POV’s Game Prediction; Duke and Other Stuff

Let’s clear up a few things from the last article’s thread that pertain to myself and Pitt football. There always seems to be the question hanging that I either like or dislike Pat Narduzzi as the head coach at Pitt.  That is a question that has multiple answers.  To simplify this I’ll say I think he was a good hire three years ago.  But a lot happens in two and a half seasons to build opinions on.

First off and let’s make this perfectly clear – I do NOT want to see Pat Narduzzi fired.  Some other posters may want that but you haven’t read that from me at any point. I think he deserves a full four/five years at least and he certainly deserves a chance to right the ship after the dust settles on this (hopefully) aberrant season.

Do I “like” Pat Narduzzi?

Yes, in many ways.  I think his work as the leader of the football program and the players off the field has been excellent and I have agreed with his disciplinary measures. This is a big deal for me because I believe these young men are student/athletes and a large part of any HC’s job at Pitt is to show leadership to them and instill discipline among them.

As far as pure football goes I think he is an average head coach who has done pretty well so far… with mainly other HC’s players.  But with that he also made the move to get Nate Peterman in at QB and ’16’s OC Matt Canada to Pitt and thus we had two eight win seasons in HCPN’s first two years. Pretty good work there, especially given our program’s record over the last five or so years.

I think he makes mistakes on gameday and is too risk-adverse to roll the dice and win sometimes – and BTW, after a full two years as a HC he should have minimized those by now. A good example is his opting  for 3 points vs 7 points in the 4th quarter of the NC State game when down 28-14.  He chose the FG because “that is what the chart says to do” instead of gambling and trying to make it a one-score game.  We can argue this forever but my point is he is averse to risk taking.

Is he a good motivator of his staff and his players?  Yes, in the main.  You don’t beat Penn State and Clemson last season without getting those kids ready to play.  Yet there have been times that we have come out of the gate either flat or too cocky which happens to all HCs at some point. I’ll say that I expected more consistency on this issue by now – the YSU game showed me that this year’s team had some real problems with this when we deadpanned after halftime… and then some players said publicly that they “let up” in the 2nd half almost costing us a loss to a FCS team.

So I sometimes question his in-game coaching but at the same time realize that when Saturday rolls around his role is mainly passed over to the Coordinators for in-game decision-making – both in personnel use and in playcalling. Except for timeouts, punt/no punt or crucial play calls as described above.

This is an area where I feel he has stumbled and mainly because he has watched his defenses start out rather poorly in 2015 and get worse over the last two years… yet he still sticks with his defensive coordinator Josh Conklin.

I think that is almost mind-boggling stubbornness and that it cost us a shot at a true excellent year last season – one where we could have at least been playing for an ACC championship or even, possibly, perhaps, the NCAA Playoffs.  We won’t see that high quality of an offense again for many years in my opinion and in a sense it was wasted because our defense was so very bad.

Fans seem to think the opposite about his staff work here and I believe it is only because it was Narduzzi’s decision to hire Conklin in the first place… but so what?  Conklin is an employee and certainly can be let go for not doing his job well enough.

As far as Pat Narduzzi as a person?

I feel like he is probably a great guy to have as a friend – who knows?  But he has also made some business decisions that I believe have not helped him in his tenure at Pitt so far.  Two of the bigger ones are his treatment of the media and his not only running closed practices but keeping such an info clamp on minor issues that he leaves the fans – who he is supposed to be working to please – scratching their heads.

There is a big difference about not being a “totally open” or “totally closed” HC.  Most HCs find a comfortable medium somewhere in there based on their personalities with an eye toward both the football program along with the Administration and fans (and donors – don’t ever forget those).  Narduzzi is a totally closed type of guy and I think that will hurt him in the long run.

I know for a fact that one of the reasons Narduzzi was hired in the first place was the University believed that his personality and energy would fit right in with Pittsburgh as a city and as a football town – and so had an eye on increased athletic donations in choosing him.  That, aside from a single targeted bestowal by one couple, hasn’t happened and we still linger at the bottom of the ACC in donated income and pretty close to the bottom listing of any university of comparable size.

One point here when talking about a HC’s openness.  There are certain things that a HC and his staff literally can’t talk about and that is academic issues with his players.  Those are covered by Pitt’s student privacy policies so that is black and white.  However, disciplinary issues and injuries can, and I believe should, be discussed within certain boundaries.  Narduzzi shuts the door on almost everything.

When you talk about a HC one of the most immediate and important things to address is his recruiting – and this is tricky because in reality the results of that can take a couple of years to come to light.  That is why when I talk about HCPN’s recruiting so far I always say “I think” or “I believe” that his recruiting is, and this is my opinion again, not that good.

But other fans look at his recruiting and have been saying it is great or fantastic when we really haven’t seen the results play out yet… in most cases.  I think that is it solely because it is Narduzzi’s classes in most cases, and since most fans love Narduzzi so they just must be great players.  Obviously I don’t hold that view.

And that is something that I feel is going to bite him in the ass in the years to come because we have been missing out on a lot of heavily targeted blue-chip kids, both local and afar, who have been choosing other schools. The staff even admitted this was the case after the 2017 class was signed.


I think Narduzzi has been a good hire and has been a decent HC so far – you just can’t sneeze at eight wins per in his first two seasons – and that he needs and deserves to have the length of his initial five-year contract to get the program in steady and solid shape. The fact that he was extended two years back in 2015 until 2021 means nothing – that was done for solely for recruiting purposes.  Give him a full five years to show what he’s capable of which means two more years after this 2017 season to see what we truly have with him.

If we swing back up from this down year – and I think we will at least in part next season then make the hard decision to keep him or not.  But at the same time we fans have to realize the Pat Narduzzi himself might want greener pastures and that is when the big $$$ decisions come in.  Will Pitt put out extra millions per year to keep Narduzzi? We’ll see and I doubt it but at this point in time I think what he’s making for what he’s doing is just about right.

My overall score since we are talking about sports:

On the Field – I give him a “C+” (maybe B- depending on the next five games).

Off the field – I give him a solid “B”.  Mostly because of his personnel handling of over 100 student/athletes who he obviously cares about as individuals.  I could drop him a bit for his dealings with the media because I think he’s making a mistake there but I’m a nice guy so it’s a “B”.

OK – back to real-time football games.  We are facing the Blue Devils – heavy on defense, light on offense – down in North Carolina.  Some of the POV’ers will be attending – have a great time and send photos.

Reed’s predictions for the game: 

Until this team can show me an offense that can score more points, on their own by scoring more, than the opponent I feel we will be on the losing end of games.  So with what i think is a pretty good Duke defense I think we’ll see:

Duke 28 – Pitt 20

101 thoughts on “POV’s Game Prediction; Duke and Other Stuff

  1. With DiNucci playing 3/4’s of the game Duke 24 Pitt 14—With Pickette playing 3/4’s of the game Pitt 24 Duke 14.


  2. Reed I’m with you on many points and agree game time decision is spotty sometimes. I realize as you do that that will come with experience hopefully For those who disagree remember what we had recently and it could be much worse. I give him two years more to get his players on the field. We have played tough teams and this week we start the winning streak PITT 31 Duke 28. Thanks Reed for all you do for us Pitt fans H2P PENN STATE OVERRATED


  3. Duke 31 Pitt 27

    Pitt comes out and runs the wishbone offense to perfection in the first half. Duke has to text Barry Switzer to get help on how to stop us. After making adjustments, Duke pulls out the win in OT.


  4. I will say the same thing as I said since the Georgia Tech game (except for Rice) … I cannot pick Pitt unless they show a good running attack.

    27-23 Duke

    If they can rush for at least 100 yds total, they will win


  5. Thank you Reed. I enjoy reading your articles and hearing your perspective.

    On other Pitt websites, one can tell that those writers’ views are perceived through blue-and-gold colored glasses.


  6. OK Reed, approaching 100% common ground considering Narduzzi, really nice setup on what has transpired his first 2 1/2 years. Very fair. Slight difference of opinion on his recruiting but not much as I understand the skepticism. This is why he needs to coach at least 2 more years.

    Yes he may leave on his own accord, I could hardly blame him but he does sing a different tune than that. So again we will have to wait.

    About the game.

    Duke scares me in no way. What does bother me is strength against weakness match-up. This is why Dinucci needs to start if PITT has any chance of scoring points against this Duke team. Although they really haven’t beat anyone yet. (remember NW is terrible)

    Their QB worries me some because he’s back and played well last year. I wish I knew who they lost, player wise this year from last year?

    PITT being on the road is another concern. I’m sure Duke feels very comfortable in that fine on campus stadium.

    I’m going with the score of

    PITT 24
    Duke 27


  7. BTW Reed, I am in agreement with much of what you wrote about HCPN.

    The media shutdown thing doesn’t bother me at all … especially since I see at least one and sometimes two) articles in each local paper every day. And the players and/or coaches are being quoted in these articles so they are accessible.


  8. Very fair analysis of Narduzzi. The “fire him” folks puzzle me greatly. Try as I might I don’t see a conga line of great or even good coaches lined up to come to Pitt. And imagine, if we HAD, say, beaten OKSt and UNC and gone to a big-time bowl and won? Narduzzi would now be gone and there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    He’s imperfect but PN is the man for the foreseeable future.


  9. …and BTW,,, if I’m going to play this prediction game honestly and I’m forced to pick PITT to lose Then we need to make this a real contest next year with a prize for the winner.


  10. Pittman4ever predicts:
    PITT: 19
    PUKE: 27

    1- until we prove that we can score points how can I blindly pick our guys to win?
    2- our D is better than last years “horrific,” so now it’s progressed to just “BAD.” (progress I guess)
    3- how about our running game? ANSWER: What running game????
    4- etc. etc. etc.
    5- :<(


  11. Pittman4evers updated prediction:
    Because for the first time in 3 decades my buddy Ike picks us to lose, we will probably win! Good reverse phycology Ike!!!! :>)


  12. Winner gets a POV T-shirt.

    Speaking of which I have a bunch left so I’m going to put the sizes up and you guys send me an email if you want one. I have both blue and white ones left and I think I’m going to buy some more hoodies as they seem to be well received.
    So I’m going to have an article later on offering these
    .. you know how to get in touch with me and let me know how to get these things out to you.


  13. Pitt loses 27-17 to the dukies.

    The Panthers hang close for 3 qtrs with the score 20-17. J.Whitehead plays the entire game at Safety with (1) pick 6 and never plays a down on offense. QH starts at WR, records (0) catches but scores (1) TD on a punt return and Kessman is 1 for 2 with FG’s.

    The 4th qtr celebration exhausts the Panthers and the dukies score early in the 4th to take a 27-17 lead. OC Watson continues his horrendous “3 and out” play calling as Pitt never threatens the dukies again in Durham.

    BigB losses his voice with 2 minutes left in the game as he screams for Pickett to enter the game.

    Meanwhile, in sunny Central PA, EE is enjoying a round of golf on a lush, perfectly manicured course, occasionally stopping to find his ball amongst the fallen leaves.


  14. Pittman…. You’re on to me huh? Everything ok?

    I think Narduzzi will mess up by confusing the QB situation even further. Scoring points will be tough.

    EE, Nothing like golf on a beautiful day in mid October but how did you get the day off? I’m going to tell the boss… 🙂

    I miss those golf days.


  15. Sorry, I forgot Reed. My granddaughter loves her shirt and wears it all the time at bedtime. Thank you again. It fits like a wedding gown.. but she loves it. …. ..ike


  16. I predict something similar to Syracuse game where Pitt and Duke battle back and forth and Pitt has a chance at the end but again falls short because they have no plan on offense…Duke 28 – Pitt 20. I am hoping that a 2 or 3 win season will get all the bad mojo out for next year. Still have faith in Narduzzi, this year is just a bad combination of tough schedule, young team, key injuries and suspensions and this is all magnified by average to below average coordinators who cannot manage their way around this. That being said my support will never waver…H2P!


  17. Pitt averages a horrible 23 points per game. You can’t win in college ball with that.

    Until they can put 30 or more up, they lose.

    Duke 35 Pitt 21


  18. Duke 48-Pitt 20. Pitt has no chance.

    Narduzzi stops playing to win at halftime and plays everyone.

    Note – if Pickett plays the entire second half. Duke 48-Pitt 45


  19. Statistically this is not a good matchup for Pitt. Duke’s offensive weakness is QB protection and Pitt hasn’t effectively pressured the QB. Duke does pressure the QB effectively and Pitt does not protect very well. Duke has a solid defense and runs the ball well.

    Duke’s So QB (Jones) had a solid year last season as a freshman and can run with the ball.

    Duke 31-17.


  20. Reed – an eloquent evocation. Well-reasoned and compelling.

    9 for Duke, versus 2 for Pitt at this point. I’ll take Pitt and the upset, 20-14. Defense leading the way.
    Pitt somehow finds a way to stop Duke’s rushing game and the D makes 2 picks off of Duke’s QB. Kessman with two FGs.


  21. Ike,
    The wife had her disk replaced between the C7 – T1 on Wednesday. I’m doing my best impersonation of a loving nurse (yikes). The procedure was a huge success! They now have a replacement disk for the vertebra that is amazing – it snaps into place with no screws or plates but is spring loaded! It is called a mobi – c disk replacement.


  22. From a P-G article regarding the run defense…

    linebacker Oluwaseun Idowu, who leads Pitt with 55 tackles and is averaging 9.3 per game in ACC play, said the Panthers have a certain colorful term to remind themselves to do their jobs against the run.

    “Don’t get lost in the sauce, is what we say,” Idowu said with a smile. “Don’t get lost in all the other stuff going around; read your key, trust your eyes. You know what you’re doing, so just play fast at the end of the day.”

    Okay everyone needs a theme but this is laying on a bit much isn’t it?

    How about “Quit hitting the sauce before the game starts.”


  23. I am feeling a half full glass today…Pitt is due for a breakout game…Competition this week is good but lesser than PSU, OK ST., GT and NC State…Pitt 24 Duke 14…Liked the comparison of Pickett to Dungey (sp?)/.Cuse QB… Pickett;s Charge! although before I adopt Pickett’s charge need to brush up on my history as o whether Pickett’s charge was successful. H2P!!


    1. Pickett’s charge was a dismal failure – let’s steer clear of that one.

      However, in a sense it fits as it was a last ditch attempt bu General Lee to win the day – which is in essence what we want Kenny pickett to do.


      1. He certainly did lose Reed but every team has their waterloo now and then. Hopefully it will be Duke’s tomorrow and perhaps fate will allow our Pickett to help in some way in securing the victory!


  24. I think quit hitting the sauce may apply more to PITT fans than the PITT football team if I had to guess.

    Great news Pittman. I have had plenty of great nurses that have had different looks but none that looked like you. <<< Thank Goodness.


  25. This season is lost so I continue to call for the younger guys to play, AJ Davis at RB, Kenny Pickett at QB & I ‘d like to see Garner, Weaver, JonesII, Pine & Wheeler all play more on the defense.

    Regarding HCPN, next year will be his litmus test. Which is the reason he should be getting “his guys” more experience from here on out right now. Personally I love the guy. He just strikes me like a coach who the players will play has d for and with the right recruits that spells a winning coach. The $64 question is has he assembled those recruits so far. I’ve been disappointed with guys like Hendrix, Clark, Hall, Hamlin, Watts, Camp & Browne all of which I expected to be good solid performers if not serious breakout difference makers for us this season. Maybe next year these guys plus others getting their change next year produce the on the field product that cements Narduzzi as our long term coach going forward. That remains to be seen.

    The one that this team direly needs right now is leadership! Narduzzi shooed some of that out the door with the dismissals of Blair and Taleni, then the suspensions of Bookser, Wirginis & Whitehead didn’t help. Not having George Aston on the field has also helped emasculate our feeble running attack as well as eliminating another leader from the huddle. That problem needs to be fixed internally by some players taking up those leadership roles. Without that happening next year we’ll be just as meh as this one is turning out to be.

    Needless to say, my half full cup is trending towards empty. Pitt beats the spread but loses.

    Pitt 24
    Duke 28


      1. It depends. Will there be any under aged coeds joining the next rountable? If not, then I should be able to without violating any of my parole parameters.


  26. Here is a good analysis on the two teams for tomorrow’s game… Interesting fact about our run production…


    “The Panthers, six games into the year, are led by Qadree Ollison who has just 266 rushing yards to his name. At the start of the season, running back was thought to be the deepest and most stable position on the team. Ollison was named the starter, but behind him was the likes of Chawntez Moss, Darrin Hall, AJ Davis, and possibly Todd Sibley.

    Care to guess in that group who is second on the team with 150 yards?

    The answer is “None of the Above”.

    Jordan Whitehead, despite being the starting safety and missing the first three games of the year, holds that distinction.

    “There’s only one ball,” Powell said. “You throw Whitehead in the mix, it’s hard to get five guys the ball. … He’s one of the guys we’re expecting to do good things in the future. If he was pressed into action, I think he would do a good job, but the overall knowledge of the game and what we’re doing is what he’s lacking right now.”

    That is a load of crap folks – our running backs may know the playbook like Einstein knew physics but we still suck hind tit at rushing – give Whitehead the ball as a true running back and see what happens – after all it isn’t like he’s taking big yardage from any other backs.


  27. Pittman4ever… I am lmao… spring loaded neck disc… you gotcha a real life bobble head…. I want one for Jeanie B to go with her new knee….


  28. Reed ..impressive/so quick and with a photo:
    Agreed! I will never use that verbage on the blog again!


  29. Really hoped
    Kenny the Snake Pickett’s Charge would have started .. “damn the torpedos full steam ahead.” The young man has the look…


  30. Pittman4ever… I have using that reverse psychology and betting against Pitt except for the Rice game knowing
    I would lose pesos and
    Pitt wins which would be great… so far I keep winning the bets so I am doubling up on Duke hoping to lose house money for a PITT victory,


  31. I’m going with writer who wrote the PITT-Duke article Reed mentioned in comment at 2:23pm.

    PITT 24 – Duke 20


  32. if Pickett starts and plays the whole game and QO runs for 350 yards, and we hold Duke to 100 yards total defense Pitt wins by 100-0 but that and other overly optimistic predictions wont happen. Duke is no powerhouse but they beat Northwestern and UNC and NC Central, played FSU close. Duke 31 Pitt 17.


  33. I really don’t buy that Whitehead is great and PITT running backs suck. That’s a spin off of last years Henderson plays which are just not working this year. Just like the Whitehead plays did not work last week.

    A surprise play is suppose to be a surprise. It’s not a true offense. What’s funny to me is that many said the same thing last year and now their tune has changed.

    Gimmicks are for the weak and undermanned. It may take awhile but the competition catches up after time.


  34. I say make him a true RB… no gimmicks. Same playcalls as to the other RBs.

    Look, the OL is opening small holes to get through, he can hit the hole faster and has more wiggle moves than all the others.

    Really, why not when absolutely nothing else is working.

    At this point we are averaging 3.3 yards per carry. Yet we are still running the ball 35 times per game on average. We have a crippled passing attack so we are going to have to rely on the running game.

    At 6’1″ and 195 LB Whitehead is big enough to go out there and get banged up a little bit. He’s not a skinny kid at all, he’s got muscle… put the superb athlete out there because nothing else is working.

    Risk taking 101…


    1. Makes sense to me seeing that the rushing yards are anemic. Reed do you think Q. Henderson could hit
      a hole in the line and gain some yards?


  35. Pittman4ever – I googled the mobi-c. Amazing looking device. My brother will find out Monday if he needs a fusion and I’ve told him to ask about it. Hope the Mrs. mends well.


  36. Duke 27
    Pitt. 24
    Just one of those seasons where we find a way to lose. But improve on defense. Offense shows some good things. And start seeing next seasons lineup starting to take shape.


  37. I agree Reed. It’s just the plays he has ran this year are end a round’s and somewhat of a surprise play. The other reason I agree with you is that I have plenty faith in Bricen Garner, who be around for 3 more years.

    Whitehead is a monster athlete, he’s really special. PITT also has two good untested recruits who are true freshman and could also fit the bill??


    1. I think the POV is a little to far to the right.

      I think the term your looking for is “muckraker” or “controversial” to keep political terms out of it.


  38. In Dookieland taking pics of Dick Groat’s jersey and Heather Lyke walks by…she is with a group of heavy donors but took time to speak with me and Scooter. Pat Bostic also stopped to say hi. Drinking now prepping for game day. Scooter: 31-22 Duke…Lastrow: 31-22 Pitt. We are isomers.


  39. Ike – Doing ok. It’s a day to day thing. But I have noticed that my attention span to any one thing is limited. Can’t seem to focus and get things done. Always have to stop & start on something else, then start on something else & finally circle back to my first thing.

    Like to read sports blogs. Just found out today that Louisville AD was fired on Wednesday. How did I miss that?


  40. You drinking lastrow was a given.. No offense intended. Wish I was there to share a beer with you. Sounds like a blast. Keep us informed of the goings on down there … ike


  41. Not real sure but I think the POV may have had a missing POV poster checking in the other late night?? Just wanted to say hi and ask your prediction for tomorrows game? Drop me an email if you don’t want to post…. your friend ike… Reed misses you..


  42. Here’s the deal…. the team that sticks with one QB wins this game. They have a Harris to our Pickett, although they said he’s a “situational” player, he’s not. Their head coach admitted he was used as a spark. I honestly see Dinnuci running for more yards than passing in this one. Unless we throw the ball over the middle. Slants, Posts, pop pass to the TE… I don’t care. Just NO MORE OUT ROUTES! That being said Pitt wins 20-17 last second FG by Kessman.


  43. Reed, just wanted to weigh in on your entry piece. We are completely aligned on this, even the grades and Narduzzi analysis. I agree that we should give him 5 years to produce, and maybe his game time skills will improve before then. Also, the comments on recruiting are right on. I agree with your final score as well, unfortunately.


    1. John Brown was friends with my sister and I who both are Pitt alumni. He was as good a person as a football player. He could play. His son said he helped a bunch of folks through AA. Caring guy.

      Well written Reed.

      Are we seeing a tacit acknowledgement that defensive strategy last few stubborn years is in need of change with new formation during Cuse game?

      O line needs something. Our running backs aren’t as bad as it appears.

      I like the ability competition despite the fact it hurts chances. See who emerges. Get two guys ready for next year. Look at Maryland. Can’t have enough qbs


  44. Narduzzi is an imperfect and flawed man. Much like us and the Pitt program. So in a way he is perfect if he can correct those flaws over time through experience and learning.

    Pitt 32
    Dookies 29


  45. after a tough but rewarding week of work, I just drank two very generous servings of Pino …. and now think that Pitt will wino. ,, I mean win. However, I’ll probably feel differently tomorrow am, so I stand with my original pick.

    There is still a little over half a bottle left … I assume tomorrow at around 3:45 will be a good time for that.(either way)


  46. Maybe e lost Ike from the ranks of hopeful predictors, but seems we gained a few others in some posts above.
    I know little about Duke but think they play basketball way better than football.
    Pitt 31
    Devils 24


  47. I will continue my broken record predictions that once again Pitt will not score more than 30, and thus they will lose because they will not be able to hold the other team under 30.
    Other guys-31

    Hoping the lights start to come on for some of the young guys as the season wears on.


  48. Don’t mean to rain on your parade, Doc Tom, but Duke winning 28-24 is how I see it as well. Pitt has to put 60 minutes of solid FB against a quality opponent before I will be able to pick them in another game this year.


  49. Last minute decision to go to the game with my aunt and uncle tomorrow. Anyone know if there is a ticket office at the stadium to get a ticket there?


    1. yes, I was there two years ago and as I recall, there was one main entrance not far from Camden Indoor Stadium (an old building that looks nothing like an arena). Tickets can be purchased in that area


  50. The Emel Tea Leaves Prediction for the Dukies vs the Narduzzies.

    Unfortunately the Leaves read the same as last week. Almost the identical pattern in fact.

    Duke Schmucks 35
    Narduzzies 20

    Pretty simple also that Duke is going Bowling, while Pitt is going to one of 3 ACC teams that won’t.


  51. Duke is in a really tough spot here schedule wise. Pitt has caught them in a “sandwich game” between FSU and VaTech. I like Pitt to cover here for sure, and I see this as a chance for a road win. That said, Pitt hasn’t put together 4 good quarters against a P5 opponent this year. Until they prove me otherwise, I will still trust the analytics. Duke 20 Pitt 17.

    Great assessment of Narduzzi Reed. At first, I thought the hire was good from a strategic perspective. Elite offensive talent was likely going to play 3 hours west or 3 hours east of Pittsburgh. Hiring Narduzzi was hopefully going to bring elite defensive talent from across the rust belt. With WVU playing in a conference with no road games within driving distance, I thought Pitt could be poised for resurgence.

    Nearly 3 years in and my problem is this…
    1) I don’t see the elite young talent that others perceive;
    2) Too much reliance on a “system” and not enough adjusting to the strengths and weaknesses of the talent;
    3) Last year was really problematic for me – the unwillingness to adapt while giving up unprecedented passing numbers week after week was the definition of insanity;
    4) Sitting at the podium last year and BS-ing me on how great of run defense they had was when he really lost me;
    5) Ranting and raving up and down the sideline and berating officials are the actions of a coordinator, not a CEO;
    6) This year it has been a steady diet of players out of position or coverage breakdowns schematically. The opponents haven’t even capitalized on all the opportunities but the breakdowns are consistent;
    7) The shroud of secrecy and his treatment of the media – OK if you are Nick Saban; not when you haven’t even won a bowl game and you are a college team in a pro sports town;
    8) The one core competency that was supposed to distinguish this team from the others – STINKS ranked 107;
    9) The buddy system and the hiring of Shawn Watson; and
    10) The lack of accountability and excuse making.

    That said, I still blame Pitt’s problems on the people/culture at the top rather than Narduzzi. Despite the lip service, there is no commitment from the administration to developing a conference championship winning program. Wannstedt told you how poor the resources and facilities were. Todd Graham obviously thought it was not sustainable and jumped at the first chance he had. Look at Paul Chryst with resources and a winning culture. There are probably 5 people in the world that could win 10 games consistently at Pitt (Saban, Meyer, Harbaugh, Stoops, and Chip Kelly) and that is why Pitt has experienced 30+ years of mediocrity. One thing is for certain…. those coaches are never going to walk through those doors with the administrators controlling the purse strings.

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    1. I agree with much of what you wrote. But I want to emphasize that the last thing we need is to turn our back on this HC, or we will just be perpetuating this problem. When Wanny was axed, I argued long and hard about despite his issues, this program needs stability … and needs it badly.

      He at least needs a chance to see his recruits develop …. who are mostly sophomores and freshmen


      1. BTW, I’m not n sure that even Saban, Meyer, etc. would prosper at Pitt …. all the guys listed are currently in the best programs …. and they made their way up in programs that were competitive with most of their opponents. Like it or not ….. Pitt was among the lowest budgets in the Big East and it remains as such in the ACC.

        I have been making this case for nearly a decade now

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        1. Totally agree, and why I don’t expect things to change no matter what pieces are changed at the head coaching position.


  52. And you say all this to confirm I should be golfing today?


    I’ll be home in time to catch the end of the Durham Dual.

    Enjoy the weather if you travelled to dukie country – I know I will here in Central PA. Sunny and 70 degrees.

    Hoping for a Pitt win, but going for the entertainment opportunity instead.

    RIP John Brown – you will always be remembered as a great family man and a bulldog defeater. Hero is a fitting description.


  53. Sorry to hear of the passing of John Brown. I packed my Ditka game day jersey for the trip to the game before I heard the news…#89. Gave me a chill.


  54. EE if you are golfing with your Ped brothers it is too bad the round wont be tomorrow after Frankenliar plays a quality team and loses.


  55. the name of John Brown has not been popular in Georgia for well over 150 years now.

    But to us older Pitt fans, it will always bring back memories of when we knew how to win close important games …. (but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have talent)


  56. If you swallowed poison or any other harmful substance just tune into Espn gameday later, you will vomit easily


  57. My wife and I will be at the game — hope to see the POV crew. We’re in section 2 and will be at the pre-game event if we can find it… An alumni woman told me last night to look for the blue and gold balloons.

    I can’t see Pitt winning since we’re such a mess — but I remain hopeful.

    EE – hope you make all those tricky 3 and 4-footers…👍

    Go Pitt.


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