POV Roundtable Video and NC Predictions

Here is the call-in video from last night.  We had five POV’ers total and it was a bit rowdy… apparently a 9:00 start time means you get set yourself up, drinks charged and the dog calmed down starting after the recording begins.  Just kidding.  It was another great session and with more off-the-cuff conversations than usual.

Just for clarity FR Kenny Pickett has thrown 14 passes, completed 6 for 74 yards – no TDs or INTs.  He played more than that one snap obviously.  we need to see more of him.


Here are some interesting statistics that I found and we discussed last night.  As we sit at 4-5 now with a “should-win” game tonight then two tough ones after to end the year… here is where we stood at the same time in the past 10 years.


Note: we won the bowl game in 2010 under DW.

Another interesting point here is the use of the TEs this year.  We fans feel that Watson doesn’t use them much in the passing game.  Well, I looked at last season’s use of them compared to now through nine games and the result is interesting.

2016 – Orndoff and Parrish combined for 27 catches for 432 yards & 2 TDs for a 16.0 ypc.

2017 – Flanagan & Clark combined for 28 catches for 220 yards & 1 TDs for a 7.8 ypc.  Isn’t it interesting that the 2017 TEs have more catches actually – but look at the difference in production between 16.0 and 7.9 ypc – less than half.

I think there are some real reasons for this.  One is because our offensive line was good enough last season to allow OC Matt Canada to swing Orndoff off the line and act almost as a wide receiver…and Orndoff responded with a total of 35 receptions for 579 yards and 5 TDs… our 2nd leading receiver.  If you remember he finished strong last season with 12 for 204 yards and 3 TDs over the last three regular season games.

Of course have QB Nate Peterman throwing the ball rather than Brown/DiNucci is the key there.  His season average 15.4 yards per completion mirrors that TE production.

Alao – if you look at our rushing game we see that last season Conner only had 155 yards for 712 yards (4.6 ypc) but had a nice 11 TDs. through the first nine games.   So why was our rushing game so much more productive then?  Because Henderson had been ripping up the joint.

In the first nine games he had 42 carries for 383 yards and 3 TDs – a great complement to Conner’s season.  To put this another way after nine games last year we had 1,984 yards on the ground – this season?…  1,308 yards. Huge difference and we can point directly at the poorer OL for that.

NC TAILGATE:  OK, at this time 10:00 or so on gameday it looks like we will have at least 45 guests at Fran’s POV tailgate festivities.  I’m sure he can handle that plus his normal Pitt fan friends who are always there.  Please, let Fran know how much we appreciate his hard work, always with a smile though.

I want to mention another thing – as much as I wish I could be with you this evening I can’t… nor can I make the Miami game as I travel to North Carolina to be with my 103 year old Aunt and my cousins – all the Kohberger family I have left.

But – I decided I am going to drive up to watch the Virginia Tech game on Saturday Nov 18th… at Archie’s tavern on the Southside.  I’ll probably be there early and stay late if we have some POV fans there to drink beer, watch Pitt win and swap sea stories.

PREDICTIONS: Forgot to do this yesterday so please leave your game predictions in the comments section of this article.  Mine is below…

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  1. My dad was in the 4th Marine division in the Pacific…he fought on Iwo Jima. One of his buddies put up the “first” flag before the famous photo. I commandeered his logo.


  2. Here is a bit I just read

    Thursday, Nov. 9


    SportsLine Projection Model’s score: Pittsburgh 32, North Carolina 21

    Vegas line: The Panthers are favored by 9 points (O/U 52.5)

    Projected Statistics: Ben DiNucci throws for 249 yards and 1.75 TDs with Jester Weah catching 3.3 balls for 62 yard for Pittsburgh. Chazz Surratt passes for 249 yards and Jordon Brown runs 19.9 times for 122 yards for the Tar Heels.

    If DiNucci throws for 249 yards and 2 TDs I’ll buy everyone on here two beers over your lifetime.


  3. “I like playing under the lights, so it’ll be a cool experience for me getting to play at Heinz Field at night.” – Ben DiNucci (Post Gazette)

    The stage is set for the OFFICIAL “Coming Out Party” for Pitt’s new STARTING Quarterback!

    Will Ben DiNucci RISE UP to the MOMENT?

    Of course.


  4. Continue my idea of predicting the opponents losing streak be extended so UNC’s losing streak needs to be extended. H2P


  5. Reed, correct your chart above. In 2010, it should list “BBVA Compass Win” (not Loss) … a Freudian slip I’m sure.

    Like Ike .. (or liek Iek), I predicted losses the last 2 games that we won .. so I should do the same for this game. However, I’m going with Pitt 24-13


  6. Very nervous about this game. We need the win, bad. Not sure If I can watch. Might have to record so I can watch if we win, but not if we lose. I’ve put games on before encouraged by Pitt having a lead, only to watch’em lose. Here’s hoping we can say, “We had’em all the way.” H2P. – Hobie


    1. I’ve never seen anyone approach watching Pitt play football like that… I’ll have to try it. But because of this blog not only do I have to watch but also have to scrutinize the DVR’d recording so I can talk and write about what happened.

      Sharp stick – meet eye.


  7. Folks – here is the speech (s) I will give tomorrow on Veterans Day here in Howard County, MD. This is an (almost) final draft so if you see any glaring errors please let me know ASAP. Some of this is cribbed and some original.

    I just ask you all for one favor – if you choose to share this with any veterans you may be related to or you know – look them in the eye and say “Thank you for your service” from Reed…

    Thank you for your kind introduction,

    My Fellow Veterans, ladies and gentlemen,

    I am so pleased to be part of today’s ceremony and I sincerely thank you for inviting me,

    I’m honored to be speaking with you today on this Veterans Day of 2017 as it is such an important occasion. I will say I have few regrets in my life but one I do have is that I wasn’t born 35 years earlier so that I may have served alongside you during your time in World War II. But I do hope that myself and my fellow veterans who came after you made have made you all proud.

    Today we are here today to honor the veterans assembled before you.

    We are here today to recall their sacrifices and courage in defending and supporting our nation in war and in peace.

    …To remember their achievements, their courage and their dedication, and to say thank you for their service. Thinking of those who join us in this esteem group today and those who are here only in spirit, I cannot help but feel awed by the enormity of their commitment to this great nation.

    There is a special place of honor for those who have fallen in war and we recognize that – but those who served in peacetime also stood ready and willing to step forward when the call of war sounded. I stand in the midst of these patriots and their families and friends who answered the call and nobly served and I am in awe.

    Veterans, you have made a lasting contribution to making our Armed Forces the most powerful and respected in the world. For that task alone… please join me in applauding our veterans.

    Now I’d also like to ask the family members of any veteran or any active duty service member to stand or raise your hand.

    I know you have lived through difficult times and often shouldered the heavy load to support your husbands, fathers, brothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and other family members to keep the home fires burning.

    I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve done… [lead applause].

    Those we share these honors with came from all walks of life, but they all own several fundamental qualities. They possessed courage, pride, determination, selflessness, dedication to duty and integrity – all the qualities needed to serve a cause larger than one’s self.

    They were ordinary people who responded in extraordinary ways. They rose to the nation’s call because they wanted to protect a nation which has given them, all of us, so very much. Many didn’t wait for the letter in the mail telling them they were drafted. Many responded to the urgency when duty called by volunteering as soon as they could.

    Regardless of how these vets got into the uniform of their respective service they wore it proudly and did it justice by their actions.

    Since the first shots at Lexington were fired and our Revolutionary War began, American men and women have been answering the nation’s call to duty.

    Today our troops continue to make the ultimate sacrifices, and even as we lose troops, more Americans step forward to say, I’m ready to serve. They follow in your footsteps, my fellow veterans, and of many generations of fine Americans.

    Today, people throughout the country will gather together to remember, to honor, and to pay gratitude to those who have served our country. Our gathering, here today, with the gracious support of the Howard county Government, is just one small spark in the flame of pride that burns across the nation today.

    Your presence here today is a tribute to these Veterans. It is a way to say we remember you.

    From the soldiers who shivered and starved through that long ago winter at Valley Forge, to the doughboys crouched in the muddy trenches of France; to the Greatest Generation who saved the world from tyranny in WWII, to the tired soldiers fighting on the frozen plains of Korea…

    …to the platoons who patrolled the murderous jungles of Vietnam, to the young men and women now on the mountains of Afghanistan and the sands of Iraq, and to all the sailors manning ships at sea battling storm blown waters throughout the world, we remember and honor each and every one of them…

    They are America’s Veterans…and we owe our liberties and freedoms to them.

    Thank you for being all here and sharing this special day with these honored veterans.

    God bless you Veterans. God bless our troops, God bless you all and God bless America.

    Thank you.

    Serious about any corrections guys….


    1. Wow. Well done Reed. Thank you.

      [two minor errors, that are hardly worth pointing out: “Today we are here today to honor the veterans assembled before you.” Delete the second ‘today’. And “Thank you for being all here and sharing this special day with these honored veterans.” Delete the word ‘all’ to make it smoother.]


    2. Excellent speech Reed – very sincere and appropriate thoughts on your part. Had the same comments as rocky, with one additional:

      This sentence: “But I do hope that myself and my fellow veterans who came after you made have made you all proud.” is awkward to me.

      How about “But I do hope that I, and my fellow veterans who came after you, have made you proud.” I’m not sure “myself” is correct here – would you say “I hope myself made you proud”??? Maybe just go with “But I do hope that us veterans who came after you – have made you proud.”


        1. Stunk and White guidebook in Freshman Composition class at Pitt served me well as an English major. Myself is an intensifier that should accompany I or omit it and use only I. Paragraph 5 use “this esteemed group…” since you mean esteem as an adjective describing “group” and not as a noun which “esteem” is. Paragraph 5 use “help feeling awed…” and not “help but feel awed…” Strunk and White favored fewer words such as “students” for “student body” and “regardless” for “irregardless” which is not standard English and not really a word. Beautiful sentiments here, Reed. Forgive my pickiness. I have not red the following comments yet. Some of the comments may also note the items that I cite.


  8. Pitt 27 Cheatalina 20

    Don’t let the UNC QB make big plays. Would like to see nickel D instead of press, but that won’t happen. Still, Pitt wins. I will be watching with a couple of Carolina grads.


  9. Does anyone even know if PIckett can read defenses or is he another Anthony Morrelli, strong arm, no brain. How has he performed in practice? Lets see he is completing 42% of his passes overthrowing everybody, no TDs but no Int wow, and he is your savior? Nooch will fail against good teams such as VT and Miami due to his physical limits and KP will get his chance but Reed your fascination with Pickett borders on the absurd. A three star QB who was recruited by nobody but Temple, nobody but Temple (said that 2x on purpose), true FR that Nard screwed on his redshirt, decommitted Temple for Pitt. 23rd best player in Pa per Rivals. No other offers, period. That a former Penn recruit is our QB shows how ignored this position has been since Harris left. I expect Reed to call for the new FR recruit from Jersey on the first day of fall practice. This is what graduate transfers get you, what former HCDW who disdained the QB believing a QB should only hand off (wouldn’t play Flacco) will get you.


    This guy is a savior? Some Poverts are worrying that he will transfer if he doesn’t play. To where? Edinboro? It is a QB battle, such as it is. In QB battles you first win in practice then you get a shot in a game.

    Pitt 24 North Carolina 21



    1. If the consensus seems to be, as you stated, that Nooch will fail against good teams because of phyical limitations, how can you argue against getting Pickett some snaps? Can Pickett read defenses – I’d say not very well, since he’s a true freshman, but have we seen much evidence that Nooch can read defenses?

      Why invest the most valuable thing you have – real game snaps – in a QB who you think might not have the physical ability to beat good teams?

      And now that Pickett has had a chance to practice as the backup for a couple of weeks, he’d certainly be better prepared than when he played earlier…

      Go Pitt.


      1. And beating better teams is the only way Pitt will meet my expectations.

        Just stating the facts…


  10. Given our recent history with them, the Tar Heels have to be licking whatever Tar Heels lick. But I think Pitt has some “Mo” going on.

    I like Pitt 27, UNC 23 in another nail-bitter.

    But, I really want to see DiNucci come out ready to go this game. Against Duke the first series was 2 runs and a 3rd down incomplete pass to Weah on a double-covered slant route. Against UVA, the first series was 2 runs and a 3rd down incomplete pass to a wide open receiver which DiNucci floated off the guys fingertips. We have to do better than this coming out of the gate…

    And I also want to see Pickett get at least two series, no matter what’s going on in the game. Do not hold Pickett out and then throw him in against that Miami defense — that would be so Pitt-like… We need Coach Duzz to be bold tonight and get Pickett some snaps.

    Go Pitt.


  11. I have an old pin from the 80’s that says,”Pitt is fina, than Carolina.” Hopefully that holds true with a 28 to 20 victory.


  12. Salute goes out to our veterans.

    In analysis of this game tonight, not many “veterans” participating in this one from ether side. This will be a case of which set of newbies wants it more.

    As I said in the Roundtable. If Pitt comes out flat, then we’re in a tight game. If we come out with our guns blazing, we win this one going away.

    I’m feeling the momentum with this one. Evening game, throwback Unies, Star Wars Nite, Hail to Pitt T-shirt give aways for the Students in the Panther Pitt, it’s all good.

    May the Force be with us!

    Pitt – 34
    UNC – 17


    1. the teams mirror each other in that both teams were hit hard by graduation. UNC has a larger injury list which, in part, is a reason for its struggles


  13. Come out from hiding Anonymous and let us all recall how well your past predictions on Pitt players have performed to this date.—Pitt 24 NC 21 The Pitt defense bails out DiNucci and our inconsistent offense setting up several Pitt scores.


    1. Erie Express previously predicted 55,000 butts in yellow seats for this one, although I sensed that his tongue was firmly placed in his check while so doing.

      I’m thinking some compromised crowd size in the middle of these two extremes. Nice fall weather should not be a deterrent either, so 35,000 actual warm bodies through the turnstiles sounds about right to me for a Thursday nite crowd.


    2. Dan72 – based on the traffic I just navigated thru and seeing the tailgating in process already, I’ll double your prediction and raise you a 1,000.



  14. I stand by my round table prediction: PITT 35 – UNC 14

    Reed – Are you bringing the beers to me or do I have to go to Maryland? Is that two beers a year or two total beers? Is it the beer of your choice or do I get to pick?

    Now, I’m really rooting for DiNucci to have a coming out game.


  15. PittofDreams is all in on Ben, that leads me to believe he is Voytik 2.0

    If it’s all Ben then just like Chad UNC will win. If Pickett gets some reps, which I think he will, then my official prediction is:

    Pitt 24 UNC 14


  16. They say if you play 2 qb’s then you have none. UNC apparently plays 3, maybe that means a shut out for the Pitt defense.

    Pitt 21, UNC 0


  17. As I circle the parking lot waiting to land (no waiting in line on the weekdays per the police) 37-14 sounds good to me. Pitt wins Bernie’s Homecoming game.


  18. Left Raleigh on a plane loaded with Heel fans dressed in Carolina Blue and on big PITT studdabubba… American Eagle flight…

    Going to ride the “T” to Red 5A and literally drop into the POV tailgate…

    Wanted to take my Carolina guests to Heinz on one of Mr Wirginis’s Gateway Clipper boats but they don’t start leaving Station Sq until 5:30 for a 7:30 game… poor timing and planning- maybe young son Quinton is making decisions for the family business????


  19. Carolina is very hungry.. my Carolina pal tells me the Heels have had as many as 25 guys out with injuries with non- scholarship players getting action… their best receiver Proehel is out for the year…I just hope are young bucks don’t take them for granted… a solid win or a shameful defeat???

    PITT 31. Carolina 20


  20. Anyone see the special on Nature Boy Ric Flair on ESPN the other night. Ric claims he had sex with over 10,000 women and over a 20 year period had 10 beers and seven mixed drinks every day. Also claims he masturbated twice a day during that 20 year span. Can any POVers beat that?


    1. Good old Nature Boy Ric just may have a Flair for tossing the BS, me thinks.

      If my math is right about 7,300 days comprise 20 years. So let me get this straight, he had sex with close to a woman & a half every single day for 20 continious years and that would require no lassie repeats. But that’s not enough for Ric, still gotta jerkoff twice a day too?

      God bless him, he’s a superman. If, in my prime, I tried to adhere to such a sexual schedule after about two months my orgasms would entail nothing more than my dick only coughing out some smoke .


  21. These games have been historically close, but UNC has absolutely nothing to play for. Pitt is pressing for a Military Bowl berth. I like Pitt to cover and win easy 24-13.


  22. Someone posted my score that I predicted on the Roundtable last night so I will adjust:
    PITT: 26
    NC 21


  23. 24-18 them. Did anyone hear the Fan today. Heather says tarp the upper deck!!! They were amazed because they said it was the first time they heard it from someone in authority at Pitt. They really smacked us around in all areas. They are two of the 3 biggest putzs in Pittsburgh.


  24. NC has nothing to play for but they must having playing for something when they played Miami and lost 24 to 19.


    1. This is what’s scary – that a 1-8 team can throw caution to the winds and just go out and play balls to the wall for 60 minutes throwing every trick play at us they have.


  25. rkb – who in Hell said anything about Pickett being a savior?

    All I was saying, and I’ll say it again, is that when I watched that extended 60 minute or so practice window I came away thinking he was the best QB on the roster. Which isn’t hard to do when you have a poor Max Brown, ‘Forgotten’ MacVitte and average (at best) talented Ben Dinucci.

    I’m getting pretty much the same info on Pickett from those who watch him more often that I did three years ago when Peterman showed up and I said he’d be a good QB for us because 1) I watched him in practice and 2) was told by Pat Bostick that Peterman was “The Real Deal’.

    He sure as hell exceeded all the low expectations of the fans but I believed as soon as he signed his LOI that he was brought onboard to be a starter as soon as possible.

    I’m saying this about Pickett also because I have a gut feeling he has the talent, mind and balls to be an exciting and effective QB

    But what about MacVittie’s offer sheet? A phone call to see if he wanted to visit the LSU facility was not really an serious offer to play ball there sight unseen – that was blown out of proportion big time. His other offer, other than Pitt, was Cincy. Yet fans slobbered over him for two years.

    And where did you get your info on Pickett’s offers? This is HS bio:

    Rated the nation’s No. 10 pro-style quarterback by 247Sports…accounted for nearly 1,900 yards in total offense and 20 touchdowns his senior year…threw for 1,395 yards and nine touchdowns on 112-of-189 passing (59%), while rushing for 472 yards and 11 TDs…as a junior, Pickett threw for 1,796 yards and 19 touchdowns on 113-of-176 passing (64%) and also rushed for 336 yards and five TDs… led Ocean Township to a 9-2 record and the semifinals of the Central, Group 3 playoffs his junior year…for his career, passed for 4,670 yards and 43 touchdowns and rushed for 873 yards and 17 TDs…All-Shore Conference…rated the No. 11 overall prospect in New Jersey by 247Sports, No. 21 by ESPN, No. 23 by Rivals and No. 27 by Scout…played under Coach Don Klein.

    This is what Rivals listed for Pickett’s offers.

    North Carolina

    Boston College




    Coastal Carolina



    Texas State



    1. I knew about the unc & bc offers.

      I hope DiNooch exceeds our expectations, but that the coaches also play the best QB.

      Go Pitt!


  26. Regardless of what the tarholes say, tonight’s sky is NOT Carolina blue. If it is any shade of blue, it will be Royal Blue, with touches of Mustard Gold! And that’s not tar on their heels. It’s cat poop – they’ll be up to their ears in PANTHERS tonight.

    O-line takes control. Front 7 pressure ‘holes QB and specializes in 3-and-outs!

    “Slam it, cram it, RAM it;
    Pitt wins big, damn it!”

    UNC gets fleeced:
    Pitt 34, No Class U 13


  27. UNC is a turnover machine this year. I see Pitt going +3 in the turnover margin tonight and winning 31-7. Maybe 31-10. Everybody will go ga-ga over the defense pounding another bad offense but 2 Pitt TDs will come off short fields because we will need something to grumble about, the offense only scored 17 when the defense didn’t hand it to em on a silver platter!


  28. Very heartwarming and gracious speech. Well done indeed.

    One correction near the end..
    “Thank you for being all here..”
    Recommend revising to “Thank you all for being here..”


  29. Nice meeting everyone at the tailgate. I feel like I have to behave tonight now that some of you can identify me!!!


  30. Reed, I noted some suggestions for your great speech in the Reply section under your comment above asking for suggestions. Since it is up there and not repeated here, I am asking you to note it up above. No conceit intended. Pitt 31, UNC 17. Unless Pitt has turnovers! My brother-in-law, his wife, and two guests, all from Johnstown, PA, will be there tonight. My physical therapist from Mentor, OH, home of Mitch Trubisky, will be there also with 4 UNC fans.


  31. And, of course, I misspelled “read” on my suggestions and blundered with the typo “red.” Stuff happens.


  32. Just walked out of the gas station down here in Charlotte, and a stranger called me over to his truck.

    He had seen my Pitt shirt and was excited and we talked about Pitt for a few.

    Love when that happens.

    Go Pitt.. 42-28 for the win.


  33. Not quite “post time” at HF, so I’ll get in under the wire with a 38-17 Pitt victory prediction from here in Los Angeles.


  34. I don’t like this game already.

    Our QB locks in on one guy and if he is covered he throws the ball away.

    If not for the 15 yard penalty, Pitt doesn’t score.

    Very disappointing crowd too.


  35. Our QB sucks
    Our kicker can kick from 70 yards out….impressive
    special teams suck
    coaching so far…not good


  36. DeNucci can not throw while moving left. From what little I have seen tonight we should run run run and run.


  37. Sorry we missed you rkb. We need to start tearing the tailgate down around 45 minutes prior to kickoff but we were still loading up at 7:15.


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