A Note From Reed

Before anyone decides to leave the POV Blog I’ll ask you to fully read this and then make your decision…

The Pitt POV has been in existence since June 27th of 2016. Before that, as many of you know, I wrote extensively for Chas Rich over at the Pitt Blather.  But it came to a point where I wanted to have complete control over the venue in which I was pouring my time, energy and too much money into.  So I started The Pitt POV.

In doing that I realized a few things.

Mainly that I had an obligation to readers who took time out of their daily lives and not only read what I had to say, but also took the time to comment on the articles and other timely Pitt football issues and so engage in good and civil conversation with other commenters.

I purposely waited for a long time before I accepted any sort of donations; financial or in-kind, until I felt I was putting out a decent and high quality product and that what I envisioned for The POV was aligned with what my readers wanted.

I think that has worked out well and the reason it did was because I let everyone know right off the bat and in no uncertain terms that some things would not be acceptable to discuss on here. Those are mainly politics and religion, with the caveat held that if I felt comment threads were becoming insulting, offensive or too far away from our stated direction of Pitt football discussion I would issue course corrections.

If you think any of those things were easy decisions to make, or the stated rules simple to enforce, you are dead wrong.

This is one of the hardest things I have done – aside from my professional and family lives – and takes more effort and emotion that any of you know.  Let’s put it more simply… this would be so much easier if I just didn’t care about the blog the way I do and the way you all want me to.

But here is the deal with all that for me; if the POV wasn’t done well and was not valuable to each and every one of you I promised myself I’d stop doing it.  I am not forced into maintaining and writing this blog nor am I obligated in any way except for the obligations I have put upon myself.

All the above info is shared with you for one reason – to explain why the POV is different from other Pitt football media, blogs and websites. Because it sure as hell is different.

Just this afternoon Richard in South Carolina (Pitt-cocks Fan) shared the news of his wife’s death with us. A month or so ago Jim in Texas (PittMan4Ever) did the same on the passing of his mother. And we all responded with heartfelt expressions to them.

Since summer of last year many of us have talked on here about joyful and important life events and we have also shared personal pains and other issues which we normally would never in a hundred years talk about even with some people we knew, let alone semi-anonymous posters on a blog. But we do it on here on a regular basis…

Why do we do this? Why does each of you check in with the POV every day to see what I and others are saying about Pitt football and other issues?

It isn’t for the sweetness and light that I shine on Pitt football because I don’t do that.  It isn’t because you like me as a person because let’s be honest – 99.9% of the readers on here have never met me in person or conversed with me on the phone.  So why then?

Because you care. Because it is a respite from the world outside and it is a place to live in for bits at a time where we know we will have certain standards which are clearly delineated and upheld.  You all know what you are going to get with the POV, whether you like it or not is up to you.

And, again whether you like it or not, this is not a democracy on the POV.  I reach out to you all for advice and help on a regular basis and you respond in turn and I thank you for that.

But I alone command this ship and know expressly and intimately what that entails.

I get the praise when things go well and I take the heat when it doesn’t.  Not one thing I have done over the past week or so should come as a surprise to anyone – I have said from the beginning “This is what the POV is going to be...” and I’m doing the hard work to keep it that way.

I’ll tell you now that I held off deleting any comments for about a full year. But  I get emails daily from WordPress regarding comments that are ‘held in moderation’ and I have always stopped what I was doing and edited them into compliance so that your thoughts and opinions could still be expressed in the comments as soon as possible.

What that does is make me drag the blog around with me wherever I go and makes me put more time and effort into it than I want… so now, and from now on, I hit the trash button.

And I hate doing it – but the truth is you guys are trashing your own comments in a very real way.

I wrote a long comment the other day stating that if The POV has been, or is turning into, something you don’t want it to be a part of then you have options. I truly don’t want anyone to leave and I have never banned anyone, but if you feel you need to do so then that is a choice you yourself will make. I just want you to understand that no one person is ever singled out on here.

It is very simple guys – when I say no politics, religion, etc.. I mean it. When I write in the comments section that the discussion is trending the wrong way and to get back on track or  I’ll stop future comments – trust me to do so.