As you all know by now I’m involved with volunteering help with Veterans issues here in Howard County, Maryland.  Most specifically I work in helping Vets get their due VA and Social Security benefits and in getting homeless Vets into short term emergency and transitional housing.

I just received an email pointing out that there is a very effective group in the Pittsburgh area that does this for local Veterans – it is called “Veterans Place of Washington Blvd”  and here is their mission statement:

Veterans Place is dedicated to ending homelessness among veterans in the Pittsburgh region. We offer homeless veterans a safe, supportive and regenerative environment as they gain the necessary skills to face real life challenges, secure permanent housing and lead productive and self-sufficient lives.

I called over there and discussed the details of their various programs and have to say I came away impressed with their approach to problem solving. They claim high success rates: 91% of every dollar goes to the missions, 87% of the Vets get employment and/or receive permanent pension or disability payments and they have a 77% overall success rate.

One interesting thing to note that their transitional housing is in ” supportive and sober living environment that can accommodate 48 homeless veterans for up to a 24-month stay in one of our 13 townhouses on Washington Boulevard.”  I have found this to be a key ingredient of success in these specific areas of help.

So – if you find an extra few dollars in you pocket or have some hours to fill volunteering for a great cause then this looks like a good place for that. I find it rewarding, educational and many time just plain fun…

Thanks for reading this….



6 thoughts on “PSA: PGH Area Veterans Need Our Help

  1. Your work with the vets is great Reed. It is also great that you found the info on the program in Pittsburgh and shared it. opfm (Soon to change my screen to “Dirty Rich).


    1. when I lived in Pgh, I would always donate my clothes to Viet Nam Veterans. They would send out a notice (email) when they were going to be in the area, and I would respond when I had a bundle for them. Then they would pick it up


  2. Thanks Reed. I believe the executive director is former Pitt hoopster Marlon Ferguson. I pass those townhouses when taking my daughter to school. I will definitely support this effort.


    1. If it indeed Marlon Ferguson what a great story it would be for one of the Pgh papers … as some here may recall just what a controversy his recruitment was.

      It bothers me to no end that veterans are homeless while these pols can serve only one tour in Congress and be set for life.


  3. Indeed a very worthy effort for a great cause. I remember this Marlon guy from Center High School.

    read this over yonder so I looked it up.. Keith Maguire, remember this name. PITT just offered him and man I hope he comes aboard! He’s hitter and he does it with a purpose.


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