Here is last night’s Roundtable video. Mark (PittPT) and Matt (PittintheVille) joined me for a lively hour of Pitt football discussions.

Thanks for the great evening and the talk among friends.  Here are a few of the topics we discussed:

  • The loss to NCS 34-17… with a look back to the Syracuse game
  • The QB situation between Kenny Pickett and Ben NiDucci… (Matt’s name for Ben DiNucci)… and how they were handled in the last game.
  • The RB situation with Campbell’s inclusion after being switched from Safety…
  • Recruiting past, present and future

Those are a few issues – take a listen by yourself and then post up some comments for us all to talk about.

BITS AND PIECES:  Here are some email info sent out but EJ and friends from the Pitt AD’s office

Pat Narduzzi Press Conference 

Duke Week


PITT (2-5, 0-3 ACC) vs. DUKE (4-3, 1-3 ACC)

October 21, 2017 • 12:20 p.m., ET

Wallace Wade Stadium (40,004/Natural Grass) • Durham, N.C.

ACC Network • Pitt IMG Sports Radio Network • @Pitt_FB • #PITTvsDUKE

LINK (PDF): Pitt Game Notes (vs. Duke)  These are the best info dumps about Pitt football.

Pitt-Virginia to kick off at 12:30 p.m.

The Oct. 28 game at Heinz Field will be televised locally by AT&T SportsNet.

 PITTSBURGH—Pitt’s October 28 game against Virginia at Heinz Field will kick off at 12:30 p.m., and be televised locally by AT&T SportsNet, the Atlantic Coast Conference announced today.  The Panthers’ remaining 2017 schedule with announced television coverage and kickoff times:

Oct. 21: at Duke* (ACC Network/WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh), 12:20 p.m.

Oct. 28: Virginia* (AT&T SportsNet), 12:30 p.m.

Nov. 9 (Thurs.): North Carolina* (ESPN), 7:30 p.m.

Nov. 18: at Virginia Tech*, TBA

Nov. 24 (Fri.): Miami*, TBA

*ACC game                        

156 thoughts on “POV’s Roundtable Video; 10-19-17

  1. PAT NARDUZZI: Had another team meeting just to close a chapter on last week, which we need to move on to the next week. We did some really good things on Saturday, both offensively and defensively. Didn’t stay as consistent as we’d like to be. Still haven’t played a complete game. Need to pay attention to details a little bit more than we have, which hurts a young football team, and the details are the key.

    A week ago it was discipline I thought really hurt us, and this weekend ends up being really some of the details of just doing it the same way, the right way every single time. We didn’t score enough points to win the game, and we didn’t hold them off the scoreboard enough. You take away the last touchdown, which we were in a four-minute, we’ve got to get the ball back to our defense, and we kind of loaded up with sub-package, which sometimes is all or none. We didn’t execute it as well as we needed to, as well, but it’s an all or nothing sometimes, but just to get the ball back. I’m not worried about the last one. Sometimes that happens.

    But defensively you give up 21 points, we gave up a punt return for a touchdown, 93 yards or whatever the heck that was, and just details. And when you look back, we gave opportunities for guys to come in and make an impact in the game, young guys, backups, and they — that makes you even younger when you do that.

    So we’re still young in some spots, but we move on to a very good Duke football team that won the first four, lost the last few to Florida State, Miami, Virginia, I believe, and they’re well-coached by Coach Cutcliffe. Defensively they’re a good football team. I think 16th in the country in rush defense, 19th in total defense. They’re really good there, and they’re very solid. Obviously Coach Roper and Coach Cutcliffe together I think run that offense, and Coach Cutcliffe being an offensive guru, we face some of the best coaches I think in the country in the ACC. It’s impressive.

    With that, I’ll open it up for questions.

    Q. You said you saw some good things on Saturday, too, watching tape. Who were some of the things that you took encouragement from?
    PAT NARDUZZI: I mean, you look at the run game defensively, we did some great things for — you won a lot of runs, and when you talk about three yards or less runs, we did a lot of great things, and even the run that went 83 yards, we saw that play before and afterwards, and we were successful in stopping it with base defense, and then all of a sudden — it’s a game of inches. You’re supposed to line up right here and you line up right here, they’ve got angles on you to zone you. So I think it’s those things.

    And offensively still trying to find who we are run-game wise, but I was happy with what Ben did in the first half. I thought he played a really good first half. He played a better first half than he played against Georgia Tech, so that’s encouraging. We’ve got to catch the ball all the time. We’ve got to make plays. But we’ve got to find a run game. You look at the Steelers next door, a week ago Le’Veon Bell is not getting as much as he’d like or not getting it to do it. The run game makes you tick, and if you don’t have a run game, it’s going to be hard to win football games, period.

    You look at North Carolina State, they had a run game. I know you guys laugh, but I say stop the run every week. If you say, what’s the key to victory? Stop the run, and we’d better be able to run the football, that’s been a problem. Last time we rushed for 150 was against Penn State. Where has that gone? That was a pretty good defense there, too.

    We’ve got to find a way to rush for 150 this week to have an opportunity to win the football game. So you can put that on your keys to victory, put that 150 is the benchmark. We’ve got to get 150, and we’ve got to go back to basics and we’ve got to get it.

    Q. You talked about wanting to get Kenny looks. Why not just come in with a plan and say no matter what happens Kenny gets the third series and Kenny gets the fifth series and see what happens after that? Experimenting with him seems sort of odd.
    PAT NARDUZZI: I guess we’re odd, I guess. That’s your decision to make that call. That’s what we get paid to make those decisions. You say it looked good, okay. If I wait two more series, you might be going, why did you wait so long to put Kenny in? We’re having a different conversation, so it’s easy to sit there with your arm on that armrest and say that stuff. But the fact is we come into the second half, we throw an interception on the third play of the second half, and we haven’t been a great second half team to begin with, so I can sit there and continue to put up with it, or we can do something about it. But we do that and then we go punt-punt. You have more patience than I do, I guess. I like to win, and it’s going to be competitive.

    And like I said, Kenny was planning on redshirting, okay. He was planning on redshirting in the summer because we felt good with Max, and we felt good with Ben, obviously. Things changed, and I said a week ago that he was going to play, and we’re going to play, and we had some plans. We changed our plans. I wanted to really — we wanted to really get Kenny in the first half. But Ben was playing really good, so it was like no need to. So your plans do change.

    To say he’s going to go in the third series after Ben just threw two touchdown passes, you want to put him in the third series? I think that’s crazy, too. So it’s all how you look at it. To me it depends on the flow of the game, okay, and you’ve got to be down there, and you’ve got to be on the headsets, you’ve got to be knowing — you have to know what’s happening in the game. I mean, even the first half there was a couple close throws that could be picks. We can’t turn the ball over or you give yourself no chance. Our defense did an unbelievable job after that interception of going three-and-out and forcing a punt. But it killed us in field position because they downed the ball inside the 5-yard line, and now you put your offense having to go 95 plus yards, it’s not easy.

    Q. I know you don’t do leashes here, I remember that, but then how do you let a kid build any sort of momentum either way, or do you tell them, hey, look, if it’s not going well — do you treat it like all the other 21 positions?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, we do. Yeah, we do. I mean, it should be no different. It’s competitive. They’ve got to be competitive. What’s the difference when we pull backs and put Ben in? What’s the difference? Until you’ve got a guy that’s the guy, okay — Nathan Peterman, did we ever pull him? He pulled himself in the Northwestern game when he got dinged in the head, but that guy ain’t coming out of there. We didn’t make a dumb decision in that decision.

    So we are going to — it’s competitive, and it makes guys better, and it made Max better when he came back against Rice, and it’s going to make Ben better. Ben is our starting quarterback without a question. I mean, he’s the guy.

    But we’re still going to have quarterback — and if things aren’t going good, he knows that, we know that, whether you want to hear it or not. Sometimes you have selective hearing on what you want to hear and what you don’t want to hear. We’ve had good communication, and Ben will be our guy, and then we’ll see how it goes from there.

    Q. You said on Saturday that you were pretty happy with what Ben had done overall, but is what you’re saying the first couple drives of the second half the offense wasn’t moving and that’s why you decided to make a change then?
    PAT NARDUZZI: True. It comes down to consistency. Again, it’s not just quarterbacks. As I’ve told Ben, we’ve got to run the ball. His shoulders, they’re like this big, but we make them like they’re this big. This ain’t that big and the poor kid can’t do it all by himself. We’ve got to help him out with some run game. I thought he did a really good job with the passing game early, but we’ve got to help him out a little bit. We talk way too much about the quarterback. There’s some other things that we should be talking about, too.

    Q. I know coaches don’t like to play the what-if game, but what if Ben’s helmet doesn’t come off against Syracuse, does Pickett still play Saturday against North Carolina State?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Yes, I believe so, yes, because we can’t survive with one quarterback, period. The guy has got to go in, and I don’t want it to be at the last second, so there’s no doubt about it. That’s why there was no hesitation, and like I told you last week, he was going to play, now it would have been a lot harder if Ben is scoring every drive, going down the field, leading the offense down the field. But like I said, the key is are we getting better from his first start to his second start, and I say yes. His preparation was better. If you ask Ben, you’d say, hey, did you prepare better for North Carolina than you did Georgia Tech, he’d say yes, which is great, and guess what, he’s going to prepare better this week than he did last week, and it’ll continue to get better, and I think that’s the important thing.

    Q. You talked about the communication with those guys, and Ben said after the game Saturday that he was kind of surprised, kind of caught off guard, didn’t know beforehand that Pickett might get in there —
    PAT NARDUZZI: Did you know? Did you know I was going to put Pickett in the game? You didn’t know from our conversation last week? Who knew? He knew.

    Q. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
    PAT NARDUZZI: There’s communication there. I just think you hear what you want to hear. I think everybody becomes a competitor, and I think the emotions go, and we all do, okay. But I think emotions go, and I think I know you want to do that — like I said, I wanted to get him in in the first half. Ben made me not do it because of his play. So the plan changed right off the bat.

    But I think everybody in their mind says, I know what you’re playing but you’re not doing that because I’m going to control this and I’m going to do so good that you can’t put him in, and that’s what you want your quarterback to feel. He’s got a great attitude. He just needs to stay within the walls of this building and hear the right things and do the right things.

    Q. Do you want to get to a point where you don’t have to worry about —
    PAT NARDUZZI: Thank you, thank you, yes, I do.

    Q. That’s tough to do in this situation with the running game, the receivers, the quarterback?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, yeah, no doubt about it. We’d like to have one quarterback. That worked pretty good last year.

    Q. Between Ben and Kenny, how big are the gaps?

    PAT NARDUZZI: You know, there’s gaps. Decision making, holding on to the ball, making the right run checks, all those things. There’s not this gigantic gap, put it that way. If there was — it’s not — it’s the same as it was between Max and Ben, it’s the same gap between Ben and Kenny. It’s the same gap. It’s not this — and then after Kenny, there’s a bigger gap, okay. Knock on wood, we need both those guys to stay healthy, or you might be playing quarterback.

    Q. In the running game, have you noticed that you’re having more success running outside than you are inside and maybe Jordan’s running style and his speed allows him to take advantage of that more than some of the other running backs?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t feel like we’re running good inside or outside, how about that. When you don’t rush for 100 yards you didn’t run good inside or outside. But Jordan’s speed does help you on the edge more than it does inside. When you’re running inside runs, there’s more things to read. You’re not just running in a hole. You’re reading — if the Mike comes over, you cut back, and there’s a lot of things that you coach, and there’s a lot more to playing running back than just saying find the hole and be a player.

    You can hurt your linemen by doing the other. They have to feel where the flow is going and how to come off. It’s a little bit more complicated than what it appears, I guess.

    Q. How are those decisions delegated? You obviously have the final call, but —
    PAT NARDUZZI: I think we talk about it during the week. It’s a good question. I think it goes with every position. We talk every Thursday, we talk about how are we playing the players. We have a how-to-play-the-players meeting and who are we giving the ball, who are we featuring. You have those discussions at the end of the week so you can tell, hey, what are we doing, I want to know — I don’t want to have that conversation on the headphones in the middle of the game in the heat of — that’s not the time to have that call. This week will be a little bit different than last week, and then the next week will be even more different. So we have those conversations on Thursday after the week of practice, how did they play during practice, you feel good, who are you going to rotate, okay, good. So again, it’s everybody in there. So it’s a staff thing, and if it’s — obviously the quarterback is an important position, and you go around and get input from your entire staff. I don’t care if it’s a D-line coach or the DB coach or quarterback coach; hey, what do you guys think. We all see a lot of things and we watch practice and watch how people carry themselves during — so we’re going to evaluate that, and you kind of know what you’re going to do going into the game.

    Q. How do you improve the run game? Is it find new guys?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Well, we tried to get on the free agent market there, but they won’t let us in on that. But Martavius, if he wants to come on over, maybe you can line up a tailback. We’re not going to get any extra guys. We need to lock into the fundamentals and the basics of who we are, okay, and like I told the offense and the defense yesterday, if we’re making — we’re not as detailed as we need to, then we need to slim it down and be more detailed in what we’re doing. And again, every week it’s something else that you’re worried about. You’re worried about this, and we haven’t worried about special teams all year, now all of sudden you’re worried about your punt coverage team, like this Hines guy (who had a punt return TD), who is this guy (for this week). So now I’m walking into a special teams meeting going, hey, what are we doing here.

    We’ll get it right. Just sometimes it takes — you’ve got to have patience, and some of you guys have more patience.

    Q. You don’t have patience, though, you kind of said?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I don’t.

    Q. Damar, eight tackles, led the team, but struggled against the pass. How would you assess his play?
    PAT NARDUZZI: You know, it’s a new world for him. It’s not even a new position, it’s playing is a new thing for him. He’s a brand new guy. Did you say struggled against the pass game?

    Q. At times.
    PAT NARDUZZI: Did you know what his responsibilities are? Sometimes you have to know — sometimes (other) guys get beat, and you’re like, he wasn’t even supposed to be there. There was probably some other — I can’t remember — we gave up three passes, one with Dane Jackson. So two was Dane Jackson — again, one was unbelievable. He brought that guy’s whole body this way. He had his hand on the ball. He’s in great position. One, he lost eye control a little bit on an above go. I forget what the third one is. As a matter of fact, the third one was we were man free, and Damar kind of didn’t turn him loose; he was on the guy but he should have been closer to him, so Damar you could say was maybe part of one of them, but Jordan Whitehead rolled over, thinking he was going to help out Damar, and all of a sudden there was a post right there. He should have had a pick. They threw a post into man free coverage and we should have had a pick on that play, so that was kind of — if Damar had one play that I’d say, get on him a little bit tighter, you’ve got help in the middle of the field, be more aggressive.

    But everything is new for him. He had his eight tackles, I’d say he needed more help in the run game than he does in the pass game because it’s all new to him. Like on the big run, Damar wasn’t good. Nobody blocked. If you go back and watch the tape, nobody blocked Damar, Damar blocked himself because he was so aggressive to get — but that’s a lack of experience. To his defense, it’s like, he never — he hasn’t been in the action of a run like that, and that’s on us as coaches to continue to develop him as a player.

    But Damar is going to be really good.

    Q. He puts up eight tackles, does that kind of speak to –

    PAT NARDUZZI: Well, it’s not all about the tackles, either, because where are the tackles? Are they for 10-yard gains, are they for TFL’s? We’d rather have TFL’s out of our safeties than six-yard gains. It’s kind of — stats don’t really tell the story. We want them to be good tackles where we want them to be. They want to be wins, as far as three-yard or less runs, so count up the eight and find out where they are, and then we’ll tell you how good it is.

    Q. You didn’t rotate on your offensive line this week. How did you feel those five performed?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, that front is pretty good. They did good. I mean, that’s why we didn’t rotate through. That was our plan on how to play the players. This was what we were going to go with. And I thought Jaryd did a nice job at the right tackle. He still had some little things that we’ve got to clean up that get practiced every day, and got to play together. Those guys are so critical that they play together. We didn’t rotate. Good observation.

    Q. They didn’t rotate and you still had trouble generating — your backs had trouble with Jordan and Kenny, I think. When you look at the running game, is it the line not getting — missed assignments? Is it the backs not finding the holes?
    PAT NARDUZZI: You guys ask this question every week. It’s a little of everything, and again, the first play of the game, it’s our O-line. Guy — Chubb runs right through the B-gap. He’s outside, all of a sudden he came inside. It’s like he’s not allowed to do that, but he was allowed to do that. So we’ve got to be in our zone together. So it’s — every play is a little different thing, and the next time Brian makes his block and someone else misses it, but that’s part of it. So it’s a little bit of everything.

    I hate to tell you that, but that’s a fact. The truth.

    Q. With the difficulties of running and obviously with the quarterback situation, you knew there was going to be some transition in those areas, but how much more challenging has it been than perhaps you anticipated?
    PAT NARDUZZI: As far as why the run game is not going? More challenging than you’d like it to be. I didn’t think it would be like this at all. As a matter of fact, you come in, you feel pretty positive, and that’s why I told you, when you come out of camp, you really don’t know what you have playing against each other. I know there was good and bad, but you thought you’re progressing when you’re playing against each other. The defense starts to get to know the offense, it becomes a little easier for the defense. But there’s still stresses on the defense with what they’re doing. And you’re not facing anybody else that does it a different way.

    I think those are the challenges. But we’re not that young on offense. We are young at quarterback, Tre Tipton, not having him in there hurts you back there. James Conner is a loss. So you knew you didn’t have James Conner out there for sure.

    But you know what, you’ve still got to block them, you’ve still got to run to daylight.

    Q. Chawntez Moss dressed but didn’t play. Do you have any sort of update on his status going forward?
    PAT NARDUZZI: No. We’ll just see how it goes.

    Q. I was curious if you got the chance to speak with Ian Troost?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Have I spoken with him? I personally have not spoken with him. I answered this obviously on Saturday. We have educated our entire football team, probably as extensively — we did it a year ago. We did it more this year in light of the NFL and all the issues at that we’re having there, but we try to educate our kids on what are you doing, why are you doing it, and if that’s something you need to do, you’d better have a good reason why. It’s not my job to go question a guy. It’s not his to question my faith or what I’m all about as a person.

    You know, that’s kind of what we’ve done is educate them so they make smart decisions for themselves, and beyond that, that’s kind of where it is. So we’ve been educated. They have their rights whether you like it or not, whether you like it or not or whether I like it or not, that’s kind of where it is.

    Q. Are you satisfied that he did have a good reason for what he did?
    PAT NARDUZZI: You know, I’m not going to speak for anybody else. I’m not going to speak about what my beliefs are because it doesn’t matter how I believe. I’m not the judge. I’m not God, I’m not — I don’t judge you or you. I’m not judging anybody. That’s not what I’m all about. You know, dissatisfied, satisfied, I’m satisfied with wins, I’m not satisfied with losses. That’s what I’ll talk about satisfied and dissatisfied.

    Q. Have you found out why he did it?
    PAT NARDUZZI: I think that question — like I said, we educate them of what — you’re making a statement or you’re making an impact. What are you doing it for? This is what it means.

    Q. The conference results over the weekend, Clemson loses, NC State is in first place in their division, and Miami is tooth and nail every week, the Coastal again. When you look at where this program wants to be and you see what NC State is doing, does that give the kids confidence that if we just keep at it that there is —
    PAT NARDUZZI: That’s what we do. I mean, that’s what you do. I think our guys have — I think guys have not lost faith. They believe. And it just takes time. We’re a different football team than we were a year ago. We’re a different football team than North Carolina State. Everybody is a little bit different. Some teams were really good a year ago that maybe aren’t as good this year. They lost — hey, that Trubisky guy, he’s a pretty good football player. They were pretty good a year ago. All of a sudden he’s playing in Chicago and there’s another guy playing — Switzer is playing now with the Cowboys, you watch him out there punt returning and stuff, it’s like, those are two NFL guys that made an impact. Larry (Fedora) is feeling like I do. Their good players are playing at the next level.

    The conference is unbelievable. I think it’s better than it was a year ago. And I’ve said this before, the ACC — not only the players and the conference, I think the coaches are outstanding. Cutcliffe, that guy is a guru. You get to coach against Cutcliffe. Dave Doeren, that guy has won championships in the MAC, at Northern Illinois. Dino Babers is a good football coach. The ACC, the AD’s in this conference have made some great hires. I think it’s great there’s competition. That’s what you want. We’re going to be playing for a National Championship again in the ACC.

    Q. Duke played Florida State pretty tough last week, had a chance to win late. What did you take from that game and the things they were able to do especially in the second half?
    PAT NARDUZZI: You know what, Duke is a good football team, and Florida State is a good football team. Obviously they’re young at the quarterback spot, as well. But Duke is a good football team, and when you watch it, Duke can hang with anybody, and Florida State can hang with anybody. It’s two good football teams banging it head-to-head.



    This is the 22nd meeting between Pitt and Duke in a series that dates back to 1929…it is also the fifth Atlantic Coast Conference matchup between the two schools…Pitt and Duke meet annually as members of the ACC’s Coastal Division…the Panthers lead the overall series, 12-9, and have won six of the past seven meetings…Pitt leads the ACC series, 3-1, and triumphed at Heinz Field last year, 56-14..

    .in the last game played in Durham (2015), the Panthers claimed a 31-13 decision…in 2014, Duke defeated Pitt at Heinz Field, 51-48, in two overtimes…that marked the Blue Devils’ first victory over the Panthers since 1966, snapping a four-game series losing streak…there have been some milestone moments in the Pitt-Duke series…on Sept. 29, 1951, Duke defeated Pitt, 19-14, in the first live nationwide telecast of a sporting event…

    NBC was responsible for the landmark broadcast…the inaugural game of the series was on Oct. 5, 1929, when Pitt defeated host Duke, 52-7, in the first game ever played at “Duke Outdoor Stadium,” later renamed Wallace Wade Stadium…the 1937 and 1938 games featured two of the nation’s very best teams and a pair of legendary coaches in Pitt’s Jock Sutherland and Duke’s Wallace Wade…on Nov. 27, 1937, the No.1-ranked Panthers defeated the No. 18 Blue Devils, 10-0…Pitt would finish 9-0-1 to claim the national title (Duke finished 7-2-1)…

    on Nov. 26, 1938, the No. 3 Blue Devils blanked the No. 4 Panthers, 7-0, in what would be Sutherland’s final game as Pitt’s coach…Duke finished the 1938 regular season unbeaten (9-0), untied and unscored upon, but lost to Southern California in the Rose Bowl, 7-3…Pitt, which did not go to a bowl, finished 8-2.


    Television • ACC Network (WTAE-TV, Ch. 4, in Pittsburgh)
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    Dave Archer, analyst
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  3. I am not one to talk but looking back at the past 3 years it comes across as Narduzzi is extremely defensive in all his press conferences like his job is on the line. Now, I am not asking him to call all WSU Coach on us but jeez


    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I just read the above press conference and Dinucci said he didn’t know Pickett would play. Narduzzi is unrelenting that Dinucci knew he would eventually be pulled. Very odd.


  4. Did not know that the Post Gazette Writer criticizing Narduzzi is a PSU Loyalist.

    Regardless, REFUSING to take the blame for anything is a MAJOR Narduzzi flaw.

    It’s been evident for some time with how Narduzzi is CONTINUALLY pinning the majority of blame on the Players… seldom if ever on himself or his Coaches.

    It’s NEVER the Scheme, the Pre-Game Preparation, the Recruiting… or in this case… the truly “stupid” move to pull a Quarterback who in the words of the Coach was “getting the job done.”

    Ya, it really is just a matter of time… unfortunately.


  5. DiNucci should have been pulled before the game even started. It’s time to find out if Pickette can fill that role and become the star that Pitt so badly needs at that position going forward. Although I have my doubts about any QB becoming a star behind the current offensive line.


    1. They won’t do that until Pit is mathematically out of a bowl game. Ben is coming back year too and will be in the mix as a starter. I hope they realize that Pickett has more upside though.


  6. Here is a submittal for “Accuracy in Reporting” awards for 2017…


    SportsLine Projection Model’s score: Pittsburgh 28, Duke 26

    Vegas line: Duke is an 8-point home favorite (O/U 49.5)

    Projected Statistics: Max Browne throws for 299 yards, 1.64 TDs and 1.40 INTs for the Panthers, while Daniel Jones passes for 251 yards and 1.46 TDs for the Blue Devils.”


    1. A guest who was on the Paul Zeise show tonight said to take Pitt and the points. He thinks it will be a defensive game decided by a field goal.


  7. Haha, Good lord, and I worry that I’m not keeping up with what goes going on, lol.

    BTW, just watched a little bit of the Roundtable from last night. Is it me, or does Matt with the headset on look like a young Walt Harris?


  8. This is very telling to me:

    “You take away the last touchdown, which we were in a four-minute, we’ve got to get the ball back to our defense, and we kind of loaded up with sub-package, which sometimes is all or none. We didn’t execute it as well as we needed to, as well, but it’s an all or nothing sometimes, but just to get the ball back. I’m not worried about the last one. Sometimes that happens.

    But defensively you give up 21 points, we gave up a punt return for a touchdown, 93 yards or whatever the heck that was, and just details. And when you look back, we gave opportunities for guys to come in and make an impact in the game, young guys, backups, and they — that makes you even younger when you do that.”

    That’s rationalizing and excuse making. Some of Pitt’s wins last season (e.g. Clemson) turned completely on big plays. Seems he’s been reading Panther-Lair, Dokish and a few of the “In Pat We Trust” on the POV.

    Then there’s condescension and arrogance around the Hamlin series of questions. Plus an embedded question around the officiating in an uncalled pick play. He must have forgotten about the called pick play that denied NC State a TD.

    Reading the entirety of it I sense that he sees it as “little things” that are holding the team back from showing marked improvement and playing really well.

    Just a reminder to the coach:

    Pitt is currently:
    #107 in total defense
    #111 in pass defense
    #87 in rushing defense
    #98 in scoring defense

    #103 in total offense
    #60 in passing offense
    #114 in rushing offense
    #101 in scoring offense

    Since I know it will come up relative to the defense, Pitt is #34 in time of possession. Pitt was #47 in 2016, #29 in 2015.

    There is more than “little things” leading to those dismal rankings.

    More Stats of Interest

    #53 in turnover margin
    #16 in punting (Winslow for MVP)
    #6 in fewest penalty yards per game

    Prepare to tack toward schedule strength, incredible youth, and incompetent recruiting and coaching by the former head coach nearly three years removed.

    I counter with: Every team plays the hand they’ve been dealt and should demonstrate competence and competitiveness throughout playing it. The coach should recruit better players and do a better job developing the ones that he has. The coach is two months shy of completing his third year at a D1 program in a P5 conference. He owns the program and knew what it was before signing the contract.

    I personally think some folks that use that blame the former coach argument are the same ones who defended Stallings performance at Pitt on that half baked basis. On one hand it was more plausible with Stallings because he was in year one. On the other hand he returned 6 of the 7 top scorers who were mostly upper classmen and he “has been” a head coach for over 20 years.


    1. Rice is 98th in Total Defense, 9 spots better than Pitt. The same defense that allowed Browne 28 0f 32 for > 400 yards.

      I will guarantee if Pitt (1) played just an average schedule and (2) didn’t have a “3 and out” offense, the defensive stats would be much better.

      Yes Pitt is bad, especially on offense … but again, it is the 123rd Least Experienced Team that has played the 3rd Hardest Schedule …. (not my ratings.)

      In his first 2 years against really competitive schedules, the current staff won 8 games. This staff all of sudden didn’t turn into morons.

      Complain all you want. And who knows, maybe Heather will please you and spend $3.5M on the next hire and up the budget accordingly.


      1. Heather won’t because the BoT won’t.

        With an average to above average offense, this 123rd least experienced team playing the 3rd toughest schedule could be 5-2 (losses at psu and OKST).


  9. “Demonstrate competence and competitiveness while playing the hand dealt”

    This is my biggest bitch about this year with Narduzzi and staff. Perceptions are everything! This Pitt team, with its Chinese fire drill of players moving in and out each play, playing with 10 men 6 plus times, punt coverage players getting out of thei lanes over and over, etc. etc. just doesn’t give off the appearance of a well coached team!! It’s year 3 Coach Narduzzi…..please learn how to be a head coach soon!


  10. Its not duzz’s job th smooze the media. he is brusque to say the least. that is his personality. I will give you three other guys who were tough with the media. chuck Noll bill Cowher and Mike tomlin. Sherill could be a real mother with the media. Tough no nonsense guys. to me that is no negative. Sorry Reed but my attitude is eff the media.


    1. Gee and we wonder why we don’t have any real alumni support either financially or in attendence.

      You can F the media all you want but I can say for certain his attitude hurts Pitt way more than you think.


      1. C’mon, here is the list of Pitt HCs in this millennium

        Walt / Wanny / Fraud / Paulie / Nard

        Not any of these are to be confused with Cary Grant


      2. Reed, that is a joke. Narduzzi is not hurting Pitt except this year in the win loss column.

        Besides the SOP fans on here, I know of not one person that thinks Narduzzi is anything but a typical coach when in front of the media. Get over the closed practices already.


  11. Mr Barvo, concerning the previous coach argument …

    3 schools who are somewhat similar in that they have enjoyed some success but are not considered among the elite are NC State, Wisconsin and Pitt. None of them are known for being at or near the top in recruiting and must rely on developing 3 stars over the course of their college careers.

    Two of these programs are doing well and one sucks. Puzzling isn’t it?


  12. Great job Reed, Mark and Walt….. I mean Matt! Alway’s enjoy the round-table when I’m not on there that was fun.

    Random stuff:

    PITT needs to make some coaching at years end. Narduzzi has to go after Scot Shafer and reel him in among others. Some of these guys just are not getting it done. Although Hill has turned some things around. Not whole house changes but subtle.

    BTW, the hash marks are a lot less wider in the pro’s.

    Who starts at QB Saturday? The starter get even more snaps in practice than the #2 guy. So Pickett would benefit from that but the season is getting to the point that it may be to late to break KP into the whole offense this year. Although he did come in January so he may be just enough ahead.

    No, I start Dinucci as Reed said. PITT needs to find a starting QB and stick with him. Duke is too beatable to go with Pickett this week. Keep getting him ready and his time will come. Dinucci seems like the QB that gives PITT the best chance vs Duke.

    The big problem with this PITT team is they haven’t decided on who’s going to be the starters and stick with them. imo

    Youth and fundamentals are usually a recipe for disaster. and it has been….

    I don’t think Henderson on offense is capable of being a decoy past one play. Now, Maybe Whitehead. I knew the trickery/gimmicky plays would not work two years in a row. Hence Browne being brought in. I felt PITT would go with a short passing game and run the ball. Well, that didn’t work so great. Back to the drawing board for me.

    Narduzzi will be fine but he sure isn’t at the moment. He need to close his mouth open his eyes and ears and surround himself with people who have already been where he wants to go… . . .ike



  13. Joe Knew is full of prunes. Pitt is light years better than the Depasqua era. To invoke that name is to be snarky and mean.


  14. PittofDreams who do you want as coach??? It seems that if Narduzzi sneezed you would criticize his brand of tissue.
    If I was 2-5 I would probably not be too pleasant during a press conference either.
    Give me an upset coach after a loss than “Ho hum, we just lost to Akron at home, oh gosh golly gee” any day of the week period.


  15. Reed you have no idea how he gets along with the real donors. not the posers here or on message boards or facebook who pretend to be donors. Our lack of donor support is attributed to the failure of the nerdy SP regime. Duzz is making his way out. I believe he gets along splendidly with the real $$$


    1. no argument here …. there never was an issue with PC’s offensive recruiting.

      Also, I want to see what they do against Michigan and Iowa


  16. Reed-please compared the financial and administrative support PC gets at Wisconsin vs what he got and PN now gets at Pitt.


  17. You can parse this team anyway you want to. But the bottom line is she do have to line up and play who’s in front of you and with that you have to have a lot of things going your way one of them we know has to be recruiting in the second has to be coaching. One of those two things has really fallen down lately and I suspect it is more so the recruiting than the coaching.

    We’re going to not have as good a team in ‘, 17, ’18 and 19 as we didn’t 1n ’16.

    I just don’t think that’s going to happen with the recruits we are having to settle for.

    And “settle for” is the correct phrase there because we are swinging and missing on all the big talent that we’ve been trying to get on the Pitt roster in the last two years. It is a few blue Chip kids…it just isn’t happening and we’re missing almost every one of our big targets so we’re having to settle for other players who are nowhere near as good as the guys who are going to other schools.


  18. I think Barry Alvarez might have a bit more invested and focused a ton more resources in Wisconsin football in one year than Pederson, Barnes, and Lyke combined in their entire careers


    1. since Alvarez left coaching to become full time AD, his replacements have all done worse (and much worse) before and after Wisconsin. I just heard last week in XM84 College Sports that he is the one AD whose meddling cannot be criticized


  19. Oh, you are so right, Carl inherited Dave Harts wonderful recruits, and played on campus, and had the WPIAL at its prime. but it led to the Golden years. If the Duzz doesn’t get it together quickly he will be nothing more than a placekeeper. Remember the last DC promoted to Pitt HC. it took him a few years to get us in the toilet, and I really liked Foge. So, in the first year when you see the Duzzers recruits, the on field it’s not so much. And if they aren’t seeing the field???? Carl as HC=Foge=Duzzer. all gone after year 4, bet on it!! unless major changes come.


    1. Yet they are 6th in Total Defense, 4th rushing defense eand 23rd in passing defense.

      They have a great defensive team ike so he must be a fantastic coach.

      I’m not sure what point you’re making here.

      Regardless of what year were talking about his defenses both at Pitt and now at Wisky have been way better than what narduzzi has had here at Pitt. I don’t get it what you’re saying…


        1. Wbb, that is untrue. I gave Narduzzi tons credit for getting and starting Peterman and hiring Matt Canada… Many times… sometimes you just write whatever you feel like writing don’t you?


          1. And not one of Wisconsin’s opponents they have beaten this season have a winning record – not one!

            In fact, their next 3 opponents (MD, IL & IN) do not have a winning record either.

            Counter that with Pitt’s opponents?


  20. On the D…We have no linebacker, DEs but improving DBs…
    On the O side… we have a couple of morbidly obese lineman who should not be starting.. RBs have no holes or just aren’t that good with the exception of JW but from what I see Watson calls the same play every damn time…the well went dry- same with the jet sweep and shovel pass…

    QB… Dinucc is serviceable..Kenny the Snake Pickett looks the part…He needs to start- just my opinion..

    Receiving.. issues here except for Lopes and Just a symptom of the overall problem- lack of quality recruits.

    Will be interesting to see what the hated Irish look like in a couple of years with our locals leading the way but they weren’t coming here if Jackie Sherrill was taking numbers and kicking ass !

    The best part of being a PITT fans is the POV and its peeps… and when life is going great hitting on all cylinders and I am singing Zip-aDee-Do-Da… I know as long as I love my
    Team there will be something to complain about.

    See you in Durham… meet you at Annie Savoys House.. she can give us some pitching lessons!( Bull Durham for you youngins)


    1. BigB – my plans have changed and I won’t be making the trip to Durham. I will see you in Pgh for either UVa or UNC – whichvever game you attend.


  21. Narduzzi doesn’t take blame? I have heard him say on many occasions that it starts with him and the coaching staff.
    It is bogus to say he is blaming the players. Sure he points out plays that didn’t work. He is giving the media examples. Good Lord, some of you are really searching for complaints.

    The coaching has sucked this year on offense, PERIOD.


    1. correct. Fact is we all hear and interpret what we want to hear. It’s the same for politics where the elitists on both sides go to their favorite web sites and thinks the other side’s web site are totally bogus.

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  22. Dintino, Officer, Booker, JJS, and even O’Neill who was a TE until PC left. You say the O-line stinks but these are all Chryst recruits?

    Last year’s offense was led by a Narduzzi recruit. You chuckled when you said PITT fans are actually happy when PITT doesn’t get blown out. PC didn’t win 16 games in two seasons. Too much selective memory for me.

    Narduzzi to me has kind of let me stop and pause until I remember that this team is young and growing. I worry how Pat is handling all this transition but still wishing for better results down the road.

    You also miss my point Reed. Of course Whiskey has a good defense, they are not Lumpy’s recruits. << That was my point. Wait awhile. PITT’s defense last year were mostly his recruits, now the worm is about to turn.

    The cynicism surrounding Narduzzi really astounds me. Yes Narduzzi is getting a little on my nerves about some of his decisions and general coaching but I can see a brighter light than I ever thought I would see with previous PITT head coaches since Wanny. << Who never should have been fired.

    Plus comparing Wisconsin and PITT? A monkey could be a head coach there.


    1. Wait a second …you’re saying that it’s not Paul chryst having any hand in those good defenses over there because they’re not his recruits, but at the same time these are not narduzzi’s recruits and he’s not still getting production out of his defenses….but that is OK?

      That’s crazy.

      HCs are responsible to make the best out of what they have at hand, period. Any other way to address it is just excuse making. Narduzzi did a good job with what he inherited from Paul chryst and now that he’s playing more of his own recruits our play isn’t good… I’m not sure how you can argue with that.

      We’ll get better. I’m sure that it will be next year because we are not going to win only two, three or four games every year… but I’m not sure we’re going to see championships out of his recruiting.

      That’s all I’m saying.


  23. BTW BigB, that was a 5* comment. I can tell you went to PITT prior to Narduzzi. He doesn’t get 5* recruits….


  24. Dan72… I would love that Bull Durham Annie to teach me to “ breath through my eyes” when I pictographs… oops forgot – I no longer pitch- I bitch…

    I saw a game in that Durham ball park where the movie was filmed.. its long gone but what a classic… think I will rent the


    1. As someone who wanted to play A ball in NC, I loved that movie
      ands visited many NC ball parks while on business. Knew several baseball Annie’s …. they were as real as the Durham bull.


  25. I agree. I monkey could coach at Wisky. At Pitt it would take Jesus and even he would struggle to win 9 games each year with a non-supportive BoT and culture devoid of athletics. It would be a miracle that even God could not perform. Thats Pitt for ya.


  26. No Reed, what I’m saying is that Chryst has had better defensive recruits that are not his than Narduzzi was handed off to work with. I’m also saying Chryst is a very over-rated O-Line recruiter. You wait and see what happens over there in cheese land.

    The Badgers are on automated pilot and Alverez is the auto. Kind of like a operating a drone.


    1. Lets remember when Chryst returned to Madison, Barry told him the incumbent DC Aranda was to remain (and did). Last year he (and the big question is who is he – Chryst or Barry) hired the guy who is now HC at Cal. And now they have another guy (again – who did the hiring).

      As long as Barry is there Chryst doesn’t get to hire his own DC. So he should get no credit or blame for the defense, other than running an offense that gives the yin to the defense’s yang.


  27. Chryst is a Alvarez protege, for sure, but also a pretty good coach. He is just perfect for the position he is in right now …. a Wisc native, a guru of the power / ball control offense, B10 conference, etc


  28. Recruiting the last 5 years per Rivals by class rankings and their opinion whether the school achieved or not.
    This was before this season started.

    MANY schools having success have had the same level recruiting.

    40 Wisconsin overachieved
    41 Cal underachieved
    42 NC State underachieved
    43 Utah overachieved
    44 Pittsburgh achieved, 29-23

    Chryst and Narduzzi have recruited at the same level.

    One big difference. During coaching changes, Wisconsin still pulled off their normal class as Chryst became head coach. As Pitt made the switch to Narduzzi they suffered a class with a ranking of 70. That is reflected in the roster.


    1. Wisconsin was able to get the class was due in large part to two things: 1) The program has had great stability during the Alvarez era, even with HC changes. He’s clearly at the stick. 2) Everyone and their brother knew that Chryst was going to finishing school at Pitt and when the opening came at the time it did, the Chryst hire was hailed as the return of the favored son but moms and dads of the big palookas up in Dairyland. That change was smooth as silk.

      Should be interesting to see what happens when Barry retires.


  29. Remember how many blasted Chryst and Chaney while they were here and look at how they are doing now…I know they have better recruits so my deduction it’s Pitt and we blogger’s to blame…I wonder if Saban would win here under this set of circumstances…I bet Duzz and Conklin could win at Bama. well better re-think that..Canada had a great year here and I felt he shoulda took the mil and stayed..but now he can’t win at LSU and they get a lot of 4 stars and an occasional 5 star….it’s all so confusing……
    Look at some of the hot coaches that moved to better paying jobs..Howz Bielsma, Butch Jones working out…Les Miles and Bo Pelini fired…just to name 2…it’s a crazy business….
    I say give Duzz 5 years because -we are repeating the harvest of being so unstable over the past 8 years…hopefully the turbulence smoothes out …soon..Please Lord..someday soon….


  30. Even Chryst asst coaches were blasted and they are the same over there.

    BigB, to answer your question. No Saban wouldn’t be as good at PITT. Why $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from the boosters.


  31. Remember the old saying? If you ain’t cheating you coach at PITT……….. I give Gottfried credit for at least trying..


  32. Agree that Narduzzi gets 5 years. The change in OCs has to stop. Pitt needs stability for more than 3 years.

    That being said, Watson needs to pick what freaking offense he wants to run. Be a spread offense or power big ten offense, just pick an identity.


    1. another good post … Watson is patterning his stuff after last year’s offense. Maybe he needs to restructure to what he is more comfortable and knowledgeable of


  33. Hey Reed, you may not agree with everything that is being posted but this is another good session IMO … lot of various opinions and ideas.

    I guess I like it because it is more constructive IMO than just all negative


  34. Reed if I didn’t know better I would say your personal dislike for Duzz clouds your thinking and position to the point you ARE HOPING AND ROOTING FOR HIM TO FAIL. JUST SO YOU CAN SAY. I TOLD YOU SO AND BECAUSE HE DOESN’T KISSS THE MEDIA’S ASS. ( AND BY DEFINITION YOUR ASS TOO.) JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION. Love you dude bu t people here comparing him to DePasaqua is beyond a joke. I WAS A STUDENT THEN I REMEMBER.


  35. I give PN the benefit of the doubt this year….The last 2 years with Peterman and Conner were very good years. Really should have been 9-4 last year. I am hoping one QB, 2 RB’s and the O line settle in so that we see gradual improvement on offense the rest of this year…As I am typing, I am thinking that is a lot to ask for…How about 2 out of 3…as Meatloaf sang 2 outta 3 ain’t bad…Also, hope that Heather takes a good look at Duke’s OC stadium…H2P!!!


  36. Titleman You are dead wrong on Reed. And I was there for DePasqua, and the nard dog is as bad a coach. Carl had NO resources compared to the Duzz. He was a bad coach with very limited support. If you have been around Duzz you know he’s a bigger jag than most, and probably the snarkiest guy around. The comparison between him and Carl is that both tried to run systems that didn’t work. Carl with his wishbone without the players, and Duzz with a d that requires pro level talent. Do you disagree with that comparison?? Maybe you should take off those blue and gold glasses before you say there are not similarities. And if you think there is that much of a difference in recruiting, think again. If the past two OK state games don’t get you there, people have put out stats that show we are every bit as bad. One final thought, with last years team the real question is how did he only win 8 games!


  37. On another subject, does anyone else think as I do that Pickett right now reminds you of a younger Dungey from Syracuse? If he does, he could be very good.


  38. Mentioning DePasqua is not a very good example. Try another example as Narduzzi is not perfect.

    Yes Carl had little to work with and didn’t fair very well with the players he inherited…. and that was a crap-show back in those days Joe. Narduzzi beat Clemson the National Champion last year at their “Death Valley” yes I said it again.

    The comparison is a little off for me.

    I think there is more disdain for Narduzzi then people want to admit or is warranted. Strictly my opinion of course.

    Criticism is understandable but when the chips have have gotten down the pile jumpers have piled on. Again IMO. . . . ike


  39. I finally understand SOS arguments, if we could schedule 12 Rices we would be national champions regardless of who the head coach is.


  40. Another thought. When Lafayette Pitts made the Miami practice squad it was poo pooed. When Galambos and others make a practice squad it makes Narduzzi a bad coach.. Both sides of the mouth speak..


    1. They stunk here and yet other coaches can make them good enough for the NFL. What does that tell you?


      1. It tells me they were talented players….but not talented enough to make up for all of the untalented players around them while at Pitt!


  41. titleman…welcome to the POV

    Reed doesn’t have a personal dislike for Duzz,,and the comment about Reed “rooting for him to fail..” Come on man !!! Reed has a good feel and insight for this team and he is right far more often than he is wrong.

    I think all on here can see where Duzz can elevate his game especially with being the leader and face of our main athletic program. From running my own business and dealing with employees over the years I have learned “people don’t change and you can’t change peoples personalites.” That includes you, myself, Reed UPitt, and all who post.

    I have my concerns about a lot of things “Narduzzi” negative and positive. (Take 2 deep breaths-BigB and concentrate on PSU/Clemson 2016) There I go talking to myself again…and I didn’t have to use all caps to say that….

    I am in the camp that says give him 2 more years then judge…..


  42. Right you are BiggieB and since you have your own attention, ask yourself this. What are PITT’s options? Is it really a coherent thought to start over again right now? Agreed, give Patty two more years then we will know if it’s thumbs up or down or least have a better idea… . …. ike



  43. PSN has a nice article up on Therran Coleman and Pitt using a 4-2-5 defense at Syracuse. With the way our linebackers are playing maybe he should utilize a 5-1-5 alignment.


  44. I think the media ..and reed is part of the media. does not personally like Duzz. and duzz doesn’t particularly care for the media. I gave my examples the most noteworthy being Chuck Noll. who I believe Duzz most compares to. I think some media is hoping for duzz to trip up and fail simply because he doesn’t kiss ass. I have met duzz several times. but duzz is distant and stand offish. that’s is ok with me. I just want wins. too many people expect the second coming of Foge. a guy who would buy you a drink in the bar. That is not Duzz deal with it.


  45. If Heather is a puppet then what is Paul?

    I agree that some just don’t like Pat all that much but just don’t realize it. << To me? This is just the way I see it.

    I always taught told my kids while they were growing up. It’s not how you feel or think, it’s more the way you make others think and feel about what you’re conveying.

    Yes, Pickett has some real wheels. Now he needs coached up.

    I want a coach that his a bit of a pep in his step. I also want a coach that has the ability to learn. Half way there.

    T Coleman could very well become a star. seriously

    Again, PITT football losing games runs very deep with the team and it’s fans. I wish PITT had more fans like the POVer’s! . . . . .ike



    1. Ike..Perceptions are everything. Noll was a prick to the press and won 4 SBs. Duzz, with all Pitt’s bad pub, will never get the benefit of any doubt from the press, fans or recruits whether he was nice or a prick. Speaking of recruits Pitt and Duzz have become toxic on the recruiting trail. Perceptions are that he can’t coach. Only winning will correct that! We are WTSOP. Duke by 28


  46. I have a few contacts in Pittsburgh’s 4th estate and I hear plenty about Narduzzi. What I hear is that a number of print journalists don’t care for how they are treated, but to a man, they particularly don’t like how he has treated Jerry DiPaola of the Trib. So, HCPN may not get the benefit of the doubt from that group and in some cases he will be kicked when he’s down – and deservedly so.


  47. Herman Barnes is getting crushed today on XM84 Colkege Sports Radio for hiring the search firm for $200,000 to find the Oregon St FB coach – the same search firm that placed him at Pitt.


    Most sports commentators are calling Herman a weak leader for hiring the search firm & kick back was mentioned.

    I could give him a list of five to ten names – I’ll take $20,000 for that list –

    I’m glad he’s gone from Pitt.


    1. Cyanide and then Herman. I’m surprised the BoT didn’t hire a Paterno instead of Heather just to give us the crap trifecta….


  48. It’s up to us to decide what is up or what is down. In fact, if Narduzzi gave two cents what some of these media type think I would be even more disappointed.

    Being Lyked is someone’s else job! . . . .ike


  49. All this crap this year just tells me that Pitt is Crap. Its an incompetent and inefficient hot mess.


  50. You can get away with a lot if you win. If you are mediocre or heading for 3-9 you don’t get treated very well. Winners can have attitude, 3-9 coaches not so much. As I stated before, not all that great a difference between him and DePasqua after 3 yrs if he tanks the rest of this year. Also, he did not take over after 3 straight 1-9 seasons! He actually had money, support, and some pretty good players.


  51. Hey Dan I agree and can talk to you all day about that. Noll was a JO to the media when he won one game and when he won the super bowl. He didn’t change.

    Chuck as everyone knows went 12-30 his first 3 seasons.

    and he was brutal to the media every step of the way. Narduzzi isn’t Chuck but that’s the how all that went down.


  52. The over reaction boggles my mind. I guess this is why Wanny was fired after having the 3 best season record since the early 80’s?


  53. If you remember Nolls first year no one even covered the Steelers to any extent. They were much, much less relivent than Pitt is now. It took a couple great players and drafts, as well as a new stadium to turn those losers around. Oh, wait, new players and new stadium, what a novel concept……


  54. Wanny was fired because he couldnt control the off field stuff Thats well known in Pitt circles. And he and Cornhole never got along. Nerdball also felt Wanny grew too large of a figure. Athletics > Academics. Was never gonna happen under his watch.


  55. Q. You didn’t rotate on your offensive line this week. How did you feel those five performed?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, that front is pretty good. They did good. I mean, that’s why we didn’t rotate through.

    HUH !


  56. Yea they did real good. What….. we avg’d like 2 yards per carry.

    Did Nerd Dog say that with a straight face ?


  57. I agree it takes great coaching, elite players and a home field advantage to succeed. With support from the top which is the BoT in Pitts case.

    Look at how fast soccer and volleyball are succeeding. Great coaches. Top 100 players being recruited. The facilities arent even that great. Little to no tradition. But look at how fast the turnaround.

    But yes football is somehow more difficult…whatever


    1. I guess the muckety mucks got tired of seeing Pitt at the bottom of the Capital One Cup standings of ‘other’ sports. No place but to go up in that situation.


  58. And they should convert Darrin Hall to TE or LB( most everyone else has). That kid has no wiggle, no escapability at all. He’s run straight into the hole and that’s it. If it ain’t (emp) open, that’s that.

    I know he’s a Coach favorite, so I’m not holding my breath.


  59. Lets wake up and smell the coffee. Narduzzi isnt that great of a head coach. His assistants are horrible. Recruiting has been sub par. Development of players even worse.

    Pitt needs a coach that has been a head coach. It needs assistants that can recruit in the ACC footprint. It needs young and high ceiling assistants and not re-treads and friends.

    Get yourself a QB and an identity as a team. some stability. and you can win. This Giant that is alseep has been given a drug overdose. Only way you waking it up from its comatose state is by shocking it and purging it of all thats bad in the system….BoT, coaches, philosophy, culture, etc

    But this is Pitt. SOP. We give sleeping Giants a new name.


  60. Tx… love the line “ need a coach who has been a head coach… lots of “ had beens” to chose from….


  61. Pitt’s best years in the last 43 years (wow been that long) have been years when they actually hired a HC who had prior Head Coaching experience. This isn’t rocket science. Majors, Sherrill & Wannstedt. I guess you could throw WLAT in there too ! (sort of….Pacific U.)


    1. Like when they hired ex-Kansas head coach Mike Gottfried who followed Foge’s 5-5-1 season w/ a 5-5-1 season??

      Yeah… facts are troubling aren’t they?


  62. Meanwhile the Pedders are up to #2 in the polls, having played nobody as of yet. Has to be the weakest schedule to date of any school in the Top 25.

    What a farce.


  63. I’d run thru a wall for WLAT. That guy resurrected the football program. It was dead and he had little support from above but he made Pitt relevant again. Wanny was also on the right path but the perceived lack of player control doomed him…and some game day coaching decisions. 🙂

    Seriously Harris deserves a statue in front of Pitts new OCS. I guarantee it would never have to be torn down.


    1. Nice article Big B…..good find. Jackie’s (step)daughter, Bonnie Bishop is going to playing at one of my old haunts….the Club Cafe in the South Side, Nov Use to know the original owner, longtime Pittsburgh jazz artist, pianist Bobby Cardillo.


    2. Washington State – Jackie Sherrill HC 1976 – re-joined Pitt the following year and followed Johnny Majors as the Pitt HC.

      Was one of Majors top assistant coaches in the mid-70’s – left to be the HC for one year at Wash St.

      The good ole days.

      Former HC’s bring their experiences, ideas, coaching staff and in some cases, a winning culture.

      Pitt should of, could of, but didn’t. HCPN is cutting his teeth at Pitt. Never before a HC. We are a great dental school – let’s give him some help…


  64. So the media doesn’t like Pat? Boo frickidy hoo.
    Does Pat need to rethink a couple assistant coaches? Yes.
    That will lead to winning games, playing nice with reporters doesn’t.
    And oh by the way, met Duzz at the signing day event and he took the time to talk to my dad and I and even share a Youngstown story or two.
    Amazing when we were winning 8 games these comments weren’t seen hmmm. I’ll take back to back 8 win years beating PSU and Clemson on top of the other w’s with a snarky coach over losing at home to Akron and YSU and getting routed by Cincy on the road with “aw shucks golly gee” PC

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Actually I think Reed has been commenting on Narduzzi’s demeanor, conduct with the media, guarded nature, and proclivity for talking but clarifying nothing since he started the blog.

      I can also assure you that Reed and many others have commented regularly about the inferiority of the defense for two seasons now.

      None of it just became an issue because of the losing this season.

      Keep thriving on the PSU and Clemson victories from last season. The promise of those victories may have to carry your enthusiasm through next season when an almost entirely new OL is playing D1 football for the first time.


      1. Are you saying the Oline could get worse than we are seeing right now?

        If that is the case, does Petersen (OL coach) get the axe at season’s end like Sims (former DL coach) did last year?

        Because we all know Watson and Conklin will be back, whether we like that or not.


  65. ^^Exactly John. I’m not going to go into a rant but isn’t the obvious, obvious? It is to me << ( Narduzzi dislike) A mirror can be a big help in more ways the one. << They are just not for seeing if your hair is combed right or if we look as beautiful as we imagine we do… . ike.. Reality is real….

    We Are NOT
    As It Appears


  66. You can only be a jerk with people if you are a winner. Getting your head handed to you, loosing in unprecedented fashion, and having one of the worse defenses in memory causes people to stop and question. Acting like the smartest person in the room when you obviously have major problems and failing to address or even acknowledge them is insane.
    Perhaps Patty boy should take a lesson from Johnny Majors1 and learn you need to schmooze with everyone to build a program. Pissing people off, especially media, will not work out well in the long run.
    Pitt needs all the help they can get. Acting like you’re Bill Belechik when you are more like his Cleveland version is not good. Act like a decent person, try not to talk down to people, answer a good question with a good response. A head coach is so much more. Perhaps he is still learning. But to show me, he will have to recognize there are issues and he will have to make changes to address them. I have seen neither to this point. And he sure as heck isn’t going 8-5 this year.
    Comments and concerns when he was 8-5 we’re certainly mentioned here if you were paying attention. There’s a big difference being 8-5and looking like you’ll be on the uptick, and being 8-5 and looking like your on the down slide. Having the worst d in recent Pitt history and not taking steps to correct it is bat sh$&* crazy.


  67. One thing JM knew was how to hire great, and I mean great assistants. He knew a head coach is the ringmaster. Doesn’t have to be the sharpest x&o guy. Another coaching 101 lesson PN should consider.


    1. JoeKnew – agree. Successful leaders know how to surround themselves with people that are smarter and more talented than themselves. Then they give them the resources they need to do their jobs. Leaders only need to provide the vision and the direction. Egotism and hiring yes men will only get you so far. Like 8 wins far. We’ll see.


  68. Reed is my friend and a former highest rank achievable in the US Coast Guard. When I was hired to run a division of a Fortune 500 Co a year and a half ago, I never considered hiring Reed.

    Narduzzi, had he been an HC previous, would have learned never to hire a friend. It opens you up to
    all kinds of unwarranted criticism.
    Can’t wait til Narduzzi grows up and learns to be. Head Coach!


    1. Enjoy the weather, if the game happens to matches the season results so far. I know I will – 73 degrees, sunny and zero chance of rain in Central PA. Hitting the links so the brick doesn’t hit my TV.

      Hoping for a win, but I’ll not let a loss ruin my day.

      Deck the dukies in Durham!


  69. Hiring friends is a common thing in coaching, hell the stoops and Pallini’s hire their own brothers. Now, if the friend isn’t working out, you help them find a nice head coaching job at a D2 school. Sure it may be harder to admit a buddy isn’t cutting the mustard, but to say that Pat is the only one doing this is plain stupid.


  70. we should get a crew to cupkas 2 next week. break it down with Richie cupka. the 2 sides can meet Duzz is a god vs duzz is depasqua take your side. for me Duzz is Noll.


  71. God, no. Duzz is a football coach trying to teach an identity to a program that hasn’t had one in 30 years. If he acts like Noll to the media and then wins just like Chuck did-sign me up in a New York minute.
    Last time I checked, this IS FOOTBALL!! As Bobby Knight famously said, “nice is for losers”.


  72. Here’s a thought. Narduzzi runs a secret service, do you think he wants his players talking about squat? The players are all Sargent Schultz, they know nothing even when they know something.

    Remember when he actually tested his team to keep a secret over the weekend and they did? Forget what that was about but he doesn’t want his players or coaches talking about what goes on down on the south-side. He’s funny that way. << funny? He’s crazy that way! . . . ..ike


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