You know the drill…post your Good, Bad and Ugly.


136 thoughts on “POV’S Monday Morning QB

  1. Good: Coaches keeping the kids focused to play hard throughout the game. Pickett’s play, (Yes, give credit where I see it, didn’t think they could do it).

    Bad: Bojangles announcers, Southern refs, ACC network.

    Ugly: Offensive line, overall play calling, clock management, SOP snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.


    1. We ran on virtually every first down and gained nothing. The O-line had to deal with 8 or more in the box on obvious pass plays consistently throughout the game. IMO, facing THAT defense, with so many guys at the line of scrimmage KNOWING when we were passing, the O-line did a good job pass protecting, all things considered.

      Maybe if our OC would throw a bit more on first down and be less predictable, we wouldn’t always be behind the chains. And perhaps if our run blocking was better, that would’ve helped as well.


      1. Jay, you’re right. One of those sacks was on Pickett for not throwing the ball away. The kind of play that Dinucci would have been crucified for. << and rightfully so. PITT’s QB are still too jittery in the pocket.


  2. Here’s a quote from Mike Vuk’s PSN good article today from Shard Wheeler the young man from PCC “Trust the Process” If he believe then I believe.


  3. The Good: We have a quarterback in KP that can both throw and run. He seems to have unlimited potential. Dinucci days are over. I haven’t been that emotional about qb’s since John Ryan took the job from Ken Ferguson.

    The Bad: One qb does not make an offense. The oline sucked so we had no running game and as a result, our star qb didn’t put any points on the board.

    The Ugly: We had to call a time out on the first offensive play of the second half. You just had fifteen minutes to get your crap together and we screwed up before running a play. If we had that time out during the last series, maybe it helps us get that darn yard.

    The Dumb: Even though the fake field goal play worked, it was stupid. When you are down by three and sacrifice a chip shot field goal to tie the game with the lowest percentage play in football history, it reeks of desperation and ignorance. Imagine the reactions if Bossaroy doesn’t come down with that ball. I can imagine Duzz saying, “Why the heck would we want to try to tie the game? I know better than all of you.” There is a fine line between being a penis and a genius…Duzz really towed the line on that one.




  5. seriously how the eff do you criticize the fake filed goal it was brilliant and it worked only Pitt fans would level that criticism beyond the pale .


    1. The fake field goal is a simple cost/benefit analysis. Let’s tie the game with an easy field goal, or let’s risk losing all the momentum on a play that has less than a ten percent chance of working. It is an unmitigated risk. Also if it failed, can you imagine the fan and media reaction. Not worth it at that time.

      Is there ever the right time for a play like that? Sure…when Oklahoma State is beating you by 20 in the first quarter. Trick plays are for desperate situations and in my opinion, we were no where near being in that situation against VT. Wait until one of these gems doesn’t work…


  6. Good: 1) The season is almost over. 2) Pickett finally getting in. Didn’t set the world on fire but put us in a position to win the game. 3) Maddox and the D. Finally stopped the jump ball and if Maddox didn’t slip they wouldn’t have scored.

    Bad: 1) The run game/o-line. Made VaTech look like the Steel Curtain of old 2) Hamlin/Coleman. Two of the top recruits can’t get on the field. Hoping that Hamlin will be like a Ejuan Price and the light finally goes on Senior year, but right now this has been a big disappointment. Criminal that he wasn’t redshirted at some point. 3) Kesslar missing from under 35 yards. Can’t leave points on the field like that. Strong leg but his FG % is not good at all.

    Ugly: 1) Jurkovec going to ND. He’s the one who could turn it all around. 2) Coaching. Wasting a TO at the start of the 4th quarter. The play calling on 4th & goal. VaTech QB was very pedestrian, this was another winnable game.

    I’m starting to get a vibe and agreeing with Reed that maybe Narduzzi’s heart isn’t in this and is looking for the return to the B10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Illinois or Purdue opens up and he makes a run for it.


  7. Some trivia:

    This year’s team is almost 2 full TDs less on offense (23.9) this year than last (41.9) and is the worse scoring offense we have had since 2007.

    Our OL has given up 30 sacks so far…the most since 2012.

    Our 3rd down conversion % is the least it has been since 2007, tied with Graham’s 2011 team at 34%…every other year we have been above 40%.

    Our average yards per carry is 3.9 – worse since 2013.

    In passing our yards per attempt is 7.2 worse since 2011’s high octane offense.

    Our overall yards per play on offense also worse since 2011 at 5.4 ypp.

    But hey, Shawn Watson has a job for life with Narduzzi.


    1. A lot of those sacks were because our QB’s did not throw the ball away.

      But I agree not a good O-line.

      They were protecting fairly well during the last two series though.


  8. I’m sick of people saying KP should have been playing all year. He was QB3 destined for a redshirt prior to Browne’s injury – which meant he was getting virtually no meaningful snaps with the 1s or 2s. It was a watch and learn year for him. Next thing you know, he is now QB2 and the redshirt is gone. It takes time to get him game ready. You don’t go from being a freshman bench warmer to starting QB in one week.


    1. Agree. However he could have played earlier after Browne’s injury but I really can’t complain all that much after his getting a full 3 quarters of play against VT.

      However if he doesn’t get to start and the whole game against Miami then I think that’s mistake.

      I will say this though, I think that Kenny Pickett has the maturity and the football intelligence that he could have started as a true freshman from game one and it wouldn’t affect his playing that much. He really is a top-notch quarterback in all respects.


  9. Good: we didn’t get killed.

    Bad: lost another winnable game

    Ugly: i’m trying to get 2 extra east club tickets for Friday and there’s only two available on Stubhub in the whole zone…for $110…to see a 4-7 football team.


    1. And that’s the thing Reed….people think we are a “bad” program. We aren’t. Since 1998 we have won at least 5 games, many BIGS can’t make that claim (PSU, ND, Michigan, Florida….)

      The frustrating thing it is 20 years of mediocrity with occasional sparks of hope. There were only 3 Top 25 finishes in that span, 2002, 2004, 2009. That isn’t good at all. I would think a reasonable goal would be out of 20 seasons, at least 10 with a top 25 finish and 1 or 2 finishes in the Top 10 with a BCS bowl game.

      So yeah, we aren’t as bad as people say, but we have been treading water for way to long.


  10. Good: We had a chance to win the game, a lot of good plays were made.
    We have a QB for next year. Maybe Maddox’ best game, Pine and Reynolds, along with starting linebackers
    A very sweet trick play

    Bad: A lack of consistency and no running game and weak pass rush

    Ugly: Trying to jam a square peg into a round hole at the end of the game. Coaches didn’t give the kids the best chance to win.


  11. Call the ticket office.
    They charge you 70 plus a 10 dollar fee to mail the tickets.
    You would think they would offer club seats at a discount to club seat owners instead of 4 free tickets.
    However, I think they are all incompetent.


  12. One other thing I’m sick of is people ripping on Maddox. The kid plays his heart out. He played a heck of a game Saturday with basically one arm. He is tough and has played quite adequate for us over his 4 years here.


  13. Just as a Win, is a Win, is a Win,…..equally so is a Loss, is a Loss, is a Loss……..there is no moral victories, no participation trophies…. on L’s piling up in the Loss Column.
    1. Duzz had the team ready to play

    THE BAD:
    1. Play of B.D
    2. Overall coaching ability

    1. 1 & Goal from the 1 1/2 yard – TOTAL FAILURE BY HEAD AND OC COACHES!!!!! INEXCUSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Why would your best customers take tickets for a game when they could not sit with the people they gave them too?
    A ticket to buy close to where you Sit makes the proposition much more enticing.


  15. Our defense should be pretty solid for next year, Have decent replacements for Maddox and Whitehead.

    The O-line is a major concern for next year, need a couple senior transfers.

    Still no star running back, lots of depth though, maybe the same at wide receiver, good numbers but no superstars.


  16. Wasn’t paying attention when we read that poem at pgh central catholic . Actually I didn’t pay attention to much back at that hell hole


  17. Good: Kenny Pickett played his ass off should be no way he doesn’t start. Even though some throws were left out there is pushes the ball down the field.
    Bad: O line terrible again. Pickett pushed the ball down the field enough to take that 8th man out of the box still couldn’t run.
    Ugly: I know people will roast me thought it was Watsons best play calling all year until the ugly running plays from the 1 yd line. I would have thrown the ball to hall the fade to weah was a good call or roll Pickett out.


  18. The Good: Pickett, seeing Pine and Reynolds at LB, the fake field goal.

    The Average: Weah, great play at the end but sometimes he just needs to go up and get the damn ball. Drives me crazy when big receivers don’t high point the ball.

    The Ugly: Hall and Ollison fall down or go backward when the wind blows. I watched tons of college football Saturday and didn’t see one back as bad as them. The younger backs should have been given a chance like Pickett.


  19. Latest Pitt national rankings:

    Team Stats – Through games 11/18/2017

    Stat Rank Value
    Total Offense 98 368.1
    Rushing Offense 82 148.2
    Passing Offense 74 219.9
    Team Passing Eff 75 128.98
    Scoring Offense 98 23.9
    Total Defense 80 411.5
    Rushing Defense 50 151.3
    Passing Yards Allowed 111 260.3
    Passing Eff Defense 98 139.74
    Scoring Defense 73 27.7
    Turnover Margin T-60 0.09
    3rd Down Conversion Pct 103 0.344


  20. Reed, most on here felt at the beginning of the season the O would drop about 7 in production and the D would improve 7 in production…the O has really regressed. Obviously, our coaches had a QB right under their noses but built a season around Max who had zero mobility and DiNucci…an offensive minded HC might have played the hand given him entirely differently…We have had 3 losses the could have been wins with a little more offensive production.

    Ugly..wrong cleats…


  21. Good…these kids have not quit on Duzz..that says a lot. POVerts who endured the late 60’s and 70’s remember the teams that gave up. In those days we could replace football with “chasing tail” (apologies to our lovely Annie) boys being boys…..


  22. The thing I like most about Pickett is that he is a fanatical detail guy. He has an almost photographic memory and over-studies all things Pitt offense and opponent defense. Attention to Details are what makes teams win. We have an apprentice HC who has not learned that yet.

    Narduzzi better be careful with his treatment of “Ms Yellow blouse”Heather. That arrogant “I’m the guy” crap wont work with Ms Lyke. I’ve had 2/women CEOs and women who get a “hornet up their
    skirt” are very dangerous people!

    Good…I see none in another pathetic display of coaching by Pitt. The Uniforms…. maybe

    Bad – a wasted titanic effort by an undermanned Pitt team.

    Ugly – that it took 6 games for our apprentice stubborn HC to see that Pickett was the far superior QB to all the others. Among his many misreads this year, that may be his worst.


  23. Good—never having to watch Tino Lite start a game ever again
    Bad—o line not being able to push VT 3 feet forward on 4 straight opportunities
    Ugly—I see a Duzz vs Lyke fight happening soon and I’m dreading Wanny vs Pederson 2.0


    1. Everyone is comparing Pickett to Ben, 2 3* QB’s back to the days of Tino and Volychick.
      Pitt should prompt itself as a school willing to give the 4* and 5* QB’s who got tricked into signing up with the top ten programs which are 4 deep with QB’s at this level.
      Do not regress to Pickett simply because he is slightly better than Ben. Remember VT was playing 8 in the box and giving him the short passes. Pickett is not a D1 QB.
      Continue the transfer policy that has put 3 QB’s in the Pro’s, then more will come including other top notch players caught up in the recruit machine.
      Make Pitt known for the second chance.

      To have won the game at VT, take out Pickett place another blocker in put Whitehead in the Wildcat and run it 3 times/game over.


  24. Not buying the Duzz Lyke split at all. why would $$$ for astts even be coming up in the middle of the season. Further Duzz has the football championship fund which is outside of the Panther Club. I think he controls that $$ not Lyke . I believe I matters of football funding he goes directly to Gallagher


  25. The Good:

    The entire coaching staff to get t he kids up and keep them in the game with a chance to win it.

    Again Narduzzi and Watson to have a plan for KP all along and not just giving him some snaps but keeping in the game.

    KP himself, looked composed yet rattled at times but a nice way to start his PITT QB career

    The better:

    PITT’s defense looking better and better.

    The Bad:

    Cleats, this team constantly slipping has hurt this team over and over. See Maddox slip down.

    Unimaginative play-calling at the end of the game. While the O-Line got pushed out of Lane Stadium.

    The Ugly:

    PITT fans over-reacting to a well played game that fell short while over-looking a great effort by the entire PITT football team..


  26. Whatever you guys do, DO NOT READ Mike Vokuvcan’s article on PSN. “Trust the process” and trust me, it’s not the kind of reading some of you want to hear….


  27. Here’s what puzzles me. Duzz comes out after the game and says:
    “They’re one of the top running defenses in the country,” Narduzzi said. “We knew that. That’s why Kenny was in the game. He’s probably a better passer at this point. We took a shot with some of the balls he threw. We’ll continue to evaluate that position.”

    Isn’t that the entire reason for being a quarterback?


    1. Yeah, pretty sure the worst of QB’s can hand off the ball adequately.
      I know, I know, there is footwork there too but I have never heard any criticism of that on any level.


  28. He left QB as an OR……How frustrating is that as a fan or a young QB when you have proved on the tape and in game you spin it better than anyone else that has tried this season outside of Winslow and your not afraid to take shots down field????


  29. Lastrow and gang…I must say the PITT Stadium, the Catherdral and Salk Hall in the background look BEAUTIFUL…amazing how much Oakland has changed since they tore down PITT Stadium…but Chiefs is still standing- RIP Norm….


    1. Spent many an hour at Chief’s with Norm and Red. I can remember when he was upset that he had to raise the price of draft beer to 30 cents from a quarter! He wouldn’t make a mixed drink, if you wanted one he would set up the booze and mixers but you had to make the drink. Also one of the few bars that had 3 sizes of shots.


  30. PITT’s pass defense has given up 75 yards less per game this year from last year. This with an offense that majored in 3 and outs.


  31. Early weather forecast for the game Friday… sunny high of 47 with 0% chance of rain. << no mention of the final score of the game.


  32. Let me ask you this Reed. why does pitt have a FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP FUND separate from the Panther Club. Special earmarked money for football only. That’s duzz money not Lyke. I give 3K a year to FCF and 1k to PC . that’s how I set it up with Bostick. I am betting lyke has very little say on spending that $$.


  33. 2 deep…Dinucci or Pickett. You got to be effing kidding me. I will boo hard and often if dinucci gets that start. Sorry I will boo


    1. I see no difference between either QB. Both came out of H.S. rated as marginal D1 players and have shown they do not have the arm strength to keep the defense honest eliminating any running game especially with the projected weak ol.
      Narduzzi will be gone after 2019 unless he hits the QB transfer pipe line and maintains 4 and 5* QB’s from top programs.
      Honestly does anyone really see any difference between Tino, 3*, and Pickett 3*. Both have no arms and run the ball when pressured rather than check off.
      Unless coach up the OL for some good backs, secure another top QB transfer, 2018 4W-6L, same in 2019. with the end of the Narduzzi era because he is stubborn and wants to do it with 2 and 3* so any program improvement reflects strictly on him.


  34. Just finally digging through some of my POV stuff and found a nice not/card from Reed addressed to many of the POVer’s Here’s the first paragraph and last.

    “As we all know our team is going through a rough spot right now and things look pretty bleak. But if we think back to just a month ago we all pretty much knew this was going to be a tougher with all the youth and inexperience we have. But isn’t it this is what we all love about college football.”

    So this note is a small thank you for sticking with the team and showing them your support on the POV. I appreciate it every time you take a minute to read and comment because, well, sometimes it would be just as easy to not do it when the team is struggling.

    Keep the chin up”

    Me again. So, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming guys and as far as showing PITT your support? lol!… ike



    1. Yeah, we saw a down year but 4 wins?

      I think what has frustrated us fans is that Narduzzi hasn’t progressed as a game day coach in three years. Personally, as you know, I think Narduzzi walks on water but obviously that sentiment is not shared by everyone else.

      And Conklin has put us behind the 🎱 and should be ⛸️ing on thin ice… Instead HCPN keeps giving him 🎖️s.


  35. Yeah, Wants to keep them guessing. At this point all it does is show the lack of growth as a head coach. Does he really think Miami doesn’t think it will be KP. If not, they certainly don’t need to prepare for BD. What does he do well enough to scare them?


    1. Signals first downs awesomely but not sure of foot work while doing so. Frankly, IF he starts, a first down might be all he gets to celebrate…..and lucky if he gets a 2nd.


  36. I called for Narduzzi’s head last week because he didn’t give Picket much of a chance. I’ll take that back if he rides with Picket. But because I have little faith in Narduzzi as the head coach it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he started DiNucci this week. —-Not to toot my own horn but there were about 5 of us give or take calling for Picket to start on game one this year. Reed, Dan72 and myself were in that group. Unfortunately Narduzzi and Watson wasn’t in that group.


  37. QUESTION….I have watched all of the last 4 PITT games but haven’t noticed Matthews…is he not playing or not being targeted??? Seems like he was catching a few ball when Max was under center.


  38. I called for Pickett after the spring game. honestly we thought Browne looked awful in the spring. but gave him the benefit of the doubt. But after YSU we knew he wasn’t a starter. I never thought diNucci was a FBS level qb.


  39. Pitt’s Ryan Winslow Named ACC Specialist of the Week
    Senior Punter Excelled with His Leg and Arm at Virginia Tech

    LINK: Winslow ACC Specialist of the Week

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt senior punter Ryan Winslow has been named the ACC Specialist of the Week for his memorable performance punting the ball and even throwing it at Virginia Tech on Saturday.

    Winslow (Maple Glen, Pa./La Salle College High) tossed a 15-yard touchdown pass to Nathan Bossory on a gadget-play fake field goal early in the fourth quarter, giving the Panthers a 14-10 lead at the time.

    The senior punter, who is a contender for All-ACC honors this season, also performed his normal duties very effectively, averaging 49.8 yards on the four punts credited to him with a long of 53 yards.

    With one game remaining in the regular season, Winslow is averaging a career-best 44.6 yards on 51 punts in 2017. His average currently ranks second among punters in the ACC.

    Winslow will be one of 14 Panthers honored on Senior Day this Friday when Pitt hosts No. 2/2 Miami at Heinz Field for a noon kickoff in front of a national ABC-TV audience.


  40. Good : 1) Pickett got to play 3 quarters.
    2) Most passing yardage since Rice game
    3) Didn’t get blown out as most of us thought
    4) Wore the correct Road uniforms

    Bad: A loss is a loss is a loss

    Ugly : 1) Hall reverted back to pre-Duke game form.
    2) A season can’t go by without wrong cleat issues (it seems)
    3) A Pitt WR being caught from behind


  41. Good stats Reed. It would be nice to see them chronologically game 1 through game 11 or even internal team stats. That would show progression or regression. I know it may be little skewed by opponent or injury but that could be noted. Thanks


  42. Weii, this was interesting to re-read:

    Shawn Watson doesn’t know what a deep pass call is.

    And JJS sure was a surprise on the OL only not the way HCPN wanted him to be.

    He made no mention of offensive lineman Brandon Hodges, who said he was transferring to Pitt from Texas. Hodges will be expected to challenge for the starting job at right tackle, but Narduzzi praised the presumed starter, Jaryd Jones-Smith.

    “He will be one of the biggest surprises on our offensive line.”


    1. Reed I enjoyed the last bit of DiPaola’s article:

      “No interview with a Pitt coach or official would be complete without a question about attendance at Heinz Field. Narduzzi danced around it.

      “I let the athletic department take care of that,” he said. “I let wins take care of that.”

      According to Pittsburgh Sports Now he does care about attendance. I think tarping is a stupid idea, but his comments to Dipaola back in July are an example that when using overblown bravdo you have to back it up or you really put yourself in a pickle.


      1. Against P5 schools this year we are 1 win to 3 L’s at home. If we lose to Miami we will be 1 and 4. I.e. Duzz you need to do your part when it comes to attendance.

        You said wins is how you help attendance then lets get it fixed.

        I can tell you aside from me and my POV friends who faithfully support the program by buying season tickets and merchandise no one else is willing to spend any time or money watching the product.

        It actually sort of makes me feel like a fool when tickets are given away. I have trouble using the 8 tickets I pay for let alone 4 exta’s. It also guarantee’s that I can’t even trade my tickets for a couple of beers since they are given away free now. I.e. scalping them for 5 or 10 dollars a piece doesn’t work when you give em away for free.


  43. Good ..Idowu… lots of people pick on the kid because he is a walk on so he can never be a good player in their eyes. I hear this bashing constantly. ots of programs have a walk on starter. in fact the kid has had a good year. and Duzz hit a home run with the kid. Lets face it our fans esp some in the facebook ” groups” are certifiable lunatics.


  44. Guys that FCF has to be used for football. if you think Duzz goes hat in hand to Lyke to spend that money you are nuts. Every other big time program does the same. Heather has her role. play games with the non revenue sports show up for presentations at the football games and STAY THE EFF OUT OF THE WAY.


  45. Jared Jones-Smith’s play has been , as Gomer Pyle would articulate…”Surprise, Surprise, Surprise !” What a disappointment the entire O has been this season. I think most of us had that group not falling off to this level and reaching the 7-8 win season. Last year we had the talent to win close games and this year -not so much. Cudos to Reed who pegged it.


  46. I note the posts about Chiefs Bar on North Craig Street and have a question for POV-ites. My father-in-law who graduated from Pitt Engineering in 1949 (and was a rabid Pitt football fan) one time asked me where I met his daughter while she was a Pitt student. I told him at a bar on Centre Ave. called Haddon Hall. He said he use to hang out at a bar not far from Centre (I believe he said Chiefs) and asked me if it was still open as he use to go there in the late 40s. Since he has long passed I always wondered if I heard him right; does the POV-ite panel know if Chiefs goes back to the 40s? If yes, that’s pretty amazing.

    My take on Pitt football as we approach the off-season is the staff changes that Coach Narduzzi will make. The decisions he will make after the season ends, will speak volumes to the tale if he plans to stay here or is making plans to be elsewhere in 2 or 3 years.


  47. Letting any football coach control a bank account to spend as he sees fit is just an NCAA violation waiting to happen. There is too much temptation to pay for family travel, summer jobs or other questionable activities that could land a program in hot water. Most POVers agree that one of the few pluses of Pitt FB and BB is that they haven’t been violating NCAA rules. Letting a coach control the money is like letting the fox guard the hen house.

    By the way, who are the top 4-5 seniors Pitt will miss most out of the 14 graduating seniors to be acknowledged at the Miami game?


  48. Tony in Hampton… cannot verify, but I’ve read/heard that Chief’s Café opened in the 30s or 40s by a Fire Chief who lived/worked in the vicinity.


  49. Good: Picket played most of the game some of the younger guys got some playing time like Pine. Weah running a guy over. The trick play.

    Bad. O-line stinks and receivers not getting open. Weah looking back 4-5 times & got caught.

    Ugly: Our receivers were held all day and the refs didn’t care, including the play at the end. Narduzzi & Watson have a combined football IQ of Tino’s hat size.


    1. I should have added the play of Maddox to the good. He was outstanding considering his injury. I heard that’s why they targeted him.


  50. GOOD

    Finally getting Pickett some serious PT so that he knows what pressure is at this level, but really – this kid has ice water in his veins.

    The team fighting till the whistle sounded

    Winslow averaging 50 yards per punt.


    Narduzzi’s gameday coaching again, especially timeouts…again also.

    Our OL’s overall play. When a team QBs get sacked 4 times and the rushers run for only 1.8 ypc it is pretty damed bad. Plus they were completely owned in that last three play stretch. Regardless of the playcalling they should have gotten us a TD there.


    3rd down plays. We were 2-12 for 16% success rate and on the flip side VT was 10-19 at 53%…that is a huge difference.

    Watson’s complete lack of risk taking in his play calling. He called very few deep balls – which Pickett is very accurate on – and his stupidity in not realizing the need for the bigger back in Ollison. I mean this for the hole game, not just those end-game plays.

    W, 6, (-)2, 3 and (-)2 again. That is a total 5 yards per carry with two runs for losses. If that didn’t show Watson that brute strength was needed then he’s an idiot. And why not run a sweep with power backs sometimes? At least then we’d have some power in the more open field.

    Watson’s complete lack of trust in his QBs to throw short slants and crossing patterns because of the staff’s fear of INTs. Lopes, Henderson Ffrench are all speedster s who can turn short passes into long gains.

    Our TE use. After blowing smoke at us all through fall camp about how great Clary and Flanagan are… where are the passes to TEs on short yardage 3rd downs? Nowhere.


  51. I was able to snag 2 extra East Club tix on Stubhub for $70 counting fees. Thanks to KMan, Reed, and a few others for the advice, etc.

    Sure wish we were playing for something, but oh well, it’s the last chance to see the Panthers until Sept.


  52. I was going to ask you about Weah, ike. That would make a total of 2 seniors that will be truly missed. So much for Duzz riding on Chryst’s coattails as far as recruited talent goes. I’m not sure if the Chryst recruiting was that bad, or if PN just misused them.


  53. Here’s a list of WR’s on PITT roster for next year.

    Street… these three fit the taller receiver mold that would emulate Weah the best.

    and maybe Henderson if he can figure it out. There guys should be solid possession type players to move the sticks

    Then you have the athletes like


    To top the receiving corp off you have 3 decent prospects at TE, (if Watson can figure out how to use them)


    Part of the reason in my mind the receivers didn’t put up big numbers were due to poor QB play. hopefully that fixes itself next year with KP duty full-time… ike



  54. Lots of discussion about PN above. You know I’ve been pretty tough on him – especially what a turn-off he is in his media appearances. However, after this tough loss, I did like the fire he had on chatting up the effort of his team… It was just about pitch perfect and also authentic (at least to my ears)… We (or I) sometimes overlook that he has coaxed these young men not to give up and that is something to be admired.

    Then today’s two deep is published and he has the “OR” between KP and BN… Now I think we all know he plans to play KP. However, he seems to think it is clever to keep Miami guessing. LOL… As if they are not planning for KP. They know (as we know) BN’s weaknesses and if they pressure him, he will pull the ball down and do – well, whatever he does…. They also know he doesn’t look downfield especially after the first read… Now KP is a wild card and probably gives them real angst… Will he use his feet; will he go a second or third read; will he gun it into a tight space… Now that takes some wargaming. Thing is, PN is playing checkers (not chess) with this stuff…

    PN’s strength is emotionally connecting with the players and getting max effort. I keep sounding like a broken record but if he had a smart assistant he trusted to stay by his side on gameday and whisper sweet tactics in his ear, he might surprise us all. Yesterday, I was watching the Patriots. The announcers said they had scored on all SEVEN opportunities when they had the ball within two minutes of the end of the half this year. That is because their coach makes every in-game tactic count for them… PN doesn’t have to be Belicheck, he just needs to be better… Why not hire one of his former players who called signals on the field to help him (like Caprara – if he is smart and savvy enough)….


  55. I was at Pitt 10969 to 1976 under grad and law. I was a Pika our house was on North Bellefield. Our favorite hangouts were the Luna on Craig at centre and across from chiefs. Haddon Hall a couple blocks east on Centre. Mitchells at melwood and centre and chiefs . Chiefs was a real dump and norm the owner was a real jag 1971 a guy went in to Chiefs for an armed robbery and accidentally shot and killed a patron. I like Luna a lot.


  56. Good comment PE and I agree. Pat reminds me a lot of Wanny his first couple years until he got the hang of it. << He needs some help with the finer points right now.

    I hear he wants to keep all of his assistants after this season. I don’t think that a good idea just from a public relations standpoint. That’s why I have been suggesting Shafer to help out with game-day type of help while helping out with the D.

    I think it was you that reminded us that the number of coaches could be going up by 3 or 4 more assistants after this season.

    That should be real interesting as to how Narduzzi handles that.Also, there is a fairly decent chance that Pickett and Davis could still get their red-shirts. I think Sear’s ship has sailed though??

    …and please Pat, bring in a full-time QB coach… ike


  57. has been a very bad year
    first losing season in 10 years
    embarrassing blow out losses
    only 4 wins against the sisters of the poor and then also some losses to them
    there should be a full house cleaning
    dont give me the BS excuses of inexperience, youth and injuries. Or that we didnt get the breaks
    Losers have excuses
    I dont see next year any better than 6-6 with another bowl in cold Detroit


  58. Dear MissingWlat, Reed, and titleman,

    Thank you! for the information on Chief’s Cafe and Haddon Hall Bar in the 30s and 40s. I am assured that my Father-in-law (Pitt Engineering 1949) had indeed frequented Chiefs as a student. As I said, he loved his Pitt Panthers. When we cleaned out my in-laws’ house and sold it, I found in a box a Saturday Oct. 19, 1940 Pitt versus Fordham football program in excellent condition; cost 25 cents. Stapled to the program are (2) $2.75 football tickets for Section 20, Row 23, Seats 30 and 31. There was one written note on the program: “Pitt lost 24-12 to #11 Fordham. 1940 would be Pitt’s first losing season since 1912.”

    “1940 was Pitt’s first losing season since 1912” – I’m too lazy to look this up, but knowing my father-in-law, it is probably true.

    PS to Reed: He was a 1st lieutenant in WWII for “C” Battery of the 995th Field Artillery Battalion. Also in the memory box was a daily diary of their unit’s invasion of Italy, heading towards Germany with hand sketches. Included in his diary were the men he lost and how they died.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure that was Pitt’s first losing season, under the guy who replaced Jock Sutherland, Charley Bowser, as Pitt de-emphasized football in the 1940’s. In fact Pitt wouldn’t have another winning season until 1948 under Walt Milligan. The 1940’s was almost a total wipeout, very similar to the 1990’s.

      And being a history person/degree, I would love to see that diary. He must have been in the Anzio seaborne invasion of Italy in 1943.

      Great info Tony !


      1. Thanks Emel and Reed for the information. To answer Emel’s question: “C” Battery landed in Bagnoli, Italy Nov. 13, 1943. 6 days later my future father-in-law Lt. Chulick was almost killed per this journal entry… “”Two Jerry planes came over on a strafing mission, and shot up the area, causing Sgt. Wm. Wilson, Sgt. Twardovski, and Lt. Chulick to disintegrate into the ground. ”

        Reed- thank you for your service.


  59. Okay to go way back to the beginning yes Reed our stats are atrocious but we are still over indexing when compared to our #123 experience ranking.


  60. Also I will point out that if we had played New Mexico and Old Dominion instead of Penn St and Oklamoma State we’d already be bowl eligible


    1. That’s definitely one to hang your hat on. Pitt would probably be 6-6 with victories over Youngstown State, Rice, New Mexico, Old Dominion, Duke and UVA. My chest is swelling with pride just thinking about it. Definitely something to brag to your buddies in Atlanta about.

      I’ll go you one better. Perhaps Pitt should move to the C-USA or MAC and go 8-4?

      BTW, Pitt has been bowl eligible for 9 straight years and has won 3 times in that span. The last win was 2013.


      1. All I’m saying is that if we are 4-6 at this point next year (assuming we are mostly healthy, etc) it’s time to hit the panic button. This year it’s just time to grumble and talk about how young we are.


  61. Haddon Hall was a Thursday Night spot, $1 pitchers of beer. And they had free popcorn from their big popcorn machine. And then you usually stumbled up the street to Mitchell’s and we always had the big round table. Great times…..great memories. Logged many a mile walking Centre Ave.


  62. I think Narduzzi has Partridge as his sounding board on the sideline. Narduzzi may want to keep things hush hush concerning any staff changes. Conklin needs to go as the scapegoat of Narduzzi;s failed defense. I am hopeful partridge will make the needed changes to add greater flexibility to the D. On O, It all is on Picket and the OL. A suspect Ol and Pitt struggles to have a winning season.


  63. I wish I had the conviction of the majority here that the OR between KP and BD is a lame attempt a smokescreen with KP obviously starting . However, our coaching staff has made so many awful decisions this year that if KP not only doesn’t start but also doesn’t get the majority of the snaps this week, I am emotionally done with Narduzzi. He acts like a tough guy with the media but if he isn’t man enough to tell BD “thanks but we are moving in another direction” I have NO faith that he has what it takes to be a quality head coach.


  64. -I think the KP or BD is to save face for Ben. He may be popular with his teammates. You always have cliques on a football team.

    -One thing I was glad to see was that Ben seemed to give KP a tap on the helmet after the game.

    Good – Obviously KP.
    Bad – I can’t keep up with the POV. By the time I get a chance to read all the comments, there’s another post up and it’s too late to comment!
    Ugly – I’m not going to even bother reading the PSU BB game thread!

    Best wishes and prayers to Dan 72. Had the pleasure of golfing with Dan at the POV golf outing.

    GO PITT.


  65. Good – Maddox, Maddox, Maddox
    Bad -Kenny “the Owl” Pickett – 5 1/2 quarters with no scores, blew a time out because he had the wrong wrist band on, interception that led to a TD, took a sack because he didn’t throw the ball away – had the other QB done this you all would be howling and with good reason but certainly not Reed who fancies himself John Gruden. Qbs are both presently bad, one for lack of physical talent the other because he is not nearly ready to play D1 ball. That you all see him as a good is a joke – most of his yardage was on a shovel pass. That said don’t bring in a senior transfer, stick it out.
    Ugly – play calling at the one.


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