Well, much better score than we had seen earlier – Pitt Chopsticks 42 – Rice – 10.  Here is the Team Rankings website I mentioned in the podcast.

After beating Rice 42-10 yesterday, Pittsburgh is now projected to finish the regular season 4-8 (2-6 ACC).

The odds that the Panthers end the season bowl eligible are up to 18%, an increase of 7% since yesterday.

We currently rank the Panthers as the #13 team in the ACC (and #76 team in the country).

Next game: Sat, Oct 7 at #64 Syracuse. Our power ratings give the Panthers a 34% chance to win.

Rice Box.png


And here is where we stand nationally after yesterday’s game...



77 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; Rice 9/30/17

  1. I also found it spot on that when people don’t have anything to bitch about they stay quite. Just the opposite of what I was always taught. …. that was “If you don’t have anything good to say, then stfu….. funny huh?

    Anyways, that not how sports fans, message boards and blogs work. Personally, I like the ying and yang aspect of the POV. It works for all of us. Actually, negativity brings out the best and worst in me. It absolutely helps me to root even more for my PITT Panthers! To each their own I say.

    Reed, congratulations on the winnings. If I had known you were sitting in the Hyundai club I would have hitchhiked down to the game. Our seats are over there as well. Down in front club I call it, it can be a bit dead in the club seats at times.

    It going to be a great week of anticipation on here at the POV.. ike



  2. The special teams guys never get the recognition they deserve. Wanted to put in a good word for Jim Medure — No. 51. I think he’s a walk-on DE, but he’s been doing a really nice job covering kicks. He’s usually the first guy down in the middle of the field on kickoffs and has made tackles or forced the runner to somebody else for the tackle.

    Also saw MacVittie making some nice blocks on punt returns – weird but true.

    Go Pitt.


    1. Agree. That kid goes all out. I think I first noticed him in the YSU game and wondered who he is. He must be the new Wirginis on special teams.


  3. Not sure what there would be to really complain about. Pitt played a patsy and actually dominated most of the game. It seems some on this board would like to see an OOC schedule of 3 cupcakes rather than 2 just like the SEC does it.

    It was nice to see Browne throw the ball down the field quite a few times. I also saw some nice catches by Weah although he did drop one. Arajuo-Lopes seems to be a really solid slot type of receiver. He catches the ball and has some shake and bake for YAC. Hopefully this bodes well for the remainder of the schedule.

    Did anybody see Henry Miller take the field? Seems like that should have happened if they are going to list him as a linebacker on the 2 deep.

    Paris Ford dressed for the game.

    Therran Coleman was on kick coverage. He must be all the way back.


  4. This is small potatoes, but one thing I’m finding annoying is that in each of the last two home games there has been absolutely no contrast between our uniforms and our opponent’s uniforms. OSU was black and white; Pitt was navy and white. Yesterday, both Rice and PItt were navy and white. Makes no sense.

    When there’s no contrast, which may end up being the majority of the time, that’s when Pitt should where the Marino-era, or whatever you want to call them, colors. Then at least we stand out and we know which team is which.

    Go Pitt.


  5. 3 cupcakes until you build a program, not a team. PSU and Kansas St did this for years. Attendence will be the same. Some want to play all big time opponents, and that’s a sure way to go under 500 with the program where it’s currently at. If I see romps, I want us to be the winners. No one plays 3 good teams Ooc anymore. Well, I guess someone does.

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  6. There are times when a team is added to the schedule but usually the schedules are made way out like 3 or 4 years.

    Scheduling psu is a no brain-er, Rice was actually a good to decent team 3 or 4 years ago. . . .ike


    1. Glad you understand that Ike. Some here apparently think that schedules are generated every offseason and that the AD can assess the talent and experience of the team each year and adjust the schedule accordingly.

      Tried to point this out a couple of threads ago. PSU was scheduled in 2011. OSU was scheduled in 2013. In between those two Pitt joined the ACC (announced 2011) and so did Notre Dame (announced 2012) in all but football. ND agreed to play 5 ACC opponents each season as part of joining the ACC. Pitt’s previously scheduled football series with ND was nullified as a result. Pitt now plays ND every 2-3 seasons. Pederson presumably scheduled OSU because of losing ND from the annual schedule. Be ready though challenging schedule haters, I believe Pitt plays at ND next season after a 3 year hiatus.

      Pitt has benefited from playing in the Coastal since joining the ACC in 2013. They have only played FSU once, Clemson once and Louisville once. Imagine if Pitt had landed in the Atlantic rather than Syracuse. They’d be running that gauntlet every year.


  7. Rob – I think you asked last night about UGA’s QB. He is a true freshman. Last year’s true freshman starter, #1 QB recruit, Jacob Eason, came in at the end, and showed he has healed and is ready to play.

    Also, OC Chaney – who never saw a pass he didnt like, had his starter throw only 15 times.


  8. I guess we now know why Browne was a five star recruit. If we give him credit for the three dropped passes, his completion percentage is the stuff of ages. I looked up the all time NFL record (Alex Smith a few years back at 18 of 19). Well, Browne would have exceeded this mark without the three drops… I watched some clips of him and he even moved pretty well around and out of the pocket. Makes you wonder how great he could be with last year’s offensive line. And, yes. some of the passes were beautiful. I take back what I said prematurely a few days ago – Browne IS D1 caliber with the right team (that is, a team with a very good offensive line that is absolutely committed to protecting him). If he had been lucky enough to play last year with Pitt, we would probably be praising him.

    How could the offensive line get so bad so fast. Sure Johnson and Bisnowaty were NFL caliber but so were O’Neill and Bookser projected to be…. Is it talent or coaching or desire or bad schemes? What gives?

    The role of psychology in sports is a funny thing. If Pitt would have scheduled three cupcakes and the team would have thrived on lessor competitors, would the players now believe they are destined for greatness (and live up to that dream). They are not Alabama recruits but they are not Marshall recruits either. Wisconsin and Navy are winning with three star recruits (mainly). Makes you wonder if the gods had smiled on Pitt with an easy schedule what this team might have been by the end of the season….

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  9. Reed – I hope the boredom left you in the 2nd half yesterday, either at your hotel room or Heinz Field.

    Thanks for the updated stat sheet – very little movement for Pitt after a positive game in beating Rice.

    I for one will abandon stats from this point on in the 2017 season. The only stat that really will matter will be the final score vs our ACC opponent.

    The game plan each week has to be this –

    -1. Find a way to improve both lines.
    -2. Establish a running game with AJ and JW.
    -3. Give OC Watson all the help he requires, whether that be an upper booth seat near the bathrooms, TE coach Tim Salem at his side, Narduzzi barking in his ear, scripted plays for the 1st three series of each half, FR RB’s, J.Whitehead, etc.
    -4. Look at the film of teams who have beat our next opponent and find the common thread that won those games and apply that to Pitt’s team opproach that week.
    -5. Kick FG’s only when you think you have no other options.



  10. Savannah,
    Did you mean Chaney “never saw a pass he liked?” I believe his offenses are always run heavy/pass lite.


  11. How about the Narduzzi comment to Watson after the Rice scored 10 pts second half. Something like, forget the run if they want to stack the box, just throw the ball.


  12. About the white pants and uniforms? Make all the fun you want of the PITT fans that care about this sort of thing. IT MATTERS!

    Winners wear winning uniforms. The players have spoken about all this. . . .


  13. Really disappointed in the games being called by OC Watson.

    All the too short passes on 3rd down we’ve seen; yesterday all the bunched up running plays inside the 10; the deep handoff on the 4th and one play; etc. , etc.

    Add in the overall approach of having Max B. Run QB option-type plays and I just don’t like what Watson is doing…

    Okay, a positive was the throws to Weah one-on-one versus DBs…

    Go Pitt.


  14. Ike and Majors… I propose we go with the plain white britches adding s simple all white jersey with block blue numerals .. we should surprise the Orangemen( never knew that was a derogatory word) with a white helmet… this should certainly strike fear into the hearts of our foe.. they will be defeated by the sight of the … Pitt Panthers as we take the field….


    1. BigB, I like your idea about the plain white uniforms for the Syracuse game, not because of any fear it may strike in the Orangemen but because it sure would piss off fans of our friends in central PA !


  15. Does anybody else notice that if you stop the podcast , it automatically starts back at the beginning?
    BTW, congratulations Reed on your good fortune at the casino after the game !


  16. I am surprised James Franklin hast commented on our Nit lookalike double knits !!! Those Pitt wannabes….


  17. Speaking of outfits…check out the US golf team at the Presidents Cup. Right out of Where’s Waldo.


  18. Heather, coaches, players and BOT don’t get it…copy cat the Nits pants .. your 1/2 way there.. might as well go all in… at least we will have a traditional look that everyone can identify ….


  19. PittPT… if we did that PSU would sue and probably snap their lawsuit losing streak… I don’t want us to be the team that ends it!!!


  20. Pulled the from USA Today Sports by Dan Wolken –


    Saquon Barkley’s Heisman hopes: Though you obviously can’t and shouldn’t count him out based on one game, voters look at numbers. And Penn State’s 45-14 win vs. Indiana simply wasn’t great for his numbers, being held to 56 yards on 20 carries. Though Barkley did return the game’s opening kickoff for a touchdown with a spectacular run, you typically measure running backs by their 100-yard games. Barkley has had some big moments this season to boost his Heisman case — including that 211-yard performance at Iowa — but a blowout win over a team like Indiana should be a stat-padder. Instead, it might have been a bit of a setback.

    I like reading anything that sheds negative light on the nits…

    I hate penn State!

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  21. And this from ESPn’s top QBR performances –

    Nick Stevens barely edged Jarrett Stidham for the top QBR of Week 5. The leaderboard was crowded at the top this week, with Max Browne, Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts all within two points of the top spot.

    Way to go Min/Max. Some of us are rooting for you to succeed.



    1. Really, have you seen what he can do? I hate PSUcks but he is the real deal and is on track to wint the Heisman. Easily a Top 5 pick if he stays healthy.


      1. Greg – I agree with you – I only posted the negative article USA Today Sports spit out after the pedos win vs lowly Indiana.


  22. I saw something yesterday that I have not seen from a Pitt OC in a long time.

    When he went conservative to start the 2nd half and it didn’t work, he actually went back to being aggressive throwing the ball downfield and it worked. Yes according to Narduzzi it was Narduzzi who told him go back to throwing the ball, but Watson didn’t go back to throwing the ball by turning to 3-5 yard out routes and checkdowns to the RB in the flat, he went back to actually calling downfield passing plays and utilizing the slot receiver.

    How many times have we seen a Pitt OC go conservative to start the 2nd half and then bang the offense’s head against a steel-reinforced concrete wall for the remainder of the game.

    My opinion of Watson’s game sense has improved from “the worst EVAR!!!!!1111oneoneoneone~~~” to “pretty bad” because of yesterday. PROGRESS!


  23. Thanks Savanah. Big B you are on to something with the unis. Heck those pedos will be so upset they may renew the “not a rivalry” for every year, announcers may praise us.


  24. Jerry S…. enjoy it while it lasts…opposing D will play pass 1st… our running game is________ ( fill in the blank)

    5th year Sr QB needs to practice ELUSIVENESS this week….

    What’s that… you say ” it ain’t in him.” I 2nd that (e)motion 🎶

    Time to get MickeyMac some snaps at QB. DiNucc doesn’t
    Have it (all of a sudden we got ourselves a Heisman candidate Browne) will be @ Amazon next year.

    Gotta go with who will be in the hunt for next year….maybe 1-2 more wins this year.

    D is improving.. sadly the O has been a major let down, namely, the OL.


    1. Going with who will be in the hunt for next year also means maybe 1-2 more wins this year.

      And you don’t bench a guy after he has an 87.5% completion rate (with 3 drops) for 400+ yards and 4 TDs with 0 interceptions. Maybe if you’re Fraudy you throw shade at him in the postgame presser but you still don’t bench him.

      If teams switch it up to daring Pitt to run instead of pass, Pitt will run the ball better. Enough to win? Not if the passing game gets totally shut down by Browne (or whoever) getting sacked 6 times and generally murdered 10 times a game or something. But it will run the ball better.

      Rewatched the game this afternoon and Browne locked in on his primary look more than I thought while watching it live. But he spread the ball around well so Watson must have been switching up who the primary was regularly. There has to be some kind of explanation for it at least.

      Mathews and RaRa should be the planned stars vs. Cuse. They run routes and make catches and get decent YAC. They got their most targets so far vs. Rice but I think they have more in them if they’re thrown to more. Try to give Weah something nice and easy to catch early, after almost messing up his touchdown catch but getting it done yesterday he was a different player than he’s been all season.

      And if you insist on picking Moss or Ollison or Hall to start, give them the shortest of leashes. One no-effort on pass blocking, one missed hole, one fall down by getting waved at, whatever, and bring in Davis. Or try to use Henderson like Bryce Love out at Stanford. Or put in Whitehead at RB for like 12-15 carries. Something. As bad as the offensive line has been at run-blocking the all season except the first half vs YSU, the 3 top RBs have actually been worse since Ollison turned in a good hard performance at Penn State. The RB and the line have to help each other out.


  25. Can’t understand why Pitt doesn’t wear the throwback style unis for all games…Everyone loves them…who makes the call on unis…the players, the coach or someone else? what reason is given for not wearing the unis liked by the vast majority..I have yet to hear anyone say that they prefer the uni style that the team wore yesterday…Watching the Eagles play the Chargers in a beautiful 33,000 seat stadium…watched highlights from the the USC vs. WSU game in a 33,000 seat stadium with an electric atmosphere…Do our AD and Trustees have their heads in the sand?….


  26. I took a read of the reader comments on that link on LSU football that BigB posted on yesterday’s PittPov. Regarding Matt Canada, here’s two samples of LSU fan views on Canada that may resonate with Pitt fans recalling 2016:

    “None of the random motion seems to effect the defense at all, either.” (referring to Canada’s propensity to have the offense move around randomly before the snap)


    “The jet sweeps work. Nothing else about the Canada offense.”


    1. The motion does effect the defense, you need a QB who can read the defense’s reaction, especially their eyes, pre-snap, and act accordingly.

      Nate Peterman could.

      Danny Etling can’t.

      Not that LSU is running an exact copy of Pitt’s 2016 offense anyway. Nobody ever does that and Canada hasn’t either. But I think it maybe could have served him and LSU better if he had. A decent part of the reason his offense at Pitt worked so well was that he was doing crazy motions EV-ER-Y PLAY. And rarely just 1 guy in motion. Henderson would run back and forth, or someone else would, or the receivers in the slot would switch positions, and 1 or 2 guys on the line would be shifting, the TE would be moving, Aston would be moving. Sometimes you’d see 1/3 of Pitt’s players on the field moving somewhere else before the snap.

      Once he saw it working Canada just went nuts seeing how far he could take it and it ended up that he could take it pretty far. When I’ve seen LSU play this season which is like 1 game and 1 quarter, I haven’t seen the boldness that Canada showed last year.


      1. You’re right. PITT had the personnel to run all that pre-snap motion and it was a thing of beauty. LSU had issue with it so he simplified the offense and they still were awful. The folks down there are going insane! I’d take him back in a second if LSU got rid of him.


  27. Nola69… right on.. we will be able to get Canada back for $600k…LSU won’t hesitate.. he had a good gig going, players responded to him.

    Hey Nola.. weren’t you in the great PITT band of yesteryear ( loved that style!!!)
    Question.. What can we do to get the chorus reinstated to the ” Pitt Victory Song???”

    I asked PGallager directly at the Alumni Association tailgate at Clemson last year that very question..his response..” I didn’t know it was missing.” Dah.. that’s what we are up against here…


    1. BigB… Yes I was in the Pitt Band 4 yrs from 1965-1968, led by “Ace” who was an advocate of precision marching everywhere, into and out of the stadium and from buses at away games into their stadiums.

      I’m a keyboard player, so just to be part of the band, I joined the Operations Crew and led that motley crew for three seasons. One of the benefits of being the crew mgr was that I got to go over to the opposing team’s cheerleaders to invite them to do a cheer in front of the Pitt Band bleachers. The cheerleaders most always did come over and the Band would give them a rousing welcome (as well as get closeup views).

      I’ve also been disappointed that they blast music through the PA at Heinz instead of letting the band do the fill-in music or play drum cadences before plays, which seemed to stir up the crowd back at Pitt stadium.


      1. I agree NOLA69. The blaring music is annoying. I was talking about this with my daughter during a break in the blaring music on Saturday. They should feature the band. You can barely hear the band on the home side of the field even with the speakers that they place on the sideline. You can’t hear the student chants. I assert that the following would make Heinz feel like less of a rental:

        Move the Pitt band to the north end of the stadium perhaps to the other side of the student section
        Seriously restrict the blaring/bumping music
        Keep the cheerleaders in front of the band and students. Have the cheerleaders go on the field again at breaks
        Increase the size of the banners and on field logos (mid field and south end zone). If the “Pittsburgh” in the north end zone wasn’t outlined in navy blue there would be not doubt it’s for the Steelers. We’re Pitt!
        Post the college scoreboard regularly on the big boards, not the crappy little roll in the mid-corners.
        Feature interesting college games or big plays on the big boards at every break
        The whole setup feels like it’s for a pro game (no school tie-in) with 70K of rabid fans (event energy feed) who only care about their team (I don’t believe this is true of a typical college football fan) and have been tailgating for hours (40+ year tradition of Stillers boozy tailgates) and driving up beer sales inside. It’s an event to a pro fan, not simply a game.


    2. BigB…. When you say the Chorus for the Pitt Victory Song, do you mean this part…

      Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight!
      Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight!

      If so, should be easier for the Pitt fans to learn the words!


  28. couple things:

    psu pedo’s will sue Reed for no apparent reason.

    Pitt Engineer it’s good to see you roll with me on the Browne judgement. I was wrong, Max played great for the Rice game. Hope I’m wrong all the rest of this season.

    PITT did a nice job on Barkley…………. and McSorely, considering the early turnovers. imo

    Why would you ever stop Reed’s podcast? 🙂 Actually I do pause all the time to get another shot of bourbon, 3 beers and take a puff or 2 but haven’t notice the problem PT. (wonder why)

    Have to say, I really do love Reed’s Sunday morning podcasts, they really do cause pause for reflection.

    Narduzzi may not be running the defense but he put Watson in line real quick. Could this be another Chaney?

    Right, PITT needs to strike a balance between run and pass. Having the pass and no run is better than run and no pass. Think about that one? < strain on the defense with more room for error. Ask Chuck Noll.

    The uniform question is legitimate and one does wonder why the aching hearts aren’t satisfied? Who pays the bills and why not bring back the ostracized alumni? Correct the injustices steve opposed to those who really care?

    I would suppose that the SEC will figure out Canada’s one hit wonder.

    Right BigB, the D has improved and Browne played a great game. Is that so hard to admit?

    Where’s Upitt? Too much going right? …. ike



    1. Sorry Ike let me praise our Panther’s for beating a pathetic Rice Team. Sorry I didn’t give them enough credit. I have to fly to Charlotte in an hour. Wow we really beat the Rice Owls. I called the score it is no surprise to me because I know how bad Rice is.

      Stanford beat them 62-7.


    2. Ike, might be the device,I was on. I tried it again on my IPad and I was able to stop/start the podcast. Also Ike, if you didn’t go yesterday because you didn’t have wheels, don’t hesitate to reach out in the future.


  29. Since San Siego State, Cal have the same colors as our faux ” throwback” and the yellow is WVU yellow. I know that yellow blends in perfectly at Heinz.. but golly, wouldn’t the original Pitt Mustard ( Autumn gold) be so original … no other team in the whole country would look like us .. we would look Luke.. the PITT Panthers…
    Mrs Lyle.. its soooo confusing when you let the players choose plain WHITE Pants…wonder what Sigmund Freud would think… is it a James Franklin rejection thing????

    Darkie… your long overdooooooo!!! Unlock that door and come out of your room. We need our psychic analyst!!!


  30. Ike .. coming home Thursday… you going to be in Latrobe? I can drive back 30 from Breezewood if you are…


  31. PT, we have down sized to one vehicle. I could have gone to the game but my wife had a shower or something dumb to go to and it seemed like a good game to relent to. BUT thank you Mark!

    BigB, can’t wait to meet you. It seems like I’m always home Gaad willing. That is the grand-children soccer night in good ole Derry Pa. Drop me an Email, Breezewood is 80 miles or more from my house. ike


  32. Vegas has the line at 4 points – cuse giving Pitt 4

    Dingy has twice as many INT’s as Min/Max and he is cuse’s leading runner with 68 carries for 277 yards (more than Pitt’s leading rusher – IKR).

    Their leading receiver has 51 catches vs Pitt’s leader with 19.

    The orange will try to run twice the # of plays on Saturday. Pitt players better be in great shape and the coaches better put a shadow on Dingy or it will be a long afternoon.


  33. I mentioned earlier today that both lines need to go through roughness & toughness training this week –

    Add the RB’s to those training sessions as well.

    NOTE to Duzz – cuse’s Oline has 2 FR and 1 SO in the middle. Dline pressure and excessive aggression will be necessary to beat the orange. Plus, they start 4 WR’s – need 5 or 6 DB’s ready to play.


  34. Just like the Run and Gun, Wildcat, Run and Shoot, Greatest show on turf, etc, defenses adapt.
    Last year’s stuff.
    Good for Canada getting 1.6M X 3 years.
    And good for Chubbs working out at Georgia.
    No hard feelings…except for Fraud and Herman…and Smiley, of course.


  35. I too have been told by family that someone Pitt is looking into OCS w intent. To me, it is the ONLY answer.

    I will be spending a lot of time in Oakland as my brother in law is having a heart valve replacement at
    Presby Hospital and I will be staying in the Burgh to help for weeks after.

    My wife Susan and I will be back for homecoming and will be at the Tailgate party and game.

    While I met a lot of you at the golf tourney, UPitt….it is time for you to join us and show off your new wife!

    Cuse by 4 sounds about right. Pitt will need a semblance of a running game to stay close and Kesselman, our kicker, should be practicing in flat parking lots all week as the Cuse field has no bevel on it and it has cost Pitt kickers dearly in the past.

    H2P. Nice win!


  36. Cuse will be tough. the Dome is a hecka home field advantage. gets very loud in there.

    and yes the ocs talk is real since pitt finally publicly admitted its looking into it. (despite the hidden populous study). sorry crazy paco man (the so called genius on rivals). but its going to happen before your dreams of closing off bigelow and planting daises. keep taking pictures and being an arrogant prick demeaning others.

    and dont just think ocs. think rec/entertainment center for more than one school, one program and more than athletics. its for the oakland community…365/24/7. simple minds like crazy pac man dont get it…and never will.

    the bot will never go for it….

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  37. Okay, you guys are nice.

    Finally good to see you all coming around on scheduling. 3 OOC cream puffs and one tough game – Dairy College or Morgantown Junior High. It is all about a strategy to build a program. You build with wins. AS far as those that say they won’t attend, that is fine. Instead of 40k we will get 36k. Wooopie poopie!
    Scheduling – Future opponents are often scheduled 4-5 years out but that changes every year. People come and go off of schedules all the time. It is usually an easy fix. In fact, our AD probably appoints an Associate AD to work on scheduling as their job, subject to approval of coach and AD. It’s not a hard job fellas. Wins bring confidence. Makes good players great. Have a plan, AD.
    OCS would be ideal – at some point the Admin needs to connect the dots between prospective students, prospective athletes and prospective alumni giving. Great sports teams are a way to raise donations/giving into the future.
    Rice Game – So many issues. Will handle on Monday morning qb. I did write ” we lern nothing if Max throws for 350 yards or Dinucci throws for 400″. It was not a crisp game at all. Cuse will stack the box and have better qb pressure. Our trenches better get better this week.

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    1. Exactly…. the win to me satisfactory. People don’t realize how bad Rice is. Syracuse plays with heart and passion and will
      Be home after 2 hard Road Teams. I take Syracuse all day minus just 4 points.


  38. Dan72, your brother in law is in good hands. Pray for the best. Daughter and son in law both anesthetists in the UPMC network, if there is any way I can help let me know. (throughout my surgeries my son in law set up the team in charge of knocking my ass out) made me feel a lot better.

    …and good call on the level field at the carrier dome.

    TX_, Paco knows his schitt but he is an arrogant fellow at times. I don’t visit the message boards anymore but to read that reconfirms my decision to not partake. << who needs it?

    Maybe someone is listening to the cries of an OCS? Would love for Bigelow to be shut down and Bates to be widened. Hear there is plan for that as well.

    TX_, your on the POV now, let the message boards go. The POVer’s talk real. ..ike


  39. Upitt: have a safe trip and enjoy yourself in what seems to be a nice city if you get the chance. (only drove around it) Love you buddy. ….and….

    Rice sucks, PITT sucks, Barnes sucked, Heather sucks, Narduzzi sucks, Watson sucks, Conklin sucks, the baseball coach who’s name begins with a J sucks (sorry, couldn’t remember his name) great to hear that everyone sucks in a newly wedded mans life …. 🙂 couldn’t help myself… ike



    1. Thanks Ike – You were spot on 100% on the sucks list.

      I’m starting to come a lot to Charlotte we have a new office and building some highrise condos right next to the Panthers Stadium.

      I tried to meet Emel
      But he is an old fart and makes excuses. Haha


  40. Good for Greg Romeus!

    If Pitt’s offense goes back to the three and out against Syracuse they get killed. They need the long drives that result in points that also give the D a breather. It is that simple.


    1. couldn’t agree more … and that is exactly what they needed vs GT.

      and it certainly would have kept the score down vs OSU. I still maintain that the big issue moving forward is the OL, not the defense.

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  41. For those of you who want to know what the uniforms will be, and are season ticket holders: look at your tickets. The uniform color combination is shown on the ticket for each game. Throwbacks are coming….


  42. Please be praying for all the victims of the country music concert in Vegas last night where over 50 are dead and 400 wounded from gunman on 32 floor of Mandalay Bay shooting automatic rifle(s).


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