PSA: Charity TKTs to Pitt – Duke BB

I received a request from a gentleman in North Carolina who has two tickets for the Pitt vs Duke game at Cameron Stadium up for auction for charity – I said I’d help if I could.  Here is the info:

Mr. Kohberger,

My name is Fred Park and I am a part of a charity in Wrightsville Beach NC. Every year we have a benefit and I donate a pair of my tickets to a game at Cameron to watch the Duke Men’s team play.

This year I’m planning on donating my tickets to the January 20, 2018 game against Pitt. Final details need to be completed but the tickets will come with a gift certificate for a meal at the Washington Duke hotel which is near the stadium and parking.

In order to increase exposure and hopefully raise the most money for the charity, I was hoping to get some exposure on some Pitt sites. I came across your site and wanted to see if you would be willing to post the link to the auction when it is available. It would be a link to a bidpal item.

Thanks so much for your consideration. A game at Cameron is a special treat for a college basketball fan.

Maybe our southern brethren can do this…

Here is the ticket auction link:



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  1. Well if you enjoy watching your team get slaughtered on the basketball court then by all means let the bidding begin.


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