Friday Predictions Thread – Virginia

Sorry for the very short piece today.  I’m doing a  WWII Service Veterans Gratitude Pinning Ceremony with keynote address today for 17 95+-year-old Veterans and that’s a full day (of standing on my feet and a rubber chicken lunch) of ceremonies… so little time to write this morning.

But it is your words that are important in the prediction pieces.  How say you with this one?

I think we’ll win two more games this season so this pretty much has to be one of them – if our run game can produce again.  I doubt we’ll see lightning strike twice like Hall’s performance last week – but if the OL can bring the thunder for a good regular grind-it-out rushing attack.then we’ll be OK.

Pitt 28 – VA 21


144 thoughts on “Friday Predictions Thread – Virginia

  1. Thanks to the fellow POV’ers for the well wishes earlier in the week and as a Tribute to my newborn son who was born on 10/25 I will take the Panthers 25 uva 10.
    He was born at 7pm so I’m going to predict #7 MacVittie makes a big special play in the second half!


  2. I am so tempted to get carried away and pick us, but this is another game, like Syracuse I had us loosing at the beginning of the year. Hoos 28- Us 17.
    BTW Pitt-Cocks, I wish I knew how to post that link, but if you type Div1- historical scores I think you will get there.


  3. UVA 31
    Pitt 13
    BD gets pulled late in the game after fumbling once and throwing 2 INTs, one returned for a TD. Pickett leads them to a late TD and the QB controversy is hotter than ever. PN is even more upset and arrogant at the press conference after the game – which leads to more people calling for his head. Heather comes out and gives him a 10yr contract extension.


  4. pitt should win and cover those 3 points for that heinz field home field advantage

    o/u for attendance is 32k. I’ll take the under. 29k in the house. 18k by 4th quarter.


  5. UVA is like PItt in the respect that we are both not allowed to have dream seasons…hence UVA’s choke job against BC. I predict the Wahoo’s demise to being a .500 team continues tomorrow with a 24 to 21 Pitt win. Get ready to see Pitt football’s version of slog ball, establishing the run with the occasional scamper by the Nuch. Field position will be incredibly important as well.

    The key for our defense will be to get pressure. UVA’s qb Benkurt is having a great year and he may be able to give our secondary problems.


  6. We shut their ground game down. We run our patented “Virgin Pass Defense” – that is, we keep our “Cavs” together, and we get a “W” – 31 -27.

    As they say in N’Orleans – “Hoo-Dey”?


  7. They are going to make DiNucci beat them by stuffing the run. Five yard passes aren’t going to cut it. I see Pickett playing.

    UVA 28 – 17


  8. This is a tough one to call. There are signs that the OL is starting to come around, and it appears that the VA defensive line is a bit suspect due to the large number of tackles by their secondary. So it seems that Pitt could get a run game going, which will help if it rains tomorrow as predicted. I am thinking it will be a low scoring game with Pitt winning 21-17.


  9. Since it is scheduled to pour all day I see 27500. This will be the first game I will miss in quite awhile as niece is getting married. Tickets put to use.


  10. Picked Pitt last week for my first miss this season. While I think Pitt can win, I’m afraid i again have to pick against them because:

    — still am not convinced the running attack can be counted on, and
    — UVa was embarrassed at home last week and will be really primed

    UVa 27 Pitt 20


  11. here is a good read from Peak at Pantherlair published this morning

    For you Ollison fans, the following here a couple excerpts (but there is much more not only on Ollison but other topics):

    But it’s not like Ollison didn’t play at Duke. On the contrary, he played quite a bit. Unofficially, he was on the field for 39 offensive snaps; that’s just over half the total offensive plays, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a pretty solid percentage for a backup running back.

    For most of those plays, though, Ollison was taking on a different role. Rather than lining up in the backfield, he was closer to the line of scrimmage, playing as an H-back in the position that was supposed to be manned by George Aston this season. With Aston sidelined for virtually the entire year so far, the coaches have mostly used redshirt senior tight end Matt Flanagan in that spot, but against N.C. State they started getting Ollison time there, and at Duke, he played the majority of his snaps in that role (plus one snap as a classic I-formation fullback).

    ….. And it’s not all Ollison was dealing with.

    On Friday, the day before the Duke game, Ollison posted on his Instagram account that he and his family had buried his older brother, who passed away unexpectedly the previous week. Ollison attended the funeral in his hometown of Niagara Falls on Friday and then flew to meet the team in Durham.


      1. Reed, that’s strange, I’m not a Pantherlair subscriber. In fact, I accessed it via Peak’s twitter page which labeled it as a ‘Free Article’


        1. here is my evidence if comes calling

          Chris Peak‏ @PantherLair 2hours ago

          If you only read 1 thing today, read a stop sign. If you read 2 things, try the 2nd item in this free #Pitt column


  12. It’s hard to make a prediction when you don’t “Know the Enemy” << He said half jokingly.

    Yeah I do miss Chris’s article this week.

    Holding off on my prediction this morning as I get more upset by the minute I won’t be there with you guys at the tailgate.

    Thanks M&M, Fran and guys nothing serious.

    Congratulations John on your very own #7

    The rain will help PITT I think?? ….. . . …..ike



  13. My best guess is that Pitt and Virginia are evenly matched, but I honestly don’t know much about the Hoos. The weather will help Pitt (I hope). Ben will need to use his legs more than his arm. This could be a low scoring affair… Something like Pitt 21 Virginia 20


  14. Sleeper but Pitt wins 17-13. There is one program that has regressed more than Pitt in the ACC and that is NC. I think Larry the hat needs to go. Pitt may surprise Miami and win 6 and go a bowling. Narduzzi is building the foundation for 2018 and is not going to say that. But that is what is happening.

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  15. Last week, I was on the right side of the predictions saying that Pitt was “due to have a game where the breaks go their way.”

    And that’s the way it was up until the VERY END when Pitt got away with a “No-Call” Pass Interference that would have given Duke a First Down with a TD just yards away.

    This week I sense a little OVER-confidence… no make that A LOT… on the part of Narduzzi and his Staff. Not exactly how you would expect a 3 and 5 Team to act, at least one that wants to be 4 and 5.

    Be careful Narduzzi. This Virginia Team is AT LEAST as good as yours… and BETTER coached.


  16. Rain helps slow everything down…good guys run for 200 yards and pull out a 21-14 win. Heather comes to our POV tailgate so Richman can but her that drink he promised her at the Duke game alumni tent (true story)


  17. I’ve been touting the talents of Ben DiNucci going back to his debut at the Pinstripe Bowl. The Kid has something special about him.

    However, much of the problem lies with Watson and the TYPE of plays being called. DiNucci is made to run the Spread, which is Watson’s Offense before trying to become Canada 2.0.

    But either way, it’s time for DiNucci to step it up a bit. We need to see some improvement this weekend… or I’m going to be calling Pickett’s name.


  18. The premature Good, Bad, Ugly….

    The Good: We get to see Kenny Pickett, our QB of the future play tomorrow.

    The Bad: Pickett plays due to DiNucci ineffectiveness.

    The Ugly: 22,000 fans suffering through steady rain, only to see a Pitt loss. At game’s end there are 15 students left, who each get to take a case of Fanta back to campus.

    Virginia 27. Pitt 23


  19. First things first:
    – Reed, thank you for honoring these great men today!
    – John, ENJOY this new bundle of joy!!!!
    PITT: 29
    VIR 27

    Sweating to hopefully beat the Virginia Cavaliers says it all about the current state of the program.


  20. Pitt 23 UVA 21 – I see 2 defensive/special team touchdowns for Pitt and they hang on to win at the end as UVA misses a 46 yard field goal to win the game in the sloppy conditions. Maybe the bye week they spend getting Pickett ready to take over the offense for the final three game stretch. Maybe also for one game the defensive line can get a push instead of being a pile of warm bodies that take up space. Hail 2 Pitt!


  21. QO will be our mudder tomorrow in the 2nd half after the coaches realize a change is needed cause Hall’s 25 yards rushing at the half won’t win the game along side DiNooch’s 50 yards passing.

    Snoozer and Pitt is once again the loser. uva 21 Pitt 16

    QO gets 2 TD’s and 100 yards in the 2nd half and Kessman misses an extra point.

    Fran – See you at the tailgate with my wife.


  22. Chethejet@ 10:04,
    If Duzz is building for the future was isn’t he playing Pickett?
    Answer: He wants to win something, anything right now because he looks bad and is under pressure at 3-5
    (Just my opinion buddy).


      1. But I don’t think he is under pressure as far as keeping his job. He won 8 games two years in a row after a series of 6 win seasons … and by all accounts he has a young team.

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  23. PoD…excellent observation and comment “BD is better suited for a spread offence.” We play a pro offense (which I prefer) and Kenny has the poise to be a pocket passer and is a dual threat from what I saw in our brief intro a couple of games ago. He needs playing time and Pitt needs to win….

    Surprised no TE use to amount to much this year..


  24. So do you guys and Annie think Kenny will have a series or 2 tomorrow barring an injury or major goof by the Nuch…what a dilemma for HCPN…
    Pat is learning on the job big time this year…lots of moving parts….


  25. I like pitt to win this game. Henderson is finally going to play an all American level game.
    I look for a special teams td and one rushing from henderson. Pitt wins 28 to Uva 10


  26. Feel bad won’t see any of my fellow povers at the tailgate. I’ll watch it on wtae with the worst broadcasters.
    Also I live in heart of psu country. When pitt plays games on wtae at 330 they cut the game feed and I have to watch living waters yuck!!!
    I called wtae livid two years age. Talked to a wtae rep and she said we’re still sending Atlantic broadband the feed they must be psu fans!!!
    Guess what last week I missed whiteheads interception because living waters broke in at 330 LOL


    1. FWIW, I had to watch the entire Duke game on computer because it was pre-empted here by Akron vs Toledo Now, Pitt v UVs is scheduled here but I may have to wait until game time until I know for sure.


  27. Virginia has wins over William &Mary, UNC, Boise, Duke and Uconn. Losses to BC and Indiana.

    Virginia’s schedule the first half of the season was favorable. Games remaining include Pitt, GaTech, Louisville, VaTech and Miami. Virginia will either be 5-7 or 6-6 by season end, IMO.


  28. Well I’ve been checking in on what the Virginia football scoop is and it’s a bit confusing. Seems like another example of stats telling a story. I take it back when I said stats lie, they really don’t, it’s the people using them who often use them to prove their point or the people who read them and believe every thing at face value.

    Now again, this is not directed Reed what so ever. Reed takes the time to bring us all this information. He’s not telling us to disseminate it but when we look at the Virginia / PITT match-up stats are not good story tellers.

    Has Virginia really played a weak schedule so far this year? Two teams, Indiana and Boise State seems to suggest they have but so fast. One they lose the other they win. Indiana has played some good team very tough and some not so hot. Boise State has a 5-2 record and played better than I thought. Their schedule hasn’t nearly been as difficult as PITT’s though.

    That’s where comparing season stats can be misleading. << Strength of schedule

    Virginia beat Duke by 7 but that was in their house. So that is not a big win imo.

    I feel this game is the biggest game of Narduzzi’s short tenure at PITT, the next game usually is and here is why it’s ok to play a tougher OOC schedule. PITT has played some really good football teams where the Cavaliers have not. << This will help PITT moving forward.

    Could be an over-reaction by me but I don’t want this season going to a complete waste so soon. PITT has to win this game!! So what do I say?……………………..

    After picking PITT to lose for the first time in my life last week and PITT wins, what do you think I do?

    So after all that mumbling and grumbling with nonsensical BS here it goes………



  29. In a sloppy game between two sloppy teams I’ll take Pitt 23-20. I’ll take the under on the attendance. Cold and rain is no fun for anyone except maybe the players.


  30. Web – I watch several games on espn3. I unplug the HDMI cable from my cable box, and plug it into my laptop HDMI port. Viola – espn3 on my TV. And I don’t have to make any adjustments on my TV.

    And that is the extent of my electronic capabilities – oh yeah, I can turn a light on and off, too

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  31. Field goals tough to kick at Heinz, especially in rain. One make may do it for one team, if the score stays close. Pitt 17, VA 14.


  32. ^^That’s a great point EE. I’ve seen many times when it looks like the opposition is more on top on this type of problem than PITT is. The good news is the game is at home and should have all shoes on deck..


  33. Ike – does Pitt keep equipment at Heinz? I think the equipment truck comes into Heinz the morning of the game as if it were an away game.

    Another reason to explore an OCS.


  34. Ike – you’ll love this – I just met the dad of the Pitt equipment manager.

    In case Duzz or Heather are reading this, I won’t reveal what I learned.

    Let’s just say Emel would love to know…

    I’ll let anyone who takes me golfing in on the details –

    Hit the hoos where it hurts!


  35. That doesn’t sound good for the homies. These are the details that good programs have covered and is never an issue. Have fun at the game tomorrow EE. You and the wife be hangin round the fire-pit tomorrow night? 🙂 . . . . ike


    1. Not this weekend, but maybe for the unc game.

      We just finished a business meeting near Export and landed in the city for the rest of the weekend. We love the city of Pittsburgh.

      Don’t see Pitt with a home field advantage tomorrow. I saw more uva apparel in the city this afternoon that Pitt garb.

      Plus, with the wet field, our mudders will be ill equipped, I’m sure. And Watson has no imagination that I’ve seen to adapt to the rainy conditions.

      If I was the OC, the first play would be a post route by TE Clark over the middle to loosen up the two middle LB-ers for the rest of the game. Mix in a hook and go by Weah from time to time and we’ll be able to run all day on the cavs D.

      My bet is the 1st play is a run by Hall. Who would of thunk it?

      Attendance will be reported as a 30k plus crowd – actual will be under 20k.

      Oh to be relevant again in college FB. When I was in school, Pitt was considered among the elite.



        1. My butt will be in my seat at Heinz. Hoping it’s not too wet.

          Are we allowed to complain if we are at the stadium, just not the fans that live in Texas and afar?

          Can I complain about the rain or is that too much?

          The pedos have “White Outs” and Pitt has “Rain Outs”. That’s a comment, not a complaint.


  36. wbb – thanks for your earlier post on QO having to bury his older brother, unexpectedly. That’s a sad story. QO is one of my favorite Panthers.

    I missed that news this past week.


    1. Thanks for the “Division one historical scores”. Found it. Just have to figure out what I want to use it for & when.

      I m not particularly thrilled with penn state either. There is a morning show on Serius XM 84 college sports (now ESPNU radio). One guy just slobbers over the nitters & franklin. I press another channel immediately.


  37. I saw the best retweet that made me laugh this week. It said something like “Penn State fans are college football’s cicadas- they appear once every 10 years, make a lot of noise, and people can’t wait for them to leave”. Thought it was spot on!
    Not sure how our Panthers will do tomorrow. I guess it depends on if our players can stay upright in the mud. Wear the correct spikes guys! I’m expecting a close game, because I don’t believe we can blow any ACC team out.


  38. Pitt leads UVA 7-3 at halftime, but the 2nd half gets cancelled because the Steelers are upset that the teams are tearing up “their” turf.


  39. I commend any fan for braving the cold rain tomorrow to see this game. I know what it feels like since I’ve done it a few times myself. So get some rain gear and get liquored up. It will be fun.

    Pack some dry clothes as well…pants, socks and shoes.


      1. I’m in Pittsburgh and there is 100% chance of rain projected for Saturday.

        I’m going to “support the team” – another Sinfeld classic when Puddy paints his face for the NJ Devil’s hockey playoff game.


  40. There is no home field advantage at Ketchup Bottle, with the place half empty. Opposing teams get more psyched to play at home of Steelers, than Pitt players do, to play in a sea of yellow seats.

    Virginia got creamed last week, so Bronco came down hard on them this past week in practice, no doubt.

    VA will get better QB play than us and the Cavaliers get the W…….

    Virginia 31
    Pitt 21


    1. Patti’s teammate and TE is a Pitt commit too.

      Both 3* rated.

      Are you sure they aren’t attending cause of an opposing player?


  41. Hey RKB, did you ever figure out that peda-cab / rickshaw thing? Didn’t Reed mention he took one from the casino? The only way to roll…………. Watch this one…


  42. Hey Erie, you referring to Ox Enright’s dad? Would a bottle of tequila get the story out of you? Haha. Reed, there are 12 shirts still in your bag…all white. See you guys tomorrow.


  43. —Okay, I’m expecting turn-over galore tomorrow, and I’m afraid BD is going to be the main culprit. I mean BD gets a little crazy on dry, sunny days – what’s he going to do in a down pour???

    —And I hope no recruits are scheduled to visit tomorrow. I fear the game, the crowd, and the entire day is going to be absolutely dismal…

    —Oh, and the UVA QB is 6’4”, so under the bigger-hands-wins-in-the-rain theory…

    UVA 24; Pitt 14

    —Found the ponchos – all set!

    Go Pitt.


  44. It’s going to be a slop fest tomorrow. I’ll be there with 18k other poor wet souls hoping the panthers pull this one out. But I got a bad feeling about this one… not sure why.
    Other guys-23


  45. That’s right Reed, all nautical theme this week. Be safe down there in your old haunts. Hope there is no outstanding warrants on you.


    1. Ike … Good advice for Reed. I had a detective chasing me down for 2 years after graduating for bouncing a check or 2 at Kroger’s Oakland. Fortunately I had move to Baltimore. Rousted my frat brothers a few times. They could have found me section 23 row 24 for every Pitt home game


  46. Just saw a report on KDKA that a giant hippie with a mustache is running loose in the Squirrel Hill/Oakland/Shadyside area. Lock your doors…. 🙂


  47. 30,069 is the lowest recorded attendance for Pitt.

    Today could be a record breaking day. I know numerous chaps that will sit in a bar instead of out in the rain.

    I’m hoping Pitt’s performance today is entertaining in the rain. I’m interested what the TV viewers will see.



  48. Fran – spent two hours there with Richie Costanza, the now-owner. It was his Dad’s place for years. A couple old friends and a past girlfriend showed up also. No one reads my blog….

    I’ll be at the William Penn this evening if anyone decides to stick around downtown.


  49. From ESPN’s Andrea Adelson –

    “Florida State was a popular preseason pick to make the College Football Playoff. After dropping to 2-5 following a 35-3 loss to Boston College, the Seminoles have to win out just to make a bowl game.”

    A small rumor has Pitt adding a QB coach to its staff in 2018 and FL State QB JJ Contentino joining the Panthers as a grad transfer. With that, isn’t Tino Sunseri on the staff at FL State?



  50. This game is a toss up. I do like UVA +3.5. A must win for Pitt if they want to see the Military Bowl this year. Troubled by the offense last week save for the 2 runs by Hall and the brilliant thievery of Weah. I like UVA 21-20 to be honest.


  51. The sun is just beaming here in eastern Westmoreland County……… Wish I was jumping in my POV mobile and heading to the tailgate. Have a great day you all..


  52. Already raining…moving in to the lower level of the parking garage. POV and Pitt flags are up so newbies can find us…just walk in the gate closest to my truck. We will be within a few yards of the gate.


  53. Can’t hang Post game in the lot either…sorry. Halloween in my neighborhood tonight. I promised my daughter I won’t miss it.


  54. A shame it’s supposed to be raining today in Pittsburgh, that much rain ruins it for both teams. I guess I slightly favor Pitt if Pickett plays a lot, otherwise if DiNucci plays most or all of the game I think we lose today, but probably close either way. I have nothing against DiNucci, I just think he’s a very marginal QB and I don’t see a lot of potential in him. And if I’m wrong and DiNucci starts leaping forward in his development, I’ll be very happy to be wrong.

    And one more thing: I also think playing “the best QB right now” is wildly over-rated, especially if the 2 are very close and one has a much higher ceiling. These tough decisions are required by a leader, if we’re trying to build a program. Leaders need to take smart risks.


  55. John Gasaway‏Verified account @JohnGasaway

    It’s official: Kentucky really is the youngest team in Division I, by a hair….
    1. UK
    2. NC Central
    3. Pitt

    By the way …. this is basketball, not football. The FB team as I recall was only the 7th youngest team


  56. With the exception of some big time programs, I see a decline in interest in many programs. ACC was a very good decision for stability and money. But too many programs are just average or of little interest. Big Ten has money and paying coaches. The SEC has the fertile recruiting territory but suspect coaching. Todays game is about two programs that are suffering from decisions that winning compromises some academic myth that the two are mutually exclusive. Pitt bounced Jock and Jackie and is still ripples today. Pitt has to build a stadium,begin the branding of Pitt football and quite frankly a surge in money is badly needed. Steelers weren’t always good, the Pens went through two bankruptcies so anything is possible with commitment and some luck. . ,


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