No More Excuses

Enough is enough.  Let’s have no more excuses for this horrid Pitt football team…not from HC Pat Narduzzi,  not from DC Josh Conklin, not from OC Shawn Watson, not from AD Heather Lyke, and please… not from us POVers or any other Pitt fans.

What we watched last night was the result of inept and running-scared coaching from the position coaches on up to the head coach himself.  For all his bluster and posturing Pat Narduzzi coaches in fear.  He is so risk-adverse that he purposely makes our offense one-sided and so maddeningly inconsistent that it can’t be relied on to get points when needed.

When your approach to an offensive game plan – that he himself approves every week mind you – is to do anything humanly possible to avoid interceptions you get what we have seen since Max Brown went down with an injury.  That is Pitt starting, and sticking with come hell or high water, an untalented less-than-average QB in Ben DiNucci.  We’ll discuss him in detail later.

What we watched unfold last night came as no shock to me.  In this week’s Roundtable I said that a loss to North Carolina wouldn’t shock or surprise me and it doesn’t.  Why?  Because even with every excuse made by others about this 2017 team I have completely understood just how poor at playing football this team is.

How many times have we read on here “But look at our Strength of Schedule” or “We have played superb quarterbacks…WRs… RBs… . or “We have injuries...’, whatever.  It doesn’t matter and is all excuse making. NC had 16 starters out and just gave us our 6th loss.

Allow me to take an editor’s prerogative of swearing on here and call total bullshit on each and every one of those excuses said then, now and in the future.

Let’s try to be as honest as possible in looking at what the Pitt team has been this season shall we?  The unvarnished truth is that we have a bumbling coaching staff who have done an average at best job both in training and in recruiting so that now we are fielding players out there who just aren’t all that talented.  Certainly not talented enough to win more games than we lose and not talented enough for consistently good play.

And youth is no excuse either.  Unless you watch only Pitt football and pay zero attention to the 127 other FBS teams you’ll see that a lot of schools have numerous young players also and many of those teams do just fine. Yes we are young, but not six and counting losses young.

C’mon – we just watched a rsSO QB in his first ever start rip our pass defense apart by completing 70% of his passes (12 for 30) for 235 yards and 2 TDs.  Guys – the only other passing action this kid has seen in his career was as a back-up against The Citadel and James Madison last season and last night he owned our DBs.  The total passing stats for NC were 22/31 for 270 and 3 TDs and they got screwed on a deep no-call pass interference also.

But this is what we have become – a team which other teams feel like they can beat no matter who is starting for them.  And I’m not talking about those other teams even being good ones; NC certainly isn’t a good team and coming into Heinz Field at 1-8 they were a better team than we are.

It goes on and on. Looking at last night I can point to two main issues where we lost this game.

First, and some will not like hearing this, is Ben DiNucci’s play.  With all the talk of his being a ‘gamer’ and a ‘tough kid’ he showed us exactly the opposite last night and in previous games. He ran around the backfield like a chicken with his head cut off because he doesn’t have the moxie to stand fast and complete passes.

There were many plays where he had ample time to step up when those big NC DL were putting pressure on him and each and every time he pulled the ball down and scrambled.  I got so sick of hearing the announcers praise DiNucci for running for eight or so yards last night when his main task is to complete 15,  20 , 25 yard passes downfield to extend drives.

We have running backs already – get a QB in there who has the guts to stand up to pressure and take the risky shots downfield.  I laughed out loud when one announcer said that “DiNucci was looking deep but settled for the TE.”  DiNucci never “looks deep” in a game because that would entail standing in the pocket for an extra second.

His two deep completions were both pitch and run plays – a 1 yard pass to Henderson against OK State for 74 yards YAC and another to Lopes for 49 yards against Duke. I can’t remember him completing any deep route passes at all this year.

Instead he’ll pretend to be Tino Sunseri on a bad day, take the shotgun snap and dance around then maybe throw the ball away if he remembers that is what he’s supposed to do when you have already totally screwed up the pass play.

He’s not D1 material.  He’s shown that much- he isn’t even a good game manager.  If all Narduzzi wants is a QB who can hand the ball off to his RBs and complete 5 yard passes then anyone can do that. At least do it with someone who can throw the ball on a line and deeper than that.

That box score for him last night is very deceptive. It shows 11/17 for 142 yards but that doesn’t count probably 8-10 called passing plays where he chose to scramble instead of trying to complete the pass.  It is a hidden fact but an important one.

We have written about this for two years now and he’s not going to get any better with experience.  He just does not have what it takes physically or, in my opinion, mentally to play at this level of competition.

If ever there is a time to make changes at the QB position it is now – the season will not be a winning one in all probability.  If anyone feels that we can beat both VT and Miami to get to 6-6 and a bowl game they are wrong. That isn’t going to happen so in essence this is a ‘lost’ year. with that right now is the time to look at 2018 and get ready for that.

Which means put in either Kenny Pickett or slap the headphone off Thomas MacVittie and get them playing time. Since MacVittie is, in my belief, firmly out of the ‘competition’ for QB that means Pickett’s the guy.  Get him in there right now.  Give him the QB1 practice snaps then put him on the field and let him sling the ball around and get the good TDs completed… and the bad INTs under his belt when they don’t matter and really groom him for next season.

When you have a team whose wins come over opponents with a combined 11-31 record including victories over teams like NVC Central, a 1-8 Baylor, UCONN, William and Mary, and UTEP… then well, now’s the time to face facts and actually plan for the future.

And playing Pickett wouldn’t be like throwing the towel in on either the QB position or the season – it may well be a big upgrade at that position and lead to more inspired play by his teammates… something we sure didn’t see last night.

When you go down 14-3 in the first eight minutes of play against a terrible NC team and then spend the second half watching your DBs and LBs point fingers at one another for poor play… you have a team that is lost out there. And that is exactly what we have.

Funny this – Narduzzi spends halftime screaming at his players (according to James Conner) and they go out, score twice, then lose the game with the last 13 minutes being uninspired play That showed by having only 10 offensive plays (for 14 yards total) with two punts and giving up a game winning TD. Obviously he wasn’t that successful at inspiring his players onto victory but boy did that make him feel like a man doing it!

Fans love that tough guy image surrounding Narduzzi so much they forget he isn’t that good of an actual gameday HC.  He got owned on the timeout swap with the NC head coach at their successful FG attempt.  Narduzzi spent a ‘kicker freeze’ TO when he knew that he was getting the ball back and needed TOs to sustain a last-minute drive.

But what we saw happen at the end of the 1st half was this :

  • (0:30 – 2nd) Freeman Jones kickoff for 65 yds for a touchback
  • 1st and 10 at PITT 25

    (0:25 – 2nd) Ben Dinucci run for 8 yds to the Pitt 33

(Why no TO here?)

  • 2nd and 2 at PITT 33

    (0:05 – 2nd) Ben Dinucci pass complete to Chris Clark for 15 yds to the Pitt 48 for a 1ST down

    (0:02 – 2nd) Timeout PITTSBURGH, clock 00:02

  • 1st and 10 at PITT 48

    (0:01 – 2nd) Ben Dinucci run for 31 yds to the NCaro 21 for a 1ST down

I ask you – where is the Pitt TO between the end of the DiNucci scramble and the pass at 0:05 left on the clock?  In Narduzzi’s pocket, that’s where.

We went into halftime with no TOs left at the end of a non-scoring drive.  Had Narduzzi not wasted that ‘kicker freeze’ TO he would have had it to use at the end of that 8 yard run so we could have tried a FG and made up those 3 points we lost by.  Instead we wasted 20 seconds off the clock and went into the clubhouse down by 7.

And don’t get me started on that last run by DiNucci – that was the epitome of what I said above.  He couldn’t even throw a Hail Mary pass without trying to run first.

This game was bad. There is no denying that getting beat at home with 10 days to prepare is unacceptable and what is worse is that it is indicative of how this Pitt team has played football this season.

With half our wins being over YSU and Rice and another one over a poor Duke team we have nothing really to hang our hats on.  Our Virginia win was a nice job but they are no powerhouse either.

This last week I wrote an article detailing what new head coach’s third years were like and we saw that it wasn’t unusual for them to have a dip.  But this is more than a dip and it feels to me like instead of being a starting point to an upswing it may well be the what we’ll see in the future.

I’m not sure that the starters we have played, even given it their young age and inexperience, are going to become more talented and productive and will be able to play much above the level they are playing at now. And that level is not good.  I do not see Narduzzi becoming a better HC in his 4th year either.  He is what he is.

So if that is the case Pitt needs to make decisive moves over this offseason and the first one has to be Josh Conklin’s firing.  You all know how I have felt about this for almost two years now… but when you allow the 104th scoring offense with only 21 points per game to waltz into your house and put up 34 points to win the game – you basically suck.

When your defense comes off a horrible 2016 season then plays not much better and loses at least six games and counting… you are expendable.  it doesn’t matter if he’s buddies with the HC or doesn’t command a high salary so fits into budget.  Fire him and get anyone else who may have a single clue on how to defend opponents.

I don’t really like the phrase “It can’t get worse” because it always can, but in Conklin’s instance I truly believe that – anyone with half a defensive brain will be more productive than he has been.

Now onto to two very good teams starting with Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA next Saturday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed our team has a win left in them but I ain’t betting on it.


How was Fran’s POV tailgate yesterday?  Photos and videos please….

I’m still thinking of driving up to watch the Pitt vs VT game at Archie’s Tavern but only if we have a POV group show up to watch it with.  I’m more interested in sitting around with you guys than watching the actual game – I can do that from home.  So – let me know if you can make that and we’ll plan it out.


356 thoughts on “No More Excuses

  1. Reed:

    The POV tailgate was outstanding. Well attended, and as always, well prepared by Fran. Very happy I got to meet Big B. You were missed, of course. I did email you a photo, but I know others took some pictures as well.

    I have some work to get to this morning, but for now I will modify my comments about last night into this summary: “What Reed said”.

    The loss was troubling on multiple levels. More to follow later today or tonight.


  2. 100% in agreement
    I wouldnt mind firing the entire coaching staff this year including Nard Dog
    I wouldnt mind firing Heather either
    I’m a big believer in using dynamite and starting from the ground up if the structure isnt built properly
    damn the stability arguement
    I just dont see things getting much better than 8 win seasons with this coach
    I just dont see attendance getting significantly better or a big jump in donations under this AD
    But again, the BoT is fine with all this
    Pitt is a pseudo Ivy league school where the focus is on academics
    athletics is along for the ride in the trunk
    another embarrassment on national TV

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  3. Nooch is clearly not the answer but your hatred which pops up every time you decide on a QB is mean and unbearable, PN clearly does not want to risk interceptions so Pitt does not even run deep routes so Nooch doesn’t throw them..

    If Browne had been the QB last night there would have been 10 sacks. When the QB scrambled the receivers never, never looked back or came back to help. A fan and I both agreed the Nooch is not a D1 starter but the receivers suck on helping out. Do you think this will change when Kenny “The Owl” Pickett plays the next two games. You my friend have taken up crack if you think this guy is Baker Mayfield ha ha. That said the frosh should be unwrapped and with no further excuses from you either as to his lack of accuracy, the horde of interceptions from not recognizing defenses. i wish the Owl luck.

    Last night we lost because of our inability to tackle, the horrible defensive scheme. Did anyone notice that the more the game went on the better NC passing game became – they made adjustments, we did not. QH fumbling at the one killed a nice drive by our worst QB to ever play at D!. Tackle, tackle, tackle. Don’t they look at this when they recruit, dont they teach it.???

    Reed, hope your speeches went well. I didn’t get a chance to edit but I will say RockyMt suggestions were goodt, words were redundant and took from the power of what were ;left.. Several years ago I decided to change my courtroom presentation to a calmer more in control and different opening and closing arguments due to changes in people. i found a few books on the greatest 20 century orator (IMO) Winston Churchilll . Expect a few Xmas goodies in the mail when i can get around to it. Guy was a genius orator and speech writer.
    Keep up the good work – bring on The OWL.

    ps Big B and Ike I got to the POV late, 630, didn’t find 5A till 7 – too late, Cant wait too meet you both, Thinking of taking the wife to NC game next year after I get her a new knee, maybe we can hook up.


  4. Yep, it was awful. I mean nothing towards the kid as a person, but BD is awful. What is troubling, as the announcers pointed out, is that he always throws leaning backwards or falling away. He never sets his feet and throws it. I’m sure (even though some will say you can’t be) that the coaches have to be pointing this out and working on it every day – but the fact that he reverts to old awful habits when the lights come on is troubling. I agree – he can’t see the field again this year unless KP or TM get hurt.

    I also say that BO has no chance of going pro after this year cause he got lit up a number of times last night. His play has dropped tremendously. Same with JW. Everyone says how great he is – but he has made 0 splash plays on D. 0! And I somewhere that someone speculated Hamlin got hurt and that’s why he didn’t play the 2nd half. Could be the case.

    Also could be that he was not good in the first half at all and got benched. That makes more sense to me. Listen I know these kids put a lot in to being a D1 football player. I’m not personally attacking them. They try hard and do their best for our university. It’s just frustrating to watch. And I’ve always been a PN supporter but I’m starting to lose hope myself. Our D was weak last night. Flat out weak. And I know 10 of those points weren’t on them. But they were junk. The only bright spot was Hall.


  5. Question we have to ask “ Are we really that desperate for stability that we allow a coach to put this product on the field without oversight?” See, some will say why question Heather, she’s new to the job. She might be uncomfortable having the sit down, but if she is at all competent she has seen enough football to know this is just really bad, and has been for sometime.
    Reed, thanks for expressing what most of us are feeling in a much more elequent and coherent manner. And Reed, you would have been even more critical if you would have seen it in person. It was simply mind numbing.


  6. Narduzzi, who I thought would be great for Pitt, shows each game that he’s not prepared to be a head coach. He burns a freshman’s QB red-shirt because of a helmet malfunction, then plays him 1 series in the next game then he’s invisible after that. As someone pointed out earlier, we get out coached the second half of each game, by the other team making adjustments, where we make none. Our defensive strategy isn’t good, it is also a misuse of talent. Last nights defeat was really disappointing.


  7. RKB, we must have watched different games. Those receivers were extremely open early. I mean seriously, you’re kidding with that comment, right?


  8. You never know until you know. Narduzzi is Jeff Fisher. He is a coach who has some rep that he is living off of. Team is poorly coached and really the only response was to fire the DL coach? sjame I hoped Narduzzi had the smarts and awareness to change the dynamic. He doesn’t. He will be given another year.

    Give him 10 years, it doesn’t matter. Pitt is K mart. Majors was hired by money people tired of this crap and Posvar was told to look the other way. But Posvar brought in his buddy and that ended the Pitt football program winning big. I hope I am wrong on Narduzzi his staff and players. But man this is getting old. It is 36 games and Pitt is bad.


  9. I’ve been harping on BD footwork and fundamentals for a long time. They are not just bad, they are horrendous. Haven’t changed since HS. And you are right, I can’t imagine the coaches haven’t addressed this with him. He is what he is and will be. Same as the Duzz.


  10. Reed – that was one serious rant.

    Great to meet a bunch of POVers last night. Nice turnout. I counted about 30 folks. Fran is the man.

    As for the game, it was one of the most disappointing losses I’ve witnessed in the past couple years. Despite all the missed tackles, fumbles, bad TO Mgt, etc….we still have a chance to win the game at the end are moving the ball. 1st and 10 at midfield and Watson calls a spread, empty set formation?!!!!!


  11. Reed, BLAME DiNucci all you want. However, you FAIL to factor in the POOR Pass Protection of the Offensive Line. At times, it’s downright HORRID.

    Go ahead play Pickett (I’ve yet to see him play a down). Have him STAND in the Pocket. Let’s see what happens.


  12. Maybe I’m missing something here.

    Pitt scored 31 points last night… and a LAST-place, ONE-win Team with a FIRST-time Starter at Quarterback… scored 34.

    Am I right about that?


  13. Great read, Reed!

    It seems like we’re at a real inflection point with Pitt sports, and if you know the history the university has been here before. Many times.

    If you lived through much of this history, like I have (my memory goes back to Dave Hart), you are probably filled with dread. It’s not an overstatement to fear that the major sports at Pitt may be on the edge of an abyss. It’s happened before.

    Pitt REALLY needs to decide which way to go: just sit around, be satisfied with being BC-South and collect the ACC checks, or decide to be a player.

    I’m not hopeful, I don’t see a Cas Myslinski on the horizon.


    1. Yes but building a Top 10 college football program is not genius work. How to do it now? How did Pitt do it before? Half of the faculty would probably like to see Pitt playing at the Carnegie Mellon level. There is way too much interference in the program. Is every other major college program paying players and Pitt is not?


  14. Too much anger at the QB Reed Kind of typical for the fans to clamor for the second string guy. DiNucci is not the reason we lost. The reason we lost is once again poor coaching, poor fundamentals and poor defense.

    Coaching: Who in there right mind calls a 5-wide set on 1st down from mid-field when you have had success running the ball? Terrible. Calling plays where DiNucci rolls to the left…..had absolutely no chance of success and it was called often.

    Fundamentals: tackling still an issue late in the season. The kickoff coverage on the TD was putrid. Maybe Bricen Garner develops someday, but he misses more tackles than anyone out there. Unfortunately his CC team mate isn’t that far behind. Had high hopes for Hamlin, hurt again last night and not the hard hitting difference maker he was at CC. Q… of my favorite players. But don’t try to switch hands when you are crossing the goal line in traffic.

    Defense: No, they did not play well enough to win as I have seen some say on the lair. UNC had a historically bad offense. Couldn’t make a stop on the final drive. Couldn’t stop on the go-ahead TD. Where are the difference makers? Where is Whitehead out-fighting the WR in the 1st quarter to make an athletic interception instead of the WR making the play for a long completion over him? Where are any turnovers???

    I really don’t know what to think. Is this a Hackett/Foge where you know it won’t get better and you pull the plug? I don’t think so, especially one year removed from beating Clemson & PSU. Right now I’m chalking this season up to one of those kind of years….hey MSU & ND suffered through 4 win seasons. Panic isn’t the course of action.

    But ND and Penn State weren’t afraid to make staff over hauls after bad seasons. Both got new offensive & defensive coordinators. Conklin absolutely must go. On the fence about Watson just for the continuity sake. I would say if not for the turnover at the position, then he should be gone. But I think given the circumstances he has to stay at least one more year.

    Next year is key, but it is shaping up with another tough schedule. I say any thing less than 7-5 and you need to start exploring options.

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    1. Narduzzi will get four years. Wannstedt beat #2 WVU in year 3. There are no upsets coming versus VT and Miami. Next year is critical to Narduzzi’s future. Another lackluster year and he’s gone. And one thing Pitt fans are very good at is running off bad coaches.


  15. JoeKnew, I read every word of your rant, and you really nailed it. This was a pathetic performance, the opening kickoff showed that this team was not ready to play. Duzz, with his sideline mannerisms, just looks like he is in over his head, but I agree that Pitt needs to keep him for 2-3 more years to let the current young crop of kids hopefully mature into something in a couple of years. I hope Pitt has a QB by then. Dinucci’s running around in the backfield does not inspire confidence that he is in control of the game. How many balls were caught by WRs? I can’t recall the last time Matthews caught one.

    Heather is not at fault here, she has to play the cards she was dealt, at least for a while. Her contribution is best made in private by increasing recruiting budgets and forcing some assist. coaching changes after the season. Overall, it was disappointing to see so many failures on the field at so many levels.


  16. Reed, I couldn’t agree with you more. Your assessment of this team is spot on. We are regressing. The team plays uninspired and lacks direction. How many times did you see the D shuffling around trying to figure out positions. It is horrid. It’s sad when you read opposing team blogs and they call us a terrible team that is getting worse. What do you think VT and Miami will do to us. I just can’t believe this program has fallen back this far. This is really disturbing………and there is no sign of improvement for next year.


  17. Dreams, actually I did have a note to make some comments on the o-line play … you are correct it was very poor but that does not absolve Ben dinucci of being able to stand in the pocket every once in awhile and complete passes. But you are correct the o-line play was terrible last night also.


  18. Reed, I have a major concession to make. As you are probably aware, I did not share the opinion of many here who were calling for Conklin’s firing over the past year. It didn’t alarm me as much as you of the poor play of our DBs, give their lack of pedigree and/o experience playing against top quality QBs and WRs.

    And I have believed, and still do, that the Pitt defense was the better unit throughout this season. But when you have to stop the other team from running out the clock, and on 2nd 18 their RB runs 15 yards untouched …. then something has to be done including the dismissal of Conklin. There is no excuse for the overall poor play of the defense last night against a poor quality opponent.

    I realize that there is a limited budget for coaching hires which is, in part, why I have been so tolerant. As a defensive coach, Narduzzi should spend a decent amount on the offensive side. However, that is probbaly not the case now. Partrdige was a good pickup; they probably got him at a bargain price and just hope we can keep him ….unlike 2008 when Mr Alvarez took him away.

    Lastly, I hope to God that Pickett can beat out DiNucci next year. This is his 3rd year in college and if he hasn’t learned by now (1) to look at other receivers when the prime one s covered, and (2) to quit throwing off of his back foot … then he likely never will. And I’m sure Pickett has a stronger arm as I have been informed.


  19. And by the way … anytime Motley and especially Briggs are on the field …. we are usually in a heap of trouble.


  20. The Nooch can’t throw worth a hill of beans but the offense SCORED 31 points with only one short field to work with. They earned those points. The offense is not the problem (sans PSU game) just as last year, the offense was not the problem. Additionally, they would have scored 38 last night if QH didn’t fumble. When you score that many points, you should win the damn game and if we can score that much running Canada’s old junk and having the Nooch run…then fine. Who gives a crap if the kid can’t throw and you score the way we have the last two games. We don’t have to run a boring, old pro style offense. The big gosh darn elephant in the room is the defense. You cannot continuously allow over 28 points a game and win.

    I am a huge Cleveland Browns fan as well as Pitt. The easy solution that the Browns always do is change the QB and that isn’t half of that organization’s problems which is one of the reasons why they perpetually suck. Pitt is in the same situation: let’s put put Pickett in because it makes us look like we are making a real change when in fact our kick coverage and defense continually blow. The problem is the entire defensive scheme needs overhauled…which will not happen with the Duzz in charge. When Pickett comes in, he will throw a ton and give many of you what you want…but I bet you the offense will score LESS and turn the ball over with INT’s…then we can finally be bad on all three phases of the game.


  21. Seems the kids were not ready to play. Surprising with bowl hopes on the line. QB play was bad so on to Pickett. Coaching looked lost. HCPN better start to get this right. UNC has gotten better, was prepared and with a few breaks outsmarted us.


  22. Pitt lacks football101 fundamentals — basic football knowledge in all aspects of the game starting with tackling. This loss was not only on the QB but the team and coaching staff. Look back to Johnny Majors’ early era where he had a star studded coaching staff and was a stickler in detail — including band preparation and participation at home games. Until Pitt football gets back to improving the basics of football fundamentals, it will never have a championship caliber program. Maybe with Pitt not becoming bowl eligable this year will the team and coaching staff go back to Knute Rockney’s wake-up call — men, this is a football.

    Hail to Pitt!


  23. I agree with WWB about Motley & Briggs. The younger kids are way better. Mathis & Pinnock should play over them. This is true at other positions as well


  24. Ask yourself this.

    Who plays or hires these bums if not employed at Pitt?

    Narduzzi – Maybe Cleveland State for a DC.

    Conklin – Gabriels

    Watson – Toys R us

    Lyke – Other than as an Asst Coach in Softball at a all womans college in South Dakota.

    Gallagher – Kmart

    Dinucci – maybe St. francis as a player.




    I can do his all day.

    He beat a clemson team that 4 other teams had beat and were due. He did it with Potato Sacks players.

    Beat a weak PSU team that flourished late.

    The man has done bothing. If Chryst stayed he wins 10-11 games with Outhouse. Hell Outhouse is way better than monkey arms


  25. Reed – That was the best post of the year. Not sure how much more I can pile on but,

    Our D lacks basic skills. We are out of position, can’t tackle (complete and utter embarrassment), can’t cover and lack field vision. Skill players (i.e. Whitehead) are VASTLY overrated and play on ego.

    Our offense can’t execute plays (starting with Dinucci). Heck, he can’t even throw the ball away properly. QH (read above re skill players) is so overrated it’s a wonder he’s on the field. It has gotten so bad that when our OC puts him in motion, the defense doesn’t even send a man in motion to cover him! He has proven to be a fumbler and the opposing teams have taken the one attribute away from him – kick/punt returns. Receivers don’t run crisp routes, jog them off and don’t sell the route if it’s not coming to them (i.e. Stone Hands). Our line has never been consistent and when it is really needed, we collapse and give up a sack or loss of yardage. Dinucci just might be the most ill prepared (or so it appears) QB I have seen play at D1 in a very long time. His ego tells him to give a “first down pose” on national TV when all he is doing is not executing the play. Oh and Ben – look at the scoreboard. While you are posing, you are LOSING THE GAME to a one win team at home.

    Special teams are just horrid (see poor tackling). No discipline to staying in lanes, etc. Seems that we spot our opponents at least 7 per game on special teams.

    Our team is by in large part comprised of a bunch of over hyped, inflated ego driven players that need to be brought down to reality. They play as individuals not as a team.

    Coaching. Simply unacceptable in my estimation. Unacceptable. From head coach to position coach they are not preparing this team to succeed and are failing the young men in doing so. What ever coaching they are doing is ineffective. Coach Narduzzi needs to do some soul searching this off-season to see how HE can change to better reach the team and then challenge those around him to do the same – in other words, be a leader. And sometimes leading means making changes.

    University of Pittsburgh. Shame on you for allowing Pitt football and this great university, the university that 5 generations of my family proudly call their Alma Mater, to be be where it is at this point in time. To be embarrassed over and over on national TV. Shame on you for not demanding more of the program. Shame on you for holding the program accountable. And shame on you for not supporting the program enough for it to succeed. Shame on you for putting the program in the hands of the BoT that clearly don’t care about athletics and for entrusting the program in the hands of now 3 consecutive ADs that clearly are unprepared for the challenge.

    Enough is enough.

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    1. Totally agree. Whitehead needs to make that play to intercept ball instead of letting receiver make a more athletic play. Defense created zero turnovers. The 2nd & 18 on the last UNC drive and the defense gave up 20 on a RUN play!!! And Narduzzi does everything possible to stop the RUN!!

      And the tackling…..just lacking in basic fundamentals. I could go on and on about missed ones but it doesn’t really matter.

      And player management…..I’m usually not a big “don’t burn the redshirt” guy, but inexcusable to burn Pickett redshirt for garbage time only. I get that you need him getting reps in practice if he is your #2, but no reason to burn if you have no intent on playing him.

      And Hamlin…..why did he play last year for 3 games? Such high hopes for him, now his career is half over and he was back in the tub the second half. And when he is in the game, how many missed tackles, bad angles, etc. Not the difference maker most expected.


  26. Oh and sorry…

    I saw two players with fight in them last night – Hall and Ffrench. Hail to both of them for their fight and their effort. THEY are Pitt men.


  27. But Pickett needs to play
    And yes there will be turnovers
    And yes he will get killed by two very good defenses
    But we need to see if he is our future
    If Picket just hands the ball off and runs like Ben then I cant see how it can get worse
    But I agree special teams and defense
    3 years now and this D is not significantly better
    no excuses that the players are young or they are not ‘his’ players
    opposing team QB’s always seem to have record days against Pitt


  28. Someone post his press conf. I am sure the excuse maker spin doctor with vomitt more garbage. I wish Ok st. Scored a 100 on him. They could of and said this guy and team are a joke.


  29. I can’t seem to get as fired up about this as most of you. I knew it could be a tough season if a lot of new guys didn’t come through. It may be a little worse than expected, but no doubt this is not a good football team.

    There is plenty of blame to go around.

    I think the most disappointing thing was that our lines got blown away in the fourth quarter. No pass rush and no protection.

    UNC got the two big plays, the kick-off and the strip. Probably the difference between winning and losing.

    Competitive games always come down to who makes the big plays. We didn’t make enough and they did.


  30. Good post Reed, thanks!


    1.Ben D was a very good high school QB – He still is!
    2.Duzz coaches like a “Scareddy Cat”
    3. When the Duzz has more time to prepare – we lose (i.e. every bowl game, Thursaday night game)
    4. Our defense (especially pass D) just plain sucks.
    5. Everyone there last night (who braved the cold and endured watching “painful play and coaching” should have been given FREE 2018 season tickets for next year. That’s the only way anybody will (maybe) fill a bright yellow seat next season.
    6. Sorry, but S.O.P.

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  31. Wait till this jabroni rockports gets embarrassed and Heather gives out more fake awards at halftime. Call people out Heather. Do you have a spine???


  32. Plenty to be disappointed with last nights game. but first.. Another great Fran and now JoeL’s tailgate It was great to meet you and everyone else who stopped by. If I try and remember everyone I would leave someone out and I would hate to do that but the Big Bopper Bernie with his UNC pals were in the house.

    couple things:

    The total lack of adjustments on defense. Their QB is much like Dinucci. UNC weren’t throwing the ball downfield all that much mostly underneath the coverage type passes. I could see them coming a mile away.

    I can see the critics of BD, he doesn’t stay in the pocket long enough for me to tell if there is immediate pressure or not but I’m sure there was some.

    I know it doesn’t matter but PITT is the better team, they just keep shooting themselves in the foot.

    Henderson must have tiny hands.

    I think it was Reynolds who missed the tackle on the opening kick-off.

    PITT should have scored 38 points last nite. Another muff-up at the goal line resulting in no points.

    Just like last year against UNC? PITT needed a few first downs late in the game with a lead and bupkis.

    Again with PITT substitutes getting on the field last second.. Poor Poor coaching. The special team coach would be the first guy I would give a furlough too.

    It’s your money and if some want to hold back donations it’s certainly your right. I don’t give up so easy..

    PITT beats VT next week.

    Those uniforms are OK but I just don’t like the colors.

    Again, it was great meeting all you knew guys and great seeing you regulars, have a great day. . .ike



  33. Ike – wrong again.

    Narduzzi and gamg wouldnt beat VT’s woman’s softball team.

    Fuente will own frauduzzi.

    Blacksburg cares and will be rocking.

    Give all your money to them. They laugh when they get it because they know they know it allows them to keep this ponzi scheme going.

    I wouldnt give those smucks a dime. I’d rather give it to a program that actually cares. Heather Lyke is all you need to know. Not one of our coaches if fired would get a HC job. Not one. Stallings looks like a tired vaccum sales rep and Narduzzi like he changes tires in Blawnox.


    1. “Stallings looks like a tired vaccum sales rep and Narduzzi like he changes tires in Blawnox.”

      UPitt, sometimes you’re over the top, but THAT’s funny. Needed a laugh today – thanks.


  34. I was one of the optimists at the start of this season, and I was wrong. I believe it was Reed and Dr Tom who stated at the beginning this team lacked leadership. They were right. It also lacks good coaching.

    Staff bring in a graduate transfer QB who can make any throw on that field and is pretty accurate when he has time to step into the throw and deliver. He brings the downfield passing game to the table. His weakness is the ability to move around or scramble literally at all. The game plan for this talent was to have him roll from the pocket and flip 5 yard passes to the sideline almost as if it were illegal to throw the ball over the yard line markers and downfield. No screens, no slants, just dinks, and the OC proclaims he wishes that he had several years to work with this talent.

    Fast forward to last evening with a new QB and the same playbook, but this one can roll out although his arm strength is questionable so they have him roll left and throw across his body (more difficult to make that illegal throw over the yard markers?) when he is not handing off to a phantom running back. Even the announcers were as confused with this just as they suggested Narduzzi was confused burning a timeout at another point.

    This team has no passing game and can play single dimension football only. No slants, no screens, nothing but a quick read and rabbit run, but the QB does remember to get up after being tackled on national TV and do your first down gig. Nice touch for the QB leader of the team with 4 wins whose counterpart is a 3rd string QB making his first start on national TV who is not perfect, but focused with an imaginative OC. Wow.

    Defense too often out of position to cover and basically cannot tackle. Not a good combination and inevitably will lead to being the first team to allow your opponent to surpass 20 points in nearly a year.

    Pickett needs to get his shot at playing D1 QB now. His red shirt burned now is the time to see what he can do at this level. He deserves that opportunity. Last night everyone witnessed a first time starter on national TV lead his injury laden, bad team to a win while getting more comfortable as the game progressed. He was not perfect, but he was focused and mature.

    Sorry for the rant, but last night was nationally embarrassing and I sincerely hope the AD, Admin., BOT, etc., saw it for what it was and actually try to do something positive about it going forward.

    UPitt was right all along.


  35. Upitt may have been right about a few things but he’s not right blaming Heathe rLyke for this football team.

    How did I know you would follow up my post Mark. That one was for you. Kind of like a Bud


    1. Ike – Love and Respect you.

      Heather is the CEO of Athletics. She became responsible on first day of hire. This is real world.


    1. No one sells vaccuums door to door so zip it Ike. It is a joke. I am humble and grew up with just enough like the rest of us.


  36. Didn’t the Chancellor say that football is the front porch of the university. Not much curb appeal on display last night. We’ll get’em next year. Right? – Hobie

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  37. I think PN is in way over his head and he’s just starting to realize it. I never felt that way before but I think this year has been a huge reality check. I’m not sure he knows what to do now. And let’s be honest, we can be like Upitt and constantly bad-mouth and rip people new aholes but that doesn’t fix anything. And honestly if the BoT doesn’t care, nobody is fixing it. So I guess none of us should really care or get wrapped up in it.


  38. Most agree that Pitt had more talent on the field last night. So what happened? The intangibles such as poor execution, poor play calling and lacking motivation. Heather doesn’t do any of these things, so begin with the coaching staff not having this team ready to play. Knowing NC has a new QB starting, Pitt should take the opening kick off and score early so that NC is immediately playing catch up in front of a 100,000 strong, rabid crowd… (oops, confused things there with Pedo for a moment). Anyway, this all adds up to poor coaching, and Duzz needs to really do some soul searching to turn things around or the replacement voices will start growing louder..


    1. We should have blitzed every down on their first two possessions so their new QB would never have gotten comfortable. We never got the chance and momentum shifted in the first 5 seconds of the game. We are pathetic.


  39. 0 – 4 (as a program) vs NC That is on the NC coach and they are a basketball school.
    A few – a gazillion since 1982 that is on the BOT. I will donate when they demonstrate they are in the game! What have you done for me for the last 4 decades? HMMMM?


    1. just an FYI…..SEC schools donate more when the team is down in hopes of righting the ship. Your way won’t work.


  40. The fourth quarter was an absolute disgrace. 30 yards total for Pitt and UNC ran all over the field. The previous 3 quarters Pitt dominated the run game and UNC stayed in the lead with some breaks and timely short pass routes. Why in the world did Pitt leave its gameplan of running downhill when the game was on the line?? UNC could not stop them, the UNC Defense was gassed, and our d was clearly vulnerable to underneath passing.

    Instead we played right into UNC’s hands by having DiNucci try to win the game. Seriously???? If Mike Tomlin abandoned Bell and said Landry Jones go win this thing there would be torches and pitchforks marching down to Heinz. DiNucci is the equivalent of Landry Jones to the Steelers and there isn’t one single person that believes either can go win you a game.


  41. @Pittitis says it all above along with a few others more and better than me but copied and pasted what I wrote from game thread:

    When you lose to a 1-8 team AT HOME and do it like knuckleheads with guys on the field talking smack, QB’s and others showboating making a freaking first down, NOBODY standing out in a positive way(except Hall and definitely FFrench – second F for FIGHT) on O, D or ST, aaaaand of course coaching that is responsible for EVERYTHING going on from recruiting to leadership to scheme and of course in-game calls and adjustments, there needs to be some response and changes made and WE SHOULD KNOW WHAT THOSE THINGS WILL BE.

    Duzz has got some splainin’ to do for all those things and I hope it happens immediately because unfortunately last night had to lose all but the most deeply brain-washed Pitt faithful(me no longer).


  42. That game took the wind out my sail. A real kick in the nuts.

    The lack of fundamentals – blocking, tackling, staying in lanes, knowing assignment and coverage – is on the coaching staff. Also on the coaching staff: clock management, adjustments, play calling, strategy etc. Time for a staff shake-up.

    We were never going to be much more than 6-6 or 7-5, but my original expectation was that we would get better throughout the season. It doesn’t feel like we are getting better.


  43. Duzz MUST make changes TODAY. Bench DiNucci, Henderson, and Motley. Demote Conklin and Watson.
    If nothing changes by VT game then that score and the Miami game will be not safe for viewers under 10 years old.


  44. What will be even worse, after we get thrashed by VT, we return home for (mercifully) the final game of the season. It is the day after Thanksgiving, school closed for the holidays, etc. Not only will we lose by a wide margin, we do it on national TV in front of 5-10,000 fans.


  45. when donations and attendance dries up, the BoT may begin to listen. Right now $25M each year comes Pitt’s way whether they win 12 games or zero. No incentive to be anything more than mediocre particularly if it will cost money or result in NCAA violations.


  46. Once,
    You are probably right about that .. but I always vote with my dollars. It is the only influence I’ve got.


  47. Technically, Narduzzi is 1-2 coming off a bye. He won in year 1 against VT, but it should be noted the Hokies were playing a 3rd string QB. Last night was a total disgrace, losing a home game to a 1-8 team missing half its roster. Shameful. The offense scored 31 and fumbled on the goal line. Should have been enough at home. The QB is Ivy League, but you can’t lay the blame on him or the offense last night. This is on the defensive guru and his play calling buddies. I posted this before, but after 3 years, here are my thoughts…

    1) I don’t see the elite young talent that others perceive; the D-line has promise, but you need 15 good defensive players to win at this level;

    2) Too much reliance on a “system” and not enough adjusting to the strengths and weaknesses of the talent;

    3) Last year made me very skeptical – the sheer unwillingness to adapt while giving up unprecedented passing numbers week after week was the definition of insanity;

    4) Sitting at the podium last year and Narduzzi BS-ing me on how great of run defense they had was where I lost all respect for the man;

    5) Ranting and raving up and down the sideline and berating officials are the actions of a coordinator, not a CEO. He looked like a buffoon in the last two minutes screaming after giving up 2 backbreaking 15-yard runs;

    6) Except for Virginia game, this year has resulted in a steady diet of players out of position or coverage breakdowns schematically. Tackling is sub-par, and the substitutions are keystone cops. The opponents haven’t even capitalized on all the opportunities but the breakdowns are consistent;

    7) The shroud of secrecy and his treatment of the media – OK if you are Nick Saban; not when you haven’t even won a bowl game and you are a college team in a pro sports town;

    8) The one core competency that was supposed to distinguish Narduzzi from the others – STINKS ranked 89th in the country;

    9) The buddy system and the hiring of Shawn Watson; and

    10) The lack of accountability and excuse making…”young team, young team, young team” blah blah blah. Alabama has 11 freshmen in the 2-deep and a true sophomore QB. Nobody in Tuscaloosa complains about being too young.

    Time for the few people that care to demand accountability out of the football program. But with the Pitt administration it will be more of the same like death and taxes. Heather Lyke has her work cut out and I don’t have much faith. Pitt can’t stand more instability, but you know what you have in Narduzzi. He gets 2 more years under Lyke and then Chris Creighton will be the next coach of the Panthers.


  48. Having watched Pitt for 54 years, I eagerly wait for my ten year surprise like the Clemson game last year or the WVU 13-9 game, otherwise it is the SOP.


  49. SEC schools are run by real AD’s who are the CEO’s of the athletic program. And they dont have to report to 60 member boards. they have a culture of sports at these schools and have real front porches.

    Pitt’s BoT wants the focus to stay on academics. Again, there is no incentive for the BoT to have winning sports programs. The goal is to keep athletics at breakeven or better.

    You do this by limiting the number of scholarships and programs, paying below market compensation, doing minimal upkeep on venues (or renting them), and just not doing anything xtraordinary (like OCS feasibility study)

    Booster involvement is curtailed
    Focus is on scholar athletes and staying out of trouble, having your own much tougher internal rules and policies than the NCAA

    But if schools like Wisky and Stanford can do it, why cant Pitt.
    Well they have a sports culture and embrace it despite their nerdy images
    The BoT doesnt think academics and sports can co-exist without bankrupting the school or getting an NCAA penalty or some bad press


    1. The obvious response is the SEC schools have compliance issue more than most. But I get what you are saying. Pitt’s BoT is a big part of the problems the FB team faces.


  50. I’ve also harped on this before,but, the first coach I would fire ie the Strength is and Conditioning person. To fail so continually in the 4th quarter is terrible. They look weak, and small.


  51. Disgraceful performance last night by all but few and loss of all gains made in last few games by all others.. Agree fully with Reed and all others. This is a program problem and a HC that is not a GM of football. Narduzzie did not have a clue what happened out there in his post game presser. Right now the only coach worth keeping is Partridge only because we have seen his results under other coaches. 3i points scored and you loose to NC means we are 2 yrs. too late in firing the DC and you can now add the HC. and OC. I watched better individual execution and team performance Fri. night in PIAA playoffs. We were out coached……..again. HOW CAN A TEAM BE 10 GAMES INTO A SEASON AND STILL HAVE 5 GUYS MISS SURE TACKLES IN ONE PLAY!!!!!


  52. @Reed – this Plugin installation for WordPress should get us the EDIT option in the comment section:

    Installation Instructions
    Just unzip and upload the “simple-comment-editor” folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
    Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

    This video goes through the steps:

    More info here:


    1. Yes, I have WP chat room, but the problem is you can edit other people’s posts too when you enable that. (That would be a hoot though…)
      Just kidding…


  53. I understand that attrition, injuries and then some really key suspensions and two key dismissals sounds like excuse making but aren’t still facts? This gets magnified when you take a brand new two year head football coach who hasn’t had the experience or more importantly the time to work his particular style of play into his team.

    I’m not a Dinucci hater but I do wish PITT would give Pickett a real shot at starting a game. You would have thought that BD’s helmet would flown off again by now?? At this point it seems Dinucci is more than a little limited. With Nothing to lose I say go for it..

    We get that stat stating the poor records of the teams PITT has beaten. I thought they played who is on their schedule? Can I brag on Hall again cause he sure looked good last night.

    Heather is all for tarping. Guess that makes her a real J O?

    The hate, not the criticism mind you, for Narduzzi and Heather blows my mind…. … UNWARRANTED … . imo. . . .ike



  54. I am fed up with the DiNucci era. it must end. Every game we go in with the lesser talented qb. HI routine is to look off one receiver and to go into his poor mans doug flutie mode. its maddening and quite frankly makes me not want to go to any more games until he is gone.


  55. If I were Pickett’s parents I’d very much consider to having my son transfer out of the program after this season. I’d have no confidence that Narduzzi will ever give my son a chance to get on the field next year. It’s not like BN to any intelligent football observer is so talented as to not even consider giving the backup some playing time. How the he** can you be satisfied with any QB that is so limited in his ability to throw much beyond 15 yards down field. Yikes!!


  56. Again Mark, you can’t go around hating everything PITT, well I guess you can but you lose all validity in my eyes. Like the other poster pointed out. You spoke in less glowing phrase about Potato Paul as you called him back when he coached here then you do now that he’s not at PITT.

    but the people love you as I do. You wacky SOB. 🙂 .ike



  57. Allow me to rebut a few things here…

    rkb – I don’t hate DiNucci but I’m not going to sit down and not tell the truth when i write just to spare his feelings. he does not have D1 physical talent, he’s a very poor decision maker and he plays afraid of the defensive line. That is the basic facts about him as a QB.

    Ike – I do not think Pitt is a ‘better’ team than NC. They pretty much not only stood toe-to-toe with us in all aspects of the game but they completely owned the mental and emotional side of the match – which is as important as football skills.

    wbb – I get what you are saying about the defense and they have played better in spots. But that isn’t good enough. We are the worst Pitt defense over two years than any other time I can recall. This is why I truly haven’t been able to figure out why fans have been defending Conklin. He’s proven time and again he does not have control over the defense when it is out on the field and that is where the rubber meets the road.

    When you have multiple players out of position in the 4th quarter of a game, when the opponent has already shown you just about every formation they have, something is critically wrong with the coaching. One or two players screwing up is one thing but his defenses do that en masse and pretty darn often.

    Notice that I haven’t been calling for Pat Narduzzi’s head and for him to be fired. I think every coach deserves a full 4 years unless there is a scandal or major NCAA infractions of some sort. After 2018? Then I say let him go and hire someone who was already a successful HC even if it is from a FCS or whatever if we don’t get close to sniffing a conference or divisional championship (and I think we won’t)..

    As it stands now Pitt is a stepping stone for building HC’s resumes and that can’t continue.

    Q. Henderson isn’t injured – he has lost confidence in his everyday play. There were a few kickoffs last night that he would have taken out of the endzone and tried to make something happen last year. this year he’s afraid of fumbling and so… he minimizes the chances of that happening. i think that is a direct result of Narduzzi’s over the top fear of turning the ball over. When the HC pounds that into you every practice and team meeting you play smaller and tighter than you should.

    I actually don’t have the same problem with watson as other fans do. I don’t think he’s all that good but when you score 31 points at home you should win the game. I think our offensive woes can be traced directly to the OL coach Peterson and Narduzzi’s staff lack of recruiting OL. I believe this is going to be a huge problem next year and especially after O’Neill and Bookser leave.

    We can’t pass protect to save our lives… which is why you need a QB who can stand in the pocket, survey the field through progressions and snap off passes when his decision has been made (Pickett).

    BTW – redshirts mean nothing to coaches in this day and age. Why worry about 2-3 years in the future if you don’t know you’ll be at the same school either by choice or by pink slip?. I think that is what happened with Pickett’s redshirt. Narduzzi doesn’t see Pitt as a long-term position and would like to get back to the Big Ten where he feels more comfortable in my opinion.

    There has been a lot of behind the scenes problems with this staff and players – issues that are of prime importance but are not reported in the media. It has really manifested itself in the administration of recruiting and is killing our recruiting classes, but that isn’t the only problem.

    I won’t say Narduzzi has lost the team or anything like that – there has to be very serious drama and big ticket problems before I think that of any HC, but all is not well over on the Southside. This isn’t new either. The same thing, on a lesser scale, was going on last season… hence all the public suspensions and the in-season ones that haven’t been publically acknowledged.

    Pitt is not immune to these types of happenings no matter what a fan may think of Pat Narduzzi as a person or as a HC. His lack of head coaching experience is showing across the board and while it is terribly wrong it ain’t sweetness and light.

    In closing – it seriously looks like Pat Narduzzi and the ex-Pitt HC fans love to hate, Paul Chryst, are going to be pretty darn close to being tied in the W/L record after their first three years.

    Chryst was 19-19 with three bowl games (1 win & 2 losses). If form holds Narduzzi will be 20-19 with two bowl game losses.

    Strange that huh?


    1. Reed, do you see him wanting to go back to a DC? I can’t see someone like MSU taking him back when Dantonio retires. Think they would have their sights a little higher than a .500 ACC (although Wisky is doing okay with a .500 ACC coach). Maybe a program like Illinois or Minnesota?


  58. No more excuses – play kenny
    No more excuses – heather needs to sit down with Nard Dog
    No more excuses – Dog needs to fire some of his staff
    No more excuses – Gallagher needs to begin working on that front porch
    No more excuses – the BoT needs to wake up…bad losses and 60k empty yellow seats in front of a national audience do more harm than a few players busted for smoking weed
    No more excuses – tarp that damn stadium
    No more excuses – whistling past the graveyard


  59. I’m usually on the patience side but a coach gets results pretty fast. Matt Campbell at IOWA STATE has them winning big games and competing hard. PITT recruits better than them…WE ARE OUR RESULTS!


  60. When ever team we play always get better QB play I am the point where coaching is the issue. I could name QB’s I have watched vs Pitt over the years that never even sniffed the pro’s but against Pitt they are Dan Marino each and ever time.

    The Kid from North Carolina was a scrub. He played as well as you could play.

    His performance made him look like Famous Jamies for FSU that year he went 29 of 30 against us and the in-completion was caught out of bounds.

    This NC team was averaging 21 pts per game.

    Good QB’s or QB’s with potential don’t want to play for joke coaching staffs.


    1. Agree. Josh…some were raving about this UNC QB kid. He threw a bunch of floaters as well. And if we had legit DB’s several would have been picked.

      This same kid was 16 of 39 for 41% the previous game with 3 picks.

      Our pathetic defense and the scheme made him look like a legit QB. How many QB’s have had career games against this defense in the last 3 years.


    1. Not really but except for the nuts and bolts of the recruiting progam are broken. Administrative problems and sloppy work have turned off a bunch of recruits and parents and are part of the reason we are missing out on the better recruits.

      I won’t go into specific details as that would out who called me with that info but the source is very valid. Note I said who called me…

      I’ve heard of other negative stuff but as I said a lot of programs have that sort of stuff especially in a crappy year…but here is a hint.

      In-season benchings for cause are usually are either academic or attitude driven and these aren’t all academic.


      1. This goes to hypocrisy of Gallagher’s part. When he fired Steve Pederson, Gallagher made a big deal about coaches working hard at recruiting the best players. But Gallagher is absent these days. He is a very hands off leader it seems. If you have any information demonstrating his interest and commitment to winning Pitt football, please comment. If there are major problems in recruiting, direct intervention from the top guy who said how much he values it is required.


  61. Pitt football is what it is. After 34 years of dawdling, clusterf8cks, hair-brained ideas, color changes, logo changes, coaching disasters, etc. etc. Why should anyone think it’s going to change ?

    This is Pitt’s M.O. and why no legit coaches, unless they’re unemployed at the moment, like Chaney and Canada were….want to come to Pitt. Pitt’s M. O. precedes it.


      1. lol “In experience in Shock, more shattering than your strangest Nightmare” Yep that’s Pitt football and now basketball. Good find Jack. Probably saw this trailer when I was a kid, but maybe not since we had limited TV viewing hours and well….limited TV channels.


    1. Would love to see it happen, but unfortunately Pitt has become a Graveyard of Coaches. Or at best a short-term way-station in resume building. Who of any stature and proven accomplishment, unless they’re unemployed and need to put food on the table, would want to come here?


      1. We were quite fortunate Wannstedt came back and was ok dealing with the nitwit Pitt Board of Clusterf8cks. And he only did that (and at a di$count) because he was a Pitt man. Loved the city too.

        To take that good fortune and the wins that came with it and just throw it away, with NO PLAN whatsoever, with NO REPLACEMENT coach that was at least an equivalent of DW in line for the job….was dooming Pitt football for another 35 years of mediocrity, constant coaching changes and lots of resentment of the idiots in charge of this mess, among the Pitt faithful.

        How to wreck a Football Program 101 (written by Pitt administrators)


        1. They also wrote the companion book…….How to wreck a Top 20 Basketball Program.

          Yet as far as I know, not one person, was fired, took a demotion, got a demerit or anything.

          Pitt is run like a worthless, nobody held accountable Government Agency. Which is why they brought in, basically a bureaucrat….as Chancellor.


          1. In fact, Barney (aka Herman) was paid by Pitt for 2 months will he was on the west coast, transitioning to Oregon State.

            That’s lyke a bonus for doing a bad job.


  62. It is tough to drive three hours to watch the team play. They are no better than the first week. Combination of poor techniques poor coaching and no fundamentals. Their is no leaders on the team and no leaders on administration we flounder and will continue to flounder. How many true Pitt fans can endure this poor play. I see the same next year Two players French and hall

    It’s sad it’s tough to renew tickets knowing it will be the same with the same captain running the boat and sameqb running the team. We are getting to be the worst team in big 5. Poor in every aspect I feel sorry for kids who care and try but have no chance in this situation. Pitt is academia first and only not a sports school live and die with it Two more to go and they won’t be pretty


    1. Without naming players, many of our best have had bad games and last night the majority were bad.

      Hall played his third very good game in a row, QO played well, but had zero carries (a few catches and good blocking). I think RaRa had one ball thrown his way and A.Mathews none.

      All other players & coaches did not perform well, and in some cases really did not come close to expectations.

      We have a few All-Americans (prior years) that did not even look Lyke Honorable Mention ACC candidates last night.


  63. I can not disagree with a thing in Reed’s comments. The BD era at qb needs to end. His running is not that of a d1 QB but like a junior high kid who is not confident in his ability to throw. Couple that with thinking you needed to abandon the game plan at the end. Made me ill.
    With the VT and Miami still to go, this season is a disaster. There are few bright spots on the horizon that can be attributed to the Narduzzi staff and I am afraid we are headed for another coaching change. Pitty the next coach, as he will have a situation like Dixon left behind
    Hard to believe the football and basketball programs both are so bad.


  64. I’ve worked for the Army for nearly all of my adult life so I understand bureaucracies… I don’t know much about the BOT at Pitt but I can guess.

    Emotionless, know-it-alls who personify bloodless decision-making from an arrogant perch, perhaps… What a shame that they think that embracing mediocrity in sports will help Pitt (by, I assume, allowing more to be spent on academics or not embarrassing the school with some sports-related controversy). What lack of vision. I am many, many years removed from attending Pitt.

    Here are the best memories I have – watching Tony Dorsett saunter around the campus like a god (because he was THE god of running backs), going to Fitzgerald and seeing Pitt play NC when they had Bob McAdoo and Bobby Jones and the entire crowd BELIEVING we had a chance to beat them, watching the ever smooth Billy Knight and Mickey Martin dominate the court, BELIEVING we had a chance to beat NC State in the NCAAs when they had David Thompson….. What I don’t remember much is any professor or learning experience other than a professor from China who couldn’t speak a word of intelligible English and expecting us students to learn anything….

    The idea that sports don’t matter is absurd… My son is thirteen and is scoring off the charts in math tests… Any school would love to have him or students like him… I have thought about vectoring him to Pitt primarily because of my past memories of good times at the school.

    But with a sports program in literal disarray why?? The BOT better recognize that embarrassment such as this has consequences. And part of those consequences is losing out on top students who can go anywhere because they don’t want to partake in the embarrassment.

    Sure, most posters are tough on Dinucci and it isn’t his fault he is not good enough. But there needs to be accountability… From the BOT on down… If there was accountability, he wouldn’t be starting. The bureaucrats can live in a dream world where they move budget widgets around to academic departments and dream of a Nobel prize some day but the truth is – if they want the students, if they want the professors, if they want the buzz, they better recognize that sports is a big part of reaching the dream….


    1. Really well said, thank you. The buzz around winning sports programs at the collegiate level MATTERS, whether people want to believe it or not.

      Your son and I are generations apart. He could be an outstanding student at Pitt in a few years, someday enhancing the reputation and appeal of the school for HIS children’s generation. I graduated long ago, but drive three hours each way to attend most games, and spend tons of money in the city year after year.

      And why would he choose to attend Pitt? And why do I choose to return so often to my alma mater? JUST because of sports? No, of course not. But it’s a damn big piece of it. I certainly don’t return to spend time at Hillman LIbrary.

      In so much of life, perception is reality. And the buzz around big-time WINNING sports is an enormous part of that perception. It’s an investment that will pay off generation after generation for any university that understands the value that is created.

      It’s infuriating that Pitt can’t get that through their thick skulls.


    2. “Emotionless, know it alls, who personify bloodless decisions from an arrogant perch” !!!! Hey, I’ve been on several boards….You are being too kind!


    3. Hey PE! Glad you’re posting here, always enjoy your thoughts…

      To Counterpoint: Pitt is already getting the students and the professors and the buzz so why would they care all that much about the athletic side? We’re well situated in the top x amount of schools that are highly rated; we have great programs for kids to go to and graduate schools and the University is associated with UPMC, etc… this is a great academic institution and they’re pretty secure in that so the BoT doesn’t really have to worry about Athletics too much.

      Again, it’s my firm belief the only real issue keeping Pitt from dropping football to a lower division or altogether is the fact that they don’t want to be seen as one of those basketball only schools because it appears that you’re a minor University if you do that.


      1. Pitt doesn’t drop down in football because it wants those ACC checks. The failure of that school to see the benefits of having a good football program and how each empty seat in Heinz is a loss in revenue is pretty perplexing. No Pitt grad should be proud of how the school treats athletics.

        It’s embarrassing really. People love to be proud of their athletic teams, but Pitt fans hide that shame by always mentioning academics. I never hear arguments amongst people about academics and whose school is better. If they did, I’d walk away because who cares? Many, many universities are doing great things, not just Pitt.


      2. Reed, I would like to gently counter your counter – lol…. I had one of those unseen, faceless government jobs that are surprisingly important (at least in deciding how your hard earned tax dollars are spent). We solicited academia for breakthrough technology and were willing to spend lots of your money. Despite what many Pitt people might think, the university was NOWHERE to be seen when the time came to disperse the all mighty dollar. Now, Carnegie Mellon – that is a completely different animal… I would guess (but am unsure as it isn’t my field) that Pitt might do alright in medical fields but in other high tech areas like robotics, aerospace, material science, cyber, AI, etc… – they just didn’t register on the radar screen (and, believe me, I would have been overjoyed to see the old alma mater score big)…

        Just to not make POV-ers day – here are some schools that had some real business going on – Penn State (ugh), NC State, Duke, Villanova.. Of course, the big guys dominate – MIT, Carnegie, Stanford, etc…

        That is a big reason why I think the BOT is blowing it. Duke got noticed (in engineering) because everyone knew Duke from basketball. Name recognition is crucial in source selection. It may not be fair but it is just the way the world works….


  65. Here’s three things I saw that contributed to the loss –
    – at least 5 or 6 times, maybe more, a WR or Chris Clark was insanely open 15+ yards downfield, before DiNucci threw the ball or ran, and was not seen. Plus a wheel route by Hall that was wide open, likely for a TD, and not attempted.
    – No pressure from the D line at all, without LBs blitzing.
    – NC adjusted defensively in the 4th quarter, playing tight in the box. Pitt didn’t react and kept running the same plays.

    Not to mention the terrible empty set where DiNucci froze.

    It’s been adding up all year, and last night was on full display. Theses are the things that need to be fixed.


    1. Isn’t it interesting that the PG wrote an article about DiNucci locking onto one receiver; the announcers made that clear in the beginning of the pregame lead in and we saw it all over in his play last night. Then again the announcers always read the local newspaper so they have something to talk about.

      But it’s well known that he’s been doing that ever since he set foot on the football field and our quarterbacks coach who, is Shawn Watson, can’t do anything about it and that shows me BN has hit his ceiling.


  66. Let me start by saying this – I tend to agree with most of what’s been said above.

    I think the D is seriously an issue. But something came to mind regarding the meltdown yesterday. We all know that a lot of the players are young and inexperienced. As part of that, when things get a little dicey, tensions rise and the game is on the line, that is when these inexperienced, young players often “forget” their assignment/fundamentals and maybe hesitate or make a bad read and expose the whole D. Not making excuses – just a thought.

    The D was playing much better whenever we were winning a couple games. But last night, when it came to crunch time, it was like the guys froze or maybe just got nervous or something and wilted. Kind of like BD’s mechanics. You can’t tell me they let him do that in practice. And if they do – then they should all be fired.

    I don’t know. UNC couldn’t run the whole game until the end. Made no sense.

    And all this talk of limiting TOs and not making mistakes and playing afraid to screw up and all the yelling and screaming is all sounding pretty similar to a bball coach that used to coach here a couple years ago – doesn’t it?? Let that sink in a minute. You know why – because if PN is fired or leaves – you’re probably looking at another KS type hire. So be careful what you wish for.


  67. Nola wrote. “Seems like if Notre Dame can fire seven asst coaches last year and completely turnaround a program the next season, while leaving their dufus HC in place, maybe it’s a good template for Pitt to try.”

    Now I agree with this comment but I have to pause when it is obvious to me that Notre Dame and PITT are two very different football programs. You know $$ and all.

    Who is PITT going to lure to Oakland compared to Southbend?

    Sometimes when we want to come on PITT their coaches and AD we have to remember that PITT has to do things in a little different. It’s when we forget this is when we all become frustrated and tend to blame the wrong people. Schitt flows downhill folks.

    ike H2P!


  68. Let me try that one again: Sometimes when we want to come down on PITT, their coaches and AD we have to remember that PITT has to do things in a little different way. It’s when we forget this is when we all become frustrated and tend to blame the wrong people. Schitt flows downhill folks.


  69. Reed,

    While I would like to agree with you about Coach Narduzzi and 4 year…I guess question I need answered is do we have any signs to lead us to believe that PN can or is growing?

    Case in point…what I saw last night on the D side of the ball leads me to believe that no we are not seeing any signs of growth…this D is not gelling and frankly when they needed a stop to keep the lead, they were torched.

    As you have stated the OL is dreadful, the QB situation is a mess…even if I agree with Ben’s lack of D1 capability…other than finally finding a serviceable run game…the Offense has been dreadful.

    You said to me on the gameday thread that while I was correct I can’t deny Ben’s performance was abysmal. Ok I will concede the point…but that wasn’t what made this an “L”. This team should’ve won despite that performance.

    Special teams failed (early TD), Jet sweep that is fumbled at the 1/2 yard line by QH and returned deep into Pitt territory creates a 10 point swing. Ridiculous clock management and playcaling for an already admittedly D1 deficient QB (really a 5 wide set on first down when you have been dominating them in the run game that leads to a 9 yard sack…when it was likely to be your last chance to get in FG range), those are the reasons for the loss.

    Let’s be clear you only execute on 1 of those three deficiencies you likely win the game (The QH fumblie was a killer…10 point swing makes it a 38-31 Pitt victory).

    I think this franchise has been in worse straights than we are in now (the 2 lost recruiting seasons to the Haywood/Graham -> Graham abandonment to Chryst)…the question is do you really see any potential signs of growth given all of the shortcomings in coaching, gameday managing, timeclock management, behind the scenes instability, lack of a marketing relationship with the fans/media/local coaches that we are currently seeing.

    Given the really weak recruiting year this looks like it is going to be…do we want a repeat of that next year especially if the answer to the ability for growth is no?

    My point is that if the truth is there is little to no chance that Coach Narduzzi and team will “get it” next year then we need to rip the band aid off yet again with this weak recruiting year and focus on yet again on the foundation of the shabby structure of Pitt football.

    This is not a knee jerk reaction…I didn’t expect a 9 win season, hell I didn’t even expect a bowl game, what I wanted was to see progress on both sides of the ball…what I saw last night convinced me this guy does not have it.



  70. Ike commented… “Who is PITT going to lure to Oakland compared to Southbend?”

    Seems to me that a reasonable option is to lure current asst coaches from the non-Power 5 conferences, those potentially up-and-coming ones from those so-called lesser teams that often knock off or nearly KO, the Power 5 teams. I would see them being interested in getting into a conference like the ACC to showcase their talent. They may not stay long, but their presence could provide some positive energy into a lifeless football program.


  71. This is a P5 job. There are only 65(?) of them available, the big leagues of college football. To say no one wants the job is insane. The main problem I see is keeping someone who has success here but the flip side is that it means we had some success.


  72. its tough to lure coaches here because of the pay and support. the pay is good for an assistant that wants to be head coach. but Pitt should be in the business of recruiting head coaches with proven success.

    The Dog is training to be a head coach at Pitt. Thats unacceptable. He’ll use this training and experience to find a better gig elsewhere. Thats why its a stepping stone.

    You pay the big money to get a proven head coach, you can win right away and as long as you have the budget for his assistants, recruiting and enough bonus potential, this coach will stay.

    But Pitt is cheap, it doesnt support coaches, its culture is toxic and coaches are set up to fail.


  73. Dave, that’s a good, reasonable comment. You nail a great point considering the 2 lost recruiting years. Knowing Chryst was here for a few years you would think PITT should be recovered by that but I don’t think so.

    Chryst recruiting was simply not that good. We want to talk about Narduzzi’s recruiting but this PITT O-Line is made up of Paul’s guys. (JJS and Officer) I understand that they are just not that good or so I’ve been told.

    Do I need to say anything about the defense recruiting? Where are the RS juniors and seniors? Don’t bother looking because they just aren’t there.

    PITT was decimated by players leaving the program this year for one reason or another.

    Oh and BTW, Henderson fumble was not the coaches fault. You can’t simply and conveniently forget about plays like that and just say blame the coaches.

    Now I did see a lot of poor coaching last night.

    Good call on the S & C coordinator. << A change maybe needed there.

    Hoping Partridge gets promoted after this season and another QB coach is brought in but again…. $$

    We bitch about the lack of enthusiasm from the BOT but still turn right back around and blame all the coaches? That’s double talk. I can the reason for failure here but I also believe in the future.. imo.

    Like I says……. I don’t give up that easy…. . . . … …ike



  74. There are going to be quite a few power 5 openings this year. Traditionally big name programs who are either tired of losing or want better. As always, good assistants will be lost with the bad. Smart programs will benefit from this, just like down markets are where you make your money. But you must know who is undervalued and let go just because they got caught up in the wash.
    This is where having an experienced coach with good connections comes in handy. Watch the smart money make moves. Now, personally, I’d rather have an up and coming hotshot assistant from a smaller school who is hungry. But that takes work to id. Should be someone on staffs job to do this, forward thinking, but that would require an open mind.


  75. …but everyone is bitching about Narduzzi NOT having head coaching experience? Narduzzi was a very successful defensive coordinator fro m a P-5 school and bitching is non-stop…

    PITT got what they paid for….


    1. Georgia rolled the dice on a coordinator (twice) and did good on both hires. So did Vandy with Franklin, Houston with Herman, WVU with Holgy & RichRod….lots of success stories out there.

      Lots of fails also….Florida with Muschamp, ND with Davie & Weiss and of course us.

      We aren’t getting a P5 coach unless it is a Stallings like total dumpster hire (Les Miles, etc). Chances are most likely not in the running for an AAC coach either. So either go the coordinator route, or try Div2/FCS level.

      Given our bad luck next hire should be lower level HC Greg Gattuso anyone??). But then you run the risk of rising to their level….i.e. Butch Jones & McElwain weren’t suited for the big stage.

      So I pray that Narduzzi gets this turned around since I don’t want to roll the dice again.


    2. So successful Baylor hung 50 on him. Narduzzi was a chump his first 4 years at MSU and Still is a chump.


  76. Good Lord. Why is there going to be P-5 head coaches out of work? Think about that one…

    Guaranteed these coaches won’t have a better resume than HCPN. At least the ones that PITT can sign… ike


    1. Narduzzi is atrocious Ike. Name 2-3 things in 3 years he did and don’t say Clemson who was losing every week to someone or PSU. He is a MAC caliber.


  77. Tx, I agree for the most part, but you have to be successful to move on. Only way Duzz changes is when he has the epiphany and realizes what a stain this is on his reputation. Honestly, what BiG program would want him. I mean, we haven’t even talked about his rant at the end of the game because they gave him a full time out instead of the 40 he wanted. I almost choked over that.


    1. Not true all the time. Sometimes hiring schools will look at a coach and say ‘well he didn’t have a good recruiting area or he didn’t have the support of the previous administration’ or there are a lot of other reasons they can make excuses for to hire some guy.

      if a team wants Narduzzi bad enough and they think that he’s going to be good in their culture and in their area then they will hire him.


  78. Ike, you mean like why the great Wanny was out of work? There are always programs who think they can do better. Guys who were a bad fit. Guys who make too much, the lure of replacing with the next pretty face. Happens all the time.


  79. Ike, I think you misunderstood. Wasn’t referring to firing and replacing the Duzz, but rather finding quality assistants and coordinators from the carnage. Lots of good assistants out there.


  80. And Pitt allows quarterbacks to put those numbers up each quarter. For a so called defensive genius, our coach is more like a moron.


  81. I have grown weary of this team and this season. Unlike Coach Duzz, I might have to call a well-warranted timeout.

    Best thing I saw last night was the Pitt Band’s half-time show.

    Next best thing I saw were the screen passes run by UNC. Great calls and great execution. That was beautiful football…

    Did anyone notice Justin Morgan at RG in the second half? He was in when we scored our last TD.

    “Chicken with his head cut off” is exactly the saying that occurred to me last night while watching our QB.

    I’m sorry, but I blame the offense. Against an average defense, by the time you have played them 3 quarters, you should be able to move the ball down the field against them. College ball is all about scoring points.

    We had the lead and the ball a few times and allowed negative plays to kill us.

    But I sure liked those screens that UNC ran…

    And thanks to Fran and his helpers for all their work on the tailgate. (Missed you and Larry in our section, Fran!)

    And outstanding article above by Reed. Also liked Vuk’s article today…

    Go Pitt.


  82. Pitt Football has three choices
    1. Build an on campus of 42,000 – think of how just the plans for it would change you as a fan!
    2. Join the MAC
    3. Disband football at Pitt

    It will never ever ever be any better without bold choices.


  83. Sorry JoeK. I’m thinking this year may be the year that Conklin moves on and Partridge moves up? << He’s had 3 years but I wouldn’t shocked if he stays one more year.

    No way does Watson get canned. Chaney wasn’t fired but just moved on. One year with the PITT QB situation is not fair to fire anyone. (although I’m not real big on him)

    Narduzzi could use another asst coach with some sort of head coaching experience. I do think he’s still lacking in that area.

    Biggest disappointment last night was letting UNC dink and dunk while moving the football downfield. No turnovers hurt this team as well, considering the supposed talent on the team.

    I agree, Narduzzi needs to feel some pressure from the uppity ups.


  84. Fumble on the 1 yard line…opening kickoff returned for TD…another QB looks like the next Johhny Unitas against us..gave up 34 pts vs a team with 1 win I.did not watch the Game.,,too frustrating to watch reason not to give pickett a good look…BN has not shown enough improvemet to keep the job.H2P always… Actually plan to watch b’ball vs Navy tonight. Will be good to see new players on the court…


  85. Thinking about it, most coaches have an assistant head coach, someone they use as a sounding board, a hammer, prick, or soother. Do we have one, and if so who? If not, I can’t imagine how lonely and isolated Duzz is, and how dangerous it is taking only your own counsel.


  86. cant wait for basketball. at least they will win more games than football this year. and they wont quit and might even be entertaining despite finishing last in the ACC


  87. PN gets 1 more year to show he has what it takes due to last 2 8-5 seasons…and if the team diesnt quit on him in kasr 2 games…too bad Wanny had all of those off the field issues


  88. TX, maybe, maybe not. I will check it out for curiosity sake, but if he pulls that TO crap again I fear for my TVs lifespan!


  89. I have not commented as often over the last few weeks because the writing was on the wall after game 5 and most here were in denial about the state of the program and some still are. I keep repeating myself so here goes.

    It is not the fault of Lyke that she is failing in our two major revenue producing sports. Heck, I would take $600K if an employer was stupid enough to offer it to me, regardless of whether I was qualified or not. She isn’t qualified to be a Power5 AD, she just isn’t. A nice person by all accounts, but not Tier 1, AD talent. Sorry. Tressel was available. Instant credibility. Instant fundraising increase. Instant OCS talk.

    PoD – Dinucci throws off his back foot (should have been fixed in a high school qb camp); Throwing motion – sidearm slinger of ball (should have been fixed in grade school qb camp); Decision making – Not good at all. Often throws into double coverage if that is his first option of a pattern. Practice is good for that but when you spend too much time making videos with Voytik and MacVittie, something is going to suffer, like practice. Reading defenses – see above. Leadership – I didn’t hear him say he was taking out his offensive line for dinner last night after Pitt rushed for 230 yards. Why not? He might be smart and personable, he is just not starting P5, sorry.

    Pinnock is not Dikembie Motumbo. Coaches need to call him out about displays of the negative finger wave when you make a good play, because that doesn’t balance out the 5 other bad plays. Freshman mistake – correctable. He gave up plenty of completions in what appeared to be a real soft 2 deep in the late 3rd/and 4th quarter.

    DB’s – rub routes. If you are going to get rubbed out, collide with the offensive player and “flop”, yes flop. Draw attention to the interference. This is simple to teach.

    On the 5 Wide – Watch the game. NC was stuffing 8-9 in the box to stuff the run. In order to get the box open for the run game, he put in 5 wide to keep the box from being flooded. Our OL beat their DL most of the time last night in the run game, until we needed it. We didn’t win the trenches on either side and that translates to losses.

    Pitt is SOFT. Not one person can name me a big hit over the last three years. We are soft physically and mentally, sorry. Playing with the Steelers is a disadvantage. The team is a product of its environment. Our cats like to run their mouths because they hear what the steelers say and somehow feel they are on the same level to speak.


  90. We are soft. Mentally unprepared. That’s coaching fellas. Time for a change. To hell with instability. Heck that got us an acc invite and 6-6 seasons. It’s par for Pitt.


  91. Tarping is a good idea.

    Can also generate ad revenue. Right fit the venue. But nobody is saying a new smaller stadium on campus will increase attendance. It may provide a better connection with Pitt and all that other good stuff you get when you play on campus if done right.

    But let us not forget our former AD saying the move to Heinz would help recruiting, it would increase attendance and it would help better associate the university with the region and Pittsburgh.

    And of course it saved Pitt money and land was used to build the Pete which is now a mausoleum.


  92. Major, Larry had duties at his sons school last evening and did not attend the game. Ike graciously offered me a few box seats for the game. I wanted to thank JoeL and his friend for helping out and carrying the load cooking for our group. Around 45 people stopped for the tailgate, many to meet the great Big B. (and Bernie did not disappoint). Similar to the Military Bowl I had a wonderful time until the game started.


  93. I think it’s time we all accept that Pitt is nothing more than a middle of the road team in the ACC. Some years one of two games better or some years worse. The administration is completely satisfied with that and the fans must be as well. Heather will be here for a few years and then gone. A new AD will come in and train for a better gig. Don’t rock the boat, be a yes person and you will get ahead. This is how bureaucracies operate.


    1. Your first thought is exactly how I approach Pitt football.

      That doesn’t mean I don’t root like crazy for the team and the players, I do, but the impact of the program on my life is always tempered by the knowledge that the University’s satisfaction level is pretty low.

      In the past 7 or so years my focus has been much more on you guys, this blog and the Blather and the program in general…not the W/L column.

      I stay more sane that way. Not too high and not too low… But all in perspective.


  94. Wow – guys. Just got back from work and had trouble reading all of these. Again, nice to meet some folks for the first time at the tailgate.

    Bottom line – lots of opinions with some of you “trying” to disagree just to have something to talk about. YOU’RE ALL CORRECT IN ONE WAY OR THE OTHER:

    BD stinks and is not D1 (or maybe not D2 caliber) – that’s a fact and he will not get better. Period. He would never have started in the IVY league either.

    -The coaches stink, have no guts and no accountability – including HC. Fact.

    Duzz is not showing any improvement in recruiting, play calling or game day management in 3 years. Fact. Just because we like his “Western PA attitude” doesn’t mean he can be the CEO. I don’t think he’s shown the aptitude or any growth. Not his fault. We tried to get lucky and hire the “next great” coordinator and we didn’t get lucky,
    The administration does not and will not care about football or our front porch. They hired a dramatically under-qualified AD because they don’t care about sports, and never will.
    Lastly, good recruits (or enough of them) will not come here just to be embarrassed over and over every season. So, we will continually have to try and get “lucky” with 2 and 3 stars and get the occasional surprise.

    I’m no longer mad or upset. It is what it is and what it will be. So I will calmly go to the game to enjoy time with my friends or kids, enjoy the weather and camaraderie, expect to lose and drive home to watch a real college football game on TV.

    There…..I feel better.


  95. I’m getting some great photos of the tailgate vie email and please keep them coming.

    I’ll post them up in my podcast article tomorrow.

    And remember upsets happen all the time in college ball, we saw one last night as a matter of fact, so the VT and Miami games are not sure losses. They are still to be played.


    1. Oass that weed Reed. Those 2 coaches won’t lose to Narduzzi who games plans like a corner drunk. They are pros and win. Hell the buffoon will play Dinucci and the Defense knows he cant throw a pass 20 yards in the air.


  96. There is hope on the horizon Pitt fans, when Heather has her end of season meeting with Pat…

    He walks in, sits down across from her, says no to cream and sugar and lets her open a manila folder that has a single piece of paper with 4 lines written on it:
    2017 Pitt football record: 4-8
    Offense was embarrassing
    Defense was embarrassing
    Coaching was sub-standard

    HL: How will 2018 play out?
    PN: Well our young players will be a year older …
    HL: Let me help you: Conklin is gone. If he isn’t informed in 24 hours, you are telling me that you will go a minimum of 8-4 this upcoming season or you are gone the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2018.
    HL: Watson, because he only has one year in, can stay, but if he ever calls a spread, no back offense when his starting QB is embarrassing his alma mater on national TV and his starting running back is the only thing working (other than Ffrench) than he is gone after the season and needs to be told that and over-ruled by using the head sets you wear as the head coach DURING THE GAME.
    HL: Now, I’ll let you go over each one of your position coaches and tell me how you think they helped your kids on and off the field this past season and don’t be afraid to overuse words like tackling and blocking and recruiting …


    1. Yes. If Heather had a clue about real sports. Not compliance. The real convo is can you believe we tricked fans to think we actually care??? Then they go to Top Golf and drink a pitcher with company card.


  97. I’m not a supporter of The Nooch, other than he’s seems like an ok local kid who went to Pine-Richland and I hope(d) he performed well when he plays. (some on this site I doubt do) (i think we’re infested with trolls btw)

    But I thought and I wrote a few weeks ago, that since Pickett’s redshirt was busted and The Nooch was obviously not a D1 QB….Pitt(Nard Dog) should have played Pickett’s Charge against Duke and Virginia.

    So the visceral hate feeling should be directed at those that played the kid…….NOT THE KID HIMSELF.

    Again we have a lot of trolls from the State Institution which justifies child rape and the other one that is nothing more than a overblown Community College.


  98. Just my opinion but from what I’ve seen the past few weeks. Zeise has played much better. Also, I’ll get trounced for this but PITT missed Maddox last night. I think the young man is really good….

    imo Emel, call them out, of course my opinion means Jack… Reed, hope the speech went well and accomplished what it was intended for and I’m sure it did… .. ike


  99. Great jazz there Emel. PITT football will be fine it’s the fans I worry about.

    Great to meet you htp123, Ed and Wlat’s son. Dam, my head gets scrambled when I try and remember you all. Maybe the pictures will jog the memories out of me.

    Fran is the hostess with the most-est.

    Name tags were great Fran. names to faces, great idea

    Where do 45 complete strangers get together before a PITT game and chum around as long time friends? Nowhere but the POV… Hope you get to more games next year Reed…. Be There!

    Smiling Richman, smiling per usual. Annie, Tommy, Mark, Eric, Rick and Rachael and on and on sorry if I missed you

    RKB, we will hook up one day.

    That one was a cold one and the game itself left me even colder.

    Bernie’s UNC friends were great as well….. Jeanie I think? good to meet you as well (BigB’s better half).


    1. Wish I could join in on the tailgating festivities. Would love to me some of you guys. It’s just ‘not in the cards’ atm….if you know what I mean..bro.


  100. 13/9 will not happen vs Miami.
    Go watch the 13/9 game again.
    Wanny had accumulated some talent and it was the last game of the year.
    The 13/9 team stunk, but it had young talent and the d payed lights out.
    It is not comparable.


    1. The defensive game plane and execution was impeccable too. You won’t see that under Narduzzi this decade anyway.


  101. Fact check time:

    Reed – There are 130 FBS teams not 128. There will be 129 in 2018 when Idaho drops to FCS.

    PITT is 1 – 2 after a bye week under Narduzzi. Beat Va. Tech on 10/3/15 after the bye. Lost to Iowa on 9/19/15. A win is a win is a win. No matter who played or not.

    Clemson may have been losing in every game in 2016. But they only lost 1 game – to PITT. (Actually Clemson wasn’t losing in every game since they beat Ohio State 31 – 0.)

    Baylor didn’t hang 50 on Michigan State in 2014. The final was MSU 41 – Baylor 40. MSU held Baylor scoreless in the 4’th qtr.

    Good comments by all. Lots of good opinions.

    I was doubled depressed today after last nights game. I was so sure of a PITT victory. My bad. Really leaning more to Reed’s opinion then Ike’s. (Still like you Ike & hope to meet some POVerts in the future.)


    1. Thanks for fact checking. No time to check all that “fake” mud slinging earlier today, but I did pause to question that slop and figured each had it’s flaws.

      The only entertainment on the North Shore last night worthy of my time was the tailgating. Met numerous good people. Lastrow and JoeL throw a great party.

      The Hoopies are getting schooled by TX A&M in men’s BB. Nice to see. Cam Johnson on the bench for unc with a questionable neck injury – ESPN hyping him with way more attention and star power than he ever received at Pitt. Go figure…


      1. No one needs to make fake news with Oitt or Narduzzi. Tney are terrible on their own. Maybe you are finally coming around.


      2. Erie – No problem on most fact checks, I know there are 130 FBS teams as I started the APR discussion that Reed made into an article. The other was easy as I also believed they were fake. Went to ESPN, teams, and either Clemson / MSU, Schedule, changed year & my answer.

        If someone has an opinion, I don’t have a problem. It’s making stuff up on easily checked facts that drives me nuts. And if may “fake” radar is wrong, I learned a new fact.

        Watched a few minutes of both those games, plus South Carolina -Wofford & Gold Rush. Waiting on PITT-Navy. ESPN does like them some Cam. Quite the beat down of the hoopies.


      1. Well, Actually it was 603. And it was only 550 by the QB as a wide receiver threw a 53 yard TD pass. & you forgot the net minus 20 yards rushing.


    2. Yeah Richard, I think the others on the Roundtable were a bit taken aback at how sure you were about Pitt winning that game… And by 21points also…😉

      I say the # of teams in reference to stats… And the NCAA currently lists 129 of those.


      1. I guess the NCAA is not counting Coastal Carolina as this is their transition year to FBS from FCS. Still 127 + PITT doesn’t equal 129. (I’d insert a smiley face here if I knew how) ( Also I was an accountant in a previous life and like numbers to add up.)


  102. LOL Pitt-cocks, you know your college football stuff.

    Remember, I don’t try and convince anyone to think like me. Hell, I wouldn’t wish my convoluted brain on a single soul

    I am happy to see you posting Richard as I think of you often and how strong you must be. I think stronger than myself. Take care and see you on the roundtable next week.


  103. PITT could very well lose by 20 or even 30 pts to Navy tonight … and Navy isn’t an ACC team I realize but they are senior laden and a decent team at home.

    This PITT team will be fun to watch this year. Well at least for me that is. For some others? They will be ready to pounce at the slightest mistake. It’s how we roll I guess… ike


  104. Don’t have much to add. Just want to say that it’s therapeutic to read the funny and insightful comments here.

    Sorely needed…this is probably the most painful loss for me since at least the Akron 2014 debacle. At least from a “we had no business losing this game” standpoint.


  105. Wow, had to work 10 hours today after the debacle last night. My ass is dragging! I agree with everyone’s assessment of the dreadful state Pitt FB is in, with very little to suggest things will be much different next year. However, I’m an optimist by nature so I will choose to not talk at this point about the game, but focus on the highlight of the night….the TAILGATE !!! Fran and JoeL were most gracious hosts, and the food, drink, and comaraderie were fantastic. I loved the opportunity to put faces to some more POV posters names. To me the Tailgates really have a family feel to them and I am most grateful to be a part of the POV. Hail to Pitt and the POV!


  106. Mark, the tailgate was a blast. It was the best part of the night… Good seeing you again and everyone else. The Miami game is in doubt for me. Mrs ike not so into it the day after turkeyday… and freezing her you know what off last night.

    Still hope to be there! Hope to gather up some extra tickets for the game. << After PITT beats VT on the 18th.. . . .ike


  107. LOL. Navy would go 0-12 in ACC and we are losing to them. Hire turds play like turds. Have watch watching those studs Ike. You and the 21 other people.


  108. Yeah Upitt, lets talk subjective topics as we will never know what Navy would do in the ACC. Look Mark we are exactly the same but completely different. We believe what we believe. More power to you


  109. Yesterday was the final straw for me when it comes to Narduzzi.

    His defensive strategy stinks. I no longer believe he is the long term solution for Pitt football. So will we get rid of him this year or next? No, we will have to put up with him for probably this season and two more just based on his current contract. Hopefully the A.D. will have the sense not to extend his contract in the coming years.

    This year she should pressure him to fire some of his coaches starting with his defensive coordinator even though it is Narduzzi’s defense he is forced to use. Our next head coach should be someone who is a head coach at a lower level program so he can bring his staff with him and not have to go shopping at the bargain basement store to assemble one. This is what should have been done when Chryst left but we all thought Narduzzi was a defensive “genius” so most of us were not too upset with his hire. He has never shown any of the “genius” since he has been here!

    For the rest of the year we need to go with Pickett. If DiNucci leaves at the end of this year, not problem. He is not a D1 QB let alone a P5 D1 QB. As Reed pointed out, we are going to lose the next two games. There is no doubt about it with DiNucci playing. Let Pickett take his lumps and get the feel of good opposing D1 defenses this year. Let him know it is all right for him to have some picks as long as he keeps trying to go deep.

    Pinning a lot of faith in our new A.D. She already started cleaning house with our women’s soccer coach. Probably our women’s basketball coach is next. In three years she will have to pull the trigger on Narduzzi.

    As for the stadium problem, if things do not get better we can just move to some nice high school field with artificial turf. The stadium is not the problem. It is the team that is playing in the stadium.


    1. Narduzzi will bait them both to stay by saying they will battle it out in the Spring and August to see who starts next year. Which is what he should do.


  110. Oy vey..if we can’t beat the Middies….we will be lucky to win a game or two in the ACC. Talk about wrecking a basketball program in 18 months.

    Thank You Pitt BoT ! Schmucks !


    1. Was it the BoT or Barney? I believe the Pitt admin was not paying attention and thought Barney knew what he was doing.

      I bet there were some interesting closed door meetings after the KS press conference to introduce him as the replacement for Jamie.

      Or at least there should have been…

      Accountability in the academic world is much different than in the private sector, which I operate in.


  111. So looks like we got 6 or 7 players (some what) of the 15 on the squad. If that’s it, these kids will be worn to a frazzle by late January.


  112. And why did we agree to play Navy on their Home Court. Bad enough we took a Bowl game on their home field. What are we….Navy’s whipping boy ?


  113. Ike, here’s what we know for sure. Navy hasn’t beat an ACC school since 1971. That’s a fact! This team may, unfortunately, not win more games than the football team. It looked good in the first half!!?? lol. They were settling for perimtier shots all half. Were slow, ran clock, and jacked 3s. Brilliant. Saw what happened to start the second half. Get ready for a very,very,very long season.
    That said, Carr does have talent.


    1. Does that mean Carr will transfer out?

      To quote the late, great, big mouth Howard Cosell- “down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier”.

      Insert Pitt men’s BB for Frazier and Barney is our Ali.


  114. Pitt being out rebounded by Navy? By 9? Ugggh! Last time Navy beat an ACC team was in 1971.

    Rebounding is desire, not necessarily talent.

    Stevenson should be benched at least a game for that flagrant 2.

    Is basketball not allowed to wear the mustard script uni’s or must we wear the Navy road uni’s?

    It’s early….30 games left.


  115. Navy Athletics‏Verified account
    1m1 minute ago
    Navy wins! Navy wins! #NavyMBB beats Pitt, 71-62, in the #VeteransClassic! It’s Navy’s first win over an ACC team since beating Wake Forest 46 years ago in 1971!


  116. Thank You Pitt BoT for allowing Herman Munster to hire his friends client who was being fired by Vanderbilt anyway. And allowing Pitt to also pay the buyout clau$e in Otis’$ contract.

    Brilliant all the way around !

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  117. Want to know what a rivalry sounds like? Watch Navy sing their school song after the Pitt victory. The last two words they yell….Beat Army! That is cool. That is what a rivalry is all about.

    Pitt should add in….beat Penn State at the end of their song. Every Time!!


  118. Well I guess Stallings coached his team to miss their first 13 shots in the second half or did the order come down from the AD’s office. That Heather!

    Seriously, I saw some spunk in this PITT team. Don’t think they will win many games this year. This season will tell us if Stallings can coach although a few think they already know the answer. I don’t just yet but I’m leaning in a bad direction.


    1. Ike – halftime is when adjustments are made.

      Navy made them and thus altered Pitt’s gameplan from the 1st half.

      Pitt made no adjustments (IMO) and got beat because of it. That’s on the coach – I believe his nickname is Otis.


    2. You have mental problems. Were you born in a teat lab at Pitt and given panther blood and dna from all chancellors? They suck Ike. A line cook at eatin park could see that in 3 mins. Now we will see if Rockports can coach. Jesus you need therapy and electronshock. You still think Pitt Football is good and if we go 5-7 we can make a wipe my a$$ bowl in new hampsire.

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  119. If our illustrious leaders weren’t embarrassed by the football team they will see what true awful is with this team. Lots of excuses to be made for these guys. How the mighty have fallen.

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  120. Yeah they lost to Navy. I watched the whole game. They played way harder than the team last year. Not even close. They have some talent. But unless you are Kentucky or Duke you aren’t winning with 11 new players. This year will be rough. Let’s see in a year or two how that changes.


    1. Last years team was like 12-3 after 15 games. This team will more than likely be closer to 3-12 after 15 games.

      If I want to watch kids play hard…I’ll got watch a pickup game at the YMCA.


      1. Which 3 games do you think we might win.

        I’m looking at the schedule to see which 3 we have a chance to win and I’m struggling to find them.

        I know there are a few. But I truely think we are that bad.

        Poor Otis? Poor Pitt fans!

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        1. We have chances to win against the Montana Grizzlies, High Point (whatver their nickname is)(although this could be a Low Point for Pitt bb, if we lose), Mount St. Mary’s (unless somehow we scheduled them when they have 6 or 7….. four and five year seniors). McNeese State (just lost to Houston by 30). And rounding out the paid for Rent-a-Wins…..Delaware State and Towson with HC Pat Skerry.

          So those could be our 6 wins for season. UC-Santa Barbara was 6-23 last year so we might possibly beat them.


    2. Keep Enabling. I can find 12 kids off the street to play hard. Keep enabling this bum Stallings. Hey lets just wait 6 years. Why rush winning? Makes me sick and why you guys keep there ponzi scheme going. Most schools demand winning. Heather is more concsrned about printing certificates and guving them out in her gold blouse from Marshalls


      1. I will add……crony stooge Stallings. Should have been fired after mother _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Lex Luther on National TV last year. U say Classless !


    1. Sorry Kevin’s Wife. He makes 2m a year. We will be more sensitive and sweet to this bum so you don’t get your snowflake feelings hurt.


  121. Oh come on, they jacked up 28 threes and made a whopping 28 per cent. They shot a sterling 56 per cent from the line. Oh, wait, they tried. Seriously, they played hard. Well, if that’s the new standard I guess your right. We will hear every possible excuse for the youth. Hey, he recruited theses guys. Let’s see how hard they play when they are 5-19.
    And ya, attacking a match up is hard, but he had every practice to address this as he kinda knew what they would play. Ask any coach.


  122. I’m not sure what’s worse …. Narduzzi allegedly being a defensive guru and his defense being a sieve, or Stallings and his famous motion offense going 10:20 without scoring a FG


    1. Really wow…that’s like half of an entire half. I refuse to watch this team. So you guys will have to keep be abreast. I see on the schedule the Pedo’s are in 3 or 4 games. WVU is also on the non-con. What a year to bring the hillbilly’s back on the schedule.


  123. @Emel – Spot on with Stallings should have been canned after the MFing of Luther. Would have been with cause. No buyout. At a minimum, a large negotiation.

    Let’s see how he handles Stevenson flagrant.

    Ike, you don’t coach them to shoot poorly. You recruit them to shoot better.


    1. Until Ike admits to going to western Pysch for a eval IM done writing him.

      It is sickening the enabling and wait to next year.

      JJ – You need help. Give him 3 years. Why so these bums can win 14 games? Keep paying Stallings 2M + a year. Keep Enabling


  124. Stallings got this job because no one else wanted it. Why are so many fans upset? The Pitt fan base I know cares more about hospitals and athletics not soiling their degrees.

    It’s baffling someone would even think their degree would be jeapordized by a football player getting into trouble, but they do. Some fans deserve these past two nights of Pitt athletics.

    Barnes walked in with his chest sticking out and many fawned over him as if he was a God. Dude had a basketball background, pushed Dixon out, held a smug press conference then soon realized “crap, nobody wants this job, what do I do? I’ll call a buddy who’ll find me a coach. How about Kevin Stallings? Great, now I’m off to Corvallis.


    1. Yea the Block head jerk is now going to hire both a football and bball coach for Oregon State within a couple months of him getting there.

      Pitt brought him in, as a ‘hired gun’ to get rid of Jamie and his long-term contract. Only to give over-the-hill coaching fraternity crony stooge Stallings a 5 year deal.

      Talk about stupidity…..makes me ill still.


      1. Oh yea you’re right Pitt is more interested in taking over as many Hospitals than they are athletics. Into Lancaster County now and moving towards Philly. And they’re in the Medical Insurance Business now too. Must be more profitable than NCAA sports. I’m sure it is.


    2. Austin – where is your proof on the first paragraph comment?

      Inquiry minds Lyke mine want to know.

      Pitt is pathetic in the two money revenue sports and The Heather is reaching for my wallet.


  125. this was Pitt’s first opener loss since 1996 when they were beat by Illinois St .. coached by Kevin Stallings


  126. Emel… UPMC is an entire separate business and only uses the University of Pittsburgh to give it some innocence… in our end of Carolina , University Health Systems, which is based in Greenville, is now called Vidant Heath after being sued by a University Health system from New England who already had the UHS first.
    UPMC is becoming a global business focused on domination and making money..

    I see all the UPMC advertising and buying naming rights to where I sat for the game then I look to the former USSteel building and realize Jeffrey Romoff CEO @$9 million a year occupies the whole top floor of what was a great place to have a drink- Just pisses me off… UPMC should use much this money they frivolously spend on their advertising and execs to lower our health care costs…

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    1. You’re exactly right Big B ! Use to throw back a few :)… the Top of the Triangle back in the day.

      Now it’s Romoff’s Eagle’s Nest, high above the peons.


  127. Do the Pitt basketball fans on here want to have basketball game day threads?

    If so I can try to do that if you send me an email to remind me I’ll post them up and you guys can talk about the games on here.

    Let me know…


    1. It is not always a bitch session when we talk about football on here after a game like North Carolina, yes, then it is. But it usually isn’t so I think I’m going to go to do the basketball threads until someone tells me not to… I think.


  128. ^Huff, the same that made the shots in the first half were the ones who missed them in the second half. The shots were of the same caliber as well no more difficult.


  129. I was once the medical adviser for an Arthritis Support Group… once the folks became familiar and the topic of the meeting discussed the bi- monthly meeting evolved into a bitch, complain and trash session…..sound similar?

    Oh, what a tailgate!!!! POVerts are the best ….. can’t say THANK YINZ enough !!!


  130. I was told by someone in the ad that barnes and pitt were surprised when their top choices turned us down cold . They thought pitt hoops had gravitas I was told barnes panicked and went to stallings . It was not a matter of barnes taking care of his buddy and hiring a client oittgot turned down cold and panicked


    1. So maybe a little foresight by Barnes would have allowed him to handle JD differently. Maybe a little groundwork would have helped. He seems to be a real arrogant jacka$$ as evidenced by his conduct/language at the presser for introducing KS.
      Unforgettable moment for me and Pitt basketball…the clock struck midnight for the program and there was the Pumpkinhead to let us know.

      Praying for a glass slipper, didn’t see even a
      last night. ;(


      1. Barnes didn’t need foresight since he was this supposed basketball guru of an A.D. who actually played hoops in college. He should have taken one peek at the program and in 10 seconds said “I know what the problem is. We have to get coach Dixon some better assistants.”

        Instead, he ran off a coach who made 11 NCAAs in 13 years at a cheap school that thinks if you build hospitals then you can’t be competent in athletics. It’s either one or the other.

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          1. No. Once Herman ( A hole) started giving threats Jamie reached out. I would of as well. TCU will make the tourney and in 2-3 compete for a conf championship. He is fully funded.

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    2. If true, that makes Barnes’ attitude at the press conference announcing Stallings even more astounding. I was on the fence about renewing until that moment. Thanks Herman! You saved me a couple of grand pet year and a lot of frustration.


    3. Anon….not only did they turn Pitt down, the three top choices refused to even talk to or interview w Pitt. That sent panic thru Barnes and the admin. So they cooked up this story about how lucky we were to get Stallings, paid theuneccessary $$ to the search firm to make it look like this was a real “find” ….and here we are….13 recruits chose to say no to Stallings and so we have this collection of JC and 2 star players.

      Last nights team looked in great physical shape….my one positive comment. Hard to go against a matchup zone in your first game. Pitt showed some fight coming back from 10 minutes of not scoring a single point. At Vandy, this was typical of Stallings teams, none could go inside, they were always out boarded …if they hit their 3’s they won. If not, see last night.

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  131. Folks – I’m doing a Saturday edition of the usual Sunday Podcast today – will have it up later with a ton of photos from the tailgate.

    Then tomorrow I;ll do a “Sunday Morning QB”


    1. Reed please do a piece on what a utter failure Rockports is.

      Plus a piece that 75% of Narduzzi’s years coaching his defenses have stunk. Year 0-4 at MSU Stunk. Year 0-3 at Pitt it stinks.


  132. Here’s what I don’t get. I go back to the many commenters who flat out predicted a down year for the PITT football team. … and that was with Browne starting at QB.

    What if you all knew that BD would be the starting QB after an injury to Max Browne? This season so far is not at all unexpected. I had no doubt it would be a down year over-all but I did expect Browne to a lot better.

    The players PITT lost through graduation, suspensions, dismissals and some guys just quitting left PITT to play too many younger players. 18 and 19 year old kids will always find it hard to compete against 22 and 23 year old young men.

    The one thing I will give you guys about 3* players are they are the type that need time to grow. 4 and 5* players are more field ready, generally speaking imo. Most of Narduzzi’s D-Back recruits are plain skinny when they arrive on campus. These players are going to take until next year at least to be physically ready. I think the linebackers next year will ready to roll right out of the gate as well as the D-Line.

    The O-Line is a question mark for sure. Although I think Morgan, Drake, Warren, Dantino, Morrissey, Drexel and Pilato have good potential

    Lots of maturing both mentally and physically takes place in a youngster mind and body through maturing and working in a college weight room no matter how good or bad the S& C coach is.

    Yep, that’s what I’m saying, PITT has lots of good talent on the football team and it will surely shine through more next year. Hate to sound down on one player but I feel PITT will be limited with Ben still at QB next year.

    I also read somewhere that JJ Constantino or something like that from PCC and Fla State, could be a grad transfer, Please spare me that although PITT does need QB’s and fast.

    You can call me crazy but I deep in my heart think PITT will compete with both VT and Miami last two games. Now go ahead and call me names and laugh, I’m a big boy and can take it.. Never was the type to take my basketball and go home.


    1. Don’t give me oh pity me. You give it just as much as anyone. The problem is his guys aren’t showing much color or skill. Take Miami over ND.


  133. Can anyone remember (maybe Rice?) just ONE hard hit laid down by our defense this year? Sure we’ve had some sacks, but we’re usually falling on the QB. All our LB and DBack tackles are chasing from behind. The “guru” still can’t teach Chryst’s guys or “his” guys to tackle. That has nothing to do with how young they are. No team is afraid to run their receivers across the middle and no running back is worried about jogging out of the backfield and catching a ball with his back to this defense. Very soft and don’t play to the whistle – and haven’t since the guru got here. I would also say that our best player/athlete and only blue chipper has regressed from his freshman year. No splash plays on defense, the opposing team is certainly not worried about him, not a great tackler of on ball defender. He has all the tools and then some. This is staring us in the face as to the crap quality of our coaching staff.

    I’m looking for some glimmer that this guy can grow in to a head coach (scheme, hire assistants, recruit, game day decisions, accountability….) and I don’t see the glimmer. Can anyone show me one glimmer that this guys is anything but a quality assistant with a “Western PA attitude”?


  134. Personally I don’t like the name calling towards Ike. He’s a great guy. I have come to know him through the POV tailgates…that’s the purpose really, to bond and establish friendships. I worked at Western Psych…Ike is not mentally ill. 😎. To Emel, I work for UPMC healthplan and world domination is the ultimate goal. It’s sad really that improving members health takes a back seat to decreasing overall costs.


    1. Who called Ike a name? He needs committed. Like you are crazy. It is a joke. God you guys are squares. Laugh some and don’t take stuff so serious. Did you see Dark Knight at Western Psych?

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    2. Right Fran…..they are moving East at a pretty rapid pace, after taking on the beast of Western Penna for decades in health insurance (that of course being BlueCross/Shield of Western PA -Highmark) and pretty much slaying them. Their next target I presume would be to get into the Philadelphia metro area market and taking on Independence BC. and I think wwb mentioned they were already the State’s largest employer.


    1. Having had the great honor and privilege of working for the US Army for years and years (as a civilian), I second that thought. I think few recognize the degree of commitment and courage our warfighters exhibit each and every day…. Hooah!!!


  135. I don’t know htp, I guess you’re right in the over-all assessment that there hasn’t been many big hits and fewer takeaways that could have changed games at certain points.

    So you don’t think and extra 20 lbs, stronger bigger muscles along with a better knowledge of what a player’s responsibilities are would help? We disagree there.

    but a few big hits in the Virginia goal line stands were delivered. I know whup-ee, PITT was supposed to beat a 5-2 Virginia team. << How did that happen? Strength of schedule is how.


  136. Thanks Fran, so you’ve been giving an evaluation at the tailgates. lol I’m just kidding but I’m glad I passed 🙂 again I kid…

    Upitt usually says he respects me and says he loves me right before he calls me names. Kind of like my marriage. << I kid there to. .. ike



  137. Jesus. I never called you a name in my life. Need therapy? Check. Need a weekend at Western Pysch? Check. If that bothers you then I need to re retire so you guys can play with puppies and tell each other how great we are and lucky to have frauduzzi and a 90 year old looking shoe salesman.


  138. A year ago Navy lost to my alumamater Saint Francis University at the War Memorial in Johnstown Pa.

    SFU Alums were given 2 free tickets to the game.



  139. Upitt posted pertaining to me I think. “Don’t give me oh pity me. You give it just as much as anyone.”

    Seriously Upitt I’m real happy you’re back commenting and being yourself. These types of forum’s are not meant for everyone to agree with each other as that would be No Fun at all. but you would think we would or could agree on something but there’s not much common ground between us. Which is fine,

    I have a great friend who doesn’t comment here who left me around 10 nasty PITT texts during the UNC game (and he knows I was there) just to jag me around. Of course I never respond to him as it will become a texting nightmare for me.

    I realize if I want to be positive I should expect negativity returning towards me and it really doesn’t bother me all that much. Lot’s of POVer’s don’t realize that we have emailed each other many times wishing each other the best. It’s all good.

    Glad you’re back and I hope you brought your basketball back too.. ike 🙂



  140. You heard the announcers on Thursday night refer to Narduzzi’s defensive style based on his reputation at MSU. Then you saw on the field that defense fail, especially in the 4th quarter …. after Pitt finally took the lead after their first half maladies (1st play KO return, QH’s fumble resulting in a 10 point swing.) Trouble is that there is more speed and better passing in the ACC.

    Similarly, you heard last night especially in the first half about Stalling’s great motion offense, then you saw Pitt miss their first 14 shots to begin the 2nd half … all from the perimeter. Apparently, that great motion offense doesn’t involved any dribble penetration or working the ball inside. (it has no fallback when shots aren’t dropping.) And this was against a team ha hadn’t beaten an ACC team since 1971.

    Go Pitt wrestlers!


  141. Please look at Pitt athletics objectively and quit the excuse making.

    30+ years is enough of a sample set to make definitive statements about the football program. It doesn’t matter the coach. Pitt is not the only team playing “young” players. In fact many top 25 programs play young players. Pitt is not unique in this situation. Three weeks ago you were predicting a return to the Jackie Sherrill 1980’s…..maybe the back half of the Foge Fazio era is more realistic?

    Every year you see talent that isn’t there and tell us to “wait until next year,” but next year never comes for Pitt athletics – because the culture will never allow it to flourish. If the last 30 years hasn’t convinced you, then nothing will.

    Pitt will NEVER be a consistent winner in a P-5 football conference given the administration’s attitude, lack of commitment, and lack of resources committed to winning football. The bureaucracy at the top aims to be Wake Forest rather than Clemson (except you need a 1400 SAT to get into Wake Forest). Plus, very few elite athletes want to play in front of 30,000 bright yellow seats and an antiseptic environment. Rutgers has won more bowl games than Pitt over the past 25 years.

    Are you waiting for the Pirates to win a world series under Bob Nutting? The two situations are very comparable in that they will never happen.


  142. Not me making excuses. Telling facts. PITT won 8 regular season games last season and I won’t bother to remind you who they beat. There’s nothing wrong with the PITT football program that a little time and patience won’t fix.

    Four OC’s in four years is not an excuse. Taleni and Blair dismissed, fact. Georgie falling down at one inch line fact, Henderson fumbling again, fact.

    Never in my football following days have I’ve seen a head football coach start off with two of the better regular seasons in the programs last 45 years, take so much criticism.


    1. Not his players. Paul Chryst wins 10 games with thhose teams.
      year 3 he sucks and his talent and recruiting does.


      1. Chryst couldn’t even win eight games at Pitt versus that horrid schedule in 2012. Did you see the defense he had in 2014? Slower than the defense Walt left Wanny in 2005. Paul wasn’t winning eight games in 2015 or 2016.

        I also see Good Guy Paul just suspended two players with sexual assault claims levied on them. But he dismissed Eric Williams for hanging out with a bad dude. He also wanted Chapman to be a member of the football team after he beat up his girlfriend. Paul must not care about women either, just like Meyer. Must be a Big Ten thing.


  143. Ah
    Pretty sure the criticism is for sticking with a d2 QB, playing really bad defense, and loosing at home on ESPN to a 1 win team.


    1. Stubborn. Prideful and confident with outbthe results. If NC St doesnt miss a 20 yard field goal then beat them. The next week we lose by 25. No doubt. Win was bc of Paul and Clemson set to lose. PSU had game one and threw a INT.


  144. htp123 asked if anyone can recall any hard hits this year.I can’t recall any exceptional hits, maybe the 4th down stops against VA ? But related to the lack of hits, my gripe with the defense is a lack of focus and intensity. In the last game, in a dogfight with a team you’ve never beaten, there were players on the field dancing to their favorite hip-hop tunes. I didn’t notice that on offense as much as defense. To me that is an indication that their heads weren’t/aren’t in the game.


  145. Ike, your optimism is crazy. As just pointed out, 30 years of patience is a ample amount of time to be patient. You think one more year is going to make a difference?? Wow. You are the ultimate optimist.


  146. I love the POV. Always get my info and chuckles. Reed, thanks for the b-ball post offer, although I fear it will become nasty. The is much, much more animosity toward Stallings than the Duzz.
    My take on last night after rewatching the game. They looked slow, small, and streaky, just like freshman. They will not win in double digits, and as I am a really big hoops guy it will drive me nuts. They will be out rebounded in 90% of the games, and live and die by the 3. The ACC games will be brutal. And the game vs the hoopies and the big mu-mu will be the ugliest of all. Oh well.

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  147. POD – You continue to amaze us all by your assessment of QBs. Everyone can see that Ben D is not a D1 QB, yet you think otherwise. However, Pitt’s problems are much, much more than the QB position.


  148. What happened 30 years ago has nothing to do with Narduzzi except he works for the PITT BOT. Otherwise what happen back then is ancient history.

    30 years ago is your own cross to bare, I’ve moved on to this coaching staff and look out the front windshield.


  149. ok let me say this again…

    Where is the growth over the year? And I am not even talking W&L’s. Has this defense really improved much? Obviously its subjective…but when they needed a stop against a lollipop throwing 2nd string QB on a decimated team they got torched.

    On offense…yes there has been a bright spot within the running game, however the OL still can’t pass block worth a crap, the QB is questionable, so questionable we may or may not see the QB whose red shirt was burned only to see reps against competition that will likely beat the living daylights out of him. Yeah he should’ve seen reps after the stupidest burning of redshirts in the history of red shirt burning.

    WR’s/TE’s may or may not be horrible cause frankly who can tell with the talent (or lack thereof) on the OL/QB side that does not get the ball to them. But let’s be honest they aren’t helping the matters either.

    No I see very little to be optimistic for next year…as I believe we get the tougher ACC schedule (FSU?, Clemson?).

    And I didn’t even get to the abysmal recruiting class…wow I feel like drinking heavily and it’s only 10:30 on the West Coast. Pitt should’ve stayed in the AAC. Basketball would at least had a shot to stay viable…and once in while we would be in the top 25



  150. Pitt isn’t well coached especially on defense. It is now 36 games and the D flat out is terrible. Look for that to be the case although through experience Pitt will be better. Narduzzi is gone from a Defensive guru to a joke. Schools are now using his incompetence as a reason to not go to Pitt. Unless some massive changes and upgrades in coaching occurs, next year will not be the year many hope for.


  151. Schools have always used Pitt’s incompetence against Pitt. But its getting way too easy now.
    Why any good recruit would want to come to Dopesburg is beyond me.
    I truly cant name one smart person thats associated with Pitt sports other than commentators on this board.


  152. There has to be accountability. Conklin must go. Let two younger Qbs split time next two games. OC needs to improve or shove him out. Sit seniors.


  153. A good move could be to do what Chryst did, brought in Jim Leonhard (who played at Wisconsin and in the NFL) as his DC…if Nardog will allow some creativity…our Defense in pretty much vanilla man-to-man with no jumping around to try and confuse the QB. Holding Iowa to 14 yards of total offense…


  154. BTW, Even though UpIt doesn’t like Lyke – she has made more positive changes (really good wrestling coach, fired the woman’s soccer coach, close to extending the PSU contract, talking about tarping Heinz)…


  155. Why doesn’t Pitt have a QB coach. Their QB recruits certainly merit one:
    It’s that time in Pitt’s carousal of coaches, 5 years when the mask falls off.
    I was an Narduzzi fan but after 5 years I realize he cannot recruit, nor does he have the motivation to work hard at recruiting. He is content to remain with GT, Virginia, VT, Duke, NC St. (bottom feeders of the ACC).
    That said I cannot drink the kool-aid about Pickett being more than what he is a mid 3* high school QB trying to playing D1 ball, on a team that requires much more then him to win 7 games. Brown was doomed last year. He came to a team that could not beat the U.S.C. taxi-squad with the opposition knowing he was all Pitt had so they pinned their ears back and came with everything. Eight man defenses within 5 yards on LOS.

    It is time to click our heels again and make a coaching change. Qualities: young, motivated, program builder, H.C. experience, who has beaten top ten teams. Someone who has eyes beyond Pitt (SEC) and is respected by the national sports community and will be offered a position next year by a school, perhaps Maryland in the major conferences. I am not talking about Nwestern coach who is an alumni and will not leave.
    I am talking about Neil Brown, Troy H.C; who U.S.A. yesterday was designated one of two head coaches who is completely secure but someone ready for top conference H.C. position. Check out his resume. Pitt must act now get five years from him before he moves on to Tennessee.


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