It looks like Pat Narduzzi isn’t real happy with the depth at QB for 2018.  Here is the Post-Gazette article on JUCO QB Tyler Zelinski:

Pitt may have found its quarterback of the future in Kenny Pickett, but that doesn’t mean depth isn’t necessary.

Tyler Zelinski, of Erie Community College, has accepted a preferred walk-on spot with the Panthers for next season, he said Sunday afternoon. Zelinski, listed at 6 feet 4, 200 pounds, threw for 1,756 yards, 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in nine games this year as a redshirt freshman. A native of Medina, Ohio, Zelinski starred at Medina Highland High School as a senior in 2016, then began his college career at Division II Ashland University.


Safety Jordan Whitehead took off also

98 thoughts on “Say Goodbye MacVittie… (and Whitehead)

  1. I’m not sure MacVittie will be the QB that leaves if one on the present roster leaves. Right now I’m just glad Narduzzi didn’t burn a scholarship to get a transfer QB to come to Pitt.

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  2. Not in the know but I don’t see the correlation between a walk-on committing and Tommy Mac leaving? I’m thinking it was the day of the NCS game after Pickett had his red-shirt used up and I bumped into a younger fellow that had a PITT shirt on. I asked him what he thought about the upcoming game. He told me he had never been to a PITT game and that seemed odd to me. He went on to explain that he was an old time MacVittie family friend.

    I was thinking ah oh, Tommy had just been passed up on the qb depth chart so I asked, how does the family feel about all that? The young man told me in a strong statement that the entire family loved PITT and the father especially loved PITT.

    Could TM still leave PITT, yes absolutely. I for one hope he stays… ike



    1. If he wants any PT at all he’ll go elsewhere. I don’t see him as a WR at all and I would think he’ll want more than being a special teams guy. Much like Mark Myers did he’d be best served dropping down in class and having fun playing ball.

      As I have written for the last two years I never got the fan’s excitement about this recruit – his only other offer of note was from Cincinnati and he only played one year of QB in HS.


      1. Why do fans ever get excited about a prospect? The tape of course.

        Did you not see the zip on MacVittie’s throws and his running ability? Twenty-two TDS vs. one INT versus the nation’s toughest schedule in his only year of playing.

        The kid looks like he loses weight with each passing season opposed to getting bigger and stronger. I hope he stays just because for one more season.


  3. No – last time I did that it created a ruckus on here.

    Here is some good news though. I received a $2740 “late filing penalty” from the IRS last week so I called them just now and… they abated the penalty in full right over the phone – without me even asking them to do so. They offered, I accepted (of course) and I owe them nothing now.

    Happy Holidays!! I guess…

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    1. they told you they abated penalty. Next year’s notice will be > $4K with further interest added.

      Just kidding …. I think


      1. Well, I did ask a bunch of questions after she said she did it so I think it will stick. When I mentioned it was for The Pitt POV, LLC she said she was a reader and agreed with everything I have ever written.

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  4. It wouldn’t surprise me if MacV leaves … or stays. There are early departures and transfers every year, almost always it’s players who don’t play much.


  5. Interesting that both Henderson and Whitehead left after having ‘down’ years, eh? Of course the suspensions of Whitehead would have made you think he’d want to stay another year to mitigate that negative mark and up his play on the field for a better draft projection.


    1. Whitehead would have missing the first 4 games next season too to something stupid I’m sure. Bring on Ford…


  6. Its a long time until the next BB thread guys… not until the 16th, so if you want articles send them in.

    Seriously – give it a try, you’ll have fun doing it and don’t think about embarrassment because I’ll go over them to make sure they are ready for posting. Release the inner Hemingway!!

    You can do it like Shakespeare:

    “Shall macvittie behold elsewh’re f’r his lasteth playing days on the green grass of heinz field?”

    Or even write it is Swedish:

    “Kommer Pat Narduzzi att stanna hos Pitt för mer än hans ursprungliga kontrakt?”


    1. Only by the slimmest of chances Reed.

      As a person who has worked for a Swedish company most of my career, I can say that one would not want to wear any Pitt clothing in the streets of Stockholm.


  7. You know the old saying? (if ike can do it, a monkey can) << Don’t make me post the Madonna song “Express Yourself”! Send in an article folks. Hell, even if it’s your family bean soup recipe?


  8. per PSN interview, Whitehead plans on proving himself at the combine. He has been timed 10.78 in 100 meter …. not sure what his 40 speed is.


  9. Sorry for being late to the topic, but about this 10th coach business … I was chatting with someone in college athletics about it and, giving it more thought, a “wait and see” approach like Narduzzi talked about I think makes sense. If a bunch of poaching does occur based on it, then Narduzzi may have no choice but to do the same. If, on the other hand, all that most teams do is simply promote one of their several graduate assistants to a full time coach to get them paid more for all the work they put in (which I think will be the more common scenario), then Narduzzi can promote one of Pitt’s GAs. I was looking at Pitt’s website and they had four GAs listed for this past year.


    1. Narduzzi’s best chance at a 4 star is if and when the “Power 5 Biggies” pull their scholarships on their 4 stars and Pitt has some remaining scholarships left to hand out.


  10. I know Reed is hungry for content so I intend to try to write some funny Pitt football and basketball poems. I am going to try free verse, various rhyme schemes, and the famous Haiku.


  11. For those who stress out a little too much. You don’t have to watch but I recommend you do that as well but.. here’s to chillin:


    1. Ha ha Ike, I used to watch Bob Ross on public TV when my kids were little. His soothing voice made them fall asleep…


  12. There once was a coach named Duzz.

    Whose recruiting didn’t make much of a buzz.

    Where are the four stars?

    Are we not buying them cars?

    Please do better this year, just because.


  13. Bentley is a true quality recruit. What happens is when a player commits to play at PITT, people automatically think he must not be that good. We are the dog chasing his tail people…. ike



    1. Iek: He looks like a quality player. Happy to have him.

      But it cannot be argued that we have missed out on a few big fish in recent years.

      I do think that there is less 4 and 5 star talent in the WPIAL than there used to be. And in some cases, we have no chance when a kid has his heart set on going a certain place (See Jurkovec)


      1. And in “some” cases we have no chance when a recruit comes to a game and the stadium is half empty.

        Matters to many players…

        Go Pitt.


  14. Nobody seems overly thrilled about our Erie Community College newest recruit. Come on guys Zelinski wears Number 13 and his first name is Tyler.

    What a combination !


  15. Eric, sorry, that wasn’t directed at you in any way. << You are a true blue and mustard gold PITT fan through and through. Your poem stunk though. 🙂

    Another question, how much of a difference is there between a 5.7 and a 5.8 recruit? That’s the subjective difference from a 3 and 4 star… That’s kafluey in my world…


    1. Right Ike, and if you look on the Pantherlair Commitment 2018 List, you will see no less than 7 commits rated 5.7 …. but better yet, if you scroll through their bios, you see plenty of attractive offers


  16. There once was a poster called UPItt
    Whose postings would cause me a fit
    He took in a new roomy
    Yet is outlook is still gloomy
    Wouldn’t know positive if his butt was bit

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  17. Sing to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer:

    We’ve lost to UConn and South Florida and Cincy too,
    Beat Furman in OT in 2003, I yelled whoo hoo!
    But do you recall…the most horrible loss of all?

    Paul Chryst got killed by Youngstown,
    At his very first game as coach.
    All of our good players were suspended, kind of a big freakin’ joke.

    Ray Graham and Devin Street, I think got in a fight in a bar.
    After the damn game ended, I threw away my victory cigar.

    Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say:
    “AJ, why do you watch Pitt football, doesn’t your job suck enough…hey?”

    Tino “Canada” Sunseri, couldn’t complete many throws.
    When you can’t win a diluted Big East Title, you get no attention from the ho’s.

    No creativity by Potato Pauly with his stained sweat shirt on,
    He couldn’t sell spaghetti to a hungry mafia don.

    Maybe one day we can get ten wins,
    but I’m not holding my breath.

    Maybe I’ll hit the lottery, and we will go to a new year’s six before my death.

    Merry Christmas POV.


  18. OK since I’m not easily embarrassed here goes nuttin: << hey it’s something??

    There once was a man from Youngstown
    Who became the PITT head coach who always wore a frown
    As he would yell at the reporters to stop it and sit down…
    … as he was the coach who would never let his guard down

    He didn’t like the “I” word and forbid it to be ever spoken
    but they still asked and so the practices were closed and boy he wasn’t jokin

    As he was the new sheriff that burst into town
    He wouldn’t put up with being made out the clown.
    Love or hate him is all the same to him
    He’s not here for us and he looks into the camera and grins

    It’s the players and the school he firmly stands by
    and he doesn’t want the reporters to ask him why
    all he wants is to do his job and don’t ask him questions and stand on the side
    as he wants the media to back off and just abide

    He won many games his first two years
    yet the next season and 7 losses brought many a tear (boo hoo)
    here to tell you and alleviate your fears
    Narduzzi ain’t going nowhere not for many years.

    Alright, I know that sucked. What you got?

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  19. hai·ku
    noun: haiku; plural noun: haikus; plural noun: haiku

    a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

    2 Pitt Haikus for the Panther Nation expressing my 20 years of fan frustration:

    Stallings gets hired,
    Pitt nation screams in horror,
    Two conference wins?

    Wesley Posvar jerk,
    Ruined Pitt football for sure,
    Cheat to win baby!


  20. There once was a famous son
    whose panthers couldn’t get it in from the one
    4 tries and it was no fun
    probably b/c our moron OC called all runs.

    But worry not our basketball team is built like a strong fort
    The Cesar Haired look a like leads them named Rockports.

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  21. Narduzzie knows how to evaluate talent give it a chance to work. all his transfers so far have been pretty good. I hope Charlie Partridge got some of the athletic department’s “walkin aroud” money added to his salary this month he is worth it. Maybe he should be a co defensive coordinator. h2p


        1. I believe Reed’s response of Browne was in response to, “all his transfers so far have been pretty good.” Yes, Peterman worked out very well. But the original comment was “all.”


  22. Iek…not only did your poem NOT suck, if you stopped using capital letters and punctuation your work would pass for the writings of ee cummings.

    He came from Michigan State
    A “D” coach considered first rate

    how he recruits and “coaches-up”
    making Nard-dogs out of young pups

    will undoubtedly impact his fate.


  23. I started watching as a kid in the days of Dorsett
    Pitt football was rising into a sure-bet.
    Tackle made by Hugh Green
    Was shown up on the big screen.
    Then along came a kid named Marino
    Absolutely no relation to another named Tino.
    Then the suffering started
    First Fazio then Gottfried departed.
    I stopped watching in eight nine
    As the Panther’s failed to shine.
    Came back about the time of Walt Harris
    Did more with less and did not embarrass.
    Until Haywood took a swing
    Then Graham got some bling.
    Cheese head Paul, a clean program espouse
    So that Duzz can create a powerhouse (maybe).

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  24. I have a friend from Latrobe named Ike!!!

    He loves some complaince and our AD Heather Lyke.

    He worked hard on the garden this summer digging his spade.

    He’s been accused before of dranking that purple panther koolaid.

    I miss him sometimes ai think he is my Pops.

    What just happened oh Weah with a drop.

    Wake up early Narduzzi is on 93.7 the fan.

    Somedays I really miss Frankcan.


  25. God rest ye frowning POVers, you’ve nothing to dismay
    Remember Reed the Sailor will doubt on LOI Day
    That Pitt commits will succeed and be able to play
    So tidings of agony ahoy .. agony ahoy


  26. lol << who’s your daddy? you guys sure make me look like a piker, hey that rhymes with my last name which is ???

    A different twist….. fill in the next sentence

    There once was a girl from Nantucket << No don’t do it….


    1. There once was a girl named Anheuser
      Who said that no man could surprise her
      But named Pabst
      Found the Schlitz in her pants
      And now she is sadder


  27. When Conner enters a Steeler game the announcers always mention Pitt and his life struggle. Kicking 4 straight game winning field goals by Boswell makes him the 4th B on the team. The other 3 we all know.


  28. POV’ers Lament

    It’s a sad tale I’m told,
    Of this longsuffering fold,
    And SOP is it’s mantra.
    Still waiting for another Dorsett.
    Instead we get upset,
    When LOI Day unfolds.

    They play like they’re never learning,
    While watching them turning,
    Only to lose again UNC & Georgia Tech.
    Can Narduzzi somehow help us,
    Or Lyke ease our sad pain,
    From this maddeningl long football wreck?


  29. This is Ike’s poem as Shakespeare would have written it…

    Thither once wast a sir from Youngstown who is’t did do becometh the PITT mazzard coach who is’t at each moment did wear a frown As he would yell at the reporters to cease ‘t and sitteth down…

    … as he wast the coach who is’t would nev’r did let his guard down He didn’t like the “I” word and forbid ‘t to beest ever spoken but they still did do ask and so the practices wast did close and sirrah he wasn’t jokin

    As he wast the new sheriff yond did burst into town
    He wouldn’t did put up with being did maketh out the clown.

    Love or envy him is all the same to him
    He’s not hither for us and he looks into the camera and grins ‘t’s the players and the school he firmly stands by and he doesn’t wanteth the reporters to asketh him wherefore all he wanteth is to doth his job

    And don’t asketh him questions and standeth on the side as he wanteth the media to back off and just abide He did win many games his first two years yet the next season and 7 losses did do bring many a drop of sorrow (boo hoo) hither to betoken thou and alleviate thy fears

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  30. We say HAIL TO PITT!
    as we truly should,
    For we love our University ,
    And know that it is good .

    Others say WE ARE!
    And we marvel that they do.
    For we know what they TRULY are,
    And that they’re full of poo….


  31. In Soccer and Hockey they both score a goal,
    Who in their right mind hired Cornhole?
    twice you say??
    No Way,,,
    Yes Way,,,
    The end


    1. Then along came the next clown named Herman,
      Who had Pitt fans a squirmin’
      As his search team scoured the land…
      He hired a shoe salesman,
      Yeah, old Herman conned our BoT dopes,
      On his way out of town,
      He emptied the Zoo and our hoop hopes.


  32. I just caught up to this article and man oh man, it’s doggone entertaining. My wife keeps asking what the chuckling is all about. << she thinks we are all crazy! Is she right?


  33. ^^ sadly, i guess you’re right Jack. I’m beginning to think we wouldn’t know happy if it sat on our face. :0


  34. To the tune of “Rockin’ in the Free World” with apologies to Neil Young…

    There’s colors on the streets
    Old Gold and Blue

    People shuffling to their seats
    People sneaking in some booze

    But there’s a tailgate rockin’ in Red 5A
    It’s the POV gathering on every game day

    Don’t feel like sharin’ with the Nitter fan
    but we give Reed’s tequila to the homeless man

    Keep on rockin’ here in Reed’s world
    Keep on rockin’ here in Reed’s world
    Keep on rockin’ here in Reeds world
    Keep on rockin’ here in Reed’s world

    (I’m out of gas…help me out Iek. 2 more verses. or just throw in the You Tube video)


  35. I haven’t stopped by this blog for a month or so and I come back to stars players leaving, reed protesting his own blog, and narduzzi letting other schools get the coaches they want while he sits around…. man o man


  36. Holy Moly,
    I’m away from the POV for 2 days and the entire site as gone rhyming mad!
    Whatever everyones Smoken I’m just hopen’
    It’s not anyone dopen’
    ……..Oh No! Now I’m infected.
    Please, somebody call the Office of Infectious Diseases quick!!!!!


  37. We sure seem to have loaded up on DTs… We still need playmakers at DE, RB, and LB.

    I think Coach Duzz should hire Wanny as the 10th coach and just have him recruit DEs and RBs. If this team had Wanny-era DEs and RBs, I think we’d easily be a top 20 team…

    Go Pitt.

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  38. OK Reed a while back asked me about putting together a theme song for the POV…this might be a good time to show what I’ve come up with so far…. (sung to the tune of John Mellencamp, ROCK in the USA)….

    We come from the cities and we come from the smaller towns,
    To talk about Pitt college football and all of its smash, boom, bam.
    PITT POV , PITT POV, PITT POV, Oh yeah ,
    Pitt Panther football POV

    Who should be the starting QB, the starting tight end,
    Why are we running a quarterback option on THIRD AND TEN?
    Pitt Panther football POV.

    Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett , Aaron Donald (Darrelle Revis)
    Shady McCoy, Curtis Martin, James Conner (Darelle Revis)
    Spotlight on Dan Marino , don’t forget John Brown
    Pitt Panther Football POV

    OK that’s all I got…


  39. ^^ That’s great Mark!! 🙂 Lot’s of wasted talent. Reed and the Blowhards should hit the tour wagon next year?


  40. Loving everyone’s poetry submissions. I have one more.

    Oh Pitt football team, Pitt football team, please someday win an ACC title.
    Oh Pitt football team, Pitt football team, please someday win an ACC title.

    You only win big, when the season is done.
    But thirteen to nine, was a lot of fun.

    Oh one day please, win when something is on the line.
    I’m going to be thirty-five, we are running out of time.

    Oh Pitt football team, Pitt football team, please someday win an ACC title.
    Oh Pitt football team, Pitt football team, please someday win an ACC title.

    When Wanny was our coach, we had our chance,
    the worst BCS Conference in history and we lost, what a bad romance.

    We had a qb that couldn’t throw,
    How could I forget about Tino or even worse, Andrew Janoko?

    I sat in tears that December day,
    Tony Pike and Marty Gillyard took our Sugar Bowl dreams away.

    And ever since then, I feel like we’re lost,
    I used to park, near a sports center named Cost.

    I hope Pat can catch a break,
    recruit some four stars for our sake.

    The 2018 non-con is brutal again,
    But with Kenny Picket, could our future be bright my friend?


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