HC Pat Narduzzi’s Pre-Miami Presser

November 20, 2017

Pat Narduzzi Press Conference
Miami Week

 PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO: Narduzzi Miami Preview

 PAT NARDUZZI: Big week in Pittsburgh, obviously, with bringing a playoff team here to Pittsburgh, a team that’s in the top four. It’s senior day for all of our seniors, which as you look at this wall out here, there’s not a lot of them, but there’s some very meaningful guys that will play their last football game at home and at Heinz Field, so I think it’ll be a great, emotional day, not only for the players but for the coaches and for all the underclassmen that have grown attached to these guys.

Had them stand up yesterday and turn around and look at their teammates; it’s going to be the last time that 2017 football team plays together. It’s kind of a sad, really sad deal when you’re playing your last football game, and there will be a lot of emotions [Friday] that go into also playing a tremendous football team with a ton of speed, a ton of confidence, and obviously playing at a high level right now.

It’ll be a great challenge, and we’ll use Miami as a measuring stick to find out where we are as a football team, how far we’ve grown and learned through the entire year. Looking forward to it.

For me, today and our staff and our kids really, you guys, it’s Monday, but for us it’s a Tuesday. The coaches crammed in Sunday, working some longer, longer, longer hours, and yesterday was really a Sunday and a Monday for the staff because it was putting to rest the Virginia Tech game. You really got over it even faster as tough a loss as it was, you got over it a little bit faster than you normally would because you had to. My spirits were a lot better because you got into Miami quicker and you move forward quicker, and I think our kids feel the same thing with going out to practice today.

Q. The last play the other day, it looked like nobody on their team respected the possibility that Pickett could pull it back and run and he might have walked in there —
PAT NARDUZZI: The play before, too.

Q. Was it built into that play, that he had that option?
PAT NARDUZZI: You know, sometimes it is. I’m not going to give you what we have in, just talking schematics, but sometimes that option is in there, and we’ll kind of leave it at that. Sometimes it’s not. But you can look back at those four plays and we can dissect it as much as you want. It’s a coaching thing. You can say — you can always change the plays and different formations and different personnel, you can pull it, you can throw it four downs in a row and you can do that, but we could have run a quarterback sneak. There’s a lot of things you can do.

But the big thing to understand is you’re playing one of the top run defenses in the country that we rushed for 50 yards that day and we were hoping to get that much, and we weren’t able to get it.

Q. Why did you think those plays would work?
PAT NARDUZZI: We got yards. Emotion was with us. We had momentum going in there. You get a big long run after a catch, and I think our kids think they’re going to work. I think our coaches think they’re going to work, and I think the momentum was going our way. We wouldn’t be the first team to ever have a goal-line stand not get in. You always think you have confidence in what you do, and you think you can get in.

Q. Did you do anything differently with Kenny in there that you would have with Ben?
PAT NARDUZZI: Probably not. It wouldn’t be much of a difference I don’t think.

Q. I saw a lot of good things from the defense looking at the package of the total game.
PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, there were some great things, really on both sides of the ball. When you look at it, go to that last series, just getting the ball back to our offense, we talked about it after the game, just calling that time-out and getting your punt team out there and getting a chance to get the game, if we go for it on 4th and 10 and don’t get it, the game is over.

Everybody gets to watch the end of the game, take a few knees, but when you look at the people we had on the field. You look at where we came from, gosh, what game, North Carolina State, where we give up a big run and we’ve got Elias Reynolds out there and Chase Pine, and those guys made some big plays and played significant time, so we’re developing our guys for the future.

You look at Phil Campbell, some of the great things he did out there. Phil Campbell was — he’s a guy that’s got no patience, and his patience finally paid off. He had his opportunity, and it worked out for him. I’m happy for him, and there’s a lot of guys. Jordan Whitehead played to the field and did some really good things.

Up front I thought we did some pretty good things. Across the board, you look at it, it was a good football team, and we were an inch short, maybe a foot short, maybe a yard short.

Q. You talked about getting over the loss. The fact that you do have Miami, is that sort of good timing where it could be a down moment for your team after — having the opportunity to play a really good team that impacts what’s going to happen nationally?
PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I mean, I think we’ve just got to focus on what we’re doing. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing Miami or playing whoever, Rhode Island, I’ll use that. Doesn’t matter who we’re going to play. We’ve got one more opportunity to go out. It’s going to be a senior day, and obviously we get to play one of the top teams in the country that’s coming into our house and a talented football team, I can tell you that. So I think it makes for more — but I don’t think our reaction is going to be any different. It’s a Friday game. It’s a new schedule. It’s a changing schedule for our kids, and they’ve got to come ready to play, and we will.

Q. You said you’re not the first team that’s ever had goal-line stands. For a lot of kids in this group in their short time here, this is maybe probably the toughest result. How do you — is this a maturity test for them, for those young guys?
PAT NARDUZZI: I think every week is, whether you fumble on the 1 going in the week before. I mean, it’s every week there’s something. It didn’t come down to that goal-line stand, guys. Pull it up; we have two turnovers, they get 10 points from it, and we get one turnover, we miss a field goal. So we can put it all into the goal-line stand. We could have finished it off way before that.

We got a chance when they threw that duck ball up there to take it down and intercept it, and we don’t, we slip, we fall, the coverage wasn’t as perfect as we want. We’d like Avonte underneath that thing and Jordan on top. We really had two guys behind the ball, we wanted one underneath and one on top for that jump ball that he threw up. So I mean, there’s — we can go play after play after play to pull it out. It’s not one play, it’s not one series, it’s not one yard.

We’re going to find the inches throughout the entire game that we missed, and that’s the important thing. It’s not one play. It’s not one guy. It’s not pulling the quarterback and all of a sudden we — let’s not even go to goal line, let’s score, let’s get it in.

Q. Does Miami change how you view whether you start Kenny or Ben this week, depending on that match-up?
PAT NARDUZZI: Well, it’s match-ups, it’s how we feel we can run the football, the whole deal. It’s your run game versus your pass game, and we’ve got to get a run game going, period, and those are all things we’ll look at with practice, as well, what we do there.

Q. Have you made a decision as to what you’re going to do?
PAT NARDUZZI: Play it by ear, see practice, and go with that way. I think if we don’t practice good, it’s hard to start a guy that doesn’t practice. There’s constant competition. I don’t care what the position is. You’ve seen a revolving door at the D-end position this year, from the beginning of the year if you look at the depth charts, at least our depth chart, maybe not yours.

The ‘Or’s’, whatever it may be, it’s changed. I think it’s at every position. We’ve got to continue to compete, and competition makes people better. Ben had a heck of a day out there today, I can tell you that.

Q. You talk a lot about situational placement of players. Isn’t it maybe better to have kind of one guy at that position, even though it is the last game of the season?
PAT NARDUZZI: Maybe. Maybe.

Q. Wouldn’t it be better to have a guy and have trust in him?

Q. Still trying to gain that trust?
PAT NARDUZZI: Still trying to gain it, and it’s competition. When is the time? I don’t know. We’ll find out.

Q. What did you think of what you saw on tape from Kenny?
PAT NARDUZZI: Kenny did a nice job. Kenny threw the ball well, which we thought he could, but you never know in a game. He just gave us a chance. He threw — even in the two-minute drill, go back to those inches, the first one he doesn’t throw a great ball and the first play of the last drive with 1:34 on the clock and then comes right back to the same play and puts it right there on Jester’s hands and we can’t pull it down, which might have been another 15-, 20-yard gain, which then when you hit the next one, it’s going to be in the end zone. We don’t have to go whatever that was, 60 yards, we’ve only got to go 40 yards. So there’s so many things that happened.

But he had some good ball placement. Even his interception, just got to put a little more air on it. The corner came off the smash and bailed into the 7, which was a nice play by him. The same thing we do in our coverage, just got to get it up a little bit more. But it wasn’t a desperation, it wasn’t just slinging it down the field. He made the right read and just had a little bit better ball placement, and with time those things are going to be fixed. But I was impressed with what he did in there in that environment, too. …

The environment was not an easy environment for any quarterback to go into, and I thought both of them really handled it well.

Q. Was that a good throw in the end zone on the goal line? Did Kenny give Jester a decent chance to make that play?
PAT NARDUZZI: Not as good as you’d like it to be. There was two thoughts on it. We ran it on 2nd down, and that was just a fast ball, throw a fade for a young guy, maybe it was a little deep. Wish we could have got set a little faster. Coach Fuente was down about near the 15-yard line trying to tell somebody to go cover him.

We could have almost snapped it out and thrown it to him at the 3, but just the time and the guy ran out there, so it was a little bit different based on where that DB was when the ball was snapped because he was working his way out to get to that guy. But it was kind of a fast ball because of the clock. It was either that or kill it, kill it and then get your last down in, which would really be a waste. We had a chance at it.

Q. You mentioned Chase Pine. He moved to outside linebacker. Is he a guy you’re still trying to figure out where his best spot is moving forward?
PAT NARDUZZI: I think he can play Mike, he can play money. He’s athletic enough to play both of them. He’s physical; he played physical in the game. It’s good that he’s played both. It’s just really moving him around where our best — we could leave Elias at Mike and him, and then you’ve got three guys there that you want to get playing time to, and it’s really just kind of moving them around. It’s like when Wirginis is back, where is Saleem going to go? Now what do you do? There’s just — that’s a good problem that we’re developing some of these young guys, and you’re going to come into spring ball with some more competition because those guys are going to be hungry. They’ve got a little taste. It’s nice they’re getting a taste of what it’s like, and they’ve got game experience. It’s going to make us better for the future.

Q. Is there one part of the job that’s taking Chase longer to pick up than the others?
PAT NARDUZZI: You know, I think it’s just consistency. With Chase and Elias, for any young guy, there’s times — things happen fast out there, for a quarterback, for a linebacker, for a DB, even for Phil Campbell, but it’s having your opportunity and taking advantage of your opportunity. We give you a couple plays and you mess it up, it’s hard to go, hey, go back in there, let’s see if you can do it again. But they’ve gone back to practice and have been more consistent in practice, and it’s focus every day. It’s not just focus on game day. You’ve got to focus on practice every day, and it’s not easy waking up at 6:30 in the morning coming to practice, having a meeting, going to meetings, going out there and staying locked and keeping 105 guys focused and locked in on what they need to do, and I think you start to figure out what the recipe is to be able to go out and be successful and not just thinking you’re a gamer. I mean, practice is important, and you’ve got to show us and let the coaches know you have confidence and you’re gonna — not only know what to do because they know what to do, but then you’ve got to go out and execute it at a high level, at a fast tempo.

Q. What has impressed you about Miami?
PAT NARDUZZI: Speed. They’ve got athletes all over the field. Rosier, obviously, at quarterback, I think he’s faster than the Jackson kid last week, very similar type guy, throws a nice ball, tight spiral. He can run. And then they’ve got skill everywhere. They’re going to line up in three wide outs just about every snap. They’ll get in a little bit of two tight end sets, but it’s going to be a tempo game, not a fast tempo like Syracuse but it’s the speed that they have, and Berrios at the slot receiver is not only an electric returner but heck of a receiver, too.

Q. Their defense, too, is that what leads to their turnover margin?
PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, they’ve got 11 returning starters on defense, and they’re fast. It does lead to it. Sometimes those things come in — they’ve got that chain going and the U and the whole deal. They’ve got confidence that they’re going to get turnovers every time they walk out on the field, so that’s going to certainly be a key to victory is don’t get them started.

They want to pass that chain around and have 10 or 12 guys have that chain around their neck, so we’ve got to make sure that thing stays wherever they keep it when they walk out on the field, we’ve got to try to keep it in that box.

Q. Your seniors are going to be playing their last game, but what are the chances that maybe one of your juniors is playing his last game and has a chance to play at the next level?
PAT NARDUZZI: That’s something we’ll evaluate after the season. I think it’s tough, anytime you win four games, there’s not a lot of NFL teams rolling down. Usually when you’ve got NFL guys that are — I think that’s been wherever I’ve been. You win eight or nine or ten or 11, 12 games. Thirteen games I’ve won before, some of those underclassmen say, okay, good. I think the chances are less when you win four or five games in my opinion. But is that how you want to finish this business is what I’ll talk about, but I’m sure there’s guys that are going to test the water, which they should. That’s their right. If that’s something they’re going to do, we certainly are going to push them — we want what’s best for them. It’s about getting their degree, do you have your degree, it’s about — it comes down to making money, and are your opportunities better now or later, and I think that’s what’s got to be evaluated for a couple guys.

Q. You lost seven games already; anything for you as far as — any personnel decisions with more of an eye towards the future?
PAT NARDUZZI: I think you naturally do that, but we want to win football games, so we’re not going to do anything to hurt our chances to win a football game. I think it’s giving coaches a little bit more leeway to say, hey, let’s see what this guy’s got, but I think that naturally happens if you’re not finding those inches with those 11 guys that are out there on one side of the ball or the other or special teams. They say, hey, what’s the difference, let’s see what this guy has got, and that’s the nice thing. You’ve seen some guys step up and make some plays.

Q. You haven’t been in position often in your career where it’s the end of the season and there’s nothing beyond this —
PAT NARDUZZI: You don’t know what to do.

Q. What are the challenges for a coaching staff when sort of this is it and it’s a definitive end for this group?
PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t think there’s any decisions we have to make as a staff to say, oh, now what do we do. We know what we do; we go right on the road recruiting on Sunday. We’ll be on the road recruiting, and it’s one of those years that is different than any other year that we’ve been around ever in that the signing date is on the 20th of December. I know there’s two signing dates, but that’s going to be the big one, so it does create different problems there, so it just gives us an earlier chance to get to there, get on the road and finish up business there because that’s so critical.

Q. Do you revisit anything — Miami has a lot to lose in this game. This program has at least one win that I can think of where they ruined plans. Did you revisit any of the history or opportunities where teams have ruined another team’s shot at something?
PAT NARDUZZI: You know, we may, you could, maybe I’ll bring you in. (Laughter) But really we can focus on what happened back in whatever year that was that ruined your New Year’s, or we can focus on the now. Ultimately it comes down — kids like history lessons every once in a while, but it’s really right here, right now, what’s going on now, and the point is we’ve got a great Miami team walking into Pittsburgh on Friday, they’re going to spend their Thanksgiving evening right here in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, and then we’re going to go out and give it everything we’ve got.

Q. What about the win last year against Clemson? Most of these guys were actually part of that.
PAT NARDUZZI: You mean the history of that game?

Q. Yeah, you talk about that in terms of ‘We did it a year ago..’
PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I think our kids know that. I don’t know if I have to remind them. It’s one of those, ‘Okay, Coach, I’ve got you.’ We’ve got to focus on what we’re doing, whether it was the West Virginia win or the Clemson win. But it may — it’s really about right — it’s about Miami. We can’t lose focus and say, ‘Oh, yeah, we did it so it’s going to happen.’ It’s about working your tail off and believing that you can get the win and playing up to that level because it’s not going to take an average game, it’s going to take a big-time game out of a bunch of people to make plays.

Q. Did you watch the Pitt-West Virginia game back in 2007?
PAT NARDUZZI: I can’t remember.

Q. Do you make it a point of telling these guys you can determine college football lore?
PAT NARDUZZI: We’re just worried about getting a 1st down, trying to get a sack, trying to get off the field on 3rd down. We could tell stories and all that, but I won’t — let’s tell a story after Fridayafternoon. That’s the story I want to tell.

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  2. Here’s a little oddity I heard. Jurkovek may not sign during the early signing period. I find that hard to believe but as his entire family is big ND people. Of course that may not be true and or he will still probably sign later. .. ???


  3. Here’s a little oddity I heard. Jurkovek may not sign during the early signing period. I find that hard to believe as his entire family are big ND fans. Of course that may not be true and he will still probably sign with them later. .. ???


    1. It is odd that I still don’t think Phil has visited ND’s campus yet. On the other hand, my dad saw in one of the local North Hills papers that the family’s $600k plus house is for sale. Maybe they are making a family move to South Bend.

      Regardless, we are not getting Phil and we are not getting rid of Stallings. Cry the beloved country.


  4. Question: Who would you guys like to see become PITT’s 10th on the field coach next year? << allowing one more in 2018.

    How about Eric Kasperovich, Scott Shafer?


  5. Ike I know who I don’t want … the yinzers favorite drunk.. tom scrap Bradley. He can bring his pool boy Ron Cook


  6. Fran, that will depend on what Narduzzi decides to do with Conklin and it sounds like he wants to keep him. With Shafer Pat would have to be careful not to step on Charlie’s toes. He would be a perfect sideline guy for PITT. Maybe even give him some recruiting responsibilities?

    If Conklin is shown the door than both EK and SS could come in and really make an impact imo.. Maybe Eric could bring along a good QB with him?


  7. Ya, since he had an issue he’s been really careful. If someone knows differently I’m kinda bummed for him.


    1. Fran,

      My bro my dad and I will be stopping. No food for us as we eat an early breakfast at a greasy spoon before all the nooners. We will have our own drinks with us as well.


  8. …..they can only fire him if they are bringing in a DC with a successful track record. That isn’t in Gallagher’s budget. So why fire him for the same level coach?


  9. With the one extra coach allowed next year they can bring in Shafer with Conklin. That does sounds crazy. That would mean PITT would have 4 defensive coordinators and 3 head football coaches at one time or another.

    I keep bringing up Shafer for a couple reasons. SS and Narduzzi are the dreaded. “FRIENDS” << like Canada. Plus Shafer isn’t making much in a job that’s low profile. In other words, I believe he’s available.


  10. If we fire coaches, better have a bird in hand that’s better. But Pitt is too cheap to hire good coaches. I truly think the BoT wants to see Pitt sports fail so they can become ‘Ivey League’. And the Nitters on the board want to revenge Paterno. That’s my conspiracy theory for the day.


  11. Avenge I meant
    I want revenge on what those Nitters did to our basketball team last night
    We have become one of the laughing stalks in sports in the past year
    We will become the Browns and Kings of the college world
    Thanks a lot


  12. Ike, IMO Pitt doesn’t need a QB right now. Since I believe Pickett will be a star going forward and incoming(hopefully) Nick Patti may end up being a carbon copy of Pickett.


    1. I have to disagree about Patti’s ability to play at this level. He does do have the arm strength, 1/2 of his yardage is picked up by the receiver. He is as advertised possibly a 3* QB Pitt had no choice but to recruit.
      The defense played a great game.
      Let’s take the next step. Let’s not go back to QB’s like Tino and Anderson, lets go forward seeking out transfer QB’s; 3 who are in the NFL.
      Let it be known that QB’s that went to the top 10 teams that have 4 deep top 4* and 5* QB’s can show they can play on Sunday;Savage, Peterman, and Browne.
      No one can honestly say that Pickett are in this league or has an NFL arm or can win more than 5 games for Pitt.
      Don’t let 200 yards of 10 passes turned into 200 by receiver deceive you. Look at the 3 passes over 30 yards that weren’t close to Weah.
      Let’s go Pitt, be the transfer school for the top QB’s who did not get their chance.


  13. Here’s the deal guys and gals.. Today is Reed’s volunteer day and he’s busy. This is a call out to anyone who just might be at Fran’s tailgate early Friday morning?

    Looks like a really nice day for college football and Fran the hostess with the mostest needs a head count.

    Sorry to say I can’t be there, it’s house hopping through this holiday. Great eats and great fun with great people. Stop by and try and let Fran know if you think you will make it..


  14. I believe you’re right jrn…. but.. PITT is short on QB depth. T(that was kind of tongue in cheek as well). Yet PITT did have their starter go down this year so there is never enough QB’s. . . ike


  15. I don’t have a ton of confidence in Conklin and would be happy with a change, but the defense improved a lot in year 2 despite a ridiculously young and inexperienced front 7, so why the heck would we single him out now when the offense had been far more problematic? Did Conklin drop kick Fred’s dog?


    1. Total defense 80 411.5
      Rushing Defense 50 151.3
      Passing Yards Allowed 111 260.3
      Team Passing Efficiency Defense 98 139.74
      Scoring Defense 73 27.7
      Turnover Margin T-60 0.09
      3rd Down Conversion Pct 103 0.344
      4th Down Conversion Pct 28 0.632
      3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense 90 0.419
      4th Down Conversion Pct Defense 51 0.471

      Our defense only looked good compared to last year…


  16. Did I miss something about Tom Bradley having a drinking problem? I know I would like to see a QB coach and I hear a former ball coach, Walt Harris, has some free time on his hands. He did a pretty nice job with the talent he had at QB.


  17. This was the last post on the BB thread if anyone is interested:

    Villa Vermin 88
    November 21, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    Hey fellow POV fans, last minute illness is keeping me from flying in for the game… 4 tickets, section 108 row BB, on the end of the row. Face value… call if you are interested..678-595-2069 cell #. Sean


  18. Sneaking it in at work on ESPN3. Close game 8 minutes in with a lot of Pitt Turnovers. You can tell they’re a lot of freshmen, not used to this type of competition.


  19. Actually, they aren’t playing bad, surprisingly running offense. OK State not nearly as athletic as the Nitters.


  20. Just to shift gears back to the presser…

    I’m pretty hard on this team and especially this year. I bitch mostly during the games and cool down during the week.

    I complain about the coaches and I complain pretty hard about the players by name. Some of the seniors I have been complaining about for 3-4 years.

    But when I read and hear in the presser about Narduzzi having the seniors stand I quite honestly get pretty emotional.

    I love Pitt. My entire family for generations long before me have attended and graduated from Pitt. It binds us together.

    These young men will forever be “Pitt-men”. I despite my complaints, I thank them for being Pitt men and wish them well in life. They are young men with a life ahead of them and I hope their time at Pitt has prepared them well.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow POVers and to this team and their families.

    And finally, Hail to Pitt and BEAT THE SH*T out of MIAMI, for we are ALL Pitt men (and women)!

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  21. Luther absolutely SUCKS!!!
    ZERO progression in his years at Pitt. Can’t shoot 3’s, can’t finish a layup, can’t rebound, can’t move, can’t….


  22. And it is not lack of effort ever from Luther, really thought he would be strong as a senior and solid all around.
    Let’s hit a 3 somewhere and/or finish….something.


  23. Narduzzi says in the presser, “we’ll use Miami as a measuring stick to find out where we are as a football team.”

    We’ve played 11 games. We’re 4-7. I know EXACTLY where we are as a football team.


  24. Well Pitt does prepare our athletes for failure and ridicule since they wont see much success given our coaching and lack of support from the top to commit to winning and achieving something more than mediocrity. Seriously, I would think our student athletes are majoring in a degree called mediocrity. They actually may be perfect candidates for UPMC.


  25. The Wookie had 6 points and 6 rebounds. Okie State must be really soft in the frontcourt.

    The kid who looks like one of the ‘Warriors’ (movie) was a DNP.


  26. They didn’t try much penetration which PSU and the other schools dominated us in. They tried to play a perimeter game which I think will be avoided as teams have more time than a day or two to prep for the youthful squad. It was entertaining to watch at work to kill time. One can only hope the football team provides the same as clients rant in my ear on Friday.


  27. Oh, oh oh…….. the updated stats says Warrior kid play 2 minutes. Only 7 players got any substantial minutes.

    Pitt shot 52% FG to Okie State’s 38% fg, but still managed to lose the game. Got killed on the boards, especially Offensive boards…Okie State had 18 offensive boards to Pitt’s 4. Therein lies the game.

    Lehigh & High Point is coming into da Burg up next. If we don’t win one, this will be the Low Point of
    Pitt basketball since 1968 or Gurg’s first season.


  28. What has happened to the Gasman? Always enjoyed his posts and humor.
    Gasman, please come back – you are missed!!!!!


  29. From an email I got today…

    From a fellow Pitt Grad from the 60’s and also retired Atty:

    If you want to become blue, consider the following:

    Arizona State is going bowling, but not Pitt.

    BC is going bowling, but not Pitt.

    Army is going bowling, but not Pitt.

    Kansas State is going bowling, but not Pitt.

    W. Kentucky is going bowling, but not Pitt.

    Akron is going bowling, but not Pitt.

    W. Michigan is going bowling, but not Pitt.

    Troy is going bowling, but not Pitt.

    It is what it is folks and it is mind boggling that our HC sees no need for staff changes apparently.


    1. Strange as it my sound, but this team doesn’t deserve to break the 9 year bowl run of the 1975 to 1984 era. This would have been Pitt’s 10th year in a row of receiving a bowl bid. And the list includes 3 BBVA Compass Turd Bowls (qb’d by you know who), an Armed Forces Bowl, a Military Bowl (when did we become a service academy) and a Pizza Bowl.

      Contrast that to the 9 year run of 1975 to 1984.

      No thanks glad we didn’t get one. Besides Pitt only does something extreme with the football program, when we really stink.


  30. wow, didn’t even know we were playing today! So we were out-rebounded by 16 and lost by only 6?? Stallings-ball is taking hold. Maybe if you don’t bother rebounding we can still win a few ball games on offensive genius alone.

    And with regard to the wins projection, I didn’t typically agree with Upitt’s agenda, but I agree with his prognostication, I like the odds of football win totals outpacing hoops. If this eventually results in a coaching change, I’m all in because that’s what’s best for the school.


  31. Fran – I’m hoping to stop by the tailgate, probably with my Air Force son.

    We won’t be eating or drinking — okay I might grab a couple of those yummy cookies! 😊

    Still struggling big-time over those last two games. What a wasted season. It’s all about the QB and the OC. The mediocrity of those two positions has cost us 3 wins (Syracuse, UNC, and VT).

    GO PITT.


  32. Its mind boggling that Pat Narduzzi’s bosses would find this acceptable. What does the BoT have to say? Gallagher should go on record about how this years football and basketball outcomes could do irreparable damage to the university’s brand. Pitt’s front porch is in shambles. What does Pitt plan to do about it?


    1. LMAO. You think he cares?????? He hired Heather Lyke for God’s sake and Barnes. Do you need more of a heads up bud?


  33. They will do nothing.
    Duzz should be told that Peterson and Conklin need to go-period. Promote Partidge to DC and hire Shafer.
    Stallings is a mistake you correct NOW. The team is full of freshmen that aren’t very good anyways, if they transfer when a new coach is hired so what?
    But, again, they will do nothing. Who would have thought that Matt House, Steve Pederson, and Tino Sunseri would look so good!


  34. Wait a second John. Heather or the devil himself couldn’t make “the steve” look good. Quite the opposite, “the steve” made the devil look good. << or are they the same?


  35. Hoop players that will improve and be really good players late in their careers.

    Shamiel Stevenson
    Marcus Carr
    and I know no one believes what I say but Parker Stewert
    JWF is a good one but he’s a junior and will suffer with the youth of this team.

    Honorable mention.
    Chukwuku… needs to mature and get way stronger
    T Brown, good size and also needs to get way stronger like all these young kids do..

    You wouldn’t know it but lots of good shooters on this team and down the road.

    PITT needs a big star recruit next year.


      1. I didn’t see nary a one, last night. Other than the Patriot League or some conf. like that. We’ll see cause little Lehigh of said Patriot League is coming into play Pitt on Saturday.


  36. I like the tarp idea for the front porch
    How we fans deserve this devilish BoT comprised of Nitters and many with no affiliation with the university or Oakland is beyond me.
    What will Pitt do when the ACC issues a cease and desist and boots Pitt out?
    What will Pitt do when they find out through their own surveys that the college experience is ‘lacking’?
    What will Pitt do to cure their problem with alumni giving?
    Dammit Pitt, you have the answers yet do nothing about it but keep repeating the same mistakes like you have over the past 35 years like its part of some master plan to destroy sports.
    Being mired in perpetual mediocrity is like being in Limbo.
    I’d rather be in Heaven or Hell.
    Pitt has a decision to make since it seems to me that the path towards Hell is the chosen one.


    1. When you see and realize what they did to the Bball program in the last, less than 2 years. Something they invested (along with taxpayer money), well over $100 million dollars….one has to wonder…if they are indeed…..blowing up things….on purpose.

      Because sure no one or no board (other than a gov’t board/agency)……..could possibly be that inept.


  37. The football program is another matter…that has been on a 34 year death spiral.

    As soon as the older generations die off (mine included), who exactly other than a few thousand students…
    will attend the games. And the students won’t go if the team stinks.

    Pitt has now lost Generations of possible fans and possible alumni and possible donors.

    If that’s not a Death Spiral….I don’t know what one is.


  38. Funny how Pitt helped the Rooneys get the funding for Heinz by saying they will leave Pitt Stadium
    Funny how then the state gives Pitt $30M to build the Pete
    Funny how all this 16 years later has created 40k yellow seats per game on average and a half empty Pete
    I do think at times the BoT is doing their best to keep sports in its place. A slave to academics.
    The only way this changes is if some big time boosters unite and throw their weight around or if Pitt’s student athletes unite and say something like I didnt come to Pitt to get a degree in mediocrity and losing 101.
    It truly must suck to be a student athlete at Pitt knowing your university devalues your contributions and does everything to ensure your failure on the field.
    Now thats being harsh but why would any recruit want to sign up to lose?
    I do see progress on the wrestling, volleyball and soccer sides
    But you need football to pay the bills. And basketball helps with the school’s national perception and branding.
    I want Gallagher to answer about that front porch


  39. Just imo, not allowed to do that? Of course I’ll defend you and your opinion.

    Now about that $5,000 gift certificate? That’s two challenges you lost with me. << remember Whitworth?

    I’ll forgive both though Mark. Maybe it will go to show you I know one or two things.


  40. I mentioned earlier that the rumor is he may not sign at the early signing period. .Looks like it may be gaining legs?

    EK is a PITT alum and former PITT football player…. and he’s a really good coach.


  41. The Pedo’s who looked like a Final 4 team last night against us. Lost to Texas A & M today…..by 11 points.


  42. Fran, I will be there and am bringing da wife…look out! Partay! I also have another friend that is 50 – 50 and if he shows won’t eat or drink much,….unlike me,


  43. Jurkovec is like all the other 4 stars that think the grass is greener elsewhere. ND or OSU means they may ride the pine for 4 years. They will compete against other 4 and 5 stars for playing time. If they get it, great for them. If they don’t, they are robert foster, jj cosatino, and go down the list.

    Kids need to understand depth charts. OSU has a QB from las vegas that will be there for 3 of the Jurkovec years. ND has a young qb that won’t be giving up his spot any time soon. Pitt is a viable option, however, watson hasn’t shown the ability yet to recruit a qb based on his offensive framework. This is why it is so important to have a program that is proven offensively. jurcovek can make Watsons job easier.

    When it comes to potential new coaches, you bring in the best recruiter. We need recruiters and coaches later. Look at Larry Johnson. He cut his teeth recruiting, not coaching. Let’s not talk about Bradley. He is tied to Sandusky deeper than most would ever admit too.


    1. He should go to PSU. He would start and things are upswing here. Just speaking facts. Plus the QB there only has 1 year or less.


  44. No comment on basketball program. Just can’t do it.

    The view from the front porch in bball sees RMU, Duquesne and The Dairy High School passing us up. Thanks for the viewing experience goes to the BoT, Administratiion and AD. Quit selling the remaining fans on championships.


  45. So, this last weekend, No. 1 Alabama played Mercer; #2 Clemson played The Citadel; and #6 Auburn played Louisiana- Monroe.

    Just sayin’…

    I hope Heather is working our future schedules – one tough Out-of-Conference game only… Let’s schedule Illinois!! Then we got a shot!

    GO PITT.


  46. Major – glad you have come around to my way of scheduling if in charge. The only time strength of schedule comes into play is “IF” you are in the playoff running. We should have 3 games that are easily winnable OOC and one with a peer team/challenge. 3-1 at the worst every year with a chance at 4-0. At a minimum 4-4 in the ACC puts you at a minimum of 7-5 every year. At a minimum!

    To change perception of program, you need wins. Our AD’s don’t get it. Other AD’s get it. They know the game and how to play it. We will get the same 35k fan support regardless of schedule, so you better just schedule to win.

    Bball is a whole new game. We can schedule the lollipop guild and struggle. New coach asap. Berating a player on national tv is most likely a violation of his contract terms. He gotta go.


  47. I can’t believe how negative all you commenters are. You’re ready to fire every coach after one or two seasons. Get a life. Get out of your miserable funk. Our team is in this mess because we’ve had 5 different coaches over the last 12 years. No continuity. Give Narduzzi a chance. We can’t keep starting over every couple of years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes 68, The constant changing of coaches is what got PITT into this mess. A football program isn’t like a shirt where if you don’t like it at the moment you can just change it. ike


      1. Consistency is important.. provided you find the right guy.

        I’m not advocating the firing of Narduzzi. But, needing more consistency is one of the few reasons to keep him, to this point.

        I still contend.. he’s Wanny. If Wanny were a bad recruiter.


        1. There are similarities between HCPN andWanny. But I like the way Narduzzi is trying to address our weaknesses.With our lack of fan support and poor game day atmosphere and years of mediocrity it’s a hard sell for top recruits. His best sell is promising playing time. I see some improvement with D line and secondary recruits. Chryst didn’t leave much there. He also is trying to address QB depth. Linebackers and O line have to be next.It takes time but I see some progress. It’s hard to be a Pitt fan but I think we have to accept that we’re not going to be a top tier program and hope for 8-9 win seasons with an occasional 10 win season. A coach needs at least 5 years.


  48. Does anybody want tickets to the game? I’ll be going but I have 7 extra tickets. I have 3 with me in Sec. 220 and 4 in Sec. 133. I’ll be tailgating in Green 22. Stop by and their yours. No charge.


  49. Baseball68… I agree with you about giving people a chance-us bitching about Chryst and Dixon are prime examples… but the 5 coaches in 12 year clustereff that we have witness is just a symptom when the primary tumor is the BoT- most
    complain to be heard and the complaining is turning into noshows and no-takers…This is a very low point in PITT athletics..


  50. TX…like your heaven / hell / limbo analogy. Heather planning on a Limbo contest at halftime to illustrate your point.


  51. Fran, won’t be making the tailgate or game tomorrow as I have to work. Will miss seeing everyone, especially Mrs. Richman ☺ Jay91, I sit in Section 220 also (Row K, love those seats). We’ll have to catch up next season.


    1. I’m in Row O (nice being undercover on hot days and rainy days). I’ve been there since 2003.

      Hope to meet you next season.


  52. @baseball68 – Stallings is heading to 58 years old. It is not about firing him, although his first year, with multiple near nba talent, was a cluster, as well as his verbal abuse nationally against one of his players. If I am a new AD, he would not have a second chance to let loose on a player again, sorry.

    His winning percentage at N.Illinois was .661. He then stepped up in competition to the SEC and his winning percentage declined to .601. He then moved to the best basketball league and his winning percentage dwindled to .447 thus far. I actually thought his win percentage would drop to about .550 over his entire Pitt stint. Those are just the numbers. For me, I look at a quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis and see problems right now.

    This head coach is not a longterm solution for Pitt and does not appear to be a short-term solution either. He just isn’t. Why waste the next 5 years on someone who won’t be here potentially for 15? It makes no sense.


    1. You make a good point about Stallings ,Dixon didn’t leave much talent except for 2 selfish one way players who only played for themselves. This year is a total rebuild and Stalling’s recruits seem to have a little more talent than Jamie was getting in his last couple years. I’m only saying we should see how this plays out.It’s not like we’re going to get some big name coach to come here. We would have to get very lucky with an up and comer.Stallings does have history of recruiting some NBA talent. I know it hasn’t led him to championships, but it is only his second year here.


  53. I’m sure The board of trustees love hearing us fans try to explain and accept the trainwreck that is pitt athletics. The football was a disappointment and I’m still not sure progress has been made. The basketball is a complete disaster. The key is holding the bot and the athletic department accountable so things will actually change.


  54. Fran, I’ll be there at the tailgate. Trying to talk my son into coming with me. Geez, no-one wants to watch Pitt play. I wonder why….


  55. To all the doubters Pitt played like they are capable today and I feel it’s because we started a QB who they feel they can win with. When Dinuccie was in I do not believe there was hope on the pert of the O and the D. My only question is why did it take 5 games for the staff to reach the QB decision. Maybe without a bowl game the staff can do some make up for a bad season with some extra good recruiting.


    1. I’m in agreement with you that Pickett should have been playing earlier. But Narduzzi seemed to think that someone who knew the offense better was a better choice than a more skilled player. As it played out he was wrong. Pickett showed that his skill set was light years ahead of Denucci. We can feel better about the QB position heading into next year. Also I think Narduzzi is still learning things about being a head coach.Now if we could just get more fans to support this team. It’s a tough sell in Steeler country.


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