Anther great evening with the POV’ers – and some new blood joined in with TX Panther (Mike) and Altoona Josh (Josh) both long time readers and commenters… and now commentators.  As you may have figured- there wasn’t a lot of deviation between us when discussing the season so far.  However, there was some when it came to this weekend’s game.

Everyone but one felt there was pretty much  no way we’d lose this game; I’m the outlier there.  Something feels very ‘off’ about this season – TX Mike agrees with this also – so nothing would surprise me in 2017 for our team.

I don’t think we’ll lose.  But I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if we did.

Do not forget about the POV Tailgate on Saturday Morning – Red 5A lot and I’ll have more info up tomorrow, or later today.


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  1. Well, morning has arrived and Pitt still doesn’t look any better. I see where today’s newspaper states that the Hillmans have donated another $30 million to the Pitt Cancer Center. This is very good for Pitt, but when is that big donor (Mark Cuban comes to mind) going to drop a big bundle on Pitt’s Athletic Department for a new OCS? They found about $100 million for the Petersen Events Center.


  2. From PGH Sports Now

    This quote came from John Miller when asked about Sean’s lack of interest in the Pitt job when Jamie Dixon left.

    “It’s too big of a recruiting gap for him to take that job…

    Ha! Now we know why. What a joke? Let’s see how he does trying to recruit for a program under probation and without paying players to come there.


  3. I’ll get my prediction for Saturday in early due to business travel & meetings –

    Pitt wins 21 – 10

    Halftime adjustments pave the way for Pitt to score three 2nd half TD’s after being down 3 – 0 at the half to USA conference opponent, the Rice Owls.



  4. Dinucci needs to use his legs more for biding time for the WR’s to get open as opposed to just running for yardage. Not saying he shouldn’t scramble for crucial first downs but something like the bigger Ben does. Shifting the pocket somewhat.

    Still don’t know who to blame for the offensive woes? Is it the QB, is it the WR’s, is it the O-Line or is it Watson? Hope we all get some answers this week and we like those answers.

    Narduzzi hinted that Pine was hurt last week. Hope to see him in there this week with Brightwell moving back to his best position, outside.

    I would like to see the O-Line play a lot better and imo O’Neill should move back to the other side. That group needs a shake up.

    Reed: Where has your golf instructor been? ….. ike



  5. I’ll tell you what I ‘Pine’ for – Taleni, Blair, Wirginis – I think the defense would be a lot better with those years of experience sprinkled in with all the young guys we are fielding now.

    Especially Wirginis at the MLB spot. I think a lot of our confusion on the defense stems from Brightwell not being able to get the calls from the sideline, inform the others and the adjust the D calls based on motions.


    1. Taleni and Blair proved to be rotten people. Why would you want those guys on university grounds as a threat to the students? Wirginis is missed for sure. Sad that Pitt brings these kids in and as young adults they make terrible decisions.


  6. I totally agree Reed. So maybe if the PITT D had those three guys and Whitehead first three games Conklin wouldn’t have looked so bad. wink wink nod nod. . . 🙂 ike



    1. He’s worse than bad Ike – I really don’t get why you have a hard time accepting the fact that from the minute he was hired Pitt’s defense went on a downward slide – into a 2016 where we all said “It can’t get worse” and yet we are now watching it do exactly that.

      Even our two great wins over PSU and Clemson had crap defenses involved… then 61 points to a Syracuse team who was 112th in scoring offense with only 22.5 ppg before we played them.

      That I think was the worse indictment of all for Conklin… from 22.5 ppg to 61 points against us.

      I also don’t get Pitt fans who say – “Wait until Narduzzi’s 4th or 5th year when his recruits are grown” or whatever… when we are trying to win ballgames in 2017.

      It’s like fans love Narduzzi so much he can’t do any wrong – and that isn’t true. I firmly believe had he fired Conklin after 2015 ,or hired an established DC to begin with, we might have been in the playoffs last season.

      Now we are 1-3 with a crap defense that can’t even help our crap offense out in any way.

      Conklin has to go my friend…


      1. Pitt’s defense ‘slid’ from 34th in 2014 when they played one team that finished ranked and 6 teams with winning records …. to 38th in 2015 when they played the 27th ranked schedule including 4 teams in final rankings and 9 teams with winning records

        One again, your bias is palpable. Last year they played against the 9th ranked schedule and thus far this year … the 3rd ranked schedule, with 3 teams known for mainly their offensive. And check Pitt’s recruiting classes from 2012 thru 2014 for the current defensive upperclassmen.

        I’ll guarantee next year at this time, Conklin will not be the issue here. Mark my words.


        1. Just to be totally forthcoming, Pitt ranked #100 last season in total defense while playing the #9 schedule. Pitt currently ranks #114 in total defense while currently playing the #3 schedule. The schedule ranking will take a beating this weekend, hopefully the defensive ranking does not.

          As Reed pointed out 3 probable 2017 starters (Taleni, Blair and Wirginis) from the 2013-2014 classes gone from the team.

          As has also been repeatedly pointed out, many of the guys that played defense for Pitt last season also played significant time in 2014 and 2015. It seems quite improbable that a 60+ position drop can be entirely attributable to schedule difficulty. I mean an implied part of your argument is that players improve as they age, right? There are several players from the 2016 team who are currently on NFL rosters or practice squads. Others were in camps this year. They weren’t bums and most would have been recruits from 2012 or 2013.

          In the end Narduzzi has been running Pitt football since January, 2015 and nearly 2.5 seasons. It’s time to stop blaming Chryst. Narduzzi has had 3 classes to replace Chryst’s recruits if he believed they couldn’t play.


          1. Guys – you play who you are scheduled and with that either your defense is good or bad depending. I wasn’t comparing this DC to Matt house but isn’t it interesting that – against the schedules they played – House did a better job than Conklin has done.

            We have a lot of excuse making on this blog and I do the same sometimes – but there should be absolutly none for Conklin’s defenses.

            Here is something to think about – everyone seems to think that Chryst’s defensive recruiting sucked… but just maybe perhaps based on who we saw from our defenses go into NFL camps – the players just looked bad because of the DC they had as a coach?

            Every stop to think that might be the case last season?

            Instead everyone feels it is just better to deflect blame away from the current staff and blame someone who, as Barvo states, has been gone for three years.


            1. so in other words strength of schedule means nothing and quality of opponents mean nothing. You remember this when after this game Saturday so you can tell everyone what a defensive genius Conklin is.

              The 3 defensive players from last year in the pros are Jarrett, Soto and Price. Jarrett, a Pgh native was originally recruited by Wanny, went to a prep school with the purpose of returning home. Price was brought in by Fraud. Soto was the only Chryst recruit.

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      2. “Wait until Narduzzi’s 4th or 5th year when his recruits are grown.”

        We say that because it is the truth with a program like Pitt. That is what the administration has to do to get a gauge on where the coach is at with his program. And when you’re Pitt, you should be thrilled with an 8- or 9-win program because that is what you’re paying for.


  7. This is a young team with a lot of moving parts, not all of which are operating smoothly. Therefore there’s plenty of reasons for concern. But come on? Who thought Pitt would be any better than 2-2 right now, seriously? So big deal we’re 1-3.

    I rewatched the game on TV, since I was at the game on Saturday, and actually, I like seeing how this defense is playing at this point. Hamlin, Jones II, Williams, Garner, Camp all getting playing time. Whitehead now back in action, against very tuff competition, testing the grit of these guys while they get experience.

    The offense needs to find themselves. The OL needs to gel, that alone helps the QB play, and use AJ Davis at RB!

    I still see a very real possibility of a 6-6 season, the wins being Rice, Syracuse, Duke, Virginia & UNC.

    Go ahead & laugh. This team is not that far away from being competitive with all of the above mentioned teams.

    It just takes time.


    1. “I still see a very real possibility of a 6-6 season, the wins being Rice, Syracuse, Duke, Virginia & UNC.”… and you are chastising people for complaining about starting out a 1-3 or totally horrid play Doc?

      Man – I hope we get to 6-6 but as it looks now, unless something drastic changes, we very well may not.


    2. Dr Tom, Syracuse will blitz our offensive line right out of the stadium. And Dungey If still at QB will put at least 49 points up on the board for Syracuse. In fact the scenario is written in the wind for all teams that play Pitt, BLITZ our QB from when the whistle blows. If they don’t get to our QB no problem because both our QB’s will check down and throw another 3 to 5 yard pass to our closest available receiver. The Pitt offensive has the capability of giving the opposition multiple turnovers with the current gang we are starting on the O.


  8. So…. what does Taleni, Blair, Wirginis and Whitehead have in common? << NO, I’m not talking about their poor judgement. Experience, coming from being at PITT for 3 or 4 years. All 4 have also been contributors and points in their careers.

    That’s a lot to lose off of one unit. I’m not sold on Conklin but just saying, PITT is not stocked with 4 and 5 star players where you may not miss a beat by losing these players.

    Also, the offense last Saturday sputtered and hurt the defense which isn’t an excuse, it’s reality. Halfway through last week I’m pretty sure Browne was still taking most of the passing drills snaps? Narduzzi needs to stop fiddling around and go with one guy and I sure hope it isn’t Browne. Dinucci was set up to fail last week, imo.. Take the chains off the young QB’s and let them get the experience they are all lacking.

    Sometimes there can be an explanation (GT) and sometimes there is just NO explanation (OSU) . …ike



  9. ^^^ Agree 100% – Put DiNucci in to live and die with him (I can’t see Browne winning games on the strength of his play alone) and get a solid year under his belt then who knows? maybe a race between DiNucci and Pickett will produce a real QB for 2018.


  10. Well one thing is for sure this Saturday – we are playing a lower D1 team in Rice. Georgia Tech was a mid range P-5 school and they schooled us. How we play this Saturday will totally reveal how bad or good we really are – should be interesting for the 15K who are there to see it. :<(


  11. Reed was speaking was speaking of Taleni earlier. Aside from Pitt, I follow U of Buffalo football closely. Taleni earned a crucial personal foul as a member of Florida Atlantic squad last Sat. in shocking defeat to the lowly Bulls. I thought Lane Kiffin was going to lose it on Taleni. Maybe Lane can land a position at Louisville if this FAU thing doesn’t pan out.


  12. If we bring in a new DC to run the exact same scheme what good will that do?

    Conklin will be the fall guy for a scheme that has not worked thus far, and may never work without a few Revis’s and Donald’s on the roster.


  13. Left this post on last article.

    Welcome newcomers ” Tx_Panther” & “Altoona Josh” to the POV Round Table. Enjoyed my visit with Ike, Jim & Reed & the newbies even though I was depressed.

    And to boot, my Grand Uncle – Hugh Hefner died last night. I tell a whopping story to everyone on our family relationship. I have also noticed that it is only people 40+ who really know who Hef was.


  14. LMAO ” They shortened the passing game.. now he throws it into the ground!”
    I have seen.. its on tape for opposing D’s to study.. I predict a nose tackle or D tackle will get an Int off of one of those shorties…


  15. Nice gang on the roundtable.. I am for wait and see on he poorly coaching the Ayatollah of defense scheme or is the scheme suspect. We all might agree the talent level on the D side has been lacking for several years and the atrocious O is only not helping the current situation and probably making matters worse


  16. I sure would like to see a QB that could run. It helps the O line and gives the other team fits. I have seen enough of Brown in the first game. Either work in some runs for Ben or give Mickie V a shot.

    The current offense looks like crap, something needs to change.


    1. But if he runs right into the defender instead of extending the pocket, what good does that do?

      Both QB’s have major flaws.


  17. I like the fact that the Nuch can scramble, but his throwing leaves a lot to be desired. Which is why nobody offered him a scholie but Ivy League Penn. Kinda hard to believe 128 other D1 (FBS) schools and not one

    Brownie throws the ball much better as he showed in the 4th Q, but was that because GT was up by 18 points and was in some sort of prevent Defense ……or not ?

    Pitt’s offense looks so disjointed at this point, it’s hard to figure out what the problem is. Therefore it’s more a problem of a lot of things are wrong. Watching those gif’s on PghSportsNow, showed an O-Line in total disarray, Which is why the running game also sucked. Until they get the O-Line sorted out, this offense is going to be bad, regardless of who is at QB.


  18. I am going to relate to you two stories about college FB and God …. one is true, the other speculative. And the first story is the core reason our defense was so bad last year.

    1. When DC Huxtable left Pitt back in 2012 for NC State, God thought to himself …OK I dumped on Pitt FB enough these past 2 years. So he had Cristobal fired at FIU. Thus, Todd Orlando became available. God’s reasoning was that (1) Orlando was an accomplished DC, (2) a Pittsburgh native, (3) a Wisconsin alum, and (4) unemployed, so even Pitt can afford him. So God surmised …. even Paulie and Stevie can’t blow this one.

    Well, guess what?

    1. John, a big college football fan who also was a very good Christian died. At the Golden Gate, St Pete told John that he was taking him to his ultimate reward .. and he took John to the nicest FB stadium John had ever seen. As they sat on the 50 yard line, John noticed on the field some of the all time college FB greats that had passed on … Bronco Nagurski, Ernie Davis and yes, even Ironhead Hayward. He looked at the near sideline and saw a husky guy with a houndstooth hat and thought … wow, Bear Bryant. Then he looked at the far sideline and there was guy a bald, black guy with glasses and a PSU shirt …. and he exclaimed to St Pete “Hey, that can’t be James Franklin. He’s not dead” And St Pete replied “No, That’s God. He just thinks he James Franklin!


  19. I think most here are on the same page just different paragraphs. Although some are just plain reading a completely different book. I think it’s called “How to be Negative with Class”

    PITT loses 4 starters on defense all with valuable game experience and varying success the first 3 games get Whitehead back for the 4th game.

    Conklin sucks and doesn’t know what he’s doing?

    Narduzzi is running the defense and the ACC is NOT the Big-10 and he’s stubborn as a donkey?

    Chryst left the cub-bard bare and a rift of defensive talent?

    Narduzzi’s recruits are just not that good?

    PITT has played a daunting schedule last year and until now, this year?

    Narduzzi has lost all two of his bowl games?

    Conklin sucks, Narduzzi sucks, Watson sucks, the whole team just plain sucks?

    Narduzzi has closed practices?

    PITT has had 4 offensive coordinators in four years. << This does not apply to last year.

    Could be one of the above, two of the above or any combination or D. All the above? I’m ruling out none of the above. . . . . ike



      1. Yea that’s incredible. We really did capture a genie in a bottle last year. You can never be really consistently good with that kind of turnover. And some of that goes on the cheapness of Pitt.


  20. Rice will be without their key offensive player this week, that being their leading Rusher who is also their leader pass catcher.

    Rice like Pitt has been playing 2 QB’s (go figure) and one of them is questionable for the game.

    Also their 2 Top Defensive Lineman are Out for the Pitt game.

    If we don’t win this week, I doubt we win another game this year.


  21. I’m ok with Browne starting. I honestly do not think he is the problem, it’s the line and Watson that have sabotaged the first 4 games the most. If the line doesn’t block, Tom Brady wouldn’t be able to throw a pass much less our qb’s. Plus, the fact that Watson is allowed to call a play let alone an entire game at this point is a sin-he absolutely without question was the single biggest reason Pitt lost to GT. I can find better offensive minds around 4pm at most junior high practices then what he’s done this year. In the words of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld “NEXT!!!”

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  22. Whoever scheduled Rice at this point, knew what they were doing. They are really bad.

    Record: 1-3 (105th of 130) (Schedule & Results)
    Conference: CUSA (West Division)
    Conference Record: 1-1
    Coach: David Bailiff (1-3)
    Points For: 48
    Points/G: 12.0 (126th of 130)
    Points Against: 127
    Opp Pts/G: 31.8 (100th of 130)

    So was it Herman or Cornhole ?


  23. It will probably take about 4 more losses before we leave October for Narduzzi to realize that the two QB’s we are starting combined with the dismal play of the line is not the answer for winning football.


  24. Wait. Rice is a football team. I thought that is what was being served to students in the 4th quarter with Fanta. Dang


  25. The ONLY team Rice beat was winless absolutely horrid UTEP

    UTEP Miners
    Record: 0-4 (123rd of 130) (Schedule & Results)
    Conference: CUSA (West Division)
    Conference Record: 0-1
    Coach: Sean Kugler (0-4)
    Points For: 51
    Points/G: 12.8 (123rd of 130)
    Points Against: 191
    Opp Pts/G: 47.8 (128th of 130)

    UTEP is so bad they got blown out by New Mexico State Aggies last week, who are annually near the worst or the worst team in D1. The Aggies have had 9 or more losses 11 of the last 12 years.
    The Aggies fan base has to be the most abused in NCAAF.


  26. wwb posted this above: “since 2010, Pitt has had 6 offensive coordinator in 8 years, and 5 defensive coordinators

    That’s another book entitled ” How to destroy a college football program” Guess who’s picture is on the front cover? Here is where I would post a picture of the smiling narcissistic one but I didn’t want anyone to lose their lunch or Reed get sued. again?

    Emel: A broken clock is right twice a day. That’s more than Barney and Clyde, AKA “the steve” the man who never met a mirror he didn’t like. …. ike



  27. Have made an effort not to think about Pitt lately — too depressing… But a couple thoughts:

    — Starting to wonder about Coach Duzz — could of sworn I heard him say both QBs did great things against GT. I like being positive – to a point…

    — Breaking News: Watson’s play calling is awful. The whole scheme is awful for a stand-still QB. The 3rd down calls are awful for any QB.

    –Nooch needs to learn to step up in the pocket – yes, there were some pockets, but Nooch drifted right back into the outside rush a few times.

    –Speaking of schemes, what’s with having our guards try to pass block the DE on the other end of the line? That’s a real head scratcher unless you have really quick guards…

    I could go on and on, but it’s too damn depressing…

    On a lighter note, I have two kids who graduated from Rice, which is a great school with a really nice campus in Houston. My kids will be going to the game with me, sporting their Rice gear, and rooting for the fightin’ Owls… May the best team win. 🙂

    Go Pitt………..


  28. There is not one male person that has been heard saying that Hugh Hefner is now in a better place…..

    We should neither be excited if Pitt wins or depressed if they don’t this weekend. This is a no meaning game. We will learn nothing from this game even if we score 50 points and have 800 yards of offense. We will learn nothing if our defense holds the opponent to 3 points. I will watch. I will learn something. I just don’t know what that will be.

    Vanderbilt = Smart
    Pitt = Not Smart

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  29. Wbb and I talk a lot about the differences (or closeness’s actually in the transition year) of Chryst’s and Narduzzi’s defenses. Here is a table I made up that breaks down some of the bigger categories comparing the two staffs’ work. Now remember – 2014-15 was played with the butt of every Pitt fan’s jokes when Chryst fleeted Matt House up from DB position coach to DC… and 2015 is with the defensive ‘guru’s’ favorite son Josh Conklin.

    I think this speaks volumes especially when we factor in what our defense has done both in 2016 and in the first four games of this season:

    I think we can all agree that we expected a much better defense in 2015 given Narduzzi’s hire and his reputation.

    Then let’s look at the Points Per Game allowed over the last six years – remembering that 2012 & ’13 were BE days:

    If we are to believe what Pat Narduzzi has said repeatedly for 2.25 seasons which is that he does not get into the tactics on defense but steps back – sets strategy (overall defense strategy) and then let’s Conklin run the defensive show. If that is true – and he keeps saying it is, then we have bigger problems than we thought if we keep Conklin onboard because it will just be more of the same ineptitude.

    We need a innovative DC who can 1) get the defense to be his at least a little bit and 2) get the most out of the players he has trying to execute the defenses he’s calling on the field.

    Honestly – I might just take House over Conklin today.


    1. and you continue to ignore strength of schedule stats. Heere are some stats for you:

      SOS rank: 2014 – 64th; 2015 – 27th, 2016 – 9th
      teams played the finished ranked: 2014 – 1; 2015 -4, 2016 -5
      teams played with winning records: 2014 – 6; 2015 – 9; 2016 – 9

      since quality of opponent apparently means nothing to you, Reed, I don’t want to hear ONE word from you about how Pitt’s D did so well against a poor opponent ….. not ONE

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  30. All statistics are relative. I’m not loving Conklin but again stats can tell any story you want them to most of the time.

    If PITT played GT 12 times every season what are the odds that Conklin would have the leading pass defense in the country? and the worst run defense? Good and good.

    I repost, could this these stats below possibly explain anything what so ever?

    Strength of schedule ranking by year

    2017 – 3rd (so far)
    2016 – 9th
    2015 – 27th

    2014 – 64th
    2013 – 37th
    2012 – 57th

    Information like this ^ is important when making comparisons. << and using statistics, the lying dogs.

    and before anyone blows a gasket, yes PITT’s defense has sucked really really bad.. but the Matt House comments? . .. ike


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    1. More Excuses. Jesus man. Conklin is a moron and Narduzzi can’t fire him because he is looking in the mirror!


  31. I took Pitt -21. We are terrible and Rice is way worse.

    Here is the problem. We will
    Kill them and the Yinzers on here will
    Say OMG we are back and clicking and watch us rattle off 6 wins or some Stupid nonsense.

    Conklin is Atrocious
    Narduzzi is a bad recruiter and coach and won with chrysts recruits.

    Ike is so ridiculous and can’t serious believe his nonsense or has no football accumen. I love you Ike but you and Tom are such Pitt homers it is scary. Call it the way it is. It is okay to be honest. We are a bad football team and will be won next year or do we have to wait for Narduzzi’s 6th year or whatever excuses you guys have. Love you but be honest it doesnt make you less of a fan.

    Doc and his nonsense makes me laugh.


    1. Glad that you’re following my directions, “go ahead & laugh”.

      I was in agreement with you, after game one. As I said, taking Pitt-21 might be too many points to give away with this team’s offense right now. But yeah, Pitt wins. 2-3 going into Syracuse.


  32. Do we really know who’s at fault on the offense side of the ball yet? Yes the play calling look amateurish last week and could very well be on Watson. Not a fan of him either so far.

    Look at the difference between Peterman from his first year to the next. Night and day, was that because of a better OC and offensive system or did NP learn how to be a better QB?

    I’ll sit back and watch the rest of this season before passing judgement.

    I think Watson and Narduzzi put all their eggs in the wrong basket this year, you know, the Browne basket. . . .. ike


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    1. I lost a bet with Tom but if you talk to the bangles front office today will they take Tyler Boyd in the second third or even fourth round? I think that answer is pretty obvious no. So if you pick smarter than the bangles scouts head coach and GM? I think so. I also wouldn’t of given Burfict and extension and I would cut Pac-Man and fire Marvin.


  33. I think the most depressing part to me is the poor offensive performance of Ollison. He breaks no tackles. A strong wind could blow him over. Even worse than the QB performance is the running backs, except for Moss. The OL may stink but the one arm tackles still aggravate me.

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  34. Matt House has resurfaced as DC for Kentucky. Here is what happened in the last minute of their game vs Florida this weekend …. and the best part of this, this was the 2nd TD of the game given up when a WR was left totally unguarded Look it up if you don’t believe me .. please!

    and God forbid if Conklin’s defense did anything like this ….. we would never hear the end of it


  35. So if I’m reading correctly, PITT can blow out Rice by 40 pts and accomplish bupkis? hhmmm.

    Now see, comments like that gives me pause for concern. In other words, PITT cannot win for losing in some eyes. Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf one time too many. . . . .ike



    1. OK do you want your stand how God awful rice is? Can you put it in a way that you understand. I take Edinboro +14 points against Rice


  36. Bring back Foge

    I long for the aggressive and nasty D of the early 80’s

    Players do make a difference. But also the coach understanding how best to use them. Conklin is horrible.

    And yes House was pretty bad as well.

    Partridge will be the new DC next year.

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  37. Many a coach is used to having the simpletons of the NCAA investigate them. They know all the ways to get around them. Government may have weaknesses and faults, but the FBI and IRS are not the NCAA. This is big boy problems. You can protest the little Ricky did, but he looks even more like a scumbag now that more info is coming out. They will squeeze these guys. My take, always look to the guy who starts they holier than thou, there is where the next shoe will drop, because they think they are insulated, cough,cough Urban. ( and does anyone think a PSU booster isn’t involved?) Us too. 😭.


  38. If the fortunes of PITT’s defense don’t turn around drastically by the end of the season I believe Conklin will be gone. I just don’t see a reason to be down one coach the rest of this season when Narduzzi has options to switch coaching responsibilities in the meantime. ike



  39. Austin_Texas_Panther. Never said anything about wanting Taleni and Blair on the team. I said they are missed by a defense that was counting on them. There is a difference in those words. Wirginis is missed as well.

    Excuse me, I prefer to look at the bigger picture then complain about a small photograph of a team 4 games in. I was always told in takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile… 🙂 ike


  40. So Ike who should be held accountable for Pitts terrible defense? Conklin? Nardoozy? It’s your three and tell you nobody should be accountable. Before the season started I was on the call and you all set the defense will get so much better because Nora doozies guys are in did you not? I said the defense will be the same or worse another time you Upitt was right


  41. Reed, UPitt and PoD. get all your Narduzzi/Conklin digs in now; there will come a time when you won’t be saying a goddamned word …. trust ne


  42. “I think it’s like that in some places. I don’t know where. You hear rumors and all that. We won’t get into that. But, if it’s happening in basketball, it’s happening in football.”

    HCPN today when asked about the CBB scandal


  43. Upitt above, ( i don’t like to reply to posts) Boyd started last week after the Bengals fired their OC but I wouldn’t have taken him in the second rd.

    I also would not have Burfict, Jones or Marvin on my team.

    Finally, I would never live in that city.

    Don’t get all worked up, the season is not lost yet . . . ike

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  44. The Rice Owls use to be a player in bigtime college football. Longtime member of the old SouthWest Conference (Texas, Arkansas, Texas Tech, Houston,Texas A&M, TCU, SMU, Baylor & Rice)

    Still would be a pretty good conference today.
    Rice has played in 4 Cotton Bowls, 1 Sugar Bowl, 1 Orange Bowl. Won the Armed Forces Bowl, something we couldn’t do as in major choke. And as recently as 2013 was 10-4 and played in the Liberty Bowl.

    They’ve really gone in the crapper the last couple years, as they’ve had the same coach since 2007.


  45. The halcyon years of Rice football were from 1946 to 1961. Until their recent uptick from 2006 to 2014.
    playing in 5 bowl games in those 8 years.

    Another similarity between Rice and Pitt. You guys are going to love this,

    Toad Graham was HC at both schools (Rice & Pitt) for exactly 1 year each. Too funny 🙂


  46. Upitt, our defense is not that bad. It is that young, and played their first three games without their best defensive player while also losing three returning seasoned upperclass men to dismissals before the first snap. I continue to expect a much improved defense as games progress this year. Patience.

    The BIG problem is our offense. I’m glad George Aston is back, we desperately need his leadership on the field. If that doesn’t get fixed in a hurry, forget 6-6. The QB, RB, OL, WR positions all need to step it up, including the play calling. That will be key.

    Throwing the towel in on this young team after just 4 games is premature and only makes you appear like a quitter. You’re not a quitter are you Upitt?


  47. I hope the players haven’t quit. They can control the outcomes. We fans can’t. So a fan quitting is diffeent. I don’t blame any fan for not attending this Saturday’s game. I bet Pitt will announce 35k attendance. Real attendance will probably be more like 19k. For those who will attend, I salute you but wear your sunglasses since those yellow seats can blind.


  48. Upitt you are the greatest but don’t try and pose as a realist because you just aren’t. You may be very well be right at times and maybe with this PITT football team but you are constantly negative all things PITT. Makes it hard for me to take you seriously on these issues.

    You expected Heather to roll into town and fire Stallings just like that when that is a (pardon me) a ridiculous assumption and expectation. That makes zero sense on it’s face value. That’s just not how things work.

    Here’s the deal, coaches are given some time to institute their stamp on a program. Again, not a big fan of Stallings but hell bells, there is money invested and he’s going to get another year of three. Same goes for Narduzzi.

    When you say things like that, It sounds like you may have had a bad experience at PITT? I get it, we all come from different angles and have different agenda’s.

    Now get back to the Estonian Mrs. Upitt. . ….. .ike



    1. That is how things happen at schools across the country. You are right Ike, not at Pitt. Heather was hired bc most AD’s that actually are professionals would come in and make the change. That is why they hired a compliance puppet who would cower to the great Narduzzi and not make waves. Look where that gets us. A bad football team and a atrocious basketball team. An AD with no spine.


  49. Gentlemen – not sure why we are close to getting personal with one another in our arguments. After all we are all on the same team. I think the thing that is galling to UPitt (and, frankly, me too) is Narduzzi’s “happy talk” after blowout losses. If he were more honest and actually acted like the CEO of Pitt football and said, we messed up bad and there is no sugar coating it and here is what we are going to do to make it better – I think fans might respond to that. By the way, this assumes that he is a good enough coach that he actually can formulate a plan to make it better. The jury seems to still be out on that.

    We have “happy talk”, we have a coach that has frankly treated the fans and media like we aren’t entitled to know anything (like the game in every press conference about the “I” word) and no accountability. This is unfair to fans. Last year, Hendrix and Zeise were (apparently) badly injured in the first game. I never did know what happened to them and if they would be back… As a fan, I am irritated that I didn’t know (and I don’t even bet on games). This year when Aston went down, the same thing. Is he out for the year, will he be back. Knowing these things would help me calibrate my expectations for the year for Pitt Football. That knowledge would make me a better and more forgiving fan. Instead we get what I see as a certain arrogance. Well, the arrogance worked last year because of Peterman’s and Conner’s greatness we got two fabulous and unexpected (by me) wins. This year, not so much. Let’s all agree to expect more from the coach…


  50. Anyone care to fill me in on why Taleni and Blair are sub-human and a threat to students?

    Talking to a Nit at the tailgate, he told me about a night he had at the Playboy Mansion. Showed pics with all the gals. Said celebrities get in free, but anyone else can pay to get in. Kind of ruined it for me…if only because I never knew that option existed.


  51. Yeah Ike, I said that we don’t learn anything with a win or a loss this weekend against Rice. Nor do we find anything out if Dinucci throws for 400 yards or Browne throws for 350. That is how terrible Rice is. What I will watch is if our trench work gets better.

    As far as suggesting what happens in football versus college basketball, it is different. As soon as AAU got involved in basketball, they created a middleman that could get paid. That system is not set-up in football. For football, the payments go directly to family.

    Not wishing injuries upon anyone, but the leading WR for North Carolina just ruled out for rest of year. That should help, right.

    QB’s – I just can’t figure out the love for Dinucci. Is it that the backup qb is usually the most popular person on the squad? He isn’t a great qb. Good, ok. Not P5. I would go MacPitt or Browne this game. If we lose, MacPitt or Pickett the rest of the year. We already know what we don’t have with Dinucci, so he should just stay as a backup. Use all Freshman that have burned their redshirts. Use them now!


  52. Rambling thoughts…

    –MacV and Pickett must not be ready to run the plays or they would be getting a shot given how awful our QB play has been. Everyone says our guys who have been around a bit are staring down receivers– so some expect that our true freshman and our RS frosh (who had limited HS play) are ready — right now– to do better?? And this is because other teams play freshmen at QB? Is this logical?

    –Cruel of Pitt to remind us of last year’s offense and tease us with that first drive against GT. How can you have extremes like that drive versus the rest of the game??

    –I think if Browne starts then DiNooch will need to bring us from behind in this game. Could get ugly.

    –If Browne starts you have to get rid of all the QB run-option type plays — they are a joke.

    I feel a tad better now.

    Go Pitt.

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  53. I’m not sure what plays MacVittie and Pickett may not be able to run from watching Pitt so far this season. I think either of those two can handle the 3 to 5 yard check down pass that is thrown about 10 times each game. And since we are told both can run pretty well having that option behind our less than stellar offensive line play should come in handy each and every game. Browne can’t run and DiNucci when he gets outside can’t throw down field much beyond 5 yards unless he can reset his feet. Neither of those two should be given the nod playing behind this offensive line.


  54. Unless one thinks that Max Browne is clearly the best choice at QB he shouldn’t be playing in my opinion because he has no future . I don’t really feel strongly about any particular QB getting a start but again unless Browne really gives the team the best chance to win he shouldn’t be playing . Also if the braintrust of Pitt coaches is giving any thought to playing MacVittie or Pickett , it should happen tomorrow because there are no better opportunities for a QB to get his feet wet after the Rice game.


  55. The Fraud Bowl
    Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA
    Noon – Saturday, September 30

    The first 20,000 .. make that the first 5,000 gets autograph pictures of Rick Pitino


  56. PIttPT… the 1st thing to do to change Max is take the “C” off of his chest then bench him and give MickeyMac an opportunity if Pickett is to redshirt.
    There are many things not going well with this team both physically, possibly mentally.. they lack cohesiveness and leadership…
    I heard the POV tailgates are kickass, exciting and draw bigger crowds than the game… we could get a couple of huge big screens, have a good game of old fashioned flag football (compete with other tailgate- smash mouth tailgate league) and never leave the parking lot.


  57. I will say again you play whoever is on the schedule in front of you. And what happens after that goes into the statistics book which means they are become facts also.

    Regarding the quarterback situation;it is apparent to me that our two starting quarterbacks so far have no talent whatsoever as far as D1 level play is concerned.

    I don’t think we need a running quarterback as much as we need a quarterback who can move out of the pocket while keeping his head in the play and his eyes downfield. That is what we are lacking with Browne and with Dinucci.

    Dinucci can scramble well and he can pick up some yards if needed, but there’s no way in the world he’s controlled enough in his movements to make a decent downfield pass on the run. Browne can do neither; he is just a statue out there and when he has to move at all you can be sure he’s about to be sacked.

    On another note; how do we know Conklin is that good of a recruiter? We haven’t seen his kids play and play well yet so he may just be an average recruiter. But that doesn’t really matter in my mind anyway, because his main job, 90% of his job, is as the defensive coordinator on the team and he’s utterly failing at that.

    I think the sentiment to ‘wait and see’ and our opinions will change about Narduzzi and Conklin means nothing right now. That is pure speculation and what we have to deal with really is the past and the present.

    But isn’t this way of thinking just perfect for Pitt fans I mean it fits in with the last 35 years doesn’t it “Of course we’re not good this year or in the law two, but wait and see guys… we’re just going to be fantastic in two or three years. Narduzzi and Conklin are going to be the tops and that’s going to be so much fun to watch”

    That’s pretty sarcastic on my part but this is kind of what we hear a lot on here..and that, of anything connected to Pitt football, is the ultimate in SOP. By the way you will hear ONE WORD out of any of us on here as long as this blog exists.


    1. If there isn’t hope, what’s the point? If I can’t hope that the team will be better later in the season or next year, then I would just stop wasting my time.


  58. Just a small hint about writing comments guys:

    if you put in a ‘return’ after two or three sentences and split your comments up into small paragraphs it really makes it a lot easier for the readers read and engage your thoughts.

    If they’re just one chunk of words or two or three really long paragraphs a lot of times readers will just skip over them and that’s a waste of good Pitt football information and thoughts and effort on your part…



  59. Parkway east inbound closed this weekend from 9pm fri to 5am mon in the vicinity of the squirrel hill tunnel. Penndot run by nitters.


  60. I have an off subject Pitt BB question –

    Didn’t Pitt lose a highly ranked commit a few years ago to Auburn – was it Mustof Heron?

    Auburn’s assistant coach Chuck Person was arrested in the FBI investigation this week.

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  61. Besides Rice tomorrow, Pitt is currently favored in only one other game this season – UVA at a low probability of 52%.

    Our perception is so bad that cuse has a 61% probability of beating us.

    Here is hoping this offense finds it’s legs, an arm and an OC.


  62. Pitt’s rushing stats for the past three games –

    21 carries for 62 yards or 2.95 yards per carry.

    No wonder Pitt was 1-13 for third down conversions vs GT.

    It is time for Pitt fans to see AJ Davis again and to be introduced to Todd Sibley. AJ played a few productive plays vs YSU in the 1st game of the season – he ran for a TD and converted a 1st down on 4th & 1.

    The RB position was supposed to be a strength of this team. Time to play the players who will make the position a strength. I don’t care about experience nor burning a redshirt. I expect production.

    2.95 yards per carry is “pittiful”!


  63. If it’s a toss up between Browne & DiNucci, then play Ben, he’ll be here next year to compete for the starting duties. Play for the future.


  64. Open question, why is t he OL so bad? Bookser, Officer, O’Neill all veterans, Hodges comes in as a veteran from Texas as well. Jarod Jones-Smith looks out of shape and slow. I’d sit him. Morrisey at center, I just don’t know. I don’t have the answer here, but both the passing & running game is being hampered by the line’s poor execution.

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    1. Doc – Emel and I have been suggesting moving Officer back to center, O’Neill back to RT next to Booker at RG. That establishes a cohesive unit from last year’s successful Oline.

      On the left side, put in your two best – Peterson should know who they are. JJS has played (pre-injury) well at LT in the past. Hodges at LG?

      Any change is better than keeping this same old, same old…


      1. I’d put Bookser and O’Neill at the OT spots — they move the best.

        Have to handle those outside rushers — especially when DiNooch tends to not step up in the pocket, and Brownie is pretty much a stationary guy…

        Go Pitt!!!!


  65. Making Jambalaya for the tailgate tomorrow. Expecting the usual 20-30 suspects plus Canman. Haha. Crown vanilla, tequila, vodka and Bailey’s…bring your favorite mixer. As always beer and homemade hot peppers.


  66. Pitt Engineer did a great job of describing exactly my own problems with Narduzzi. Too much “I” stuff, and he looks completely foolish when he closes practice, muzzles players and coaches, hides injuries, and then gets blown out on Saturday. Something is not working, coach. Ike is also right that coaches need some time to get things right.

    I’m convinced that Pitt is the type of program where it will take a long, hard slog to get to the point where they are ranked and competitive with good programs every year. They are not capable of quick turnarounds for many reasons discussed on this blog. I think Pitt will need to keep a coach for 10 years or more before the slow improvement in recruiting and coaching will achieve success. Unfortunately, we have not had a coach stay that long since Pop Warner.


    1. A staff’s third year is more than enough time to ‘get things right’. Unless your recruiting is sub-par. Any staff that needs longer than that is dangerously close to being just a less-than staff.

      Here is a squib from an article about 3rd year coaches who need to perform:

      Narduzzi is probably in the best position of any coach on this list. Pitt has logged back-to-back eight-win seasons since he took over for Paul Chryst, and the Panthers have played an exciting football both years. Narduzzi is a defensive-oriented coach, but Pitt averaged over 40 points per game in 2016, good for 10th in the nation.

      The problem is offensive coordinator Matt Canada left to be the offensive coordinator at LSU, just one year after Jim Chaney left to take the offensive coordinator job at Georgia. Pitt has long felt like nothing but a layover for collegiate coaches, but Narduzzi has established the trappings of a sturdy college program even if his coaching turnover is higher than he’d like it to be.

      On top of Canada’s departure, the Panthers’ offensive production is going to decrease this fall with the departure of starting quarterback Nathan Peterman and all-time leading school rusher James Conner. But perhaps this will be the time for Narduzzi to build the Pitt defense in the mold of the ferocious units he coached as Michigan State’s defensive coordinator. Pitt finished with the 100th total defense last year (part of that was due to the speed and productivity of its offense) and will need to improve to avoid an overall regression in Narduzzi’s third year. There’s little indication what new offensive coordinator Shawn Watson will bring, but it seems unlikely that the Panthers will go quite as fast as last season.

      Narduzzi has delivered energy to a program that needed a jolt after seemingly endless coaching turnover (remember when Todd Graham left the program after one year?), so he’s as safe a candidate as there is on this list. What he needs to avoid is a major step back after a strong first two seasons.


      1. “all-time leading school rusher James Conner.”

        duh…Tony Dorsett. This Si reporter gets paid for this inaccurate garbage.


      2. Reed — I have to respectfully disagree on your 3 year timeline. It’s tough to get the critical positions straightened out that fast — need some luck, IMHO.

        We ran into luck with Oh Canada and Nate. Usually teams struggle for a season with a new coordinator — we’re sure seeing that now.

        But you yourself have talked up Pickett to the sky. So who’s to say that he isn’t the guy to lead Pitt back to a top 25 team?

        I happen to think Pitt has a lot of talent on this roster, but it’s not the elite, year it up as a freshman or Sophomore talent, it’s the kind that will be strong as juniors and seniors (if they get decent coaching).

        I imagine you are rolling your eyes (and UPitt would say I’m accepting mediocrity), but hey, I’m a Pitt fan since the sixties and I’m not quitting on them now…

        Go Pitt.


    1. Reed, with Revis, Fitzgerald, McCoy and now Aaron Donald all in the NFL, I see at least two more Pitt guys making the HOF. If Donald keeps his play at his current high level, it might be three from this bunch.

      And the last paragraph in this article that I copied below?????? Wonder if he is drinking the same flavor of Pitt Koolaid that I am?

      “So, as you watch the Panthers this year, it’s OK to have lowered expectations. After barely surviving against Youngstown State during in week one, Pitt lost to Penn State on Sept. 9. Look for the Panthers to win a few games in row, even score a big upset to get into a mediocre bowl game that’s played before Christmas. You’ll likely experience moments of deep disappointment, but keep your head up. The player you watch now just might be a future Hall of Famer.”


  67. Tom- the move of O’Neil to LT and his shoulder injury is a big key plus the fact that Officer and JJS just are not good ball players. Officer was the weakest link last season at Center (and he gained too much weight) and JJS just has never been good even before his injury.


  68. As to closing tunnels, I probably went through 50 different tunnels in Switzerland last week, all in perfect condition. None closed.

    Our QB situation could lead to disaster in future ACC play. They seem ill prepared to run the offense.


  69. We do not have a capable qb on the roster try macvittie for a few series.
    Also take your best athlete and put him at qb. Jordan whitehead is my choice. Whitehead on the field with Henderson=points.
    Fellow posters please let me know what you think am I crazy someone walk me back off this cliff


  70. I think of pat white, Mike vick, Greg Ward. Ward didn’t have great arm neither did white.
    This offense needs a drastic shakeup. Whitehead makes plays with the ball but hard headed duzz thinks he’s better on d.
    This defense sucks with or without whitehead the offense would be better


    1. While I’m not knocking your idea, that would require Pitt and Watson more specifically, to go to some sort of Veer offense, ala Bobby Haygood of 1975-76.

      And with the way these current QB’s can’t throw vertical and the WR’s can’t catch when they are on target, that might not be a bad idea at all. But no chance of happening with someone like Watson.


  71. Altoona your not crazy, but I don’t believe that there is an offensive innovative bone in the coaching staff currently to even attempt such a solution.


  72. Talking with my son last night and we both agreed that Whitehead should at get some snaps at QB.

    If this offense isn’t going to throw a little downfield to back the linebackers off the line of scrimmage then playing Whitehead will at least give the defense something to think about. I’ll even say that JW can throw the ball a little? . . . ike


  73. Whitehead is the best pure athlete pitt has had in the last 10 years.
    His 30 some yard run sets up our td against GT on opening drive. Correct me if I’m wrong but he didn’t touch ball again.
    Canada understood a good offense puts the ball in the hands of the guys who make plays. Last year that was aston conner on doff weah and henderson.
    We lost two of them, really three with the aston injury. Add whitehead to the mix that opens things up for other proven playmakers.


  74. Frank, it’s not a problem with the tunnel, the road below the Greenfield bridge needs repaired because it buckled when they demolished it.


  75. If PITT and Narduzzi hadn’t won 8 regular season games two years in a row along with two very impressive wins I wouldn’t be standing on my soap box preaching continuity and stability…. but what PITT has surely lacked for a very long time is long standing coaching staff.

    It’s a proven commodity that continuity works if the right people are in place. I hear you guys loud and clear you really don’t think PITT has the right people. The bowl game loss to NW haunts some of you to high heavens. PITT was way over matched against Navy. imo

    The disparity in first downs and TOP against GT was ridiculous, again in my view, PITT’s defense has played better this season. GT ran 73 plays from scrimmage to PITTs 50.

    and saying a team has to play who’s on their schedule is true enough but suggesting playing quality opponents doesn’t make a difference is measuring a teams abilities is off the mark.

    I’m willing to wait out this season and see how it plays out. It sure as heck needs to get better though . . . .ike



  76. ……concerning Paris Ford, we had him on the scout team imitating the GT QB – so hey, he already has D.1 experience at QB!!!! :>)


  77. Reed,

    One of the things I wanted to injected on the call but we ran out of time was I agree that something is really off with this team.

    I think the locker room is fractured (not sure why).

    Strange things I have observed with the Team to this point in the year:

    Max Browne being named a Captain?
    Brian O’Neil not being named a Captain (Don’t care if he isn’t a senior the kid has fire in belly and has captain written on his forehead in my opinion)?
    The way the team perked up and played like they had a chance when Ben D entered the game against PSU?
    Players screaming at one another in the locker room after the OSU win. They should have been all crying together.
    The Duzz’s strange rebutle of Ben D’s account that coach told him he is the guy?

    on and on and on. Feel free add if I have missed anything.

    The QB that the guys believe in should be the one that plays. Not necessary the best QB.

    One of the worst things that can happen in an organization is when a Leader undermines or sends mixed messages to his subordinates. Interestingly, that is kinda how our guys are playing (like each player was told to do a different thing).

    More than the wins and loses that come the rest of the year I will be watching how the head coach gets control of the situation.

    I can’t believe I am saying this but if the tents fold my Honeymoon with the coach is over.


  78. Josh of Altoona,
    Good comment and I really enjoyed being with you and TxPanther around the POV table. It was great being face to face with you.


  79. We need Whitehead and Quadree more involved. They are the only players that can make an impact and change the game. They are elite athletes. Beat those horses to death. Well…figuratively.


  80. I also agree with the fractured locker room. Chemistry is off. I dont see leadership at this point. Pitt doesnt have the ‘It’ factor. I think this tough early schedule did hurt their confidence. I think the suspensions hurt. I think these closed practices and tightness that is caused by Narduzzi hurts. Add in inexperience and lack of a number 1 QB, you have a recipe for this early season mess. But it can be turned around. It begins with Rice. Like I said – Pitt 38, Rice 17. Pitt covers.


  81. Fractured locker room? You all are making up rumors like little old ladirs at the hair salon in Mt. Oliver.

    Cracks me up.


  82. How else do you explain it. Something isnt right. Leaders got to lead and coaches got to coach. We aint seeing none of that. Dont tell me that their performance isnt getting to the players and coaches. This aint no cohesive unit at this point. I dont need to make up rumours when I see their play, actions and motions. And my great Aunt cut hair in Mt Oliver.


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