POV Roundtable Video; 10-11-17

Here is the truncated Roundtable Video from last night – we had some audio problems in the beginning so we started the recording over.  In this session we, myself, Altoona Josh, PittintheVille Matt and Eric Missing Wlat,  discussed the past Syracuse game, the upcoming North Carolina state game and some player personnel issues such as the QBs (!) and running backs.

Hope you enjoy it…

Here is something I just figured out I can do – insert cut and pasted images with voiceovers… I really like this because 1) it saves me trying to write out all my thoughts and 2) I can speak about details more readily without the hassle for the readers trying to decipher them. I’ll use this more often in the future.

This video doesn’t exist

Some other info when looking at our QB play so far this season.

If you look at that 113.2 rating Browne has in the five of six games played (minus Rice) you’ll see a 113.2 QB rating.  Now I do understand that I’m cherry picking here but just to contrast this rating with historical ones – the only past Pitt QBs with worse ratings, who were actual starting QBs, are Pat Bostick, Darnell Dickerson and Rick Trocano.

Browne was our starting QB for both of our wins so far so let’s give him that positive, but I think I speak for Pitt fans when I say with the way the season is going so far – not what we expected or wanted – we’d like to see the future of our QB position playing vice a rsSR transfer who isn’t part of that future.

Even with all the talk of Ben Dinucci’s mobility he still has been sacked six times in his very limited amount of playing time.  And this is not garbage time 2nd string stuff but with the 1st string OL mostly… which might account for that high number of course.

His rushing total so far is 21 carries for 23 yards which would have been higher because of the loss yardage on those sacks – but suffice to say we haven’t seen the rushing out of him that we may have expected.

Perhaps if Watson and Narduzzi can decide on a QB we’ll see some set QB rushing plays put in – after all our RBs haven’t done a thing all year with their combined play.

Taking out the WRs and DBs who have carried the ball – here are the current RB totals:

Qadree Ollison 63 249 4.0 32 4
Chawntez Moss 41 113 2.8 11 2
Darrin Hall 22 91 4.1 12 0
A.J. Davis 7 16 2.3 4 1
TOTALS 133 469 3.52 32 7

It is almost inconceivable that we may go the whole season without our true running backs combining for at least 1,000 yards.  If we go back four years we see these productions from our RBs (and counting only the RBs).

2016 – 1,681 yards – Conner, Moss and Hall

2015 – 1,708 yards – Ollison, Hall and James

2014 – 2,472 yards – Conner, James and Bennett

2013 – 1,742 yards – Bennett and Ibrahim

Hey, when filling out the pink slip for Conklin make out one for Watson also…


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  1. Reed, so are you finally conceding to the observation I made 3 weeks ago that our defense is now the better unit? Note that Syracuse was held to nearly a TD less than their average game point total (33 to 27) and that is with our pathetic ‘3 and out’ offense. Sadly, our defense was dragging (hands on hips) in the 4th quarter as their (Cuse) offense kept running the ball …. something they couldn’t do so well in the first half.

    I know you’re not ready to concede that the defense is improving and will be pretty good as the year progress …. but we shall see.


  2. The entire offense seems out of sync. No rhythm, no identity. Watson is to blame but the entire offensive staff game plans together.

    Looking back. Chaney’s offense had that feel sometimes. No so much with Chryst and Canada, you knew a heavy dose of run game was coming.

    I guess after having 4 OCs in 4 years something was going to break eventually.


  3. What broke was the offensive line in particular. Given enough time I think Browne would have been OK for this season. DiNucci can scramble but has almost no arm strength to get the ball down field on the run unless he has some time to reset his feet. Can Pickette offer Pitt a better option with our current offensive line playing as it has this current season? Who knows but I think we need to give him and Pitt that option sooner rather than later.


    1. Narduzzi hinted that Browne was a much better decision maker than DiNucci. What I noticed a couple times in the OSU game was that once his (DiNucci) primary receiver was cover, he missed a few wide open secondary receivers and chose to run instead. This is not uncommon for young, inexperienced QBs.


  4. One more thing …. my guess is that Browne and DiNucci were getting all the snaps at practice since the the start of the season, with Pickett running the practice squad which would mimic the upcoming opponent … a rite of passage for all frosh QBs. (It’s possible that MacVittie hadn’t taken a snap in a month and a half .. especially with his work on special teams) Thus, Pickett is probably practicing taking snaps with the regular squad for the first time since August … thus his play in games will likely be limited.


    1. We discussed that on the roundtable last night, wwb. You are on the mark. Its easy to say that his redshirt is burned so just play Pickett (who WILL be the starter next year). But the reality is that he probably has not been getting reps in practice, so starting him this week would be like throwing him to the wolves. I do think you’ll see him play, if not this week, then relatively soon. He’s the best QB on the roster.


  5. Browne –
    First year in system
    Minimal experience
    No runny game
    Average (at best) receivers
    Terrible line.
    Subpar OC

    I’m surprised he did as well as he did


  6. Wbb, I think you said that our defense would become pretty good by mid-october and get better as the season went on. I do think the defense has gotten a little bit better but I don’t think it’s good by any means and it’s going to not be good enough to win those games in the future I think.


    1. First off, in your pre-game blog article on Saturday … you again expressed concern about the defense and how they were going to fare against Dungey and their offense. This is typical of what Pitt has pretty much played this year … really good offenses, OK defenses.

      Yet, in the first half on Saturday, after Cuses’s initial drive which produced a FG, Pitt defense held their offense time after time until Cuse scored a TD in final minute. Pitt produced only a 50 yard FG and a long TD run by our safety .. but otherwise it was a bunch of 3 and outs as usual. Then, in the second half, it was the same old Pitt offense, only producing 2 long FGs before getting that late TD on Ollison’s run

      Syracuse, which was averaging 33 ppg, was held to 10 at halftime …. even though the Pitt offense was little help. If Pitt could maintain any type of ball / tie control, the defense would even look better.


    2. There is an assurance that the defense will not be ranked in triple digits in December. However I sense that a rationale is rapidly brewing about the season long ineptitude of the offense leading to highly specious year-end rankings/stats for the defense.

      You may recall that key reasons for 2016’s defensive record was that Pitt’s offense scored too much and too early in the game causing teams to throw, thus misleadingly inflating pass defense stats. Pitt’s offense also scored too quickly thus not allowing the defense to rest.

      The consistent rationale for 2016 and thus far in 2017 is that Pitt’s schedule has been heavily weighted with excellent offensive opposition.

      BTW, Pitt is currently ranked 41 in Time of Possession (TOP). Pitt ranked 47 in 2016, 29 in 2015, 5 in 2014, and 43 in 2013 (coinciding with Reed’s rushing stats). I would definitely agree with anyone that asserts that Pitt’s defense in 2014 benefited greatly from that particular ranking.


  7. Just listened to the round table and heard the question regarding Aston injury… tailgate rumor was upper leg injury from a good source. Will inquire again Saturday.


  8. Well it sure seemed like the round-table was a lively session with great thoughts from everyone except for Reed and Eric 🙂

    Couple thoughts:

    Ben Dinucci hasn’t had nearly the same chance as Browne has received as a starting QB. He needs to get fits team reps for a couple weeks but if Pickett’s name is called I would be more that ok with that. Then again, Pickett isn’t going to get first team reps this week, soo, maybe a package or two, as Reed suggested, to get KP’s legs under his feet. << that would be some trick huh? but I get the point and do agree with Reed.

    Then you have the foe in NCS. Just maybe you would like in a perfect world to play Pickett against a team a little less formidable on defense?

    Reed makes a great point about crowd atmosphere. Home teams play better when the crowd is large or at least loud. No, I’m starting another OCS comment but….. that is what it sounded like he was inadvertently talking about.. imo

    Again with AJ Davis playing first game. I get the feeling this decision had a lot to do with Moss and inside knowledge of some impending problems. Plus Georgie’s preseason injury. This wasn’t a knee jerk reaction same as Pickett playing. That was discuss before Brown got hurt and Dinucci forgetting to buckle his chin strap. << could this be the beginning of a chin strapgate debate?

    I look at the running game for PITT and can really blame the O-Line more than the RB’s. Reed was absolutely 100% correct in this call. I still say, put the players back into positions they are better at.

    O’Neill was looking to go to the pro’s after this year at right tackle
    Officer is a preseason Remington nominee
    Bookser was a good guard last year.

    Put these guys back in a familiar place to succeed

    About those stats presented. I count 133 carries by PITT’s running backs. (not 106) That comes to 22. something a game. + leaving out the WR’s is skewing things as well as they are part of PITT’s running game.

    Whitehead, Henderson, Lopes, Ffrence and all people Maddox as a group probably average 5 or 6 carries a game. Point is.. PITT committed to the run game more than we all realize. They just are not very good at it.

    People want Davis to play more because he’s not the other running backs. << Plain and simple. Sibley won’t play but I wish he would.

    Here’s hoping to see more younger O-Lineman play in the coming week.

    I like the new feature where Reed get’s to explain his stat sheets.


  9. Pitts D should get better. How can it get worse? Give the young guys experience. But still lets not fool ourselves that there are elites on D. We need some.

    Our O is all on the QB and line. And we dont have elites at skilled positions either.

    Picket will end up starting the last 3rd of season. No reps…good point.

    So many coaching coaches…another good point; especially on offense.

    I blame coaching. Where is the recruiting of elites? Where is the system or scheme to take advantage of current deficient talent at most positions? Where is the leadership that has led to suspensions and what seems to be a poor attitude (its just a feel)

    And of course I blame Pitt for creating the instability and for not supporting the program that supports all other programs at the school.

    What needs to be changed – fire your assistants; hire some recruiters, pony up money for recruiting, get those elites. Its all about recruiting. Heck your coaching can be average with elite players. But Pitt needs excellent coaches for average players.

    Why would any elite come to Pitt besides possible playing time frosh year? How is Pitt selling the program?


  10. Breaking: Max Browne is done … shoulder surgery

    I have to believe that HCPN was told that the injury was pretty severe on the sidelines. Otherwise, it didn’t make sense that he would use a TO in the first incident to preserve a redshirt, but would use Pickett for just one play on the 2nd incident.

    Anyway … I wouldn’t mind seeing more and more of Pickett as the year goes on.


  11. If Browne is done for the year, that would be a shame. He is a good kid who has not had the college career he expected. I feel really sorry for him, as we should remember that these are just kids not professional players. Flannagan missing the block that got him hurt once again highlighted the OL play we are getting this year. The kid was steamrollered..


  12. Very true VOR, I think most of my optimism with PITT and Browne at the start of the season was me hoping for success for the young man. It is clearly a shame but I think he’s a smart guy and maybe football wasn’t what his future plans were designed for? Of course I’m not ruling out football in his future.

    Narduzzi and his secret service agency at PITT is very strange to me like most others. Then again, I think where did this spawn from? His father was a head coach and as far as I know, fairly successful.

    Narduzzi was also on board for pretty much of the Dantino beginnings up at MSU who we all agree has much success. So is this learn behavior or something Pat concocted in his own mind? It’s clear to me that it’s been proven to Narduzzi that cloudy, murky and smokescreens are a head-coaches friends.

    Closed off practices are not what helps an University sell it’s school but this coming from an “older” or somewhat “older fan. My son-in-law and my daughter are PITT medical school graduates. My son-in-law probably couldn’t tell me who max Browne is let alone and other player on the PITT football team.

    He’s a donor in couple different ways and could care less about closed practices. So, I’m not sure what this means to millennial’s?

    Injuries are another thing all together. I really think there is the HIPPA thing going on here. Times have changed consider the health status of people who are in control of personal situations.

    I think Narduzzi does go overboard with some of his quirkiness but I also think it’s us guys sometimes that are just as quirky….


  13. ^^ I seriously need to hire a proof reading instructor. Old habits are hard to break. << Yes, I just made that up.


  14. Pitt will need to slow down the NC State pass rush. O’Niell is quoted as saying that this may be the best defensive front that he’s faced in his carrier at Pitt and that Chubb may be the best D-lineman that he will face.

    This means that without the proper game planning, Dinucci will be running for his life. He may get killed back there. I don’t think that we will see many long (slow to develop) pass plays on Saturday.



    1. I’ve read that Chubb may have been a first rounder last year … I know he is considered by many sources to tbe the top DL in college this year . And his linemates are all pretty experienced


  15. We will see Pickett early in the first half as that d will just smear the Nucch. Hope he doesn’t get hurt, but don’t have much faith in the line. Unfortunately, I can see a Maryland type situation unfolding. Those who wanted McVitte May actually get their wish before seasons end.


    1. If we get behind by more than two scores (I hope we don’t) then we should just have the QB hand off the ball to the RB and run out the clock in lieu of getting our QB smeared.


  16. Wouldn’t it be great if Pickett got playing time and showed flashed of greatness to get us all fired up for next year? Man, I want to see an electrify QB at Pitt. A true dual threat.


  17. With our offensive line it might be very difficult for any QB to have success outside of playing another Rice look a like each week. However I don’t think we have any Rice look a likes remaining on this years schedule.


  18. I don’t know how many other schools Max looked at but he unfortunately fell into the wrong situation for him to demonstrate that he could indeed play QB at this level and possibly the next. Good luck Max and thanks for your interest and hard work at Pitt. Sad to see a plan fall apart like that but parallels Pitt’s 2017 season honestly.


  19. A shame for Max, seems like a fine young mam. Just the other day Narduzzi left the impression that he would be out two weeks. Why does he try to hide so much. Anyone seeing Max walk off the field could tell it was serious.
    Recently many have called for playing young players. To this I respond as to defense -Hendrix, Camp, Watts, Weaver, Wheeler, Zeise, Brightwell,, Hamlin, Garner, Coleman are all getting their first game reps this year and are getting serious time. We are playing the young ones on defense. This is what happens when players get their first game reps – up and down.


  20. rkb, good point bringing up Hendrix. I forgot to mention, I think he’s playing well and hustling throughout the play. As Reed points out that when the other players are in a similar boat so to speak with a lack of experience it makes it difficult for individual players to stand out.

    …… and I really don’t care what others think, this PITT defense is improved and improving more as the season moves forward. New and improving is the right recipe for the PITT football future imo


  21. As much as I feared we would suck this year, I still feel we will become a good team over the next two years. Biggest problem in my opinion is how small and weak we look. Syracuse just beat the crap out of us. Worse, they got in our face and bullied us. These kids all needed another year in the weight room, and the o line needs conditioning. Be surprised if the S&C coach isn’t gone at years end.


  22. I will have an extra ticket to the game this weekend. If anyone needs one stop by the POV tailgate.


  23. Wbb: With the impending ncaa sanctions on the tar heels, as well as the fbi investigations at louisville, miami, etc… there is a chance Pitt can make the ncaa tournament.

    There might not be 64 teams left to fill the bracket when all is said and done so Pitt could get in by default.


  24. Matt, Josh, Eric and Reed again great job. Listened to the round-table a little more closely when I wasn’t in a big hurry. Lots of great thoughts. Wlat, thanks for the shout out. I also responded to your little fun jab that I thought was directed at me in yesterday’s article?

    Wlat, a guy that doesn’t know how to pronounce his own hometowns name 🙂

    It always makes me feel embarrassed and bad when PITT gets a low turnout for the homecoming game. All the efforts to figure out what and why the PITT attendance problems? Look no further than to former students at PITT that have run for the hills. It’s really sad.

    A little down about some of the POV infighting, that’s a bummer for me. I just try and keep the conversation fresh and it’s obvious to me I comment a little too much.

    Looking forward to seeing all the POV tailgaters Saturday… ike



  25. Sorry to say I can’t make the PGH trip this weekend – too many obligations at home with guests and other stuff. Have a great time and I WILL be at the NC game for BigB’s Homecoming…


  26. Ike – Fixed this: About those stats presented. I count 133 carries by PITT’s running backs. (not 106) That comes to 22. something a game. + leaving out the WR’s is skewing things as well as they are part of PITT’s running game.

    Thanks – but that even shows more ineptitude as it drops our RBs average yards per carry down to 3.52 which is horrible.

    Look guys – sorry but I do not feel this defense is going to be good enough this season to get us wins by making up for our offensive shortcomings – and that is how a team wins games.

    giving up 27 point to a 2-3 SYR team isn’t good defense really. We still gave up 365 yards passing with two TDs. We had almost no pressure on the QB and our DBs looked as lost as ever out there.

    As far as Max Browne this may sound harsh but he was never going to be more than a last minute stop-gap QB for us. That was clearly evident when in the last two weeks of fall camp we started hearing all these news stories about how well Ben DiNucci was doing – that was the staff getting the media and the fans ready for Browne’s poor play and that DiNucci would be playing also.

    I don’t like injuries but the best thing for this 2017 squad and for our 2018 team is that he’s done for the season… thank you and goodbye. Now there isn’t any sort of confusion about the QB situation as far as Browne goes. Now it is only DiNucci and Pickett auditioning to see who will be the frontrunner going into Spring Practices next year.

    Unless of course Narduzzi and Watson throw a monkey wrench in and play MacVitte in some series – which I doubt will take place unless there is an injury… and with this OL that could easily happen.


    1. I believe Browne hot his degree at USC before coming here. By all accounts, he is smart and well liked by his teammates and coaches. If the NFL doesn’t work out, maybe a coach … or whatever, he seems likely to succeed


      1. wwb – I was going to post that exact point earlier. He is clearly a leader and well-liked. Apparently has good football IQ, even if not blessed with all the skills needed to play on Sundays.


  27. No problem Reed and no argument about the horrible running game for PITT.

    My main two points are,

    1) The O-Line is not doing very well at the moment
    2) It kind of disproves the theory that PITT hasn’t at least tried to run the ball

    Take into account that Henderson/Whitehead and others to a lesser degree PITT has to be averaging 24, 25 rushing carries a game. << and that doesn’t take include the QB sacks and runs.

    Also take into account the 3 and outs. PITT just is not running the amount of plays as their opponents or at least on the surface it appears that way? ike



  28. .. and also Reed, I don’t think many are saying that PITT’s defense has improved anywhere close to the point of carrying PITT to victories. Just saying they are very young and better than last year. Improving would be the word I would use. That’s a matter of opinion I know.


  29. Far-fetched comment here. Wasn’t McAvittie a wide receiver until his senior year in high school? Right now at Pitt he is on special teams risking an arm injury and God knows what else. Might he have a career at Pitt as a tall receiver who maybe understands pass patterns better than most receivers? He is not afraid of contact. Trick play: line him up wide on the line, one step back into the backfield on a double shift legally done before the snap, quick out pass or lateral to him who throws downfield to either DiNucci or Pickett (similar play done last year to Peterman I think) or a throw to a back or receiver who breaks clear. Far-fetched maybe but not too far out there. Don’t comment too often in light of past uncivil remarks. Go Pitt!

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  30. Oh and Reed.. get to the game and bring the family and or guests. Together the POV family will find tickets for everyone. Spend some of that $3100 winnings!! It’s homecoming. ike


  31. Here I go again

    Justin, that’s exactly what is going to happen, great call imo

    Guys and Gals…… It James Conner bobble-head day. I don’t normally get too excited about all the promos but I love my Josh Gibson bobble-head and would really appreciate a James Conner figure even though it doesn’t look much like him. Plus my wife will have to carry around two of them in a 4 x 6 clear plastic goofy purse all day. What I put my wonderful wife through? ike



  32. Maybe they should give the bobbleheads out with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter as patrons leave. Solves two problems, carrying in a see through bag and keeping 1/2 of the 35k until almost the end of the game….time wise.

    Bobbleheads sponsored by Fanta.


  33. @Antonini… Rarely have I seen any uncivilty on the POV…strong opinions and back and forth banter.. I love the various personalities who post.. the more I read them the better feel I get for who they are and have met quite a few in person – all good people.
    Reed does a great job and busts his ass to provide a medium for us to congregate and ” not hold back!”
    I played sports, work in a health profession dealing with individuals and their personalities 43 years into a successful career. I believe in the Lord and have spent
    time doing prison ministry. I was raised by tough men, tough coaches and tough talk and strong opinions do not phase me. I find it more troublesome that there is a group of readers who sit back critiquing and then complaining to Reed which drains the joy that he receives and negatively impacts the POV and all who take their time to contribute. ( Where are you dark knight?)

    If I found posts uncivil, I wouldn’t bother Reed.. I would find something else to do with my time.

    BTW.. we used to run a play like you were describing in back yard football in our adolescence… NCSU is too quick… HC Doeren was the successful DC at Wisconsin prior to taking over the Wolfpack.


  34. Great post Biggie. I haven’t meant or said anything thing to another POVer with any malice or have ever felt things were said to me that I would hold anything against anyone.

    Blogs and such get testy at times. It’s called passion for PITT football and sometimes a thick skin is called for. Sure sometimes it may seemed to some readers that it’s plain nasty. If it means anything, families at times don’t see eye to eye. Nothing personal at all. We recover and get right back with it. POVers are all great people.

    Reed has a handle on this so please don’t back away from the POV. . . . . . .. .ike

    We All We Got………………………………


  35. Offensive Strategy – Max protect Dinucci. Fire deep 2 of 3 plays against their weakness which are their DB’s. On EVERY one of those passes, our rb or TE must give a solid chip to their DL, not something weak. This is a game of will. We need to steal the will from their DL. The only way to do that is to chip them hard EVERY pass play for the first half. No “drive by chips” hit em and stick to em hard. It will slow them down and defeat them mentally. I don’t care if you are the number1 pick in the draft. You get double teamed and hit hard every play, your willingness starts to leave unless you are special mentally.

    It also opens up the long passing game against the weakest part of their defense. In the second half you run the seams after they adjust to the deep corner routes. Our TE’s (Sear and Clarke) should take the majority of snaps. Flanagan should be pushed down for his awful blocking on the Browne crush.

    Defensive Strategy – Got to keep going with three CB’s and 2 safeties. Henry Miller, Phil Campbell to me are our best hybrid guys. Keep Brightwell/Idowu and Pine as the other LB’s. Run blitz every play and hit somebody.

    I asked this question and noone could give me an answer : Name a play where one of our defenders hit an opponent really hard this year and knocked em silly? Follow-up question – name me one time when an OL had a pancake. When you can’t answer or have lots of answers, your team is soft.

    I want to see Pugh, Ford on defense. I heard they hit people hard. Do we still dance in the 4th quarter, why not? You dance when you play with energy and swagger. Although sophomorish at times, it’s all about energy. We lost that confidence. Balls to the walls fellas.

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    1. Duffis Narduzzi switched Pugh to DE. In 2 years when he gains enough weigh he’ll get to play.(he was 6’2″ & 207 out of HS. Small for a linebacker let alone DE)

      Meanwhile our linebackers stink….


    2. Agree with all.

      Can’t name a hard hit this year.

      Maddox had a couple of hard hits last year as did Caprara and Price. And Connor and Aston finished runs hard last year as well.


  36. I think we all tend to forget that nuance, irony, and humor (especially the wry or dry variety) don’t always translate well in a blog format and may actually be read with the opposite intent. Though I prefer to not use emojis or lol, maybe their use could diffuse potential misinterpretations. At this point in the season I agree with getting the young guys as much experience as possible.


  37. Good point on the lack of hard hitting, it seems we are satisfied to eventually stop the person, Defense doesn’t seem to be physical,dont play with apparent emotion. Not sure the cause.


  38. Pitt has no identity on either side of the ball. Identity is given a foundation by the coaches. Both of which are poor in my opinion. The structure is built by the players. I dont see any leaders. Therefore you get what you get. A bunch of boys tackling like girls who get hissy fits. There is no toughness…mental or physical. This is a lost year. And lost years do have an impact on attendance and recruiting. Up to the coach and AD get become un-lost…fast.


    1. Same identity as the current Steelers. Under-achieving O-line, can’t run the ball or stop the run.


  39. Only as good as your lines. Throw in some skilled players and you have a decent team. But You got no team without lines….no matter how many skilled.


  40. Larry V above makes the point as Reed has also pointed out numerous times, that it isn’t just the commenters involved on the POV. Many readers take a few minutes to read the blog. It’s much more than just “us” guys and gal. We all need to show just a little more respect


  41. Zero Pancakes out of the offensive line that I recall. A Big Fat Zero.

    I would put Officer at center and tell him to snap it to the qb or he sits. RS Freshman walkons are not something you typically see starting in P5 games. Lucky we have Idowu to balance that out on the defense.

    I like Pickett to take over next week on a full time basis. Hopefully Dinucci learned to play qb this week and go through progressions. Max protect as stated above and attack their corners.


  42. Ike @ 6:31,
    Now I know what to get you for Christmas – a Pittman4ever bobble head! :>)
    ….speaking of presents, today is my birthday (10/13/54). Will have a party tonight in Maryland with daughter and her family, and tomorrow night back in Houston with my wife and some friends.
    Can’t have too many parties at our age!


  43. Oops … article didn’t post- whole trib review did… go to sports and read article ” most interesting defense ” at NCState


    1. Awe – great human being. If you watched his NFL HOF induction in 2010, he gave a lot of credit to Pitt, Jackie Sherrill, the coaching staff and players for his development as one of the all time greats.

      One of his sons plays at Marshall, I believe.

      We could use ole #87 – he alone could transform this D.


      1. Just caught part of his interview. He still is a big Pitt fan and follower. He also is still in touch with Rick Gary who is from same small town in Miss.


  44. Love Ricky Jackson…have a photo of me and Ricky at a tailgate many moons ago. Happy Birthday Jim, you youngster.


  45. I want to make something clear about the comments and emails I received once I stopped the comments on those other posts. I don’t mind getting those e-mails one bit, matter fact I welcome them because I want feedback on this blog good or bad and those guys that emailed me did it so that they could help the blog get better.

    That’s it. They weren’t bitching and moaning, they were saying you did a good thing because this is the situation and why they stop commenting. I don’t want anyone to feel that they have to stop commenting because of other people writings on the comment section.


  46. Happy Birthday Pittman – you are an “older” fan, mine is 10-31-54. 🙂
    Big B I would love Hueber back, in fact Huxtable too – as I recall he was too tough on the players for our HC, at least that was the rumor. Could use some nastiness on defense.
    This is not intended to be cruel but Officer has put on so much weight I am not sure he could play center. Don’t coaches think of the long term health problems that kind of weight has on the player – maybe just my hang up.
    Will be late for game Saturday, have to take my newest old dog to obedience class at 10 so no tailgate for me. Big B weather permitting my wife has ironed my golf outfit for NC. I have to laugh when I was young I would see the old farts (me now) dressed up in silly outfits, smile, shake my head and say never me. Yeah right.


  47. Two more random thoughts from a wandering mind.
    MacV will not QB at Pitt unless massive injuries. He only played QB 1 year in HS where he was an excellent receiver – think Mike Shannahan – we could use some good hands at WR.
    Don’t know what Capt Max has in future but I suspect if he wants to stay in FB he should be offered as a grad assistant. Seems very knowledgeable.


    1. actually, with the current state of the OL, we may need MacV at QB more than ever. With NCS’s DL, the chances of DiNucci not being roughed up is minimal


  48. There is no hope for any QB if the running game doesn’t get moving. QBs will get a steady diet of blitzes and will eventually turn the ball over or get crushed. I’m still thinking about Browne’s injury and the poor blocking by Ollison and Flanagan. Ollison apparently can’t run or block, at least he makes very bad decisions. Maybe he has skills, but he just doesn’t have an aptitude for football.


  49. Well guys, I’m sitting this one out again this week. Like our administration, I have decided there are things more important than football- I will be grass seeding the yard around my cabin.

    I have yet to see a prediction thread. so here’s mine:

    Pitt usually wins a game they shouldn’t and this would normally have that feel. Only problem? This is a bad Pitt football team. No other explanation needed. NC State 34 Pitt 17


  50. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pittman. Well it worked out really well for you to spend your birthday with your daughter. Have a safe trip back home and too bad you couldn’t have swung by the POV tailgate this time back up north. Take great care and talk to you soon.

    A Pittman4ever bobble-head would absolutely complete my collection. Josh Gibson, James Conner and Pittman4ever. My Mt Rushmore of bobble-heads!

    Family first.. right.. ike



  51. Pittman happy birthday. Enjoy the moment. Packing and off to Pittsburgh for the game. Pitt rises up to the occasion and NC S will be flat. They play down always. Upitt take the points we cover this week. Maybe closer than most think it will be. Pitt 31 NCS 27 H2P PENN STATE SUCKS


  52. Will have a Know the Enemy up soon – combined with a prediction thread…

    You guys see something in Browne that I didn’t see at all. I see a 5th year rsSR who played like an average true FR.

    He never took command of the offense; never showed strength, confidence or poise out there especially when things got tough. I didn’t see him talk to the WRs after the play when they had busted routes or when they dropped passes – no positive or negative reinforcement communications with the other 10 guys.

    He made poor decisions at the QB position also – especially that safety when the screen play (which was the actual playcall) was wide open and he couldn’t go through his progressions at all.

    If you paid attention to him when he was on the sidelines he usually sat a bit off from others and showed almost no emotion at all – on the sidelines or on the field.

    I have to say that because of the counter-opinions I wrote about Browne before the season started I paid 110% attention to everything he did because I wanted to see if it matched what I was told from those USC media guys I reached out to – and they were spot on in everything they said.

    Also, and I may be piling on but I do write what I think and feel – that press conference he called 3 or 4 games before the USC team’s 2016 season ended to announce he was transferring out of USC – before discussing it with his teammates – really torqued a lot of people off.

    He was nothing special really and didn’t live up to any sort of recruit ranking – especially not the 5* he was given at the time. He was Tino Sunseri without the passing skills…

    Sorry, but he was in over his head at both USC then again at Pitt. I very much doubt we’ll see him in a uniform anywhere after this season.


    1. Reed, if you look at the comments above about Browne, most of them were about his character .. not necessarily of his on-field play. Many thought he would be a pretty good coach which is what you say about a guy who you think will not make the NFL.


      1. and about his alleged sideline demeanor … in your zeal to criticize the current staff, you were the one that thought Pitt came out for the recent bowl game unfocused …. yet they dominated the first 10 minutes of play (and only for the Grace of God did they not go out to a 10-0 lead)


        1. Indeed, God was definitely not with Pitt on that second drive (5:48 TOP).

          Canada decided to have O’Neill attempt a pass to Aston on first down which was incomplete.
          Aston tripped over a turf monster on third down.
          Conner was stuffed by the NW defense on 4th down at the 1.

          Pitt’s defense subsequently allowed a 99 yard, 8 play drive for a Northwestern TD and 7-3 lead. NW only attempted one pass on the drive which was incomplete.


  53. With regard to Browne, I have no issue with his demeanor and here is why. He was voted a team captain somehow. I am sorry, how did that happen. Browne was not in the trenches with the majority of players for 4-5 years and cannot come in and demand respect that a captain usually earns through hard work.

    That was a bit odd to me. Also, with regard to his WR’s, it is the same thing. He had no longterm relationship with the WR’s. He was an outsider, trying to fit in, which never took hold. It couldn’t. Time and sweat allows for that, not PR. Peterman had an extra year and other strong leaders to help assimilate him. Browne had squat.

    You can’t as a coach require buy-in to a guy. He must earn it. Requiring buy in to a guy reminds us of the Tino years. The players know who works the hardest. That is why you are seeing some in fighting. That tells me the hardest working guys and most talented guys are not seeing the field. The players know. Same with Hodges and Flanagan. They are taking snaps from guys that NEED to develop.

    Play the young ones and get film for them against competitors going at 100% to improve over the winter.


    1. Browne was voted captain at 2 different schools. And for those who thinks it is automatic that a QB is voted, Peterman was not a captain last year. (Conner and Biz were the O captains)


  54. as expected, UNC just got a slap on the wrist, because these sham classes were made available to all students. Here is the media / twitter response

    Stewart Mandel‏Verified account @slmandel
    Colorado got two years probation because walk-ons were undercharged for meals.
    Boise State got punished for letting freshmen sleep on players’ couches before they were enrolled. … UNC 2 decades academic fraud: Nada

    Andy Staples‏Verified account @Andy_Staples
    Translation: As long as everyone can take the joke classes, the NCAA can’t do squat.

    Michael Appleton‏ @tixpeypey22
    So Louisville should have just offered prostitutes to every student and they would have been fine.

    George Dohrmann‏Verified account @georgedohrmann
    NCAA’s message to schools: When creating fake classes to keep your athletes eligible just enroll a lot of nonathletes as well. Carry on.

    Ben Swain‏ @TheBenSwain
    “Hello Adidas, pay normal students too” (with a picture of Pitino on the phone)

    Stewart Mandel‏Verified account @slmandel
    Taking money from an agent = bad
    Taking money from boosters = bad
    Steering kids to sham classes = not our problem.

    Gary Parrish‏Verified account @GaryParrishCBS
    Dear boosters: Go pay players and members of the “general student body,” then use the defense that it didn’t benefit only student-athletes

    Will Brinson‏Verified account @WillBrinson
    So at this point the NCAA solely exists to make sure that the money earned by CFB and CBB players is funneled to mostly crooked adults.

    Andrew Siciliano‏Verified account @AndrewSiciliano
    UNC has had multiple players sue the school for failing to provide a legitimate education. But, there’s nothing to see


    1. so we have to continue to play against schools with enormous athletic budgets, crooks, immorals and fraudulent curriculums, and we knock each other out about our lack of success. Shame on us (including me)


  55. Peterman – buy-in, leadership. correct!

    Browne – 4 years in trenches at one school – no issue. A couple months at Pitt, issue.

    5th year transfers shouldn’t be captains – no bonding/sweat equity


  56. NCAA is funded by the schools they are to oversee. The governance process is extremely flawed. NCAA is there to keep things at status quo, putting out appearances of compliance and safety. Without enforcement power, the NCAA administratively is there to just protect the $$$.

    Last 10 years has been the best time to bend the rules, ever!


  57. Reed, you are too hard on Browne. Think how difficult it must have been for a kid to come across country to a new team and players. In spite of that, he was elected captain and won the starting job. We were starting to see some improvement in his play in recent games as he knocked the rust off. Questioning the route running ability of new teammates right away probably wasn’t wise. I still think he gave Pitt the best change of getting to a minor bowl which helps with recruiting if nothing else. No one is predicting a bowl game now..


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