POV: Sunday Podcast – NC State Game

Here is today’s post–game Sunday Podcast. As we know Pitt dropped another ACC game leaving us 2-5 overall and 0-3 in conference play.  Here are some stats to look at – note the lack of our rushing game and our lack of rushing defense.



Rankings 10-15

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  1. I know some on here seem to be bigger Ollison fans than others (and I likely fall on the fan side), but don’t you think he needs 15+ carries a game? He is the kind of runner that I believe can wear down defenses with a big number of carries, even if he gets stuffed a bunch of times. It seems as if either Watson doesn’t have the patience for running him (or any back) a lot, or the O Line is just so poor that we can’t even bother running the ball, or maybe a bit of both. Of course, there might be other reasons why Ollison doesn’t play as much (pass blocking, etc.) and thus doesn’t get the carries.

    Another stat I noticed was that our LBs combined only had 6 solo tackles. They had several more assists, but only 6 solo. I don’t follow the LB stats every week, but that just doesn’t seem like many to me.


  2. Reed provides a venue to discuss something near and dear to you-Pitt FB.
    There are other places and means to vent about other topics.
    By the way who among you have ever changed anyone’s mind about anything by arguing? Think about that.


  3. I called for the youngsters to get playing time going forward so this may appear hypocritical, but for the life of me I couldn’t understand why in the world Watson picked the time he did to play Pickett.
    The game was still in question and DiNucci’s play had been adequate. Just was a real head scratcher decision IMO. And on top of that a blow to Ben’s confidence, considering it was his first start. What does that say about how this coaching staff feels about him as our QB?


    1. Totally agree. The decision was inexplicable and I suspect believed to be so by the Team. Not smart which is a structural problem that can’t be fixed without firing SW.


    2. DiNucci needed a wake-up call, that’s why. He was acting like it was his job for the next 3 years.


  4. Very disappointing 2nd half yesterday. The student section was filled until Pitt tied the score at 14 and Sweet Caroline came on. That is when the student section began to empty – prior to halftime.

    The OC play calling continues to be bad and got worse in the 2nd half.

    Ben DiNuch was pulled when it was his game to win, pulled for a newby QB who proceeded (with our OC) to underperform compared to the QB he replaced. I Lyke what I saw in Pickett, but I didn’t understand the timing of that move.

    OC Watson does not know how to utilize the talent he has. This offense could be fun to watch in a hurry up set. With Weah, QH, JW, Mathews, RaRa Lopes and Clark, the hurry up approach would score 30 plus per game.

    The FG in the 4th qtr with 8 minutes left, down 14 makes no sense what-so-ever. Kessman looked good, but the coaches calling that need reprimanded. Heather? Are you working? Lyke, let’s hold these coaches accountable to make football decisions.

    QO had 2 carries for 17 yards. The rest of the rushing backs averaged less than 1.9 yards per carry. Let that sink in.

    Pitt has no LB-ers. The six tackles the LB-ers did make were usually 7 or 8 yards downfield. Does LB coach Harley spend too much time focusing on recruiting? Don’t answer that…

    I spit my kool-aid out this morning on all things Pitt FB and BB.

    Our soccer team did beat #7 nd yesterday, 1-nil. GOOOOAAAALLLL!


  5. I just deleted the first post that talked about the national anthem. I said I was going to do it and I’ll do it and I’ll keep doing it… just swing wide of all these kind of discussions and keep it to Pitt football.

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    1. Do they even play the National Anthem before Pitt games anymore? If so, that’s disrespectful considering the way we’ve been playing this year.


    2. Sorry I mentioned it yesterday in response to UPitt’s (yeah, it’s his fault, lol) Trib. link. My concern was the loss of fans,not the political angle, as a result and that Narduzzi has to wake up and put the nix to this now. These players are not professionals in a union and aside from certain freedoms, Narduzzi has to know this is a polarizing subject that costs even popular teams fans. Even the immensely popular NFL lost a lot of fans or ‘taking a knee’. Pitt can ill afford this loss.


  6. Ollison should have been the featured back from the Youngstown State game onward.

    You’re right he’s a type of back that needs to get 20-25 carries a game to be productive but we just kept shifting around every other running back every the way the wind blew.


    1. I’m not a fan of RB’s coach Powell.

      Actually, this year the coaches all are way down on my Lyke list.


  7. EE – I posted the D stats on the last thread and yes the LB tackles are almost always 7-10 yards down the field and from behind. Same for Hamlin’s 8 tackles – late and from behind hanging on.


    1. My comment was that I saw some good individual plays from the linemen. Not that overall line play was good, certainly not enough good plays, but I see some potential as these guys mature.


  8. Should have pulled the anthem junk, of course I was face down on a wrestling mat at the time.
    It should have been Nooch’s game to win but I was more bothered when it got down to 4 to 7 minutes left and PN kept Pickett in even though he had never practiced a hurry up offense per Nards admission. You put a young player into situations he has practiced so he can succeed. Indeed a head scratcher.


  9. Def not a big Ollison fan not hater, but considering the “stable” of RB’s(Shetland ponies mostly) we seem to have running behind an average o-line that has shown it isn’t agile enough or strong enough to win with consistency at each position, what does it matter? What really does 20 to 25 carries change?

    What little there has been of Davis, doesn’t look like much either. The only runner who seems to have a real lean into contact and a nice stiff arm is our freakin’ SAFETY! If we has just ONE more of him, then I’d agree run HIM 30 times.


    1. When you are averaging 8.5 yards per carry, I believe it matters.

      Someone needs to be paying attention, fans included.

      Just sayin…


  10. And if he can run routes, unlike Henderson, pass to him 12 times or more also. Just keep him out of trouble so he an be available for 100% of the games rather than 75%


  11. It is getting harder and harder to defend my fellow Youngstowner Duzz. The removal of Nooch in a one possession game is nuts, had pitt been down 2+ scores I would be fine with Pickett getting snaps, but at 21-14 and the d playing one of their better games is just odd.
    Linebacker play has been the biggest problem with the defense this year, Idowu is the star of the group-enough said. Harley and Duzz MUST address this in the off-season or more rush numbers like NCSU had will be the norm.

    I understand that Pitt has youth, but so does everyone else in the NCAA, are we coddling our freshmen too much? Was Michigan State a program that always played seniors? Just wondering why Duzz prefers this.

    I have seen Notre Dame, Michigan St, UCLA, GT, etc all have a clunker season and bounce back, can Pitt???


  12. Who’s fault is that if Pickette never practiced a hurry up offense? Your down to two QB’s and only one has practiced a variation of your passing game. Give both Watson and Narduzzi a D minus grade on that score.—As for running the ball we have no backs that can effectively get outside the tackle on most plays with the exception of Whitehead with this current offensive line in place. The run to pass ratio going forward should be no more than 1 in 5 plays. Two yard runs are not going help increase our scoring average up for the remainder of this season.


  13. A few thoughts: and thanks Reed for the great podcast from beeeuutiful downtown Columbia, Maryland.

    We all know Narduzzi and his moratorium considering the I word. (injuries). So I don’t know if any of this is completely true but it is what I witnessed.

    A possession prior to Dinucci being replace, Ben came to the sidelines holding his right hand as if it was hurt in someway?

    Hamlin definitely limped off the field holding his groin in pain. He laid down while trainers worked on him. Looked like stretching motions?

    The PITT team sure does look like it loses steam as the game wears on. They also look weak at times. Is this a strength coach issue”” I ask?

    To be clear, it was Chase Pine called for the late hit at Syracuse, who came out of nowhere to smack Dungey out of bounds.

    One play I saw #51Jim Medure run over to the sidelines before a kickoff motioning to Darrin Hall that he was missing and should be out on the field. What’s up with that? Combine that with at least 2 or 3 other times a special team player had to run onto the field last minute. The coaches need to clean up lots of things.

    BTW, I understand Anthony McKee is hurt?

    PITT needs to commit to a starting unit and let them players play, that goes for all the units. The constant sprinting of 300 lbs players on and off the field for 40 yards every other play is really stupid. << to rest them?

    Fran and his tailgates, wow, the man does such a wonderful job and is absolute the best host with the most. He needs to know who will be there so to get an accurate head count. imo, yesterdays TG was the best one yet. Lot’s of good food and hard work go by the wayside sometimes, so I say eat and drink up guys and gals and BE THERE!

    Have to say as I tried to reread the game thread from yesterday, think it’s a great idea. It is very hard to read considering timelines with all the reply’s to comments. I guess not much you can do about that?

    PITT is still a work in process with lots of holes to patch but in my true form, I say, better days are most certainly ahead! . . . .ike


    1. Ike, I must have missed McKee too. However he was in a big cast yesterday from his upper arm to his hand.

      I finally noticed that Wirginis’ injury appears to be hand related. He appears to be wearing a cast. Aston was on the sidelines with one of those scooter things.

      Another observation. I give Paris Ford a lot of credit. He’s sometimes dressed, sometimes not. However he is always watching and cheerleading on the sidelines.


  14. Certainly don’t want political and religion stuff but I can pass them up. Swearing is really inexcusable imo.


    1. With this season’s performances and coaching blunders, swearing seems to be the toughest offense to combat.

      Pitt is close to becoming the next 4 letter word.


  15. I get you EE, not saying I’m not cussing out the team when not typing stoopid comments. This just in, I ain’t no choir boy as you now know.


  16. To our Pitt friend from Louisville – my wife and I had a nice time with you during the post-game-tailgate, Soho and the fire pit.

    Your a true blue & gold Pitt fan and a great all around guy.



    1. I had a great time as well. Many thanks to you and your wife and Ike and his wife for an entertaining evening!

      Back in the ville now.


  17. I concur EE…Pitt in the Ville (Matt) was the first person at the tailgate and we had a blast. I appreciate you and your wife hanging around post game too.


  18. I think most RB’s like to get in some type of rhythm. Hard to do that when they keeping subbing out so much and inserting Whitehead as well. Need to just pick someone to be the man and go with it.


    1. It’s really true of all of the Pitt RBs. They typically don’t play an entire series. Seems like maybe 2 carries and then hit the sidelines for a sub.


  19. Watched the Syracuse game vs Clemson. Just goes to show what that hurry up can do even against one of the best lines in the country. What I liked most is the aggressive, in your face attitude. The swag they have is impressive. I know, lots of seniors, but they are a tuff out. How did they lose to MTS??
    On our Coaching, I’ll just say I’m very disappointed in the Duzz. I thought he would be better than this. If you can only fire one coach my vote would be the S&C guy, even over Conklin. These kids really look like HS squad.


  20. Matt is also a contributor to the round table call in so he’s an all-around POV guy isn’t he…

    I say dedicate Whitehead to the offense as a running back and get someone else as a fullback and do exactly what we did with Tony Dorsett. Whitehead now is bigger than Dorsett ever was as a Pitt running back so there’s no excuse to say he’s too small or whatever.

    He’s the only productive one we have and if he’s actually going around the ends and getting yards he’ll be fine going through tackles he could do it he strong enough and he has the moves to make it into the second level.

    Our pass defense means nothing if we are scoring too low to win anyway.


  21. The pre-season distractions have me wondering where the leadership council on this team is at. I no longer worry about O’Neil leaving early as much as where does this team go when the coaches are shut out again.


  22. We are small… Here are the 2016 DBs

    Full Name   Pos.    Ht. Wt. Hometown / High School

    3 Damar Hamlin DB 6-1 190 McKees Rocks, Pa. / Pittsburgh Central Catholic
    4 Therran Coleman DB 6-0 195 Pittsburgh, Pa. / Brashear
    9 Jordan Whitehead DB 5-11 195 Aliquippa, Pa. / Central Valley
    11 Dane Jackson DB 6-0 180 Coraopolis, Pa. / Cornell (Quaker Valley)
    12 Paris Ford DB 6-0 175 Pittsburgh, Pa. / Steel Valley
    14 Avonte Maddox DB 5-9 180 Detroit, Mich. / Martin Luther King
    16 Damarri Mathis DB 5-11 185 Lakeland, Fla. / Lakeland
    20 Dennis Briggs DB 5-10 195 Wilkinsburg, Pa. / Shady Side Academy
    21 Malik Henderson DB 6-0 190 Plantation, Fla. / Hallandale
    22 Kollin Smith DB 5-10 170 Upper Marlboro, Md. / Frederick Douglass
    24 Phil Campbell DB 6-1 195 Kendall Park, N.J. / South Brunswick
    27 Bricen Garner DB 6-1 180 Pittsburgh, Pa. / Pittsburgh Central Catholic
    32 Phillipie Motley DB 5-10 175 Columbus, Ohio / Hilliard Davidson
    35 Rob Boatright DB 5-10 190 Clairton, Pa. / Clairton
    43 Jazzee Stocker DB 6-2 190 Coatesville, Pa. / Coatesville Area
    15 Jason Pinnock DB 6-0 190


  23. The LBs…

    7 Henry Miller LB 6-3 205 Kissimmee, Fla. / Gateway
    23 Oluwaseun Idowu LB 6-0 225 Wexford, Pa. / North Allegheny
    25 Elijah Zeise LB 6-2 230 Pittsburgh, Pa. / North Allegheny
    28 Anthony McKee Jr. LB 6-2 215 Columbus, Ohio / Marion-Franklin
    30 Albert Tucker LB 6-1 210 Plantation, Fla. / St. Thomas Aquinas
    36 Chase Pine LB 6-2 240 Williamsburg, Va. / Lafayette
    38 Cam Bright LB 6-0 210 Cleveland, Ohio / Park Crossing (Ala.)
    39 Saleem Brightwell LB 6-0 220 Paterson, N.J. / Paramus Catholic
    41 Jalen Williams LB 6-2 215 Newburgh, N.Y. / Newburgh Free Academy
    44 Elias Reynolds LB 6-2 235 Brooklyn, N.Y. / Poly Prep Country Day School
    46 Rimoni Dorsey LB 6-0 195 Richmond, Va. / Trinity Episcopal School
    47 Kyle Nunn LB 6-3 200 Findlay, Ohio / Findlay
    48 Peyton Deri LB 6-1 225 North Huntingdown, Pa. / Norwin
    53 Brian Popp LB 6-0 235 Loveland, Ohio / Loveland

    Our starting LBs average out at about 6’ 0.5” and 220… And slow also.


  24. I think the key to next year is whether Pickett is the real deal. He appears to have arm strength and can move.

    Will he be accurate enough and a good decision maker. Only time will tell.

    I am definitely not a fan of Watson, do not like the play calling. Some of it is execution, guys have to make their blocks, make throws and catch passes, but it all looks pretty vanilla.


  25. I would like to thank Reed & all the POV commenters for helping me keep my mind sane during my wife’s recent illness. It was in & out of hospitals & stays at our daughters house. After reading the local papers, my time was spent reading the POV & other sites on my cell phone.

    I am sad to stay my wonderful wife passed away on 10/5.

    Read every post & comment until that day. I’m glad I missed the Syracuse comment kerflopel (sic). I also agree with the political comments ban.

    My wife & I had planned to attend the Duke game. I canceled our hotel reservations but luckily (unluckily)never bought tickets. I was looking forward to meeting some POV’ers in person.

    It looks like my absence from the round table discussion has not been missed as newbies have stepped up to the plate. I will rejoin sometime in the future.


  26. I’m not even sure those weights are accurate. All you need is the eye test. We look much thinner than even those listings.

    I really didn’t think running back would be such a sore spot. Pitt football is much like my golf game, once I get one thing fixed something else goes wrong.


  27. Agree that we are small. Saw lots of defenders that could not get off the blocks yesterday.

    The vast majority of those lists are Narduzzi guys. They are the future.

    How many future pros on that list besides Whitehead. One reason he has to stay on defense Reed.


    1. He doesn’t have to stay on offense. The only way we’re going to win any more games this season is if the coaching staff somehow becomes creative with their personnel and so far they are too stupid or too scared to do it. You want different results? Then put players in the position where we’re going to get different results.



  28. Richard, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you’re going through right now

    take your time get your head on straight and come on back to us on the round table because we need your opinions and your Insight as you’re too intelligent to stay off, and thanks so much for doing it in the past.

    Hang in there my friend you’ll get through this… Reed


  29. I have no words except, I’m so sorry to hear the news Richard. Hang in there the best you can and know you have friends and family right here as well. Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family!

    You’re wrong about not being missed on the round-table though.


  30. Richard… so sorry to here of your wife’s passing.. both of you are in our prayers… love you brother.


  31. PITT-cocks Fan, please accept my deepest and heartfelt condolences. Those of us who have walked in your shoes know how difficult this time can be but life can be very powerful and have a way of pulling you along one day at a time. Best wishes!


  32. @Richard – You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Will continue to lift you up, brother.

    @Reed – I respect your choice to monitor and ice out comments because you don’t think they are football related. We will disagree on that. Locker room relationships and leadership roles matter with the end product on the field. Just an objective point about the psychology of sport.

    Dinucci had 2 turnovers (interception and fumble). He was late on a lot of balls. On a couple he threw away, his passes fluttered and barely made the sidelines. I think he was pulled right after his first interception (which was a late throw). Dinucci was offered at the end of the recruiting cycle to position Pitt to try to get the ND recruit. He was not a Watson recruit. Those things matter. Pickett and other Freshaman should play. Alabama played 15 freshman already this year. Foster losing out to two of them although he still starts and plays briefly (Jeudy , Ruggs and Sims). Ugggh!

    Put out there yesterday that we can beat Duke, UVA and UNC. They are not offensive juggernaut’s nor defensive stalwarts, so the chance for a bit of a streak is there.


  33. The competition has been a bit overlooked this year as far as the schedule goes.

    Same goes for the youth and inexperience for this years PITT team.

    Same goes for the constant turnover in PITT’s offensive coordinators year after year etc.

    These are not excuses but real things, much unlike statistics that are not all inclusive.

    Matt from Louisville. Hey buddy, hope you’ve made it back to the Ville by now. Had a great day and hope to see you on the Wednesday podcast.. . . . ike



      1. I did an internship at a country club in Louisville, and used to spend many a weekend evening at Captain’s Quarters on the water. Wonder if it is still there. The girlfriend at the time had access to her father’s 40-ft boat. Those were the days.


  34. Did not see Pickett play so I’ll reserve comment.

    5 of 13 for 60 yards.

    Heard he LOOKED good. But seeing is believing.

    Based upon how much Narduzzi apparently fears seeing DiNucci actually succeed, it seems we’ll be seeing plenty of Pickett.


  35. “It wasn’t taking Ben out because he wasn’t getting the job done,” – Pat Narduzzi, Post Gazette

    A COMPLETELY idiotic comment from a Coach now 2 and 5.


  36. Richard – I’m so sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. I know it does little but she will live through yhour family and she is no longer hurting and is with our heavenly father.

    Ike – It is idiotic because Ben started and had some rhythm. If he loses (NC ST) give Kenny the next game and let him start and play the whole game. You can’t switch kids in and out and expect them to gel especially with zero running game etc.

    Reed and POV – I have enjoyed this blog and it has helped me through some tough parts of my life and I have enjoyed it very much. I’d like to keep supporting you and will read but will no longer post. Many of my post are unfairly judged and talking about something that takes place on the field because some are bothered has me realizing this blog is better with out me. Those guys that complain and are sensitive and can go find something else to complain about. Oh and go get a life. It is sad to me because I’ve been right 75% of the time and said the defense will get worse and offense will drop by 10 points a game in average and maybe win 6/7. It is what it is…. I would love to recognize many you amazing guys by name but you know who you are.

    Enjoy the season and don’t be afraid to talk about stuff that matters. If you don’t this site will be robots sipping Koolaid afraid to talk about what matters in sports and society.


    Upitt (Mark)


  37. ^^There wasn’t enough content in that short quote for me to be able to tell what was idiotic about the comment.

    Things and thoughts get lost in translation. Hope you still comment Mark as i have no hard feelings towards you but I wish you the greatest luck in whatever it is you decide. your friend ike


  38. Reed
    A follow on to the Whitehead / Dorsett comment before. I had that TD image in my minds eye yesterday when he was running a couple of times. Let me fill that out some more and if the territory has already been covered I apologize.
    Three things about TD
    1. Vision and instant direction change …. JW – check
    2. A very viable fullback threat (Elliot Walker was seen on D yesterday :-)) …. Who would that be?
    3. TD hit a hole instantly and was through (a glaring Pitt RB problem after TD & EW were gone for a couple years) … Chicken and egg, are the holes opening and the backs don’t hit them fast enough before they close or are the holes not opening at all? … or … is the blocking scheme just toooo cute as was suggested in Lee’s article?


  39. There are only so many reasons a coach takes a QB out and if it was not performance based…huh, dunno why else? Maybe he got a zinger in his hand but why not just say so? I get keeping mum on injuries but really no coaching policy should be that absolute. Just say it for heaven’s sake. Who knows maybe Ben said something totally out of line? Kind of a stretch? What other reason is there?

    Personally, I am a Nards fan. But he is definitely a sophomore in the head coaching game. I only hope for Pitt this is the ugly teenage years and he can grow out of it. Either he has to or we need to start thinking of the next move.


    1. Matt Canada as the next Pitt HC? What a joke Pitt FB remains for three decades plus.

      I stopped watching the NFL and am losing interest in the college game, except Pitt. I did not see the kicker kneel, but the news media made sure to highlight it.

      PITT-cocks Fan – as others have said, our prayers and thoughts are with you. I don’t know you nor your situation, but I’m having a hard time getting the lump out of my throat. May God bless you and our great country.


  40. Richard, I too offer my condolences on your wife’s passing. You both, and your family are in my prayers.
    Mark, please don’t stop participating on the POV. Your perspective and passion are greatly appreciated, and I can’t think of anyone else who we would vote for more as athletic director. As Pitt’s struggles continue, we all become crankier, but I’d like to think isn’t personal. I’m still hoping to meet you at a future POV event.
    Ike, I hope you are right about Ben DiNucci being hurt when Pickett came in, because nothing else makes sense. And if that is the case I wish Narduzzi would say that was the case so he didn’t look so dumb.
    This is one LONG season. H2P!


  41. I hope UPitt reconsiders.. His blunt but often very funny comments have been right on all season… PC-itis is a slippery slope to banality or worse. I won’t comment directly on a walk-on hijacking a proud program for his own narcissism. I will say, however, it has been my honor and privilege to work for the US Army as a civilian engineer for decades and have been up close and personal with some of the finest men one can imagine. Warriors who wouldn’t think twice about risking everything to save you or me (or a walk on at Pitt). To think we can’t keep our politics out of sight while we honor such men (and women) for a moment or two is shocking….


    1. I thought UPitt’s posting of the kneeling article centered on how it would affect future game attendance, not the political side, so I ran with that perspective.


  42. UPitt – hate to see you go. You are actually right MORE than 75% of the time and it’s pretty sad that folks are so sensitive on a football blog. Nothing said on here bothers me. I don’t want to spend ANY time on politics, but Pitt football, even colorfully, is what we are here for.

    I have a feeling you’ll be back.


  43. Reed – you mentioned the S&C Coach above. I said a couple games ago that the team always seems gassed during the 3rd and 4th quarters – I sit right above the bench. Also you are right that our players start small and slow and stay small and slow so don’t know what this guy is doing.


  44. Regarding Ollison – hard to give that guy the ball when the holes between the tackles aren’t there. Aston being out without a logical FB to step in doesn’t help.

    Watson has overplayed the jet sweep, the shovel pass and the appearance of Whitehead in the backfield. Do not recall seeing him not get the ball when back there. Perhaps they could decoy him a few times to keep things in doubt.

    The post yesterday regarding the staff was excellent btw.

    HCPN stated in his post game comments that they elected to get both QBs in the game. One can argue with the strategy, but it was planned. At the time he was put in, DiNucci was losing effectiveness, so I had no problem with it.


  45. Totally agree with Upitt’s post above.

    Condolences PITT-cocks Fan, your wife is at peace and always will be present with you and her family. Celebrate fondly the life here.

    Upitt – good to see you leaving…..but only if you are taking on the AD job. I can’t wait for your first presser. Seriously, your passion is appreciated, maybe needs a break as the return on its investment has been poor this football season and WILL NOT improve with Pitt hoops.


  46. UPitt, please reconsider. Your pithy posts are hysterical and more accurate than 75%. I just don’t get your decision. I think you are the non-Reed poster who everyone enjoys the most. I know yours are my favorite. Admittedly it took awhile to be comfortable with your zingers but once I did I found myself looking for them. I would re-read them because they were brilliantly styled. And when I did I invariably found them better than in first read. You just gotta change your mind.


  47. Sometimes politics and sport collide. They just do. You all have my email. If you don’t like something I post and want to discuss it more thoroughly, please send me an emai first and we’ll have a talkl. My posts weren’t actually about politics, but things that are political that DO effect team chemistry….sort of like blog chemistry. Personally, I read nothing racist or political, so maybe I just don’t see those.

    Reed is like Narduzzi in some ways.It’s his ship. It sinks or swims as a result of his rules. And as the leader, he gets to make em.

    Sometimes coaches need to sit back and not answer every question that the media puts out there. Sometimes it is best to say, I thought so and so would do better in that situation based on his practice performance, period. No reporter can challenge that because no reporters know what is going on.

    Pitt football will be fine. We win 2 of 3 if we play the young guys and keep 5 db’s and 2 hybrid LB’s. That is how you defend these spread offenses. Unfortunately, you also need great LB talent. Go with Pine and Blackwell, although he looks like he is a good size for a hybrid in our Defense.


  48. JoeL – QO carried the ball 2 times yesterday for 17 yards. Something worked on those 2 carries and the coaching staff did not catch what it was. That my friend is called poor coaching by everyone on staff.

    OC Watson does not know how to call a good offensive FB game. Every time JW was in the game, the ball was handed to him to run behind the right side of the Oline. Same play every time. You and I know JW can be a great decoy – how about a fake handoff to JW that draws the LB’s up right away and RaRa Lopes or Mathews streaks over the middle for a quick strike (probably a 1st down). There are numerous options.

    Apparently HCPN never told BD that he planned to play Pickett.

    But then again, Sir Patrick and the Heather don’t care, why should I. The front porch had a bad stench to it yesterday…


  49. My condolences Richard. I look forward to your commentary when you know the time is right to come back


  50. And UPitt will be back. Just like Emel.

    If the comments stick to football, all is good.

    And it doesnt matter who’s eventually right or wrong. We all have opinions. Some of us make well reasoned arguments. Some of us have facts behind our positions.

    I dont think Pitt fans will ever be Kool-Aid drinkers. At least not on this blog. Constructive criticism is good.

    Name calling is a thing of style. We can all wear some pants around here. Its most likely never anything personal.


  51. Count me as a UPittbaseball fan, he may not be all warm and fuzzy but he is usually right. He has my vote for AD.


  52. Again Mark, you and I are all good. I’m thinking you may already be set straight in your new life and not allowed on the POV anymore? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!


  53. JoeL, my apologies. I do not usually put the flagpole back up post game only because it’s buried under all the crap I take to the game. It won’t happen again.
    Pitt-cocks , prayers to you and your family.
    Upitt, I will miss your posts. I hope you reconsider. You made me laugh out loud at times but more importantly you made me THINK.


    1. Oh my, no apology needed! You are throwing the bash – I just want make sure I got it right.

      So far, I’ve met Reed and BigB and am better for it. I’m sure there are more. What time do you usually shut it down pre-game? I will plan accordingly.


  54. I used to think UPitt was way out of line…and heck he WAS, rather often, 3 years ago on the Blather! I have come to respect his insight and passion and the tenacity of his opinions over the years, and he has not really been as crazy as he used to…just edgier than most of us! And that’s cool. And he has been pretty right about most things (except JD but that’s just my opinion!). We all have opinions, I personally love this blog as a great home for Pitt football, but I have seen things get super, SUPER edgy VERY quickly when politics enters any of the blogs I have ever read (Reed dunno if you read any sailing blogs but some of those have just gotten downright acidic from time to time)…and particularly in the current political climate. Personally I love a good political talk….over a beer, face to face where people can see each other and in-person values take precedent. Blogs, well, its like driving a car…road rage is just so much easier when you are not face to face. Passion does not just escalate but can explode in just a few posts.

    Politics has entered football and its just messy and unfortunate, IMO. Not UPitts’s fault for bringing up the issue, its right there in the newspapers for all to see. Personally I prefer to let football be football and let football blogs to be football blogs…and that is as much a valid opinion as anyone’s opinion about whether it is OK to kneel or not.

    Anyway…I appreciate you all and like families sometimes bloggers will get passionate! Hard not to when Pitt is 2-5/0-3! At least we have basketball to look forward to (Doh!).


  55. 247Sports has DB recruit from Quip, K.Raines as an 84% lean to wvcc and Pitt with 0% chance of landing the 4* recruit.

    I know you can’t always believe what you read, but this feels like bs.

    My nephews HS team is in the same PA classification and on a collision course to play Quip after the WPIAL championships.

    Where are the post-WPIAL playoff games usually played?


  56. Upitt Aw come on you are the entertainment here … without you it would just be a bunch of stodgy old men, well mostly. The pithy comments are my only source of humor. I twenty second your campaign for AD too.

    DarkKnight Come out come out wherever you are. The meds are wearing thin for the group.

    Reed Since the remainder of the season may well be left to experimentation both on the field and off maybe you would like to consider this. How about a live (well kind of) running Wednesday nightish Saturday broadcast with you, Upitt and Emel all doing commentary while watching the game (virtually – different living room TVs) ???????


  57. I mentioned this either during the game yesterday or shortly after it ended, can’t remember. Must have been the bourbon on rocks 🙂

    But how does Big Q not even get one more carry after busting a 15 yarder. How does any RB not get another carry after running for 15 yards. Especially yesterday and lately, when the running game has been so pitiful.

    I just don’t understand the rationale or lack of it concerning that…and the play calling in general. Including all the more difficult sideline ‘outs’ that Watson called for Pickett. Those are the toughest passes to complete.
    Even moreso for a qb that took limited 1st team snaps during the week.

    I just don get it.


  58. JoeL….usually 45 minutes before kickoff we start tearing down. I should hire roadies. Haha.


  59. Pitts problem is identity.

    Steelers found theirs today – run the rock and play nasty D…the recipes to Super Bowl success
    Big Ben is over the Hill…and in Pittsburgh that means something.

    Now Picket could be that dynamic offensive answer. Still need to find a back or a decent line

    And that D needs some leaders. Tough when everyone is a transfer or inexperienced. But it does need some nastiness…an edge. Its getting pushed around too much by offensive guys.

    Too much instability in coaching. Each of these guys has their own system. Players are total confused.

    Develop a style or system and keep with it. Football at the high school level does it in Texas. Football teams in Europe do it.

    Our players arent being developed.

    The mind or brain is based on repetition. Thousands of hours of practice until the body understands…without even thinking. It becomes instinct.

    Then you’ll see results.


  60. Not sure why UPitt has his panties in a bunch. Either you have a no politics rule or you don’t. Glad that Reed enforces the rules and civility. I respect everyone’s right to have opinions on Pitt sports no matter what they are. That is what makes this place fun. The extraneous stuff is not needed.

    Reed, I hear you on Whitehead moving to running back. Probably best for the team. But when you are trying to recruit primadonnas out of high school, they want to play “their” position. Hey if Whitehead is willing, I am all for it. It worked with Conner.

    The Steeler game today showed what a difference stars make. Unfortunately, Pitt only has one right now.
    Narduzzi has to do a better job of attracting elite players. All you have to do is look at pro football to learn that you don’t win big unless you have an elite QB. It isn’t much different in college ball. But you need guys all over the field that make plays.

    I do agree with Emel on Ollie. Big backs need many carries and also on the out patterns. Reminds me of another guy that could not make those throws.


  61. Reed, you have created a place for so many of us to talk, listen, read, bitch and just plain get away on any given day to discuss what we all have in common. PITT Football.

    Setting down rules and obeying them are certainly not a tall order to ask. You have actually created a family on the POV that PITT University is finding hard to do themselves.

    My point there is, you are correct in taking no quarter and there is certainly no need for you to spell out any clarification on the POV guidelines. << Very clear to me. If anyone here can spell their name then we should all know the rules.

    Hoping your new article settles your mind and gives you peace. Busting your butt to give us all a place to go shouldn’t cause the angst it causes you at this time.

    I understand all the hard work you do to offer up this bog / forum / articles and I realize when you feel disrespected it must hurt you and offend you

    People, as Reed points out all the time. It’s not just us commenters, there is a big world out there that read the POV.

    Don’t walk away because we can’t talk politics or we can’t swear like a former Coast Guard Commander. That’s not fair to Reed and all his hard work.

    There is a time and place for everything. ike



  62. I was worried abut the running game since the season started. Pitt had 3 returning starters, one who was all ACC…and they were all moved to new positions! SO instead of 2 new position players you now have 5 …all had to learn new blocking assignments, and it hasn’t worked out. Not having QO as you featured back isa big mistake – as someone pointed – the last 2 or 3 games, he makes a big run or scores a TD and you don’t see him again. This is all on the coaches!


  63. Last year Big Ben for the Steelers had his career low 6.5 yards per pass…sadly I think that is a season high for Pitt QBs!


  64. I agree the timing of the qb was odd.

    However if Picket is the guy he should get all the snaps from this point forward.

    Lopez needs to play and Q Henderson should only be seen on punts and kicks or as decoy in the backfield.

    There isn’t one linebacker on the team.

    Play Whithead at TB permanently and have Davis as the backup.


  65. Upitt… unlike the majority of the Kool-Aid GULPERS who think Narduzzi is the BEST Pitt can do… I get ya.

    Will always remember the GENEROSITY you showed in offering any Pittster the chance to stop by for some PRICEY Liquor prior to the otherwise forgettable Bowl Game of a few years ago in Fort Worth.

    You do a MUCH better service to Pitt Football and Sports overall than the TOO MANY here so willing to accept any bone thrown their way by a Pitt Admin who has proven that… YES… it is apparently HARDER to win 10 Football Games than cure Cancer.


  66. Reed–generally speaking, I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on politics and religion. As an occasional reader and someone who rarely posts, I come to this site to read about Pitt football period. However, in this instance, Pitts HC has brought politics into Pitt football by not only allowing his player to make this political statement, but publicly commenting on it (while at the same time, according to your reports, being quite secretive about personal matters). Hence, it is no longer only politics, it’s part of Pitt Football. Your not allowing readers to comment on this is taking it a little too far. With my favorite poster pulling out, UPitt, I have decided to no lo her visit this site. You tout yourself as being an objective reporter of all things Pitt Football, yet you censor this part of a failing regime. How sad.


    1. I censor nothing – i set standards and will keep to them. You knew this when you started on here as does everyone else. Have fun elsewhere and you are always welcome back if you choose.


  67. Take solace.. volleyball, soccer are elevating their game and kicking butt.
    High hopes for wrastling.
    Swimming and diving teams could be competitive.

    Could be time for We sports fans to diversify our interests.


  68. Erie Express, WPIAL playoffs I beieve award in the first two rds, home field advantage to the higher seeded teams. Then it becomes a neutral site. ….but I could be wrong.


  69. And as for our mutual friend Ike…

    Man, you are so OVERDOSED on Kool-Aid you can’t possible see straight. The good news is…someday even you will “come to.”


  70. Pitt Cocks fan…. no words… just prayers. Cannot imagine!

    Been a long week for me in the Burgh. Bro in law age 62 w open heart surgery…. all went well but the anxiety! Game sure seems small by comparison. Kids are young … will no longer judge coaching staff. Too aggravating!


  71. Hold on, Upitt (who I consider a close POV friend) bitching about Heather Lyke 24/7 is constructive criticism? Let’s get real here. I have my limits as well! . . . . .ike




  72. UPitt – you have a way with words that makes me crack up. I’m still trying to find out what diabetes shoes look like.

    On the way up to the game this weekend, I took in yet another historical site in your hood. The Titlow Tavern in beautiful dahntahn Uniontown.


  73. pittofdreams, you’re welcome to your own thoughts and I appreciate them. I just don’t believe in whining, constant crying and not believing. It’s not healthy.

    Do I seem more unhappy than other people like you?

    It’s not a trick question and there is not is right or wrong answer.

    I’ve been around the block more than a time or two. I’ll take your advice under consideration. Maybe take my avenue for a while and see if you sleep better at night. good luck to you

    no not being snippy.. . . . .. . .. ike


  74. Dan, Prayers out to you and the whole family as well..

    What’s going on lately with all the serious issues?

    Golden years my butt!

    Hope for the best Dan! . . .ike


  75. Sorry Reed, but sports and politics have intersected at our beloved university.
    The question begs to be asked- how can this issue affect our program………….


    1. It has been here for some time. Two Pitt football players had to stand watch last year at a Pitt college republican display until police arrived because a mob of “students” were physically assaulting their peers over a certain red hat.


  76. I see attendance dropping because of this issue possibly negatively impacting recruiting, dividing the team. …lot’s to talk about but I respect you..the blog is your baby- you know that.

    See some of you at the Duke game. Jeanie B and myself will be at the alumni tailgate.


  77. BigB – thanks for posting – it has a lot to do with Pitt FB. I’m glad I got to read the article with my breakfast before it gets deleted.

    The best comment was the guy who points out “the back-up kicker kneels for the anthem and the rest of the team layed down for the game”.


  78. My early Duke prediction –

    Pitt loses 27-17

    Pitt is down 20-17 heading into the 4th qtr. The celebration at the beginning of the 4th qtr exhausts the players and they give up an easy 7 and never threaten Duke again.

    In the post-game presser, HCPN pledges his team will take a knee from now on at the start of the 4th qtr.

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  79. Anyone who cannot see the upside the higher ceiling for Kenny the wicked pickett is brain dead. the kid has all the tools. There was a reason the staff was so high on Pickett and I have that from coach junko. Not some egotistical moron from a Facebook group. ( You know who u you are).


    1. Wow – thanks for your enlightening, sophisticated commentary.

      We shall bow to the almighty “Anonymous” for all things Pitt going forward.


      1. Seriously.

        Assuming the season winds down to 4-8 like I believe it will, Pickett should certainly see more time. However I didn’t see anything on Saturday that should mean he is #1 from now until he leaves. Pickett was 2-7 for 13 yards on his last drive. The only real “tools” I saw was that he can run and has some zip on the ball. I understand how Pittsburgh fans historically LOVE the backup QB but …

        I think somebody mentioned this before but I really doubt that Pickett is 6’2″ as listed. During a timeout on Saturday I watched Pickett standing beside Darrin Hall and noticed that he didn’t seem to be more than perhaps an inch or so taller than Hall. Hall is listed at 5’11”. Unless Hall is taller than listed I doubt that Pickett is even 6’1″.


    2. I’ll take straight up politics sprinkled with religion before I’ll take any personal attacks here. I suggest you move to Scout.com.


  80. Agree with you, Reed. Stay strong. Pickett reminded me of Syracuse QB Dungy with his moves. His down the field passing needs to be improved.


  81. You have to go with Kenny the rest of the way… He was going to win the battle going forward into next year… The kid passes the eye test… But.. A quarterback is only as good as his supporting cast…
    I agree, he looks a lot like Dungee


  82. Dinucci.. Will be a complement reserve… A RICK Trocano type QB….
    If McVitie is a good athlete would love to see him get worked into the role of a receiver or possibly a safety… I have heard he has speed and is a good athlete. Sometimes football IQ is better than athleticism without the football smarts


  83. Trocano was light years more athletic than Dinucci. light years,Pitt didn’t take kids with one offer that being Ivy league when Sherrill coached.


  84. Who transfers after this season is done — MacVittie, DiNucci, or both?

    Both Banks and Raines to wvcc? That’s all you gotta know about Pitt recruiting.


    1. who’s the cc?

      — Holgerson gets paid >$1M than HCPN… and since he was hired, Pitt is on its 3rd HC (not counting the 2 weeker, and 2 bowl game temps).
      — the Eers has many more dedicated fans, even in its lean years, and btw
      — WVU was 4 and 8 in Holgerson’s 3rd year who played an OOC that year of Wm & Mary, Georgia St and Maryland


  85. While I support not getting into the kneel controversy because it will lead to nasty political discussions I is relevant to FB vis a vis attendance. At the time of the knee I was face down on a wrestling mat Pitt left from their thrilling pre game exhibition. There is something wrong with the team from the top down. Not sure what it is. The S and C coach I believe was fired from Notre Dame. The OL is a disaster and my feelings are in line with Lee Pickens excellent article. I never heard of this “rotating” in practice and games, it does not promote cohesiveness.


  86. I don’t watch the NFL……I’m don’t watch NCAAF other than Pitt.
    Are they going to force my hand here ? I’ve had just about enough, like within 1 inch.

    They brought politics into sports, not me. I’m am just reacting to their infringement on my sports viewing.


  87. T Mac has a much higher ceiling than DiNucci and the Mac Vittie family seems all in. Di Nucci can leave. in the words of the great Dream Backfield. ” door… butt.. You know the drill”


      1. wouldn’t that just be like FB … to have 2 QBs transfer out, and Pickett to be injured in the opener next year?


      2. Anon – you realize, Pitt needs more than one QB on the roster. Chryst left none and this year we are onto the third string QB from the Duzz era of recruiting.

        Be careful how you view these Pitt student-athletes. Development is part of college FB. Pitt does not get the 4 and 5 star athletes that are ready to play right out of HS. Our 4 star players come in with nagging injuries, health issues or academic hurdles (Hall, Hamlin, Hill and P.Ford).

        Duzz gave DiNuch and MacVit scholarships – that is all you can say as a fan. We don’t see practice nor do we get paid to develop these young men.


        1. I understand all that. DiNucci was an afterthought very late in the recruiting cycle when Narduzzi got the job and MacVettie just hasn’t developed. DiNucci seems like a nice kid but he does not have the physical capabilities to compete in the ACC- not unlike Voytik or Pat Bostick. Pickett is a far more natural signal caller and looks to be the future of this program.

          I am not paid to evaluate or develop the team – but I do watch them regularly. From my amateur perspective, Pickett certainly has the best arm and the best pocket awareness/elusiveness of any of the three QBs who’ve played so far. I can’t really comment on MacVettie except that he’s clearly been passed on the depth chart by 3 other guys, one of whom is 18 months younger.

          From my perspective… those high school recruiting stars evaporate the moment an athlete steps on campus. Some 4 star players pan out immediately. McCoy, Fitzgerald, Boyd and Whitehead were all ready the moment they arrived. Other 2 or 3 star guys vastly outperform immediately- Dion Lewis, James Conner, Darelle Revis come to mind. Some, highly touted or not, take a long time to make an impact- Dorin Dickerson and Jester Weah for instance. All that matters is what they do on the field for the panthers.


  88. These universities and the creatures that run them are quite sickening. The football coaches talk tough, but they aren’t. Nard Dog is officially Nerd Dog from now on.


  89. Hey titleman. and I agree, talked to a MacVittie family friend Saturday and dad is a big PITT fan. No talk of moving along just yet


  90. Duzz is like chuck noll those first few years were rough.But installed his system brought in his guys and coached them up. This is just a transition year. and unfortunately a year where due to off field issues we lost quite a few guys we were counting on. stay the course.


  91. The very second this idiot walk-on decided to sit out the National Anthem it became a PITT football problem and topic. I’m calling the ticket office today……….

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  92. Duke is giving Pitt 8 points for this weekend’s game. I think the Duke D is better than Pitt’s D and obviously the Duke O is light year’s ahead of Pitt.

    My money is on Pitt not covering that spread.


  93. Folks….I am to the right of Trump and I am asking all of you to let this idiot former Roc player who knelt for the anthem go. The more we fret and get outraged, the more Pub this idiot gets.

    Quite different the NFL starters kneeling….which we can’t let go.

    If I were HC, he would no longer have a Pitt uniform…but I’m not, and your not.


  94. Off to a business meeting so here is my Good/Bad/Ugly

    Good – K Alex Kessman’s 43-yard field goal was his first at Heinz Field and he now has made his past five attempts in a row.

    Bad – In the categories of forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, interceptions, pass breakups and quarterback hurries, Pitt recorded only one pass breakup by safety Dennis Briggs in the NCST loss. Now that is bad…

    Ugly – Player personnel decisions by the HC and the play calling in the 2nd half by OC Watson.


  95. Stop with the flag crap. It is political in nature.

    Great day to be at the stadium. Sun tan in October.
    Pickett is exciting to watch. With some playing time he will be good.
    The defense. They keep Pitt in games for 3 quarters then the non-stop offensive failures catch up to them.

    Briggs – he just too slow, big plays when he is on the field.
    Weah – drops, completely stopped on a long route as DiNucci threw the ball to him. He was one on one and would have had a chance to make a play.

    No RBs that can make a play beside Whitehead.
    Should have left DiNucci in to give him another shot to tie up the game.
    Play calling on most occasions is weird.
    Some of Pitt’s run formations are so obvious my kid can pick them out.


  96. The s&c coach from note dame was probably a scapegoat for their lousy record last year. The d line players are very young and are competing against older men in most cases. The d line needs to mature and will get better, maybe next year.


  97. Titleman..only pro game I saw growing up was Noll and Mean Joe’s 1st game at Pitt Stadium. They beat the Detroit Lions for their only win that year. Mean Joe got kicked out after getting in a fight.

    Question..when did the NFL start a drafting order based on the season record ?

    Unfortunately, we cannot load up on a couple of 4-5 stars because of our season record. Maybe the NCAA needs to consider Parity.


  98. B, do I sense sarcasm in the last sentence

    I remember the Steelers losing to someone early season Greene’s first year on a field goal. The ball went through the uprights quickly followed by Mean Joe’s helmet.

    Later on in Greene’s career he once punched a Denver O-Lineman in the stomach so hard he had to be taken off the field by stretcher.

    He was thrown out of way more than half his high school football games his last two years

    Yet he insisted he wasn’t mean and his nickname wasn’t a true measure of his football career. Which it kind of wasn’t.


    1. I remember that game. The center kept holding him and Mean Joe hit him with an uppercut to the midsection. Greene got thrown out of the game. We of course lost the game.


  99. If you have 2 quarterbacks competing for the job (let alone 3 if you include Max), especially at this point of the season, you don’t have one good quarterback. If you are going to replace Dinucci with the game still on the line, you really don’t believe that he is your quarterback. If he was removed due to an injury, PN should have said so, A QB competition at this point in the season is not good for the team. Pick one QB and stick with him. I prefer Pickett who appears to have more of an upside, but OK with Dinucci as well. PN needs to make a decision, one way or the other, and stick with it. Also, Whitehead is the best RB that we have. If Paris Ford is as good as advertised, give hi\m a shot on D so that Whitehead can give the O a positive jolt.

    Is Henderson injured? He doesn’t look like the same player as last year.
    Finally, can’t understand kicking a FG if down 14 in the 4th quarter.


  100. I don’t understand how you go from All American to invisible like Henderson has. He’s been a complete non-factor and Weah has been a complete disappointment too as he tends to drop the ones that are especially needed. Hopefully next year is different. A lot of these guys should be better with all of the playing experience. I know some think that is garbage but the majority of the time it takes time for players to develop. I know it’s a baseball analogy but I remember when the Cubs had some of their young stars first come up and get extensive playing time – it wasn’t pretty. Specifically it took Rizzo a few years to blossom into what they said/hoped he would be. Let’s hope this season spawns that growth next year.
    Cause this year’s over.


    1. It’s the OC and his play calling.

      You can’t hand the ball to JW every time he is in the game AND run the same play.

      OC Watson does not mix plays well and is awkward on 3rd down situations.

      There is no flow and therefore your two best threats are diminished.


  101. Narduzzi will never talk about injuries, never. I saw Ben holding his right hand before his removal. Now it just may be a small boo boo or a thumb? Not saying I know whichever.

    Hamlin was most definitely holding his groin and laid down on his back as soon as he reached the sideline.

    Henderson needs replaced as a receiver and I don’t have a clue why Matthews isn’t starting or/and at least Lopes? PITT needs to throw the two TE sets out the window and spread it out. Which could also open up some running lanes. This O-Line is better suited to pass protect than pull on end sweeps.

    HCPN is starting to get on my nerves and that’s saying something.


  102. FWIW, I am on Reed’s side here for not continuing the flag issue. This conversation (argument) has been going on for well over a year now, and like most political issues … each side is adamant it is right.

    So what is anyone expecting by perpetuating this? Is someone going to point out something that becomes a total revelation to the other side, where the naysayers will all of a sudden become converts?

    I give the chances of that occurring about the same of Pitt winning the national championship in the foreseeable future.


  103. Here are my current thoughts on the POV:

    Reed is upset and he has a right to be. The time, money, effort Reed puts into this is greatly appreciated by most on the POV but his feathers do get ruffled at times just like all of us when a small few cross very defined lines.

    All the rumpus is certainly not unexpected for me, growth has it’s problems and with growth we all need to help out the team. The POV has many many new bloggers and commenters all the time. Seems like the game thread bring out a lot of lurkers.

    That brings me to another point. When we all thinking that PITT needs to keep the ship afloat and maybe Narduzzi is losing the team and this and that. Take a look at what’s going on with the POV. I don’t think we as a blog family are fairing much better if any than the very PITT football team we are trying to support.

    We’ve kind of become the train wreck that we scrutinize every weekend.

    Growing and losing = step back and reflect or it will metastasize and become the end of something special.

    So when we look at one season << this year and say so many generality comments like they are the worst of all time or they are simply terrible or they will never be any good….Narduzzi this and that…. step back and think…

    Think about how we have acted lately and gain some perspective…. Reed and PITT deserves much better.. . . . ike



    1. When Pitt starts playing well consistently and the University makes some kind of commitment to sports commensurate with a Power 5 program, then things will calm down here nicely (we’re in big trouble folks….)


  104. I graduated from Arts and Sciences and the School of Ed so I don’t know the in’s and out’s of business. Maybe the folks over at Katz can help the athletic dept. by addressing these gems.

    1) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by changing the uniform every year to every known pattern except the only one that people want.
    2) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by laughing at their opinion that an on campus stadium would improve morale and the game day experience. What do they know…lol!
    3) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by allowing a third string, nobody kicker to kneel during the anthem followed by the head coach saying he would never tell anyone what to do yet he suspended our best player for three games. We at Pitt know our consumers want politics with their football.
    4) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by not playing Sweet Caroline after the third quarter. After all, this was the only thing that really got a lot of the crowd excited during the game. Instead, let’s randomly play it or in the case of the OSU game, let’s not play it all.
    5) Let’s alienate a majority of our targeted consumers by joining the ACC where we will never compete at a competitive level every again at any sport. We will make money hand over fist and you the people will like it. Nevermind that we should be in the American Conf. and would probably be 5 and 2 rather than 2 and 5. Nevermind that the basketball team will only will the non con schedule.

    We know what is best for you. This hubris comes courtesy of the Pitt athletic dept.


  105. OH please. The ACC was a lifesaver to Pitt. if we don’t go to the ACC we are in the AAC outside the Power5 and terminally irrelevant. When we lose everyone pisses in the punch bowl you people are pathetic.


  106. Guess who I’m taking to win this coming week to win straight up? No point spread, straight up! Who do you think Jay?

    Here’s a hint. I’ll pick the most horrible team (besides Rice) in the country in some minds to win Saturday.

    I get it that PITT football has really gotten many of you people so down you just can’t take much more. I understand that PITT football just isn’t the cards and they suck. It really is not hard to fathom, I mean that seriously. I get it.

    We are all entitled to our own thoughts and I respect all of you.

    I just don’t want you on my team when the chips are down. I fight to the bloody end. It’s what I do.

    Now Narduzzi has to convey this to his PITT football team………. ike



    1. “Now Narduzzi has to convey this to his PITT football team”

      falling on deaf ears both here and team’s
      some of team’s ears seem to have started with limited hearing


  107. If anyone really believes Heather Lyke has one thing to do with PITT football being 2-5, I suggest you jump on the short bus before you really get left behind. << your train has left the station…


  108. I don’t bet on PITT was a point stuck in there sideways. I’m just saying I believe they will win. You, see, it’s easier to say that when I don’t have money on the game and there was also another shot inserted in there as well.

    I honestly think PITT will win this game, Duke is no where as good as NCS. When I think PITT will lose the game I wouldn’t bother to pay attention.

    tvax, I meant the rest of the season, after-all, this season has been tough on a young group with little or no leadership.


  109. winning is a learned science. Biggest problem is you have to experience it. Winners win… Most of these kids have won, PITT will be just fine……………..


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