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Can we really believe anything head coach Pat Narduzzi says considering he thinks he an espionage agent half the time? Here are a couple of Pat’s thoughts that I think are significant.

Coach says he’s going to sit back and wait for other teams to raid each other for the new tenth assistant coach that is going to be allowed come in the new year and then reevaluate where PITT stands. Here’s the quote again, I borrowed from our good friend Huff and Pat Narduzzi.

“People are going to be stealing from everybody. I’m just going to stay patient, see what happens, see who gets stolen. It’s going to happen. We’ll just kind of wait around and see what happens in that respect.”

This sounds real silly at first glance but is it and is it true? Trying to think back when something like this phenomenon of a coaching carousel ever took place before? I think it’s unprecedented. What would your approach and angle be in this case? How can the lesser of the Haves and Have Nots compete in such a money driven business and be successful out the other end?

Come this January it’s going to be a lot like the Oklahoma land rush. Teams rushing in to stake their claim on a top end assistant coach that is with another team. Is Duzzi dizzy? I really don’t know. Does he have a real choice in the matter? I have to believe Narduzzi has a few ideas in that balding head of his. Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.

Aw, but now Pat is armed with the new contract. Ah ha. Is this going to give PITT more leverage and was this the grand plan? Don’t forget the rumor is that AD Lyke approached HCPN before last season. Is she smart enough to have seen all this happening so far out? I think she was. I think these two events are completely tied together.

Narduzzi insisting he wanted to keep his staff intact was a tactful maneuver IMO. We all have our opinions on what kind of assistant coaches we have but with the new job opening up for every team in D-1 there will be some interest from a few of PITT’s guys. Partridge for one and no I’m not trying to make Reed mad but Conklin could be another? (Edit: Reed is not mad and would be ecstatic if another team is stupid enough to try to steal Conklin.)

They both would be invaluable for a team based in the deep south for recruiting mostly) Especially in the state of Florida. Don’t poo poo this thought. They are both highly thought of down there and imagine when they knock on your door representing the big schools from the south. These are just two examples that may be stretch but the point is. There is going to be buku movement in college football beginning of the year.

Now, has Narduzzi backed himself into a corner with all his talk about loyalty toward his staff? I listened to and heard many coaches say they are happy and don’t want to go anywhere and what happens? They go somewhere. Gone with the wind… but isn’t Pat Narduzzi going a little over board with the love fest for Pittsburgh and PITT?

Can we believe Narduzzi will stay at PITT for 10 years? It would be the first time a coach stayed that long at Pitt since John Michelosen’s tenure in the 1960s. But I think he can and that it would be very hard for another team to drag him out of Pittsburgh. Remember, Narduzzi’s attachment was more to HC Dantonio then it was MSU itself. Dantonio hired Pat from Cincy I believe?
I’m thinking PITT and Pat Narduzzi have put all their eggs into one basket.

Here is another point for conversation: What changes do you think Heather will try and implement this coming season?

Disclaimer: Some of these thoughts are for an open discussion and were meant to open up dialogue for you all to share your different POV’s. .. But mostly it was to help Reed and lessen his work load and keep the POV moving forward… Ike


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  1. Perception and signals are often how one comprehends stability. The extension provided a strong message. I’m not worried about Nard Dog leaving. If he does, he does. Avg tenure of a coach is 5 years anyway…thats the baseline for stability. Pitt will be a good stepping stone for some young coach. Still not a destination job unless you believe the Dog. But things quickly change.

    Heather needs to tarp those yellow seats
    Provide Dr Peppers instead of Fantas
    Present even more awards for next year
    Have Carrick Elementary paint the logo at the 50 and Panthers in both endzones
    Sing Sweet Caroline…never again
    More bobblehead nights
    And plenty of SMILING

    Shes not going to tell Narduzzi what coaches to hire and fire after this


  2. when it comes to assistants … what do we know?

    This blog seemed pretty happy a few years ago when we spend some money and hired OC Chaney, and then not so happy when we hired PN’s friend, Canada, who had just been axed. Then, finally a year later, Chaney is in the CFP while Canada who is making $1.5M may be seeking new employment.

    Whoever we get, it’s not likely to be an HR hire but you never know …. when Wanny hired Hafley about 10 years ago, who cared?

    BTW, all of you cynics …..or Pitt Panthers is currently above Duke int he ACC basketball standings …. so take that!


  3. Duke lost to BC so forget that win we were counting on.

    Ike – Good Writing!

    Finally a coach who wants to be here 10 years. My question is do we want him that long. If Heather is serious and signed this deal after this season it shows they are happy paying league lows and winning 6-8 games a year. No way shape or form can she be serious when saying we want ACC and National championships here at Pitt. That is like Ike giving me $50 and sending me to Shop and Save and saying buy 12 Filet Mignons, Salad, 24 Pack of Iron and 6 bottles of Cakebread and a bottle of Dom. It ain’t happening. Pitt says bht I don’t beleive them in wanting Champagne on a beer budget. They truly only want beer on a beer budget.


    1. As a former gymnast, I was impressed by her triceps. I could never get my lower triceps to look like her’s. Is Ike the guy I tried to make a joke with once? A serious dude?


  4. Thanks for the post Ike!

    I agree with the question UPitt asked – do we want HCPN at Pitt for 10 yrs? The odds are “no”. Not too many CFB coaches stay that long. Hopefully, he’s successful and if he leaves because of that, he leaves the program in good shape for the next guy.

    I don’t buy one bit of the manure he is spreading about waiting to see what happens with assistants. Sure, there is an aspect of having to watch it unfold and react, but any HC worth their salt has a list of candidates for every position. Hopefully HCPN has a long list.


  5. Ike – It would be interesting if you wrote a piece on the AD. Reed could title it, “Ike on Lyke”
    Wouldn’t matter what you actually wrote as I think the title would generate some good chatter. Clean chatter of course.


  6. I still hold to the belief that if he wins 9 games he’s gone.

    I don’t doubt him when he says he’s waiting… He’s not a very good long range planner IMO.

    Guys, Ike took a longer comment, fleshed it out and now it is an article. Wasn’t hard to do and I’ll post one a day if you get them to me.


  7. UPitt @ 4:14 comment.
    Mark, the last sentence needs corrected. Should read: “They truely want beer on a Fanta budget.” :>)


  8. Couple thoughts:

    Thanks for the compliments guys. Reed cleaned up my comment and made it presentable. I’m not even close to a hack let alone a writer.

    Heather could beat up steve.

    Being the believer I am, I think Narduzzi likes where he’s at. He’s a Pittsburgh kid like all of us. << sort of. If Pat had an agent the agent would have had a heart attack listening to Narduzzi talk about loyalty. I have often wondered, what’s wrong being happy making 2.3 million per?

    Say what you want to and believe what you want but money is not always the driving force behind a man on mission. I say it all the time, family comes first.

    I expect more surprises going forward to next season. Some could be good and some seem to be always not so good.

    Topics are hard to come by right now but like the round-table, you all need to join in for the cause. Let’s keep the POV rolling as we all need to carry our weight.


  9. Mr Reed,
    We need a Backyard Brawl article up for this evenings massacre, er, basketball game vs #18 WVU.


  10. Thanks Emel…I couldn’t post a pic. I’m not that savvy-o
    Ike…I was watching the Last Waltz earlier today. Sitting bin Hemmingways with Scooter…million Hoopies chanting “eat poop Pitt”. I hate them. (kept in clean)


  11. 6 degrees of the Weight:

    1) The Band had their final concert on Thanksgiving night 1976 at an all-star event filmed by Martin Scorcese entitled ‘ The Last Waltz’
    2) The Staple Singers sang ‘The Weight’ at the ‘Last Waltz’
    3) Bob Dylan also appeared at the ‘Last Waltz’
    4) Dylan recently held a 4 night stay on Thanksgiving weekend at the Beacon Theater NYC
    5) Mavis Staples was the opening act
    6) On Friday November 24, I saw Pitt knock off #2 Miami in the afternoon and Mavis and Bob at the Beacon in the evening. (The Weight was not sung)

    P.S. – Mavis can still belt it out … as for Bobby, he had a fantastic back-up band


  12. Hey wwb, didn’t Dylan always have a fantastic back up “The Band” ?

    Robert Zimmerman discovered The band..


  13. The Band, … Sorry but I saw real live talent when I went to Three Rivers on July 24, 1973 and witnessed Led Zeppelin perform “Whole Lotta Love.” Went home to Meadville, came back for senior year at Pitt, graduated, Yeah! I got a mechanical engineering job paying a grand a month. then retreated back to Three Rivers to see Eric Clapton perform among other greats “Crossroads” on July 5, 1974.

    The Clapton concert in the Burg was infamous. Google it. Eric got hit in the face while on stage by a frisbee and Yvonne Elliman got hit wirh a BEERCAN. After cursing the audience out, and avoiding a riot, Clapton agreed to finish the concert. PS: I do not want to totally dismiss The Band as they were also on the bill with Clapton.


    1. was at both of those concerts. Zeppelin entered via 4 limos via the center field gate. Plant’s voice was hoarse.

      Clapton’s next album. was entitled ‘There’s One in Every Crowd’ Many speculated that it was because of that incident


  14. Jackagain- I think Steve Pederson is one of the worst fungi to ever invade Oakland (Where was Jonas when we needed him?). But unfortunately, I believe I went to a Pitt basketball game at Fitzgerald Field House with my young son and after handing our tickets in, Steve grabbed my hand and said, “THANKS so much for coming.” My son said, “who was that?” and I said “I think our Athelitic Director.” Is my memory deceiving me? Was he AD when we played hoops at Fitzgerald?


    1. Yep he was Tony, in the late ’90’s, thru 2001 season when we still played at Fitzgerald. Believe Ralph Willard was the HC.
      Howland came in 1999 and The Pete opened in 2002.


  15. Thanks for the article Ike. Hard to follow Reed…but you did a fine job.

    I think Narduzzi is willing to stay but if a job comes along that is going to pay him an extra million or two he will go, just like pretty much everyone else would. I don’t think he is like Canada though who is looking for his next gig the day after he signs a contract.

    The 10th coach, to be honest, I wouldn’t bother and I would divide that money with the 9 coaches I already have and raise the level of coaches you already have. 9 coaches is plenty. When you throw in the support coaches you have one “coach” for every second player. If I was going to take on another coach I would make it a cheap local hirer…a local HS coach or something like that.


  16. Ike, nice job on your thoughts. I read Narduzzi as not being sure of his moves at this time. Maybe it was the Browne and Watson mistakes. Peterman and his last two OC’s made him look like the “Wunderkind” Also from my perspective, looks like his energy level went down. Certainly recruiting has suffered. No I don’t think he will stay if offered a Big Ten or SEC coaching job. But first he needs to start winning again. In general, I think it is too hard to recruit and keep good coaches at PITT

    I’m rooting for Lyke to have a good impact at PITT. No reason why we shouldn’t have some of the so called minor sports win championships; especially ladies soccer, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics ,and men’s soccer, and wrestling. Let’s add men’s Lacrosse too. It’s an ACC thing anyway.

    Two other Lady AD’s I have seen, Rutgers and Arizona State were failures. I got this feeling Lyke will be better.

    Is the Big Ten really paying each member school $50,000,000 per year!!!!


  17. Way to go Ike! Here’ hoping that Narduzzi can find that 10th coach who can help improve game management , pull in a couple 4 star recruits , and have a blueprint to finally beat NC!


  18. Right now I’d like to see Narduzzi hire a 2018 5 star running backs father for the 10th coach. It’s time to roll the dice on a great RB that might complement Pickett in his last season. By the way that’s not a misprint as I believe the 2019 season will be Pickett’s last as he’ll be declaring for the NFL draft after that.


  19. I think it all depends on how happy you are with Pitt football winning eight games.

    Because that’s about the limit I think that narduzzi is going to be able to give us and that isn’t all that bad.

    Then again I’m not sure any coach can come in here and give us championship play. I don’t think the recruiting ground is as fertile as some people that think it is. I think the administration support is lacking and I think that the fact that we have Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan,and West Virginia surrounding us puts us behind the eight ball.

    We caught magic in a bottle back in 1976 and the 1980s with Marino and those great lineman and players we had then was when the WPIAL was much tougher than it is now.

    So I think Narduzzi’s extension is a good thing because it should keep us 2 or 3 games over .500.


  20. imo again. it’s still a wait and see scenario. Not speaking of next season. I’m ready and willing to come down hard on HCPN if he’s still mucking up game-day decisions and team play.

    I’m more of the thought that a national championship may be down the road a few years or so but I do believe it’s an attainable goal or at least a Coastal Division title is not unreasonable.. ike



  21. Yeah but you believe in the Easter Bunny also.

    Need another article folks…

    Ask Ike, not hard to do. Rip a headline from the media or another blog or message board topic and start typing.

    And type like you are talking to someone over a beer… Then send it to me.


  22. In the early 70’s Posvar took a lot of guff from alumni in a loss to Army. After the game at West Point, Posvar made a promise there would be a major change in PITT football. In came about 100 recruits (?) and Johnny Majors. The “magic in the bottle” was the number of recruits . By 1976, PITT had a huge #, mature, and Championship team. Nowadays you can’t bring in an unrestricted # of kids , plus as Reed has pointed out local talent is limited. However, Majors recruited all over.

    No National championship again at PITT. We don’t have all the pieces needed.


  23. Ike,

    I hope Narduzzi was being sarcastic when he said he was going to sit back and see what happens??? CEO’s and Football coaches who are a CEO in sense get paid to think strategic in the future. Wait and see is never a good approach unless of course you would like to be a former CEO/Football coach.

    Now maybe there is hope for Heather in that she made a strategic decision and gave Duzz a nut of money in hopes that he would enact a plan (or better yet already had a plan) to keep a good staff and augment it with the 10th person.

    I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens LOL. I hope Duzz does a little more than us.


  24. Thanks Josh and that was more to the point of my comment. Can we believe anything the guy say’s? At this point, I really think NOT. If he was a little older he would be considered eccentric or at least paranoid. I believe he thinks further ahead and outside the box then what he lets on. In other words, he’s a little goofy like most head coaches.

    Ask yourself this… How goofy is bill belichick? << no comparison other than demeanor.


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