Thank You for the Kind Gift…

Pitt FlagI received a very nice gift in the mail yesterday – a full sized Pitt flag with autographs from the POVers who attended Fran’s tailgate before the North Carolina game.  I hope you all know that I appreciate it very much and will fly it when I watch Pitt games down here in Maryland.

That said, and I do thank you, this article will be it for me for some time.

This blog is supposed to be fun and informative and has drifted away from that. That is my fault for not administering it more closely I suppose.  But the give and take between posters on here is getting to be barely civil in some spots.

I will not waste my time, energy and money for something that is being treated with disrespect on some’s part and growing apathy on mine.  I’ll continue to put up BB game threads when I remember to and I have already drafted the VT and Miami FB game threads to be posted on gamedays – so you all will have something to talk about if you wish.  But I’ll not babysit any longer.

I applied this week to sit on our County’s Veterans Outreach Committee and will start that soon- drawing on my work with the homeless – and I feel that that real-life need is bigger than Pitt football is for me at this time.

In the past I’ve asked others to contribute articles if they like.  I’ll extend that offer again.  Send me what you write and I’ll proof it and post it if appropriate – I do ask that you write it in Microsoft Word and send it to me as an email attachment.

I’ll make a decision on of the course of the POV after the season ends.  This isn’t an abrupt move although a singular last straw was reached this morning.  I’ve talked to other posters about my thoughts on this earlier this season and feel it is time that I direct my energies elsewhere.

One last note – everything I have written on The POV I believe to be true 100% and have work hard to verify what was told to me from another source if possible… most info on tender topics have come to me first hand. I have never fabricated issues on here and should you choose to go back over all the articles written since June of 2016 you’ll see that as fact.

Thanks again – crappy season but still mostly fun.