never had anyone that was either the #1 rated QB in the BigEast or ACC (conference games only), but CV.

      So how he gets continually dumped on, belies belief.


  16. CV absolutely did NOT play to 4* potential. He was an average at best D1 QB. Here is the description for that 4* rating:

    “6.0-5.8 All American Candidate: considered one of the next-tier elite prospects in the country, generally among the nation’s top 300-325 prospects overall, a national All American candidate and a player deemed to have first to third round NFL potential.

    Now here is the 3* description:

    5.7-5.5 All Region Selection: considered among the region’s top prospects and generally among the nation’s top 800-850 prospects overall, a potential All-Conference candidate and a player deemed to have mid to low-end pro potential and ability to impact at the college level.

    I didn’t include Peterman nor Savage as they weren’t Pitt recruits.

    I did reference injuries in that last section…. “Now all the above said let’s look at some 4* and 5* players who didn’t play to that star potential, WERE INJURED or were complete busts by discipline or transfer:”


    1. I disagree Commander. Avg QB’s are not rated #1 in their conference. If he was avg he would have be ranked in the middle of all ACC QB’s. He was not, he was at the top. As far as QB rating in ACC conference games.


  17. Here is the full Rivals rating system explained…

    What does the numerical Rivals Rating (RR) mean?
    6.1 = Five-star prospect

    6.0-5.8 = Four-star prospect

    5.7-5.5 = Three-star prospect

    5.2-5.4 = Two-star prospect

    6.1 Franchise Player: considered one of the elite prospects in the country, generally among the nation’s top 30-35 players overall, a potential first-team All American candidate and a player deemed to have first round NFL potential.

    6.0-5.8 All American Candidate: considered one of the next-tier elite prospects in the country, generally among the nation’s top 300-325 prospects overall, a national All American candidate and a player deemed to have first to third round NFL potential

    5.7-5.5 All Region Selection: considered among the region’s top prospects and generally among the nation’s top 800-850 prospects overall, a potential All-Conference candidate and a player deemed to have mid to low-end pro potential and ability to impact at the college level.
    5.2-5.4 Low End FBS prospect: considered a mid-major prospect with limited pro potential and expected to contribute 1-2 years at a high level maximum or often as a role player.


  18. Reed, you have an interesting stat at the end of your data:
    16 4* players who didn’t live up to hype after recruitment, with only nine 4* and 5* kids played to potential.

    I wonder what that ratio is for other schools, and if Pitt is typical? It’s true that Alabama, PSU, etc. just has more volume of the high stars and therefore have more room to absorb a miss. But is their miss rate the same, i.e. is that the nature of the business?


    1. well, we know that all 4 of our recent 4-star transfer QBs didn’t live up to their status at their original programs


  19. Great article Reed…nice to get a some educational material on the POV. Now I am armed should this come up on Jeopardy.


      1. actually, I believe those are all just Alabama players … not SEC players. The percentage of 3-star (and below) Bama recruits has to be < 15%


  20. I really don’t think you can put Weah and Orndoff on the list. They were average college players.

    Didn’t Araujo-Lopes have more or around the same number of reception as Weah this year?


    1. Lopes had 2 more catches but Weah had more yards. Weah and Orndoff probably had 4-star 2016 seasons … but that was their only ones.


      1. Orndoff didn’t have nearly as many catches in 2015 primarily due to playing behind Holtz, but he did have 5 TDs (same as 2016) and average 18.8 ypc (remarkable for a TE).

        Weah had more catches but fewer yards and TDs in 2017. He played 2 fewer games in 2017 so he probably would have had more yards. He certainly could have had more catches and yards if not for drops. A full season of competent QB play would have also helped. How was that Ike?


  21. Orndoff had 85 catches for 900 yds with a 15.5 ypc average and scored 13 TDs. He was also an excellent blocker… But those 15.5 ypc for a TE is fantastic over a full career. He’s a 4* producer in my book. More impressive than Holtz (11.5 ypc and 11TDs) in the passing game for sure.

    Compare that to everyone’s star player Tyler Boyd’s having only 13.2 ypc and 21 TDs (in 169 more receptions).

    Same with Weah; he had a career 20.3 ypc and 14 TDs in 77 catches…and that ypc is truly outstanding. He could go either way but at over 20 ypc I added him.


  22. I don’t have any real problems with Rivals and I do think if we are to discuss stars there should be an agreement which service we refer to. However, I think if we could combine all services and divide how many we use it would make me feel better that more heads were used in such a subjective topic.

    These kids all mature at different ages and in some cases kids could have already reached their pinnacle abilities at the age of 18 or 19?


  23. Ike, as in anything in life there are variables for everything in recruiting and CFB in general.

    I’ve written many times outside influences effecting younger players…academics and being away from home support systems as the two biggest.


  24. Face it … the bottom line is W-Ls. And programs are just as important than coaches. Wisconsin which has relied more on 3-stars than most Top 20 schools has been exemplary recently.

    Bielema was 68-24 at Wisc but 29-34 at Arkansas.
    His successor at Wisc, Anderson, was 26-24 at Utah St, 19-7 at Wisc, and 5-23 at Ore St
    PC was 19-20 at Pitt, and 34-7 at Wisc

    Chryst current class has one 4-star and the rest 3-stars (a bunch of them)

    I just hope Pitt can just approach the stability that Alvarez has provided over the past 25 years at UW


  25. I’m going to disprove Voytik was an avg QB with a series of posts from 2014 season ending stats

    Adjusted Passing Yards Per Attempt

    Brad Kaaya* • Miami (FL) 8.4
    Chad Voytik* • Pittsburgh 7.8
    Jameis Winston* • Florida State 7.7
    Jacoby Brissett* • North Carolina State 7.7
    Marquise Williams* • North Carolina 7.2
    Tyler Murphy* • Boston College 6.2
    Anthony Boone* • Duke 6.0
    Michael Brewer* • Virginia Tech 5.4
    Cole Stoudt* • Clemson 5.4
    Greyson Lambert • Virginia 5.1
    John Wolford • Wake Forest 4.5


  26. Pass Completion Percentage %

    Jameis Winston* • Florida State 65.3
    Cole Stoudt* • Clemson 63.2
    Marquise Williams* • North Carolina 63.1
    Chad Voytik* • Pittsburgh 61.3
    Jacoby Brissett* • North Carolina State 59.7
    Michael Brewer* • Virginia Tech 59.4
    Greyson Lambert • Virginia 59.0
    Brad Kaaya* • Miami (FL) 58.5
    John Wolford • Wake Forest 58.3
    Tyler Murphy* • Boston College 57.0
    Anthony Boone* • Duke


  27. Passing Efficiency Rating

    Brad Kaaya* • Miami (FL) 145.9

    Jameis Winston* • Florida State 145.5
    Chad Voytik* • Pittsburgh 140.2
    . 4. Jacoby Brissett* • North Carolina State 136.7
    Marquise Williams* • North Carolina 135.3
    Tyler Murphy* • Boston College 126.2
    Cole Stoudt* • Clemson 119.1
    Michael Brewer* • Virginia Tech 117.4
    Anthony Boone* • Duke 116.7
    Greyson Lambert • Virginia 115.7
    John Wolford • Wake Forest 108.1


  28. Passing Yards Per Attempt
    1. Brad Kaaya* • Miami (FL) 8.5
    2. Jameis Winston* • Florida State 8.4
    3. Chad Voytik* • Pittsburgh 7.8
    4. Marquise Williams* • North Carolina 7.2
    5. Tyler Murphy* • Boston College 7.1
    6. Jacoby Brissett* • North Carolina State 7.0
    7. Cole Stoudt* • Clemson 6.3
    8. Greyson Lambert • Virginia 6.3
    9. Michael Brewer* • Virginia Tech 6.1
    10. Anthony Boone* • Duke 6.0
    11. John Wolford • Wake Forest 5.6


  29. Being in the Top 4 in every one of these category’s which include the Heisman Trophy winner. Is certainly not avg. and certainly not a bust.


  30. In fact the only 2 QB’s that are in the Top 4 of each one of these ranking is Voytik and Winston. Another NFL starting QB, Jacoby Brissette is ranked lower than CV in all these 2014 QB rankings.


    1. WBB – Emel is using stats again!!!

      Emel – how about Tino Sunseri? His stats are better than Marino’s in almost every category… is he a star player for us?

      And… do you disagree that Voytik choked in fall camp and the first few games in 2015 or should Peterman never played at all?

      Do you think Voytik gave us 4* play… really?


      1. Well you use stats…… right. To make a case or disprove things all the time.

        And these other topics you bring up, is not what I am debating. I’m debating that Voytik was
        lumped in with a bunch of players who did either nothing at all at Pitt or very little.


  31. It continues to amaze me that the 2014 Pitt team

    had a QB that finished in Top 4 of all ACC QB categories
    had the ACC offensive POY and leading rusher
    had the 34th ranked defense nationally
    played only one team that finished in the Top 25

    yet won only 6 games and lost 21-10 to Akron at home


    1. Not that hard. That team dominated time of possession which greatly helped the standing of that defense. That defense really struggled to stop the run in particular.

      That team also bungled a win opportunity over Duke and fumbled their way to a loss to GT.


  32. In that year Conner ran for 1765 yds, team total 3532 rushing. Passing was 2235 for Voytik, of which Boyd accounted for 1261, many YAC. Yet as wbb points out only 6 wins. So Voytik had a pretty good year, he was hardly the star of the offense. Pretty easy to pass when everyone is on the line for Conner and you have Boyd to throw to, making circus catches and plenty of YAC.

    I liked Voytik too, but he couldn’t hold on to his job the next year when Conner went down.


    1. Voytik also ran for 466 yards. Perhaps Conner was a benefactor to a degree that Voytik was another option to run the ball. Ever think of that !


  33. I guess this is a good thing, we’re rehashing history. As who wants to think about bball @ Cuse tonite.

    9pm Carrier Dump…Cuse is 1-4 in the ACC and has lost 4 in a row.


  34. Please keep in mind folks we lost Emel the last time we got into another Voytik debate. You must remember, The who should be the starting Pitt QB in 2015 Voytik or Peterman? Shortly there after Emel disappeared from this board only to return many many months later after Peterman took control and never relinquished the job. Now we are all suppose to believe Voytik played to the 4 star level at Pitt according to Emel. Yikes!!!


    1. That’s not accurate jrnpitt. I didn’t leave this board then. I was splitting time between here and there (Blather).

      I don’t think this board was even up in the fall of 2015. Your right…with the Yikes part.


  35. 1 and 4 Syracuse versus 0 and 5 Pitt (ACC records)

    Remember way back in 2014 when #1 Cuse beat us on 35 foot buzzer beater? We were also ranked

    The good old days


  36. Some good stuff in this thread.

    I agree it is difficult to put Petterman (or Hodges for that matter) on the list because they are not PITT recruits but without Petterman how many guys on the “good” list fall into the “naughty” list? Possibly Weah, Henderson, Orndoff, O’Neill, etc…

    For example – Weah couldn’t catch a cold before NP. Weah sure looked Ok with Petterman, Then played poorly all year with Browne and Ben but seemed to get a lot better the last couple of games with Pickett.

    If Pickett plays all year next year like he did the last two games this year (god willing) then a bunch of offensive players will look a whole bunch better.

    It’s all about the QB. By the way, I still believe DiNucci and Sunseri are the same guy:

    1) Both Italian with names almost similar in length.
    2) Both could not throw greater than 20 yards with any accuracy or power.
    3) Both would turtle at any sign of trouble.
    4) Both would run out of bounds 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage instead of throwing the ball away.
    5) Both could not go through their progressions and basically locked onto one receiver.
    6) Both could throw a decent short pass.
    7) Both could run a designed QB run play that involved little thinking.
    8) Both entered PITT at 6’2 – +/- 200lbs.

    Sunseri had better recievers no question.


  37. Emel..love the way you always back it with facts. You were gone for awhile and I missed your contribution to the POV. Glad you post regularly.


  38. One of the four below is in College FB HOF:

    Att Comp % Yd TD Int Rat

    370 657 56.3 530 39 21 137.3

    845 1463 57.8 10913 64 59 126.

    693 1204 57.6 8597 79 69 127.7

    458 842 54.4 6724 60 30 137.9

    and no Tino is not one of them


    1. K Collins (btw, he had 5304 career yds / M Rudolph had 4904 this year)
      A Van Pelt
      D Marino
      R Rutherford

      736 1141 64.5 8590 49 23 137.9 (Tino)


  39. Was just looking at Syracuse’s top players.

    They have some BIG Guards. And they are the Top 2 scorers.
    T-R-O-U-B-L-E for our diminutive Guard frosh tandem.

    Tyus Battle(soph) is 6’6″ and goes for 20 ppg
    Frank Howard (jr) is 6’5″ and avg’s 15 ppg

    3rd leading scorer is Oshae Brissette a 6’8″ frosh Forward who is at 15 ppg

    And they have a 7’2″ Center who appears to be a stiff. 6 ppg & 6 rpg but he’ll probably
    dominate Pitt’s little Big Men.


    1. That’s going to be trouble for Pitt.

      I wonder if the Pitt coach considered bringing in a couple of the Pitt football players for rebounding purposes. Guys like TE Tyler Sear who is 6’7″ 275… There have got to be at least a couple of Pitt football players that can play BB and have bigger body types…

      Maybe playing two sports is frowned upon?


        1. Give him a shot or two of wiskey for the pain

          If not Sear then somebody at the TE or DE position who is in excess of 6’6″ and 270 lbs that can also run the court and rebound. I’m not asking for much!


          1. Haha.

            Guys how does Mike Tomlin still have a job?

            11 of 12 owners with small shares want him fired.

            No answers in press conf. No admit of guilt. He is a BS’er. Makes Todd Graham look upfront. All he does is talk in circles and cliches.


            1. As soon as Big Ben is finished, Tomlin will be on a very hot seat. He’s been riding on Ben’s coat tails.


  40. Not one quarterback on this list of players with “star power” (actually surprised Peterman was not 1st Team All Conference in 16′). This to me is the main reason why Pitt has not stepped outside of mediocrity too often. We need a great QB, not just someone who manages the field/clock.

    Another point…unfortunately for us there are a couple 4 star QBs on the list of players who didn’t play up to their star ranking. So it’s not as if Pitt isn’t getting 4 star QBs. It’s just that they’re not playing to their potential.

    Having said this, I do predict that Kenny Pickett’s name will eventually be on the list of players with “star power”, and I do think he can take Pitt to the next level (i.e. 8, 9, maybe 10 win seasons) during his tenure.


  41. Remember that this article is about players Pitt recruited out of HS and not transfers.

    BTW, I really wanted CV to stay at Pitt, just like I wish DiNucci would have stayed for ’18.

    We will be in a world of hurt if Pickett goes down.


    1. These college campuses today and the people that run them (for the most part) are in denial over many things. Really sickening that education has fallen into these lunatic’s hands.


      1. “The issue at play here is what did Michigan State know and when did the university know it. ”

        Sound familiar ?


  42. Perhaps Monsieur Patti, if his redshirt isn’t blown (BIG if) and he pans out, would be a Redshirt Senior for that game.


  43. Poll Question — how many new Pitt coaches and ADs will there be between now and that opener with the Hoopies?


  44. Pitt doesnt cover
    Cuse 85
    Pitt 55

    I dont care if its an all frosh team starting. These are supposed to be ACC frosh. We’re supposed to have an ACC coach. And an AD that knows how to win across all sports in the ACC. And an AD supported by the very top. We have none of this and never will.

    Pitt is Pathetic. Just chain me in the Pitt of Misery Gallagher…with Fantas.


  45. When Big Ben retires the Steelers will go into a long stretch of mediocrity that will be reminiscent of the post Bradshaw years….
    Tomlin looks like a bottom feeder coach when he goes up against Belicheck and now Jacksonville has his number.
    One thing he is good at is letting his players “celebrate.” Looks like The players spend a lot of time rehearsing their post TD routines… wow, such imaginative and exciting choreography… NOT… another reason to something else with my valuable time.

    Who said “Act like you been there before?”


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