132 thoughts on “Pitt vs West Virginia BB Game Thread

  1. The sad thing about this game is that it is on national tv. I can’t stand the fat drunk who coaches the Hoopies, but I have to give him credit for his excellent defensive schemes.


  2. These Pitt boyz look like boyz
    such a young team
    Like to see them in a year or two though
    Looks like a fun Pete tonight


  3. A national TV audience will see no yellow seats
    Will see a packed student section
    and the students wont leave in mass exodus after a stupid song called Sweet Caroline


  4. we knew about Pitt’s inability in handling the ball. Tonight we will learn how undersized Pitt is … which will really come to play in ACC


    1. Stop. Pitt had an announced crowd of 2333 on Tuesday.

      There’s a decent crowd because it’s WVU. The students came because it’s WVU. A third of the crowd is probably WVU fans. When Pitt plays WVU at Heinz in 2022 it will be full for all the same reasons and it will have nothing to do with an OCS.


  5. This is like a WVCC centric broadcast…..west virginia that west virginia this….wvcc in the big 12…..Pitt doesn’t belong to a conference….per these broadcaster a-holes.


  6. Well the announcers did spew the customary Kevin Stallings is a great coach and put his players in great position bologna. He stinks.


  7. I thought PITT played better than expected. Lot’s of missed easy shots. I thought the coaching was there and lots of young talent to grow on. Again, I thought the team was fun to watch tonite.

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  8. This years PITT basketball team is like a brand new comical sitcom. You have to get to know the characters before you enjoy the show…

    Draw you own conclusions but I enjoy the crap out of these kids.. << That’s a team through and through!… of course I’m a PITT fan through and through…. ike


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  9. I’ll be hearing “Eat S**t Pitt” in my sleep tonight. Heard it in Hemingways about 20 times and at the game on numerous occasions…even from young kids sitting behind us. Way too many missed easy shots in the first half or we take that game. Really proud of the kids. Lots of football recruits there…hopefully a Pat signal or 2 coming soon.

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  10. Credit is due. Down 18 they could have folded but didn’t. Whether you credit the players, the coaches, or both, it is encouraging. There really is some talent. With a little better shooting from both the charity stripe and the three point arc, we might have won.

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  11. I know the skeptics don’t believe in moral victories, but come on! This team fought hard and has no fear. They will get better and they’re exciting to watch. Give this team some support! UPitt, I’m looking at you, man.


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  12. Great fun watching this. I was with neighbor, WVU grad and expected what EVERYONE else did. It was great to see him squirm.

    Basketball will always remain my favorite because of opportunities like this one…similar to when I was at Pitt from 80′ to 84′ watching at Fiztgerald against the likes of G-town and Syracuse and St Johns after a year in the A-10. No expectations for anything big, but every game was great and enough upsets to make it all worth the climb up the hill. Pretty sure I only missed ONE game in the 4 years there.

    These kids might be worth the season ticket, dare I say THIS YEAR.


  13. I thought that the press would eat them alive and we would lose by 40. Glad I didn’t call in the bet. Wonder how BigB did Bernie???


  14. Rockports sucks. This team has 1 D1 player. WVU is without it’s Best Player and won by 9 while it’s 2nd best player was on bench for 7 mins. Kids played up some and fought back but was more related to atmosphere and WVU shooting bad shots. Stallings is who we know him to be. Wait for ACC hoops it will be ugly. Over / Under was 13. We will be lucky to get 10 wins.


    1. I think I could have written your response for you. Let’s see. Make sure there’s no credit given to Pitt at all, throw in some Rockports…done.


  15. “If I am wrong on this, I will forever praise KS and this cobbled together team, THAT DOES PLAY WITH HEART! Imagine if somehow we had beaten Montana and OK St and were sitting at 7-2. So close but really SO FAR. I do think, if we had a good big man, this team could compete but not sure KS would really do much with one.”

    @iek, I think I got off to a good start on this by saying they might be worth season tickets THIS YEAR.

    What the hell anyway, I come here to get away from the wife and crap like this(being called out on over-the-top statements). I used to Lyke you Iek. LOL!!!



  16. this game may have have 2 positive effects

    1) give they young players some confidence … maybe they will play with more purpose

    2) give the Pitt fans some confidence … maybe they will show up more


  17. I give the guys a ton of credit for making a game of it. I can’t stand Stallings but the team played amazing in the second half. He deserves credit for that.


  18. Who is Wvcc “Best” player who missed last night game. Checked last nights Wvcc roster box score vs. big time games against Va. & Tx A&M & then against total team roster. No one missing but walk ons. So who is name of “Best” player.


    1. I think Carr and Stevenson are really good for frosh … Stewart and Davis show promise. The other frosh show glimpses but are very raw.


  19. good effort
    just not enough experience, and talent
    team could be really good in 2 years
    as long as coaching doesnt screw it up
    needs a few more pieces
    team was fun to watch

    again no yellow seats seen on TV
    no Fanta giveaways
    nobody sleeping in seats

    You see all those things at football games

    Better atmosphere always in a smaller and packed venue in any sport

    And the Pete is enclosed so its rockin and loud


  20. Morning After Observations:
    1. The Pete was rocking again and it was great
    2. These kids played their hearts, lungs, and livers out last night.
    3. The team appears to play up to or down to the competition.
    4. Credit KS for going out and bringing these kids in.
    5.KS had the kids ready to play but his in – game coaching seems poor (which is odd with how long he’s been a HC).
    6. It was an exciting game to watch and I hope it leads to a few ACC victories.


  21. This may well be the Pitt Panthers Mantra from 1983 until forever…in both FB and BB.

    Good effort but just not enough experience and talent. The team could be really good in two years as long as coaching doesn’t screw it up.”

    Thanks TX Panther


    1. That certainly wasn’t the mantra in basketball from 2001-16. Fifteen years of stability will do that for you. The reset button was hit in basketball, which is why we have to wait two years to see if this team is legit. I really don’t remember that mantra used at all in my years watching Pitt basketball since 1986.

      Of course it has been used in football due to firing coaches because of crazy reasons like an affair or an uninformed SI article, then hiring morons to replace them. You reap what you sow in those instances and Pitt deservingly did so.


  22. Hell – maybe I should drive up and watch a Pitt BB for the first time in 40 years. If I do does anyone want to make an evening out of it? Here are the games I could drive up for… and I’ll buy the pre-game drinks. Never been to the Pederson Events Center (named after SP)

    Dec 22 (Fri) 7:00 PM
    vs Towson
    Pittsburgh, Pa. Petersen Events Center

    University of Miami
    Dec 30 (Sat) 4:00 PM
    ACC vs Miami [Fla.]
    Pittsburgh, Pa. Petersen Events Center

    Duke University
    Jan 10 (Wed) 7:00 PM
    ACC vs Duke
    Pittsburgh, Pa. Petersen Events Center

    Georgia Tech
    Jan 13 (Sat) 2:00 PM
    ACC vs Georgia Tech
    Pittsburgh, Pa. Petersen Events Center


    1. I had season tickets for first 4 years and it is a first class venue. It’s worth a trip up. Both Miami and Duke are current Top 10 teams


  23. If there was ever a time when I would like to drop a few F-bombs it would be right now. I do not post on the Panther Lair and I have much respect for Chris Peak. I gave up my spot and screen name on there to my son who is a big PITT fan as well as me. (bobfree) << that screen name was a declaration of getting away from a certain writer that I couldn’t see eye to eye with on 24/7.

    This cupcake JO is relentless towards Reed in the thread spoken about last article of so. On top of everything else he’s a liar. I have zero patience for people who make their lives into their own personal agenda’s forced on social media.

    Why am I making an issue out of something so stoopid? Because of what we all have with the POV. Yeah I get on people’s nerves an vice versa but it’s always with a kinder hand and always with the truth. I’m frustrated that someone would take an untruthful shot at one of my brothers and can’t do anything about it. So now I feel a little better… ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  24. Reed: Richman, Fran, Pittpt (Mark) and Annie and maybe Bernie for the Miami game on the 30th, << he maybe still home, were planning on a game together.


  25. Reed…I can do any of the above but I think the Jan 13 Georgia Tech game was the one we were targeting. I think that’s the one Annie can make?


  26. Hey Fran, about last nights game? If a couple of the shots go down last night you could have been at a big upset? I thought Stallings made some good in game adjustments? No?


    1. The best adjustment was getting Carter & Miles in foul trouble 🙂

      Let’s not kid ourselves, if he plays more minutes in the 2nd half that game wouldn’t have been a 9 point game. Pitt shot 31 FT’s to the Hoopies 9. Hoopies had 27 baskets to Pitt’s 16.

      Pitt did win the Rebounding battle (for a change) 38-32. Which is a huge turn-a-round from previous games.


  27. well it looks like Pitt got its requisite transfer QB

    Ryan Donnelly@RivalsRyan
    Pitt adds a preferred walk-on from the JUCO ranks in Erie CC quarterback Tyler Zelinski. Zelinski will enroll in January.


        1. He’s not superstitious though (or something), cause he always wears #13. Even in HS. Could it be….a second coming of Danny ! 🙂


  28. Maybe we need to clarify this again, Petersen Events Center is not named after Cornhole.

    The arena is named for philanthropists John Petersen and his wife Gertrude, who donated $10 million ($13.9 million in 2016 dollars) for its construction.[5] John Petersen, a Pitt alumnus, is a native of nearby Erie, Pennsylvania and is the retired President and CEO of Erie Insurance Group. The Petersen Events Center was winner of the 2003 Innovative Architecture & Design Honor Award from Recreation Management magazine.[6]


  29. Anyway i just read the Trib article on the last nite’s game and less than 8,000 attended. It looked like a full house on TV, but it was about 5,000 short of capacity,

    I guess that’s pretty good…….in the Otis Era. And could be the biggest attended game of the year.


  30. Here’s what I watched on my TV last night… A very young PITT basketball team with a somewhat suspect head basketball coach who somehow coached his team into a respectful finish to a very tough game. .

    Stallings coached Vanderbilt to a 332-220 record during his head coaching there. Now, I’m not a big fan of his just yet but I really don’t get the vitriol directed toward him? I thought his young team played hard and as the best they could. I also watch a well coached team second half. The coach doesn’t actually shoot the ball.


    1. Ike, that is not even 2-1 win to loss ratio in a non basketball conference! It does not make for a very good coach in my book. Plus Stallings was disliked at PITT before he arrived. How many players left the team? Lesson should be learned by all AD’s. Find out what players think of a potential coach before he is hired. Unless you want to loose a whole team


  31. If Pitt was in Ohio, we’d be much more popular. Since Ohio’s NFL teams are so bad.

    No wonder everyone is an Ohio Fake Suckeye fan.


  32. and… a couple more things just when you thought I was done.

    6&34, job well done sir……

    Is it too early for the early predictions for next year?. 🙂

    The POV needs an early “Know The Enemy” for the coming season. Anyone up for that? It seems to me that Erie Express would be a great author for something like that. or… Pitt-cocks. Boom! << this guy is mr research or anyone else just to get talk started…

    The POV needs a podcast soon and or a round-table on Sunday mornings every once in awhile? I have a new idea for a different format where you sign in blood to appear and have a predetermined list of questions. or we just wing it… or a combo?

    Where’s Richman? I know he’s smiling somewhere.

    Where’s Matt from Louisville? Check in brother Matt! << hope all is well

    rkb, come back and join this fractured group of POVer’s. You’re insight is missed

    DK, you’ve been gone for too long. 😦

    The POV is indeed in a healing process, let’s forgive and forget but remember… We All We Got!



  33. Ike…you are correct about last nights game. A shot / layup or 2 drops and maybe we pull it off. I thought we would get toasted. There was a dj on a Pittsburgh R&B station named Brother Matt. WAMO-am. Back in the sixties. That’s all I listened to back then. Healing is a process.


  34. WVU played two seniors in Carter and Miles last night. Everybody else that played more than 2 minutes are freshmen and sophomores. Pitt was down 13 when Carter sat with 4 fouls. Pitt cut it to 4 just before Carter returned.

    The future hopefuls:
    Carr was 2-6 from the field (2-4 from 3) with 2 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 turnovers.
    Wilson-Frame was 3-10 from the field (0-6 from 3) with 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 turnovers.
    Stephenson was 3-7 (1-1 from 3) with 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 turnovers.
    Davis was 2-6 (1-4 from 3) with 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 turnover.
    Parker was 1-5 (1-5 from 3) with 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 0 turnovers.

    So the new talent was 11-34 (5-20 from 3) with 17 rebounds, 9 assists and 11 turnovers.

    Luther was 5-9 (1-3 from 3) with 12 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 turnover. I don’t consider it much of a stretch to say that without Luther’s consistent production (16 boards in his only poor shooting game against MSM), Pitt is likely staring at a 1-9 start this season.

    WVU pressed very little last night. As Emel noted, Pitt shot more than 3 times as many FTs as WVU. If Pitt hadn’t enjoyed that huge advantage it’s a a 20 point WVU win.

    Now feel free to return to mocking UPitt and be sure to buy some season tickets THIS SEASON.


  35. Here is an excerpt from PSN … so we may not know who the commit is until signing day. Note that that is December 20th ….. the first of two LOI signing days this season

    The logical guess is that it’s one of the four big names that we’ve heard a lot about in the last couple of weeks: Shocky Jaques-Louis, Jatavious Harris, Jeshaun Jones or Tyler Bentley.

    Here’s what we can tell you. Since the “Pat Signal” was issued, PSN contacted all 4 of these players. 3 of those players returned my message and said it wasn’t them that committed. I hope to hear back from the fourth player this morning.

    Here’s two other things to consider. 1) This commitment might not be any of these four and could be one of the many secondary players that Pitt has been recruiting. 2) It could be one of the players that I contacted and they just don’t want their decision to be made public yet. Remember, 3 of these players have ceremonies set up for National Signing Day and making their decision public Now would ruin their ceremony. They could have just let Pat Narduzzi know their decision in order to help out with future recruiting.


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