POV MMQB: NC State Game Loss

Monday-Morning-QBAnother Monday morning and another loss to talk about.  This time we didn’t beat the point spread – which was I believe was +11.5 since we lost 35-17. Sad to say but the point spread and whether we beat it or not which has quickly become an indicator for Pitt fans to gauge if the team is good or bad.

But there are more games on the schedule and anything can happen, right?

If we are to win a few more games, and we just might, we’ll have to build on some of the things the team and coaching staff have done correctly in the past seven games this season.  While that may be slim pickings there are some nuggets there.  The problem is trying to find the “GOOD” when there is so much of the ‘BAD” and “UGLY” surrounding it.

But let’s give it a shot; I’ll go first then you all state how you saw the game.

I was relegated to watching Pitt play, again, in the local bar as the only way you can see the new ACC network down here in borderland MD is by Direct TV.  This time a $5 tip when I walked in the door got me a seat in front of my own 72″ TV up on the wall.

That way I could see how just how bad we sucked in even bigger  images then watching at home.  And I do think that overall we sucked again.  Here goes:


I’ll go first with how our defensive backfield played.  Normally with any other team when they give up 198 yards and one TD passing that would be a so-so defense… but at Pitt the last two years it makes people sit up and take notice.

I will say that NCS’s QB Findley’s play really helped in this regard, especially in the 1st half of the game where he missed on almost every one of his passes.  But the results are the same; incomplete passes and no yards gained.

I think their first series of the game was indicative of what NCS’s staff leanings were – they went on a nine play drive but only gained 41 yards and Findley missed on a 4th and 3 pass to turn the ball over. he was 1 for 3 in that opening drive and badly missed on both incompletions.

But we kept the passing yardage down for the most part and had we countered that with a run defense we may have won the game (more on that later).

Ben DiNucci’s play deserves mention in this category also.  Look, I have held the opinion from the minute he signed his LOI with us that DiNucci wasn’t ever going to be anything but a substitute QB for us as long as we had any sort of other talent in the QB room. And that had been the case right up until Browne’s injury two weeks ago.

But for right now and on last Saturday he’s the starter until he isn’t. With that I didn’t expect fireworks from him but a rather steady passing game that would allow our run game to be effective.

The fact that our running game is worse than bad (more on that later also!) isn’t DiNucci’s fault at all but indeed put more stress and expectations on him to produce.  His stats line was average – 19/32 for 170 yards and 1 TD with 1 INT but his passing yards per attempt was poor at only 5.3 yards.

Still, he engineered the series where we broke the 0-0 score with this impressive drive:

  • 1st and 10 at NCST 42

    (7:37 – 1st) Jordan Whitehead run for 5 yds to the NCSt 37

  • 2nd and 5 at NCST 37

    (7:37 – 1st) Ben Dinucci pass complete to Quadree Henderson for a loss of 2 yards to the NCSt 39

  • 3rd and 7 at NCST 39

    (7:37 – 1st) Ben Dinucci pass complete to Rafael Araujo-Lopes for 7 yds to the NCSt 32 for a 1ST down

  • 1st and 10 at NCST 32

    (7:37 – 1st) Jordan Whitehead run for a loss of 1 yard to the NCSt 33

  • 2nd and 11 at NCST 33

    (5:05 – 1st) Ben Dinucci pass complete to Jester Weah for 33 yds for a TD, (Alex Kessman KICK)

He also was in for our next offensive score when we drove 69 yards in 10 plays for a RB Darrin Hall TD – even though he only threw the ball once in that series.  So you’d think that his having helped produce 14 points against a good ACC opponent in a 1st half would cement his role.

But an interception on our lead possession in the 3rd quarter, followed by two straight series ending in punts (DiNucci was 4-8 with no 3rd down conversions while NCS scored 14 more points in that time) changed all that and Watson chose QB Kenny Pickett to give it a try.

Alex Kessman remained consistent and was our leading scorer.  He hit a 43 yarder and converted both extra point for a perfect day.  in addition his three touchbacks on his kickoffs kept the ball out of NCS’s Nyheim Hines’ hands. That was important as you remember Hines burnt us on that a 92 yard punt return which gave NCS a tied score that we never could break in our favor afterward.

Kessman has hit on 8 of 9 attempts since that 0-2 showing against YSU and he is, by far, our offensive MVP of the season.


Our staff’s in-game decision-making.   While nothing they have done so far has outright cost us a game what has been happening, and replicated on Saturday, is a string of head scratching calls and personnel moves that left both the fans, and I believe the players themselves, wondering what was going on.  The QB situation is just one.  OC Watson’s playcalling has had way too many questionable decisions to list here.

Our special teams’ coverage.  When you have a guy field a punt on his own 8 yard line then waltz untouched (and no one really even got close to him) that’s a real problem.

Actually, that’s about it for the “BAD” in my opinion because everythings else on the negative side was pretty …


The fact that Ben DiNucci said one thing and the Head Coach said the exact opposite thing in post-game interviews.  This is in reference to the coaches pulling DiNucci and inserting Kenny Pickett in the 3rd quarter of play.  DiNucci stated he had no idea and was not told that would happen… and Narduzzi says that it certainly was discussed with the QBs before the game.

Well, hate to call names but someone isn’t a truth teller in this situation. If I had to bet a dollar who was fibbing I’d throw it toward the Southside offices.

From the Post-Gazette:

“A little bit surprised, yeah,” said DiNucci, who was 19 of 32 for 170 yards with a touchdown, an interception and a lost fumble when he tagged back in for the final drive with the game out of reach. “I wasn’t necessarily aware going into this week that they were gonna try to get him series, but that’s ultimately their decision, so the only thing I can do is respect it and try to help him out as much as possible.”

Narduzzi said he and offensive coordinator/​quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson spoke to both players pregame about the plan. In fact, Narduzzi said he wanted to use Pickett in the first half, but that DiNucci was playing well, so he stayed in.

I want to make something clear here – I don’t necessarily disagree with pulling DiNucci for Pickett when they did.  That is a decision that had many angles to it – one being we needed a spark to start scoring points again.  That didn’t happen but we did need it.  What i am driving at here is the disconnect between staff and player – in full public view – of the situation.

I have said since fall camp was going on and the Whitehead/Wirginis/Bookser suspensions were announced that there was something off about the team this season and it appears that we are seeing that now.  I have heard there has been some discord going on, as can be expected with a team that has played as poorly as Pitt has this season, so let’s hope things don’t get worse before they get better.

Our rushing defense and our rushing offense.  Take your pick for the NCS game – both contributed mightily toward this loss.  I suppose if you have to choose which eye to thrust a stick into then let’s address the Pitt run game first.  Here’s a graphic on both:

NCS run games.png

When your QB is tied as your leading rusher – and he only carries the ball four times – you know you have major problems.  And we did – this isn’t new for Pitt this season and is part and parcel of why we only have two wins.  But Saturday was a new low as far as I can remember.

I always look at the Yards Per Carry numbers first and you can see here that NC State was the clear victor in that category with 6.5 (!!) versus our measly 3.0. I guess I should have expected that considering that NCS was ranked 7th nationally in run defense going into the game giving up only 91.3 ypg… and we actually beat that with our 95 yards.

But hell, it still sucks and we could do nothing on the ground to help our faltering QBs’ passing games, or lack thereof.

Now, NC State was about average in thier rushing production (57th w/ 177 ypg at a 4.6 ypc clip) yet we allowed them to pretty much run at will.  When you allow a team almost 2 full yards more per try against you that is a recipe for defeat – and exactly how NC State overcame the poorer play from their QB.

That’s mine – I could probably find a few more ‘BAD” and UGLY” issues but you guys will fill in the gaps in your own GB&U’s.

256 thoughts on “POV MMQB: NC State Game Loss

  1. sorry reed benching DiNucci was a no brainer. the day and time has come for the Kenny the wicked pickett era. DiNucci is a kid with a limited skill set. Lets get Pickett and this young team ready for next year. I love you dude but your qb analysis is in the words of Mike Dumlin. ” below the line” lol


      1. Hey Titlewoman I would like to add the fact that Narduzzi stated, on the Bill Hilgrove post game show, the fact that the reason Pickett didn’t run the “Hurry up” offense is because he didn’t get any reps for the 4 minute drill in practice that past week…. someone is definitely lying and it sucks that it’s the coach (one would think it would be the 20 year old kid.) So this pre-game “plan” sounds more like post-game “BS.!”


  2. I think NC St this year is very similar to what Pitt was last year.
    I’m typically optimistic and think it is going to take time for a lot of these young guys to get up to speed and to work their way into steadiness. But I’ll admit I’m getting a little worried.
    GOOD – Kessman and the 1st half score.
    BAD – the entire offense – they should all be sat down for a series or two to start the next game. Timing of the QB switch
    UGLY – OC SW


  3. Good- I didn’t waste my day frustrated with another poor result- I got some fresh mountain air while doing yard work at my cabin;

    Bad- There’s still 5 games left this season;

    Ugly- Basketball starts in 25 days.


  4. DiNucci is the starter for the Duke game….

    Good…DBs for most part and the interior DL are improving. On the O side- Lopes is a good ball player.

    Bad..JW has his 1 offensive play and QH has his jet sweep- howz the working my dear Watson. Play calling in general. Weah’s unpredictability- does a great Lima Sweed impersonation. Linebackers especially Zeise and DEs -just aint got it. Piss poor tackling but that has been happening for years. Kids don’t tackle with there shoulders much anymore.

    Ug..There once was a caveman named Ug
    Who stuck his plug in a jug.
    Said Ug with a shrug
    as he gave it a tug
    ” Now aint this one heck of a Fug.”
    That is kind of how I feel this season is unfolding..attendance, coaching, players, recruiting, BoT and last Saturday’s 3rd team kicker’s antics,…. Da Da Da Da Da Da Fight PITT Fight…amake me want to scream FUG !!!

    BTW read Ike’s last post…call 911…need a stat transfusion of optomism..I am sensing he is going into depression.


  5. Rather than go with good, bad, and ugly, I’m going with hubris, what the heck, and I’m scared.

    I graduated from Arts and Sciences and the School of Ed so I don’t know the in’s and out’s of business. Maybe the folks over at Katz can help the athletic dept. by addressing these gems.

    1) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by changing the uniform every year to every known pattern except the only one that people want.
    2) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by laughing at their opinion that an on campus stadium would improve morale and the game day experience. What do they know…lol!

    What the heck?
    3) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by allowing a third string, nobody kicker to kneel during the anthem followed by the head coach saying he would never tell anyone what to do yet he suspended our best player for three games. We at Pitt know our consumers want politics with their football.
    4) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by not playing Sweet Caroline after the third quarter. After all, this was the only thing that really got a lot of the crowd excited during the game. Instead, let’s randomly play it or in the case of the OSU game, let’s not play it all.

    I’m scared.
    5) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by joining the ACC where we will never compete at a competitive level ever again at any sport. We will make money hand over fist and you the people will like it. Nevermind that we should be in the American Conf. and would probably be 5 and 2 rather than 2 and 5. Nevermind that the basketball team will only will the non con schedule.

    We know what is best for you. This hubris comes courtesy of the Pitt athletic dept.


    1. Almost – but #5 is inaccurate cause you said any sport and the women’s Vball is leading the ACC and men’s soccer has a “chance” to make the NCAA tournament.


  6. Oh, and one quick note to anyone who mentions point spreads (not you, Reed) and our performance versus them.. they mean NOTHING!

    Point spreads are not an indicator or predictor of a team’s ability to win. These “odds” are simply a mechanism meant to spread action evenly between the two teams to limit the exposure to the sportsbook.

    So, if a team, say Pitt, is perceived to be bad by the general betting public they GET points, regardless of how the “experts” expect them to perform. Conversely, “popular” teams like Penn State, Notre Dame, etc. often GIVE points because even if all things were equal, more people just bet on them.

    That said.. for those of you who have pointed out that we have lost games but played well because we covered the spread, remember this..

    The spreads were only that high because of how bad we are. When we GET 14 points and lose by 10, there’s hardly cause for celebration. Maybe we should be focused on why we never GIVE points.


  7. ^^ I get it Jay. Youth means nothing to a team that can’t afford to pay players. PITT football will always be cyclical and baby steps don’t count.


    1. Does over 32 mediocre years qualify as one down cycle? Does winning 1 of 3 at the BBVA Compass Bowl count as an up cycle? Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl an up cycle? Cyclical means you actually win something and Pitt football never even won an outright Big East championship. Pitt and the Pirates keep shoveling hope and excuses but never make the necessary commitment to winning anything.


      1. Preach, Mike! Preach!

        How many years of, “our kids are young”, “we’ve got a lot coming back next year”, “next season, our toughest games are at home”, etc. are we supposed to endure?


  8. And wrestling will be good this year.

    But unless Pitt football improves, these other programs will suffer since its football that pays the bills.

    Heck if football was more successful, Pitt could probably fund a hockey and lacrosse program.

    Pitt football is holding the rest of Pitt sports back.


  9. Here’s the deal with PITT football. If you can’t take a down season in reason while the team is young then you must be 12 years old and don’t understand the nature of what is PITT football or you’re just grumpy….

    There are very great reasons why PITT is 2-5 this season. imo, its absolutely explainable.

    Look at the PITT losses

    #2 psu
    #9 OSU
    #17 NCS
    Gt receiving Vote and PITT played them on the road
    Syracuse on the road.

    No excuses but that is a rough road to hoe with a super young team and dumb coaches.

    My good bad and ugly will surprise a few. When I get the energy to post them………………


  10. Good: Kessan, Lopes, Whitehead (on offense)

    Bad: OL, DiNucci in the 3rd Quarter (readful) after looking decent in the 2nd quarter

    Ugly: the OL (of course), and the fact that a DB was our leading ground gainer for 3 of the past 4 weeks


  11. The Good:

    Frans tailgate as always, great job shady. << wife calls him that.

    The O-Line actually did a good job against one of the best D-Lines in the ACC first half.

    D-Backs are starting to play better and looked good against a QB that had a bad first half.

    The Uniforms, yes it’s getting hard even for me to find goodness so to speak.

    The Bad:

    Big breakdowns at bad times, I guess there is never a good time but PITT took a lead and gave it right back. That demoralizes a team that struggles to score points.

    Reed not making it to the tailgate …….boo

    Speaking of boo, isn’t it crazy that people actually boo their team or boo anything? Go boo in the mirror and look at how stoopid you look.

    The terrible: Richard losing his wife, hang in there Pitt-cocks and don’t wander to far from your POV family. To all the POV family who are dealing with issues, hope your fortunes turn around for the better. Dan and Jim hope your family members are recovering nicely.

    The Ugly:

    Special teams coach was absolutely terrible. Counted at least 3 times, maybe more when PITT didn’t have enough players on the field until the last second. This is bad coaching.

    Speaking of coaching, I’m guessing I was all wrong about Narduzzi and I admit I MAY have been wrong about him. He needs to get smarter and real fast. This is in all phases of his coaching and philosophies.

    Lastly the uniforms, yes I’m one of those guys. Please get the colors right. Love the throw backs but the shades of yellow and blue are off and it kind of diminishing the whole thing for me. Still better than the others. …ike



  12. I’m too depressed to post a G, B and U. At this point it should be all hands on deck, with no red shirts. If they can play they should be on the field. I never thought that so many of the players we counted on would be such disappointments. Where did Hendrix go? Once again, a non-factor. Ollison is a total bust this year, even though he has done it in the past. And QH will be back next year as NFL teams quickly give up on him. They don’t generally waste draft picks on one trick ponies. ike is right, Pitt needs to develop players on a cycle of good performance every 3-4 years, which gives the 3 stars time to develop.

    We were lead to believe early on that this team had potential. Every player Duzz talks about is all world. Then the reality of their on field performance comes into play.


  13. In 1975 Tony Dorsett had 149 yards in his 1st 4 carries..do we even have a RB who has 149 yds through the 1st 7 games ?
    Damn.. we were good..looked great ..definitely PITT swagger..what teams and what a brand…only to feel and see it one more time….had a small dose in Clemson in ’17..


  14. The good we played one solid half of football for once. I’ll admit I was shocked to go in the locker room with the score tied
    The bad: Shawn Watsons play calling has to addressed. The 4th and 10 option call was mind boggling.
    The ugly: the coaching staffs in ability to decide who there best players are. For instance the qb circus, the running back circus, no line backers at all try someone else than stick with them. Olli son had two carries for 17 yards 8.5 average!!!


  15. UPITT
    I think you should return. Hey, we are like a family and with family the truth gets spoken. I am in the camp that nothing really bothers me. If you jump into the arena prepared to be hit.
    Anyway, I enjoy the blog and the banter.


  16. A running game needs to get into a rhythm to work. Shawn Watson never calls two runs in a row.
    At minimum one series of a game should be three straight runs, but this staff either does not like any of there backs and are not committed to the run game because they can’t find who there best back is.
    Just this last week Phill Campbell is working with the rbs and wore #24 interesting


    1. Don’t you agree that roating lineman in is a huge problem as well? If Duzz wants to stay… all his buddies need to go.


  17. there a was a blatant and important hold which was hard to miss on the punt return td. I saw it in real time . I also saw it a number of times on replay.


    1. Agreed on the hold…but the gunner overran the punt returner and Not One player touched him!
      9 players took the wrong angle and I swear we only had 10 on the field.


  18. Good—the defensive backs and d line played their best game of the season against a top 20 team. FG kicking has done a 180 since week 1.
    Bad—Pitt running game is just a total dumpster fire. The line can’t run block, the running backs can’t break tackles, and due to inexperienced qb play teams are putting 8-9 in the box every play.
    Ugly—LB play. Pitt will never, ever, ever have a snowballs chance in hell of taking the title of LB U from Penn State with the status of this position. Zeise is clueless, Brightwell is lost, and our shining star is Shawn Odowu-a converted db. I think I just threw up in my mouth. Until Harley, Conklin, and Duzz actually recruit REAL LINEBACKERS this defense will NEVER stop good running teams (GT, NCSU, PSU, etc).
    Real Ugly—coaching. I fear Duzz is mailing in this season and treating the games like NFL pre-season. The change to Pickett is a good move down 14 or more not 7. The option is a good play with Hall on 2nd and 10 not 4th and 10. Watching NCSU run back a kick with no one close to touching the guy is a horrific flashback to Wanny at UCONN. Not settling on one primary rb hurts the offense and having a revolving door at qb and oline doesn’t help either.

    *I am a loyal Narduzzi supporter and always will be, but I am having serious doubts he can get 10 wins at Pitt. I’m afraid, as always, we are going to be happy to be 7-5 or 8-4 on good years and 5-7 or 6-6 on bad ones and 3-9 or 4-8 this year.


  19. Pittman4ever’s Good, Bad, and Ugly from the NCState game:

    1. Kessman, as a freshman, is kicking extremely well!
    2. The throwbacks (though still too yellow) far surpass all the other uni’s combined.
    3. PICKETT!!!!! He passes the “eye test” with an A+. Solid arm, fast legs, tall, a stud, quick thinker, and clearly ( by far) the only QB on our roster at this time with D1 qualities. PLAY HIM NOW!!!!
    4. Duzz (yes, I said Duzz) – Why? He had the balls to play Pickett and to run Whitehead at tailback (even if it was the same play over and over :>)

    1. We are 2-5. Did you understand that? Say it sloooowlllllllyyyy “WE ARE 2 WINS and 5 LOSES”. In case you don’t know, 2-5 is bad. If we’re happy that we are not getting blown out but just losing like a normal loser, than we, the fans, are part of the problem.

    1. Our overall playing ability puts us in the category of the non power 5 conferences. We would probably be .500 in those conferences instead of .250 currently.

    For Richard (Pitt-Cocks Fan) and his family over the recent loss of his wife. Praying for you, Richard.


    1. “If we’re happy that we are not getting blown out but just losing like a normal loser, than we, the fans, are part of the problem.”

      Some of you (well, maybe ONE of you) should read that a few times and ruminate on it. Ruminate. You like that? Not bad vocabulary for a 12 year-old.


  20. Good:

    The band looked good at halftime!

    #34 at the DT spot played well. This unit is actually showing promise and looks better when Edwards and Hendrix are on the bench.

    #11 Daune Jackson has played will all year and continues to play well.


    Q Henderson still is taking wasted snaps away from our best receiver in R Lopes. As Altoona_Zach says above this is a clear indicator of the coaching staff inability to identify and utilize the best players. Rotating players is great if you have multiple that are capable. But when one is capable and the other is not this staff rotates just to rotate.

    J Whitehead needed more carries except he only got a few because we just keep rotating half the team in and out at tailback. For those that want to keep him on defense…..make him the middle linebacker and this would actually make the defense better.

    D. Hall should not be rotating at TB. All his carries and blocking assignments should go to Ollision or 50 50 Ollison/Davis.


    Where are the linebackers????I have watched a lot of bad Pitt football from 1993 up but this unit (I believe a lot of its coaching) is the worst I have even seen.

    The really ugly:

    The 4th and 12 option call??????????????????

    The fact that we couldn’t run a hurry up in the 2 min drill because we decided to put Pickett in without ever having the kid practice a two min drill. This type of stuff is too crazy to make up.

    The fact that Pickett clearly is the best option at OB even if Browne wasn’t hurt but it took him getting hurt and us torturing Denucci before the coaching staff decided to throw caution to the wind.

    If felt like when down 7 points in the middle of 3rd qtr the coaching staff thru in the towel.

    Even when this team makes a good play I still feel like I am constipated.


  21. 12:30 kickoff for the Virginia game. Better than a noon start. I hope the ACC network gives PITT a little more leeway in kickoff times.


  22. Hey Josh, next time you’re constipated take some of the home made hot peppers from the tailgate… don’t take my word, ask Ike. 😀


    1. LOL I will be sure and try em next time.

      Sorry I missed stopping by I had to drop wife and kids off in Cranberry and didn’t get to game till right at 12.


  23. I like the noon /12:30 starts We have been doing them so long its a tradition. I enjoy them and don’t whine about trivial things.


    1. I say this with no knowledge of your location but guess that perhaps you find early starts “trivial” because you live in or near Heinz Field. For those of us several hours away, those start times mean we have to leave our homes around 6 am or pay for a hotel Friday night. Also, with the product mediocre at best, spending some time at a tailgate makes the trip a bit more worthwhile. Kegs and eggs were far more appealing of a breakfast 20 years ago.

      But, if you have room at your place for us out of towners.. I’ll just stay at your place and we can carpool Saturdays. Problem solved!


  24. Good – Player, Dane Jackson is definitely improving. He looks like he will be good rather soon; Kessman, showing good leg; Lopes is my offensive MVP this year
    The crowd, though relatively small was definitely vocal in the 1st half and early 2nd when Pitt was in it.

    Bad/Ugly – Weah’s inconsistency
    Winslow has been kicking great, but after the long return looked like he was trying for hang time and it screwed up his rhythm, the punts weren’t good after that.

    To go with Ike’s comments above, Jeff Sagarin has us with the #3 toughest schedule. With 2 seniors starting, it was bound to be a tough year. As I told a colleague who was crowing about PSU being ranked #2, they have the 51st toughest schedule. They haven’t earned anything.

    I’m looking for improvement at this point. 3 more wins are a possibility, and Va Tech always seems to lie down for Pitt. Miami may be the best team in the conference this year.


    1. Good points above, except:

      “They haven’t earned anything.”


      I agree PeeSU is overrated and their schedule is ALWAYS junk. But we can’t bring up strength of schedule when we lose the head to head match up.


      1. Jay, when I said “they haven’t earned anything” I meant nationally. Which, of course, means that we are nothing this year with regards to a challenge against a top 5 team.


  25. Reynolds is already our best lb. Just needs to play. ( see my post on Pickett ). these young guys just need to play. Like CHUCK NOLL Duzz is as serious as a heart attack. That bothers some fans who want their asses kissed. But he has a plan and we will win.


  26. titleman I know you but this is not a message board. Commenting about a game start time is all subjective. Try and not to be rude to another opinion, traveling is not trivial. You bring good feedback and comments with you. ike


  27. Good……Pickett, uni’s, defensive backfield play, Kesselman kicking

    Bad….Heather 7x on big screen giving awards during every first half commercial break, 10,000
    Leftover Connor bobble heads,

    Ugly…..the incredible fire drill ( half to be in the stands to see it) of 3-9 Pitt subs running on/off the field every play! We played with 10 at least 3 times! No one seems to know who’s in or out!
    The arrogance of Narduzzi….and stupidity…putting in Picket, pulling him because he didn’t know the up tempo offense …and then admitting it to the press. Why not just scream out “I’m not a F n head coach!!!”
    The mess that passes for an offensive line! Maybe worst I’ve seen ever at run blocking at Pitt. Please don’t blame the backs! These guys are not untalented…the just don’t know their blocking assignments! I watched them over and over turn around dumbfounded saying “I thought you had him?”
    The mess that passes for a coaching staff! How nice of Narduzzi to tell us “we’re a close team and are staying together thru our team leadership”. You know what will really keep a team together???
    Win sone damn football games.
    The ugliest…the embarrassment of being a loyal Pitt Season ticket holder of 44 years who drives 500 miles to see this inept, poorly coached disgrace of a football team! It’s 2-10 folks. No chance to win another game.


  28. Good – Amir Watts had a couple inspired plays; O’Neill play call; DiNucci while he was in there; Short shorts in abundance on a gorgeous day
    Bad – Giving up two very easy and long touchdowns to NC State
    Ugly – George Aston getting around the bench area on that cart of his.


  29. this team is in for some growing pains, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Virtually the entire team is from the 2016 and 2017 classes.


  30. Problem is Pitt can’t afford many down seasons. It impacts attendance, revenues, recruiting and perception. Need to be a consistent 8 game winner each year. Otherwise, we need a new coach and AD. Some decent bowl wins would also be nice.


  31. Expecting 8 wins every year is unrealistic for a program which was abused by the prior administration and which is the definition of unstable. Like 1998 we are taking a step back after a terrific 2016. season. If people didn’t enjoy 2016 they need to take up a new hobby.


  32. Good -1) Dinucci, had tie at half
    2) Lopes caught balls from both QBs
    3) Pass defense improved, a bit
    4) Maddox effort on long run – see below

    Bad 1) keeping a true Fr at QB when he had never practiced the hurry up then PN deer in headlight explanation when asked about.
    2) OL play, OL coach, coaches in general
    3) team speed. I don’t think on the punt return or long run a finger was laid on the NC state player. Every player was blown by and gave up (except Maddox who came across the field but nobody even tried to slow the player.

    Ugly 1) OL and OL coach and running game (redundant)
    2) Nard’s difficulty with the truth (telling Ben PIckett was going to play when he did not according to Nooch – I am with the future backup QB on this, explaining not putting BD back in when a hurry up was needed earlier than when we were out of it – his explanation was atrocious , telling people Browne would be out at least ‘2 weeks’ etc etc


  33. Titleman, hope to see you at the next POV/Fran/BigB/Reeds tailgate. Reed, you know you have to be there on the 28th!! << you get an extra half hour to sleep in…. 🙂


  34. Noon starts have also been around for a long long time now. I am surprised people still moan about them as they are a given fact for all non elite Power5 programs. Think Pitt Wake Duke the Cuse etc. we are Bojangles fodder. I plan my fall around noon starts to plan otherwise is delusional. its not happening in this lifetime or the next. I can appreciate the travel isses. but we have the same issues when we go on the road. They all seem to be noon starts.


  35. Good point titleman!
    I’m concerning taking up stewing prunes every Saturday at noon thru the rest of the college football season!


  36. Here’s my 2 cents worth
    (Did you know there is not a cents symbol on your keyboard?)
    Good: The uniforms, my10 year old grandson eating an entire Pepi’s Hoagie.
    Bad: The running game specifically the OL
    Ugly: 4th and 12 option play!! Are you kidding me!!
    Hope it stays warm for the remaining 3 games. If it gets to cold this old guy might have to go to Porkys to watch the game.


  37. Well if we’re not that good looking we need a total makeover. And what will it take to consistently win 8 games each year and be relevant. You see how fast the soccer, volleyball and wrestling teams have turned it around. It starts with very good coaches. Our facilities for these sports aren’t that great but our coaches can sell the program. So I think we have a coaching problem. Since Heinz is a pro field (albeit too large) and our practice facilities are better than any college team. The Dog doesn’t know how to sell Pitt. And football recruits are more fickle than these minor sports. They want hero worship, packed stadiums, prime time TV, money, fame, etc. Pitt can’t deliver.


    1. Our facilities are far from being “better” than any other team… Not by a long shot.

      Remember that the Steelers and the Panthers have separate weightrooms, training spaces, etc.


  38. So if you want to be a handsome football program, it takes far more work than soccer. And Pitt doesn’t want to roll up the sleeves and do plastic surgery.


  39. We played with them the first half take away the two big plays. I agree with Ike the teams we played and lost to were good but next year we will be in a better place with majority of team back. Coaching will be better as they learn from mistakes and I’ll called plays. We are not great but the glass looks fuller now Go with youghth take the lumps and prepare for your future. If we don’t do well next year then we must examine direction and coaching staff changes. H2P PENN STATE OVERATED AND PLAYS NO ONE TOUGH


  40. Good: Aaron Mathews continued growth at WR.

    Bad: QB carousel with the game still in reach and lack of urgency on offense in 4th quarter.

    Ugly: The continued cluster which is OC Watson’s play calling.


  41. No doubt PSU has easy schedule but next 3 games are home vs Mich, at OSU and at MSU. Mich is not that good this year but at OSU is real test. MSU is much improved from last year …. then their last 3 games are cakewalks.

    We need a schedule like Wisconsin’s who has only one ranked team on their schedule …. Michigan at home. Paulie must live right … this is the same as his 2014 schedule at Pitt when the only team Pitt played that finished ranked was G Tech.

    BTW, in 2014, Wisconsin won 9 games, won the B10 west and lost to OSU in title game 59-0. Ponder that one.


    1. And the fixation on Chryst continues. Wisconsin plays in the B1G West and is bound to what the league schedules. When Wisconsin scheduled BYU 4-5 years ago BYU at Provo probably looked like a decent OOC game. In the end the B1G West is very much like Pitt playing in the Coastal except Pitt will probably never play FSU AND Clemson in the same season. Pitt played FSU in 2013 and Clemson in 2016. In that sense Pitt has been very fortunate that they aren’t Syracuse. It will be fun to see how Babers does in year 2 having beaten Clemson with Miami, FSU, and Louisville yet to play.

      Last year, when Chryst was actually their coach, WIsconsin won 10 games, won the B1G West and lost to PSU in the B1G title game by 7. During the regular 2016 season Wisconsin played LSU (home), OSU (home), Michigan (away) and Nebraska (home). The B1G West had 5 teams finish bowl eligible last season (better than the B1G East). They beat Northwestern who later beat Pitt. Not sure what the point was actually.

      Given the upcoming schedules for PSU,OK State and NC State, Pitt end the season having played a schedule very much like Wisconsin plays this season (no ranked team). Wisconsin’s strength of schedule is currently #59. Pitt’s is #41. Stay tuned.


    2. That’s the only part of their schedule they can’t control or they all would be low tier MAC teams. It’s their NC schedule that’s a joke. (Yeah….I know we were on it)


  42. The Good:
    1. Our kicking game (minus the coverage).
    2. Only 5 potential additional losses to go.

    The Bad:
    1. Brightwell MIA in the middle
    2. Jared Jones-Smith attempting to block anyone
    3. RB’s who couldn’t make me miss a tackle

    The Ugly:
    1. Coaching across the board
    2. Narduzzi’s lame comments on the kneeling situation; “I don’t judge” – come on Pat, that’s precisely what coaches do.
    3. Next year’s O-line could possibly be worse.


  43. Etna, your 10 year old grandson finishing a Pepi’s hoagie made me smile…thanks. That’s what we need to embrace more. I’ve met many new friends since I started reading the POV. Looking forward to the Duke trip and meeting some more.


  44. Good: Kickers

    Bad: Running backs

    Ugly: Coaching

    Confusing: People thinking the d backs were good. Their qb and receivers had a terrible day or we would have been torched again. Overthrows and dropped passes, and our secondary had nothing to do with it.


  45. Im fine with Pickett getting a few series at the expense of Dinucci. He wasnt lighting it up, so pickett deserves a few series. Pat is just trying to find a spark on an offense without one. Pickett didnt provide it, so they went back with Dinucci. Its Narduzzi’s team, not the fans, he needs to make the calls as he sees them.


    1. Watch the 3rd quarter. Not perfection by Dinucci by a long shot but he did what he could do given the play calling, poor offensive line play and penalties. I saw a D1 qb. Not a great one. Maybe not even a good one but how much play time has he had?

      I really think we POVers have not been fair to this kid. How good was Peterman at his age? I ask anyone who thinks bringing Pickett in when he was brought in to watch the 3rd quartet over again and report on what he sees that merited taking Dinucci out. What was the score when Dinucci last touched the ball in the 3rd quarter? I think it was 14 to 14. Move was not just not smart—it was dumb. And I’ll bet the players think it was dumb and unfair and that’s never a good thing.


  46. never had a pepis hoagie. is their italian that good. i’m used to some good ones from my stay in ny.

    dont care much for those philly steak samiches.


    1. They sell them right outside of the garage in the red parking lot. They ain’t bad for $6 and its become a tradition for us to buy them and eat them in the stadium.


  47. Reed what sort of discord are you hearing about with coaches and players not on the same page? Winning cures alot of ills, but this team just isnt very good. next year and especially in 2019 the defesne will be much improved. Just have to hope the offense can find some playmakers by then.


  48. there was always a big divide when i went to school between those from WPA and those from philly and jersey. Cultural differences to say the least.

    just like when i attended ub – divide between upstaters and down-staters (those from the City)


  49. north shore deli > than pepis, trust me. Google the joint because that is what it is. E Ohio st with strange hours. You won’t be sorry……….


  50. Guessing the mind of an OC; if we run the play perfectly we get what we need like a first down or the needed yardage. However the defense can change before the snap. QBs need experience to be able to change the play based on the defensive change. Looks like a game of chess but you have to have the players to execute.


  51. Hey Barvo, Narduzzi wins first two years with Chryst players but Chryst wins in a weak conference with his players. Help me understand how that works?


  52. jus so you all know. Paul’s Wisconsin starting lineup consists of 17 players he did Not recruit….and one he stole from PITT.

    I know his recruiting has been good but that’s expected for a football program trending upwards.


  53. Exactly Jay, that’s not good at all. Point being, lets judge each coach moving forward with their own recruits. PITT doesn’t have the heart or willingness to compete at that level. ……..and/or the money………. ike



  54. First off – Lastrowofsection4: it was nice meeting you at Rice game (Raypgh introduced us; I wanted to meet Reed but was not successful).

    Second: All POVites … Be prepared to continue writing your dire straits diatribes as the Rivals.com as of 1 minute ago has Penn State #3 (Franklin can administrate recruiting) and Pitt #58 (Narduzzi can not administrate recruiting). The reason why we are starting Zeise and our 2 DEs isn’t their fault; it is because Narduzzi could not recruit someone better than them. So keep blogging how YOUNG we are; and avoid saying how UNTALENTED we are.

    I actually met Pat Gallagher before he was Pitt’s chancellor (He spoke at my son’s Pitt Pharmacy graduation as Under Secretary of Commerce before he was chancellor) and I am certain that he told Heather to draw up a list of coaching candidates. Take UPitt multiply that by 10 and that is probably how disappointed he is in Narduzzi’s coaching and recruiting results. Hey Narduzzi: if you pound on the table and say you WANT THIS JOB; then DO THE JOB.


    1. Rivals was dead on about Max Browne… eh? Watch what happens when the most honorable James Franklin bounces to Texas A&M.


  55. Reed, you forgot to mention one CRITICAL play that could have been a difference maker.

    That was Weah’s First-Half drop of a Chest-High DiNucci pass that would have meant a FIRST Down in NC State territory.

    Weah catches that Ball and the Pitt Offense maintains the MOMENTUM that could have very well lead to another score.


    1. Yes, unfortunately that is the story of our season so far isn’t it?

      One or two plays here and there, it’s a difference between wins and losses sometimes.

      In the last two years we were making those plays and now we’re not and that goes to show with our win loss record.


  56. Said before the Game that NC State was going to be an important first test for Narduzzi as we look toward the Second Half of the Season in the Post Browne era.

    Would Narduzzi be SMART enough to commit to DiNucci long enough to see what he is capable of?

    Well, we got the answer.


  57. Ike – speaking of that deli on East Ohio St., I used to frequent the Park House, the Rathskeller at Max’s Allegheny Tavern and Julian’s back in the 80’s when I still lived in Pgh and we called it the North Side – there was no North Shore. (In fact, I remember when Red Lot 5A or thereabouts was the 2001 club). I haven’t been that way in years – is any of that still there?


    1. Hey JoeL…we probably know each other to see(well maybe not as we don’t look like we did). Those were some of my haunts as well in the ’80’s as well as the James Street Tavern for Jazz. There were actually 2 Park Houses back then, one on East Ohio and one on McKnight Road before you got into North Hills proper(which is the one I was at more). Max’s Rathskeller was a great place as well, I use to call it Max’s Meat Market. And the old 2001 was like one of the first big dance clubs in Pgh and they owned all the VIP clubs, East, West, North and South (been to all of them). Yea I was a club hound.

      The Park House on East Ohio is still there I believe, as well as James Street.


      1. when I left town, there was a real good Italian restaurant called Legends of North Shore right next to Allegheny General. That and Max’s were the only two eateries I can remember in that area, although of course, there are several near the stadiums.


      2. There used to be a jukebox in the Rathskeller wher you’d put a coin in and pick up a phone on it. A little old lady would answer and played whatever you asked her.


      3. I understood back then the The Park House was the oldest tavern in continuous operation in Pgh. If so, its ancient now. I used to drink Papua beer from New Guinea there – they were way ahead of their time with the beer selection thing.


  58. Ben DiNucci has a lot of very good qualities which I, for one, admire. Unfortunately, the one thing Ben doesn’t have is pure D1 talent. Hence, there is clearly a reason (outside of local
    school Pitt) that zero D1 schools offered him a scholarship to play QB at their school. There’s nothing wrong with being a great kid and not having great talent. Though Ben has proven that he can step in during emergencies and hold down the reins when needed, which is a credit to his Pittsburgh toughness, IMHO.


  59. The Good : 1) The Van Pelt era throwbacks (not exactly per the uni trim, but close) While I don’t love the yellow at least it matches the empty seats. Maybe some watching with poor vision will think it’s Pitt fans with Yellow T’s on 🙂

    2) Nerd Dog’s choice to use Whitehead more on offense (either though it didn’t work). That more due to the play calls for Whitehead and/or the blocking.

    3) Finley(Pack QB) has his worst half of the year or the final score would have been worse

    The Bad:

    1) Both Pitt QB’s look really small, really frail. I doubt either are 6’2″ tall as teams love to fudge the numbers.

    2) The O-Line (again). They are a recurring theme in The Bad. They went back to original O-line. The question begs……why ?

    3) Overall coaching is pitt-i-ful. Every week the half-time adjustments(?) are a fail. Except for the Okie State game when OSU decided to call off the dogs and put their 5th string in.

    The Ugly:

    1) Zeise being on the field in any capacity. Kid is clueless on the field, usually out of position.

    2) The DL looks smaller than they are, for whatever reason. Maybe their WR and RB numbers.
    Maybe they can wear bigger shoulder pads like in the 1980’s. (see sal sunseri)

    3) The Carrick 5th grade art class Pitt Logo made a reappearance (in honor of my son…upitt)
    (come back my son, this site needs as much humor as possible !)

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  60. pittofdreams must be related to DiNucci since I’ve seen nothing so far in his play at QB that would suggest that I want to build a team around him going forward. Nice kid, plays hard and may have had a decent Ivy League career at QB. Also taking that Ivy League degree wouldn’t have hurt either.


  61. Barvo, the point I’m trying to make is that the current staff is being criticized even though they have to play a very hard schedule with very few players from the previous staff. Programs like Pitt depend on 4th and 5th players. NC State had 8 senior starters on defense and no less than 9 4th or 5th year players on defense.

    Here look for yourself … http://www.ourlads.com/ncaa-football-depth-charts/depth-chart/nc-state/91280

    Wisconsin is another program similar to Pitt that depends on the same


    1. correction … NC State has 8 senior starters on defense and no less than 9 4th or 5th year players on ‘offense’


  62. I really do wonder how much of the OL drop off is talent related and how much is scheme related. They are not terrible at pass protection…average at best. But with the run last year, opposing teams never new what the next play was going to be. The mix up play calling was a work of art. Now we are back to it seems like 4 running plays…they know what is coming. Perhaps the OL was not stellar last year, only average, but the scheme helped them a lot.


    1. I think the OL was stellar last year .. probably the best since the early 80s. I don’t know what’s wrong .. I certainly expect a fall-off but nothing like this. I expected this team to be much better at mid-season but as long as it can’t establish a running attack, it’s not going to beat anyone.


      1. I expected it. When you replace two All – Something OL with players who are not good at all then this is what you get. Officer played poorly last season but because he was at Center a lot of his mistakes were covered up by the scrambling around in the line trenches. But Jared Jones Smith was never good in the first place then got injured and now he’s even worse… so I can understand why we’re not that good.

        I also think Peterson, the OL coach, is having a hard time when things aren’t perfectly aligned for him. My jury is still out on him as a offensive line coach and we’ll see this in the next couple years when whatever Christ talent we have there is gone and average offensive line players come in under Narduzzi’s recruiting.

        He was working with some of the best OL talent in the country the last two years.


        1. I remember you expressing doubt about JJS before the season started … but I was unaware of Officer’s poor play. I know he messed up a few snaps but that’s to be expected over the course of a year.


  63. I agree with POD. To me the timing of the QB change made no sense. You are still very much in the FB game. Narduzzi alluded to DiNucci’s INT as a factor in the change. What does that tell everyone. Make a mistake and you are coming out. Everyone then just plays tighter. If Pickett was starting this week it might make a little more sense that he decided to make a change in his starting QB moving forward, but with going back to DiNucci I don’t get it and Narduzzi is getting that deer in the headlights look. If Narduzzi has a plan I can’t figure it out.


    1. I thought DiNucci came out very flat in the 2nd half after a pretty good 2nd quarter. (all considered), Now it could have been that NCS defense just clamped down but in the 2nd series of 2nd half he threw a pass that could have been picked, and then did throw one in the 3rd series. He aimed that pass and it was an easy pick. I don’t know if the QB change was correct … but I really don’t think it mattered.


  64. Now I’m going to break Reed’s rule of posting politics, but apparently Jester Weah’s uncle may be the next president of Liberia (he is in a presidential run-off with someone else.) Bet PSU, OSU or Bama can’t claim that


  65. The O-line was a work of art last year. I think this year shows that you are only as good as your weakest link.

    I also think that a solid QB and strong running back can make an O-line look better by making plays. I saw Hall run into the pile several times rather than reversing direction or making a cut. A QB that escapes the rush and completes a pass under pressure also makes the O-line look “good enough”

    No doubt that Watson is not Canada, but he also doesn’t have the weapons of last year. I said yesterday, when you don’t have a QB or running back seizing the top job, you are in big trouble.

    I think it was made worse by not sticking with Ollison, and certainly by pulling DiNucci when the game was still on the line. How will you ever know if a guy has what it takes if you don’t give him a chance to succeed?

    I also think the shuffling of line positions really hurt. Instead of one weak spot, you now have a bunch.

    WBB, I think that NCST had a lot to do with DiNucci looking flat. They kicked it up a couple notches of intensity and our line did not respond. A lot of it was the playcalling. Pitching it to Whitehead was pretty obvious, no misdirection from Watson.


    1. Playcalling always look bad when the players don’t execute. That doesn’t mean Watson is a big part of the blame …. for example, I saw a replay of the game when they showed the wide angle view of the 4th down option attempt, and it was wide open if the QB and RB executed. (But on the other hand, DiNucci is not an option QB)


    2. A penalty on the opening drive that brings you to inside the 5 yd line doesn’t help either. Nor does a holding call during a nice pass catch to Weah help momentum.


  66. Chicken or Egg, hard to determine.

    Henderson’s brilliant runs were enabled by amazing line play. He has been totally ineffective this year.

    How much is Watson to blame for not dialing up plays these guys can execute vs ones they can not?


  67. I like how any decent performance by the defense is because the other teams QB was off. Come on, give credit where credit is due.

    That being said, the LBs as mentioned above are an issue.

    Zeise is no where to be found and Brightwell is out of position. He struggled to shed the offensive linemen. He should be moved to Zeise’s spot and and Pine or Reynolds should play the middle.

    In the backfield, most of the time NC State had a decent pass play number 20 was on the field.


    1. agree that Brightwell is better off at OLB …. and this is Zeise’s 1st year at OLB

      Just the pains of injury / inexperience. I expect Brightwell to move to OLB next year when Wirginis returns and/or Reynolds takes over


      1. Pitt recruited a 4* fast undersized linebacker but Narduzzi decided to make him the world’s smallest DE.


  68. “Ben’s our starting quarterback without question. He’s the guy.” – Pat Narduzzi, Post Gazette

    But it doesn’t end there.

    “I guess we’re odd,” he (Pat Narduzzi) said when a reporter suggested it was an odd time to change quarterbacks. “If I wait two more series, you might be going, ‘Why did you wait so long to put Kenny in?’


    My friends, you are witnessing why Pat Narduzzi is NOT cut out to be a Head Football Coach… TOO much EMOTION… too little head.


    1. Most coaches are pretty defensive and won’t admit poor decisions. Of course if Pickett would have lead a drive he would have looked like a genius. I still think the smart play was to leave the game in DiNucci’s hands. If he felt like he had to play Pickett, why not a series or two in the first half?


  69. If I may, I’d like to point out my preseason observations/predictions:

    I believed that any defensive improvement would be far overshadowed by a significant drop in offensive production and that some of you (ok, ONE of you 😁) were making very big assumptions regarding anticipated performance by players yet unseen at the college level.

    Well, how far off was that?

    In fact, while some of you were predicting 8, 9 or even 10 wins (shaking my head) based on sugar-coated fantasies (or maybe booze) I said this was a 6 win team.

    Who among you thought 6 wins was being optimistic? How many of you now think we’ll be bowl eligible?

    I only point this out because it gets extremely tiresome to read comments every preseason that are based on hopes and wishes, rather than actual data and observation. Maybe, just maybe, some of you will understand that you don’t love Pitt more than me (or UPitt or Reed) just because we don’t fart Primanti-scented, Blue and Gold colored rainbows every preseason. It doesn’t make us pessimists or “grumpy.” It just means what we see and have seen matters far more than hopes and dreams.

    I would love for Pitt to finish the season 7-5 and win a bowl game. I’d love for Conklin to figure out his job, Watson to produce more points and Narduzzi to figure out how to use timeouts and improve recruiting. Honestly, I would.

    How many of those things will actually happen?


  70. Re: The OL.

    One huge problem is that our 2nd stringers have either no talent or no experience.

    When you are basically stuck with 5 guys to play then you are limited to shuffling them around vice subbing other players.

    I think our OL problem is going to continue for a few year as I am not sold on our OL recruiting of late.


    1. that remains to be seen …. but your concern is certainly valid.

      Pitt does have a 6’6 310 lb JUCO, Chase Brown, committment that may be more ready than the current freshmen being redshirted, but that also remains to be seen. Back in circa 07, Pitt struck it rich with a JUCO OT, Jeff Otah, who actually played in the pros for a handful of years … and then brought in a JUCO center who started in 08 and 09 (forgot his name) so it is possible.


  71. Agree Reed, when Narduzzi took over the O-line pipeline ended. I did not agree with pushing the fifth year seniors out, they would have helped this year. He got a couple this year, but the gap really hurt. He put all his effort on the defensive side. We should have a lot of depth there.


    1. OL usually take a while to develop … I wouldn’t turn my back on players like Drake, Warren and Morgan just yet, but Reed’s concern above is valid.


  72. It does look like the D-linemen he got two years ago are going to be good, but you need to recruit quality linemen on both sides of the ball every year.


  73. I’m not sure Reese and Baker were shown the door necessarily, it could have been their own decision. + I’m sure they were going to play much anyways. This offense is not struggling due their absence imo.

    Drake and Carter are good O-Line recruits with a couple more coming on board the next year. PITT may struggle with the O-line again next though.

    For those of you that predicted 5 or 6 wins congratulations I had them winning a few more games. Browne has been a little disappointing and the O-line can’t open holes for the running game.

    The constant shuffling of the O-line and substitutions isn’t helping this team long term. Set a lineup and roll with it.


  74. Jay91@9:55,
    Good comment, thank you!

    Another good comment! Thanks Ike.

    Thank you both for the great reads. Really enjoyed reading the POV this morning as all comments were interesting. This is a GREAT blog!


  75. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think that Whitehead should be playing a single down on offense. It strikes me as gimmicky, and the opposition will soon figure out how to neutralize him just as they did with the QH sweeps. Where are they getting us now?? Also, it deprives the younger running backs of development time so they can actually learn to cut the right way, as Duzz points out. Pitt needs to find someone who can run off tackle with some power and can break a few tackles.


  76. I accept no “congratulations” on predicting a bad season but am only trying to point out that predicting Pitt will win 8+ games EVERY year with little to no historical data or rational (not “rationalized”) thought, simply because you hope they do is ridiculous.

    “I think Pitt will be good because of Max Brown.”
    (Although I’ve never seen him play.)

    “I think Pitt will be good because Narduzzi’s recruits will be playing.”
    (Although I’ve never seen any of them play a college game and most were 2-3* players in high school.)

    “I think we’ll be good next year because of Pickett.”
    (Although I’ve never seen him play.)

    Those are NOT predictions. They are wishes and dreams. DREAMS don’t come true. PLANS are executed.

    If we as fans simply wish and hope every year and expect nothing more, nothing will change.

    I expect EVERY employee at the University to do their job. Is it ok for the custodians to clean “good enough.” Is it ok for professors to “try their best?” Then why do we settle when it comes to the Athletic Director and coaches? Hold them to a standard. Ask for and expect change.

    Make fun of Pitt soccer all you want but that coach isn’t “hoping” to be good, or “trying his tail off” to be good. He has a PLAN. He has recruited TWO of the top 20 players IN THE COUNTRY in just 2 recruiting classes. He has THREE wins against ranked opponents this year! He’s not making excuses for the program- and it has far less tradition, facilities and budget than our football team.

    Ultimately, Pitt’s soccer limitations may leave him short of his championship goals. But, something tells me he won’t be blaming his players or making excuses.


    1. Jay, we all knew that our predictions this year was based on many players we have never seen play much or at all … and as fans, we tend to see the cup half full. (at least some of us). I had no doubt our defense would improve as the year progressed but I actually thought our OL would be a strength this year.

      The only thing I knew of Pickett is what Reed said about him this summer .. but in the small sampling from Saturday, I can certainly see him as the starter next year.

      And right now our soccer coach (Vidovich?) should certainly be in the running of national coach f the year.


      1. he’s probably a 3-star because he’s only 5’9 … kind of like Q Henderson (I remember when he committed, one of the scouts saying the only reason he isn’t a 4-star is because of his size)


  77. Jay91, you are echoing my preseason thoughts almost exactly with those topics. And of course there’s many others also and that’s why sometimes it’s better to be skeptical then to be overly optimistic. If you’re skeptical and if you’re honest about things then you can accept the fact that you’re wrong sometimes because when you’re wrong it’s usually means something good is happening.

    All these Narduzzi transfers are a good case in point. Fans expected each of them to play to the fan’s expectations… and not to the talent level of the transfers themselves.

    Well, the usually is a reason when one player leaves one school and goes to another and it’s either because they’re too good and weren’t getting any playing time or they were NOT good enough and weren’t seeing playing time.

    I think this year we’re seeing that the latter was the case in most of our transfers coming in.

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  78. Jay91 – I think some of us mix predictions with expectations. I know I do…

    Right now, what jades me the most is that three of our competing schools in the ACC Coastal Division have recently hit the reset button and are very successful this year.

    Miami – Mark Richt – former HC at Georgia (5-0)
    VTech – Justin Fuentes – former HC at Memphis (5-1)
    Virginia – Bronco Mendenhall – former HC at BYU (5-1)
    Pitt – Pat Narduzzi – former DC at MSU (2-5)

    Many Pitt fans, including me were petitioning for Pitt to hire an established HC. Never did I want an assistant. An established and experienced HC comes to his new town with ideas and systems that he is comfortable working and leading with – the three HC’s I listed above also had “winning success” as a head coach. Pat Narduzzi had none of that when he walked onto the Pitt campus.

    I’ve been holding out hope for lasting, winning potential since I was in school in the early 80’s when Foge was coach. It felt like the right HC was hired only once, and that was when Dave Wannstadt was hired. But Wanny quickly showed us his true colors (poor game day coaching). His 10 win season was nice, but even that seemed like we underperformed.

    Look, I view Pitt FB and BB as entertainment in my busy life. I want that entertainment to be enjoyable – winning is enjoyable, losing sometimes makes us feel miserable. Entertainment can also be expensive – that is when miserable persuades me to make changes.

    I’m proud of my Pitt degree and my business career so far. I’m struggling with Pitt FB and BB as an option for my entertainment dollars. I have many friends who tell me that we have to give HCPN a chance – I’m struggling to see the reason why based on his season to date.

    Thursday through Sunday are sunny and in the low 70’s for Central PA. I’m spending my entertainment dollars on golf right now – have fun at Duke POVers – try not to let the loss to the blue devils make you miserable.


    1. Erie, note the coaches you noted above are all making approx $3.5M and Richt is even more … also, compare their schedules so far with Pitt’s.


    2. I wanted Justin Fuente. I also wanted Buzz Willaims….but that’s another story.
      Why does a small school in a town the size of Hooterville (but less exciting) outdo us in sports and every aspect of recruiting?


  79. Pitt football won’t ruin anymore of my days this season. Mentally, I’m back in the Majors II era.. I expect us to lose. If we somehow manage to win, it’s a bonus.

    I’ll just wait until next August and join those predicting a 11-2 record and Coastal Division championship, based on players I’ve never seen and despite the same coaching staff. Glass half-full! Hell no! Next year my glass will overflow. Who needs data, observation or history?? I say, if you LOVE a team, you pick them to win EVERY game! Otherwise, you’re just being negative.


      1. At least Oklahoma State is off the schedule. And maybe our QB’s will grow a couple inches and the O-line will lose some of that baby fat. However Notre Dame comes back on the schedule and there is only 1 cupcake in the non-con, that being Albany. And UCF is currently ranked #20 at 5-0, hopefully they are senior laden or that’s going to be an awfully tough road game. And the Pedders on it too. Not until 2019 does the non-con lighten up.


  80. Face it, no matter what HCPN says, this year is one big works-in- progress. This was just posted:

    Brian Batko ✔ @BrianBatko
    Pitt continues to cross-train guys and build secondary depth. Cornerback Therran Coleman said he was learning to play free safety today.


  81. I predicted PITT to win 8 regular season games the last three years. 2 for 2 so far and I can’t see why or how that makes me delusional in any way. Looks like they won’t get there this year. Competition has been better than I expected.

    I never pounded my chest when I was right…. I’ll be cheering for PITT extra hard the rest of the season….. and next year too…. ike



  82. When PITT loses a football game and it ruins one’s day. Maybe you have more problems than the PITT football team does. I had a great time down on the north shore all day long into part of the night. ike

    Jay you have been subtly giving me slight jabs for a while now and if I bother you, go around me. I go my own speed. ike


  83. Rather than “go around” the guy going 40 in a 55 with his blinker on, I think I’ll just take this exit and travel where people can keep up.

    Farewell, gentlemen!


  84. Jay has been jerking me around for a few weeks now. I get sick of that schitt. The day I can’t keep up with him… will be the day I die. ike


  85. VOR I think whitehead has already been figured out, he is in, key on him and he becomes like everyone else. Rkb


  86. Ike I hear you Ike someone else was like that with me till I learned to ignore him. 🙂 Keep on rooting Ike, HAIL TO PITT.


  87. Thanks rkb, I get I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I really don’t try to be. I read and write stuff that people can take or leave. There is no mandate to read or like it. I can take criticism as good as the next guy but I don’t tolerate having my chain pulled just because someone doesn’t like my comments.

    I don’t have a clue who the guy is and never met him. He just has had a problem with me lately and I let it go on for too long. No more mr nice guy and the old references.

    I think that’s called being a grown up?


    1. From earlier, fifth year O-linemen generally stick around unless asked to go. They both played last year on a very good line when needed. I think one of them could have played guard moving the big guy back to center. They both have experience which is a big plus on an O-line. Drake and Carter may be great someday, but doesn’t help this year.

      Can’t remember, were you one of the guys that said losing Taleni and Blair was no big deal?

      Experience and maturity on the lines is generally a good thing.


  88. Narduzzi needed slots for his new recruits and figured he could do without Baker and Reese. It hasn’t worked out so well.


  89. I don’t know if its as simple as HCPN wasn’t a HC before coming to Pitt – even if I agree that picking a HC would have been a better choice. If my memory serves me correctly, Duzz was one of the most highly regarded HC prospects in the country when Pitt hired him and many rated that as a good hire.

    And most of us were thrilled when he grabbed an SEC caliber OC, who knew how to evaluate QBs and found great value in Peterman. Things were looking pretty good until he left and we soiled the sheets in the Military Bowl.

    A number of people were skeptical when Canada was hired. “Pitt’s going cheap again…” and yada yada yada. Canada did OK by everyone’s measures…and then he too follows the money and prestige of the SEC.

    Rudolph, Chaney and the Canada….gone. There’s no compression in the Pitt offensive recruiting engine. Say what you will about Chryst – call him Potatohead if it makes you feel better – but he understood the value of “the big palookas up front” and spent some of his self-imposed limited recruiting energy there. And he, along with Rudolph and Jim Hueber, were there more than a year to build something. Not so much since. And so we start to see it on the field with a patchwork offensive line, plays that no longer work and anemic offensive production.

    As much as many have indicated that Watson is under performing (and count me among that crowd), I think the turnover at the OC position is taking its toll. The scary part is if HCPN decides – or is told – to fix it, we are back at square one, both from a recruiting and offensive philosophy perspective.

    HCPN is in a corner now and he doesn’t have the same HC experience as others to draw on. Note sure he’s gonna get much help from ADHL. Bad place to be. Perhaps someone a HC with an offensive background would have had more success with OL continuit, but its hard to fault him for landing Chaney and Canada, only to see them succeed and leave.


  90. Pretty much agree Joe and the lack of a consistent coordinator on offense as well as a new QB not knowing the system was bound to catch up on this team. Considering the entire team is young or knew in many places didn’t bode well in hind sight.

    The suspensions have really piled onto the problems of youth as well. The fact that Taleni, Blair, Whitehead, Bookser and Wirginis being the leaders and older players have robbed PITT of it’s true leadership.

    Dr Tom among others have pointed that out correctly before the season. O’Neill is doing his best to keep the team together but I feel the team has become seriously fractured. Like compound fractured!

    I didn’t think the O-Line would ever be this bad. Nor did I think Browne would be this bad, so are we back to the jimmie’s and joe’s or the coaches?

    I’ll stick with the PITT football team is really young and Narduzzi is still figuring out how to be a head football coach theory. << That could be dangerous thinking though?

    All that said… This is a super young team playing a super difficult schedule up to this point. Let’s see how they play down in Durham? .. ike



  91. I am not all that down on Narduzzi. He had a lot of things go against him this year, when we already knew it would be tough after losing all those seniors. It is very easy to kick a guy when he is down. The next two years will tell he he has what it takes. He is building a defense. The young linemen look like they have talent.
    He needs guys like Reynolds and Pine to be for real.

    The big thing is that he needs DiNucci or Pickett to make the jump next year. A quality QB with some experience can make all the difference.

    Most of all he has to make the trendline go up on recruiting. That is his most difficult challenge.

    NCST is a good example as was last year’s Pitt offense of what can happen when a team matures.

    This year was only going to be decent if the stars aligned. We were counting on transfers and young guys to produce. Add in the off the field issues and injuries and it just didn’t happen.

    We will find out what Narduzzi is made of. Hopefully he is smart enough and has enough character to learn from this year.


  92. ike, you are like a seasoned 25 year old single malt scotch- goes down real smooth and easy! Jay reminds me of old rotgut Boones Farm, or maybe some Mad Dog 20/20 if you remember those days. ‘nough said..


  93. The funny thing is is that I’m not as down on Pat narduzzi as most fans on here think I am.

    There’s a lot of readers here that want him fired or want some drastic changes to be made. I think the only real change that has to be made is Josh Conklin and I’ve been saying that for 2 years now.

    Narduzzi is what he is he’s not the sharpest knife in the block and he’s not going to be an offense or defense Genius He’s Just Not That. His success at MSU came from his recruiting but it wasn’t only his recruiting that was getting those guys; if you noticed they were mostly recruited by other staff members on that MSU staff.

    It’s a whole different world from being a coordinator to a head coach a while I think he’s doing a great job with off-the-field issues and I truly mean that, I think he might be a little bit over his head, at least the first three years, with the on-field decision-making.

    Funny thing is that he’s 18-15 now and Christ was 19-19 over his 3 years here…they just might end up tied at the end of the season… But without a tanked year by Chryst like we are seeing from Narduzzi.


    1. Good to hear but I still don’t see the acknowledgement from many hear just how hard a schedule that Pitt had to play this year and last. Did you know that Alabama has only played one team with a record thus far, and it’s mid October?

      Erie Express compared Pitt to 3 other ACC teams above who obviously has 3 larger budgets than Pitt. Are you aware that Pitt thus far has played more currently ranked teams that those other 3 schools combined, And Erie … for goodness sakes, Mendenhall may be 5 and 1 … but UVa lost to Indiana 34-17 at home!

      In Chryst’s 3rd year at Pitt (2014), Pitt was favored in each one of Pitt’s first 6 games but was 3-3. The Iowa team that beat them that year at Heinz finished 6-6, yet the Iowa team that beat Pitt in 2015 at Iowa had 11 wins and wen to the Rose Bowl.

      Yes, Pitt is bad in a rebuilding year, but except for Rice, they have played one really good after another beginning at PSU. Yet nobody seems to acknowledge it.


      1. wwb – my main point in the comparison with the other three Coastal teams – All three of the mentioned HC’s had a set of assistant coaches that followed him to his next school. Narduzzi had to build his staff from scratch. In year 3 he is on OC # 3, who may be the worst of all so far.

        I agree with your schedule comparison, but complaining about that gets us nowhere. Next year will be just as bad, schedule-wise as Emel pointed out earlier. The B1G Joke gets away with less than tough schedules, yet the national sports media thinks they are great. Wins matter and the three Coastal teams I mentioned brought in successful HC’s, who are winning in the ACC and Pitt did not and is not winning. Money has something to do with it – but not everything. The Pitt admin is not behind FB and it shows in a big way.

        With an average or slightly above offense, this team could be 5-2 (GT and NCST losses were of the same score, but with a little O, we beat both. Should have beat cuse). I blame those three losses on poor in game coaching and poor talent evaluation.

        Now, three of my favorite posters have left the POV – what’s up with that?


      2. Fail to see how point spreads and performance around those are ever relevant to assessing the quality of a team. Point spreads are expectations at a point in time. I’m also not understanding the comparison of relative Pitt losses to a school (Iowa) that plays in a conference, and division for that matter, that is consistently deemed overrated (by?).

        It remains to be seen whether PSU, Ok State or NC State are truly good. They each have the toughest parts of their schedule coming up. Their schedule strengths respectively in Sagarin are currently 48, 84 and 44. It’s interesting how far PSU has come in esteem. A year ago PSU was unranked. They beat Ohio State at home and subsequently appeared in the bottom of the rankings. In any event Pitt lost to PSU, Ok State and NC State teams by an average of 25 points and minimum of 18.

        GT is currently 3-2 and ranked #69 in Sagarin. GT still has to play Clemson, Georgia and VT. Therefore GT may very well be headed for a 6-5 season. Their game @UCF was canceled which may have help them to avoid finishing 6-6. Pitt lost to GT by 18.

        Syracuse is currently 4-3 and ranked #61 in Sagarin. Cuse still has to play Miami, FSU and Louisville. They could well finish 6-6.

        In any event GT and Syracuse are currently a combined 7-5 including 4 cupcake games. I don’t think that qualifies as really good.

        I guess we’ll know about the quality of Mendenhall’s work in 10 days. It appears that Pitt has 3 games coming up in which to catch their collective breath.

        Not sure what Pitt is rebuilding on offense. Other than DiNucci/Pickett now at QB it’s mostly seniors and juniors among the starters. 5 returning starters (Weah, Bookser, Officer, O’Neill and Henderson). Ollison started as a RS-Fr. Most everybody else played last season among the current starters and reserves. The o-line will definitely be rebuilding next season if O’Neill elects to leave. Ooo, trying not to think about it….


  94. Hey VOR, thank you. I don’t mean to bring anyone down, quite the opposite in fact but I can’t control how a comment is received through writing. I’ve always marched to my own drum beat. Life does that to some not as fortunate as others.

    Boones Farm……….. to this day I can’t sniff that crap without wanting to throw up. 20/20 same way.

    I’ll tell you all right now, I think PITT will win this coming week. So go ahead and make fun of me all you want….. I’m certainly delusional in many ways as I try and believe “life is good”. Starting to question that belief but I still believe PITT will win on Saturday with complete conviction! …… ike

    crucify me I’m a true PITT fan << no wavering. << maybe a little sometimes


  95. funny gc, I don’t and haven’t since one particular learning experience << the last one and never will again.


  96. Absolutely pathetically obvious play-calling…its like a spring scrimmage — ‘okay D, pretend you don’t know what’s coming?!’ Watson is useless…bring in someone else. The D has made strides and I see reason for hope, and the RBs are better than they show because they are running at 8-9 men each time they get the hand off. Total joke, but we are not without talent, just good coaching on offense.


  97. well if you aint cheating, you aint trying.

    so theres some truth in that

    pitt thinks they are ivy league and sports are just a fancy

    there is no sports culture at pitt. the bot wants the focus on academics

    damn the student experience. pitt gives passing mention to the front porch but its library they really love

    now with $25M each year from the acc, the bot is even more inclined to do nothing to improve athletic excellence and nothing to improve the lifelong connections a student can have with the university through sports as a conduit

    donations are based on memories, good experiences, pride in ones school. there is no school spirit. sports helps create traditions, spirit and experiences

    commuter school we are with no loyalty or identity outside of being commuter and urban and in Pittsburgh. Blah Blah Boring.


  98. I feel better, someone still likes us. Although I thought Marquis Williams ran out of eligibility.
    However we do need another Quarterback(ikr), He’s a tiny little guy, to add to our small team of

    But all in all, it’s nice to know with all our warts someone still wants us. And Pitt got a much bigger cheer than Cheesehead Paulie’s Badgers. Even though they Top 10. Even these folks know that is a Joke.


  99. From the Steigerwald article linked above by gc: “Were the same things going on under Jamie Dixon’s nose and he just didn’t get caught?”

    Uh, no…
    evidence? his recruits… 😥


    1. Re Steigerwald article on cheating – Coincidence that we were just talking about this very same subject on here less than a week ago? Hmmm. Gotta get your material somewhere. I guess when you don’t have much to say about the on field performance…..

      Liked by 1 person

  100. I’ve got little use for self praise. Jay91 seemed to want to remind us how much smarter he is than some of us, based on his preseason predictions. Big whoop, how boring would it be if we all knew exactly what was going to happen during the season and had no differences of opinion. Meh…okay I’m sorry if I’m optimistic by nature.. it’s who I am. Bye, Jay91…but please come home Upitt and DK!


  101. Minute Rice made the waiting list which we could not so things are looking up. Speaking of looking up – Marquis Williams – hope the young man plays offense,
    UPitt!!! Come back!!!!!.


  102. How can we all expect PITT to recover from a rough start when the POV bloggers continue to fall apart and away? Times are rough, isn’t that when the tough get going? Let’s not fight over different personalities and try and come together.

    Isn’t it odd though we all break down when PITT hits a rough road? I thought we were a team in of our selves?
    Yes I have a song and if you can bare with it listen to the words as it is a metaphor for the POV. Cheesy yes, pertinent ?

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  103. Richard from SC, still thinking of you. My heart goes out to you

    Dan, hope the brother in law ( I believe) is recovering.

    Jim, I hope your wife is feeling much better. Let me know

    Hope the whole POV world is thriving and healthy this evening. The family has had a bad run of luck lately and I will keep the faith… ike



  104. Just a thought… that Chaney guy who used to coach here seems to be doing ok in Georgia… makes me wonder if there’s something in the water or are we cursed….. or are we poor judges of talent…

    All of the above and then some. I say….

    See some of you at Duke on Saturday… will be at the Alum tailgate.


      1. Which is why I have been saying that narduzzi’s recruiting is not up to par.

        If you want to have a solid team that wins championships or even gets close to championships three star recruiting is not going to do it folks.

        You have to have fours and fives in there too and the way he’s recruiting now the percentage of four stars is way way low compared to really successful teams.


  105. Yeah I think Georgia QB is possibly a little more talented than Chad Voytik……….Chaney struck gold with 4-5 star talent at UGA.


  106. The major key to this season is the enormous number of 3 and outs. Aside from the Ok St game the defense is better in 2017 but are getting worn down late in games—(YSU, GT, NCSU) due to so many quick possessions by the offense. Not having a running game and a qb that can make third down throws has cost Pitt at least 2-3 wins so far this year. That is on recruiting AND the coaching of Peterman, Watson, and Duzz.


  107. So it’s not the coach…it’s the Jimmies and Joes…. same with Chryst… many on here wanted him gone….just thinking out loud….

    Gosh .. Pitt football needs a Savior !!


    1. Chaney also may have learned a lesson here at Pitt that when you have a good running attack (remember those) you ride it. Georgia probably has the best stable of RBs in the nation … bar none, including the top RB prospect from last year, D’Andre Swift. And note that Swift doesn’t even start and just gets a handful of carries. Swift by the way is from Philadelphia but allegedly never seriously considered the Dairy School


  108. It most always goes back to the Jimmy and Joes, and experience.

    Still think Reese, Baker, Taleni, Blair, Wirginis would have helped.

    Not enough to compete against PSU and OKST, but certainly in the other games.

    They still wouldn’t make up for no first string QB.


  109. Erie – a combination of a lousy season, the back and forth sniping between commenters and my stance on political posts have pissed some commenters off. I hope they come back and I’m sure some will – but each one has their own reasons for leaving.

    But the common thread with these departures, and with ones we have had in the past, has always been not about differences in opinions regarding Pitt football but extraneous stuff like commenters bitching at each other or a commenter feeling he has been singled out in some way.

    I will remind everyone again that this blog extends way past the regular posters we see on here every day. That fact might get lost in the ‘fog of the blog‘ sometimes, but it is very true. My responsibility is to all our readers, not just a select few. This blog is meant to be inclusive and not exclusive and while we will miss the ones who decide to leave we get new commenters all the time.

    Almost everyone comes back in their own time… except for The Dark Knight apparently and that is completely ironic since he left because he thought he was banned from commenting at one point – which I have never done.

    Believe me I do not play favorites on here – one of the posters who just left is someone I consider a friend of mine and he left because I deleted his comment which was political in nature and posted immediately after I re-iterated the rules on here in a comment of my own.

    I want him back on here but, as in almost everything in life, we make our own choices. Again – not one person has ever been banned on here… comments deleted or edited – yes, all the time especially with the swearing editing, but never a banning.

    Except for Josh Conklin – he’s been permanently blocked.


    1. Reed

      You do a fantastic job on here and I for one am glad you have rules to keep this civil.

      I enjoy reading (hearing) others opinions. That is the only way to form a solid opinion on a subject.

      There is absolutely no reason to get mad about what someone else posts on here. The subject matter is Pitt football. It is entertainment. I had to sit through the NC State game with good friends that were NC State alumni. The frustration over the loss lasted about 5 to 10 minutes. I enjoyed spending time with them, I enjoyed an 80 degree October day. I hope no one is angered by a football game longer than that, unless they are on the field playing.

      Life is too short, too many other things to enjoy. 🙂


    2. Reed – thanks for clarifying and your light-hearted joke at the end. Getting ready to head to an intense business meeting – I needed a good laugh.


  110. It always goes back to recruiting and players. Chryst recruited poorly on defense and Narduzzi recruited poorly on offense. Neither could recruit a decent freshman QB.


  111. Reed, Thanks for being our referee, not an easy or fun job.

    Politics are ruining this country, no need for them to ruin your blog.

    Passions are running extremely high on Pitt Football right now, that should be enough.

    Guys do tend to come and go for many reasons.

    Does anyone know what happened to Iron Duke?

    He used to attend most away games and had great comments.

    Met him with Reed and Dr Tom at the Bettis Grill, was it one or two years ago.

    He lived in Canonsburg.


    1. He seemed that way all too often.
      Will be interesting to see how long he lasts in the NBA. Never quite the leader Pitt needed, but he won’t ever need to be in that role there.


  112. Narduzzi EXPOSED in this morning’s Post Gazette…

    “… he’s (Narduzzi) unwilling to be accountable when it doesn’t work. It’s a bad look.”

    Just a matter of time.


    1. Adam Bittner who wrote that is a PSU Alum who the former football editor of the Daily Collegian. Here is a bio of him when he was a senior at PSU.


      Don’t know if you recall this but he wrote a biting article of Pitt athletics a few years ago in the PG and was admonished by his bosses which included another PSU alum, Jerry Micco.


  113. Let’s make DUKE PUKE!
    Rah Rah Rah
    (I needed to get that out of my system!)
    Note: It would be nice to win a game one of these days. Sheesh!


  114. Just got off the phone with Coach Jerry McGee trying to get parking tickets close to the game so my wife doesnt have to hike too far. Jerry was Duke’s DC and his brother Mike was the HC when Piit played at Wallace Wade in 1976 on our way to the NC.

    Thought you would enjoy this article. Jerry told me he held TD to 88 yards..I reminded him Matt Cavanaugh torched him for 4 or 5 TDs through the air.



    1. I remember not seeing that game, just reading about it. On the very same day, I was at the Horseshoe watching my neighbor play DB for OSU versus UCLA. In the final minute of the game, Woody ran the ball twice from his own 40, not stopping the clock, settling for a 10-10 tie. As the crowd continue to boo as he walked off the field, he responded with a double-handed thumbing of the nose for all to see.


  115. You never know what or how a season goes. Ol is a disaster. Didn’t see that erosion to that degree. QB stinks. Narduzzi has to invest in Pickett as he is the QB who looks to be a decent to good QB going forward. Narduzzi gets a pass to degree but next year thing better be markedly better. It is his 4th year and no one wants to hear the excuses anymore. No coach worth his salt is coming to this program without some serious money and investment in the program. For that reason Pitt has to really hope Narduzzi works out. But the facts are this defense has been poor for 32 games.


  116. Conklin barred, by you Reed? haha
    Big B thanks for the link – doesn’t that OCS stadium look sweet.
    when I post from work I cannot use the govt e-mail so I try to remember to initial but not all anon are me 🙂


  117. REmember Reed did an excellent article of Pitt coaches in their third year. Got that one very very right. rkb


  118. before we played a down we lost taleni and Blair both senior starters. we lost aston in training camp. we lost whitehead and wirginis for 3 games And lose Wirginis for the season. Coupled with our losses of key players from last year. duzz started off behind the 8 ball. I am absolutely shocked some of our fans believe ” Duzz hasn’t shown me anything” Im shocked and saddened. I know lets keep firing replacing head coaches. UGH


    1. No, let’s get an AD who actually knows how to hire one in the first place. VT in a small college town had no difficulties doing it….but Pitt has no clue for 35 years.


  119. Good post Barvo and I do agree there is no such thing as a moral victory and agree again that covering a point spread is not an exact barometer like all stats not given in proper context. It does give us a measuring stick to some degree though.

    I prefer to watch the game and see how and what happens during each particular game and when possible look at the game a second time. << without so much emotional attachment. Funny how you see things the second time around are just a little more clearer than the first.

    PITT seems like a bit of a mess right now without a defined direction. They seem to be all over the place. Reed has hinted to us there may be some discord in the locker-room and it sure looks like he’s right. It’s what happens when there is no true leadership.

    The youth and lack of experience was always going to be a big hurdle to overcome this year but the suspensions were the straw…. Being the older players made it too much to overcome by such a young team. imo

    …. but there is a next game so is there a mountain too high to climb? we shall see…. ike


  120. Hey Ike, regarding leadership in the locker room Nard has always said he doesn’t recruit stars, he recruits “character”… hopefully the youngsters step up soon. I remain hopeful.


  121. Right Lastrow, PITT just got T-boned with the older guys not being there. I’m positive this is just an aberration type year. At this point O’Neill’s somewhat average year and Whiteheads off field problems could benefit PITT come next season. If those two come back along with Wirginis it could be a solid foundation.

    Lots of young kids growing up with the playing time.

    Then again, PITT can win the next 3 games and then who knows? << Yes they could lose them too.. ike


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