I want you all to think about something for a moment. When is the last time, if ever, Pitt had four players declare they were transferring out of Pitt on the same day?  As Q. Henderson tweeted yesterday “Dang, they all leaving.”

I can’t remember it ever happening and yesterday’s block departure, to me at least, is indicative that it wasn’t all that voluntary.  Not when you have four at one time. As Chris Peak wrote yesterday it ‘looks like it was a mutual agreement between the staff and the four players’ (to paraphrase). Which pretty much means there is a reason they are off the roster.

I think that those four players won’t be the last we see of players leaving the football program either.

Here are the still-eligible players have left the Pitt team so far: (Blue are the declared NFL draft players and past star players for us).

Whitehead, 4* Star player, FR AA , ALL-ACC (NFL Draft)
Carter, 4*
Pugh, 4*
Miller, 3*
Moss, 3*  (Dismissed from team)
MacVittie, 3*
Q.Henderson, 3* Star player, AA, ALL-ACC (NFL Draft)
O’Neill, 3* Star player, AA, ALL-ACC  (NFL Draft)
DiNucci, 2*, Experienced backup QB

Here is the two-deep at the start of the Miami game at the end of last season:


So far we are losing six starters on offense going into 2018 – Weah, Q. Henderson, O’Neill, Officer, Jones-Smith and Flanagan.  That is a lot of starting experience behind them which will be missed. To be honest I’m wary of the offense going into ’18 because I don’t feel the replacements are going to be all that great.

Looking at 2018 with Clark at TE, and Pilato, Hargrove and Herndon on the OL isn’t happy making for me and aside from WR Ra-Ra Lopes I wonder who will step up into that leading WR spot Weah’s departure left open. WRs Mathews, Flowers, Ffrench and Tipton are all untested for the most part.

On defense we’ll be losing only one starter in DB Avonte’ Maddox. But where the loss of Pugh, Carter and Miller will impact us is in 2019 because I think Carter would have been a starter on the DL along with Pugh at DE and possibly Miller at Star LB – they all were listed at various times on 2017’s two-deep rosters.

I say Miller at Star because Anthony McKee doesn’t look like he’ll be a solid starter at that position after Idowu leaves. I heard that the staff was pretty happy with Pugh’s progression after his move to defensive end when his tryout at RB and LB didn’t pan out

So, we’ll take a dip in the talent level with these departures for sure. It’s hard to project two years out though.

On Special teams we are losing All-ACC Punter Ryan Winslow along with both two-deep punt returners in Q. Henderson and Maddox. Kickoff returner Henderson is obviously gone also.

I don’t think these 10 players are the end of the leavings this offseason either. We may see a few more either take off (or as a ‘mutual agreement’) before the Spring camp. I do not think we’ll see attrition from the rsSRs but if the staff determines it wants more scholarships for the 2019 class then keep an eye on Motley, Briggs, Jalen Williams, Wirginis, Folston, Dintino and Herndon – if any rsSRs are ‘asked’ to leave to open scholarship numbers I think it will be from that list.

Why I say 2019’s class is that the common belief with the new early signing period in December is that there is slim pickings after that because most of the better players will have already committed early. So – a school can carry-over scholarships to the next year as long as they don’t go over the 25 per year scholarship limit.

That’s also one of the reasons I don’t think we are going to be seeing any blue-chip kids signing with us on LOI Day in Feb. There are only a few left and maybe one or two are seriously considering Pitt anyway.  We may land 4* All-Purpose back Mychale Salahuddin as we’re still one of his last four schools.

However, Narduzzi has always seemed to play experience in the D backfield so rsSRs DBs Motley and Briggs will probably stay.  Dintino and Herndon will depend on how confident Narduzzi and staff are in their young OLs so I think both of them stay also – and probably get a lot of PT with Herndon probably starting.

Which absolutely kills me to see a Shane Roy starting on defense and a Mike Herndon starting on offense – if that happens what does it say about HCPN’s line recruiting?

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and it did yesterday, let’s hope that’s the end of it… but I’m not holding my breath.

297 thoughts on “Will the Pitt Exodus Continue?

  1. I’m really puzzled as to why this type of situation keeps happening. Suspensions, dismissles, transfers. Bad kids? Unrealistic rules? City life? It’s just crazy. We do not need sanctions, we seem perfectly capable of ruining our sports programs on our own.
    We also have done a very poor job on the academic end. Programs are dropping in ranking about as badly as the sports programs. The drop in the ranking of the grad program in business is stunning.
    I do have a serious question for Reed, as he seems to have a good feel for this. Who is actually in charge of making these decisions at Pitt. Is it a concensis of the B
    OT, is it small committees, I mean in every organization there is one guy (or women) who actually holds the power. Who is it at Pitt? Not who it should be, but who is the guy everyone looks to to actually make the decisions? I would really like a serious answer on this one. No smart ass nicknames, but a serious answer. Does anyone know?


  2. LB: I think Brightwell moves back to OLB while Wirignis and Reynolds share MLB.
    DL: The DE time is shared by Hendrxs, Folsten. Weaver and Price, all who played last year while DT has Watts, Camp, Roy and Wheeler who all played last year. Tayman is the Rs FR who may break in
    CB: Motley and Jackso backed-up and maybe eventually beaten out by Deamthis and Pinnock with Coleman a possibility … all who played lat year. Paris Ford, Hamlin, Gricen, Briggs and Campbell (who played almost the entire games vs Miami) should see man the safety positions.

    Offense of course is the area of concern and I see another situation as last year with the OL where they are shaky and turn into a functional unit. The one plus is our QB is more mobile than the 2 primary ones of last year.


  3. JoeKnew commented: “The drop in the ranking of the grad program in business is stunning.”

    As a retired MBA program graduate from 1974, I don’t keep up with program rankings these days. Can you provide a link or the source of the ratings, or what the current rankings are?


    1. I can give you a general example. When I began at Pitt in the fall of 2004, we were ranked the 52nd best national university in the country by US News and World Reports. This year I think we slipped to the upper sixties or low seventies…either way, not a positive trajectory.


  4. On the coaching front .. the addition of a 10th coach plus the fact that a lot of coaching staffs were let go last month will lead to a lot of shuffling around. Pitt is likely to be affected, just hope it’s kept to a minimum


    1. ND just lost its DC to TX A&M but just hired 2 assistants from Baylor. The schools with the big $$ will make their moves then schools like Pitt react


  5. This is certainly not a good thing. Hopefully there are some redshirt freshmen ready to play.

    There are always injuries so you need quality depth.

    Just seems like Pitt is always shooting itself in the foot, and sometimes in the head.


    1. Hey Frank – It is just the Fraternity protecting each other. Why would Buzz want him fired he owns him.

      Ask Emel.

      He said the same garbage last year. For a genius his career record sucks and his Pitt record is a joke.


  6. I’ve read several times here that Pitt’s academic rankings are falling… In the words of our President, “That’s fake news.”

    As the parent of a Pitt freshman, I can tell you that i read quite a bit about rankings during his application process and Pitt is as highly regarded as ever. In fact, Pitt was recently ranked as the #1 public University in the Northeast. Pitt’s graduate schools- law, medicine, dentistry, business, etc.- are also highly ranked.

    We’ve got enough to worry about with our shoddy football and basketball programs. No need to manufacture false concerns about our academics.


    1. Jay91, agreed. For years and up until recently, I was quite concerned with PITT academics.

      When I was a student we were #41 in the nation and still private. Since then a bunch of Calif schools have made major strides. A few southern schools have improved big time Plus we are a rust belt City school. Be it a very special rust belt City.

      God bless CMU for creating the Tech side of Pittsburgh. Hopefully we cash in on new developments.

      I’ve noticed here in the Metro NYC area, kids are more interested in applying to PITT. There is a greater respect for the University. Undergrad Engineering, Pharmacy, Education,Nursing, & Business all seem to be pretty good. I know nothing about our Computer Science Dept (It better be good).

      Grad Schools, of course, Medicine is top 10. Dentistry is respected in the specialist areas especially. Hospital Administration is nationally top 5 Law School and Business schools are average. If you plan to live in Pa. all the professional degrees are good. If you plan on moving Medicine, Dentistry, Physical Therapy are big time anywhere

      Almost forgot Physical Therapy one of our Nationally excellent programs.


  7. I believe there will be a few more defects – don’t want to name anyone because it would just be speculation.

    But, I’d Lyke to throw out an external candidate for the DC vacancy –

    John Hauser the Co-DC at Miami of OH who worked under Duzz at Northern Illinois from 2003-2005.

    Miami of OH had the 47th ranked D in D1 for 2017.

    I haven’t heard this name mention yet – low budget and a Duzz disciple – seems Lyke the perfect fit.


  8. No way to say other than this stinks. We have lost ten players. A program cannot sustain success with this many players leaving. Last year we lost talenai blair I know there was a few more, plus we’ve had a lot of suspensions this wouldn’t hurt so bad to me if we had a ton of blue chips coming in we don’t yikes!!!!


  9. Seems to me duzz is promising these kids pt than they come in and he basically says you stink. I go back to the strange dinucci your our guy but than your not our guy. Kids pick up on this kinda stuff. How bout last
    year when he answered a question about at qb depth he said wait till you c what macvittie can do.


  10. The 100 or so players who have bought in to & trust the system are sitting down right now at the practice facilities with their coaching staff to watch the NFL playoffs featuring former Pitt great Aaron Donald.

    Popcorn, protein shake and a boatload of testosterone.



  11. Exactly, Zach.

    Someone posted a few days ago that this was “nothing to worry about.. it happens with the big programs, too.”

    The difference with those teams? It’s a 5* leaving because he couldn’t beat out the other 5*.

    While I’m not overly worries about any ONE of these defections, when viewed in totality, you HAVE to be concerned. You just HAVE to be.


  12. I totally agree jay91 I’m very concerned. This type of mass exodus has the potential to really hurt in recruiting. I bet you everyone of these kids are bad mouthing and trashing pitt. Not a good look for Pitt football right now.


    1. Mass exodus? Four players are leaving from a roster of over 90 including walk-ons. That’s not an exodus. That’s attrition. Hate losing both Pugh & Miller but the sky is not falling.


  13. To me it plays into the narrative of the last 40 years of pitt football a mismanaged mess from the top down. I’m not opposed to weeding out some dead wood now and again, but something seems wrong here. I’m all for running a program the correct way but if you have to get rid of this many guys it seems like a toxic situation.


  14. Sorry Rick but..

    How many of the “100 or so players who have bought in to & trust the system” have high level talent?

    Not enough to win 6 games next season is my guess.


    1. 16 to 32

      Hopefully we’ll have a better count to add the first week of February.

      Best we’ve had since Wanny was coach (IMO).


    1. Amen!

      That is the only question.

      Whether you blame, Narduzzi, Chryst, Lyke, Pederson, Gallagher, Nordenburg.. there can be no question that our efforts over the last 5-10 years will get us to rhe level of Wake Forest, Maryland, Iowa State, etc.- P5 teams that occasionally pull an upset but always finish in 3rd or 4th place IN THEIR DIVISION.

      And Pitt wants us to pay money for that mediocre product when we can’t even use it as an excuse to revisit “the old stomping grounds”.

      Those other schools have obviously accepted mediocrity. But they market their games as mini-homecoming affairs- complete with tailgating and campus tours and meeting buddies at on campus watering holes.

      Pitt gives us $40 parking, students riding buses, “toned arms” handing out certificates and free Fanta.

      We get to watch mediocre football 5 miles away from Peters, Mitchell’s, Chief’s, etc.


      1. I hear you. I almost gave up four years ago until Chryst was pulled back to Cheeseland.

        I wanted Pitt to hire a proven HC, not a coordinator with no experience.

        I’m willing to weather through this one bad season.

        I blame the Pitt administration.


  15. The University has some stringent rules. If those 4 left because they broke the rules and didn’t want to sit out a year, as the word on the pov seems to have said, then I for one am okay with that.
    Can’t expect the coaches to know with 100% certainty that each and every recruit they bring in will never break a rule.

    Also, if the 3 who left for the nfl make it on a team, I’m very okay with that as well.

    If Pitt’s defense and offense are better this year than last year, things are still moving in the right direction.
    If they turn out to not be better, then I will be concerned.


  16. NOLA, when I attended we were ranked 14th( or as we used to say, one of the 40 schools in the top 20). Last ?I saw we were well beyond 40th. Wish I had the link, but I’m sure it’s out there. They quit putting money into the profs who gave the school the ranking. Now, don’t get me started on how they do the rankings, but I guess that’s all you have to go on.


  17. The 4 defectors the other day were all from the defensive side where there is sufficient depth in the positions where they played, which is why I believe they left. Don’t get me wrong — hated to see Pugh and Miller leave but again, I suspect that like MacVittie and DiNucci, they saw a lack of PT in the future.

    and 3 players left for the NFL. I suspect Quadree who seemed gimpy part of the this past year thought it was better for him to leave early. O’Neill is getting his degree this spring.

    So you have 6 leaving perceiving a lack of PT … and 3 for the NFL


  18. Let me help Reed and yinz out. According to Rivals, Pitt in the 2016 class recruited 24 of which 2 were not cleared medically. another never made it. So that leaves 21. Of the 21, 17 are still here. Of the 17 most saw PT this year. The four we are discussing didn’t. Guess what? They are the ones heading out. Get the picture, They were not going to play here. Wish them well..

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  19. This is only one of several different ways to “rank” a graduate program but..

    “The University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business ranked No. 21 among U.S. public programs and improved to No. 45 in the United States in the Financial Times’ 2017 Global MBA Ranking. The Katz program also advanced in the publication’s global rankings, moving 13 spots to No. 85 in the world, the third highest increase among all ranked schools. The Financial Times ranking is compiled using data collected from the world’s best full-time MBA programs and a survey of their alumni. The methodology evaluates MBA programs on 20 categories, including the salaries of graduates, alumni satisfaction, and faculty research productivity. ”

    The school moved UP thirteen spots from 2016 to 2017 and is among the top 85 IN THE WORLD. I’m sure other rankings will differ, often based on differing criterium, but there has been no drop in Katz’s reputation since I was an undergrad 25 years ago. Perhaps, some are having a “back in my day” moment.


    1. Addition by subtraction.

      I’m doing this at my business right now – getting rid of six and hiring two. At the end of the month, our company will be able to handle more and produce more, thus making more money for those remaining.


      1. I just did the same, but not by choice. Unfortunately, it takes a damn long time for people to get up to speed…probably close to 3 years. I’m in software.


        1. Our company subtractions are employees who have been in the system a few years and continue to make mistakes no matter the level of training we offer. We know their character and work ethic.

          The additions are two highly skilled guys with numerous years of industry experience and at least ten years until they retire. We believe we know their character and work ethic.

          Kind of Lyke recruits who are in the system for 2 or 3 years and don’t produce nor have a chance to see the field. Time to depart Lyke the four did a few days ago. The additions are a mix of JUCO’s and highly talented recruits that may play in year one.

          Example: DB – M.Henderson recruited by Chryst and never saw the field that I know of; Brents is 4* recruit looking for a place to play immediately (Pitt is high on his list with a January visit planned).


  20. Nooch was my only concern leaving and a bit of a surprise. Pitt needs even game managers who cant throw a football. QB depth is lacking. QB makes or breaks you.

    And yes the lines. And I’m not sold on the O-line given inexperience and thats bad news for any QB. These Fab 4 who left dont concern me.

    Pitt is stable as a program despite perceived turmoil. Now does it get enough support is another bigger question. But its stable enough to meet the mediocrity test of the BoT.

    And Pitt always fancied themselves as a wanna be Ivy. Pitt is closer to Temple than it is Harvard and always will be. But every time that sports seems to be overtaking academics in reputation or sports results in a bad rap for the school, the administration pulls back hard. Thats Pitt’s history. Still not understanding the concept of the front porch and absolutely afraid of sports excellence.


  21. It certainly does go by which rating service used. US news and world report has us 53rd in business, 83rd in law. All rating methodology is flawed to some degree, however, the ratings from the same service over the years shows a significant drop. This is why we used to kid about being one of the 40 in the top 20. The schools have in fact dropped almost across the board. The only grad school that was ever ranked very high consistently was the school of social work. Oh, btw, the dental school is a real mess. Yup, real mess. So, are rankings all over the place, yup, but they most certainly have dropped over the past 35 years.


  22. Too early to panic. The defections whether they were the players decisions or not is not good. I suggest Narduzzi and PITT brings in some good players to replace them. Maybe better.


  23. Katz had a major drop off in the late 80s, early 90s. When the new building was built around 85 or so there was a major influx in money to the school. That lasted around 6 or 7 years. When funding went down for some chairs, profs left in droves. It became a real mess. Problem is, like in many things, if you only know what it is currently like you think that’s good. You don’t know that it was great at one time. If you are putting all your effort into being great academically and 53 and 83 stinks. If your flagship program was no. 1 and now is 10th that’s not good either.
    School rankings are like recruiting services, they all have different criteria, but if you see the same one over the years, and you drop, well.


  24. I wouldn’t have included Ffrenchy in with those other WR’s listed as ‘untested’.

    Ffrenchy had 25 receptions with an almost 11 ypc avg which placed him 3rd on the team with receptions.
    And he also ran the ball 9 times and had a better avg than QTip running the ball.

    Even Matthews(16 receptions/12 ypc)) shouldn’t be listed a long side of two players who did nothing. Tipton
    who was hurt and Flowers who was not and who has so far been a total dud.


        1. Additionally he looks to have been….recruited over already. 6 WR’s in the hopper since and at least 1 more before LOI day.


  25. Post on Rivals board looked at players leaving P5 programs from 2002 to 2014. Not counting were those who were drafted or left for the NFL. Pitt was in line with most programs as to players leaving early. Despite coaching changes ect, Pitt was in line with the ACC programs as well. ,


  26. On engineering rates we are 42 just behind PSU and well ahead of WVU. When I was there we were much higher. Of course that was long ago in the 60s.


  27. The BoT has failed Pitt in both sports and academics. Its too bureaucratic. Its not accountable. Its not getting results. Its our swamp.

    Gallagher reports to this committee. Disband the committee and pattern your governance after successful private and state schools. Few schools today have 36 member boards with voting rights.

    Split the board in two – one for academics and one for athletics. Have the Chancellor report to academics and the AD to athletics. 9 members each. All boards should be comprised of Pitt alumni. No politicians and no Nitters.

    Every Pitt alumnus should have the ability to vote in new members.

    But Gallagher protects the status quo and sips tea while our academic and athletic programs burn.

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  28. Anyone want to give me a teeny-weeny hint as to why these guys bolted?

    As for academics, we have improved: top-rated state-related university in the northeast.
    Medicine is #10 in the country. PT is number 1 or 2. Allied health fields are in the top 10.
    Engineering has improved,
    Law is in the toilet, but who cares? In fact, thats probably a good thing.

    Don’t understand the sentiment that academics are in the toilet.


    1. Probably has something to do with the older demographics of Western Pa, and the Middle Atlantic as a whole. Got to have more ppl taking care of all these older folks.


  29. Gas, State related in the northeast. Other than the Nitters who are the other state related schools in the northeast? Should that be our competition? Hell, Slippery Rock was no.1 in PT for years. We should be that high in health care.
    I’m still waiting for someone to tell me who the big guy is on the BOT. Who is the power guy??

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    1. I believe the “big guy” is a lady who is a Pitt grad.

      I’d rather watch A.Donald than later ok it up right now.



    1. Well, two suggestions –

      Wild Dunes – links style course if you Lyke that type of golf.
      Kiawa Resort has other nice courses besides the famous Ocean Course. But not necessarily in Pitt’s budget, if you know what I mean.

      Have fun!


    2. The Osprey on Kiawa is very good. It is not cheap, but much less expensive than ocean course. They are all good on the Island.


  30. Chethejet, You had the most logical comment on these guys leaving. If that is the case it is not a bad thing. But is there anything else behind the scenes? Being who we are we always have to leave room for conspiracy theories. I have absolutely no inside information. Who does? H2p! Dirty Rich, (formerly opfm-old pitt fan in maryland.)


    1. Jamie almost had them fooled again. After a super soft non con TCU has lost 2 at home and needed OT to beat Baylor. They will be lucky to finish at .500 in conference play


      1. Yeah, I’m guessing that after finishing 6-48 in conference in the 3 seasons prior to Dixon’s arrival that TCU’s fans will be fairly pleased to go .500 and make the NCAA tourney for the first time in 30 years. They can add that to their NIT championship and first non-CBI postseason in 11 years. In the end they lost two games by a total of 5 points to perennial Big 12 champ Kansas (coached by Self who has been at KU for 15 years) and a very talented Oklahoma team coached by Kruger (who has been at OK for 7 years). Why do you consider beating Baylor (Drew 15 years) on the road in OT as indicative of some weakness?


  31. I’ve been on 3 Boards of Directors in my life. Where ordinary people of all ilks become blithering idiots! Each trying to compete on who is more important and deserves the most face time in front of the group. I used to leave meetings wondering how such people were ever elected. Almost always, the decisions made were counter to what would have been best for the organization. The Pitt BOT is the group that guarentees SOP will stand forever.

    You could not pay me to be on another.


  32. Look Narduzzi is building the program and some recruits will leave. Watch where they go for a real indication of their talent.presently. As I said, things don’t just happen. Narduzzi has a good chance of closing on a 4 star RB USC offer and two recruits who have SEC,offers and one de-commit from GA. WR, DE, DB and a Line backer from Michigan who also de-committed from UCLA. Plus two DE from NJ. Rather have those recruits than what left. Things are more positive than many know. . .


  33. Academic rankings are a sham. Universities hire folks that do nothing but specialize in manipulating data for the surveys, which for the most part, the university answers. It is stupid and foolish for anyone to actually believe they are top 10 or top 100. So let’s stop about rankings. Here’s an example : One big ? for rankings goes to what % of graduates have a job within 6 months of graduation? Guess who hires a bunch of recent graduates three months after they graduate? The business schools and law schools, etc. Bingo, a high score!

    As far as the exodus, maybe the group was out with Josh Conklin celebrating the big miami win. Just kidding fellas.

    For those that want to blame Narduzzi or give credit to Chryst for the players still on the roster, consider the following: This coming year, the leftover Chryst recruits will be:

    Dennis Briggs
    Seun Odowu – walk-on
    George Aston – walk-on
    Elijah Zeise – WR, now LB
    Philippie Motley – DB
    Quad Ollison – RB
    Jalen Williams – LB
    Mike Herndon DL/OL
    Conner Dintino – OL
    Alex Bookser – OL
    Rafael Lopes – WR
    Shane Roy DL

    That’s a lot of snaps in my opinion, with the most critical players being Bookser,Lopes and Idowu. The team will still have a lot of Chryst influence. We should just agree that this will not be Narduzzi’s full team until 2019.

    That said, the larger issue to me is that the Narduzzi recruits are not pushing harder, nor have passed the Chryst recruits for more playing time. I see 7-8 players getting many snaps above. This seems like the recruiting by Chryst and Narduzzi are very similar. If Narduzzi’s was better, the 7-8 players above would be 1 or 2 players. So to me, recruiting has stayed on par with the Chryst recruiting, which was average. We need flurrrida and georgia recruiters.

    During the first roundtable I participated on, Reed asked me what was surprising thus far to me. My response was that a Shane Roy was starting.


    1. The Carolinas is ACC territory, as i wrote yesterday Charlotte, NC has more Top 250 Rivals prospects than Pennsylvania entirely. Plus the Steelers are popular in the Carolinas. So Pitt’s tie in with them would help. So nothing against Georgia, but the Carolinas is more ACC territory.


  34. Other than inexperience why do most say the O line will be bad? Has anyone seen them play? Our best QB was the least experienced. Isn’t it really just speculation. The doom and gloom of most posters. You might be right but can we wait till spring ball to see where guys are gonna fall in before we say they stink.


    1. Agree Steve h. Many programs that have just avg O-linemen recruits seem to be able to ball pretty good offensively. I can name 3 off the top of my head. TCU, Boise & Texas Tech.

      If you have a smart OC you can figure out how to move the ball with what you got.


  35. JoeKnew..

    Top PUBLIC Universities, not “related” but ALL public Universities..



    It IS Narduzzi’s full team. He’s been here THREE full seasons. If his recruits aren’t playing, it’s because they haven’t been good enough to beat out Chryst’s kids. Should we wait 6 years, until Chryst’s kids have used up the 5 years available for eligibility?


    Building a program usually sees kids leaving when a new coach signs on- or after his first season. It doesn’t usually happen when 5 of HIS recruits leave or are dismissed after his THIRD season- he recruited these kids. And yes, he has a “chance” to get some good kids? He’s had a “chance” to get some good kids for the last 4 classes. I want to know how many he “gets.” I played the Powerball today.. I have a “chance” to win it. Unfortunately, it’s seeming as likely as Narduzzi landing (and keeping) a 4* player.

    Nothing personal, gentlemen. Just responding individually to your previous posts.


  36. Maybe Reed should consider very seriously about changing the name of this board to Pitt Bitch. Right now I think that title would be much more appropriate since about 9 out 0f 10 posts can be classified as such. Maybe the “bitchers” are right but IMO I think they will be found to be dead wrong about the football program IF PICKETT stays healthy. As for the basketball program the “bithchers” are dead on right and that will be the case for many more years I’m afraid.

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    1. jrnpitt – Your thoughts mirror mine from last night, but I chose not to type them. I don’t mind hearing from the disgruntled crowd. One example is Jay91 – I played golf with him, visited his business, know a little bit about he and his family and exchange e-mail from time to time – great guy and a passionate Pitt fan. I consider him a new found friend.

      I believe Jay91 might say the same about me. The difference between he and I is minor – he is more frustrated and does not believe the leadership at Pitt will turn this around. I am placing my belief and optimism in one leader turning this around and that is Duzz. (Belief is waning after 5-7)

      I say that (not overly confident) but because I want that to be the case. Pitt FB is part of my entertainment passion along with golf, music, my wife and grandkids. My business demands a lot of my time and thoughts, but my wife actually looks forward to Pitt FB, among other things. That last part keeps my hope alive – my wife wants to experience what I did in the early 80’s when I was in school as a student and an athlete – a consistently, nationally ranked Pitt FZb team.

      We visit the campus, spend extra days in downtown Pittsburgh and make Pitt FB a part of our lives. Why wouldn’t I want to be somewhat optimistic?

      I am sick of the losing and would Lyke to know coach Duzz’s plan. Just Lyke I know that will never happen. Instead, I have written letters to Gallagher, Lyke and others trying to find out what their plan is to make Pitt athletics better and asking how the BOT appointments happen and how can I be a part of that process. I get very general responses or worse – Crickets…

      Yet they continue to ask me for donations.

      I choose to look at the positives in Pitt FB and view that sliver of hope that we will be good again. As some have pointed out on this blog in the past, it is a process and we must be patient (it really hurts me to write that). But, business is Lyke that as well and as a business leader, I too have to be be patient or I’ll go nuts…



      1. Your thoughts above mirror my views on the state of Pitt sports to a T, EE! Thanks for articulating so clearly and without malice!


  37. Our company subtractions are no different than what happened to Pitt FB last week. Our employees who have been in the system a few years and continue to make mistakes no matter the level of training we offer need to be shown the door. We know their character and work ethic.

    The additions (in our current situation) are two highly skilled guys with numerous years of industry experience and at least ten years until they retire. We believe we know their character and work ethic.

    My plan is to remove six underperforming employees and replace them with two new hires. I believe at the end of January, we will be a more productive company with four fewer employees, all the while reducing our cost structure.

    Kind of Lyke recruits who are in the system for 2 or 3 years and don’t produce nor have a chance to see the field. Time to depart Lyke the four from Pitt did a few days ago. The additions would be a mix of JUCO’s and highly talented recruits that may play in year one.

    Example: DB – M.Henderson recruited recruited by Pitt a few years ago and never saw the field that I know of; Brents is 4* recruit looking for a place to play immediately (Pitt is high on his list with a January visit planned).

    The “addition by subtraction” theory is only one part of the plan to make an organization better, but it is sometimes necessary and has proven over and over to work.

    Former DC Josh Conklin should be considered a successful “subtraction” when the “addition” is put in place. Again, we are talking Pitt FB – controlled by a BOT with a lousy budget offering and a few psu alum amongst the group. Those two challenges alone have set Pitt FB back – but a good leader rises above the challenges and plans for success despite the obstacles.

    Some of my business philosophy is taken from our great military minds – “there is no such thing as a bad platoon, only bad leaders”. If you are dealt a bad crew, you as the leader need to clearly define your plan for success and then make sure that those that need to know, are well informed. Not everyone needs to know – my competition should never know.

    Duzz was dealt a limited crew and an under funded situation as a never-been-no-experienced HC. The dreadful 34 years of Pitt FB is on the university leadership. Which I will call bad!

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  38. On the transfers, keep in mind prior to these 4 leaving that was just announced Pitt was already 1 scholarship over their 85 limit. Not only that but the Pitt coaches are out actively recruiting additional talent for this year just as if the December signing period never occurred. Ask yourself just where did Pitt expect to slot these new recruits if they accepted their Pitt offers when they were already over the scholarship limit? Do you think Narduzzi and his staff knew something was going to transpire on the transfer front in short order? The main question is did they leave on their own or where they shown the door. My guess is that the answer is somewhere in between after they were sat down by Narduzzi and had a heart to heart talk about their future within the football program.


    1. Look, if that were the case Narduzzi would have cut those four players out directly after the Miami game so Pitt would still have a chance at some blue chip recruits before the early signing period as that was when almost all the very good recruits signed their LOIs.

      That would have given Narduzzi a most a full month to put a full court recruiting press on… And be able to show recruits and other parents actual open scholarships while he did so. That’s important because no recruit wants to hear “Well, we’ll cut some kids after the early LOI Day so just commit now and trust us”

      Now there are very slim pickings left so those four open scholarship are not nearly as valuable today as they would have been prior to Dec 20th.


      1. Based on the recruiting news Narduzzi might land the number one player from Maryland and is battling Wisconsin for four-star corner, Brents. The Detroit linebacker is also a possibility, so these final scholarships are truly valuable if he lands those kids.


      2. Reed, so now you are an authority while crawling into the heads of Narduzzi, recruits and their parents? I have no issues with your speculation on this, but I find it interesting & do take issue with such speculation when it is presented as being factual rather than presenting it as your opinion.

        It would be as simple as Narduzzi guaranteeing any coveted recruit that he has a scholarship waiting for him when he choses Pitt. They don’t need to be down to 85 scholarship players until the team all matriculate come summer. The big programs over recruit in this manner routinely.


  39. Here’s hoping to bring a little New Year optimism to the few Pitt fans that exist – my way too early 2-deep FB roster for 2018:
    WR 1 – A.Mathews 6’5″ 205lbs / R.Flowers 4* or Shocky Jacque-Louis
    WR 2 – RaRa Lopes / T.Tipton or M.Ffrench
    LT – A.Bookser 4* / T.Pilato RS JR
    LG – M.Herndon RS SR / J.Morgan RS SO
    C – J.Morrissey / O.Drexel
    RG – C.Dintino RS SR / J.Drake 4*
    RT – C.Brown JUCO / B.Hargrove
    TE – C.Clark 5* / C.Reeves 4*
    QB – K.Pickett / R.Town 4*
    RB – D.Hall 4* / AJ Davis 4* / T.Sibley 4*
    FB – G.Aston / Q.Ollison former 1,000 rusher

    I count 10 former starters on the 2-deep (2 are back-ups in Ollison and Tipton)

    Also, (8) 4* players and (1) 5* player sprinkled in amongst the 2-deep. Some of the 4*’s are not yet starters…



    1. pretty fair estimate … but my guess that even the offensive coaches right now are not sure how the OL will shake up. Brown may turn out to be a Godsend …. or not I wouldn’t overlook Hargrove as a possible starter


      1. The OL was the toughest part to piece together. But I believe there is depth and some experience. There is a 2nd JUCO (Brown’s teammate) who joined as a preferred walk-on (Davis I believe). He and 4* Carter Warren aren’t on my 2-deep projects.

        That gives us 10 serviceable Olineman to work with. I think I could find a successful combination in that group if that is all my job was…


  40. Frenchy and Jacques-Louis will be starters as part of Pitt’s ** Ffrench Connection**

    And La Pickett will be da Bomb ! (as in the Mad Bomb


    1. Trivia … LaMonica’s last start was the Immaculate Reception game where he put up 0 points in the first 3 quarters and was replaced by Snake Stabler (for good)


      1. Daryle Lamonica went 66–16–4 as a starter, good for a 78.4% winning percentage, second best in NFL history (Otto Graham is the highest at 81.0%). In the American Football League, Lamonica’s winning percentage as a starter was 90.0%, on 40 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie in 45 games, the best ever in the AFL.


  41. And here is my early take on the D side of the 2-deep –
    DE – D.Hendrix 4* / R.Weaver
    NT – S.Roy RS SR / J. Twyman 4*
    DT – A.Watts 4* / K.Camp 4*
    DE – J.Folston RS SR / P.Jones
    Money LB – S.Brightwell / E.Zeise RS SR or C.Bright
    Mike LB – Q.Wirginis RS SR / E.Reynolds
    Star LB – O.Idowu RS SR / C.Pine or A.McKee 4*
    CB – P.Motley RS SR / J.Pinnock
    SS – P.Ford 4* / D.Briggs (Team Captain as JR)
    FS – D.Hamlin 4* / B.Garner or J.Stocker RS JR
    CB – D.Jackson RS JR / T.Coleman

    That equals (14) players with starting experience on the 2-deep.

    Also, there are (7) four star players with several not starters.

    All totaled (offense and defense) and adding OL Carter Warren who is a 4* not on my 2-deep, Pitt has (16) 4* rated players and (1) 5* on it’s 2018 roster.

    And the Nard Dog is not done with this recruiting class – there are 4* recruits is on the hook with planned Pitt visits and highly regarded 3* de-comitts from P5 programs in his sights. February signing day is not far away…

    The depth is building and getting stronger.



    1. EE, I agree to the D-lineup. I just would add DeMathis as back-up CB and replace Stocker with Phil Campbell, who started and played almost the entire game vs Miami

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            1. Carter came to Pitt as a 3* yet you have him as a 4* leaving.

              I’m not cherry picking, I’m being consistent with the blood master…


    2. But EE, what about the exodus? Can’t you see that the programs is imploding like a house of cards? There have to be insidious problems within the program for this mass exodus to be occuring, don’t you think.
      Much ado about,,,,,,,?


  42. Frenchy and Jacques-Louis will be starters as part of Pitt’s ** Ffrench Connection**

    And La Pickett will be da Bomb ! (as in the Mad Bomber)


    1. And add RaRa Lopes as our Spanish Conquistador – conquering opposing DB’s with his 1st down catches.

      Let’s call George Aston our American Gladiator.

      The NATO crowd should lyke the variety…


    1. Pitt’s next “wild cat” – Watch the highlights – with QH and JW leaving for the NFL, Mychale could fill a role immediately.


  43. EE and others add to the list some talented freshman that I believe Narduzzi Red Shirted that probably would have out played some that did play last season. As was previously posted by others Pitt cannot afford to not play talent early on since we do not have the luxury of a two deep roster of 4 and 5 stars upper class men to rely on. Experience is only one part of the equation and until Narduzzi accepts that fact he will be reluctant to play the inexperienced. I’m hoping that by year 4 that philosophy may beginning to change.


    1. I also recognize Narduzzi’s reluctance to play inexperienced talented underclassmen as a deficit to the program longterm. Concerning the debate surrounding the makeup of our OOC, that plays right into this issue. Pitt has not had the luxury of blowout victories over OOC creampuffs, which if they did, would provide opportunities for playing those types of players without putting the game’s outcome in jeopardy. Narduzzi seems apprehensive to take those risks when the game is still in question.


  44. Pitt’s % of scholarship players who are 4 and 5* recruits is 20%.

    Contrast that to neighboring tOSU who is at 72% or 61 of 85 players who are on scholarship with a 4 or 5* recruit rating.

    That is more than 3.5 times as many. Tough hill to climb with a lousy budget and nearly zero support from the Pitt administration leadership.

    I suspect Pitt’s % will rise in the next 30 days as coach Duzz climbs the hill.



    1. I don’t think we are in a position to compare our recruiting to the OSUs and PSUs of the world but, we should compare our recruiting to the likes of WVU, NC, Virginia, VT, and Duke. If we can focus on out recruiting schools of this ilk, followed by an improved record, year in and year out, then we can begin to set our sites higher. IMHO.


    2. EE, that is certainly a “dedicated” glass more than half full optimism, especially in light of an existing recruiting class absent of any 4 star players. I’d love to see it but until the LOIs are signed on the dotted line, I remain unconvinced.


  45. We have the misfortune of being between and probably about halfway between…2 of the football mills with some of the highest revenues of the Top 10 Football mills in NCAAF.

    Both are over $100 mil annually I would suspect. Pitt is lucky to make $10 mil, probably closer to $5 mil.

    Very hard to compete with that type of discrepancy.

    Not only do they have vastly more money, but they have the full support of their administrations.
    We do not.

    Which is why I am fastly losing interest in a battle/war that is like the Art of War. Already lost before the battle is even begin.


    1. Yet Dave Wannstedt pulled in numerous 4* and 5* kids every year and those same big schools, plus a very good WVU program at the time, were his competition.

      Seems like we are finding every excuse for Narduzzi’s sub-par recruiting.


    2. But in light of that attitude Emel, just imagine the consequences if Pitt had failed to find it’s way into the ACC. Now I give major creds to UCF’s undefeated season, AAC Champs and knocking off the giant killer of the SEC in their bowl game too.

      But look it, they got little national respect, no access to the playoffs even though they were the cream of the crop in the Group of Five, and by comparision to the money in the Power 5 conferences, AAC $ is awful. Add in poor TV coverage, no AAC network on the horizon, recruiting handicapped in the AAC because of all of this as well. That just stinks.

      Pitt could have been in such a sea of desperation if our conference was the AAC. Just another POV to be considered, and IMO, appreciated.

      Counterpoint to so much of the hand wringing that I’ve read through above.


  46. Don’t worry I’ll probably feel different tomorrow. Or if we get so more French players 🙂

    Victory belongs to the most persevering.


  47. Back to JoeKnew’s first comment. He mentions unrealistic rules. hmmm.. For an example, Taleni gone and Kiffen/FAU pick him up and he plays immediately. Right off the bat I felt that this is very telling. PITT is fighting that uphill battle with the administration and their lack of commitment and now PITT has to turn away players only to have them potentially play against them.

    Then we have to ask ourselves, do we want PITT and Narduzzi to lighten up the team rules? Or is that even an option, I think not. This is one of the top reasons I don’t get to bent out of shape with every loss or feel like PITT is letting me down all the time. We can’t have it both ways, You all want to be proud of PITT then the only way for that to happen is to support the PITT that we got. We all want a winner just like the PITT coaches do.

    Again we all know for certain that the Football and basketball programs are behind the eight ball with a lack of support monetarily wise. Yet we constantly barrage the coaches for sucking at what they do. We know where to place the blame and we should do so. A golf analogy: If you get a triple bogie first hole, do you throw your club and quit the entire round? Or do you buckle down keeping your head about you and try as hard as you can to finish the best that you can. I’ll bet the better golfers will tell you, you have to keep playing through to finish strong. I suggest that PITT has hit a snowman on a par 3 first hole. Are you guys quitting or going to do your best to finish strong?. . . . …ike



  48. From what I remember, we were turned down by some good BB coaches when we asked. What does that say. I fear if we lose PN.


  49. We will see how things shake out as to the staff after the coaches convention next week. I do expect at least one more change and possibly one that occurs that Narduzzi has to try to retain. The DC will by most accounts be from the outside. I trust it won’t be as badly HCPC handled the last one. Narduzzi needs to hire better recruiters in replacing those that leave or the 10th coach as a hire.


  50. I understand that Narduzzi was asked if he can win the ACC Coastal with his recruits? He simply said just jump on my back and ……. Get into a Sunday morning groove..


  51. Saying that no coaching changes will occur until after the coaching meetings….is that because no coach will commit to Pitt until after seeing if they get a better offer, or does Pitt even try, figuring they can get a bargain on whoever is left standing at the end the the coaching musical chairs game. I can’t understand why Pitt wouldn’t identify their man and make a bonifide offer now instead of waiting to see what’s left from the Big Boys scraps. OR, Option 3, are deals made but not revealed until after the LOI deadline? I think I may have posed this same question last year.


    1. Correct.

      Pitt can’t get in bidding wars for the better staff coaches across the board so we have to see what is left after the other programs spend their bigger pools of money.

      We’ll probably give the new DC a decent salary and look for new “up and comers” if we have to replace any position coaches any pay them peanuts.


  52. Well Mark, I have to believe there is at least feelers out there. The Conklin move convinced me that some wheels are in motion. Doesn’t sound right that Narduzzi will wait and take the leftover bargain basement types. But who knows?


  53. Pitt still has scholies to give. There are still recruits out there that Pitt can sign. Pitt still might reel in a 4 star.


      1. Concerning the 4 stars still on Narduzzi’s radar. They’re not slim pickins if you pick em up.

        Not defending Narduzzi, just requesting that IF, he reels in a couple highly rated players at the 11th hour as he has been shown to be apt to do, that he gets the props that would then be due him.


  54. So last year it was Taleni and Blair plus Whitehead for three games. Three starters and at the last minute.

    At least this year it was guys that may have been future starters, maybe not, and with time to adjust so not as crushing a blow.

    Reed seems to think there may be more to come, if so let’s hope it is soon.

    We will all feel better if Narduzzi lands some elite players to replace these slots.

    One or two impact players are what this team needs most.

    Hopefully the rest of the team makes it through the off-season without getting hurt or doing something stupid.

    We can’t afford to lose any starters at the last minute, again.


  55. I think Narduzzi like all coaches wants to see what is what at the meetings. Makes sense since the last couple of hirings and firings are big money moves. Also since Reed reads the same info I do on the Lair, many good points refute his stance that this turnover is indicative of unrest. Clearly the numbers don;t suggest that as to the 2016 class. As pointed out by Chris who runs the lair, Wanny’s first full class 2006, 27 recruits and 13 finished their 4 year careers at Pitt. Also how does PItt miss on these recruits but other programs who offered Pugh somehow didn’t. LSU went after Mac V as well. There is no talent drain here.


    1. LSU didn’t ‘go after’ MacVittie…the fact is they made a single phone 5 minute call asking his father if they would take an unofficial visit to LSU and his father said no, they were committed to Pitt and happy with their choice.

      There was no scholarship offered.


      1. Yes but they did express interest and wanted to move the recruiting process along. It was Mac V and dad who didn’t go any further. Did LSU initiate contact yes they did. Did I say anywhere they offered him a scholarship? No. I used “go after” him as a interest from LSU which is factual. They made contact, They offered him a visit to LSU. .


  56. One other thing, Narduzzi has a nice extension that many assistant coaches need to not move for one year. This is a big deal to attracting assistant coaches. Plus Narduzzi is creating some cap room for the next LOI day. Happens everywhere. Who is going to keep a recruit who is falling like a rock in the program for a potential 4 star SEC recruit?


  57. BigB – That was a nightmare that does not need to be remembered . . . .Ugh!

    I don’t see any of the 4 leaving as a big deal at all since all had limited to -0- PT and many felt like they were tweeers (Pugh) not sure of where they fit in. The only one that I think might have helped was Miller.

    As for this year’s QB options, I think it is undeniable that Pickett and Town are 200% better than the combo we had last year. The Nooch bailed as soon as he heard Town was interested and likely to sign. Probably would never have seen the field again.

    If Jackson shows close to the same improvement next year as he showed this year, he could be a shutdown CB which Pitt hasn’t had since Revis Island and frankly I think Whitehead was a better RB than he was a Safety, How many interceptions did he have in his 3 year career, maybe 2. Well below the line in that role, even though most of the time he was playing SS. Hopefully Ford does more than just make a slew of tackles because the other team completes practically every pass they throw.

    Also hopeful that the DL will continue improving, Most got significant PT and showed flashes of speed. Will be deeper than Pitt has had in many years, even with Carter moving on. I think #17 (get Weaver and Wheeler confused all the time) will develop into a big time pass rusher.

    Its January, gotta show some optimism for the New Year!!!!


  58. I am not sure about the mass exodus…these guys had fallen (or stayed) at/to third string. The issue I have is they had good rankings coming in (Pugh and Miller) and did not produce. I don’t think it is a coincidence that we have about 7 guys looking to visit in January and 4 guys left. If they get half of the guys visiting, the math makes sense. I expect a couple more to go as well considering we seem to be making ground on some of these guys. If we attract guys with MAC level offers then I will be concerned but if the guys coming in have a bunch of P5 offers I feel those guys were pushed.

    Q. Henderson seemed surprised about the departures. To me that means they were pushed because if there was unrest amongst the players he would have known they were leaving.

    I find it weird that When Browne/Carter/Hendrix/Town came aboard the Narduzzi haters said you couldn’t call him a 4* because they failed elsewhere but as soon as Carter left – 4*. Personally, I expect nothing from any transfer, outside if they are a Grad transfer or maybe transferring due to a family issue like Jennings back in the day. If you hit on one of four you are doing well. By hit, I mean start or play about 25% of snaps.

    One other thing, people have said that Narduzzi closes off well because other programs have moved on and he gets the scrapes, maybe, but is Auburn looking to get scrapes from PITT in Aliamo?

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    1. Does Noah get an added 1/2 star for that award? Also Does Pitt now move up in the rankings from the Palmer award? By the way you folks do realize I hope that Patti had a higher star rating than Pickett after his senior year 5.7 versus 5.5 for Pickett.


  59. wwb… Noah getting D MVP in a National all star game is a big deal. Congrats to Noah and thanks to coming to Pitt where pro bowlers and HOFers are produced.


  60. Good God, I’ll bet a round of beers that Pitt lands only one 4 or 5* kid before Feb 6th at most. You all make it sound like their is tons of talent left. The fact is that the vast majority of recruits have already signed.

    75 of the Top 100 recruits signed early LOIs or remain committed to their original schools (just a few of those) and from what I’ve been reading the percentage is higher from the rest of the 4 and 3 star kids.

    We may grab one but I think either we’ll get some more 3*s or Narduzzi will carry over open scholarships to next season.


    1. Reed, you really need to drink some koolaid. This is the time of year.

      The 5-7 season is long forgotten, washed away by the great victory over #2 Miami. The latest recruiting class will be great in a few years after playing behind other seemingly mediocre recruits. However those guys are only considered mediocre because of highly suspect ratings. The inexperienced offensive line could be a huge improvement if you disregard history and probability.

      Just relax and chug a pitcher!


  61. Kids who have one or at most two years in the program do not “FALL” to 3rd string.

    You guys can’t have it both ways…

    On one hand you continually state that Narduzzi’s recruits needs few years to produce out on the field; then when it fits your thoughts you say that if a kid doesn’t play right away he’s a bust so he must be gotten rid of…

    Which is it guys?

    You can believe whatever you want for the reason four kids were basically thrown off the team, but don’t pretend to know what Narduzzi’s two-deep for 2018 was going to be because none of us do. Pugh, Carter and Miller may very well have been part of PN’s plan for next year.


    1. Reed – when Pitt’s D performed it’s best at season’s end, Pugh, Carter and Miller did not see the field. That screams to me that they were not part of PN’s plan for next year.


  62. C’mon Commander, I know you prefer Rivas recruiting service but that’s you. There’s no way of knowing which one is better than the other. You are consistent with sticking with Rivals but when a player is a four star on another site it means they are a four star. You are doing a bit of cherry picking yourself.

    Thanks wwb, you told us all that Palmer wasn’t participating in the actual game so I didn’t watch or record. bummer. 😦

    Last and forever, Look at the seven players that left PITT. Some of you don’t want to talk about it and some just need more evidence that Reed and a real scoop.

    Kaezon Pugh Beaver County
    Jordan Whitehead Beaver County
    Henry Miller Florida
    M Henderson Florida
    Kam Carter Maryland beltway area
    Q Henderson Delaware beltway area
    C Moss. Ohio

    5 players from the defense that are very familiar with each other. The other two from the offense, one from around the beltway area and the other who was dismissed all together.

    Think what you’d like, in my mind since this was called by Reed a month ago it all adds up to me.


      1. Reed, there are three 4 stars being actively recruited right now, Mychale Salahuddin RB from DC, Dominick Watt WR from Florida and Leonard Taylor TE/DE from Ohio. And quite a few 3 stars are on the Pitt radar presently.


  63. Picking up good recruits late in the process is a PITT tradition. Many kids have waiting on committing thinking their big offer will come. If it doesn’t, than the fishing can be real interesting.


  64. Ike, sticking with one recruiting site is consistency, otherwise you have a situation like we saw with Mark Myers where he was rated a 4* #11, a 3* #29 and a 2* 101 QB.

    BTW, Rivals is considered the industry leader in recruiting sites and in my experience does the most and best detailed research of them all.

    ESPN is an offshoot of the communications side of that business and is spotty. Scouts has gone away almost totally.

    I laugh at 247’s work because I personally knew the guy they hired to be the Western PA scout when they started not so many years ago, and he was pretty ridiclous.

    Plus, they offered me a paid writing job with them when I was on The Blather so what does that say?


  65. For those who love the 247 site take a look at this, they listed the top team recruiters for each conference:


    Pitt pulls in at #65 and #66 as our best recruiters, and that is only out of the 14 ACC football schools. Imagine what we are like nationwide. I keep telling you guys we have problems in our recruiting program.

    #52 on 247

    #48 on Rivals

    Not in Top 50 on ESPN


    1. The devil is in the details. Based on this ranking PITT had a total of three recruits. No methodology of how they made this listing. It’s little things like this that drive me nuts. Besides the fat that Scout/247has PITT with 17 208 recruits while Rivals & the PITT athletic site have 6. (Difference is the 2’nd OL from Lacawanna.)

      I believe the recruiting site Scout (like 247) is now owned by CBS and bemerged.


      1. Just a lousy job of editing before posting

        I meant to post that Scout/247 has PITT with 17 total 2018 recruits while Rivals & PITT athletic department have 16.

        Scout/247 being merged.


  66. I think we all agree the lack of 4 stars is a problem. Overall star avg of 3.0 is a problem.

    Great recruits no
    Great coaching no
    Cheating no
    Soft schedule no

    How on earth is Pitt expected to win?


  67. I laugh at the “Hope” and blind faith in Narduzzi and his recruiting. Worst recruiter here over last 4 coaches.

    Why admitting Narduzzi is a terrible recruiter and won with Chryst’s guys is crazy. It is blatant.


  68. Pitt needs to pick up 10 4 stars at the end to make this years recruiting a true success. We’d be top 20. I see maybe 2 we pick up. Not many left I know. Don’t now why make fuzzy is so poor at recruiting. His social media stuff is good. He’s not a stiff like chryst. Why is it such a hard sell?


    1. Here is a list of 4* recruits Pitt is still in the running for in the 2018 class –

      Four with planned visits:

      RB M.Salahuddin from MD visiting 1/26
      DB J.Brents from KY visiting 1/19 (no other visits currently scheduled as of this morning)
      WR D.Watts from FL visiting 1/19
      TE/DE L.Taylor from OH visiting 1/19

      Six others with interest:

      DE D.Hardy from NJ
      LB J.Jean-Baptiste from NJ
      LB C.Oats from OH
      LB A.Chatfield from FL
      TE T.Hopper from GA
      DB T.Campbell from FL

      Several high end 3* recruits in the mix as well. Not naming cause there seems to be only criticism for this level of recruit…



  69. Watching McCoy work his way into the NFL HOF with Fitz not far behind. AD yesterday. Peterman on the bench. Why is it we produce HOFs and not better teams? Mystery?


    1. A couple of elite players won’t get it done. A few really elite players and terrific depth will. Pitt’s administration doesn’t want that or else it would sign off on big contracts for better coaches and higher recruiting budgets. The BoT will never sign off on that ever again like it did for Gottfried until the group decides to C4 the program.

      That is why it is head scratching that many think Wannstedt walked into this great situation in 2005 because of Palko, Blades, Sessions and Greg Lee. None were elite players and the overall team speed on that squad was laughable and truthfully, pathetic.


  70. If Pitt lands 4 recruits 5.6 or higher, which is a real possibility, they can be in the top 35 or higher. So that is still a pretty good ranking is it not. I also think while the staff may see some changes, Narduzzi is still the best recruiter for PItt.


  71. Maybe the only way this POV battle between our glass “half full unicorns” vs our glass half empty Neg Nellies” is for our football team to win 9-10 games instead of 5. Then, maybe, just maybe, we all will be happy! #H2 P


  72. Good point Pittman. Seems like the criers have already made up their minds though. I haven’t crowned his ass but I’m willing to give him a chance. and no, 3 years is not enough time. even though (21 regular season wins) and a average win total of 7 wins per season. Anyone who knows two cents worth of college football will tell you that.


    1. Seems like the perpetual puffers have already made up their minds too. We’re going to have an awesome season thanks to the foresight and steady hand of Team Narduzzi.

      Btw, did you just knock Reed without first kissing his ass about what a great blog he selflessly runs? I really appreciate the break from your MO.


  73. You want to know how screwed up the NCAA is …. Art Briles, who hushed up sexual assaults / rapes while at Baylor, is speaking at the coaches’ convention. https://theathletic.com/205506/2018/01/07/art-briles-afca-convention-former-baylor-coach/

    and then AFCA Rich Rodriquez will speak tomorrow night. RichRod was just fired at AU for adulterous (and possible sexual assault) situation. He is still president of AFCA.

    face it … either Pitt starts cheating and quits suspending players …. or you Negative Nellies need to start SHUTTING THE F UP


  74. After all the turmoil we have gone through after the firing of DW what do you negative Nellies expect … 60% 4 and 5 stars and BCS playoffs… no one knows what goes on behind the scene .. your dealing with millenials , their attitudes.. their ability to perform academically..kids who are great kids and ones who can’t be coached ( my son- you couldn’t teach him a damn thing- knew it all!)
    POV has become sooooo negative……..

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    1. We created the problems Bernie. You are talking about the same program. Same idiots in charge. Pederson at least came from a legit program. Heather Lyke is a no name MAC neverbeen. Cheap onto cheap. Then when they pay money it is to a turd never winning basketball coach who is over the hill.


    2. Don’t like it, get off. You don’t want to hear any realistic dialogue, just drinking the koolaid as upitt stated.


  75. I have made it my business a long while ago to associate more with my more positive friends, relatives and co-workers. I don’t mind alternative viewpoints but the continuous negativity here about everything is palpable … it’s like nobody in this athletic department or admin has ever done anything right


      1. Upitt, ask me personally to answer that dumbass challenge. Go ahead and dare me, you overblown opinionated know nothing, “supposedly” Pitt fan. I find your constant trolling of all things Pitt despicable and more than often, you can’t back up your uniformed bravado. This is one of those times.

        The only challenge that I make back to you is that you issue a public apology for making such denigrating dares, if my reply to such an absurd dare takes you longer than two minutes to read. I’ll wait for your reply.


  76. Newtons third law… For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… Four people leave and four new ones come in… Will the Circle be unbroken…

    Time to get rid of every Penn State graduate on the board of trustees… Maybe we should tar and feather a few of their asses… Or Turn Jerry Lewis- loose on their asses


  77. Few in Pitts athletic department have done right over the past 30 years. Pitt did hire howland and Dixon. Built the Pete but at the cost of pitt stadium. Picked up the phone when the acc called. But what else.

    The bad…deemphasized football by raising standards and cutting the budget after gottfried. Hired a washed up Johnny majors for a second go.

    Hired Stevie after being fired by his alma mater. Razed Pitt stadium without seriously considering a plan to renovate. Handled the wannstadt firing poorly. Made cheap hires and failed to invest in Olympic sport facilities until too late.

    Bottom 20 percent of directors cup nearly every year. No championships in any sport since 76.

    Hired mike haymaker and then fired him within 48 hours. Hired Barnes who promptly forced Dixon out and hired KS via a crony search committee and then bolted due to some mother excuse.

    And now poor recruiting in football. No major bowl wins. Empty yellow seats. Bad marketing like Fantas. And players doing bad things that results in dismissals and transfers.

    I’m sorry I don’t see the rainbows and unicorns yet. But I’ll keep looking.


  78. Come to the wrong place. The squeaky negative hinge is heard above the quite positive hinge. We shout it out loud but we cannot be heard. One day sooner than later….


  79. I grew up in Apollo .. most with smarts left the area a long time ago – the place is a dump. . I dread reading the Alle/Kiski Valley News- crimes, drugs and murders… and Aliquippa was drained a long time ago…. Quip pipeline – give me a break…,


  80. Our best WPA ball players are lifetime ND fans … PITT can’t change that .. ask Tom Clements, Johnny Lujac or Joe Montana!


  81. Hey Reed, the math on the link you provided regarding recruiter rankings doesn’t work for me, and I’m a tax guy so I like to think I can justify anything.

    Duke has 7 guys considered better recruiters than the very first recruiter listed for Pitt. However, Duke recruiting spot is 59th and Pitt is 52nd. Neither ranking is something to be proud of but you would think that 7 recruiters better than any of Pitt’s would at least get Duke to 51st.

    Fact is, I love recruiting talk because no one can be right or wrong about 18 year old kids and how they will turn out. For every 3* Aaron Donald there is a 5* Max Browne. Its all a crapshoot.


    1. As I posted in a reply to Reed’s link, there is a total of 3 PITT recruits, one each by the three PITT coaches on their list out of 84 total coaches. Since PITT recruited 16, did the other 13 just show up on signing day. No wonder so low in ranking. No Methodology. Just bad stats.

      I was an accountant in a prior life.


  82. wwb..

    “start shutting the F up.”???

    I think that’s not being “civil.”

    You know what? I’ve been reading a long time and you have a history of elevating your comments as if you’re more knowledgeable, intelligent and unbiased than others. And I’ve restrained myself from responding.. until now.

    You are entitled to your opinion. But some of us have viewed this up close for 3 decades or more. Maybe we’re “too close” to be objective but we don’t need to be chastised by you.

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  83. My hometown U home of Jethro and Johnny Walton ( Boston Breakers) look at what we ate up against as LSU, Alabama and Big Fake admit the cream of the crop of the are playas…. a few years back the local newspaper came out with a headline that the average graduate from this school had a ninth grade reading ability….

    Love the SEC final.. now we gotta listen to all the ESPN and their SEC + Ohio fake NS all off season.

    I want my college football back.. I want future physicians, dentists, engineers and Supreme Court justices on the field of play… I want players who’s names we can pronounce and spell … I want Dads to show up at Fathers Day and better yet marry the Moms … I am mad as hell and don’t give a damn… fruitcakes!!!!

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    1. Concur Bernie, I don’t even watch NCAAF anymore other than Pitt games. Maybe an occasional look in, I think i watched part of the OT of Georgia/Okla and the first quarter or so of Clemson/Bama.

      SEC football mills are nothing but 8th graders who were pushed thru high school, based upon one thing.
      And one thing only. And then they aren’t even satisfied with that and are they grateful ? Yea right.

      No it’s actually our fault. That they were pushed thru HS and given full rides and in opportunity to possibly earn million$ playing a child’s game. Yep our fault.


  84. Reading through these comments makes me wonder if I have inadvertently wandered into a political blog. Substitute Trump for Narduzzi and the heat index seems about the same.. Wondering a little bit about agendas. Oh, I get UPitt’s agenda – burn it all down… It sounds attractive until you sit and wonder – what now? Look at basketball, it was burned down to the ground – coaches, players and all and now what? We will be lucky to win ONE ACC game. All on a pipedream that Sean Miller would come take over or ???

    And when I first found this site, I remember making my first comment about recruiting. I cherry-picked (admittedly) between different rating services. I got smacked as if I committed a crime against humanity. Then I check yesterday and see Kam Carter is suddenly a 4 star and what a loss he is going to be… I see an agenda – I just don’t know what it is…

    My agenda – unapologetically – is to feel as good about the Pitt program as an optimistic review of facts allows. If I need to jump around recruiting sites – so be it. If I see Noah Palmer named MVP of some bowl or other over other players who may be 4 star prospects, I factor that in on the plus side. When I see Rivals own reporter saying that Tyler Bentley outplayed other 4 star prospects, I factor that in on the plus side. When I see top schools offering Pitt commitments, I don’t automatically think every Pitt commitment is a congenital liar.

    I’m not so pollyanish to not have doubts. I have stated often that PN needs help on gameday tactics. He is clearly not a fast thinker. I have hated some of his dreadful press conferences – though I think he was getting better. But as a motivator of young men, he seems to have a high skill. We should be thankful for that. As a recruiter, I think he has not reached peak performance yet but I do believe he is better than average given his boundary conditions. And let’s not forget some of those boundaries are that he probably doesn’t cheat much – which I happen to think is a good thing…

    I, for one, play to remain optimistic about the trajectory of Pitt football under PN…..

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  85. Good gosh PE, not sure if that kind of thinking is allowed. My take on your comment. Maybe it’s not completely your everyday way of thinking but perhaps/maybe you do see a legitimate reason to feel optimistic? Well, that’s my way of thinking on PITT football. Believe it or not I haven’t always felt this way Upitt. My outlook hasn’t always been so rosy. ike

    Looks Like We Are Small
    Yet We Stand By PITT
    One And For ALL



  86. If anyone is optimistic about Pitt’s BoT or the athletic culture changing anytime soon, you really need to temper your expectations. Pitt will never elevate sports to come even close to academics. Pitt will never change governance by committee. Pitt will never transform the culture. Pitt will never build anything more than a mediocre front porch. I know never say never but unless big money flows into sports, Pitt will be happy to be part of a conference that allows it to collect millions a year with little incentive to put an excellent product on the field. Yes – Pitt misses the big picture…how ones college experience impacts future donation rates and sports is part of this experience. Pitt misses alot of things. But I’ve come to the conclusion that Pitt has no desire to become the Stanford of the East. Thats too bad. If I blame anyone, I point the blame at those responsible every year over the past 35.

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  87. The day I feel like that TX_, you know, not thinking PITT has any chance at all of winning a conference or 10 games? Will be the day I die… yes… a little dramatic but my expectations will never be tempered in anyway. You see, I can take disappointments, they have come my way often enough in life that I hold onto what make me the happiest…


  88. TX_Panther..


    If any of you think otherwise, good for you. You’re probably happy, well-adjusted folks..

    You’re not right, but you’re happy.


  89. Ike – Backside of my property, near a creek & a spring, I found the remnants of a still. Moonshiners long gone from my neck of the woods but replaced by more lucrative pot growing.


  90. Only way you get big money and alumni to care to is give them a product they believe in and a experience. This relates to an on campus feel and pride. None of these exist currently at Pitt. Basketball and Football the only sports that matter are struggling. Football is way better off than basketball but nothing that makes you feel good. Yes Engineer a whole overhaul is needed. BOT and AD and an OCS and actually give college kids an experience atheltically that ties pride to giving. Go to a SEC Game and walk on campus on a Tuesday. Totally buzzing with alumni and pride. At Pitt you wouldn’t know football was being played on a friday afternoon.


  91. UPitt – I get that… But its mainly because there is no OCS. How can you have that buzz when you have to ride busses down to someone else’s stadium. I was at Pitt about the same time that Dorsett came in. One man – and he was a pretty small man at that – I know, I rode up in elevators with the man and I think I was taller – and he changed everything about Pitt football around that time. It wasn’t money or front porches or any other BS. It was about that capturing lightning in a bottle. Believing in something unbelievable.

    It may not happen again but oh it was so glorious when it did happen… Anyways, it imbued me with an optimism about Pitt Football that I still have today.

    And don’t even get me going about Billy Knight and the Pitt basketball program from that era……


  92. Upitt: I agree100% with your comment. PITT will always be climbing that hill because of the BOT!

    Football is ahead of the BB team as well. Losing PITT stadium was a complete sellout. Too many want to look back at the late 70’s and say they didn’t sell out even then. I told you all. You cannot look back, you can never look back. Move forward.


  93. LOL, you guys make me laugh real hard, so thank you!

    You will all have your answers next year. Is Chryst or Narduzzi a better recruiter. Next year we will know. A 3 star class is okay.

    Jay – The point on rankings was that you made my point. The surveys are completed by the universities for the most part. Universities hire people to answer and manipulate the surveys. I am not impressed with a top 10 or a top300 academic ranking. It’s kind of like the coaches poll. A sham. Also, not a negative aimed at Pitt. It is aimed at the whole non-profit system of smoke and mirrors.

    Here’s to circular arguments that can never be proven. Dilly dilly!

    Ohio State just beat the #1 ranked bball team. They bought out a coach that was very successful, but wasn’t filling seats and missed the tourney. An almost complete redo. What great results you can get with the right coach in year one. Bball is a mess. Already did the math. If the AD doesn’t want to try her hand on a calculator, that’s her blunder.


  94. @Huff. Ohio State Basketball almost a complete redo?? Let’s see: top four scorers from the game today. One, a redshirt Junior. Two, a junior. Three, a senior. Four, a redshirt senior. Yes, that looks like a total ground up rebuild…. Let’s see the wreckage of Pitt’s program – starting five true freshmen. Now that’s a complete redo…. But, who knows, we can blame the BOT for not convincing Sean Miller to come…


    1. There was no need to do a complete redo from Stallings. He was given a tourney team with Seniors and he screwed that up. Oh poor pity Rockports. Cry me a river.


  95. Pitt-cocks, this side of Westmoreland County is back country. When I first moved here only 12 miles down rt 30, I called it little West Virginia. Whiskey stills and pickups with makeshift wooden beds. They be hootin and hollerin up on that ridge. Goes straight up. Ask Bernie..


  96. Pitt-cocks, it’s mountain ridge from Blairsville to Donegal, it’s all mountains east of my house. You can see them from my bedroom window. Not that I’ve look recently.


  97. Let me try to explain..

    Optimist.. “I bought a Powerball ticket. I’m going to win! I’ve got the same chance as everyone else.”

    Pessimist.. “I just wasted a dollar on the Powerball. I never win anything.”

    Realists. “I might win. The odds however, say I probably won’t.”

    Can you people understand that?

    Wanting Pitt to win doesn’t mean they will. Hoping Pitt will win doesn’t mean they will.

    I want Pitt to be 14-0 next year. Does that make it so?

    Erie Express mentioned addition by subtraction. He said he’s firing 6 people and hiring two. Did he hire the six that he’s firing? If he did, why would anyone be confident that the two he is hiring will be any better?

    Narduzzi is entering year 4. He is recruiting players to replace the players that are leaving that he also recruited.

    Other than wanting it to be true, how can anyone say these new players will be any better? He simply does not have A+ recruiting track record. I’m not rooting against him. I’m not saying he can’t do it. I’m simply asking,”how can you be optimistic with a track record contrary to your hopes?”

    Someone please explain and make me feel optimistic.


    1. Jay91 – of the 6 we are terminating at my business, I was involved with hiring 2. As the CEO I knew about all 6 candidates filling needs when they were originally hired, but through hiring delegation to our leadership group, they became part of our team.

      I am involved with the 2 hires to replace the 6 – as the CEO, I had not been happy with our overall teams performance, even though we had our best year ever in 2017.

      So let me apply this example to football – a defensive recruit redshirts and plays on the scout team. The feedback from the coaches was he did not hustle or give max effort. The strength coach reports that this player’s weight training is not producing the expected results, again because of the players effort. In year 2, he is a RS FR and you experience similar feedback.

      At the end of each quarter, each player has a performance review with their position coach and once a year they get a face to face with the HC. This player knows what the coaches are seeing.

      Do you show this underperforming player the door or do you occupy the scholarship because you recruited him?


  98. @PittEngine – Look at Pitt last year and ohio state this year. Compare the two and then debate the difference. The difference is the coach. Dilly Dilly!


  99. Hey Jay, I don’t play the lottery cause I know I’m not going to win. Please don’t pin down all the PITT fans that think the program is moving in a positive direction.


  100. Jay91 – the problem with your logic is you use logic and historical data and facts. That doesn’t fit in the enablers approach that allow people like Nerdberg, Gallagher, Stallings and Lyke to have jobs. Do you think Clemson or Bama or hell VT would employ those jabronis? I’d look at Lyke’s resume and immediatley direct her to Cal U or Davis & Elkins. Funny to me we and our 674 person committee hired her. Narduzzi obviously bc he can steamroll her and she will say I don’t rock boats. I’m just happy to give out certificates and make 375k. Dilly Dilly.


  101. … and hey Jay. please excuse but to me, I’ll say it again, to me. You already sound like PITT is going to suck next year. That’s not being realistic. That’s negative. IMO!!!!


  102. Gasman, yes Ligonier is a truly surreal throwback place on earth. Time has stood still there and we go up there often for no reason whatsoever.


  103. Ike. If last year’s record, our returning players, and our schedule .2 a losing season, is it negative or pessimistic to say we won’t have a good year? Or, is it realistic?

    Let me ask you, are you predicting a twins for the fourth year in a row?

    Using your logic, Maryland fans predicting a bad year are just being negative. Are they? Should they be optimistic? Should they be predicting a 9 win season?

    Maybe a fan of a bad team predicting a Bad season isn’t being negative. Perhaps, he’s simply processing the information at hand and coming to an unfortunate conclusion. Should we all just say,”I’m a Pitt fan. We are going to win 10 games this year.”?

    Some Seasons I’m right. Some Seasons I’m wrong. Some Seasons I think we’ll be good. Some Seasons I think will be bad. Some Seasons I think we’ll be okay. Being a Optimist, a pessimist, or a realist, has nothing to do with it.

    As my dad used to say,”the good news is we’ve got a lot of starters back. The bad news is we had a losing season last year.”

    I simply don’t see any additions that will change the outcome.


  104. Reposting last comment.. damn autocorrect!..

    Ike. If last year’s record, our returning players, and our schedule points to a losing season, is it negative or pessimistic to say we won’t have a good year? Or, is it realistic?

    Let me ask you, are you predicting a 8 wins for the fourth year in a row?

    Using your logic, Maryland fans predicting a bad year are just being negative. Are they? Should they be optimistic? Should they be predicting a 9 win season? They aren’t good! Neither are we.

    Maybe a fan of a bad team predicting a bad season isn’t being negative. Perhaps, he’s simply processing the information at hand and coming to an unfortunate conclusion. Should we all just say,”I’m a Pitt fan. We are going to win 10 games this year.”?

    Some Seasons I’m right. Some Seasons I’m wrong. Some Seasons I think we’ll be good. Some Seasons I think will be bad. Some Seasons I think we’ll be okay. Being a Optimist, a pessimist, or a realist, has nothing to do with it.

    As my dad used to say,”the good news is we’ve got a lot of starters back. The bad news is we had a losing season last year.”

    I simply don’t see any additions that will change the outcome this year. I’m glad you do. You’ll enjoy the next 8 months more than me. But, come September, you’ll see what I see.


  105. I don’t expect Pitt to be 14-0 but given everything that is said on here regarding the recruiting hole that Pitt is in, I would be happy with 7-8 Wins next year and could live with 8-10 wins per year with winning the Coastal every 4 -5 years. Is that realistic, am I settling, I don’t know. But if I expected the team to win 4-6 games every year I couldn’t maintain my interest. I’ve said it before, but the joy of the wins over Clemson, PSU, Miami, and WVU help to make the heartaches of being a Pitt football fan a little easier to take. If my outlook sickens some of you I’m sorry. I don’t consider myself a Narduzzi apologist but am not ready to throw him over yet. I’M enjoying the ride. Hail to Pitt !


  106. LMAO @ Dilly Dilly!

    I think that Jay is saying that typing we suck is realistic, because we do. In everything. I agree with that. That isn’t being negative. Being negative is when we were in the 80’s and sporting 11-1 records and then saying we sucked. We didn’t. That would be negative.

    Being 5-7 and saying we were really good is being too positive, because we weren’t. Did we do some good things, sure. But we weren’t good on the whole. Saying our recruiting is great, is too positive. Saying it is a little above average is realistic. The problem is that average is a ranking of 65. We did a little better than average.To say it is terrible is too negative on the whole. However, saying it is terrible for the ACC is different. That is realistic. We cannot compete against the ACC with our slightly above average for the 130 teams because our competitors in the ACC have recruited better, so says the rankings.

    Now, we may think the rankings are bunk, but who cares. 5-7 records probably equal a 70 recruiting ranking.

    Dilly Dilly.


  107. C’mon, Ike. You’re a smart man..

    I can’t see into the future. But I can look at past performance, recruiting rankings, graduation/defections and guess Alabama will win more games next year than Baylor. Now, could I be wrong???!!!

    Sure. But if you are predicting Pitt wins 7+ games next year, you’re simply not using logic. Is it POSSIBLE they win 7+? Yes. Is it likely?

    You know that answer. You just do.. And so does EVERYONE else.


  108. oh, one last thing. Paying Narduzzi at 65 of 130 coaches, should give you 65th recruiting and 65th record if we are being fair. The problem isn’t with his results for where he sits in the paycheck pecking order.

    The problem is with the Administration. Let’s pay a top 25 salary and then start demanding a top 25 recruiting class and a top 25 record. We all have been missing the boat for years. Do the math and apply it to each coach. Accountability is so critical to success, so let’s agree Narduzzi has achieved or bettered his lot in the pecking order. IT’S THE ADMINISTRATION!!


  109. Huff..

    You get it.

    Dilly Dilly!


    Win the ACC Coastal? Hasn’t happened yet. Winning 8-10 games every year? Also not happening. I never said fire Narduzzi. I just said things are what they are.

    And do you know what they are? Let me tell you.. A $h1tty rented stadium. A couple big wins surrounded by CRAP losses to UNC. Poor recruiting rankings. Poor game day coaching. Smug press conferences. Sleeveless women handing out certificates. Bribing students with free pop. Thousands of empty bright yellow seats. POV posters with all the answers.. who don’t actually donate money or attend games.

    Before anyone attacks me.. Name one thing listed above that isn’t true.


    1. Pop! LOL – What Pitt student can’t afford a Fanta and a bag of lays for $2. Moronic Move by someone who should be working at Carlow.


  110. Jay91, I agree we haven’t won the Coastal but we never really won a much weaker Big East conference either (and we should have). We have won 8 games in 2 successive years and I believe we can and will again. I respect the fact that others may not think so but I don’t see why those of us “less negative” should get lambasted for it? H2P!


    1. He won with Chryst’s guys and has shown he cannot recruit on the level of a Mustard Gray Sweatshirt wearing moose.


  111. I’m not “lambasting” anyone. And YOU mentioned winning the Coastal, not me. What does the Big East have to do with anything?

    I will only speak for myself (and maybe Upitt) by saying that is what is so frustrating about many of the posts on here.

    You say “I’ll be happy if we win the Coastal.” I say, “we haven’t.” You say, “we didn’t won big east either.”


    Pick a point. State a fact. Stick to your point or admit you’re wrong. JUST DONT CHANGE THE POINT WHEN IT DOESN’T SUIT YOUR NARRATIVE.

    If winning the Coastal is YOUR benchmark, YOU should be frustrated too– because we haven’t. Not “negative.” It’s a fact.


  112. We can’t win more than 8 games with the past coaches recruits. Now we are gonna win a coastal? We won 5 games last year.


  113. Upitt..

    Stop stating facts.

    Pitt 2018

    Penn State
    at UCF
    at Notre Dame
    Georgia Tech
    Virginia Tech
    at Miami
    at North Carolina
    at Virginia
    at Wake Forest

    1-3 in first 4 games.. anyone disagree?

    4-4 in ACC gets us to 5-7. If we go 4-4.

    Does 4-4 win the Coastal? Does 5-3 win the Coastal?

    Just asking the optimists.. Or do you think Pitt wins more games? Honestly asking.


    1. With rosters flipping and coaching changes, next year is looking Lyke a positive win season.

      No one on the schedule jumps out as an automatic loss.

      The psu game is at home and Barkley is off to the NFL. Miles “fumbles ” Sanders is waiting to take his spot alongside the McSwirley “INT machine”.

      2-2 in non-conf.
      6-2 in conf. Loses at Miami and UNC

      8-4 with a poor bowl game win.

      9-4 in 2018

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      1. Glad you are back here with the time to post and the rejuvenated optimism.

        I don’t quite see 9 wins no matter what glasses I wear, but if, and it is a big IF, Pickett is able to be protected, it could be a very fun year.

        And as I have stated before, give me the win over PSU and I can be very happy for another year.


  114. That is one strange schedule. Who in the heck made that. If that is correct…4 Road games to end the season….against our longtime rival…..Wake Forest (?).

    Crazy arse schedule.


  115. If the offense doesn’t gel. we could go 1 -11.

    8 of the 12 scheduled teams went Bowling…..we did not.

    4 of the 8 went to Major Bowls. We did not.


  116. Ask me how many wins at the start of the season, makes no sense to predict record now. We don’t even know who the DC is going to be. Give me a break allready.


  117. I posted this schedule quite some time ago…

    I suggested 5-7 was the likely outcome. Similar to your take Jay.

    Albany (W)
    Penn State (L)
    at UCF (L)
    at Notre Dame (L)
    Duke (W)
    Georgia Tech (L)
    Virginia Tech (L)
    Syracuse (W)
    at Miami (L)
    at North Carolina (L)
    at Virginia (W)
    at Wake Forest (W)

    Now I would suggest that in there somewhere they will pull out an upset similar to what they did this year (let’s say Miami is highly ranked, however in turn we will lose to a team like Wake Forest or Syracuse.

    When I talked to my brother (also an alum), he informed me that Wake Forest was going to be good this upcoming season…and he felt UCF was going to slide a bit.

    I understand grizzly’s take on this, but this is a blog, a place where you make early predictions.

    The thing is people seem to misunderstand my take on this…I do think Pickett is the real deal, but he can’t do it alone. I have no faith in the pits where he needs protection.



  118. I guess my point is one side says “No 4’s or 5 star recruits in this class which is fact, But when the other side counters with yes but the average rating of all the recruits is increasing, with better offers for all the totality of the recruiting class (also fact) the factoids of argument #2 (go ahead you can nail me with that one), are rejected as inferior. As is the intelligence of those holding those beliefs.


  119. Actually the last sentence should say ” The intelligence of those pointing out argument #2 is called out as inferior”…and I too will not be happy if Pitt is Bowl ineligible again in 2018.


  120. Optimist or pessimist, we all want Pitt to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Pitt was nationally prominent. God bless us everyone. – Hobie


  121. Last year we had many known unknowns, all the new starters, young guys and transfers, one major unknown unknown, how poor the O-line would be. This year we have two Known unknown, the performance of our offensive line, and injuries, it’s football, you always have some. Of course we don’t know what the unknown unknowns are, good or bad.

    The number of wins depends on how good or bad the O-line performs and the turnover battle. I would say the over under is six wins. If the O-line gels, bet over, if not it will be another long year. The turnover battle depends on how well the defense plays, it should be better than last year, if we are relatively healthy.


  122. Another concern with this team is the lack of stars. I don’t mean 4 and 5. I mean actual poster boys. Other than possibly Pickett, who are the leaders on offense and defense? There are no Donald’s Boyd’s or Conner’s, even Henderson’s or O’Neill’s, guys that have won awards or set records. This is really a no name team. outside of Pittsburgh, where even few Pittsburgher’s can name more than a handful of guys.


  123. Maybe somebody mentioned it, but losing Henderson’s punt and kick returns is a very big deal. He was a in a very select group of guys that could take it to the house. We will lose a lot of major field position without him.


      1. Extinguish that realism, let the optimist in you out!

        Ford is going to be a great one starting in 2018! Just cast aside the fact that he hasn’t yet played a down of D1 football.

        I am channeling the ghost of Dark Knight!


  124. Both lines, specially the OL are extremely important for next year but if Pickett is legit PITT will win many games. He looks to be a gamer and have seen some clips of him working out this off season. I like what I see.


  125. With Conklin and Hill both gone, this defense could make major strides forward.

    Cause they’re going to have too, until our offense gets up to speed. We need some more Frenchmen.

    Vive la Pickett !


  126. In response to post on 1/7 at 6:11pm.

    Upitt, ask me personally to answer that dumbass challenge. Go ahead and dare me, you overblown opinionated know nothing, “supposedly” Pitt fan. I find your constant trolling of all things Pitt despicable and more than often, you can’t back up your uniformed bravado. This is one of those times.

    The only challenge that I make back to you is that you issue a public apology for making such denigrating dares, if my reply to such an absurd dare takes you longer than two minutes to read. I’ll wait for your reply.


  127. Bloggers attacking each other is wasted space and time! What gives rise to too much negativity is frustration. We have all had too much of that. Several things still are not part of Pitt football. 1. The board and the adms. unambivalent support of a winning D1 program. INCLUDING COMPETITIVE SALARIES . 2. Winning cures a lot including 3.Full stadiums for teams to play to. 4.Quality coaching that remains reasonably stabile ( getting harder to do with all the $$$ flying around D), getting like NFL). 5.Campus experience with stadium. Unfortunately Pitt in spite of its’ success at times over the years has never had LONG TERM COMMITTMENT to top football. Read your history.H2P


    1. @ Pitt60, just to be clear. I am just answering a call to action asked for by Upitt. I’ll let the facts speak for themselves. And believe me, those facts will take more than a few seconds to assemble, I assure you.

      I’ll tell you what REALLY IS a waste of time. Blowhard opinions that aren’t worth the time to type out in the first place. In that regard I’ll let history speak for itself,,,,, if my return challenge to Upitt is accepted.

      A matter of fact, I think all true Pitt fans will find such. an expose an interesting walk back through Pitt football history, although I’m still waiting for the go ahead from you know who.


      1. Reed,

        I think you are responding to my comment “these guys had fallen (or stayed) at/to third string” when you stated that those guys couldn’t “FALL” (as you put it). First off I did say “(or stayed) at/to third string”.

        I have to respectfully disagree:

        Carter – Started the beginning of the year and had reduced playing time as the year progressed and did not play the last three games when the defense played their best.

        M. Henderson – Is there any question he has been over-recruited?

        Pugh – Seems obvious to me that Weaver (#17) played more and more as the year went on but Pugh never say the field but was recruited one year earlier I believe.

        Miller – I believe was part of the 2016 class as a CB yet two guys from the 2017 class played a little. He may have been moved to LB and still say nothing.

        Yes, I have no idea what is in Narduzzi’s head, but considering these guys have not seen the field or had reduced playing time I think the reasonable presumption is that hey have been passed over. That said, saying the 2006 class was not as good as thought, expected, or hoped is a different argument.


  128. if this is a result of what happened after the Miami game, I am really glad, because I expected a lot worse. The only negative is that those players were not as god as many of us thought (Miller and Pugh). Carter was a flier as any transfer is and Malik Henderson was always a long shot.

    Personally I don’t think those four had anything to do with the “Miami game incident”…whatever that is.


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