POV: MMQB Rice Game


Sorry for the lack of participation – have house guests this week (and maybe next also) so writing will be sparse.

It was a fun game to watch and as we all mentioned gives us hope that the team will stay on its feet to get to a winning season.  I think it will be tough to do given the problems we have on the lines (both O and D) and our porous pass defense but it is doable.

I’m going to leave the “GOOD, BAD and UGLY” up to you guys in the comments – I said in the podcast what I thought.  Browne showed up and our running game went into hiding … again.  We are averaging only 114 ypg on the ground, 3.1 ypc and only 7 rushing TDs in five games.

I’ll leave you with this because in my mind it bears watching and will be as big a problem as our pass defense is now. The following info is minus the YSU FCS game where our running attack played it’s best – but against lower competition.

In four FBS football games Pitt has rushed 132 times for 364 yards and only 4 TDs. That is 2.75 yards per carry.  That is 91 yards per game with only 1 TD per match. That is not enough.

As much as I am keeping my fingers crossed that Browne has turned the corner and will play well here on out – I think it is even more important that our run game gets going to compensate in moving the ball downfield if that doesn’t happen… and to get their LBs up close to the LOS.

So – we are standing at 2-3 and now going into the meat of the ACC schedule and doesn’t this feel much better than 1-3??

 This is where it gets really interesting.  So give us your “GOOD, BAD and UGLY” and tell us why you think so.

99 thoughts on “POV: MMQB Rice Game

  1. Each game has a plan developed by the coaches based on the opponents team and our team’s abilities. I guess they decided Rice was suspect to the pass. But we certainly can rush better.

    Cuse presents different factors. Namely revenge against us.


  2. Good:

     -We got a much needed Win.
     -Jester Weah was physically and I hope he noticed that Push Off performed at the correct time are rarely 



    -Rice was one of the worst teams I have seen play since maybe Pitt in 96 and several Temple Teams 
     throughout much of late 90s.


    -Our Running Game in particular the backs.  I saw plenty of holes but the back seemed to run to the pile 
      instead of the whole.
     -The backs inability to take the ball to the goal line like they mean it is maddening.  Put Davis in.  The kid 
       proved he is the only back that can do this in the first game.  Then we haven't seen him since.

    Overall: Game proved nothing and Rice was just that bad.

    Future Outlook:

    Lets hope Weah isn’t scared to get physical against a good team.

    Lets Hope our HC and OC aren’t afraid to throw a pick and we at least learn to chuck it deep.


    1. I can’t believe Weah wasn’t called for pushing off on a number of plays. Do that in an important game and see what happens.


  3. THE GOOD:
    1. OC Watson. Clearly Watson did his homework for this game as he discovered in his research that Pop Warner is credited for pioneering the modern “forward pass” at the Carlisle Indian (native Indian) School in 1907. After POP’S 1914 season at Carlisle (PA) he went on to coach at Pitt in 1915, winning 33 consecutive games and national championships using the forward pass. This clearly had to encourage Watson to try this new concept of throwing the ball down the field to win a game.

    Max Browne, who was the beneficiary of this new forward pass concept as Max threw for over 400 yards in the win over Rice.

    THE BAD:
    1. OC Watson again for making boneheaded play calls on 3rd & 1 and again on 4th &1.
    2. The play of our running backs. Why? (see #1 of The Ugly below).

    1. Our Offensive line is offensive in how much they stink! RB’s need a HOLE to run threw made by O linemen – not happening folks! QO is the same QO who was ACC rookie of the year with nearly 1100 rushing yards. What’s happened to him? – NOTHING. There’s nowhere to run. OK, if you don’t like QO, insert your favorite RB in the game and look at his ypc. It will be around 2.something. Yeah I know, put in Whitehead to play RB – great idea but we also have one of the worst D backfields in the country. So, pick your poison.

    The Rice player who intentionally rolled up on the back of George Astons legs (watch it in slow motion).
    Listening to blaring music on time outs when our awesome Pitt band is sitting there doing nothing!!!!!
    Hey morons!!! College football fans want to hear their college band play throughout the game. If I want to hear AC/DC I can call Ike and listen to his stereo system.


  4. I agree Pittman, turn up The PITT band! Other schools mic their bands to sound louder. Time for PITT to do it.

    More thoughts later


    1. FWIW, I went to Fenway back in 04 .. and it was Forbes Field revisited. Rickety old seats, musty smell and a column blocking my view of 2nd base. But all the music came from the park organist … it was so refreshing.


    2. Pitt does mic the band. The speakers aren’t the main stadium speakers. The band speakers sit behind the Pitt bench. I am 10 rows up from the speakers and I can barely hear the band. Somebody with no sense of acoustics decided to sit the band near a corner of the stadium on the long, home side of the field. A visiting band, which is typically not full size, situated in the corner of the south end zone is more audible on the home side of the field and is not enhanced. That’s why I believe the Pitt band should sit just above the North end zone. People seated down either sideline would be able to clearly hear them.


  5. Good–Browne, I predicted he would be MVP of the game and he certainly didn’t disappoint
    Bad–running game, just no excuse for how putrid the o line is blocking
    Ugly-perhaps losing Aston for the season, looked bad and for such a tough kid to not return is not good.


  6. Reed, couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of a good ground game. It can compensate for a lot of shortcomings.

    Good: Max Browne, and it once again shows you that all many QBs need is time to throw. Also, I would have to believe is that he is a much better decision maker than DiNucci, as I noticed Ben not seeing open receivers vs OSU since he was just focused on primary one.

    Bad: Run game …. and Ollison running horizontal

    Ugly: OL / Rice’s long TD .. which was implemented when an inexperienced DB (Hamlin) took a wrong angle. BTW, that was against a zone defense.


  7. Good – got to work on the passing attack timing. This was a much needed passing game tune-up. We may (or may not) benefit from this tune up. Also good was the INTs.

    A lot of guys got on the field it seemed. We are what we are this season – a young and not very good football team. My hope is to improve a little each week and to be competitive in all of the remaining games.

    Bad – blocking. The blocking needs to improve. Several upcoming games feature good D linemen, most notably NC State. We may get shut out at NC State if we don’t improve our blocking.

    Ugly – no ugly this week. Rice isn’t a good football team this year. So, this amounted to a gimme type game where a lot of guys got on the field.


  8. The Good: Max Browne, coach Watson and believe it or not? The O-line pass blocking. << not to worry they make into another category. Also thought the defense played well and the D-Backs player real well. < Conklin also gets a nod here.

    Before I go on, I can picture the smoke coming out of Reed’s ears. So I’ll qualify right here that I get the competition level was extremely low. What I don’t get is how everyone points that out but when the competition level was high it meant nothing? That’s puzzling to me?

    The Bad: The O-Line run blocking and some of Watson’s play-calling. Repeating myself here, after the first few PITT drives in the second half that featured the run (no doubt to run the clock), Narduzzi yelled in Watson’s ear << (his good one) stop running the ball! “If they are going to load up the box we will just pass” Something like that

    The Ugly: The crowd. Have to admit I’m one that didn’t make it but my tickets are still in play as I traded them for BigB’s tailgate. So now I have two extras in the club.

    Too many people not giving PITT a slap on the back for a game well play regardless of the competition level.

    So PITT stands at 2-3 just where many thought they would be, I had them at 3-2 at least but this is not unexpected. This coming week is where the rubber meets the road. I believe we will finally figure out who and what this PITT football team really is. Well I guess a couple guys have already figured it out in their heads and I’m hoping the PITT football team can change their minds? . . . … …ike



    1. Back to the blinders. Rice was ranked like #114 in total offense entering the weekend. Rice’s QB was not very good on Saturday and his deep balls were typically hopeful heaves. Also, Hamlin did a terrible job on that long Rice TD. For a moment I thought Briggs was out there.

      BTW, I was kind of amazed that neither Hamlin or Whitehead could catch the Rice player on that TD. He outran them for nearly 50 yards. The Rice kid was fairly stocky too.


      1. Regarding the long TD – the rice player had an open line to the end zone. Whitehead probably had to run 70 yards to the Rice player’s 50 and almost caught him and the receiver had a few steps on Hamlin out of the break


    2. Ike, you should expect your team to, at the least, play decent ball against strong teams. When that doesn’t happen it doesn’t matter who we play because we are disappointed.

      Pitt should never look as bad as we did against PSU, OSU & GT.

      Who is the many that thought we would be two and three at this point Ike? think. Most of us thought we’d be 3 and 2 if not better.


  9. Well the grass has finally quit growing and while I still putzy around the yard and house everything seems to be in order here in Latrobe. So I peruse the internet checking out the free porn sites. << just kidding! and some PITT message board junk.

    I still can’t believe what I read on some is that, all PITT has to do, is to start winning more regularly? Back to back 8 regular season wins to me is winning more regularly. First 2 years in and 16 regular season wins, when did this happen last? Why is Narduzzi such a whipping boy for so many already?

    He does have a bit of an arrogance about him if you look at it that way. I think it’s more confidence than anything else? He does seem stubborn? We all think he’s stubborn because we think we know more than he does. Now guess who looks arrogant?

    I knew all along this would be a tough year considering another new OC,QB and lots of inexperience and youth. PITT lost almost all of their returning leaders before the season began, so through the first 3 or 4 games PITT seemed preoccupied other than the psu game. (I thought they played well that game).

    How does PITT do up in the dome? I mentioned before the Rice game that if PITT did not “look good” I would submit to all of the not so positive posters but they did play well. Win lose or tie at Syracuse I will look at the game objectively as I can. .. . . ike



  10. wwb, I was going to post the PITT wrestling news. Seems like Heather got the coach hire right with Gavin. Now snap back to reality as we all know Upitt is not delving out any kudos to AD Lyke.


    1. What’s the record and wrestling Ike since she hired this coach?

      What do you mean they haven’t even started the season yet in your crown and the coach typical.


  11. Hey guys I couldn’t take in the game bc we had in-laws over (can’t believe the boss scheduled over my game!).

    How did the punter look?


      1. The Rice punter still ended up with over 43 yards per punt. He had one really bad one that led to Pitt’s 3rd score. He had a couple over 50 yards.

        Winslow’s average was 43.7.



  12. Our standard defense is a zone cover 4. The corners are only responsible for outside and deep. Inside goes to LBs and safeties. Not sure why so many think our standard defense is a man-to-man.


    1. Because most here aren’t current or former football coaches but many have slept in a Holiday Inn Express at some time in their life.

      Not me, not ever. Got rejected trying to make a reservation – LOL!


  13. Agreed on Pitt band. Great group.
    Can never hear them. Set up speakers and audio so we can!

    Heather… are you out there???

    Return PSU JV pants asap! Never use them again!

    Good – Pitt won

    Bad ugly. Pitt is going to get crushed by the Orange!


  14. The Rice kid did outrun Hamlin but Whitehead was closing fast is what it looked like to me?

    About mic-ing the band, if they are mic-ed up why when they turn there backs the volume goes down and they can barely be heard? I want to hear the band nice and loud.


    1. I agree that Whitehead was gaining but he had an angle.

      I am totally with you on the band, believe me. I think the band greatly adds to the game atmosphere that so many criticize Pitt for currently having at Heinz. I would have no problem if Pitt dropped the ridiculously loud recorded stuff entirely.


  15. Noon starts are double trouble for PITT. First off it keeps some longer distance fans away and two, it means it will probably be televised locally at least. PITT must make more money from the TV rights than the fans that stay away from the goonish start. You know the ones who bought season tickets.

    PITT already got our money so naturally, they don’t give two craps about what we think. … ike

    getting more and more
    with PITT policies


    1. it just provides Pitt fans with another excuse for not attending ….. on any given Saturday, there are a handful of B10 Western division and Big12 teams that have a 11 am start


  16. Have some of you been under a rock for the last 10 years?

    99% of college teams have a large variety of uniforms they mix and match.

    It isn’t going away.


    1. Those ugly colors are the official school colors. Have been for a long long time.

      ….and the combo’s ARE the norm for 99% of college teams. Various helmets, whites, all darks and a throwback are common.


    2. I beg to differ.
      VT the stone helmets
      Maryland the flag
      Oregon the yellow ones
      Etc, etc. at least we play on green grass. Boise State!?


  17. Even the throwbacks are the wrong shades, better but not right. I wonder who the AD was when the colors were agreed upon?


  18. Ike sorry noon kickoffs only keep fan’s that do not to come from attending I personally drive 500 miles and perfer noon kickoffs .That way I always get to see my 92 year old mom.


  19. BTW, don’t why I didn’t mention earlier. I did fill out the survey the ACC sent out to ticket holders and where they allowed me to write in my thoughts. Mic the band is what I stressed.

    I get that uniforms and the PITT band is icing on the cake but PITT needs to dot their I’s and cross their T’s.

    They say you can’t put lipstick on a bowling ball or make a race horse out of a jackass but PITT still has to give a try!. . . . ike


  20. Barvo,
    Good observation on both Hamlin and Whitehead not being able to gain on the receiver on the TD. Hamlin from apparently directly behind was loosing ground. Whitehead did finally catch up for an attempted tackle don’t know if it was speed or angle.


  21. Good: Browne. Kid deserved a big game like that. Having Hamlin in the backfield together with Whitehead.
    Beautiful weather great day for a game. Getting the W with relatively little worry.

    Bad: Chantez Moss. I heard on the pre-game last week that Pitt was his only P5 offer and we can see why. Also Hamlin on the TD pass by Rice; played that every poorly. Hopefully will learn from that

    Ugly: Calling an option play with only a minute left to half and having Browne fumble and almost turn it over inside his own 20. One of the most bonehead calls I have see. Watson concerns me more & more. Also the crowd. I know it is beating a dead horse but something has to be done. Heinz is just too big, I’m not paid to figure out a solution but things can’t continue status quo. Personally I like Heinz for access, tailgating, post game refreshments at the nearby bars. Plus comfortable seats with chair backs, cup holders, leg room….compare to the erector set in state college and their is no comparison.


  22. Noon starts kill me – If I want to tailgate first I have to leave at 4am.

    If I’m just going to the game I can take off at 7am and park and get into Heinz before the kickoff. It is all ACC TV money – Pitt would be just as happy if they didn’t have to deal with fans at all – except for apparel sales which is what all the different combo uniforms is about.


  23. Still not impressed with Browne. He’s a statue and that game was an illusion. Having said that, glad for him that he had a confidence building game.

    At some point, HCPN is going to have to start an underclassman at QB. I would rather watch a freshman with potential make some mistakes and grow than watch the product put on the field thus far, knowing that somebody else is going to start next year.

    Weah might make a decent CB in the NFL; size and speed but questionable hands.

    And BTW, I’m a fairly optimistic guy about Pitt FB most years. Linus in a pumpkin patch optimistic. This year….not so much.

    Had to miss the last 2 home games due to surgery to remove a benign (thankfully) macroadenoma from inside my skull. But got people to use my tickets!! I will be there for the NC State game and I expect that we will all be depressed again about Browne after that game. They will eat him alive.

    Thought Conner looked pretty good against the Ravens on Sunday. Hopefully, he continues to improve.


    1. 28-32 with 3 drops is not something that you can create an illusion of lol

      No underclassman QB is going to play this year barring injury, Narduzzi doesn’t “have” to do anything and he’s not going to


  24. Reed nails it here ^^ Some fans will like the noon starts and some obviously are not big on them. I like the tailgates or just milling about before the games at my leisure as well as after. In order for me to do that I have to go down the night before.

    Sure I could drive home after a noon start but why kill the buzz of college football? Here’s another secret of mine. I stay at the Hyatt, Residence Inn (no not the Renaissance) or Spring-Hill, where I can pay a small fee to park closer to the stadium and enjoy a night at the Casino, Hyde Park Steak House, Strip District or just sit by the fire-pit with football fans from both teams and shoot the breeze.

    For me, this is the only way to make up for PITT not having an on campus stadium.

    BTW, Frans tailgates are a blast and it really is a good time for PITT fans and POVer’s to talk PITT football and enjoy his hospitality. Hope to see you all on the 14th. . . . .ike



  25. Joe, happy to hear your surgery was successful and your good news on the biopsy. Whew, that has to be a relief?

    Browne played a good game, no way around it. If you want to say he played bad against top ten ranked opponents then give him credit for playing well against bottom ten opponents.

    and Joe, try and make it to the POV roundtable Wednesday night at 9:00 PM and/or the POV/Fran/BigB tailgate! . . . .ike


    1. Ike – thanks and yes a huge relief. Please don’t get wrong. I’m happy he had a good game. With all he has been through, he deserves it. I have a very hard time seeing that continue, but it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong about Pitt FB.


  26. The comments about the atmosphere that can be controlled at Ketchup Bottle are interesting. Meaning the time in between plays and what is being used as background noise to either get the crowd into the game or not. And since we normally don’t have near sellout crowds that sort of feed of each other and create an atmosphere on to itself, what Pitt does have control over and what they choose to do is important. And they have chosen to play very loud canned music, which drowns out all attempts of cheering and is so loud, one has to scream at the person next to you. Is this the atmosphere, they are trying to create…to make it uniquely Pitt ? There is nothing unique about playing canned music. Every NBA arena does it, since nobody actually cheers at NBA games. Well at least not until the playoffs.

    Totally absurd and this has been going on for 16 years at Ketchup Bottle. As Barvo pointed out, they don’t even have the Pitt Band seated in a good spot acoustically in the stadium. Thereby making them almost
    an afterthought in game atmosphere other than the halftime and pre-game shows.

    I really don’t know any other Power 5 school that minimizes their band as much as Pitt does. And continues to do. Heck most of the High Schools around Pittsburgh use their bands better ! Is anybody at Pitt listening to this ??? This is easily fixable.

    You want the games to be distinctly Pitt and have more of a Pitt atmosphere. TURN UP THE BAND AND TURN OFF THE RAP CRAP OLD ROCK POP MUSIC.


    1. I’ve only been to one game at ND, but it was so refreshing. It was like going back in time. The total focus was on the football game. None of the other crap we have at Pitt games.

      No blaring music — and their band was great.

      Go Pitt.


  27. Good — RaRa Lopes getting open and doing a nice job catching the ball.

    –Matthews… ditto. Showing nice potential for yards after catch. Would like to see us hit him in stride sometime…

    –Max B. — I kept an eye on him when the team came out and he seemed to have a little bounce/energy in his step. I was hoping that was a good sign.

    Max needs to get some “happy feet”, IMHO. Usually that’s bad for a QB but Max is just too “planted” back there and can’t escape anyone, even for a couple steps…

    –The nice on-the-move throw by Max and excellent catch by Moss for the first TD. Moss looked like a WR the way he caught that ball… Let’s use that ability more…

    Bad — OC Watson’s scheme and play calling when Max is playing. Hard to believe.

    Ugly — wearing the same colors as our opponent — absolutely no contrast…
    –The blaring, totally too loud music and announcing…
    –The crappy fan support…

    Go Pitt.

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  28. Good – Reed’s winnings at the casino

    Bad – Reed’s math skills at the casino

    Ugly – the yellow seats at Heinz Field


  29. We have a good band with kids who play well. Use them effectively and get rid of all of the other distracting stuff. Promote a college atmosphere. We do not need an NFL atmosphere.


  30. I hear Tom Petty is still clinging to life but not expected to live through the night. One of my all time favorites. Hope he gets his wings and takes off way up high.


  31. Oh yea, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    The Good: Gotta be Capt. Max. After having his confidence take a real hit, being bench against GT, the kid showed his maturity and had the 8th best passing day in Pitt history with 410 yards passing.
    You gotta feel good for this young man who has had the unfortunateness to play 80% of his college starts against Top 10 ranked teams. Hopefully the O-line will give him the time and the WR’s will continue to catch his throws.

    The Bad : The O-line couldn’t manhandle in inferior C-USA non P5 school’s d-line.

    The Ugly : The resulting yards per rush from all the Pitt RB’s.

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    1. Saw him at the Beacon Theatre last year with Donald Fagen. Unlike prior performance I attended, he actually spoke a bit and was able to hold his own on the guitar. So it was surprising when he passed.


  32. Not to beat a dead horse, but I had to go to 3 different windows (with three lines) to buy tickets for YSU, and finally got them at something called the “Steelers Ticket Window”. No time left to get ribs and still catch the kick off. They’re kidding themselves if they think Pitt gets equal billing at Heinz.


  33. Going to be hard to keep Reed out of the casino… maybe we should hoist a POV flag there a satellite site.


  34. Good: Capt Max. I have been rough on him and he has flaws but his passing Saturday was pinpoint accurate. 28-32 for 400 yards even against Carrick fifth graders was excellent. Gold star for his forehead. Well done Max.

    Bad 1) Rice was bad, even worse than UPitt predicted. It’s too bad that we cannot have a bad team like Rice every week That said I was sympathetic that they went through a hurricane that had them practicing and staying at TCU facilities,
    2) OL – players and coach. Did Officer’s off season condition involve the use of a 40 foot tractor trailer? Not pulling it but eating a semi full of pizza’s, this load makes me look thin. As HC he would not play for me as an example to the other OLs that letting your body go like that won’t be tolerated. He is the most out of shape but not the OL playing down. 2 yards and a cloud of dust. Putrid. Not only is our running game non-existent but we may set a record for sacks in a season by a Pitt team. One of you stats guys should look that up.

    Ugly: The injury by Aston just looked ugly, ugly, ugly.

    Good win guys. HAIL TO PITT

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    1. Tino was sacked 61 times in 2011 under Fraudy, is Pitt really on pace to beat that? Looked all this up on ESPN and according to their numbers Browne has been sacked 11 times and Dinucci 5 times this year. That’s 16 in 5 games. If that pace keeps up it will end with 38 sacks in 12 games.


  35. Bad day all around today. Our daughter and son lost a high school friend to cap off this forgettable day that won’t be forgotten soon. << possibly drugs but ??

    What the hell is going on in today’s world? Get rid of the drugs and illegal guns and control the guns allowed by law.

    Importance of PITT football games seem very diminished at the moment. . . .. . ike



    1. saying just get rid of whatever and control whatever sounds good but even if you have 90% of society being for it it’s still impossible.

      90% and probably more of the country was and is against all illegal substances, the only one that has gained acceptance is weed, and the country is still awash in all those illegal substances. there’s hundreds of millions of guns in this country. how do you get rid of or control that? especially when there’s tens of millions of people who legally own guns who will vigorously oppose it? some states passed all kinds of laws after sandy hook. the round per clip/magazine laws, outlawing more guns based on certain features, registration of ‘high-capacity’ clips and magazines, etc. illegal gun owners aren’t following the law by definition. they don’t care what laws are passed. but in those states, compliance with various new regulations by legal gun owners was abysmal. less than 15, 20% for some of these laws that required them to register this or do that. police in those states basically said we aren’t enforcing these laws because nobody is following them. unless the government wants to go all gestapo on people it can’t successfully enact a policy in the face of such massive civil disobedience.

      there are solutions between ‘heavy or absolute gun control’ and ‘everybody should have a gun on them at all times / there should be trained armed security with assault rifles literally everywhere.’ if we look for them. which it doesn’t seem too many are interested in doing.

      plus in this case the guy appears to have planned and trained for some time, he was 32 stories up shooting people on the ground hundreds of yards below him and hundreds of yards away, with at least some of his guns being fully automatic (illegal as hell unless he bought them before 1986 or he bought them with a license you have to apply to the ATF to get and it is hard as hell to get that license). he had 10 guns lined up in his hotel room ready to go so he wouldn’t have to reload until he’d already got off hundreds of rounds. at least one of the guns was tripod-mounted. he had to have made multiple trips carrying all that up to his room. read reports that he set up a camera that could see down the hallway so he’d know when the SWAT team was getting close. that is the result of some long and deeply involved planning. reminds me of the Bath School Massacre. that was meticulously planned and executed. only dumb luck could have stopped it. it is kind of trite to say that people will always find a way to kill other people, but i really think that it is 100% true here. if this guy hadn’t shot hundreds of people, killing dozens of them, he’d have wounded hundreds and killed dozens some other way. the level of commitment and preparation necessary to do what he did is off the charts. i can barely fathom how much time he must have spent thinking about this and doing serious work preparing for it, a mind able to engage in that kind of thinking that long is a mind very alien to me. not being able to get guns wouldn’t have stopped him.


    2. I think what’s more important is for TV, Movies and Music to become less violent. They’ve created a very violent society and so many are now decades conditioned to it.

      Pitt football games are of course not really of importance at all, in the grand scheme. I too have become conditioned with the mediocrity given us, that a win or a loss doesn’t effect me much at all anymore.


  36. JoeL..glad everything worked out well with your surgery and outcome.

    Are you going to either the Duke or Hokie games?


  37. Joel, glad to hear you are on the mend. Hope to see you at the Homecoming tailgate. Hmm….hard to come up with good, bad, and ugly comments that haven’t been mentioned….
    Good: as bad as the running game has been, it looked to me in the last game that the running backs are fairly reliable as pass catchers.
    Bad: Absolute inability of the offense to gain those tough short yards on the ground both for first downs and in goal line situations.
    Ugly: Regression of the offensive play calling early in the 2nd half, going conservative. Hopefully we won’t see that again, although I’m not that Pitt will have another opportunity for that to occur this year.

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  38. Deep, there is no reason for one person to own that many guns. I understand it’s impossible to fully control and do not advocate for full gun control. Schitt, There are gangster’s in Homewood that own more guns than he did. Is that a great idea?


  39. Ike,
    Take away the guns of all the law abiding citizens and then only the criminals will have them. Here in Texas every criminal has to weigh the value of committing a crime knowing many gun carrying law abiding citizens are always close by.


    1. Chicago has the most strict gun control of anywhere in America. How is that working out…Over 500 murders and thousands shot in Chicago,……just this year alone. We have to change people’s behaviors and how they are being conditioned.

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  40. It’s very sad what has occurred in America in my lifetime. And what’s more sad is, it didn’t have to be this way. Pretty much like the state of Pitt football and now basketball. When you don’t pay attention to things, they generally ….go to hell !


  41. Nope not what I said. Everyone should have a gun, not twenty of them. Where do you think the criminals get their illegal guns?

    Of those 500 killed in Chicago, how many killed by a legal gun illegally possessed? (stolen) anyways, getting into too much politics. I’m safe and out…..


  42. Man, this upcoming Cuse game, based on the last couple of years, should be a “Duzzy” (pun intended).


  43. FWIW, I have no issue at all with private gun ownership. Just wish there was a solution for automatic weapons and mental illness … and especially the deadly combination of the two.

    Fact is that > 90% of gun owners are very responsible …. but it’s always the freakin 10%


  44. The good – The final score only. We learned nothing new here.

    The bad – The final score. We learned nothing new here

    The ugly – Our OL. We learned nothing new here.

    The best – Big & Rich, some country group sang God Bless America within an hour before the massacre. The fans in attendance sang and honored servicemen and first responders by singing proudly. It was chilling as most in attendance turned on their “phone light” and sang. They didn’t sing because they were a political party or not. They sang because of the pride in our nation. You tube it


  45. Just fyi.. the right to bear arms was put in the Constitution because our forefathers wanted the citizens to have a means to take back their country, should it ever become no longer the land of the free.


  46. The run D for cuse is pretty good – 3 SR LB-ers that cover the field well. Their pass D is middle of the rankings with 3 SO DB’s (young).

    Pitt’s run D and pass D are worse than cuse, stat-wise.

    The same can be said about the O – cuse better stat-wise running & passing.

    Competition played is in favor of Pitt – played 2 top ten teams vs cuse who played top 25 LSU and NC St. (LSU was a fake top 25 team and NC St should be knocked out of the top 25 by louisville this weekend).

    Pitt won the games they should have (YSU and Rice) vs cuse losing to Middle Tennessee.

    The way Pitt wins vs cuse (IMO) is with heart, determination and toughness. All three qualities our HC possesses. But, so does Dino Babers.

    This could be a very entertaining game in the Dome.

    Crush the orange!


  47. JoeL, glad you are well…lyking the idea of dilaudid at the next tailgate. Screw the tequila. 😃 Hope to see a large group at homecoming. Also going to the Duke game.


  48. JoeL/Lastrow… I purchased tickets to the Pitt alumni event for Duke… food.. beers and wine. Went to the event in Clemson and had a great time…
    Tickets can be had through the Alum association.


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