POV: Sunday’s (Non) Podcast

Have to be honest here – didn’t watch the game or even follow it on the Internet… We have out of town visitors and were in DC from 10 am until around 10 pm when I checked the score… and was pleasantly surprised.  I even have the game on DVR but probably won’t watch it until Tuesday at the earliest.

But here’s a new thread for all to talk about what transpired yesterday and if anyone wants to do a quick MMQB: Good, Bad and Ugly article and send it to me today I’ll post it tomorrow. But really – I have no idea of the flavor of the game except for Hall’s two big TD runs and the stats as shown.

But hey!  A 24-17 win on the road is a nice day’s work for this team, isn’t it?

Have at it…

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  1. No problem, even the Pope gets a day off now and then, i think. Someone posted during yesterday’s game that your head would explode when you saw some of the stats. haha Many complained that KP should have been inserted in the game. My take – the Nooch even by his standards was bad through 3 quarters but came through with a nice long pass and catch by Weah (definitely worth a watch) that set up winning TD, Someone thought KP might have been under the weather (of course PN wont tell us) , heck I thought KP was going to start the second half. Both long runs by Hall were inside, don’t know why OC insists on running around end before he establishes inside. Maddox may have broken an arm – had nice sack too. iMO stars Lopes, Weah, Maddox, Sean I and Dane Jackson. Enjoy time off, thanks.


  2. DiNucci played entire game. As rkb indicated, he was shaky through 1st 3 quarters but came thru with some nice, clutch completions in 4th quarter.

    Hall had > 250 yards mainly due to runs of 79 and 92 yards, the latter puts him in the Pitt record book for longest run. Whitehead didn’t contribute much on offense but led team in tackles. In addition to rks’s list above, I thought Hamlin played pretty well

    Not a pretty win, but who are we …..?


    1. Best thing IMO about win yesterday is that Duke came out in 3rd quarter after being down 7-3 at half, and took over the game to lead 17-7 …. and I’m sure everyone was thinking, here we go again. (I did) But then Hall had 92 yard run … 4th quarter was nip and tuck. Duke moved the ball but didn’t score while Pitt scored 10


  3. Don’t know about you guys but it’s pretty clear to me who the PITT jinx is??. PITT wins and someone isn’t watching it. Hope PITT doesn’t lose when Reed watches the replay on Tuesday.

    TOP is big in this game. Combination of Dinucci getting a few first down with his legs and the D coming up big on third down. Good team effort.

    Pickett was said to be iffy with the flu. MacVittie was still wearing the headsets though.

    Still want to Pickett get some real game day snaps.


  4. I don’t think Dinucci is the long term answer, but he is improving with playing time and a game plan suited to his skills. It took 3-4 games last year before they opened up the passing game with Peterman, maybe we will see some of that in the remaining games.


  5. Larry (Scooter) Fran and I were at the game. First I was surprised there were so many pitt fans. It was good to see. We went to the alumni tent thingy, and were able to talk with Heather Lyke and Bostick and others. Very accessible. Also I noticed that their stadium was less than half full. Reed, I sent you a pic. Also noted that there was no freakin shade, even on the councourses. It is North Carolina and there is no shade?! Those poor season ticket holders. And something we will never see at our games…FREE parking. Yes I said FREE. Every lot you just drive in. I also was wondering why no picket at all, thought he would get some snaps. Ben didn’t do too bad, just one real bad underthrow that I remember. All in all a pleasant experience.


  6. @ rkb, Ben showed ALOT of warts in his Duke win but he did just that, WIN.

    Weah’s catch was more of a redemption snatch back than just a “catch”. Duke’s DB pulled off a grand larceny at Weah’s expense who would have made a nice two handed catch if not contended by the defense. However Weah pulled his own “not so fast my friend” moment in fighting back against the bugler all the way to the ground. In the end, the WR has his name inscribed on the merchandise in such a simultaneous possession so Pitt gets a break from the officials for a change. I looked at that play a half dozen times in stop action and this was never a simultaneous possession, but rather what would have been a nice pass on the button reception stolen away by an even better interception that our WR decid d he just wasn’t going to accept without a fight. In the end, advantage Weah!

    And come on man! When the comment that Whitehead was ineffective on defense gets made, it makes me wonder why the game winning INT by Jordan is discounted that way?????

    This game was set up to be the perfect Pitt heartbreaker. Stupid penalty on Jackson with him going from hero to scapegoat in just two plays on Duke’s final drive. A situation that could have easily could have ended at the final gun with a last second TD by the Blue Devils to take the game into OT, with Duke having all of the momentum in so doing. Whitehead squashed that with his diving INT at the end. That right there is a trump card to negate any and all prior sins by Jordan during the game. That one play was definitely one of the “GOOD” items in this game’s analysis. Another one while we’re on the GOOD. Ben’s first full game is a “come from behind victory”. Hopefully he sends Darrin Hall a thank you note for his help in the matter.



  7. The good – the individual play of Darrin Hall & Dane Jackson, plus improved play of the OL.

    The bad – The play of DiNucci (stats helped by long interception that Weah stole), Pickett doesn’t play (hopefully he was sick, otherwise this gets moved to Ugly), Maddox gets injured (he’s really stepped it up this year, what a turnaround), and maybe playcalling? (hard to tell if this was just due to DiNucci, or Watson)

    The ugly – Zero push by the DL. zero, and I don’t remember a Pitt linebacker’s name being mentioned the entire game (obviously, I may have missed something).


  8. Way to go Richman, Scooter and Fran bringing home a Big W.. The POV was very well represented in Durham.

    I agree that Dinucci doesn’t step into his throws. Seems like he’s afraid of mistakes? Hopefully he gets more lucy goosey real quick.

    Ben is not a good passer on the run just yet. If he decides to break the pocket he should just decide to run for yardage and quit the QB/walt slide.

    Hamlin had himself a heck of a game. Took a bad angle on one play same side of the field as his last breakdown. Jackson is playing great. PITT’s D can look good when not playing a top 20 team. << which should be more often.

    I had the jalapeno red hot chili pepper dip last night and washed it down with a gallon of gin. I’ll be in and out all day.. << Paraphrase of George C answering machine skit.


  9. I just can’t see Dinucci as a Power 5 QB. He cannot throw on the run, and is not accurate with his passes in the pocket. To make matters worse, he seems to be afraid of contact. His slides are way too early, and on one occasion he slid early leaving Pitt 1 yard shy of a first down. I think he may eventually learn how to run th offense better, but the skills aren’t there.


  10. I thought it was great that some POVers spoke with Heather. Richman, way to go. Hope you get on that fan committee – as you said, you are part of what should be a big target audience, Pittsburgh sports fans who went to schools other than Pitt…

    I spoke to Heather for a good while. She was engaging. I started by asking her what in the heck she’s got herself into here at Pitt… I suggested they need to do more outreach in the local communities and school districts, like Coach Gottfried used to do with “Chalk Talks”…

    More later…

    As for the game – the catch Weah made before the disputed catch was truly spectacular. We need to keep feeding him high balls that he can go up and get.

    Hall has always run hard. He usually gets at least a couple yards after contact. And there should be no doubt now that he has excellent speed -he’s just not elusive in the Dion, Ray, Shady mold…

    Go Pitt.


  11. I was THERE…..we won… lots of blips but we won… wife left game and alumni tailgate tickets back in Raleigh… do we had to leave our FREE parking space to go back to Raleigh to fetch’em..,Duke lady in charge of the FREE Parker my saved my spot!!!! Gave her $30 with a hug and a God bless you… still good to know there are warm and wonderful peeps in this world.

    At the FREE parking lot under big shade trees I enjoyed beers with the DiNuccis, Oneals, Booksers and Pilatos Dad and Moms… if I was ever going to start a bar fight I would want their Fads covering my ass. Big tough bastads!!!

    Late for the Alumni tailgate (hard to find).. stopped into Carmichael Indoor Stadium. Ran in to Lastrow and Richman exiting the tailgate… amazing how POVerts stand out in a crowd especially with all the young co-eds roaming the campus… and these Duke girls are SMART( heard they don’t cook)

    Sorry Majors I missed you… I buy my 40 yd line seats through Duke includes $5 drink and $4 hotdog. See you at the Carolina game…

    Annie.. be there… bringing
    Something for you..it’s a bribe/ want to meet you!!!

    Artie Steinberg, my old frat bro and son were there. Said he had been reading the PaoV but it became too depressing…. I love Artie.. we are open and honest….

    Me and Jeanie B hung out with Dr Toms frat bro from Orange County Ca… great peeps… POV connects people..🎶 Will the Circle be Unbroken🍻

    Spending the weekend with UNC grad and wife Greg- Christine Sasser and his partner Frank/ Maureen Nixon who are suffering through a horrendous FB season ( no QBs – tons of injuries)

    BigB and JeanieB the Sasser’s and Nixon’s are coming home for the Carolina game… still trying to figure out which Star Wars character to be.. we are drinking on it….

    WE WON…on to Virginia.,,,!!!!


  12. Duke keeps an old relic in Carmichael Indoor Stadium … basketball court nameda stadium – how cool is that

    Duke keeps a classic alive and gave tours of this hallowed Hall… PITT stadium was a classic – only new money spent there NEW MINTS in the urinals… Damn I miss my on campus football experience…

    Duke alum told me they get a lot of Alum donations but poor attendance because most people who go to Duke are not from the region..

    I don’t give much because Piit cannot get the Mustard the
    Right color… don’t give a crap about what we think…

    but I care about what POVerts think… good or bad…

    UPitt has been hunting out west… sent me pic of a great antelope… has to be a Boone and Crockett… for all you hunters… way to go Mark.. you da man!!!


    1. You mean Cameron Indoor Stadium ? Carmichael is where the Tarholes use to play before the DeanDome.

      Yea Bernie, we should have totally gutted Pitt Stadium and did a total rebuild of it, maybe even adding a dome and bball court. Of course Consol Energy Center is only a couple miles down Forbes.


      1. That was one of the most stupid decisions in NCAAF . NOBODY TEARS DOWN THEIR CAMPUS STADIUM. Even Duke spent, what $50 mil to upgrade the middle part of Wallace Wade with new seats that have backs on them and added a bunch of luxury boxes. And Duke draws far worse than Pitt and has little post WW2 football tradition.


  13. Hears something to chew on, if say Pitt wins 3 more games and gets another Turd Bowl with The Nooch, playing QB. Does this mean we’re going to have to endure The Nooch next season as the starting QB ????

    And then what a waste burning Pickett’s redshirt over a Nard Dog brainfreeze against Cuse.


  14. Haven’t done this for awhile. A look at Pitt’s past and future opponents.

    Youngstown State (3-4) lost to Northern Iowa 14-19
    omitted (we never list the Cult’s wins)
    Oklahoma State (6-1) won in Overtime vs. Texas 13-10 (somebody figure out how to stop the Pokes O)
    Georgia Tech (4-2) won over Wake Forest 38-24
    Rice (1-6) lost to UT-San Antonia 7-20
    Syracuse (4-4) lost to Miami 19-27
    NC State (6-1) bye
    Virginia (5-2) got trounced by BC 10-41
    UNC Tarholes (1-7) got destroyed by VT 7-59
    VT (6-1) see above
    Miami (6-0) beat Cuse 27-19


  15. Goslings Black with Goslings ginger beer and s squeeze of fresh lime … sub Voda= Moscow Mule… sub bourbon= Kentucky Mule….


  16. Enjoyed the victory yesterday. I see Dinucci in rest of year barring injury which leds us to next season with same issue No QB He’ll go to the end with him. I got bored watching 8/10 plays being end around. No imagination in offense. No throws to tight end no wheel routes passes to run unit backs out of backfield. No screens draws traps double down and kick out with someone other than officer pulling. It has to be easy to scout Pitt since very little to cover and prepare for. Remember the trick plays. You must prepare for them. On to Virginia and another win if we play hard. I’m still looking for leadership other than Maddox. He’s hurt so young pups got to step up. H2P


  17. VoiceofReason I saw the same thing, little Ben goes into his slide way too soon, got to get the first down. I’ll be wearing my Ohio St tee after the Pitt game Saturday, our last chance for the Creeps of the East to get their first loss.


  18. Getting bored waiting for some more Pittsburgh football this afternoon….. but if you guys are friends of P then you are friends with me.. If you’re down with PITT then you are down with me


  19. Just looking over some PSN stuff from yesterdays big win and I just have to scream out. I’m dam proud of this PITT football team after all they have been through this year. Now, don’t muck it up against Virginia… .. ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need.


  20. FWIW, despite the win, PSN has a full article calling for Pickett to be QB. Last week, HCPN received some criticism for playing Pickett.

    Pitt has a chance to win the next two, probably be favored in both. My guess is that the more experienced QB will start, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Pickett as QB the rest of the year


  21. ^^ That’s the dilemma wwb, play Pickett and get ready for next year? Or does PITT play it safe and try and get two more wins while giving Ben some experience with the playbook?

    or can PITT do both? . .


  22. If the Duzz goes with Ben the rest of the year he will be digging his own future grave. CLEARLY, Pickett has much much more talent then Ben. Ben is a great Burg kid and legit backup ( much like Terry Hanraty was for the Steelers. But like Terry H was no Terry Bradshaw, Ben is no Ken. I’m not saying Pickett is the next Terry Bradshaw! But rather Ben is the next Terry Hanraty in comparison. Hope that made sense!


  23. I’ve been a big supporter of playing BD. No more after his 1st half and 3rd quarter performance. PittmanForever has it 100% right. Time for Picket is now. Actually it would have been at the start of the 2nd half Saturday if Picket was not ill. Problem remains: SW not smart enough to be a D1 OC. That is not going to change.

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  24. No way the Creepster RB. Barkley is gonna win the Heisman. Against a very weak schedule he’s 18th in the nation in rushing yards. Only avg’g 108 ypg. Louisville’s QB has more rushing yards. lol


  25. Emil, I couldn’t agree more with what you say, but he is a lock. The national guys luv the Nitters! And the BiG is so weak they will go undefeated till the playoffs.


  26. Turned on the stiller game to see Conner and Boyd.

    Many empty yellow seats and the same cheesey field markings. It’s not just Pitt.


  27. Good:

    A win during a tough season.
    Golf on a sunny, 70 degree, late October day in Central PA – and winning to boot.
    D. Hall’s record breaking game.
    a few ref calls actual went Pitt’s way.
    J. Whitehead’s INT to seal the win.


    Another captain goes down with an injury.
    LB-er play.


    zero sacks and zero QBH’s by our D-line.
    Kickoff & punt return yardage.
    PI on 4th and 23 with the game on the line.
    no throws to A. Mathews


  28. After watching years of piss poor tackling including my favorite player Dane Jackson tuck in his arms and try to bump the runner down on Saturday, I offer the following suggestion to Duzz… take them out of their helmets and pads and put them up against a good rugby team and learn to use their shoulders!


    1. A couple days ago I posted a Pitt win against the pedos in the early ’80’s and both teams knew exactly how to tackle. It’s a lost art form…


  29. Ricky Jackson said last week at homecoming when asked what the diff was between this Pitt team and his…his answer “we liked to hit and get hit, this team don’t “. Truer words never spoken.


  30. The Good:

    Darrin Hall

    Close second? The O-line run blocking. I could have limped and gimped my way for 3 yards on Hall’s first touchdown.

    The defensive effort << getting better.

    Dinucci, he took care of the ball and PITT controlled the time of possession almost 2 to 1. << This is how you win football games.

    All the Pover’s making it down to the game and representing… Job well done.

    The Bad:

    PITT doesn’t play Duke again next week.

    Pickett not getting real time game play action.

    Comments are a lot less on the POV when PITT wins.

    Reed not having the Sunday podcast, I’ll get over it…. Reed really needs to get a life and do more charity work, entertaining guests while keeping a PITT blog going for us dopes. << sarcasm…… song down below

    The Ugly:

    Maddox, I really like this young man. Another leader lost?

    That’s it. Why cry over milk UN-spilled? We Won! . . . . .ike

    Reeds life…………..



    1. The Heather Lyke Bowl quest battle cry uttered in the locker room after the Pitt win, with her squeaky voice one octave below sounds that only dogs can hear, “Let’s go bowling boys, the Motor City ain’t THAT $hitty!?”


  31. Ike – your posts are great but no way I can list DiNucci as a “Good” for that game. Too many poor passes when we had guys open and too many weak runs…

    Good: Hall, Ra Ra Lopes…
    Bad: DiNucci, Watson, our use of time-outs; not making a third and short, where’s the QB sneak behind Bookser?
    Ugly: Maddox getting injured

    BigB – I noticed that whiff tackle by Dane Jackson- that and the PI were very disappointing efforts for a guy who otherwise has been playing well…

    Go Pitt


  32. I may not be Ike, but I’m usually more optimistic than pessimistic. I’ve been pretty consistent in saying that we are going to take some lumps this season with a young team, but that our arrow is still pointing up. While I still believe that, and I’m happy that we won yesterday, there are some issues that need to be fixed if we expect to sustain any success as we head down the stretch of the season. I don’t have the time to put together a full article, but here are a few thoughts….

    DiNucci showed me nothing yesterday. He got away with throwing into coverage several times. Weah bailed him out on the play that in my opinion was the difference in the game. I still think that the ruling on the field was incorrect and that it was an interception, but I’m glad that it worked out the other way. He does not seem to have any accuracy when throwing on the run. He has no “Palko” in him, and slid short of the sticks on several runs. (In his defense, if Pickett was in fact sick and couldn’t play, and if the instructions from coaches was to get out of harm’s way, then he gets a pass). He clearly has a weak arm. I root for the Pittsburgh kids, but the Nooch is a backup. Play Pickett, coach.
    Our defensive line continues to get no pressure on the quarterback. None. Our linebackers once again blew an assignment that resulted in an immediate Duke TD. The entire defense continues to miss tackles. Duke was not very good offensively, so they did not expose our defensive issues. Better teams have (see Okla St, PSU, NC State and GA Tech) and will (Va Tech, Miami).
    The only receiver worth talking positively about is Araujo-Lopes. OK, Weah had a couple of nice plays. Nobody else seems to be able to create separation. The Tight Ends are virtually invisible.
    OC Watson is terrible. Horrible. Atrocious. You pick the adjective. We run the same plays over and over again. Jet sweeps and screen passes. Yuck.
    Someone please explain why, when the other team has 4th and 23, we are in man coverage? Keep everything in front of you and defend against the first down. I don’t blame the player (Dane Jackson?) for the PI penalty. I blame the coaches.
    Happy for Darrin Hall. Great game statistically. But he caught lightning in a bottle. He doesn’t make tacklers miss, and can’t break a tackle. Give me more AJ Davis.
    Besides Nooch, several other players ran out of bounds or failed to lower their shoulder pads to get first down yardage. I know that it happened at least 4 of 5 times. Add to that the total lack of hitting by our defense, and there seems to be a toughness factor missing from this team. Mr. Aston, we miss you. Please get healthy soon.

    Glad to hear that the team got great support from the POVerts who made the trip.

    Belated condolences to Pitt Cocks. May God Bless her soul.

    Go Pitt. Let’s beat the Hoos next week. H2P!!!


    1. Agree on many points but def not on a few.

      First, can’t say I loved what Dinucci did in total but he did manage the game well enough to win. Really only disliked the act he put on after running for the first down…showboat posers never impress me. MajorMajors mentioned it maybe in the prior thread. Act like you have done it before and then do it again…..IIRC, they punted 4 plays later. Did like his late 3rd down conversion pass to Lopes, but then follows it with another WEAK one that would have sealed the game a few plays later.

      Screen plays called by Watson? I don’t remember any, let alone many…unless you are calling the throws to RB’s running laterally and behind the line. Not true screens but agree, little success on any of them.

      Not seeing anything in AJ Davis.


      1. Flat pass = screen pass as far as I’m concerned. East West play, not North South. DiNucci was the winning QB, but he didn’t manage much in my opinion.


  33. Duly noted MM, but Dinucci took PITT and the ball out from their own 4 yard line for a nice drive late in that game and brought PITT back for a come from behind win.

    Not crowning him but he did do what PITT needed him to do for a win. I get it and he may be not the guy I want to see down the road unless he settles down. A win is a win though……

    I get it he may not be the long term answer. I think Ben is the best option to beat Virginia though…… but boy do I want to see KP duty as well.


    1. Without Hall’s 92 yard run, I’m not sure DiNooch leads us to victory in the 4th qtr. Pitt was down 2 scores at that point.

      I could be wrong, but combine our QB with OC Watson, the Pitt O struggled for 3 qtrs, very badly. That would be 7 points bad…


  34. Missing Wlat,
    Well, we both watched the same game! :>)
    Hence, I observed the same things as you so either we both have some football IQ or we’re both total idiots. I hope it’s the former and not the later!


  35. Hey missingWlat, you have been missing commenting lately. Great post. I’m all for Pickett but I worry about his playbook aptitude right now not getting first team reps all season.

    Virginia and UNC are beatable with Dinucci while Pickett gets more practice snaps. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing him start this week at all. See you Wednesday my fellow Lay-Trobian!


    1. I believe DiNooch starts and after two 3 and outs, we’ll see Pickett for a few series. The hot QB will play.

      Let’s hope one of the two can get hot enough to beat the hoos.


  36. WLAT – good analysiss.

    I will add to the “Good” that the OL decided they were tired of being the reason this year has been disappointing. O’Neill called out his linemates this week and they responded. They played with emotion.

    Listen to Bookser’s post-game comments:

    Football | Alex Bookser Postgame | Duke

    I’m glad they responded and hope they can continue to play with a chip on their shoulders. If they sit back and admire this game too much, we will have problems vs the wahoos.

    Also sounds like these kids were able to get Watson to run more between the tackles. Glad he listened and hope he keeps it up.


  37. Major, enjoy the beach you cranky old geezer. 😃 Reed, I still have some shirts in your bag…all are white. I will do inventory and let you know sizes. Saves you postage if we can pass out at the tailgate.
    Great time at the game. Met new friends that promised to stop at the POV tailgates…networking baby!


  38. Don’t know how Heather’s legacy will play out but after meeting her twice over the weekend one thing stood out to me in comparison to my experiences with past athletic directors…Pederson looked THROUGH you, Barnes looked PAST you and Heather looked AT you.


    1. LastRow – I agree with your comment about Heather. She’s a very engaging person and appeared to listen with interest to what we had to say…

      Great to see you and Larry; sorry I missed you BigB.

      Nice of Whitehead to make the game saving interception right in front of us…👍

      Go Pitt.


  39. Larry V:

    I get your comment about as Dinucci gets his feet wet and more experience Watson will open the playbook. And this week he took a couple shots downfield. BUT… It seemed as soon as Pickett came in last week he took more shots downfield. Yes, we were playing from behind, but it seemed either Watson trusted him to throw downfield more, or to me more likely, he has a gunslinger mentality, as where Dinucci is quicker to check down in his progressions.


  40. And Ucla actually has a QB(Rosen Rosen) that can sling the ball around, so it’s not a snoozefest offense/game.
    He’s 2nd in the nation in passing and Ucla is 4-3. More stadiums around the country are like Pitt’s (half-empty) than the opposite. So this is not a Pitt problem, people are tuning out of football, unless you belong to a cult

    You should see the pics of the half-empty NFL stadiums. Football is dying.


  41. Emel… agree with you … football and probably
    Sports in general are trending down… the times- they are a changing……


  42. Toilet Bowl? Pitt may be in the same position this year as in 2014 where they had to beat Miami in the finale to get bowl eligible. Three major differences here:

    — this year’s Miami team is undefeated, that Miami team finished 6 and 7.
    — The two out-of-conferences losses in 2014 were both at home to Iowa (which finished 7-6) and Akron.
    — in 2014, Pitt played only one team that finished ranked. This year they have 5 currently ranked teams on its schedule.


  43. DiNucci

    Runs out of bounds to lose yardage instead of throwing it away
    Doesn’t step up into the pocket to give receivers time to get into routes
    Scrambles immediately
    Throws off back foot
    Snaps the ball too late on the fake jet sweeps. Not a fake if receiver already passes the QB before snap.
    Won’t throw past ten yards most of the game

    Start Pickett!!!!!!!!! He can’t be any worse.


  44. Hall doesn’t have that lateral move that the great ones have, but he is strong and fast.

    Agree with many of the comments on DiNucci, but he did lead a comeback victory, a rarity at Pitt and something to enjoy for a week.

    Pickett looks to have the tangibles, have to see if he has accuracy and makes good decisions.

    QB’s are better with experience, which neither have much of yet.

    Hopefully we are seeing the D grow up before our eyes. Time sure flies by, going to miss Whitehead next year, seems like he just got here.


  45. PIckett will be the starting QB someday in the not too distant future. However the intense dislike for the Nooch is unreal. THE THROW WAS NOT AN INTERCEPTION, deal with it. Weah had possession in one arm the whole time. You do not get an interception as a defender just because you got both hands on and the better grip. That is not the rule, never has been the rule. Nooch was bad through 3 quarters but the throw to Weah was a nice throw and catch and led to the winning TD. Nard said after the game that Nooch stayed in because he didn’t turn the ball over and he didn’t. I called for KP at the beginning of second half but the Nooch and Pitt persevered and won. Get over it. Maybe with the internal problems Nard wanted some stability. You cannot really expect a true freshman who had not taken snaps with the first team for months to come in and rip the joint up. KP was not a ball of fire vs NCS, he needs practice time. Relax, his time will come. (Probably when VT and Miami shred Nooch). Give credit when and where it is due. That said Nooch is a bit of a show boater for someone with marginal talent. – RKB


  46. Heather thinks Pitt can make a bowl game, which requires 3 wins out of remaining 4 games. Where does the upset come from? Even if VA and NC are won, they will need to beat a ranked team to get bowl eligible. Hard to see how KP gets much playing time out of this scenario.


  47. It was a good come from behind win and I give DiNucci credit for pulling it off, BUT 24 points a game isn’t cutting it in college ball.

    Agree Hall doesn’t have the moves. Exactly why he should run between the tackles. He has enough to get the job done.


  48. Good: A win. Chance to salvage a season. I think 6-6 could happen if all the stars align.

    Bad: Losing Maddox.

    Ugly: The love fest for all things Penn State. Making them out to be some type of hero from “rising from the ashes” from the NCAA sanctions, which were in fact a total joke. The truth is the media refused to let PSU die, and the admin there has done nothing to change the football first mentality the enabled Sandusky. Amazing that no one in the media will ever speak the truth on this.


    1. Couldn’t find a link but there is one radio personality who I have heard on a few occasions telling it like it is about Penn State and Paterno. Anyone ever heard Bram Weinstein’s opinion on this?


  49. Watched Baker Mayfield, Eric Dungy, Trace McSorely over the weekend. Pickett has the same running talent as those three. It adds a totally different dimension to the offense. He should be playing at least one series per game. Sure he will struggle but it will be worth suffering through the learning curve.


  50. As much as their is a love fest for PSU (and indeed there is) …. OSU is a 7 point favorite. In the pre-season polls, OSU was picked as #2 despite that fact that (1) the last time anyone seen them play, they were losing 30-0, and (2) they lost a lot to the NFL draft (even more than our Panthers.) Potential talent is not necessarily proven talent.

    Thus far, OSU has had one test, getting manhandled at home by Oklahoma. The two things OSU has going for them is that (1) they have 2 weeks to prepare .. note that PSU had the same for Michigan, and (2) PSU plays much better at home than away. They won’t be playing before 110k white-outers.

    This last point is the one thing Pitt has over PSU … it has no definitive advantage at Heinz and plays just as well (or poor) on the road. 43-42 and 13-9 were both on the road while Pitt’s poorest showings in recent years — losses to YSU, Akron and Ok State were at home.


  51. My sense on the POV is that, outside of Ben D’s family members apparently commenting on here, commenters realize Ben is not a Power 5 QB but respect him as a Pittsburgh kid and understand that if Ben is the best QB we have we will never win any thing with the word “championship” in it. There is very little “Ben Bashing” taking place on here. But to have commenters above say that Ben played a good game against Duke when he was 8 for 18 and clearly failed any kind of “eye test” is simply delusional. Please take off the blue and gold glasses. Thank you.


    1. BD played a good enough game, not GOOD.

      Has anyone really seen enough of KP to know in-game accuracy? Stronger arm is great IF accurate and game accuracy and seeing the field/going through progressions is yet to be seen. That said, with what is left of this season, I don’t really care about a bowl game that I won’t attend. Let’s find out more in the next 2 games about KP by getting him multiple series and then go into Miami and VT games with the better guy.


    2. Nevermind, you meant Ike above…lol.

      Let’s make it Good, Good Enough, Bad and Ugly….then at least we have balanced posting requirements with 2 positive and 2 negative.
      Good – Hall’s improving vision, O-line giving Hall something to see.
      Good Enough – BD overall play
      Bad – QH’s continued absence, pre-game announcers highlighting Morrissey and QO as IMPACT players
      Ugly – Maddox especially if he is gone for the year.


  52. I think there were 2 different Ben Dinuccis in the game Saturday – quarters 1-3 were the playbook that assumed Dinucci can throw on the move, and the 4th quarter was when the staff realized that he just can’t. He looked much better – still not fantastic, but certainly better – standing in the pocket when he can get his feet set and not throw the ball into the ground 5 yards in front of the receiver. He is nicely mobile, he just needs to get set before he throws, or just tuck it and run.

    Maybe it’s too much to credit Watson – maybe Ben started realizing this on his own – but he did look much better in the 4th.


  53. Ben played well enough for a win. Some times great QBs have a bad day and lose. I’ll take a guy that wins period even if he is a no star..


    1. 30 year’s from now, Ben DiNucci’s first full game against the Duke Blue Devils will still be a win. That Pitt victory can never be taken away from Ben. No matter what the future holds for him, he’ll always have Durham.


  54. These next 2 games at home are very winnable, sure no guarntee’s but still wining them is possible. We know a little about Dinucci and his weaknesses and his limitations. Many think they know Pickett and how he can spin the football but do we know how he would play a game from start to finish?

    Virginia is winnable but far from a team you want to experiment with an complete unknown commodity at QB. Get KP some quality snaps in practice but get Ben ready for the start. imo

    I would have a package or two ready for KP earlier in the game to keep him warmed up and ready to go in in case Ben falters badly.

    A PITT win is paramount this week to keep the barking dogs off Narduzzi’s heels. . . . .ike



  55. Tino never led one comeback victory in the 7 seven years he started( seemed that long) The Nuch did it in his 2nd start…he is a gamer


  56. The Good: Hall and the W
    The Bad: OC
    The Ugly: Losing Maddox

    Can see KP enter and finish the Virginia game then have 12 days to prep for NC and remain the starter for the balance of the season.


  57. New depth chart out. Maddox or Motley at CB so I guess Maddox may play. The RB position has Hall or Ollison.

    I would like to see Ollison more at FB … either as Aston’s role of last year or as FB in I formation


  58. RBs need carries especially big backs like Ollie…

    Hall has break away speed.. damn he is fast but zero shiftiness/ lateral moves… wonder why they don’t line him up 5 yds instead of 10 yds behind the LOS for a quick hitter… oops that’s 1960’ -70’s football…

    QB situation… want to see KP… but will pull for whoever is calling signals now.

    KP looks the part and once he gets in there I expect there will no looking back barring injury.

    Nuch will make a good backup.

    McVit looks athletic.. hopefully they grow him into a playmaker … TE-QB- flanker????


  59. Weah caught a couple of balls but slowed down or jumped early running routes … IMO didn’t look good in spite of the big catches…

    Hamlin and Whitehead Islands got smoked by Duke for a TD. They ere out of position/ 10 yards behind the receiver.


  60. With Motley back and playing it would be great if Maddox’s’ injury is not too severe as it would give much needed experienced depth in the D-Backfield.

    I did see Ollie and Hall together in the backfield last week, still not sure about QO’s blocking abilities but it would be fun to see him run one of those Georgie sweeps.

    Oh and Brightwell seemed to have had a good game last week.


    1. There was one time I remember when Ollie lined up as FB in the I and made a pretty decent block. If you remember Aston and Hyno, the FB was often open in the flat in play action after a fake to the TB up the middle.


    2. not sure who blew the assignment when their RB was wide open in the middle and scored a TD … thought it may have been Brightwell, but not sure


  61. I hope that saturday was a pivot to better performance for the remaining games, but Virginia isn’t a given and clearly Va Tech and Miami aren’t. It would be awesome if Pitt could upset on of them,

    I have never rooted for Ohio State outside of them playing a SEC team, but I will this weekend.


  62. Found this gem in the comments section of this week’s ESPN PSU/UM game story about UM’s DB who flipped off the White-Out Cult:
    “I guess you can’t blame the kid in some ways. He plays at a program that has not won a consensus national title since 1948. He plays at a program where they have tried three times in a row to find a coach who can bring them back to national prominence. He plays at a program that is paying its head coach, what, more than $10 million a year to make them relevant and yet they have lost almost every big-time game they have played in under him. This kid just got beat by a team that had the most egregious charges filed against it in the history of the NCAA- a convicted child molester who was an assistant for more than 30 years and raped young boys in the same showers that the team uses- yet has rebuilt enough to beat his team. He probably recognizes he was sold a bill of goods by a narcissist who is more interested in keeping himself in the news by participating in sleepovers with recruits, cimbing trees to impress a recruit’s sister, and taking his team to meet the Pope than he is in finding a way to win big ball games. Wouldn’t you be pissed, too?”

    Michigan is a great school, anyone care to switch places…they do pay their coach well.


  63. I’ve been afraid of the UVA Whahoos since I went to a game there during Wanny’s tenure and we lost 48 to 14 or something similarly horrendous. On top of that, I had to hide behind a pallet of Yuengling in a Charlottesville BP while someone robbed the place.

    Looking at UVA’s 5 and 2 record actually gives me hope. This year they have defeated UConn, UNC, William & Mary, Duke, and Boise who is having a down year…not exactly world beaters. If we played their schedule, maybe we have 4 or 5 wins right now. Keep the nooch in on Saturday until the game gets unwinnable…but I have hope Panther nation for a three game winning streak.


  64. @Emel – cherry picking my friend although i like your examples. UCLA is NOT on campus. It is 60 minutes away from their campus. Seating capacity at 91k. They have been looking for on campus stadium at 55k-65k capacity.

    The second one is Miami. No on-campus stadium. They share with the dolphins. Same thing. Poor attendance by students, etc.

    Our folks won’t ever get the stadium issue.

    Hall doesn’t have vision – That is the piece everyone misses on here. He is fast, he is big, he runs into people if they are in his lane, like my grandma driving. Stay out of her lane and she is fine. Approach from the side and it’s a collision for no gain. He is the better FB


  65. wwb..would love to see that Dukie TD pass again…one would think there might be a safety running to that area if he was looking at the ball.”when the balls in the air it’s anyone’s ball !!) Have to see it first to be able to react. Makes me wanna shout “TURN YOU R HEAD LAFAYETTE!!!” The Dukie was sooooo wide open.


  66. Not sure what people see in bd. It took a lucky “catch” and a blown pi call to get the win. He doesn’t have a strong arm and he’s not fast??


    1. Great fought for catch maybe comparable to many catches versus our CB’s last year where WR pushed off.
      Only in JW’s case, he fought for the ball and won it.
      Blown pi call? Contact within 5 yards of los, granted it was more a grab than just contact.

      Even so, I do not seeing much in BD to say he is THE guy, so short leash is ok by me.


  67. Can’t wait to read the comments on how smart Alan Saunders is this week in his breakdown of PITT’s offensive touchdowns on PSN.


  68. I really haven’t read one comment stating Ben D is the answer at QB in PITT’s future? I have read logical comments on why he should start this Saturday.


  69. BTW, I happened to be watching Weah run his route on the contested catch play. Jester was running a couple of steps behind the DB when I yelled “He’s open!” and looked back to DiNooch. So I was surprised to see that when the ball got there, the DB was all over JW.

    Just an observation…

    BigB has been making many on-target observations — one of which was that Jester doesn’t appear to always be going full speed in completing routes, and on one play at Duke he miss-timed his jump. But damn – there are times, like on his catch before the contested catch, when Weah looks like an All-Pro…

    In our final games, I hope to see whoever is at QB putting the ball where Jester can go up in stride and bring it down…

    Go Pitt.


  70. Without the two big runs we got beat soundly. Glad we won but geez! The impression I got watching game was that we played horrible but made a few big plays!

    Good: Hall’s two long runs and Damar Hamlin covering for the linebackers on several occasions.

    Bad: Throw the ball to Weah deep more often and mix in a quick slant where his physicality can allow him to take a throw Denucci can easily make and turn it into a score.

    Ugly: Lopez coming off the field……………..where was Matthews?

    How Stats Lie!

    Att Yards Avg TD’s
    2 171 85.50 2
    22 83 3.77 1 Anything Less Than 4.0 yards is a bad average because with 3 carries you aren’t
    getting a first down.

    24 254 10.58 3


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