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#20 NC State at a Glance

Record: (5-1, 2nd in Atlantic)

PPG F/A: 35.5/23.7

Leading Passer: Ryan Finley (1770 yards, 10 touchdowns, 0 interceptions)

Leading Rusher: Nyheim Hines (100 carries, 513 yards, 5 touchdowns)

Leading Receiver: Kelvin Harmon (33 receptions, 434 yards, 2 touchdowns)

Jaylen Samuels (50 receptions, 425 yards, 3 touchdowns)

Jumping right into it, it’s a tough week to want the Panthers to make strides towards the future.  Sure, we beat Clemson in the middle of feeling like it’ll be a scrimmage for the Tigers, but this Wolfpack team is a blend of good, really good and watch out before we run you over good on offense.  I am actually more concerned about this game than I was leading up to Clemson on the road.

NC State is being guided by one of the very best quarterbacks in the entire country for 2017.  Ryan Finley quite simply does not turn the ball over, instead, he chucks it downfield to a myriad of talented receivers.  The kryptonite for the Pitt defense this season has been stopping the most athletic players on the field and in this game, they will have to stop one of the most dynamic players in the ACC and quite possibly the country.

Jaylen Samuels is as dynamic as they come, much like Steve Ishmael last week.  Samuels, in conjunction with his three touchdowns as a receiver has five on the ground on just 25 carries.  Samuels averages nine catches and four rushes per game, all being calculated attempts.

Throughout the week, Pat Narduzzi mentioned that safety Jordan Whitehead may have played too many snaps on offense, while seeing his production decline on the defensive side of the ball in the fourth quarter.  Keeping that in mind, I think we see less of Whitehead on offense, keeping him as fresh as possible to be a flex-linebacker for the entirety of the game.

NC State on defense is almost smack-dab where Pitt was a season ago in terms of strengths and weaknesses.  Dave Doeren has his rush defense ranked eighth nationally, only surrendering 90.7 yards/game and 3.06 yards/carry.  Not a pleasant sight considering the circumstances of our rushing game.

Qadree Ollison and crew walk into the week 107th nationally in total rushing.  Averaging a measly 116 yards/game and a woeful 3.32 yards on each carry.  Is this the week we finally see AJ Davis make a push for more carries?  Probably not, but let’s hope there’s a shift in ideology to get the young ball-carrier some hits.

What could be fun, however, is to see which pass defense that is actually worse.  For Pitt, you like the fact that NC State is ranked 121st, giving up just shy of 300 yards/game.  Also for Pitt, you wish that Max Browne wasn’t out for the season to take advantage of that, well, advantage.

Remember that time Mason Rudolph came to town and literally did whatever he wanted to this defense through the air?  Well, enter Ryan Finley who could potentially replicate that production.  As we know, Pitt generally stinks on defense in the third year of the Narduzzi era.  Josh Conklin possesses the 115th overall defense against the pass, at 280.3/game.

Who knows, maybe Narduzzi and Conklin have something up their sleeve with the secondary.  After all, Narduzzi came with the praise for Therran Coleman this week, calling him the teams clear third best corner.  Still, I just don’t see a way that Pitt is able to make enough of a difference on defense to force this into being a close game, at least through the air.

On offense, it’s a battle.  Will an offense not proven to be able to pass with Ben DiNucci be able to open the field with passes over the middle and down the field against a weak secondary?  Let’s hope.  If not, and I can’t believe I am getting ready to say this, it’ll be time for Kenny Pickett to take the reign’s.

I like for Ra-Ra Lopes to have a monster game and, if able to bounce back from getting verbally blasted by Narduzzi, Aaron Mathews, too.  Really, it all depends on who is behind center, and something tells me it won’t take long for Pickett to be able to find the field.  Just a hunch.

I can’t wait to read your predictions in the comments section; and here’s to hoping for a very Pitt-like win against a ranked opponent we have no business being on the field with.


I have to say I agree with most of what Chris wrote.  However I do think we have “business being on the field with” NCS and have a chance of beating them.  But we have a lot of things going against us in this game – and I fear also for the rest of the games on our schedule.

First off there will be no ‘home field’ advantage due to the crowds or Homecoming energy, no matter what the Pitt administration does to generate it. We may not crack 20,00 asses in the seats and if NCS scores first – which I’d bet a beer on them doing – it will quickly shut up any fans who might have the ‘energy’ to cheer.

Sad to say this is what a losing season does to a program – and this is and will be a losing season.

pitt v ncs ranks.png

Here is a national ranking comparison between the two school at this moment.   What jumps out to me in a dramatic way is the scoring differential.

Yards per play is another category that shows the problems we have on offense.  Pittsburgh Sports Now has a great preview of the game written by Francis Guarnieri.  He loads up the piece with good writing and a load of statistics – some of which I will borrow here… but jump over to that article and read it also please – it is full of good and interesting insights.

For me this game, if we are to win, our special teams ace Quadree Henderson has to shake off whatever ills has befallen him and return to form.  Because of Henderson’s poor play – and it has been poor across the board given the expectations we had – up to now our most valuable players have been Alex Kessman with his field goals and Ryan Winslow with his booming punts.

If we want to keep this game close so that we have a shot to win in the 4th quarter, which we did well in the Syracuse game, then we’ll have to win the field position battle on the change of possessions.  It is the things not usually recognized that we have to excell at this week.

I do not think our offense will be able to created sustained drives all afternoon – so we’ll have to get a few big plays on both offense and defense and hope that we can sore at least FGs on every other possession or so.  What we cannot do is get into a scoring duel where we get FGs and the opponent answers with TDs as we saw the last week.

The only chance we really have to win in my opinion is 1) if our defense plays its best game of the year and 2) if we create and take advantage of turnovers – not just getting them but actually scoring after we take possession.  Those two items plus the superb special teams play may just be enough to squeak out a win…

But I don’t feel it this week so I’m calling:

NCS 35 – Pitt 20

168 thoughts on “POV Know The Enemy & Predictions

  1. Well guys, I’m sitting this one out again this week. Like our administration, I have decided there are things more important than football- I will be grass seeding the yard around my cabin.


    Pitt usually wins a game they shouldn’t and this would normally have that feel. Only problem? This is a bad Pitt football team. No other explanation needed. NC State 34 Pitt 17


  2. State can ” get after ya ” on both sides of the ball.

    Reed.regarding QH: they aren’t kicking off to him- most kickers have the leg strength to prevent returns, the jet sweeps are ” old news” and well defended and he is not a threat as a receiver- I was counting on him improving in that part of his game-he hasn’t… so that leaves punt returns.

    I hope our kids are competitive and some spirited leaders emerge amongst the underclassman.


  3. Repeating what I said, as long as Pitt cannot develop a running attack, I will pick against them

    31-17 NCS

    Note that NCS is averaging 35.5 ppg … just another good offensive opponent (2-year trend). One of the games, we will face a mediocre P5 offense. …. trust me.


  4. NC State 42 Pitt 24

    Pitt shovel passes and play actions it’s way to a few touchdowns. But, Pitt punts 7 times as drives stall, allowing NCS to pull away.

    Would love to see an upset, but NCS appears to have good senior leadership and won’t get rattled. Pitt will beat them next year (if we play them).


  5. My head tells me we somehow pull the upset. They are solid but they aren’t anything near unbeatable. South Carolina is not that good.
    BUT neither are we.

    NCST 33
    Pitt 23


  6. Reed, happy to hear you’ll make the game, PITT needs all our support. I should be sticking around the tailgate a little longer this week.

    Little busy, I’ll have my boldest prediction yet a little later.


  7. The college sports factories rarely get sanctioned or even caught.

    The only way to catch them is follow the money.


  8. Pitt is not good right now. They can get better, but NC St has far to many experienced players who are poised to have the best year at NC St in years. NC ST 38 Pitt 23. But Pitt will play tougher than most expect.but to many play makers for Pitt to contain.


  9. Choked on my glass of Kool Aid last week – glass is now empty. Yoda (Ike): sorry to say, I’m going over to the Dark Side this week. I just don’t see any way our OL protects against the ‘Pack’s DL and LBs (Imperial Forces). One Millenium Falcon (O’Neil) is not enough to take out a fleet of X-Wing fighters. The Force is not with us Saturday – 31-17

    With Nic-Su (i.e. NCSU) front 7, Nooch could get hurt this week. NOT wishing that, but we could see extended time for (Wilson) Pickett:
    “It’s like thunder…lightning,
    The way you throw, It’s excitning…
    I’m gonna Knock – bop bop bop bop – on Wood – Baby!”


  10. PennDOT is doing their part to suppress Pitt fan support from areas north of the city this weekend.

    I was surprised to see that NC State is currently ranked #68 in total defense and #49 in scoring defense, They have 10 senior defensive starters. The second string defense is dominated by underclassmen with only 1 senior.

    Then again NC State’s starting offense has only 3 seniors and is #25 in total offense and #38 in scoring offense (low end of Top 3rd). Lots of RS-Fr on the second string offense too.

    I am pulling an Ike style prediction on this one. My heart says narrow Pitt victory of 31-28. However my head says NC State 38-17 and I am going that.


  11. wwb..thanks for the link which affirms what I am seeing on the field of play.
    DBs are improving. Going forward we need players(front 7) who can create chaos and develop regular heat on the opposing QB,,,that has been missing for a long time at PITT..


  12. Dane Jackson most improved defensive player.
    Big B thanks for the link – and this on the day after the NCAA appoints Condie Rice to head a committee on why they are so ineffective. LMAO


  13. BigB – that (unc report) is GREAT news. It means athletes no longer are required to have real class time – they can concentrate 95% on their sport.

    You listening, BOT? Heather? Hello!


  14. Pitt is going to shock us all behind a dazzling performance by whitehead on offense 100 plus yards and a few catches and a score by henderson.
    Pitt wins 28 to 21
    I went optimistic guys


  15. We should start granting degrees in FB, BB, Soccer, volleyball, swimming, inter mural sports, attendance, tuition payment, etc.


  16. Reading the previous thread…

    Wow, lots of leadership experts on here. Apparently you are also experts at BS.

    First of all, Browne was voted captain by his team. They were not told to vote for him and they vote for different captains each year. Previous years mean squat. He went through the entire off season with the team. He earned it….there is no argument to prove otherwise. He left USC early so he could indeed spend an entire off season with his new team. That isn’t lack of leadership, that is a damn smart decision to get a jump on your next gig. Now if he showed up just for spring ball as Reed suggested he should have, then you can question him being voted captain.

    No, he didn’t play great. Not real hard to figure that out. That doesn’t make him a bad leader or not deserving of his captain title. By that logic, every captain in every sport that is on a bad team is not deserving. Come on!

    Also, you all are the next Dr. freaking Phil, your expertise on the subject is so refined that you can determine someones leadership skills by merely watching him on the sidelines in between a few series. Oh my, he sits by himself. How dare he? Dang, that offers awesome insight, NOT!

    Were we in the weight room killing ourselves for months? Were we there for the player only sessions? How about for summer camp and the nights the team stays together in the hotel? You think you can judge a kid by the few hours you saw him on TV more than his team can judge him over months or grinding it out together. Months kicking each other in the ass. Months of blood, sweat and tears!

    That is freaking comical.


  17. NC S t 45 Pitt 31, we may not win, but I think Pickett gives us something to be excited about for the rest of the year and into next season. We have to prepare a QB for next year, I think we can beat the Creeps of the East next year at home.


    1. well, IMO, as long as Reed is fair game as long as he continues his blatant bias against the current staff (and its recruits). He also has the ability to shut me down if he wishes.

      This reminds he of the Tino situation back in 2011. I never thought Tino was that good of a QB, but when I read of the blatant hatred towards him on Pitt Blather, I felt the need to support him. It was kind of funny that there was no real hatred of Tino in his first year when Pitt won 8 games, then Fraud came to town and Tino became the whipping boy.

      By the same token …. the current staff wins 8 games in its first year, and then midway thru its second year of 8 wins, Reed comes out with a fury … with any and every possible argument he could muster (some valid and some over-the-top IMO). And Conklin becomes the whipping boy … which is better btw than dumping on a college player.

      Lastly, from what I know of him, Reed is an extremely fine person, a veteran who served his country nobly, and has very good taste in music. He just views Pitt FB differently than I do.


  18. From earlier thread- Reed, you are too hard on Browne. Think how difficult it must have been for a kid to come across country to a new team and players. In spite of that, he was elected captain and won the starting job. We were starting to see some improvement in his play in recent games as he knocked the rust off. Questioning the route running ability of new teammates right away probably wasn’t wise. I still think he gave Pitt the best change of getting to a minor bowl which helps with recruiting if nothing else. No one is predicting a bowl game now..


  19. I will say this one time there were 3-4 classes that many of us took that were totally bogus. Many of us were told what classes to take and believe me the room was 90% athletes. Hoops, Wrestlers, Baseball and tons of Football players. I don’t even remember going to most although one we signed our name and left. To act like Pitt is above this stuff is funny to me.

    NC State 41 Pitt 23


  20. In my undergraduate years 68-72 there was a class where the professor showed multiple movies on split screens while playing music over his lecture…I think it was known as Rocks 80. Intro to geology maybe. Dude’s name was something like Stanley Shostak. And that’s when we really sucked in football.


    1. Also 68-72 took a philosophy course senior year and when we showed up the prof announced that if we stayed to the end we would all get A s but if we didn’t, we would get a B. Words were barely out of her mouth when most of the class headed for Big O. Many football players including Dave Havern in that class.


  21. Couple things going on here. Upitt for one of the few times picks PITT not to cover. Mark you have actually been right with your prognostications more that not, recently!

    Here’s another prediction from an E-mail sent to me from Sportsline. << I suppose it’s allowed?

    “Projected Statistics: For the Wolfpack, Ryan Finley passes for 393 yards and 2.43 TDs, with Kelvin Harmon catching 5.5 passes for 83 yards and Jaylen Samuels 7.3 passes for 71 yards. May Browns throws for 254 yards and 1.83 TDs for the Panthers.”

    Anyone see a problem with that prediction? and their score was 34-30 NCS << Now I’m conflicted.

    NCS and their deep deep experience is my greatest concern. I believe they have really good players but that word “continuity” sticks out to me. How many years has Dave Dorian been at NCS? 5 now going on 6.

    NCS is a solid team yet not spectacular in the way of psu and OSU were. Maybe not even GT like.

    NCS is the type of team that, me personally, will finally be able to judge this PITT team. They don’t do one thing so so great that a good game plan can’t overcome. I know their defense is really good and their strength is stopping the run. Problem here is that PITT may not be able to capitalize with Dinucci having so little experience.

    First down conversion are again one of the keys to this game. Maye BD’s legs will help keep PITT in this game.

    Hope to see KP duty and the O-Line play like men and like they know how.

    Already 1 for 1 in predictions as I did project Reed throwing out his house guest and making it to the game this week. My score is……………….


    The defense does a good job and PITT as a complete team scrambles like hell for this big win

    I also predict I won’t be winning $3100 at the casino afterwards. << so I hope I’m wrong at least once



  22. FWIW, I have NC State winning 56-27..keep in mind, I always have a hard time predicting Pitt to give 50 points to a team.


  23. Lastrow…You are referring to Professor Bruce Goldstein_psyche 101 in the building across from the Towers..David Lawrence Hall I think..had the “multi-media show at the end of the class term..multiple movies with great music,,everyone invited and most were high or drunk…I will never forget the visual of horses running through water while the song “Wild horses” played. Also saw Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody in that same building followed by midnight football on the Catherdral lawn,,inter-frat tackle game between WPA against all who called pop a “soda.” We were drunk on left over purple passion left over from a mixer at the frat house..some high octane stuff !!


    1. I saw Blue Velvet there. Didn’t really understand it, but like most there, I had just come from a buy-a-$2-cup-to-drink-until-the-keg-kicked South Oakland party.

      And it’s soda. 😉


  24. I’m on board with just paying them, eliminating eligibility standards, let them form a union and treating them as employees… if they actually want to take classes and try to pursue a degree, add it to their benefit package. But end this ruse of amateurism…

    99% of these guys are there for their varsity sport, in pursuit of making it their profession. Academics always comes second, if at all.


    1. Only if there’s a low salary cap and boosters can’t pay them a nickel. If not, Pitt will have 2-4 wins a year in football and 8-10 a year in basketball with all 1 star players.


  25. Boston..if they are to paid let the NFL start a minor league system..they can go straight from high school to pro ball system just like baseball. I would love to see the NFL and even big TV money out of college sports..I know that ain’t happening before someone jumps on my A$$.. Which leads to this question…How did college ball make it before the big influx of TV money,,,


  26. players are getting a free ride, tuition, meals and dorms. Plus taking easy classes. Unless pro sports considers college the minor league, players dont need paid. And then ist by the pro teams. Pitt will probably then become the minor league team for the Browns.


  27. surprised by browne being picked captain. really surprised. now who will give the captain out to? Captains need to take the field.


  28. I remember (barely) taking Life Sciences 80 with Stanley Shostak across the street from the towers. It was supposed to be an intro to biology but it was a multimedia extravaganza. Shostakovich did lecture but with all the music and film, I don’t recall hearing much.


  29. Amen – Upitt

    I said the exact same thing three, four and five months ago about the POV not thinking things like UNC don’t go on here and I was ridiculed. Oh not us! We are the Stanford of the East! I can assure you that nothing goes on here with regard to academic integrity, we are Pitt. It does happen and is still happening, and not just at Pitt. A select few know in the university and are trying to fix it, but it is like turning a ship.

    @Notrocket – you are correct in your background assumptions of some on here. A 5th year transfer player is similar to an acquired asset/company. The company that absorbs the asset doesn’t keep the acquired CEO or Executives. Doesn’t mean they are not leaders. That is the point for me on Browne and any 5th year transfer for that matter. The person is merging into a different culture. The person hasn’t gone through the battles alongside his teammates and shared their success and proven themselves. Call it BS if you want.

    Why no true freshman captains? Why no 3rd string captains? They put in practice time. It’s because they aren’t in the bunkers for the tests with their band of brothers. Just like Browne. It’s nothing personal.

    Pitt wins the game tomorrow as always 27-24. Kirby Pickett gets it done in the end.


  30. This game will be a low scoring affair, a defensive struggle. Pitt keeps it close, but loses 17-10. I remember that Life Sciences class. I think it was an elective for us engineering grunts. You are right, Larry V, good films with no work..


  31. To whom it may concern. Can you please change my email address to : xxxxxxxxx.xxxxx
    I have tried to change my address using the links,provided, to no avail.

    Nick Como

    Sent from my iPad


    Done and edited – thanks


  32. Hoping Hamlin gets a big (his first?) Int this weekend and the rest of the d shines.

    Will need the o to find a way to string together some nice td drives. Let’s see some new formations and find something that works for us.

    I think Pitt can win this one. Pitt 24 nc state 21.


  33. I’m taking NCS while giving away those points. Like in My Cousin Vinny, “I could really use a good a$$ kickin, but I’ll take the $200 dollars”. With my strategy it’s a win-win. We get our a$$es kicked while I still get to collect my $$$.

    NCS 52
    Pitt 28


  34. How on earth can Pitt ever compete by paying players when they won’t pay for competent coaches and athletic directors? Agreed, the whole system is a sham: watered-down courses, tutors writing papers, extracurricular bimbos during recruiting visits. But if we went to a ‘just pay the damn guys’ model, we would buy Hempfield’s JV team instead of buying anyone good. Remember, we’re too cheap to even buy a stadium.

    NCS 57
    Us: 10.

    This will be like Oklahoma State, but the pain will be slower.


  35. Just to throw in something positive – our Women’s Vball team won their 11th in a row today and are undefeated in ACC play. We can’t be last in everything!


  36. If players would be paid, schools like Pitt would opt for a non-paying model. Many schools actually would since the costs would be prohibitive without subsidies from the pro sports teams. The NCAA would be split between the paying model (a minor league system) and the traditional non-paying one. I dont believe you would find more than 30-40 schools who could afford the paying model. And many would flat out decline on its merits philosophically.


  37. And back to the negative NCS 38 Pitt 24. Good for the v ball women.
    I’m waiting for Reed bobble head day – it will be a foot tall and you can put it in the yard, like a gnome. (All ht jokes), 🙂


  38. Pitt 28-NCSt 27

    Nucce goes down First series. Pickett starts a great run for Pitt at QB. He outworks every player on the team and can do it all. When it’s over, all of a sudden Pitt has a season!

    He is a taller Dave Havern.


  39. If Heather is to blame for the men’s basketball and football teams recent failures I guess she deserves much credit for the women’s volleyball team and the recent upswing in the men wrestling recruiting.

    Nope, I’m wrong again. She needs more time.


    1. She’s doing a fairly good job with Men’s Soccer too. They’ve beaten a couple of ranked teams, pounded WVU, and actually gathered a conference win.

      I don’t like Stallings either, but as long as Lyke has set expectations with Stallings for measurables like conference wins, tournament appearances and attendance improvements, I’m good. Narduzzi gets another year too with similar expectations.


  40. RKB, Reed’s bobble-head/yard gnome could be a very effective home security device.
    Think about that?

    How about a 6’5″ Reed bobble-head in your front yard. Scary huh?


  41. Hot sausage sandwiches are the main course tomorrow…plenty of beer. Buffalo chicken dip, mixers and RICHMAN’s ubiquitous bag of peanuts. 😀 Plus snacks.


  42. Sounds like great eats Fran. I’m a sucker for hot sausage sandwich. You say there’s a mens rest room close by? 🙂

    wwb, Think I told this story before but I’m old as all you guys.

    Met Sam (the man) Clancey onetime and he introduced himself as Lawrence Taylor. I told him bullschitt and shook his hand. That dude was a beast for sure. Same as Ricky…. great PITT men! . . . . ike



  43. Guys – as I said, I call them as I see them.

    That is the cost of your doing business as readers on this blog. but I will venture a wager or two that I have had many more conversations about Max Browne with people who knew him and who followed him very closely for the past four years – including his truncated 2016 season – and this year at Pitt than any of you have had.

    If you want to start romanticizing players just because they come to Pitt feel free to do so. I don’t see them in that light but as human beings with warts and all who happen to play football for us. Again – this should come as absolutely no surprise to any and all of you who have read my stuff on here or before on The Blather.

    But hell folks – I must be doing something right because the readership on here and the numbers of comments generated by it are far above any other non-professional Pitt football blog that I can remember in the years since the internet started.

    And why the hell shouldn’t I and others complain at mid-year last season about Conklin… his defense cost us numerous wins. I believed that then and it is even worse now…

    Seriously – I invite anyone who is either offended by my writing style or by my strong opinions to find another writer to read. There are other venues out there that won’t upset your Pitt fanboy sensibilities… because apparently I do.

    No skin off my nose whatsoever friends… and maybe it will give me an excuse to not care so much about keeping this blog as honest and as real as possible. You want the party line, well… there is Pittsburgh Sports Now, the P-G has a comments section you can enjoy and they put up a lot more articles than I do… ditto with the Trib. Those outlets are very good at not ruffling feathers because they are basically scared of any ramifications from Narduzzi and Pitt whereas I couldn’t give two shits about that.

    There are four or so good Facebook Pitt Football groups who post a lot more stuff than I do – none of it original of course but they would be glad to have you comment on there… The message boards are always an option – Ike and I used to do them. If you like infighting and short attention span discussions then that is the best option for you.

    Here the deal – if you are too lazy to look for other places to have fun and discuss Pitt football just let me know and I’ll provide the links for you to make it easier.

    I’m dead genuine about this. If I could I’d hold the door open for you as you walked out I would.

    Just let me know where to send back your donations when you leave… and please don’t be so trite as to try and assume to tell me to not be thin skinned… I’m not angry one bit, really I’m not – I’m just brutally honest about this subject of this blog and its stated purpose.


  44. Here’s a deal – send me an email with your new blog site URL and I’ll automatically donate $50 to it to help you get started. Again – Pitt football really needs to be talked about in more glowing terms and you just may be the person to do it!!

    Again, serious as hell.


    1. Keep in mind folks, it’s not easy to start, maintain and draw attention to a blog. Been there, done that and couldn’t keep up. Just saying.


  45. Reed, why so bent out of shape tonight?

    IMO, you answer your own question considering the popularity of the POV, It’s beloved and viewed by many. You should have realize from the past that we just can’t be loved by everyone. << not even close

    Although at this point, I think I’m way ahead of you as being the fall guy. Which I’m more than happy to do for you. That comes easy for me.

    The POV is fantastic and you very well know this. See you tomorrow friend! .. . . .ike


    1. Not bent out of shape Ike – just stating facts and I mean everything I said – if readers are that offended by what I write then they are more than welcome to find other venues to discuss Pitt football.

      Of course – I’d like to see someone actually read what I said about Max Browne and tell me what isn’t true about him or that what I wrote wasn’t with informed opinions. The guy threw 1 TD in regulation play in 5 games of 6 games Ike – if he wasn’t injured he should have been sat down for the rest of the year.


  46. BTW – Pitt is already paying their athletes the stipends allowed this year by the NCAA – see this link

    “Virginia and Pittsburgh – the latter is an unusual public-private combination — have larger allowances for athletes enrolled in graduate school, to compensate for additional expenses associated with older students who live off-campus.”

    Pitt have always given their athletes the same amount it would cost to house them in a dorm if the athlete opts to move off-campus. That is why you see a lot of three or four players apartments – so they can pocket the additional funds. I believe Pitt allows that for upperclassmen only… at least for the football players.


  47. Pitt-24
    Other guys-41

    I still say we have to score more than 30 to beat anyone, and I just don’t see that happening this week.

    And, I don’t think for a second that Pitt doesn’t have its handful of ‘athlete’ classes (we all have a story about what we experienced or saw first hand while attending pitt). But, I can assure you that the football factories are doing it on a scale 10x what pitt is doing (I’ll share a few stories about our favorite school to the east sometime if I make it to the tailgate). I guess we don’t even have a commitment to excellence in cheating either. Haha.


  48. I agree that this is a great blog. Don’t let the comments of a few get to you. I know I’m very appreciative of what you do, Reed.


  49. Liked ” Those outlets are very good at not ruffling feathers because they are basically scared of any ramifications from Narduzzi and Pitt whereas I couldn’t give two shits about that.”

    Keep poking the bear guys; it’s fun to watch.


  50. No one on here ever said Pitt didn’t bend the rules. I know they do – but I have also pointed out that we are a cleaner program now than we were back in 2008-10.


  51. I agree Reed.
    If Pitt cheated their a@! off and still stunk that might be the final straw for me. Haha.


  52. Wow Syracuse’s kicker just knocked a 21 yard field goal right down the middle from the right hash. It has to be the senior experience overcoming the adversity delivered by Babers.


  53. Syracuse is beating the crap out of Clemson just like they did last week. Attitude and in your face. Look a lot like Miami, and they do have a lot of Fla. players.


  54. Reed, follow the advice you gave me via an e-mail…

    99.9% of the POVers appreciate what you do. Hope you don’t think I’m the .01% . ..

    PITT wins tomorrow….


  55. Syracuse playing Clemson tough tonite? I guess Clemson sucks all of a sudden?

    It’s all relative POVer’s This just in…. the ACC is a good P-5 conference….. and hey… the Coastal Division is improving as well.


  56. My prediction….NC State 28, Pitt 17. Does anyone know if there are any traffic issues on the Parkway East or in the City? Thanks!


  57. Mark, you should be good to go coming in from the east. Reed, I read something about problems coming from the north. I’ll let you know.


  58. Cleaner doesnt mean better unfortunately. If schools like UNC can avoid severe penalties (no penalty at all in fact), it tells me we need to start playing by every other school’s rules since the NCAA turns a blind eye. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to compete and more so since Pitt lacks the resources (money).

    There is no honour among theives, but I’d rather be a thief than the one being pick pocketed. We dont live in a perfect world of rainbows and unicorns. If Pitt thinks its doing the honourable thing, it is a fool.

    If Pitt is serious about winning and that damn front porch they talk about, you need to find an edge. That edge is cheating or playing in the gray areas. Yes – Pitt already participates but its nowhere near what other schools do.

    I’m not advocating heinous crimes like protecting a pedophile, buying whores, or giving out cash payments. I’m saying bend if not break some rules. ‘Minor’ infractions. The NCAA wont care. Its in the business to make money and not protect athletes.

    We all know that most football or basketball athletes at these elite schools arent there for the education.

    If you aint cheating, you aint trying to win.


  59. Looks like 279 will be down to one lane inbound. Don’t think that’s a big problem but will throw more traffic 28 south. Hardly think that effects PITT fans much in the morning? but……………. it’s a crap shoot.


  60. And Yes Reed – if Max was our best QB, Pitt was in trouble from the start. He was the one with the best credentials and most experienced but was ill equipped for the job. How he was named Captain is beyond me and thats not putting the man down. But he’s new and unproven and hadn’t bonded with his mates and gone through Hell with them and back. The transfer and anointment has the Dog’s smell all over it.


  61. Have fun tailgating. My heart tells me a Pitt win. My mind tells me a close loss…which we will blame on the coaching once again and deservedly so.


  62. Hey TX_ I think we would both be foolish it we thought that PITT doesn’t do exactly what you’re describing as fringe (OK) possible infractions. It takes more major donor intervention to become the football cheating giants I don’t want PITT to become to accomplish their levels.

    I’ll wait on Pat and see what becomes of it….


  63. Pitt is a sleeping Giant. I just hope we dont need to awaken it by severe cheating.

    Pitt Soccer beats #7 Notre Dame in South Bend. Pitt should have represented the US last Tuesday in Trinidad.


  64. Yes – the disbandment of the Golden Panthers is what has prevented Pitt from major violations but at the same time is responsible in a way for Pitt not becoming elite.


  65. Mens soccer and womens volleyball are in the top 10% of all D1 schools. Mens wrestling will be the same.

    So why is Pitt football going to end up in the bottom 25% and the mens basketball in the bottom 10%??


  66. Don’t see much hope since Capt. Max is done for the year. And even with him it would have been slim hope.
    That kid has the luck of the Irish. (which is no luck at all)

    Onto to the Emel Tea Leaves Reading. The Leaves say…..The Wolfpack in a rout. Pack 48 Pitt 17

    The Pack found someone pretty good to replace O’Canada as OC. A kid named Eliah Drinkwitz (no kidding)


  67. –Just got to listen to the podcast — that’s how far behind I am. You guys did an excellent job!

    –Can someone who played OLine explain to me why we have OTs and TEs from one end of our line coming across the backfield to try to block a pass rusher from the other end of the line?? We’ve whiffed on this block several times this season — I don’t remember seeing this tactic in the past. It just looks like too much ground to cover…

    –Sounds like we will be out-gunned tomorrow. DiNooch needs more time and experience to pull an upset…

    NCS 34: Pitt 20

    Go Pitt.


  68. Another thought — if you haven’t seen Kenny Pickett play — in the spring game he reminded me of a Doug Flutie / Johnny Manziel type player in the way he moves around behind the line. Should be entertaining to watch…

    And I’m serious – watch and see…

    Go Pitt.


  69. Franklin is doing this to get more money out of Pedo State. He’s already being paid $6M per year but wants Saban money.


  70. The Cuse will beat Clemscum tonight. What a game being played right now. Makes our loss to the Cuse all the more maddening.


  71. No one in their right mind would say Pitt has a D comparable to Clemson. Well….Syracuse has moved the ball and scored about equal to what they did against Pitt and the game isn’t over.


    1. You know my opinion.

      The truth is the entire ACC is getting better except us.

      Schedule and Experience are excuses. Look at Syracuse’s schedule.


  72. ACC is THE big boy league. Up your game or get left behind. There are 8 teams that can play. Maybe 10. Sad we are not one of them. TrueType, there are no off weeks, unless we hold a scrimmage!


  73. NC State is a good team. Our QB isn’t even D1 Worthy. We are obviously playing for next year. You know Dinucci isn’t a D1 QB so play Picket unless you are a stubborn bafoon. That’s right Stubborn is Narduzzi.


  74. Maybe this big win for Cuse will have the same long term impact on their program that the big win over Clemson last year had for Pitt!


  75. Upitt, be just a little patient, we’ll see the General very,very,soon. Would think getting him a couple series and then starting him against NC would be better for his long term health. Charge!!


    1. Yes….need to work him in slow. No use getting his confidence down. NC St. has a premiere pass rush too.


  76. I guess whatever Pitt can do, …Syracuse can do as well. Looking like they’re setting up the Pedo’s to play for the NC. They can probably even lose 1 to say Ohio State and still get in the 4 team playoff.


  77. Maybe those that sabotaged Pitt, are members of the Pedo Cult, That would certainly take precedence over anything else that they were involved with. Creepy Cornhole and Creepy Nerdy.


  78. LOL about everyone getting better than PITT.

    They are one of the youngest teams in the country. The panic does bother me.

    Dungey is orchestrating one of the best passing offenses in the country and a 5th year QB.

    Reality and blind skepticism are a fine line. I have fun believing. It’s up to the individual.

    Syracuse beat the #2 team in the country by the same score they beat PITT by the week before at their home and the beat goes on. I really do not get it? ike


  79. HEADLINE: Dave Huxtable makes his return to Pitt.

    Former Pitt Defensive Coordinator highlighted this morning in the Trib Review.

    Huxtable now leading the #8 Rushing Defense in the Country.

    Not so long ago, he commandeered the #16 Overall Defense… during Paul Chryst’s FIRST YEAR at Pitt.

    “He inspires our players, and he gets a lot out of them. Football-wise he’s extremely sound. He won’t do things that aren’t the right things to do. He’s not going to copycat somebody else because it worked. He’s going to make sure it’s something our guys can do…” – NC State Head Coach Dave Doeren.

    Maybe Pat Narduzzi could learn something here.


  80. One caveat… While ranked 8th against the Run… NC State is WAAAAAYYY down the list at #132 when it comes to giving up Passing Yards.

    Clearly for Pitt to have a CHANCE Saturday… they are going to have to PASS the football!

    Sets an interesting Stage for the Opening Act of the DiNucci versus Pickett saga.


  81. The National media was already floating the idea last week, that 2 BigJoke teams would be in the 4 team playoff. If you’ve ever noticed over the last decade or more, anytime Ohio State loses it usually starts a trickle down effect of all kind of strange upsets. Which includes our 13-9 win over the Hoopies, which knocked them out of the BCS Championship game and put Ohio Fake in (even though Ohio Fake had 2 losses)

    Already we have seen Oklahoma, USC and now Clemson all lose and fall out of the Top 5 since Ohio Fake lost in week 3.


    1. As I’ve said before….the media is mostly from B1G schools. They set them up in the pre-season poll then move on from there. Wisconsin & the pedos have played exactly no one good yet.


  82. Either way, Pitt is BETTER with either DiNucci or Pickett than they would have been with Browne.

    Certainly, don’t like to see anyone go out the way Browne did… but he was simply NOT capable of beating a QUALITY Opponent.

    Based on his HS Highlights… Pickett throws a NICE Ball and looks to be pretty ACCURATE. However, a couple of unanswered questions.

    Is Pickett’s arm STRONG enough? Not sure. We’ll have to see.

    The other question is how Pickett’s physical abilities will translate to the D-1 Level?

    In High School, Pickett relied on his ability to MOVE and RUN to be effective. However, he seems to be MORE COMPETITIVE than actually athletic.

    Being ATHLETIC is obvously DiNucci’s strong suit. This was evident from the moment he took the field against Northwestern in the Bowl last year. It is something he has continued to demonstrate, making the difficult seem easy.

    I’ve been clearly in DiNucci’s corner going back to the Bowl. However, Narduzzi has totally yanked him around due to his determination to STICK with the Quarterback who he lured to Pitt with the PROMISE to play.

    I want to see what DiNucci is capable of. Personally, I think he’s capable of a LOT! That is if Narduzzi would just give him a little time.

    With a little consistency with his THROWING and DECISION MAKING, DiNucci has shown the signs of having the potential to be something pretty SPECIAL at the College Level.


    1. POD – I’m trying to say this nicely. You can’t even be remotely serious. Dinuci isn’t even serviceable at QB. I never saw Picket throw a pass and I’d play him
      100 times over Dinuci.


  83. N.C. State is a solid squad. But, those kids look at the lines too. A nooner in front of 40,000 clad in yellow plastic seat costumes. The snooze fest yellow-out atmosphere will put the Wolfpack to sleep as the players will be more focused on their upcoming bye week plans. I actually think this spot screams flat performance for N.C. State. Prediction: Wolfpack 28 Panthers 23. Pitt covers the 12 point spot.

    I have a real contrarian position on the NCAA athlete dynamic. Call me crazy, but I believe that only the Ivy League has it correct. ZERO athletic scholarships. You get in to school on your academic merit or pack your bags. No gray areas. The NCAA puts on this sham marketing campaign about student-athletes. Not at D-1 football factories and basketball programs. After Eric Mangini left the Browns he confessed that he had a few players with college degrees that were illiterate. A long read, but a great article about the inner workings of educating the ballers. It might make you think twice about the current state of affairs…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mike – I hope you took Pitt in our pool Bigtime. On the premise you are right but this team is experienced and well coached and they will not lose sight of goal.


      1. I have been up for 2 days straight and have more work to do tonight. I don’t even know who I picked. I do tend to get suckered into taking whoever Alabama plays +35 points. I can’t resist all those points.


      2. I would argue against the well coached part … experienced … and talented, yes … but well coached? And you bash Narduzzi? 3-9, 8-5, 7-6, 7-6 … before this season … and he’s just getting into the meat of the ACC schedule.

        NCST should win but they’re only #23 for a reason. In year 5, if Pitt’s a borderline top 25 team you’ll be all over them.

        Per Wikipedia: Doeren’s record vs. Top 25 teams is 1-10 (0-9 at NC State) as of the end of the 2016 season.

        … so, back to the well coached part … If this was Pitt’s coach, “good” would not have been referenced … but it’s also year 5 … that magic year coaches usually peak because they’ve had 4 full recruiting classes. That first one doesn’t count because it’s usually either salvaged or put together with about 30 days to go. It’s not surprising to see NCST peaking now.


    2. Agree with the zero athletic scholarships. But can you hear the uproar from the naacp and other groups.
      Probably every city in America would go up.


  84. Back to back weeks with a clank off the upright. That would be great if that happens.

    Every year there are 3 to 4 teams in the ACC that don’t go bowling. If you look at the ACC Standings, clearly 3 of those teams are going to be Boston College(2-4), North Carolina (1-5) and our boys in blue (usually an ugly shade of it) and gold/yellow/white (eeeh gads,,,white ? really) (2-4)

    All the other ACC teams have at least 4 wins already and only need 2 more to be Bowl eligible.


  85. This QB thing is going to kill us from here on out unless Pickett plays and shows anything.

    Dinucci has no pocket presence and doesn’t seem to get to 2nd progression. It isn’t hard but many can’t do it under fire. I think Browne had the potential to progress and at least showed decent accuracy despite zero mobility.

    Either way, Pitt would have lost this one….28-13 unless Pickett plays AND surprises then we lose 28-20. The o-line weaknesses don’t allow any QB to grow.


  86. Ike just for your edification Dungey came to Syracuse as a 3 star QB out of Portland, Oregon no less in 2015. He started as a freshman and is now in his 3rd year as a true junior. Maybe just maybe Narduzzi can stop using the term referring to our freshman that they are just babies as he has in referring to Pickette on several occasions. Even some babies are capable of playing power 5 football from time to time.


  87. Thoughts as I pack the truck: Pitt wins by coming from behind with Pickett playing some in second half. Overcomes 10 point halftime defecit to win 30-24. Cringe when I hear “Pickett’s charge”…that was a decisive defeat with 50 percent casualties at Gettysburg. Need a more positive vibe.

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  88. My wife and I drove to Erie for a funeral yesterday – there seemed to be a stench in town when we arrived.

    Turns out Franklinstein was in town to take in a few high school games.

    We made sure to wear our Pitt gear proudly at my nephews game – they are ranked 3rd in the state and on a collision course with Quip.

    The helicopter never landed at the game I was at nor did I see one in the sky.

    I hate penn state!


  89. Lastrow… you have re-invented
    “Pickett’ Charge” … your brilliant.. make your banner.. it will hang at the National Championship game in 3 years!


  90. As a double digit dog Pitt covers most every time. Illogically, today they even win 27-24, but this thought comes after weeks of Italy that always and happily cloud any logic.


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