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  1. Some of those Pitt kids can really shoot. No big man presence underneath. Big problem in ACC for Pitt. Luther is a real gamer but he is not big enough to be a post man or shot blocker. Must try to win as many of these early season non-conference games since ACC wins will be hard to come by. Not enough speed on Pitt team, but they played well and were disciplined. Seemed to shoot foul shots much better than in Dixon years. Both Pitt money teams won this week end. Hail to Pitt.


    1. The Ellison kid and the JuCo guard will add some athleticism next year. Stallings has to find a JuCo center with the last scholarship who can rebound at a double-digit clip. Golden will help on the boards a couple years down the road.


  2. And the # 26 Pitt women’s volleyball team captured a share the ACC championship today with a win over Virginia. Woo Hoo!


  3. Finally Pitt wins a ACC championship in some sport. Progress comes in inches around here but very glad the women are ranked and will head to the playoffs. Soccer did well and is trending up. Wrestling is ranked and has a good future.

    If football can generate the revenue, it can fund a mens hockey and lacrosse team. As well as 2 more sports program’s for women.

    Thats why football is so damn important.


  4. Congratulations to our Ladies Volleyball Champions!!!! I’ve watched them play and they are great. Tough game. I have a granddaughter playing in high school. Fun to watch


  5. The 2 Seniors led the team to victory today. Lex had 18 & 10 and Mister Milligan had 16, 2 & 3.

    Only other Panther in double figures was the Warriors kid with 12, 4 & 1. He made it back to Coney Island !

    A win is a win, but the non-Seniors really need to play to their limit.


  6. Cudos to the Volleyball team. We get some points in the Capital One Standings….Yeah !!

    Sounds like Annie might have spiked a few balls in her time 🙂


    1. As a matter of fact, I have. But both of my kids are way better than I ever was, and play in college. My daughter was all-state in HS. H2P!!


      1. Nice, I had a hunch you played the game. Love it myself, use to play, the 2 person to a team variety, on the beaches of Hawaii(Waikaki). Boy do they have some great players out there and on the Left Coast.

        You didn’t per chance play for North Allegheny HS did you 🙂


  7. Was at the game. I believe Pitt only got the ball inside to Brown 6’10” once and he scored.

    Why isn’t Stallings making an effort to get this kid some game work against the crappy opponents?

    He is their only big man.


  8. Best end to a football season in a long, long time, with or without a bowl game.

    Great day for the seniors.

    Although we don’t lose many, we are going to have a rebuilt O-line with Officer, Hodges, and Jones-Smith gone and probably O’Neill and possibly Bookser. This will be the biggest challenge for next year. Weah is fairly easy to replace.

    On defense, Whitehead and Maddox are the biggest losses. It feels like Whitehead just got here and Maddox was here forever.

    And we need a new punter.

    Overall pretty good, but the O-line is the key, they weren’t that great this year, but next year’s O-line is a good topic for speculation.


  9. So who are the starting O-line next year? If O’Neil leaves? if Bookser leaves?

    Morrisey could be the only returning starter.

    I think only Herndon, Pilato and Dintino are the only others that played meaningful minutes.

    We could be really young next year and the loss of extra bowl game practices really hurts.


    1. Herndon should stay at defensive tackle for his senior season.

      Morrisey and Bookser return. Alex isn’t going to the pros.

      Chase Brown must pan out and can play left guard. So the interior is set and now need to find the tackles. It would be great if Pilato can play left tackle and maybe Hargrove at right tackle.

      If O’Neil returns it would be huge.

      Ford and Drake will be pushing to time also.


  10. I know there will be 5 win FB teams in bowls this year. It is based on a school,s APR (i think that is the Academic Progress Rating). Now that the regular college FB season is over, I wonder what our chances are.

    I hope our AD checks on that and promotes us. The kids deserve it.

    I count 80 teams bowl eligible with 82 bowl slots. Our chances slim.


  11. I question how much prep for a bowl game helps players for the next year. Has any coach or player been on record saying the extra week of practice and a bowl game substantially helps? Just Curious.

    I also question the impact these games have on recruiting. Lets say Pitt does manage to go bowling and plays a scrub MAC team. Will that help lure some 4 star? I doubt it. I think the Pitt win against Miami in front of a national audience will help lure some 4 stars and some from Florida.


    1. Everyone knows,
      the only way you should feel a little better is if you started at some place worse than these guys:

      Reed, please delete if this takes up storage space that costs….anything.


  12. The extra practices help the young guys get reps. Definitely would help the young O-linemen and guys like Paris Ford learn the playbook. I have heard coaches say that it is important. Even moreso than the game itself.

    I don’t think missing a bowl this year hurts recruiting either, the Miami game is much more important than beating Bowling Green.


  13. Graham Fired. I give ASU Credit. They want Championships not 7-5 seasons. That committment to winning and auppoeting would be nice at Pitt. 2 10 win seasons. Fired.


    1. Surprised in some small way since ASU had a solid finish to the season and beat rival UA to finish. I wonder whether RichRod will be the other shoe to drop.


  14. ASU is going to make a hard run at Sumlin. That is an underachieving program also so it better hit on whomever.


  15. Anonymous above at @11:39 am reply to frank md is correct. I posted this on Game day thread this morning. If anyone interested

    PITT-cocks Fan
    November 26, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Well, there are 80 teams with 6+ wins. Bowls only need 78. Two 6 wins teams are sitting at home this bowl season. Ole’ Miss is one of those 2 teams because they self imposed a bowl ban for this year.

    There is still a chance for 3 additional 6 win teams. Florida State (5-6) is playing La. – Monroe (4-7), La. – Lafayette (5-6) is playing App State (7-4) & New Mexico State (5-6) is playing South Alabama (4-7) next weekend (Championship Week).

    PITT finished with a APR of 976 (43’rd). Of the 42 with a higher APR, 25 had 6+ wins, 9 had 8+ losses, 6 had 5 wins (like PITT). Ga, Tech (5-6) & Florida (4-7) are special cases. Both had cancelled hurricane games – Ga. Tech against Central Florida (11 – 0) & Florida against FCS Northern Colorado. So both of them would have at a minimum 5 wins with Ga Tech a chance at 6 wins.


  16. 2012 Arizona State 13 8 5 0 .615 9.00 1.77 Fight Hunger Bowl-W
    2013 Arizona State 14 10 4 0 .714 17.50 9.21 11 21 Holiday Bowl-L
    2014 Arizona State 13 10 3 0 .769 13.26 4.11 19 7 12 Sun Bowl-W
    2015 Arizona State 13 6 7 0 .462 4.91 4.45 15 15 Cactus Bowl-L
    2016 Arizona State 12 5 7 0 .417 -2.60 3.90
    2017 Arizona State 12 7 5 0 .583 6.01 4.18

    So 7-5, 10-3 and 9-3 regular seasons with prior recruits then 6-6, 5-7 and 7-5 with his own.
    What exact “auppoeting” do you want at Pitt?


    1. I agree not his guys. Needle is trending down but his body of work is good there. I agree they already have an ace in hole.

      I say Norvell comes back and that would be a great hire and Pitt Guy ish.


  17. Seriously doubt O’Neil or Bookster are going anywhere. BO needs additional year to work on strength and Bookster just isn’t good enough. BO would be a very,very late rounder if at all this year. And there are a lot of scouts who like Whitehead, but not sure if he would go higher than 3rd round. That’s obviously just my opinion, but look where DJ and Biz went, and I’m not convinced BO is as good at this point.


  18. A lot of coaches were fired this year. If Narduzzi had a 10 win season this year he would be in the conversation at places like Nebraska. Not a west coast kind of guy though.

    I think Pitt will be terrific in 2019 and beat the pedos at Creepy Valley. By then both lines will be good and Pickett will be great. People will come knocking then…


    1. Not really sure of the basis for optimism for 2019 but it’s fun to dream.

      By 2019 there is no doubt that 4 of the 5 2017 starting offensive linemen will have turned over by then. Their backups have barely played. By 2019 Roy, Folston, Hendrix and Herndon will be gone. That leaves Weaver, Watts, Camp, Carter and Wheeler. IMO, the only one from that group that has consistently shown solid to good play is Weaver. However Watts is very entertaining on the sideline.

      Also in 2019 Wirginis, Zeise and Idowu will be gone as linebackers. Say what you will about Zeise and Idowu but the underclassmen haven’t taken their jobs. Motley and Briggs will be gone from the DB group. Henderson, Hall, Ollison, Lopes and Aston will be gone from the skill positions.

      Personally the only group that I foresee being better in 2019 than 2017 are the DBs. Hamlin, Stocker and Jackson will be seniors. Garner, Mathis and Pinnock will be juniors. Ford will be a sophomore, but he hasn’t played a down yet.


  19. I noticed that Justin Morgan actually played a good bit at right guard against UNC – he was in on a TD drive in the 3rd Q. I would guess he’d be a likely OL starter new year.

    Plus we have a Juco OT coming…

    Go Pitt


  20. Well, looks like big decisions have been made. It would appear that lots of ego’s have been bruised on the POV. Schitt like this happens when passionate people try to express their opinions on a blog or message board. People complaining about people being negative or positive and people complaining about people complaining and on and on it goes. Just like stupid dogs chasing their stupid tails. BTW, this sort of thing happens 100% of the time on average message boards. The schitt hits the fan, it’s inevitable.

    Thought on this all day when I realized, reflected and remembered that I’m not a quitter and poof, There’s the answer. << That’s all

    Let’s look at yesterday’s starting line-up


    QB — Pickett



    I’m counting 3 seniors? Looks promising moving toward next year.

    Better news is that Narduzzi and the coaching staff will hopefully be one year wiser?

    I find it almost impossible that we fans had a bigger breakdown that the PITT football team had this past season. I’m still all in with the POV and if the golf outing is on the east side of Pittsburgh I will try as hard as I can to be there as a true supporter of the POV… thanks ike


    We All We Got
    We All We Need ——THE POV ALL THE WAY!!


  21. Hey Ike…don’t know if I posted this yesterday but Annie agreed to drive the beer cart!! Seriously.


  22. Great news Fran, I believe Annie is from my hometown of Greensburg? Close to Champion Lakes. Beautiful course on top of the world… I call shotgun!

    Just don’t piss off Groat as he can be something else. (know his daughter and coached his grandsons). . . .. ike


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