Here is the latest Roundtable discussion with Mark (UPitt), Jim (Pittman4ever), Richard (PittCocks in SC) and myself. This was a winged discussion because I had forgotten it was Wednesday and didn’t prep any discussion prompts.  Enjoy…

In an almost unbelievable headline subject here is a piece in the P-G about King Pat’s defense.

But linebackers coach Rob Harley, who sees everything from a different perspective, had a more nuanced reply to that question of regression.

“I don’t know,” Harley said after a pause to think. “I really do believe that every week, we’ve gotten better. … In terms of development and growth, I think it’s hard to boil one game of 60, 70, 80 plays just to say, ‘Well, we didn’t get better.’

“Did we play as well as we needed to in key moments? No. Did we play as well as we need to, overall, to win the game? Obviously not; we didn’t come out victorious. But there are these bright spots as you go around.”

Blah, blah, blah.  I’d give a $100 donation to the athletic fund right now if just for once a Pitt coach would come out and say “You are right. This defense is no good and hasn’t been since Narduzzi and Conklin got here”

But in a nod back to the 4th & 19 debate the P-G’s Batko comes up with this statistical gem…

In that final 15 minutes — the final 13:16, to be more specific, after Darrin Hall’s go-ahead score — North Carolina put up 152 of its 366 total yards of offense and averaged 7.2 yards per play after gaining 5 per play the first three quarters.

…and this was the info that should have been in the front of Narduzzi’s decision-making when faced with the question of whether or not our porous defense could stop NC from getting a single 1st down after that punt.

Of course we weren’t going to stop them and I’ll say this – if any Pitt fan watched that game and honestly thought we’d not allow a 1st down by NC at the end of the game – you were watching that game with blue & gold tinted glasses on.

Here is a strange and complete wishful thinking bit from the P-G’s Paul Zeise’ mailbag Q&A:

Jeff Hauser‏, @jdoogie1: Why is Pitt struggling so much to identify and recruit an ACC-level quarterback out of high school? Does MacVittie have a future with the program as a QB?

Zeise: I don’t know this to be completely true. I mean, Pat Narduzzi has gone the graduate transfer route because he has a comfort level with experienced quarterbacks. His plan was to have Thomas MacVittie, Ben DiNucci and Kenny Pickett (all three recruited by him out of high school) grow and learn for a couple of years before they are thrown into the fire. It’s clear MacVittie has fallen behind Pickett, but that isn’t a death sentence. He could outplay both of them in the spring and win the job. If Pickett is as advertised, though, he should eventually win the job.

Look, if anything has been made perfectly clear by Pat Narduzzi and OC Shawn Watson it is that Thomas MacVitte is not in the future plans as far as playing QB at Pitt.  I have paid pretty close attention to Narduzzi’s press conferences and interviews and he has not mentioned MacVittie’s name at all – not once unless prompted by the interviewer.

Hell, on Monday Narduzzi even went so far as to say that if Pitt needs another transfer QB going into next season he’d go get one and that alone speaks volumes about what the staff feels about MacVittie.

And another thought on this – if you feel that Narduzzi is going to have an open competition among THREE QBs then I believe you have another think coming.  I’m deathly afraid that he’ll not even have an open competition between TWO- DiNucci and Pickett.

Here are some other noteworthy Pitt items:

Pitt & the City are looking at revamping Bigelow Blvd between 5th and Forbes yet again…

On a Where Are They Now? type bit it looks like Henry Hynoski is keeping busy in his post-NFL career life.

Now he’s a Head Coach all on his own

Hynoski is set to take over the Shamokin Area High School football program as the head football coach, reports The Daily Item. The 2011 Super Bowl Champion will also assume an administrative role, becoming the dean of students.

He will embark on both roles in 2018, assuming he earns his master’s degree and teaching certification.

“I’m happy to have Henry. With his character and integrity as a person, he will make a good coach and will be a great addition to our school,” stated Jeff Kashner, the president of the school board.

But here is something just as interesting and I’d love to have been at this discussion…

Hynoski lecture

How cool is that and what an interesting topic but a valid one given the high quality of athletic talent that came out of these coal regions (and the mills) in the past decades.  Not so much now I believe but I’d have loved to hear the take the Bucknell University panel had on the subject.

Also interesting is the magazine this is found in



Here is the full National Ranking listing for Pitt – read it and weep.  A few bright spots like Red Zone defense, Punt Returns, least penalties, TOP, etc… but overall???  I highlighted any catagory where we are lower (higher?) than #75 out of 129 teams.

Statistic National
3rd Down Conversion Pct (129 ranked) 96 11 0.360
3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense (129 ranked) 77 12 0.404
4th Down Conversion Pct (129 ranked) 25 3 0.625
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense (129 ranked) 58 8 0.500
Blocked Kicks (55 ranked) 21 5 2
Blocked Kicks Allowed (127 ranked) 33 1 1
Blocked Punts (16 ranked) 16 4 1
Blocked Punts Allowed (129 ranked) 75 5 1
Completion Percentage (129 ranked) 38 4 0.620
Defensive TDs (35 ranked)
Fewest Penalties (129 ranked) 5 3 40
Fewest Penalties Per Game (129 ranked) 4 2 4.00
Fewest Penalty Yards (129 ranked) 18 3 399
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game (129 ranked) 17 3 39.90
First Downs Defense (129 ranked) 73 12 206
First Downs Offense (129 ranked) 75 9 200
Fumbles Lost (129 ranked) 53 7 6
Fumbles Recovered (129 ranked) 55 5 6
Kickoff Return Defense (129 ranked) 121 14 25.70
Kickoff Returns (129 ranked) 109 13 18.29
Net Punting (129 ranked) 63 6 38.04
Passes Had Intercepted (129 ranked) 32 5 6
Passes Intercepted (127 ranked) 61 7 8
Passing Offense (129 ranked) 81 10 210.8
Passing Yards Allowed (129 ranked) 110 14 264.5
Passing Yards per Completion (129 ranked) 102 9 11.33
Punt Return Defense (129 ranked) 112 11 12.82
Punt Returns (129 ranked) 3 1 19.50
Red Zone Defense (129 ranked) 18 4 0.742
Red Zone Offense (129 ranked) 95 11 0.793
Rushing Defense (129 ranked) 49 7 150.7
Rushing Offense (129 ranked) 73 11 157.5
Sacks Allowed (129 ranked) 97 9 2.60
Scoring Defense (129 ranked) 77 11 28.5
Scoring Offense (129 ranked) 91 10 24.9
Tackles for Loss Allowed (129 ranked) 94 10 6.50
Team Passing Efficiency (129 ranked) 78 8 126.92
Team Passing Efficiency Defense (129 ranked) 107 14 144.49
Team Sacks (129 ranked) 88 13 1.70
Team Tackles for Loss (129 ranked) 104 13 4.8
Time of Possession (129 ranked) 16 2    32:29
Total Defense (129 ranked) 87 12 415.2
Total Offense (129 ranked) 97 9 368.3
Turnover Margin (129 ranked) 49 7 0.20
Turnovers Gained (129 ranked) 67 7 14
Turnovers Lost (129 ranked) 35 6 12
Winning Percentage (128 ranked) 84 10 0.400



216 thoughts on “POV Roundtable Call-In Show; 11/15/17

  1. I’ll repeat again. At 4th and 19 with 3 timeouts, a punt was absolutely, undeniably, 100% the correct call …. and once again, by continuing this point, it confirms your total disdain of Narduzzi … just like when you went on and on about the bowl game last year.

    You pick apart every little thing he says in the press conference and make a big deal of it. Todd Graham used to “win the press conference” here … how did that work out?


    1. It’s interesting that we’re still having this debate about 4th and 19. I remember my sister questioning the punt call too given how she perceived Pitt’s defensive play to that point. I mentioned how unlikely I thought it was that Pitt would convert a 4th and 19 given what we had seen. I also mentioned that Pitt had 3 TOs and that UNC would probably just run the ball but that Pitt’s defense better stop it. Reasonable people can disagree.

      I still have serious doubts that Pitt would have converted the 4th and 19. If they’d have turned it over on downs there UNC could have gone really conservative and punted to make Pitt go 80 yards or more. I don’t see Pitt’s 2017 passing attack being able to do that.


    1. here is an excerpt from the above link

      Graham, by contrast, was full of smiles after landing what he called the job he always wanted at a BCS school. While he was criticized for staying at Rice for only a season, and he left Tulsa after going 36-17 in four seasons, he hinted Pitt would be a longer-lasting stay.


      1. I can definitely get on board with some Graham hate. I was hoping against hope that they wouldn’t hire Graham in the first place. I felt really out of place as a Pitt fan that year because I was sure it wouldn’t work out yet so many were so happy.


    1. right now he is 20-16 .. and admittedly will be 20-18 … playing a much more difficult schedule than his predecessor ever did. And I totally agree this past game was bad, no doubt, but at least they were in the game and had a chance to win (unlike Chryst’s 3rd season in a double digit loss to Akron where Putt didn’t even threaten to score in the 4th quarter, and scored only a FG in entire 2nd half)


      1. Why resort to Chryst hate again? You’ve been doing so well.

        I would say that Chryst’s second season (and first in the ACC) was challenging. Pitt played FSU (14-0), Duke (10-4), Miami (10-4), Notre Dame (9-4), VT (8-5), Navy (9-4) and Bowling Green (10-4). Syracuse, GT and UNC were 7-6. Pitt beat Duke, ND, Syracuse and BG. Other than a blowout loss to FSU in their first game, the largest margin of loss was 11 points to GT.

        Given that I don’t think you can lay your typical emotionally charged claim “playing a much more difficult schedule than his predecessor EVER DID”.


  2. Making 2M and going 20-18 is failing. He came into a MUCH better situation than Chryst did when he took over at Pitt. Narduzzi is a mess in press conferences and appears aloof and his actions don’t match his words.


    1. Narduzzi makes $1.8M and he currently has much less 4th and 5th year players than PC had in his 3rd year. The current defense has 1 senior, and offense has 3 – Officer, Jones-Smith and Weah – that were recruited by the previous coach.


  3. Narduzzis arrogance will be his downfall. Nothing will change at Pitt. Ben will start and play every snap of the next two games just because Nard believes he know better and to let everyone ( you and I) know he’s in charge….not us. Both games will be over by halftime and Miami will draw 23,000…of which 10,000 will be Miami fans.

    Nard will continue to pick up the 3 star leftovers that are rejected by other D 1 schools.

    Not a single assistant coach will be let go.



  4. That was a great round-table discussion. Really enjoyed it this morning. A little feedback:

    I don’t get the emotional hook comment about Dinucci when Narduzzi started Browne over BD despite from what I keep hearing that Dinucci had a much better spring and fall camp. It’s not playing a favorite but the the player that gives him the best chance to win.

    About the supposed QB battle next year? I do agree that it sometimes can be difficult to win out against an incumbent. Kind of like a boxing champion getting the benefit of the doubt in a close match or a politician winning through familiarity. I hope that is not the case next year. I still look for a grad transfer at QB next year.

    Hall has been a surprise player this year and my other would be Raj Lopes.

    On the subject of who looks good or not. The whole QB situation this has made lots of players look bad. The O-Line and the WR’s and TE’s don’t get the ball often enough to look good. PITT could have sure used Georgie this year.

    I doubt Narduzzi has much say in the play calling concerning passes over the middle. That type of pass takes more guts from the QB than the head coach who is known for his defense.

    About PN hiring buddies. Again, Canada was one of those buddies.

    Last note on the 4 -19 play. I’m not even sure Narduzzi would have gone for it even with Canada still here with the current QB play. Maybe last years offense with Canada he would have.

    The notion that Narduzzi walked into a winning situation at MSU is flat out wrong, he did not. Plus it took him a good 4 years to start producing a decent to good defense.

    Pittman4ever/Jim is the funniest sit down comedian I have ever watched.

    Pitt-cocks/Richard know his football stuff. Enjoy the knowledge he brings to the table.

    Upitt/Mark I think he should only appear on screen when making comments as he is actually a very nice guy when we see him. Hell, i did agree with most of what he said.

    Reed is Reed. Steady as a rock like a great commander should be. Land Ho!


  5. You know what makes me laugh. Remember when narduzzi says he goes high they go low after psu game. I disagree coach you go low all the time at reporters. Your press conferences are becoming unwatchable. Remember when you told dinucci he was our guy than went with browne?

    How about the time you went out of your way to praise Mcvitty now he's not mentioned when u talk about qbs.  How about not remembering Adam Berkte than saying big kid had a good arm.  How about you actually go high get some credibility the recruits are picking up on your cat p### smelling breath every time you open your pie whole.


  6. Not sure what happened to end of my last post. I said how bout the time you forgot adam berkte than said he had a good arm. Your losing your credibility coach. I can smell your cat p*** breath every time you open your pie whole. Recruits are taking notice. Raines basically said he didn’t come to pitt because he doesn’t trust you. I think wade and hudson and Jeter would say the same thing. That’s scary if kids will trust frankelstein and harbaugh over you.


    1. THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE. In fact, Jeter even indicated that the toughest part was when he had to tell Narduzzi that he was going elsewhere. Hudson was from McKeesport who hasn’t sent anyone to Pitt in many years (George Smith is PSU alum), and Wade had been pursued by (former Gateway coach) Tery Smith, now a PSU asst, for over 2 years.

      The fact is that House lost Montae Nicholson to Narduzzi and Dravon Henry to WVU, after both were of them were known to have Pitt as favorites. And did you know that Henry is Raines cousin? Ya think that may have had anything to do with it?


      1. I heard the same thing about Raines…

        I was also told by a parent that his kid went elsewhere because after telling him early in there recruiting process that he’d start as a true FR the Pitt staff passed him from one coach, to another coach to a 3rd coach… who didn’t return the parents multiple phone calls. And that was from a very reliable source.

        Pitt fans, and you, can believe what you want but there are real systemic problems with this HC and the coaching staff.

        Now whether that is because we are the low end of the totem pole as far as staff coaches because of the low salaries we pay that might be. Or maybe because he’s a first time HC, which you would think he’d be better after two years on the job, but the administration of the program is poor.

        Regardless, I’ve heard some stories that really concern me about this football program and had a long talk last month with an guy close to the program about the decline in recruiting over the last two years and it was pretty eye opening… of which that instance above is just one case in point.

        BTW, I don’t have total disdain for Pat narduzzi. What I have is I’m fed up with all the crap because anything that has to do with any kind of criticism from the media HE treats with total distain… it doesn’t help anybody when he can’t see the problems right in front of his face.


  7. Click to access 2017-18%20Budget%20Presentation.pdf

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see Pitt’s front porch even mentioned is this budget presentation.

    Success in sports is closely related to administrative commitment and organization.

    Pitt Athletics has always been and continues to be an afterthought.

    Blaming Narduzzi for the mess that is Pitt Football right now is like blaming the janitor for the heat not working in your office building.

    Same thing with blaming Stallings, they are just the symptom and not the cause of the disease.


  8. I’m not trying to nitt pick his press conferences I’m not picking his demeanor the way he treats other people. Putting a spy on reporters listen it’s ok to be an a*** hole if your competing for the acc title every year to some extent but the cap he Does is wearing thin on me less talk more results. I’m not saying fire him but a little different approach on his part would be nice


  9. I agree with you guys on here he has an impossible job as does Stallings they are getting no support from the top. What makes me angry the most is when Gallaher was hired they made an appoint to say they were going to almost go out of their past comfort zone to be competitive in all sports it’s turning out to be a joke. The new administration has not made one bit of difference.


    1. Yes and Gallagher said he would stress recruiting with all of his coaches. Total lip service. But Gallagher, like the Pitt trustees, are responsible or the current cluster which Pitt’s two major sports are. In case anyone has forgotten, Narduzzi stinks against Miami. It’s possible the Thanksgiving weekend game is going to get ugly fast. We will be able to bookend 1996 with 2017. Empty stadium, blowout loss, angry coach, distrached chancellor and AD….Pitt is groundhog day.


  10. The Bigelow Blvd project sucks. PITT’s ineptness goes beyond athletics. They get no respect from the city or UPMC.


  11. A pox on all of our houses. BoT, AD, coaches, alumni, fans. All of us.
    We have the athletic department that we deserve right now.
    How can we expect excellence when none of the above are committed or performing at the level they need to be?


  12. Maybe I’m more sympathetic to these guys cause I once had a job where my boss wanted me to hire top people for two thirds the going rate. I did my best and actually had some success but was canned for not meeting my (his) objectives.

    The Steelers have been successful because they have a great organization with one goal winning championships. While Pitt is also a great organization, it has never had the goal of winning athletic championships. In fact what is the goal of the Pitt Athletic Department, other than not being an embarrassment to the University? It is once again failing at that goal.


    1. the Steelers were sports’ worst franchise for 40 years .. then all of sudden, they became on of the best. They draft a player from North Texas St (Greene), La Tech (Bradshaw), Southern (Blount) .. etc and they got better because they started to scout players better.

      Conversely, Pitt was great back in the 30s, etc and then stunk for a while before getting the best young coaching prospect in the business followed by his right hand man for their mid 70s to early 80s run. Then since that time, they have lost at least 3 games ever since, made numerous coaching changes … and only once have offered a competitive salary and he left after 1 season!

      and we have the balls to criticize the coach


      1. I agree. When we hired a top notch coach in 2011, we nickled and dimed him all the way. But despite all that, Narduzzi doesn’t get a perpetual pass.


  13. coaches are famous for not being frank during press conferences. And I would be the same way if were in their position. Yes, when you win, you can be total dicks like Saban and Belichik, but the fact is only the struggling coaches gets nit-picked. And in this case, you negative Nellies are just piling on.

    It is still better than throwing your players under the bus. Now that is what being pompous is … continuing placing blame on 18-22 year olds.


    1. Which is what narduzzi does every single time he says “Well the players were in position to make the plays but…”

      And we hear that in every single post-loss presser he holds.


      1. but he’s not mentioning names. and also, that was pretty obvious … how many times last year was the DB right there with the WR but didn’t make the play to break up the pass?


  14. Narduzzi doesn’t have an impossible job, he’s just not very good at it. Of all the recent Pitt HCs going back to DW Narduzzi has inherited a program that had the most going for it. Every modern HC Pitt has had has been handcuffed with low university support especially on the financial front.

    Graham took over a mess and so did Chryst. Narduzzi was left a stable program and a lot of good football players already on the roster. That’s why he could have those two 8 win seasons.

    Now that he’s faced with trying to win with mostly his own players his lack of head coaching skills is showing. What will be interesting to see is how he bounces back from what will probably be a 4 & 8 season. Which will be the worse season in 20 years if form holds.

    Next year will show his true measure and I wonder if he can get back to 8 wins again.


    1. you’re out of your mind! This is Narduzzi’s 3rd year and he got a late start in his first year. He was left with no QBs, no speed on defense, and a much more difficult schedule than all 3 of his predecessors.

      Reed, I don’t care one darn if you agree with this or not ….. if this teami was playing Pitt’s 2014 schedule, they would have have at least 6 wins, even with DiNucci at QB …. and nobody will convince me otherwise.


        1. here was the coastal division standings in 2014

          Coastal Division
          No. 8 Georgia Tech x 6 – 2 11 – 3
          Duke 5 – 3 9 – 4
          North Carolina 4 – 4 6 – 7
          Pittsburgh 4 – 4 6 – 7
          Miami 3 – 5 6 – 7
          Virginia Tech 3 – 5 7 – 6
          Virginia 3 – 5 5 – 7

          We lose to GT, Duke and maybe UNC .. but that’s it. And we certainly beat Akron, FIU and Delaware.


      1. Please explain this INCREDIBLY late start that you believe that Narduzzi had.

        Narduzzi coached through the Baylor game on New Year’s Day. Chryst coached through the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day 2012. Chryst was announced as head coach at Pitt on December 22, 2011. Narduzzi was announced as head coach at Pitt on December 26, 2014. I guess that 4 days REALLY put him behind.


  15. Hope this is readable. The below is a table of the 13 ACC football teams who have been part of the conference since 2013, the total number of wins they have since 2013, and the count of ACC championship game appearances.

                    Wins    ACCCGs

    Clemson 58 3
    Florida State 50 2
    Miami 41 1
    Virginia Tech 39 1
    Duke 35 1
    Georgia Tech 35 1
    North Carolina 34 1
    Pitt 33 0
    NC State 32 0
    BC 29 0
    Wake 23 0
    Syracuse 22 0
    Virginia 19 0

    Based on all of the measurables around shared commitment from the administration down to the fans (coach salaries, recruiting budgets, attendance, donations), it can be argued that Pitt football has OVERACHIEVED. Sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s exactly my point. Our donations rank 14th of 14, our coaching salaries are bottom 3 based on publicly available information, and we play in a half-empty stadium 3 miles from campus…even when we had defeated the eventual national champion just a week before.

        Why should we expect to outperform the rest of the conference? What’s our competitive advantage vs. Duke and GT? The fact that we won a bunch of national titles 90 years ago?

        MAJOR changes are needed. Or 8 wins will be our high watermark for the foreseeable future.


  16. Now Mrs. Narduzzi, er….wwb, I know you need to defend your husband and you are doing a great job for him. Keep up the good work, the family appreciates it! (LOL)
    wwb = wife with balls? :>)


  17. Narduzzi gets way more support and money and favor than Chryst and Wanny and Graham ever had. Look at the extra roles, etc. hell the Athletic Dept looks like a Gov agency there is so much waste. Go online and look at the bogus positions. Narduzzi gets way more than the previous 3 coaches.


    1. but it’s not just how much you get, it’s how much you get i relation to your competitors. And Narduzzi is 13th of 14 ACC coaches on the pay scale, and Clawson at Wake only makes $330k less. In the past 2 years, Mendenhall, Babers, and Fuentes and all make much more


  18. I’m going to report something that appeared at the very end of a thread a day ago (and probably most didn’t see it). It is about PN’s attitude during press conferences. I think it DOES matter. If he cannot be straight or insightful or civil when he should be on his best behavior, what makes anyone think he is effective when there is no light shining on him…

    Here is all you need to know about PN (from earlier this week). Reporter: I understand there’s a competition every week, but might you take a long look at Kenny Pickett this week? PN: Are you asking or are you telling me? (Smiles).

    What a horse’s butt. The most important question to Pitt fans who long for something more than a weekly embarrassing beat-down…. He can’t even have the good graces to anticipate the question (a question shared by nearly ALL Pitt fans) and have a convincing answer. Instead we get arrogant BS.
    Incredibly, he goes on to say “But our run game has been so good that you hate — we can switch it up and then all of a sudden blow something else up that’s pretty good, and then you guys will be going — you’ll be talking the other way.”

    So even if the nooch is screwing up royally, let’s not even consider a change because it might mean our run game will go south?!? A run game that was not good enough to beat a 1-8 team. If he caveated this and said we don’t think Kenny is ready or he is still learning the nuances of the offense or the team still responds to Dinucci’s leadership, I might say OK…

    But if you look at the skillset expected of a P5 QB, he doesn’t have it… In that case, you HAVE to give Pickett a chance. I looked at the post game celebration video after one of the recent wins and if you looked at Pickett, he wasn’t exactly loving life. Could be he is just a Debbie downer. Could also be that he KNOWS he is the better QB and the coach is clueless…. Since the practices are closed, we don’t really know.
    Look, I kind of like PN and I think if he lost the chip on his shoulder and got some real help – like a gameday strategic thinker – he might be OK. His emotional approach can supercharge a team.. But that only works if they believe in the magic.

    I want to believe he can be effective – no one gains by multiple head coaching changes… But it is incumbent on him to communicate his vision to the fans and the team – and it needs to make sense… Right now all we get are not so subtle digs at our intelligence and strange happy talk – “well, the players were in position to make plays”…..


    1. NOW SEE HOW OVER THE TOP YOU GUYS GET?? That was a joke he said in jest while smiling, and once again a mountain is made from a molehill.

      Now I’ve seen Wanny dissected left and right about game day decisions, conservative calls, etc., the same about Walt, Jamie and Paul … but now you’re even picking apart his answers at the presser.



      1. I think the lives of the Pov’ers will be safe for the next 20 seasons. Miami is going to own the ACC for the next 5-8 years. Hell everyone is getting better than us. Syracuse, UVA, NC ST, WF, VT, ( Duke is same and FL took a step back)


  19. While I agree Narduzzi has his faults, his primary difficulty has been in recruiting. When I mention this, I hear a lot of reasons why it is difficult to recruit to Pitt.

    I do think Narduzzi overachieved last year with wins vs PSU and Clemson. Up till this year he won all the games he was supposed to win except Northwestern.

    I think he deserves a pass this year. We were picked to be at the bottom by most prognosticators this year.

    Not sure what you guys expected?

    I don’t know if Narduzzi can make Pitt competitive again, I don’t know if Urban Myer or Nick Saban could.

    Our budget is near the bottom, our recruiting area is non-existent, we have no fan base.

    Take for example Chryst now and then or Belichak at Cleveland vs New England.

    Take Chuck Noll when he had players vs when he didn’t.

    The same thing about blaming a coach for not being competitive vs UNC, Duke or Kentucky when they are loaded with elite players and your best player might make a living in Europe.

    It is the Administration that gives coaches the where with all to succeed, especially in today’s environment.

    What did Michigan pay Harbaugh to get back in the game?

    UPitt keeps lamenting the 2 million, that is barely the price of admission. What about the rest of the staff? How does that compare to the big boys?

    You guys expect Filet Mignon for the price of flank steak.


  20. A real leader campaigns for more coin. He says pay me 1.4 and spreads out 600K to other coaches to build something special and then makes more in next contract. Supposedly offered Canada a Million. If true then he has mo excuses. Demand it. He has leverage.


  21. Take Jamie as another example, couldn’t recruit worth a damn at Pitt in his last few years. How’s he doing now. Administrative support $$$$$$$ makes all the difference.


  22. Does Narduzzi need to lighten up… a lot? NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! …

    It would help if he open his doors just a wee bit wider giving PITT fans through the media a little bit more of insight to the goings on down on the south-side. I will say it does look like PN has a little better rapport with the media these days and I do think his jokes and jerkiness don’t hit as close to home with all of us getting it second hand.

    That’s his fault though. He blew into town much like TG with all the bravado and confidence of a veteran coach with a resume as long as his arm, but he didn’t have those credentials. He should try being himself more and not what he thinks a P-5 head coach should be like.

    Bad news is that I think he’s playing BD because he’s trying to win games and I can’t blame him for that. In my mind, there is absolutely no way Narduzzi is playing Dinucci because of favoritism. I’ve said before if Narduzzi is looking at the end of the rainbow for a pot of gold and moving on to bigger and better things and jobs, then the only way that will happen is for him to win games. Why would he not play the best option at QB?

    All this said, imo, it’s not this one down season this year that has the natives in an uproar. Narduzzi has dug himself a hole with his poor attitude and demeanor. If can lighten up an roll more with the media I see wins coming as early as next year and beyond.

    I’ve always thought that year 3 can be a down year and also at years end time for reevaluation of the football program. Upitt is right when he said you can’t rely on unemployed coaches to turn things around. They are unemployed for lot of reasons. PITT and Narduzzi have to do some deep research and make the changes after this season to try and make this team better moving forward… ike



    1. Well Ike Narduzzi himelf disagrees with you on the 3rd year and said as much in that presser above.

      If we are all talking in absolutes I’ll say that his major problem is recruiting. Pitt fans loved this hire so much that they thought anything he did was great and way over-exaggerated the qualities the committed recruits actually had, mostly on other Power 5 offers.

      Well, Pitt is a P-5 school, do you think just because a recruit got an offer from us that makes him special?? Of course not.

      What will kill us is when all of Chryst’s OL players have moved on. After this season we lose JJ-S, Officer, Hodges and maybe O’Neill. Next year Bookser and Dintino. And as bad as I think JJ-S and Officer are I think they are way better than who we have in the Narduzzi pipeline.

      That’s when our offense goes directly into the crapper to hold hands with our poor defense.


      1. I agree Reed. We saw a real drop off in O-line play this year and it will get worse.

        I have been saying for some time that the recruiting is average at best. Whether the excuses are justified, it doesn’t really matter, the buck stops with Narduzzi.

        Unfortunately I have reached a point of little hope for Pitt and I don’t think it matters if it is Narduzzi, Stallings or anyone else. If Pitt doesn’t change its culture from the top we are not going to change the results on the field.

        Big time sports are just that, Big Time. Pitt will always be small time unless Gallagher can convince the Board to go all in like they do at all of the major winning programs.

        I just don’t see it ever happening, unless some billionaire benefactor comes out of the woodwork to take charge.

        Pitt has always been content to be an also ran and as long as the ACC dollars keep flowing, they will be content to be the Washington Wizards, Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Pirates. take your pick.

        Beating up on Narduzzi is just an effort in futility, he is just the current whipping boy in a long line of them..


  23. Pitt showed their colors when they hired Barnes, showed Jamie the door and brought brought in a never has been to a once proud program. I don’t blame Stallings, he is what he is. And Pitt is what Pitt is, incompetent and a laughingstock. I saw Nordy at every game, I still do. Gallagher, not so much.


  24. Let’s put this to bed once and for all. You go for it on 4th and 19 ONLY if you are going against the Pitt defense. I know, mr. obvious right!

    I disagree with UPitt slightly on leadership – As a leader you don’t campaign, you require it before taking the position. If you’re confident and competent, you have your “ask” list ready during the interview. If you want the BoT to take you seriously, you need to know how to manipulate them properly. It is an art. Lyke should have ironed all of this out before taking the position. Either your leadership style and aspirations align with the Board or they don’t. If they don’t, you are to blame. That is one of the reasons I thought she was a bad hire. She didn’t present her vision, which includes her “asks” or demands prior to her getting the offer. You do that upfront. Tressel would have demanded certain things regarding support, why? Because it works! Especially in higher Ed.

    A vision is not the same bs I put on here the week she was hired and copied her acceptance speech from her last job. If she diodn’t go in there knowing we have a tarp issue and a plan for fixing it, she was not prepared. If she didn’t go in there knowing we have a gameday experience issue and how to fix it, she wasn’t prepared. Go down the laundry list of issues.

    A TOP AD candidate is prepared for questions and responses to fix it and then makes the demand. It is simple for a Leader. That is one of the reasons that I didn’t like the hire. Plenty of others too, but the main one is Respect YOUR Abilities. If they don’t align with your BoT, it’s not for you.


  25. Ike, I wouldn’t complain a bit about the dinucci/pickett thing if he simply came out and said I think the best chance we have to win now is to play dinucci… He could add, he has the respect of his teammates and that is no small thing… He could even add, in football, there are no guarantees – look at Peterman at Buiffalo.. The incumbent screwed up so badly in a game, the coach had no choice other than to make the change.. If Dinucci has similar problems, I will probably make a change….

    Being direct, sensible and respectful of what fans want to know about goes a long way… I like PN and really want him to succeed… I’m just afraid his demons (including his wise guy arrogance) will make it harder for him to achieve success….


  26. I’m with PN, I don’t like the media either. So who cares if he jokes around or doesn’t give straight answers. A lot of coaches act the same way. To me this is all about trying to find any and all things wrong with someone because this season is not turning out so well.
    Reed – regarding your comment on recruiting above….how do we know — maybe the staff decided not to pursue this player anymore? How do we know the parent is telling the “whole” story? There are a lot of unknowns so to me it’s hard to make judgment on stories and rumblings.


    1. You don’t have to make a judgement… All you have to do is either believe what I say I have heard from a reliable source or not.

      And I’ll add that in my speaking about Pitt’s recruiting my source is impeccable. That is why I say “I know…” or “I’ve been told” and not saying “it is my opinion” or ” I believe…”.

      As to that specific recruit? He was a 4* we missed out on last year, believe me we wanted him and his Dad was so pissed at Pitt that the young man signed elsewhere.

      Again, the recruiting administration is need of work .


      1. Actually outside of this site – I read very little of the mainstream media on Pitt sports. I’ll read some stuff on PSN and that’s about it. Honestly I’m more interested in how they play than what they say. Although I’ll admit I’ll often watch player interviews to see how they respond and handle themselves.


  27. I like Gundy too – but he’s flown off the handle at the media before. He’s lost it on more than one occasion. Everyone’s personality is different. It’s clear most here don’t like PN’s. And some think that is the main reason why we suck at football.


    1. Money has no bearing on how a coach treats media and press conferences. Or holds himself in public, on the sidelines, etc. It is class.


  28. I’ll answer my own question. Gundy makes over 4 mill a year. So please

    Reed from above, no not from heaven but an above post. I watched his presser and listened to what pat said about his third year. A neutral observer may very well feel that was HCPN not accepting excuses which is what it was. When one stands right in front a large tree, we don’t see the forest behind the tree. I include myself here. ike



  29. Reed, thanks for bringing up Narduzzi not agreeing with the 3rd year theory. When he says something like that it’s taken out of context. We get it, you don’t want him fired but you, more than obviously, do not like him one bit! Which is ok by me.


  30. So how long does Nardo stick with The Nooch if he is ineffective against the Gobblers ?
    As in zero points in the 1st half…..does he yank The Nooch ?

    Bets please


  31. Don’t play junior psychologist on here Ike – you ain’t qualified to do so.

    I have said many times that I very much like the way Pat Narduzzi handles the team and program in off the field instances – but you just overlook that, don’t you. For me that is as big a deal as winning or losing games.

    I very much appreciate our current APR and believe it will continue to rise with Narduzzi – these are part and parcel of the reason I don’t call for his head as many other fans are doing – because overall I think he’s good for the student/athletes under his charge.

    See for me a HC of a college football team is way more than just that title. He has to be a positive role model, a leader and demonstrate solid and good leadership qualities and be an acceptable mentor for staff members.

    The ONLY thing I don’t like about Pat Narduzzi really is his recruiting and his handling of the media because I think the latter is insulting to the fans he is supposed to be working hard to please. Everything else for me are in shades of grey instead of the black and white outlook you seem to take with these issues.

    I don’t like or dislike Narduzzi Ike no matter how many times you or wbb says I do – I just understand that he’s a human being and so makes mistakes at his job – and I point out and write about those mistakes… along with his successes when he does well.


  32. I think Narduzzi though coming from the B1G he would have no problem running an ACC program and being competitive. He really hit the wall hard in recruiting and he is more defensive and arrogant than he needs to be in front of the mic. I think he is really frustrated that more of the elite players are not buying his pitch. Has to be tough on the ego.

    He also had problems with players buying in and had to let a couple go and had to discipline the two guys that should have been team leaders on defense. Being the head coach has a lot of moving parts and he won’t be great at all of them.

    When you look at Pitt history over the past 35 years, why anyone would think it would be easy is a mystery.


  33. Let me put it this way, if DiNucci stinks it up in our last two games and Pickett does not see the field at all I think there is a very good chance he will transfer out. If the head coach is as BLIND as he has shown to this point in time I see no reason why his BLINDNESS will be cured over the course of this winter.


  34. Emel… Nardo and Nooch has to be aired on WTAE… same great station that brought us Ricky and Copper…? Were Rodney and Knish on KDKA or WTAE .. has a Burgh ring to it…


  35. Reed, other posters won’t be honest with you like me. You can talk talk talk all you want about how you’re fine with the coach.

    I tell my family all the time it’s not what you think or feel when conveying a thought or expression, it’s how you make others think or feel about what you are saying. So, not trying to be a jr psychologist here but this is the message I’m picking up from you and I would bet my humble abode that others think and feel the same way I do.

    So I don’t know anymore than you tell me and I would never think you do not tell the truth to all of us. I just wonder sometimes if you forget to tell the truth to yourself?

    Lastly, I do know how much you appreciate HCPN handling of the team and don’t want him gone. Yet you come off to me as really not liking the guy.. Sorry… ike



  36. IMO, it is not that Reed doesn’t LIKE PN, the issue with Reed is of someone who has more information but doesn’t put it all together the way YOU do Ike. I obviously see things more along YOUR lines and when I read your posts, you are consistent with what you see and how you judge things. This has been obvious with PN and now with KS since there has been BB posts.

    Reed writes in ways that show his efforts to be neutral and objective but he simply dismisses or at least discounts information based on his judgement that to me and you and wwb and maybe only a few others, should be more heavily considered.


  37. I read in espn jj constrando from central catholic (top 10 drop back QB) 6’4″ who FSU out recruited Pitt for 3 years ago is ready to transfer (2 years of eligibility left). Narduzzi better get on the phone and offer starting job for two years.
    Transfer QB’s are the standard now since the top 10 schools recruit 4 4/5* QB’s each year. Sell our program as a step to the pro’s, get the best transfer. Since we failed at the top high school recruits, Pitt has found a better path. Three transfers, Savage and Peterman NFL starters, Browne according to NFL scouts in top 10 NFL QB picks.


  38. No, I come across as angry and frustrated at him which is a different wolrd than disliking him. I root hard every single week that he succeeds for both the players sake and his sake. I want a successful HC at Pitt and I want that HC to be at Pitt for a long time.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sugar-coat what happens on a day-to-day, game-by-game bases with Pat narduzzi I’ll never do that nor would anyone want to read a word I write on here if I turned a blind eye.

    I I think it is kind of funny that with all the fans we have here and on the message boards and elsewhere screaming for him to be fired and that I’m one guy who says that shouldn’t happen and he should be given a full 4 years at least but… you’re the one that points to me as hating him.

    The minute I invest that much emotional energy toward one person is the minute this stops being fun. Put it this way… he’s not that important to me to worry about. I’ll discuss him as the Pitt HC but personally? Who cares?


  39. Bernie, I think Rodney and Knish were KDKA (Hank Stohl) That’s the kind of crap I remember….Reed, The round table was awesome. Just watched it. I’m in lockstep with UPitt’s comments. Also feel not one single coach is pulling their weight this year. Including the recruitment coordinator. Heads have to roll…bring out the guillotine. French Revolution, baby.


  40. The recruiting-related issues that Reed has highlighted recently are definitely cause for concern.

    In general, I tend to forgive Pitt football coaches when they struggle with recruiting because there are so many schools that can sell things that we cannot (recent championships, packed stadiums, sunny weather, an envelope full of cash, etc.).

    But losing kids due to general mismanagement of the process…that cannot happen, especially in one’s third season. And it’s just the kind of thing that likely impacts one’s reputation among high school coaches.


  41. Provo: Every recruit, won or lost has to be judged individually imo. Not saying the Raines story doesn’t have legs but yes his cousin plays there at the moment. I’m also fairly sure that some head coaches don’t connect with recruits and their families as others. This happens throughout college sports.

    The WPIAL the past few years has been a little different then in the past. Some of these kids want to go to a specific school and jump at an offer. Nothing anyone can do to change their minds.

    That said, Narduzzi has done a good job with the local recruits this year. It’s all in one mind’s eye.


  42. Constantino .. was at Kiski area and family thought he was a huge talent so he was enrolled at CC to be groomed….he can’t make it at FSU where the talent ahead of him were not world beaters… what we don’t need are 5 th year senior benchwarmers or demoted to come to PITT.. Peterson was recruited to UT by Chaney who was very aware of Nate’s potential and NP had 2 years to get it together.. plus the Dark Knight was in Nate’s corner in NPs time at PITT…


  43. Emel… Nooch has become such a poser .. maybe Nardo and Noochi could do a mafioso gangsta poster for 2018… use it for recruiting some bad-a$$e$ and Heisman campaign…


  44. So if HCPN leaves where do we go next? The BoT will think of how to get another coach with buyout money. Sounds like an old record. I am tired of it all.


    1. Start by looking at successful HC candidates from sub-P5 teams Lyke Elon University. Pitt won’t shell out the money to land a P5 HC nor would one step down to Pitt.


  45. Got an email from the BB marketing director offering free tix to vets, etc.. for Nov. 25. I’m not much of a fan as I drove in only once from Cols for a game when the team was hot. My reply to him: “I remember going to the Fitz to watch a couple of bb games. Not many people did in those days because the program was sub-par. We have come full circle. Good luck.”


  46. If I’m Heather Lyke, I kidnap Reed, give him truth serum, and interrogate him on the recruiting story he was told. As someone pointed out, we are always going to lose some of the top recruits to the programs that offer more glitz and glamour. However, to lose a recruit and to anger a parent due to the way the process was handled? Inexcusable. And cause for termination as far as I’m concerned.


    1. People get ‘bent out of shape’ over any and every thing today. Glad I’m not having to cajole some of these screwballs today.


  47. Buzz Williams on ESPN with facial hair and some on top.

    Boy, he would be a good fit on Pitt’s bench.


  48. Upitt posted above. “Money has no bearing on how a coach treats media and press conferences. Or holds himself in public, on the sidelines, etc. It is class.”

    Right you are Mark, it does not at all. Yet comparing Narduzzi with another coach who makes almost 3 times the money he does isn’t fair. Not that HCPN shouldn’t be and play nice with the media but you make it sound like PITT can go out and swoop up a guy like Gundy.

    If only PITT could pick up Dabo? What do you think? Go for him after this season?

    BTW, I was surprised last night at the round-table when you took of your hat for a second, you had hair under there. I say you go with the Garth Brooks look with the big old cowboy hat. 🙂 . . . … ike



  49. Gundy may make 3X more than Narduzzi, but a more important question is how much more does his school make off of Football than Pitt? I suspect more than 3X. This makes Gundy a bargain and Narduzzi overpaid.


  50. ^^ I agree, it’s been my point all along. Having a winning P-5 college football team is an investment not a hobby.


  51. Hi guys, Just back from my golf R&R. While in Williamsburg I contacted one of my college roommates who ?I haven’t seen in 45 yrs. He just retired this year as the AD of a very successful HS program in Virginia. He relayed a very disturbing story concerning Pitt and HCPN.
    Seems they had a pretty good player who had committed to Pitt. Virginia Tech came in late and offered. Kid flipped, but wanted to tell Pitt. In the presence of the coach and AD he did so. My buddy said he never, in all his years as an ?ADD heard adults blast a kid like these coaches did to this kid. Said it was embarrassing and couldn’t help affect how this program would view Pitt in the future. Really,really disappointing.

    Did not see the past two b-ball games so I will withhold judgement. I have thoughts on what I saw in the Navy game, but want to see a couple more games to make sure I am seeing what I think. Good to be back, still suck at golf, H2P.
     Oh, one more thing, my Nitter friend was irate. Said HCPN tweeted “Hail to PSU” after they played Montana. Anyone know what he’s talking about???


  52. Heard nothing on the tweet, there was the tweet when tOSU beat Peds. Maybe just PTSD – post traumatic Sandusky disorder.

    Wednesday PN apparently addressed OCs Canada and Watson. He indicated the MC success had more to to do with better and more experienced talent than scheme. As to Watson he praised him as being “loyal” and that he will not be moving on after this year.


  53. AS to the one Povert who insists Reed has an axe to grind with PN regarding treatment of media the 93.7 Fan talk show guys talked about how openly hostile PN is to the media. It is not just Reed.


  54. Ike, I have no idea who this kid is, and it did not occur this year, and if you are calling me a liar we will have very serious words next time I see you. Kapish?


  55. No problem Joe, there’s never a problem on a blog. You seem straight up and I take no offense. Have a good night. ike


  56. Golden Horseshoe Gold, Green was booked for tournament. Gold is my favorite, actually played it pretty well. Vivitera and Williamsburg National. Both just so so. Heard good things about Colonial Heritage, maybe next time.


  57. LOL – Now we want Tiny back and his Constantino. Jesus Narduzzi can you play a Non Italian??? Or better yet actually grow a QB? If I’m Pickett’s Dad, He starts next year or Sianaro. He is Light Years Better than any QB we have or Pastatino in Tally.


  58. The inside info on recruiting that Reed and JoeKnew threw out yesterday is damaging, whether from a credible source or not. Just the fact that two Pitt fans put those comments in black and white (digital) will be used against this coaching staff over and over.

    The HC has to flip some of the lesser producing coaches shortly after the final whistle blows on Thanksgiving weekend for the miami game. That does three things – 1. Sends a positive message to the fans 2. Gives the terminated coaches a chance to land 3. Give Duzz an out on these recruiting blunder “rumors”.

    Careful what you report, cause the “truth” can have a lasting, damaging effect, even more so than we’ve seen for the last 35 years. Some things are better left to be penned in a private letter to the HC and AD.

    I’ll be rooting for the Panthers to beat VTech this Saturday in FB and the nitters in B.B. at The Garden.


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  59. JoeK, was it Dooz that berated the kid or a position coach / coordinator? Just wondering…agree with Rick. Disturbing on several levels.


  60. Just a few short years ago the Pedo’s would have never agreed to play Pitt period. (since we beat them 30+ points like a rented mule). Now they can’t


  61. Reed what you say here really saddens me. Inherently i want to be drinking the kool aid, but on the other hand your insider predictions have pretty much been right on the money.

    If this is truly the case we are in for a rough few years. Unless they somehow figure out how to fix it.

    “Regardless, I’ve heard some stories that really concern me about this football program and had a long talk last month with an guy close to the program about the decline in recruiting over the last two years and it was pretty eye opening… of which that instance above is just one case in point.”


  62. I never really asked who the kid was, just position, and from knowing what school my old roomie was at I have a pretty good idea who it was. We talked for over an hour and a half so it was getting caught up on 45 yrs.If I mentioned the school it would be easy to put 2+2 together, but I will try to get clarification. I will not ever reveal kid or HS. Think I may have missed something as cell connection was bad, but gist of story is true. There may be one big thing I misheard. But basic story about coaches is spot on. This guy was one of the top ADs in Va. Assistant b-ball coach at major VA. college prior to that gig. Very upfront and very, very, honest guy.

    GC, the rennivation of the Gold course is done. Said they took out some of the severity of slope on some greens. Couldn’t prove it by me. Quick!!


  63. I just read the link above. I now have major, major concerns about recruiting. I really need to get ahold of my buddy.


  64. Upitt I agree Nooch is not the solution but when I checked Rivals on Pickett while he was rated #10 in pro style QBs and he early committed to Temple. The other schools that were “interested” but did not offer was anything but impressive. Pitt was the only other offer. Except for his strong arm where do you think he is going? Lafayette or maybe to Eastern or Western Michigan, South Wisconsin? I cannot imagine he won’t get in game tomorrow, Nooch will be killed by VT when he tucks and runs, slide or not. Nooch reminds me of Jack Lambert comment about putting QBs in dresses. Reading this whole thread leads me to believe that internally there are major problems with Pitt FB. -rkb


  65. More Narduzzi speak…

    “Maybe we’d be a little bit further ahead (if Canada had stayed and maintained continuity), but Canada would be pulling his hair out sitting at the table here, trying to find a quarterback, too. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he left.” – Trib Review

    Of course, the reason Matt Canada left for LSU couldn’t have been about MONEY or the chance to be part of a BIG-TIME National Program.

    Of course not.


  66. What Reed and JoeKnew tell us about Pitt’s recruiting is very disturbing. Without knowing any other details, it is pretty obvious that in his third year Narduzzi is not bringing in the kind of classes he should at this point in his tenure. Initially, it is all about turning the program around and playing early. By year three, Duzz should be showing a little bit of a track record and should have players that tell recruits how much they like playing for Duzz. Also, there should be some relationship building with high school coaches who can help and tip a coach off when an unknown player excels late in his career. I don’t get the feeling that any of this is happening. Except for Partridge,I don’t see how the recruiting gets turned around.


  67. And the reason for SO MANY disappointing Pitt losses could not possibly be about a LOUSY Defense that keeps showing up OVER and OVER again.

    No, of course not.

    Again, it’s those PLAYERS.



    Morning read for Big B. Not only is Nard dissing Canada but it is a backhanded dis of the QBs. There is a post gazette article on Wirginis as well, sounds like rehab or grades. Perhaps less than stellar recruiting makes Nard wanting him back, Reed seemed pretty sure he would not be -rkb


    1. DiNooch – Chaney
      McVitte – Chaney, Canada and Duzz
      Picket – Canada, Watson

      In all cases, Duzz is the HC and “should be” closer.

      We know for sure he was the closer on McVitte based on press coverage.


  69. Reed, do you get any sense that Heather is aware of these recruiting deficiencies? You have a great connection with insiders in the AD, what can you tell us about any administrative changes that may provide some hope?


    1. VOR – As younask that Heather is printing bogus awards and devising her next great marketing idea. If you come to a basketball game you get insoles for your rockports, a can of beenie weenie and 10% off sleevless yellow blouses at Bon Ton. Oh and a fanta to wash down the food.


  70. PittofDreams your boy Voytik and Tino Lite aren’t exactly Montana and Brady, that’s why Peterman and now possibly the FSU kid are so necessary.
    But yeah, keep selling their stock-it has the profitability of Kmart.


  71. Some of you are like 7th grade girls buying into hearsay…and that is exactly what this recruiting BS is.

    I love when the media slams people that give them attitude or don’t give them the explanation they think they are entitled to get. A little sensitive these days.

    Almost the weekend….cheer up people!


    1. Lyke it!

      The Pittsburgh media doesn’t lyke Pitt anyways. If I’m Duzz, I’m not going to send any roses either…

      Hammer the hokies!


  72. Agreed NRS. People believe what they want to believe. Cherry picking at it’s finest. My mailman should be here soon, I’ll give you the latest after I talk to him.


    1. True Ike but I’ll believe info given to me from people who are more knowledgeable about Pitt football than you or I are. Believe me I don’t write about the more outlandish things I have had said to me because a lot of it is just bullsh*t.

      If I mention something on here it is because not only did I have info passed to me but I have tried to verify it. I do think my track record is pretty darn good in this respect.

      Funny but the same people who discount what I’m saying about recruiting are the exact same people who didn’t trust what I wrote about Max Browne being a poor QB or about Chad Voytik being an average at best QB before him.

      How about back when Peterman signed on and I wrote that not only would he win the starting job but he’d be a star for us? That was Ill received when I wrote that as everyone felt he was only coming in to be a backup. But I talked to people who knew the QB position intimately and formed that opinion from that info.

      Or even when I wrote that “DiNucci doesn’t have D1 talent and will only start at Pitt due to an injury” – that is verbatim by the way.

      Each of those are 100% on the mark and I didn’t spin those out of thin air but made calls and talked to people who, again, knew more than me about Pitt football.

      Same with when I wrote that I thought the team would drop in talent this season when we started getting more of Narduzzi’s recruits on the field.. I didn’t expect a possible 4 win season but knew we’d drop and said so. Why? Because I had conversations with people who really follow Pitt recruiting.

      You continue to believe this coach and staff are just great and cannot possibly have problems…but as you should know there isn’t an organization run by humans with egos that is immune.

      So, keep sitting there and “believe what you want to believe” because that fits your positive outlook on everything Pitt related and I’ll continue believe info that I get or ask about and write about that.


  73. My connections as it were are not always inside the athletic department but with some people who are very close to the football program and some very high up in the administration… and there’s supposed kept ‘secrets’ coming out of the Southside if you put your ear to the ground and listen.

    This is not a very ‘closed’ program in the way Narduzzi wants it to be.

    Those recruiting stories are more and more prevalent and I just want to remind everyone it was Pat Narduzzi himself who said in public that he was disappointed with his 2017 recruiting class… Chris Peak had an article specifically about this and Narduzzi specifically talked about all the big target recruits who they pressed heavily for and who chose other schools.

    This is indicative of a poor recruiting system and a poor recruiting administration. You look at our 2018 recruiting class with all three stars kids and you can parse It anyway you want. It is subpar even for Pitt. You have to go back to 2003 to find a Pitt recruiting class with no 4* players in it.

    And it the exact opposite of what we thought would happen when high energy Narduzzi was hired. Think about this folks, we just had the two best seasons we’ve had in a long time at Pitt and our recruiting is steadily going downhill over the 2017 class and now the 2018 class. That does not happen at other schools… at other schools you get better recruits than you were before if you are winning but here we’re getting lesser. And that isn’t a coincidence.

    I believe that story that JoeKnew related above 100%. The Pat Narduzzi you see on the sidelines losing control is that same behavior magnified behind closed doors. I wouldn’t doubt he or his running scared staff berated a kid in public at all. As I said the actual administration of the recruiting program loses track of even the blue Chip kids.

    Or they act toward the recruit and his family like we have a championship program already and any recruit would be ‘lucky’ to play here and if “you chose not to then you are not the player you think you are” …another quote I heard from a player’s relative.

    The bottom line is that the better recruits and their parents don’t always trust what this staff says and Pitt’s program and football reputation isn’t strong enough that they can afford to alienate any good recruits.

    This is a big part of the reason I’m not sold that we’ll have big winning seasons when we have more Narduzzi recruits starting in the future. I think most are marginal talents and our staff, especially position coaches, are not up to making the kids play above their natural talent level which consistently good programs do.

    Let me put this another way.. I heard someone tell me “It is the worse it’s been in 20 years”…

    We see it already this season and while I think we’ll win some games I wonder if we’re going to be posting 8 wins again any time soon.

    We’ll see starting next year. I could be wrong and we’re going to rebound big time…hope that happens but the tea leaves say…


    1. No 4* recruits yet…

      You can bad mouth your favorite team and HC on LOI signing day. That is when the results will be tallied and the facts will be the facts.

      Speculating negative “fake” news is not good. Pitt generates plenty all by itself.


      1. Alright Erie. Now I’m a liar and generating ‘fake news’?

        If you truly believe that then I guess this is where I say that is an ultimate insult and you can go f*ck yourself.

        Anyone else agee with his take on my character?


        1. My take was focused on the 3* vs 4* recruiting.

          But sure, I’ll take your f-u and hit the road for more golf.

          The “fake” news has to do with this recruiting cycle is not over.

          Nuff said!


  74. I thought when you recruit 3* you get 3* play? .. and don’t get pissed off at me because that is what you say.

    Just a question Reed, why is he an exception after not seeing him play in live action? I get you like the kid and I wish we could see him play as well but there are many 3* on PITT’s roster that I think will have big careers if PITT can find a legitimate QB.


  75. I figured Wirginis would be back the whole time. Where was he going to go? Like BigB likes to say, to be caption of the good ship lollypop?

    He comes back and Brightwell moves on over to his former spot would be a big help to PITT’s defense. . . .ike


  76. Sorry about another post but wanted to say about Wirginis. I think he has NFL potential if he can get his act together.


    1. In case you forgot this is a blog.

      You are here of your own accord and should know that rules of journalism don’t apply… But even if they did I would never state who I talk with anyway.

      As always you the reader can take what I say with a grain of salt but you should know that I don’t ever write anything on here I don’t feel is true.

      Never have and never will. You may not like what I write and that’s fine…either disbelieve or find a blog that is written the way you like it to be written..


      1. Reed

        I am not saying you have lied or that you did not hear these stories. I am saying you have to take into consideration that they may not be true. Not everyone will like a coach for whatever reason and people are quick to bad mouth people these days.

        I love this blog and the work you do.


  77. Just listen to a Narduzzi Press conference and you can tell
    the type of guy he is. Hell
    he never is humble, never answers questions, is bothered and acts like he won something where in realty he won riding Chrysts Recruiting success.

    Give me Matt House ranked 40 over Conklin’s/Narduzzi Defense ranked in 100’s.

    Remember Year 3


    1. Heather is working on a sponsorship with Riggatoni and a major marinara company to go with the Italians Pat only plays.


    1. Being a recent alum, I’ve watched a lot of Pine-Richland football over the last ten years (will flip between PR and Pitt tomorrow) and I don’t know if it is a lock that Phil is going to be super successful at the D1 level. Most of the time, his receivers are wide open, he has great protection, and he faces little adversity. Let’s see what happens when the U of Miami is sending an all out blitz on him. Phil has the size, work ethic, and speed….kind of reminds me of Nick Fitzgerald from Mississippi State.


  78. @rkb..thanks for the morning read..had a 4:30 am alarm to get into the office- catching up on damn electronic medical records and since the POV and EMR’s co-habitate this computer- well, let’s just say I have become as slow(doing my reports) as a college ball game…TOO many POV time-outs….early lights out tonight….Thanks for thinkin bout the BigB.


  79. I wrote about JJ at FSU a few weeks ago. He and Robert Foster have to be kicking themselves for not going to Pitt. From what I saw, Foster had zero targets and was in maybe ten plays last week in Bama’s game against MSU. Foster would have been the premier, go to receiver at Pitt after Tyler Boyd left and would most likely be an NFL prospect.

    JJ probably would be starting at Pitt against Ben I can’t throw Dinucci and Kenny I can throw but who the hell knows where it is going to go Pickett. Sometimes it is better to be the big fish, in the medium sized pond.


  80. Laughing out loud in a hospital waiting room reading “beanie wienies” from UPitt…the menu for the Miami tailgate is started. Haha. No Fanta though. Beer only zone.


  81. I love this blog. You guys being goofs to Reed need to chill. Just take honest look at what’s happening


  82. I love this blog. You guys being goofs to Reed need to chill. Just take honest look at what’s happening.


  83. Jason Defeancisis of Pine-Richland was offered to come to PITT as a preferred walk-on. Just like Georgie was.

    Reed, I don’t remember saying Taleni wasn’t any good he just hadn’t played a whole lot like Wirginis has. PITT sure did miss all 3 of those guys. Taleni, Blair and Wirginis.


    1. You definitely did. You didn’t think any of those three was a great loss. In fact I recall you stating that the only thing Taleni did last season was to make the big stop on 4th down at Clemson. I remember posting all of the lying stats for Taleni, Blair and Wirginis from last season and questioned where that production would be replaced this season. I recall you were heavy on the Hendrix at that time with perhaps a shot of Carter. Yikes.


  84. I have been raising my concerns about recruiting for over a year now. So I have no problem believing the rumors that are floating around because they are consistent with the facts that are known. My thoughts that the staff was wasting its time making numerous offers to guys they have zero chance of getting was shouted down by many. But face it, what they are doing has not been getting stellar results. Recruiting dollars and hours are limited, flying around the country making ridiculous offers has not worked. A very targeted approach is required to kids we have a chance with. A long range effort to improve relationships with local high school coaches is also needed.

    I stopped reading PittSportsNow because it is worthless to read about the many offers made that were and are going nowhere.

    Narduzzi has been on the job for three years now, where are the kids that he has been recruiting since they were high school freshmen?

    Recruiting needs to get better every year, I just don’t see it happening and now I know a few more reasons why.


    1. That makes sense GC. Initially, I thought offering bigger recruits was the way to go. But, now I’m thinking your post is the wiser way to approach recruiting.


  85. Reed since many guys seem to not believe what your saying about the way duzz treats people I’ll share yet another story. The women who runs the day care where my oldest daughter goes is Ryan Turnleys aunt. Two years ago after Ryan failed to latch on at Raiders he approached coach Narduzzi and asked for a position as a Grad assistant to help with the o line. She told me that narduzzi slammed the door and berated him for an hour telling he should volunteer his time and not expect payment.
    People are not making these story’s up. His character flaws are out there he needs to learn how to control himself it is hurting recruiting. I’m not calling for his head I’m still behind duzz but there are some real growing pains of becoming a head coach this guy is struggling with.


  86. gc..I agree with your viewpoint on recruiting. At the start of Duzz’s tenure I found it exciting that he was quite active in the social media and cast a very wide net offering many top recruits with much of the comparison to Coach Chryst’s style ( I liked Chryst and Rudolph and held out hope for Joe R to become our HC) I am profoundly concerned over the lack of bites in the fishing hole.


  87. @Reed, re: reaction to EE above, your emotional reaction only possibly matched by HCPN sideline antics that you so rightly criticize.

    Everyone has an agenda, be skeptical of everyone you get info from. If what you partially reveal is true, the program will certainly show it. I was wondering about the veracity of your sources too.

    EE contributes both positively and critically here and it’s your place, but c’mon…


  88. I for one believe Reed and what he says is what he’s heard. He’s also witnessed Narduzzi’s behavior first hand and that information I have no doubt it’s true. There is no question as you peel off the layers considering Narduzzi that the bad smell gets worse and worse.

    Sometimes when one knows too much but not everything, opinions can be askew-ed. Then the riots in the street can occur. << exaggerated of course.

    Here’s my take on this all. Narduzzi is a hot headed semi new coach that has no business being so standoffish and at the same time his team could quite possible lose 8 games this year. That’s not a good combination.

    At the same time, all things considered, I don’t know what anyone expected to happen this year in a good way after all the fuss and turnover of players? We hear it all the time, If PITT wins people will come to the stadium and fill it up. Same goes for Narduzzi’s back. If he wins people will hop off and give the guy a chance to do his thing. I just hope he tweaks his thing a little. . . .ike



    1. I don’t doubt Reed at all, but I have come across enough people who are deceptive with their motives enough for me to be skeptical of everyone. Some people don’t even know how harmful they are being with their actions or retelling of their “facts” regarding issues.

      In this same way I would apply the axiom, “believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.”
      I need to remind myself of it often.


  89. BigB, that another good problem about Narduzzi. He will go after the bigger recruits knowing there may not be a great chance of landing the player. I keep saying Narduzzi has done a rather good job in the WPIAL this year and it gets dismissed because a lifelong ND fan family kid jumps at an offer from ND. Raines not coming was a big blow but his cousin goes to WVU currently and they fill up their stadium. Yes we can be critical of Pat but this is not all on him imo.


  90. As I said in the other article I have already scheduled all the FB and BB game threads out until 12/9’s game against WVU in BB. and I’m serious about putting up your submissions if you send them to me.


  91. I thought “offers” per you were made up, not real. Speaking out of the other side of the mouth when you love the QB. Over and out, forever.


  92. I see Reed has for all intents and purposes ended the POV. It’s disappointing but not surprising. I can’t imagine how tiresome it must be to spend so much time and money only to have your character and integrity constantly questioned. I for one don’t take being called a “liar” very well and fully understand his blow up- although it does violate the rules. LOL!

    Bon voyage to happier ports, Reed. Your input will be missed.


    1. Haven’t ended it yet…just put the content in the reader’s hands..

      So – if you want an article readers then get off you asses, or off the golf course when a Pitt game is being played, get on the computer and spend 4 hours researching, writing and proof reading your article and send it to me.

      Then do it again 330 days out of the next year.


  93. Reed—I’ve heard positive things about a new member in fball recruiting….his name escapes me, Jenkins? Wilkins? Wish I could recall but if he is new and with Harley now as recruiting coordinator is Duzz addressing the recruiting problem?


  94. Reed, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Don’t blame you a bit and support whatever direction you head in.

    It is easy to lose you enthusiasm for Pitt sports since we are in a very down cycle.

    Thank you again for the forum you have provided and your opinions which are always well thought out.

    The range of opinions on your blog are amazing from the Unicorns and Cotton Candy Bunch to the Satan worshiping dark side. To those in the middle. But mostly all in good fun.

    No one is capable of picking up your prolific work ethic.

    I think the open threads will be fine and will carry us through, but you in depth analysis will be missed.

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    1. It isn’t this season… I think it is one of the more interesting years we have had in Pitt football for a long time… New faces, bigger challenges, tough opponents, QB controversy, etc…

      It is the pettiness that has permeated this blog these last few months. You all want as much content as possible but when you get it you don’t know what to do with it.

      So the easy way out is to become so entrenched in existing beliefs about Pitt football you can’t bear the fact that it isn’t all you want it to be…

      Yet people still want all sweetness and light so – write it yourselves or go somewhere else. Pretty simple really.


  95. Reed, I value your comments on the Pitt scene more than any articles you may write. Please stay with us here at the POV.


  96. Barvo posted above:

    You definitely did. You didn’t think any of those three was a great loss. In fact I recall you stating that the only thing Taleni did last season was to make the big stop on 4th down at Clemson. I remember posting all of the lying stats for Taleni, Blair and Wirginis from last season and questioned where that production would be replaced this season. I recall you were heavy on the Hendrix at that time with perhaps a shot of Carter. Yikes.”

    I do remember saying that about Taleni but didn’t say he wouldn’t contribute and I have always liked Blair and Wirginis. I was one of Blair’s biggest fans. Taleni’s stats were not all that good after 3 or 4 season at PITT.


  97. Ike.

    What did I miss regarding “tough guys”? I’m not being contentious. I’m just confused. I’m sorry if I’m missing your point.


  98. My thought there was while there was never anyone called a liar, the problems people would have with the supposed name caller. << A liar. The word liar was brought up twice the past 2 days when it was never used.

    Plus I do get the feeling you are being contentious. ike.


  99. I’m sorry you feel that way. I can assure you that I’m not. Can I ask what in my earlier post was contentious? I’m simply asking a question. If you choose not to answer, that is your right. That said, I still am confused as to the “tough guys” label- to whom were you referring and on what basis?

    You chose the phrase “tough guys” based on something. I’m just asking as to what.


  100. And as for my use of the word “liar”, it was only in response to Reed stating that he felt he was being called a “liar” and my understanding how that can make one feel. Clearly, REED believes he was being called a “liar.” I was not agreeing, but simply stating that I understood his response, based on that belief.


  101. I just answered the question you asked. and based on your exited response a month or so ago. (do remember that) you seem to have a problem with me? Now your digging for more.

    How do I feel? You’re pressing me like some sort of tough guy? Why did you leave the POV for a month? Let’s be honest here jay, your playing games.


  102. Take VT. Game over by the half. But if you need a good recipe for Veal Parm just ask. Our recruiting hotbed is Rome.


    1. If the Pitt coach or quarterback was black and you didn’t like him, I KNOW you wouldn’t have the balls to reference a fried chicken recipe or recruiting in Africa. Not because you have any semblance of high character but because you’d be terrified to do so. Well, its equally offensive that you continue to make the Italian references that you do. As an avid reader of this blog, it seems that you are the only one that attacks race or ethnic background. Classless my man, classless.


  103. You guys have better recall than my by far…thought I was just thick-skinned, but maybe it is the good luck of a terrible memory. “Forgive” comes easily to me and apparently “forget” comes naturally. 😦


  104. Ike.

    I too recall my comment but would like to clarify..

    YOU used the metaphor of driving and stated, “if I bother you, go around me. I go my own speed. ” I replied using the same metaphor, “Rather than “go around” the guy going 40 in a 55 with his blinker on, I think I’ll just take this exit and travel where people can keep up.”

    You took that as a jab at his your age. Look, I have no idea how old you are- although I assume by your response that you may be older than I. I was simply utilizing the same metaphor, agreeing that we travel at a different speed. THAT WAS IT. It was YOUR metaphor. I am truly sorry you took such offense– but none was intended.

    I’ve talked to a few posters since and hear that you’re a good guy. I have no reason to doubt them or your Pitt “fandom.”

    You have ZERO problem “psychoanalyzing” Reed and taking shots at Mark (UPitt) and others but get EXTREMELY sensitive when directed at you- UPitt himself pointed that out in the last month. I have said NOTHING regarding you personally and have said NOTHING regarding your posts that haven’t been echoed by many others.

    I didn’t leave POV, I just stopped commenting.

    I will leave you with perhaps the only thing we can agree.. H2P!


  105. Like I always say about the internet. Keeping a perspective is the way to go. So I’m cool with you Jay.

    I only post what I feel and give the truth plus my often times wrong opinion. I don’t go into all the research much anymore but in my own right I have I still have a lot of data I draw on. I don’t pretend to think I know it all, as has been proven here on the fabulous POV.

    As far as Mark goes? Yes he’s a pain in my ass and he loves it. He was born to drive me crazy but I know he’s (you Mark) is and are a great guy. My getting overly fussed up days are long behind me. The reason I post on here as much as I do is because I have the time and I really care about the POV. Plus I know that Reed appreciates it. I don’t go on the round-table anymore is that I know that I’m wearing thin on a few of you guys. Although I wish i knew Mark was making an appearance.

    Now we have to get Reed the heck back here, PITT still has two games to win….! ike



  106. Reed,

    I was a long time lurker here and recently decided to post. I followed closely your articles here and earlier on the Pitt Blather. I loved your analytics and believe you really provided a high quality product with this blog. I appreciate getting to see the faces to names on your roundtables as well as your great podcasts.

    I also believe the endeavors you are planning to undertake moving forward are of great importance and would never think for a moment that a self serving plea for you to continue to post has merit.

    What I do want to say though is thank you.

    It is my hope that in my limited posting that I did not add to the recent contention if in any way my complaining of the current exacerbated the problem I apologize.

    Now I will share with you why Pitt Football is something I believe in passionately:

    It goes beyond it being my alma mater, my brothers alma mater or even that my father spent 3 years there from 1950-1953

    on Dec 1 2001 The Pitt Panthers beat UAB 24-6. Not such a big deal really. Unusual in that this game was rescheduled after 9/11 as Pitt typically ended their season at the time against WVU the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    However, It will always be one of the most important Pitt football games in my life. It was the last Pitt game I got to attend with my father. A die hard Pitt man, my father and I sat in Heinz Field pre-game, eating Primanti’s together and talking about memories.

    How he wished my mother would have been more into football and come to the games with him (after seeing an older couple in their Pitt garb all decked out). To discussing the glory years of Majors/Sherril as well as SOP.

    My father was a true hater of all things PSU/Notre Dame. He used to comment on the horseshoe in Joe Pa’s jock strap for that seemingly bounce that always went his way.

    My father was of a time where you learned the words to your fight song. I sometimes am ashamed that while I love Pitt can’t remember a single word ( I do remember though “da,da,da,da dat da, Penn State Sucks”). My father made sure I learned that early on in life.

    After the game my father and I spoke as grown men and the subject of fatherhood came up. He lamented that perhaps he was not a very good father. I told him fairly quickly “never say that!”

    I told him every screw up that happened in my life was my own to own. He gave me the best tools he could and it was my responsibility to use the and my god given head to make the right decision. I think he needed to hear that and it was a great moment.

    I miss him everyday. I miss going to the games together. I have to keep with me that memory as well as the 12-0 win that my dad, my brother (another Pitt man) and myself got to witness together.

    That my friends is the magic for me being a Pitt Panther.

    And Reed for that I want to thank you again. This blog among others continues to allow me to remember those things I hold important.



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  107. After reading through these comments and Reed’s post about leaving, all I can say is I love this place. The teams may stink but you guys are the best! H2P!

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  108. Reed – thank you for all your work here and we’ll try to keep it going. At least I got my name on your flag!

    I, for one, never get upset about anything someone says about Pitt, or me, on an internet blog.


  109. If Pitt could see how sports can bring people together and generate positive memories, I think the university would be a better place. Here’s hoping for a Pitt win tomorrow. Let’s carve up some Turkey.


  110. To each and every POV brother and sisters, commenters and readers, lurkers and most of all our Commander.. REED!


  111. Couple more things here in no particular order:

    DD, that was a great overall comment and a great story, very heart piercing.

    EE, what a great man you are. All the things you’ve done for the POV are not overlooked. Keep on keeping it on

    As a matter of fact we should all “Come Together” and stick together. No not the Beatles. Look away if you don’t like the video’s. . . ike


  112. I have been watching the dynamic here since the onset and have a few comments. First, the difficulty of a blog is understanding true feelings and statements. For instance, you can’t see someone talking with their hands or how passionate or dispassionate someone really is, by looking at font size.

    Not one person here questioned the owners character, not one. That was the perception of the owner. We all know each other and character questions are never in play. That is just respect and I think we all have mutual respect for each others opinions even though mine are always wrong.

    Second, recruiting. Our recruiting is at 3.0 stars for average. Not bad and very similar, if not better than the last 10 years. Maybe a .1 off, but that is a rounding error. Our ranking or lack thereof is based on the numbers of verbals. If we had 22 three stars, we would be ranked in the top 25-30, so recruiting is not an issue in my mind, yet.

    Only here do we expect A+ results with C support.

    I have said for many years that when you have a new coach or ad, you clean house in the department unless you are achieving A+ results with a C support system. This is how corporate america works. New CEO equals new cabinet. If you don’t, you get undermined because the next level down wants chaos and turnover as it protects their jobs. Blow it off as much as you want, but that is reality.

    I think some were asking about Jeff Hafley as a recruiting coordinator previously. He had great ties to New Jersey and Eastern Pa if I recall.

    With Narduzzi getting upset when a recruit flips, I am okay with that. He should be angry. If you work real hard on a project and it gets pulled at the last second, without warning, I get angry. Look from the other side. The recruit and family just didn’t start to waiver that day when he flipped. If the recruit or the family was genuine and transparent, they would have told the coach earlier when they were thinking about flipping in the first place. Seems like a fair expectation from both sides.

    If JJ Constantino couldn’t start at fsu even when given a chance, why use Pitt as a backup plan. Just say NO! We can’t take re-treads. I have a few sources myself and at least two indicate Tony Gibson is dirty. Just sayin. It’s all about risk and reward.

    Finally, Narduzzi admitted he was disappointed in the WPIAL class in 2017, not the overall class.

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  113. Ike, I watched Neil Young and looked away at Bryan Ferry. Haha. David, I also shed a tear…was thinking about my dad earlier today. Went to Ritters Diner today where when he was alive would always get wing dings to take home for a snack. I brought some home today. Your post touched me. Thank you. If you are local I hope you can come to the next tailgate for Miami.


  114. Well I wanted to copy a previous comment of mine from around 11:30 this morning to set the record straight.

    “I for one believe Reed and what he says is what he’s heard. He’s also witnessed Narduzzi’s behavior first hand and that information I have no doubt it’s true. There is no question as you peel off the layers considering Narduzzi that the bad smell gets worse and worse.

    Sometimes when one knows too much but not everything, opinions can be askew-ed. Then the riots in the street can occur. << exaggerated of course.

    Here’s my take on this all. Narduzzi is a hot headed semi new coach that has no business being so standoffish and at the same time his team could quite possible lose 8 games this year. That’s not a good combination.

    At the same time, all things considered, I don’t know what anyone expected to happen this year in a good way after all the fuss and turnover of players? We hear it all the time, If PITT wins people will come to the stadium and fill it up. Same goes for Narduzzi’s back. If he wins people will hop off and give the guy a chance to do his thing. I just hope he tweaks his thing a little. . . .ike


    You guys decide if that’s calling anyone a liar!


  115. I’m posting up the Virginia Tech Game Thread now and stopping the comments on this particular article – you all are beating a dead horse here and should really be talking about Pitt football itself. It is an important game to see if we can get to .500 on the season so you can offer King Pat a contract extension for being a great HC.

    Just kidding… but go to the other article and get ready for an actual game.


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