POV Wednesday Roundtable Call-In; 10-4-17

Again we have a lot to discuss about our 2017 team – this time coming on the heels of a nice 42-10 win over Rice University.  We saw some real good things happen out there last Saturday combined with some continually poor play on some units’ part.

Let’s talk about that in-depth and then look toward our next match up in the Dome in Syracuse, NY.

Remember, these call-ins’ times were changed to 9:00 pm EST so thats when you should log into the Bluejeans site as below:

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This is always a fun website to look at as the upcoming games get closer – Teamrankings.com.  This one is from the Syracuse Orange pages...


Interestingly enough  SYR bests us in 10 of  the 12 categories listed – but with our tougher schedule played so far I don’t think that means much for Saturday.  I hate our 30% 3rd down conversion rate though.


– I’ll be on the Roundtable at 8:50 or so and we’ll see you there.  One note – if we have over five callers I may ask someone to either depart or to sit and listen – more than five callers and we get too little time for a varied discussion.

50 thoughts on “POV Wednesday Roundtable Call-In; 10-4-17

  1. Over at PSN, an interview with Cuse’s own Andrew Fullabaloney reveals that he thinks Pitt is going to win this game.

    His prediction for the course of the game (back and forth and lower scoring than any of us would predict I believe) is kinda suspect imo, but maybe he knows something I don’t.


  2. Sounds good except that he thinks Pitt will have to control; the clock running the ball. He must not have watched Pitt running the ball these past two weeks for him to even assume that Pitt will be able to keep the Cuse off the field by using their running game. The only way Pitt wins is by putting points on the board much like we did last season against them to win the game.—I’m not sure what the bookies were thinking in giving Pitt only 4 1/2 points this week. Browne must have won them over after last weeks performance.


  3. Pitt giving up 7 yards per play is CRAZY…Woody “3 yards and a cloud of dust” Hayes would have loved playing against this D. I am not feeling a win here. The Rice game was more of a reprieve than a confidence builder. I am not feeling a win here. We are just not playing well in both trenches but maybe that changes this week-end.
    I just keep thinking what the Orangeman did with a 2nd string QB last year and Dungey is better. Cuse is due.


  4. PITT could very well lose this game but I remind everyone that Syracuse lost to Middle Tennessee State at home. MTS is now 2-3 with their other win coming against mighty Bowling Green who’s 0-3.


    1. Syracuse choked on a cupcake! Imagine having attended a game like that! I almost did so on September 2.

      Let’s not mock Bowling Green. They served as the 3 point loser in Pitt’s last meaningless bowl victory.


  5. BTW, I agree with Reed’s decision to keep the callers for the round-table to around 5. That doesn’t mean that everyone shouldn’t call in. When everyone assumes the other guy or gal is calling in then no one calls in. I am definitely out for this evening. Spending a nice evening with Mrs Ike around the firepit sipping on some fine wine. Don’t tell my doctor or Pittman. shhh. ike



    1. Too late, I can hear it echoing down the street now… “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike, your doctor is on the phone… something about the interwebs… Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike…”


  6. PSN reporting that K Raines will make his college decision on Oct 30th. Pitt’s best sales pitch has to be early playing time to follow in the footsteps of Whitehead. I expect Whitehead to declare for the draft after this season. And I’m sure Raines would like to take the same road to the NFL that Whitehead is planning to do. Going to his other potential choices may not give him the 3 year opportunity Pitt can give him to fulfill that goal.


  7. A thought from nowhere. The one thing aside from Reed’s excellent article writing and cool graphics that has gotten the pants sued off him is the fact that the message boards feuds and general message board crapola has stayed the hell away from the POV. I appreciate the respite from all the phoniness.

    For my great friend Pittman.. You’re sa really good man Jim.. . . . .ike


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  8. Be there TX_ Panther. You’re needed. Thought you and Josh were great last week. I’ll sit back and watch you guys tomorrow morning. Eric, Rich, Mark, Jim, Richard, Bernie, the other Mark. Bernie, you need to jump in as well as RKB. Get with it men… Voice of Reason, would love to see and hear your thoughts as well as Gasman, wwb and others I can’t name you all. Lets take turn as that is fun on the POV round-table.

    The round-table is for all the POVer’s, so take a stab at it. Don’t assume there are too many already, faces to names is a cool thing among friends.

    Barvo, deep, jrn, Pitt, Frank, jump the hell in!! . . . ….ike . …….you too Annie.



  9. My source in Vegas says Pitt is the hot pick this week. Line down to 3-3.5 already. Maybe we can win this must win game!

    I’ll be watching Pens tonight. Have a good discussion!


  10. We’ve sort of dodged the Eric Dungey bullet the last couple years, as he didn’t even play last year at Ketchup Bottle in the 76-61 shootout. Shootout at the OK Ketchup Corral.

    We’ve pretty much owned the Orangemen (they’ll always be the Orangemen to Me) since 2000.

    Love to see us continue that. Question is…..will it ? I’m not quite sure atm.


  11. Ike…got the earbuds… but will be finishing paper/computer work so I can head to Apollo tomorrow.
    I will watch the roundtable Saturday with my cheerios.


  12. If JJS and Officer lost 30 lbs each, they’d both be a lot better. They both look really out of shape.

    Moving Bookser out to RT, as they did against Rice. And while the walk-on Center is a great storyline, that kid appears overmatched as well. Still don’t know how Big Q ran for almost 100 yards against the Pedo’s.


      1. Confident in at least one loss. I truly don’t see how they would have beaten Iowa without him. I don’t think the winning drive would have succeeded without him.


  13. Hey BigB, We will meet up very soon. Hell I thought you were 75 and retired for years? 🙂

    The fire-pit is lit and I suppose I will be as well real soon. We will sip some wine… replay


  14. Hey BigB, if you want to duck into the Latrobe area on the way coming or going let me know. << know that’s out of your way. Be more than happy to meet up with you! Ill email my phone number. .. . . . . ike. I know you like the Tin Lizzy!


  15. @jrnpitt, I’m not so sure Whitehead goes after this season. That 3 game suspension could really hurt his draft status. He may decide to come back to prove to NFL teams that he is ready for the next level (and to improve his draft stock).


  16. Good call Frank from Harrisburg. Whitehead being suspended may come back as a blessing for PITT next year. PITT wins this week. I’m starting to feel the vibe! . . . .ike


  17. Reed, yell if we don’t get enough participants on the round-table? I forwarded a few texts and emails.

    Some of you dead heads have to jump on board. Reed busts his ass for you guys. Get with it men and gal!

    HAIL TO THE POV!……..and H2P!.. . . . . .ike


  18. I love the POV but it might be a “desert” tonight because the Alabama of the NHL has their opener NOW. Or is Alabama the Penguins of college football?


  19. Who wins in Syracuse is all a question of can Pitt get its disjointed team to come together. With the positive things they have done here and there all at the same time. Watched Cuse/LSU Do not see Pitt beating that team unless the former happens.H2P


  20. Joined into the last few minutes of the round-table tonight. Sorry guys, I didn’t have my camera plugged in. It is also is my microphone. (my camera is separate from my computer). Everyone got lucky I guess.

    BTW, I went out and bought a Logitech camera, very cheap. Comes with a built in mic. NO it doesn’t help the sound of my voice or make me look beautiful but it does the trick. Like I says, you can’t make a race horse out of a jackass!

    Reed, Jim and Mike great job. The bold the beautiful and the grace. You figure it out? Any which way it was fun!!!!

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  21. As this week moves on I get more and more confident in PITT’s chances of winning. Why in the world do we all fear PITT losing to Syracuse?… ???


    Is it that we fear the vaunted Syracuse football team and the cuse QB, Dungey? PITT fans are so gun-shy it’s silly. Anyone who thinks PITT can win is considered unreasonable. hmm?

    I know how the PITT football team feels but many PITT fans are really leaning towards loserville. I suggest we all rise above the recent past and wish, hope, pray and BELIEVE in the future! We need to get with it it like the team is trying to do!!

    Get behind this team! …….. You, me and this PITT FOOTBALL TEAM is all we got!




  22. Neither team should fear the other – this is a pretty evenly matched game with two mediocre teams. I hate to say that but that is who Pitt has been for the past 34 years. There were a few good teams sprinkled in there, but very few. Beating clemscum and psu in the same season made last year’s team good.

    This game is important to Pitt and it’s building to the future with youth, talent and Narduzzi. Winning keeps the hope alive for the players, coaches and fans. The admin group could care less – FMP.

    I expect a 50-50 mix of run & pass. The first series will be scripted heavy to see if one or the other takes hold. I’d bet another “opposite” set of scripted plays are in OC Watson’s back pocket in case the 1st set fails. I don’t lyke saying this but OC Watson is the key to this cuse game. If he calls a good game, Pitt wins. The problem with that is he has yet to call a good game this season.

    In reading BigB’s link to the LSU article, it mentioned the HC directed O’Canada to use the old LSU playbook in the 1st half of the Troy game, which the Tigers score 7 points. At halftime, the HC adjusted and turned O’Canada loose with “his” playbook and the Tigers score 14 – not a huge improvement.

    Besides work challenges this week, my question for the weekend, do I play golf or watch the Pitt game? Weather is forecasted to be sunny and 82 degrees, in mid-October. Decision made…that was easy.


    1. LSU has two true freshmen starting on its offensive line and has a truly mediocre QB in Etling. They’d be hard pressed to find success in any offensive system this year imo. LSU gonna LSU, same old story. A bad QB holds back all the talent they have at the other offensive skill positions.


  23. Well lady and gentlemen I will be tied for the rest of the week as I am heading to homecoming at my other school, Alderson Broaddus University in West by God Virginia. There will be one more Pitt grad and one Syracuse fan there in my group so hoping to catch the game down there. I wanted to get my prediction in as the cell service will be spotty where we are. Staying in a beautiful cabin but it really is in the boonies. Here goes…Pitt wins 49-48 in one for the ages. Hoping that Syracuse focuses on the pass enough to open up the running game. H2P!


  24. Joe Aleva
    Athletic Director
    Louisiana State University
    Baton Rouge, LA

    Dear Mr Aleva:

    As we ADs are well aware, when the so-call natives are restless, a quick change will placate them .. at least in the short term. Thus, I am offering you a chance for a quick fix and a chance to make college football history.

    What I propose is that we trade offensive coordinators. This will help you out as you will acquire an accomplished veteran whose quarterback just completed 28 of 32 passes. It will also save you money in the long run if you decide to keep him on the staff. But, of course, the prime benefit is showing your fanbase that you will not idly stand by and do nothing to resolve your current crisis.

    Maybe there will be a time when you will be able to help us, but for now, take this offer as a good-faith effort as we ADs must continue to work together.

    Your prompt response would be very much appreciated.

    Yours truly,

    Heather Lyke
    Athletic Director
    University of Pittsburgh


  25. There must be something in the food that most POV posters are eating to even think Pitt has a chance at Syracuse. Easy money and getting easier with Pitt only getting 3 and 1/2.


  26. Hey jrn, feel free to come back on the POV later Saturday afternoon to tell everyone, you told us so or feel as equally welcome to come back on POV and say you were dead wrong.

    PITT almost lost at home against YSU. Syracuse did lose at home against some team called Middle Tennessee State. I’m not saying PITT can’t lose Saturday but I “think” PITT has a chance. BTW, I’m having some leftover rigatoni’s for brunch maybe that’s the problem. . . . . …ike



    1. Perhaps it was the Rice?

      Pitt can definitely beat Syracuse. However they will need to play better defense and offense for an entire game than they have put together against any team but Rice. Plus they will need to do it on the road. I think that’s the source of doubt.


  27. The Good: I hate to say this, I mean I really hate to say this but Browne getting banged up and I truly hope his injury is not too serious. .. but we need to see QB’s actually in the PITT football future.

    Maddox imo played a good game. Not such a great first drive but not too bad after that. Idowu is a good player.

    The Bad: The running backs look bad but there is just no place for them to run. The O-Line is just not playing well at all. << Putting it mildly.

    The Ugly: Having a constant turnover between the starting QB and offensive coordinator has caught up to PITT. This team and the timing of the change with this year’s young team has been too much for PITT to overcome.

    Time for PITT to play for next year, there may be some surprises on that team.

    Players I would like to see get more playing time?

    Kenny Pickett
    AJ Davis
    Jerry Drake jr
    Carter Warren
    Rashad Wheeler
    Patrick Jones
    Phil campbell
    Henry Miller
    Hell etc …. etc . . .


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