Pitt vs North Carolina In-Game Thread

Have at it folks… game starts at 7:30 and this will be up at 7:00. 

Here’s Reed sifting through the comments to find the gems to write about…


Lets try to track how many times we go from happy to angry to happy to angry…. as the game progresses.  One of my favorite things to do is look back over a game thread of a game we ended up winning.  Talk about changing horses in the middle of a stream…

Remember someone is reading your comments… and may want to get in touch later on to talk about them.



400 thoughts on “Pitt vs North Carolina In-Game Thread

  1. this qb sucks
    yank him now
    i cant believe how bad he is
    i really can play better…i really mean it
    pass to sidelines
    fall back like sackseri
    fail to hit open receiver
    throw off wrong foot
    hitch in delivery
    no pocket presense
    i really cant believe how bad he is
    bring in pickett now


  2. It is really frustrating to see the coaches present us with this version of a Pitt offense.

    Hoping someone wakes up soon or it could be a long night.


  3. They just played stadium music over top of the Pitt band.

    How we looking on TV?

    It’s bad in the stadium seats I can tell you that…


  4. Where’s Ike?? Down 14-3 against a 1-8 team. I was going to crush the fans for not coming out but as it stands I’M the idiot who pays to watch this sh!t.. even if we win today (doubtful) you “accept anything” people kill me.

    And by the way, your excuse for not coming to games because you don’t live here is crap. I’m on the other side of the state and I make it here.. for almost every game- — for TWENTY years.


  5. This could be the best thing that happened to us, if it leads to a QB change.

    If we don’t change QBs and lose this game, it’s onto Stallings ball. Or wrestling?


  6. wow first this a-hole calls The Nooch stupid…now he calls Nard….disorganized. Might be true in both cases…but you NEVER hear ahole announcers attack/insult coaches/players like that.


  7. He is worse than Tino
    Narduzzi being out coached as usual
    we need a QB change
    We need to make some plays everywhere
    This NC team is not very good
    But we are playing like Gannon
    And BTW Heather those yellow seats look great


  8. the announcers describe DiNucci as a ‘first-look” QB …. apparentlly that’s even the case for Hail Marys for goodness sake.

    If Pitt loses tonight … they have to go with Pickett the rest of the year

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  9. They better come up with some changes during halftime and while they are at it give the team and some specific players an earful.


  10. I would bench half the team
    drunken students…if any are still left, are better than half this team
    And I could call the game on my PC
    Our Pitt coaches stink
    I’m toasting to you Heather with a Fanta


  11. very hard to root for this team. No heart at all.

    Assistants continue to prove they wouldn’t pass the interview at Duquesne or Robert Morris. Head Coach seems lost – he keeps trotting Ben out there when he knows he cant pass or make decisions. He will never be good. He’s simply doesn’t have the tools. Make the switch now.

    Oh – Don’t forget that UNC is as bad as advertised. we just make them look great.

    Hey Heather and EJ – wanna know why nobody comes and nobody stays? The product sucks and continues to suck. If you don’t care, why should we?


    1. It is also pathetic that the he throws off of his back foot and the announcers were right to call that out. Why have the coaches not corrected it?


  12. thats my point
    if Pitt doesnt care or are leaderless, incompetent, etc
    then why attend or donate
    im watchin the game on TV and my kids are saying foul mouthed things about Pitt and the QB
    And wondering why we play at the steelers stadium
    even kids know how pathetic this school and program are
    heather – go back to the mac
    narduzzi – go back to youngstown
    I’m taking a pill and going to bed

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  13. Defense has reverted back, to that horrendous defense we all know and love. UNC had scored 13 Total Points in the 1st half in the last 5 games combined. They got 24 in one half.


  14. Wow, “Tino without the talent”? Unfortunately, that about sums it up. When you don’t have the guts to play high ceiling guys and maybe take a few lumps here and there, you’re only striving for mediocrity.


    1. We’re striving for a Toilet Bowl game. I would have played Pickett since Duke. Beating Duke and UVA with a QB you know is not the answer is utterly ridiculous. For as little as we passed, Pickett could have handed the ball off to Hall too


  15. coaches are gutless, unintelligent, clueless and not deserving of their pay
    this is what happens when you hire a guy who has never head coached before, pay coaches cheap so it limits your pool, and frankly dont give two craps about sports in general.
    where is cheap suit gallagher tonight?


  16. Down 7 and we have a bunch of jagoffs hotdogging it led by “worse than Tino” Dinucci.
    I can really get to dislike this Pitt team quick.


  17. Jack we figured we’d be a pretty good running team once the offensive line got about five or six games under their belt. We’re not going to win games against good teams unless we have a balanced offense and we certainly don’t have that now


  18. I want to see Pickett too …. But it isn Nuch’s fault he is playing. And BTW he has a comeback win in way less than 4 games let alone none in four years!

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  19. Guys. Juat quit watching. I gave up. These guys and admin are amatuer hour. Narduzzi playing Dinucci shows what a clown he is. Pickett is gone and should be bc Narduzzi manages people like Penn Dot fixes pot holes.


  20. Upittbaseball, I Don’t want to start a fight, but if you are so miserable watching the game then turn the channel! It’s not that hard, and your constant negative comments (repeating the same thing over and over) are really a drag.

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  21. Trib headline: “Pitt coach Kevin Stallings preaches patience as young Panthers open season”
    It’s gonna be another long season folks….


  22. Watching DiNucci reminds me of George Costanza from Seinfeld. Every instinct he has is wrong. He should just do the opposite like George in that one episode.


  23. I don’t blame Ben. not his fault he sucks. this is on the coaches, the recruiting and the decision making.
    Narduzzi lost me tonight. His stubbornness may in fact be inability to be anything but a coordinator. Bad hires, no accountability for the assistants or the players and the team has no identity or toughness. Fold on both sides of the ball when it counts. you just watched it for the 10th time this game.

    The defense had a couple good games and now looks worse than ever.

    I’ve said before…all I want is to be a college football fan for a change. Pitt continues to make that impossible.

    Good to meet some of the famous POVers at the tailgate!


  24. New schedule announced for next year: New Hampshire, Coast Guard Academy, Kent State, Kansas, Northern Arizona, Ithaca, Arkansas State, Nevada, Rutgers, Wofford, Lehigh and in the big final game Brown.


  25. Might as well have UNC score another TD. Maybe it will wake up Pitt brass to force Narduzzi into getting rid of assistant coaches. Or better yet, Narduzzi. He has no clue I’m sad to say.


  26. Sad – we were never in it to win it.

    This team was not ready to play tonight and that is ALL on the coaches.

    Heather – did you see what I saw?


  27. Done with PItt Football. Will support Michigan State from this point on. Pitt Basketball is dead to me. I’ve given my last $$ to PItt.
    Embarrassed to be an alum of a Univ that can’t buy jerseys expensive enough to not be ripped to tatters. This team is a bad joke. Ditto this HS coaching staff.

    I’m done!


  28. This last series – everyone knew they would run and they did and they did and they did.

    News flash – we have no D and no coaching.


  29. 142 yards passing and no TD’s for the Nooch. Elliot is 20-31 with 235 yards passing and 2 TD’s in his first game…on the road too. But Nooch will play the next 2 games and start next year too. Narduzzi is that bone-headed.


  30. Pitt needs to again blow things up and start fresh. Thats what the BoT loves. Instability so the focus can stay on academics.

    So dont come to me Heather or anyone from Pitt when I know what your motives are. I wont donate or attend another game until Pitt hires a real AD, a real coach and spends the money for an OCS.


  31. Great job Heather giving away more bogus awards for free tickets and fences all while dressed up as Chewbacca. You are an embarrassment to athletic directors. Narduzzi is a embarrassment to real football coaches he will be a defensive coordinator at Youngstown State your bum. Empty seats everywhere. You still going to talk about bowl games Heather in that same cheap gold blouse?


  32. This is one of the worst games I gave seen in many years– needing a win at home we lose to a very poor Tarheel team. I go back to 1959 and believe me this is a game to remember because we have NO EXCUSE for this miserable display on national TV.

    But wait, the basketball season is about to start. Holy Moley.


  33. Well that sucked! We obviously can’t pass the ball with this QB. So they really don’t defend it. I don’t know what to say other than get Pickett in NOW!


  34. I’d rather watch old people have sex then that buffoon with his stupid plays on his wrist like he’s a JV coach who is trying to act cool


  35. national TV saw once again
    1. yellow seats
    2. a poor Pitt team
    3. no views of the Cathedral
    4. a bunch of people in star wars stuff
    5. SOP

    now why would any recruit want to play in front of 50k yellow seats, be poorly coached, and be considered a loser?


  36. feel bad for Darrin Hall.

    We continue our national embarrassment tour despite his best efforts.

    Can’t wait forbthis presser:

    “Boy oh Boy, Ben competed his heart out out There. Just left a couple plays on the field”

    “We had the kids in the right position to make plays, they just didn’t make them”…..

    Reporter then asks, “Coach, Coach, what about reports from the POV tailgate that you and your assistants are clueless idiots who’s players are always unprepared and always fold when a play needs to be made”….Narduzzi responds, “Well, you know those POVers can be tough out there but we’ll just have to watch the tape and get back to work”…..

    Feel free to add your own Narduzzi B.S. quote!


    1. Not one Pitt player is deserving of an ACC honor at season’s end. They all stink as a team and none have excelled as individuals. Mediocre individuals and none are leaders.

      Losing to a 1-8 team on national TV is an embarrassment. Special teams are bad, the D hasn’t improved and we don’t have a QB on the roster.

      Oh well, but they’ve got my money as a season ticket holder and doner. I guess I’m the sucker.

      Note to Heather – please, no e-mails this week and especially nothing about renewing my tickets. I need the next 10 days to decompress and get the image of this “team” effort out of my head.


          1. You miss The Mustard Stain and his collection of potato sack sweatshirts ! Setting Blewitt up to Blowitt, among his many other coaching foibles. haha


  37. Every aspect of Pitt’s game took steps back from special teams to defense and of course our feckless offense led by the ultimate feckless Nooch. And considering how pathetic they are, what really pisses me off most is the jerks they are out on the field celebrating every minor success.

    I am soooo done with these jerks including Narduzzi for staying with BD throughout this. He got what he deserves. If Reed has any clue about Pickett, and I trust he does, this game required us see him. If BD is our starting QB ever again, I am not going to watch the game.


  38. Heather – how did star wars and free tickets work out tonight?
    Narduzzi – how did your stubbornness and nepotism work out tonight?
    Gallagher – how does it feel to lie about that front porch?


  39. Heather, Narduzzi and Gallagher have left fans down once more. When are they going on the hot seat? Nobody cares so they continue to collect checks.


  40. If Pat doesn’t fire Conklin and Watson in the offseason then I can’t defend him any longer. The fact that Ben DiNucci played the entire game is a disgrace and the fact that our run game was pounding them and we gained a grand total of 30 yards in the 4th quarter is a complete joke. Add to it our defense let a 1-8 team with a rookie starter look like an 8-1 team with a heisman candidate is a sin to this program. No more Pat Signals, from now on it’s Panic Alarms


  41. Narduzzi is walking dead. No good assistant coaches are coming to Pitt with Narduzzi on the hot seat. Needed to fire the D staff after last year. Now they will all be gone after 2018.


  42. When you want a good laugh, watch Pitt football
    When you want a good cry, watch Pitt football
    When you want a heart attack or brain aneurysm, watch Pitt football
    When you want to watch a good team, a university committed to sports, and to actually experience joy, watch any school but Pitt


  43. I’m with Dan72. After 45 years as a season ticket holder, I’ve turned in Popeye. “I can’t stands no more.” No more $$ to Pitt.


  44. This loss compares to the UConn one in 2010 for some odd reason. This won’t get Narduzzi fired, but the program took a huge step back tonight. Narduzzi’s defense stinks, his staff stinks and he has no idea how to manage the most critical position. I’ve now lost faith in him after being a big supporter.

    Fire Pat and then what? Gallagher says Pitt wants to win only to hire another buffoon coach who has no head coaching experience.

    Play Pickett the entire game in these final two contests. Play for 2018 since this season is now over. Oh, nice job fumbling, Q. You have now etched your name in Pitt lore.


  45. Narduzzi<DePasqua. If you can’t see that there is truly no hope for you. Just home from the game and I have no energy to go over what I saw. Good night.


  46. 4 weeks ago I said Pitt would win 2 out of next 3.

    4 weeks ago I said Pickett needed to play against the weaker schedule to get him ready for VT and Miami and that regardless of his play, we would win those two games.

    4 weeks ago I said that Narduzzi and the POV’rs would get enamored with Dinucci and talk about him as if he was responsible for the turnaround and keep playing him. Dinucci is awful.

    4 weeks ago I challenged POVNation to name me a time when anyone on our defense hit an opposing player really hard over the last two years. There were no takers.

    Pitt is soft. They watch the steelers too much and think they are almost pro’s. Pitt needs to be on campus so they can concentrate on their own business.

    Most pukefilled statement of the year was when Dinucci tried to act like Roethlisberger and say he was going to treat his OL for their great blocking. Their blocking stunk. He just wanted to sound like a pro qb.

    Pickett starts next week or he transfers out. Unfortunately, narduzzi is throwing him to the wolves and setting him up for failure. Great coaches set up their players for success. That is why Pickett should have played the last three games. I don’t care that we lost. I care HOW we lost. Pitt is SOFT!


    1. Absolutely true but it was the QB and his inability to throw the ball much beyond 15 yards that couldn’t bring us back. We don’t know what Pickett can bring to the table but we do know what DiNucci can’t for the most part bring at the QB position.


  47. That was a disgrace. More thorough analysis tomorrow. I’ve seen worse Pitt teams, but never one that has looked less interested in winning a game. There is no fire. None.


  48. I hope Heather has the balls to sit Narduzzi down and demand changes. He may not be the highest paid ACC coach but he is earning at least $1.5 million a year. There should be expectations. Gallagher stated he would stress coaches who recruit as potential hires. Well, how do you feel about Narduzzi now? And it does tarnish the university’s image among casual fans when you look like crap on national TV.


  49. Look I don’t think Ben Dinucci had a great game, but to blame this on him is ridiculous. The defense was porous in the end, Quadree Henderson sloppily fumbles the ball which resulted in a 10 point swing (at a minimum 6 but I am pretty sure with Darrin Hall being 2nd and a foot he knocks it in).

    Hell even the announcers were perplexed on the final drive at the playcalling of our illustrious OC. Especially the 5 wide on first down that resulted in a sack of -9 yards.

    He may not be the answer…but he wasn’t the reason we lost IMO.



    1. Dave you are correcting he’s not the sole reason we lost but you have to admit he was a big part of it.

      When you have a quarterback who can’t step up into a pocket and wait an extra second to try to complete a pass instead of chucking the ball into the stands… or pulling it down and running and getting eight yards instead of a 12 or 15 or 20 yard pass then that’s a big reason you lose a football game.

      He has no guts out there. And by that I mean he doesn’t have the courage to stand up in the pocket when those big offensive lineman are all around him and try to complete a pass – instead he runs like a scared rabbit.

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  50. DiNucci should not have even been in the game, that is on the coaches. I defend Duzz all the time, but his handling of the qb situation and not doing anything about Conklin is going to get himself fired. He MUST start Pickett the rest of the season and fire or demote Conklin the Sunday after the Miami game


  51. Anyone that truly thinks Ben Dinucci is the answer at qb does not know much about football. I’m glad he’s a nice kid, Local boy, etc but he is not a Div 1 qb and if he was headed to Penn, he’s not even a decent 1-AA qb then because the Quaker’s are no North Dakota St or James Madison.


    1. Not despise….he just stinks and needs replaced. Not his fault he has no natural QB ability. The real question is why do you like him as our QB?


  52. Funny how you guys complain about me but I have the guts to call it out. Then after games everyone agrees. No one in this program has what it takes to run a D1 Program. Heather (Comedy Hour) Narduzzi or his bum Assistants. Huff is right. Now you screw up Kenny playong him now.


  53. Every day Pickett doesn’t get the majority of the reps is putting him and this team behind the 8 ball. BN is not the answer and I don’t understand HCPN thinking. This is a horrible lose against a shorthanded team. If he doesn’t bring in Pickett he’s probably going to get another grad transfer and continue this mess.


  54. If I’m Pickett’s Father and his advisor we are looking at other options. My son had a Redshirt burned only to not play him. Narduzzi talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is in as much control of this program as a traveling Carny on Meth.


    1. He should stick around to see if he can win the starting job in the Spring. Nooch’s resume’ will be a 4 win season. If Pickett can’t beat out Nooch, he has no business transferring anywhere.


  55. I’m not going to bash the players by name this morning. That was a poor performance by all but Hall and QO.

    The real bashing needs to start at the top with Sir Patrick G for allowing Pitt to hire a HC with no experience.

    Next would be the hiring of the past 2 AD’s. Neither earned the pay check Pitt afforded them. Barnes is a borderline criminal.

    Last, HCPN is an enabler of inept assistant coaches and failed to keep the one who was a difference maker.

    The 2 low points of last nights game for me –

    3rd series in the 1st qtr when Pitt was down 14-3 and the previous series was a 3 and out. Pitt was on their 40 facing 3rd and 1 – Hall was stopped with no gain and HCPN called for a punt.

    And DiNooch came out for series # 4.

    -2. The last Pitt series ended near midfield on 4th and 1 with another punt with 3 minutes left and our D was tired and ready for the walk to the locker room.

    All around me were screaming to not punt with the game on the line.

    Pitt rolled over…at every level of the program last night.


  56. DiNucci did NOTHING to lose this Game. Granted he did NOTHING to win it either. But to SINGLE him out… especially as being “scared”… is a joke.

    And the BIGGEST joke is ANYONE who actually thinks Narduzzi has even a REMOTE chance of being successful.

    The “Duzz”… Ain’t a HEAD Coach. NEVER should have been one!

    And it’s becoming more and more OBVIOUS as time goes on and the LOSSES pile up… the Players simply DON”T RESPECT him!!


  57. PittofDreams you are not going to win a Ben argument BUT I agree that Duzz needs a “Come to Jesus” meeting with Conklin because this scheme and/or the players trying to execute it just isn’t working. I don’t think it’s time to fire Duzz BUT if he refuses to make staff changes then I can’t defend him anymore


  58. Narduzzi is a MAC DC.

    Barnes was a criminal.

    Heather was a hire because they wanted stability. No one wants her and mo fear of her being recruited and leaving and she does what Narduzzi and Gallagher say. She is happy she tricked someone to hire her. Her resume is terrible. But look at the moronic 45 person committe and there is your answer. Everyone gets there voice heard garbage. Imagine someone with passion and balls and fire in leadership. These college people are all misfits who couldnt make it at real companies where if you fail you are fired. Let’s make fun of PSU or WV to feel better meanwhile they are committed and have way better leaders. Heather makes less than a good regional sales rep.


  59. One announcer early in the game said Ben looks only for one receiver and if he is not open,he runs. Too often not for the first down. Typical of many QBs today, especially spread QBs. Ben doesn’t throw interceptions or has fumbles, but 3 and out is also a turnover.


  60. Superstition here, but too many times a Pitt great in attendance does not translate to a Pitt win. Bad luck it seems too often. Also, the Pitt throwback uniforms also do not bring victories very often. I still remember hem being worn for the first time under Wanny for a BG game at Heinz Field. A loss of course. Sorry. I’m clutching at anything to bring about a Pitt win. Superstition included. Sigh…..


  61. Wow, while the fourth quarter was very disappointing, this certainly wasn’t the end of the world as we know it.
    Our guys didn’t make as many big plays as theirs. Hard to overcome an opening lick return and an first half ending fumble. Pitt fought back, but the two three and outs and the D’s inability to get a stop in the fourth quarter sealed the deal. I did think that Pitt should have gone for the fourth and 19 but probably would not have picked it up anyway.

    UNC lost most of their games because they were a turnover machine, not last night. Looks like they found their quarterback.

    No doubt this is not a good football team, the split the the four games with teams at their level.

    DiNucci looked a little like Tino in the fourth quarter, when his line broke down, After he escaped the rush he did not look to pick up the first down with his arm, but his receivers did not help much either. He had some success with his legs but needs to learn that you win games with your arm.

    The question now is do you get Pickett killed in the next two games or do you stay with Ben? It probably does not matter at this point.

    No doubt a disappointing loss, but not unexpected. Nor is it a death knell for the program.

    I do think it was a lot more about poor execution than coaching. Our guys just didn’t come up with the big plays when needed. Their guys did.


  62. Wide awake. Well, that performance will keep any fan from a sound sleep.

    Listen, there are just way too many things to go over, and most are not good. It’s pretty obvious that the past two games were wins that glossed over multiple issues, and these issues have been around for quit awhile and aren’t going away anytime soon.

    I love my university, but to not admit there are things that need changed is silly.

    1) I was at the game as usual. Part of that gives you a better overall view, part of it is better watching on tv. Here’s what I saw:
    a) The qb waited waaayyyyy too long to throw the ball. There were receivers open, and he waited like a Hs kid until they became so open he couldn’t miss, or they were covered. He didn’t step into the pocket, and made everyone look a little worse than they are. His footwork and form are just terrible. His play was somewhat reminiscent of Tino.(no problem mentioning that name as it can’t curse us anymore than we currently are). The groans from the stands when he continually missed open receivers on their initial breaks was audible.
    Say what you want, but his play was a big factor. Unless you are a PR native or a relative you have to be able to see that.I mean, seriously, you have too.

    2) The o line. Well, they weren’t stellar either, but the run blocking was good for the most part. No holding calls and pretty penelty free. Pass blocking wasn’t great, but for the most part it was good enough if you had a good decision maker at qb.

    3) Wideouts. Hard to judge as they were breaking open but ball was very late arriving. I’m still confused about some of the routes and play calls, but will get to that.

    4) Tight ends. I’m not sure what to say here. Their use continues to confuse me. Doesn’t seem like they know what to do with them.

    5) The d overall. It’s pretty obvious by now that any opposing coach who has seen this d for a couple years knows exactly how to attack it. A very average or below ave qb will shred it. A good qb willset school records, and an excellent one will threaten NCAA records. There is no hiding from this. No spin on our youth. Please, please,please, quit the excuses. It’s beneath you.

    6) The d line. They played fine, up to a point. The constant line changes, well let’s just say I’m not a big fan. Think it creates as much confusion on our side as disruption on theirs. Lack of pressure from front 4 should be worrying someone.

    7) LBs. Tried to watch this unit. The are what we thought. Small and fairly quick. The example for the whole unit is Zeise. He flows really well. He can use his speed to make plays off the back side, but run at him and he’s caught in the wash. Plays like an oversized safety. Can’t fight off blocks, and maybe that’s the role they want from that position, but it is hit and miss, and the misses are HUGE.

    8) DBs. Wow, some guys are rounding into shape quite nicely. Others just are awful.And guess what, adequate coaches know who they are and find them.

    9) COACHING. Lacking. If you know football you don’t need me to tell you this. Some of the moves are just baffling, but by this time you should be used to it.
    a) the offense. I will go out on a limb and say the qb has no option to check out of a called play. Because I can’t believe he does see the 8 in the box on a called run, and 5 dbs on a called pass. I mean they weren’t even disquising the coverages. We were laughing in the stands. If we could see it ???… Throwing those long out patterns was crazy. The ball just floats foreverrrrrrrr. I’m just not sure what they see that causes them to call some of these plays. Trying too get too cute?

    b) The d. Actually played decent in the first half. Then N.C. made adjustments at half, and the rest is history.

    c) Head Coach. Well, the buck stops here. The arrogance of this guy is amazing. Game prepping for him has to be one of the easiest jobs in college football. There was utter confusion out there. Could you see it on TV? Guys lined up wrong, not knowing where to go, and we had 12men one the field at least 3 times,once we were saved by N.C. calling timeout as even they couldn’t believe it.
    Listen, these closed practices do not seem to be producing anything positive. Just seems now that it prevents people from seeing how clueless these guys really are. I mean, it’s not like they are putting in any new wrinkles, are they?

    The Duzz is acting like he knows he has us by the short hairs. We need stability, therefore no one will call him out. And you know what, he’s right. So get ready for 2-3 more years of this before we gomthru it all again. I am firmly convinced he is a coordinator, not head coaching material. He runs the program with the arrogance of a constant 10 game winner. Will Heather have the talk he needs to wise up? Better yet, do any of the hire ups want that talk to occur.

    10) The BOT. If they simply want to have an average program and avoid embarrassment they have failed spectacularly. Even someone who doesn’t know a football from a grape would know we embarrassed ourselves on national TV. That simply can’t be the look they are going for.

    I doubt anyone will read this rant, way too long, but I simply need to get it out. And this is even before I watch the once proud B-ball program open up.


    1. Good summary Joe…how do you go to a 5 WR set with 1st and 10 at the 50 yard line, when you have basically a ‘walk-on’ QB and your best offense is Darrin Hall or someone lugging the football.

      Were they trying to lose the game ? Pitt never plays with a 5 WR set…so you go to a formation you rarely play when the game is on the line, with minimal protection. Laughable.


  63. I agree
    Nard is not head coaching material
    Ben is not a QB; bring in Kenny now
    Our D is horrible after 3 years of coaching by a ‘genius’; dont tell me he doesnt have his players yet
    fire both O and D assistants
    I wouldnt want Nard making another hiring decision
    Heather is clueless and over her head
    Gallagher is doing what the BoT wants…lip service to the front porch
    Attendance was 34k but come 4th Q I saw about 60k yellow seats on TV
    watched game with my kids – they really didnt like the unis (especially the yellow); thought it was silly playing in the steelers stadium; thought the QB was horrible; couldnt believe Pitt was losing to a 1-8 team
    And these are just kids….


    1. Come on Tex….even the jerks in the espn studio said they liked the uni’s. And they rarely have ANYTHING to say positive concerning Pitt. How do the kids feel about the regular blah uni’s and the white pants ?


  64. embarrassed on national TV again
    these games are perfect ways to market the school
    so when Pitt laments applicant quality, poor ratings when they survey students on their college experience, and pathetic rates of alumni giving, they have themselves to blame
    Pitt excels at scaring national audiences
    Its a comedy and horror show

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  65. I don’t believe the sky is falling like many of you do, although this felt like the first game in the Narduzzi era where we beat ourselves. Not just that we didn’t do enough to win, but we actually beat ourselves. I might be forgetting another game or two under Narduzzi where that happened, but last night definitely feels that way. On the other hand, Chryst was here for 3 years and I can remember many games where we beat ourselves, and Chryst is a successful coach despite those blunders. Let’s hope with time Narduzzi also succeeds.

    I love the attitude of running the ball against an opponent until submission, but the team with the QB that played better last night won.

    Wasn’t a reason why they don’t play Pickett is that he hasn’t yet learned the 4 minute or 2 minute offense or something like that? Well it didn’t look like the coaches would let Dinucci run such a hurry up offense, either. When Pitt was driving with about 5 minutes left or so, there was no urgency by the offensive unit at all. I thought we had UNC’s defense on their heels, but we refused to push the tempo and instead let UNC’s defense catch its breathe, which of course led to a game changing sack. And we were taking all this time even though we were trailing and needed to find an extra possession or 2.

    I pose a few questions related to Jordan Whitehead — what round does he go in the draft this year? What position does he project to play in the NFL? I’m sure his testing numbers are great which will result in him going high in the draft, but I’m not sure where he plays at the next level. My guess is back to strong safety.


  66. When you lose to a 1-8 team AT HOME and do it like knuckleheads with guys on the field talking smack, QB’s and others showboating making a freaking first down, NOBODY standing out in a positive way on O, D or ST, aaaaand of course coaching that is responsible for EVERYTHING going on from recruiting to leadership to scheme and of course in-game calls and adjustments, there needs to be some response and changes made and WE SHOULD KNOW WHAT THOSE THINGS WILL BE.

    Duzz has got some splainin’ to do for all those things and I hope it happens immediately because unfortunately last night had to lose all but the most deeply brain-washed Pitt faithful.

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  67. If any of you guys think that Upitt is smart and right all the time, you’re goofy… A broken clock is right twice a day and it least it doesn’t make noise all day long… ike

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