A Look at Pitt’s Program History

I received this letter in an email the other day and wanted to share it with you all as soon as possible. This was written by a friend of mine who is a long-time Pitt supporter and a graduate so as an alumni he has a large spot in his heart for the University. I think he makes some excellent points and I think this is something we all should read…


I just read your latest POV article, and several thoughts occurred to me based on over 60 years of following Pitt athletics; graduating from Pitt in undergrad, and personally knowing a great many of the most illustrious of Pitt’s athletes. Yes, I go back to even EJ’s Dad and Freddie Cox being classmates.

During my days in Pittsburgh, Pitt was highly respected as a private university with far higher entrance requirements than other known major colleges such as Penn State and WVU, etc.  Those playing sports at Pitt in those days were genuine scholar-athletes who had to play both sides in football.

Look at the wonderful guys from the 1963 football team and you would see a great many academic and career successes from lawyers, dentists, doctors, engineers, etc. You also would see that quite a few players were drafted by the NFL and AFL but chose to pursue their careers rather than professional sports. I went to law school with some of them and used to be with them in the Tuck Shop and more. 

Unfortunately, time has not been kind to Pitt after the 1983 season. Yes, there was the misery from 1966 until Johnny Majors arrived through the help of great guys I knew such as John Konomikes. Pitt’s constant internal feuding between the academic wunderkind brought in by Chancellor Litchfield who bankrupted Pitt to build extensively both in buildings and highly regarded academics to mirror an Ivy League school and the weak leadership of the athletic department resulted in a civil war.

Pitt would resemble a golf cart with a bad battery jerking from one second to the next, never sure that you would arrive anywhere. That appears to have been changing since Nordenberg retired.

Chancellor Gallagher has a more modernistic business model of recognizing the value of marketing via athletics to establish a stronger brand for the university. This would not be necessary if Pitt were emulating an Ivy League university as the academics would be the major focus and reputation of the school. But, in a world where you are competing outside of a pure academic profile, such as a Stanford or UCLA or Notre Dame, you need to utilize every tool at hand to make your brand (The University of Pittsburgh) stand out to solicit alumni and corporate support for your programs and growth.

Remember, any business not interested in growth is a business bound to be vulnerable to changing demands. So, the foundation at Pitt has changed, at last. Gallagher recognizes that athletics really is the “front porch” or blinking neon sign that draws casual bystanders to recognize the brand and want more information. So, what I am saying is that Pitt Athletics is a way to enhance the image, the student body, the marketplace, and the corporate participation.

Having said all this, we have seen two recent Athletic Directors brought to Pitt. It is too early to say the true effectiveness of either, aside from those who continually carp about this and that. What is significant is that both have recognized the need for a greater overall plan and long-range planning for Pitt Athletics. Perhaps, it is too much to hope but a little patience and allowance for the current Athletic Director to make the necessary moves that will foretell her (edit: Heather Lyke) strengths or weaknesses rather than pile on immediately should be the approach.

As for the coaching of Pitt football and Pitt basketball, there have been quite a few changes. Allow me more digression on these changes.

Walt Harris frankly wore out his welcome with Pitt as he was not a good interactor with the local high school coaches and others in the media. He had no prior head coaching experience of any consequence as he was a quarterback coach at Ohio State.  Yes, he recognized some good offensive skill players, but was woeful in recruiting OL, and the entire defense.

It seemed that Pitt appreciated his offenses (despite the disaster of toying with a spread offense that no one seemed to understand). But there was from fans and administration alike a feeling that Pitt was treading water at not the top levels they hoped to achieve. We know Walt wasn’t being renewed, despite his agent’s faux pas.

Dave Wannstedt was popular with us old timers, not because of his NFL days, but he played at Pitt, coached at Pitt with Jimmy Johnson, and gave freely of his time and money to raise more money for Pitt. Nordenberg was very grateful for such alumni support and willingness to help at every request. How did Dave do?

Well, not so hot at first and the cries went up from his being so likable that kids wanted to sign up and play for him, but he was a terrible game day coach who was his reputation in the NFL. Would DW have stayed forever, perhaps?

Of course, not many of those writing about Pitt football (I mean both the media and the fans who cry crocodile tears to have DW back) remember the insults hurled at Wannstedt, his wife and family even in the elevators at Heinz Field accusing him of being a terrible coach who should be fired.  Dave Wannstedt is a Pittsburgh guy through and through who loved his school and the football program.

But, he was undone by the actions of some of those players he recruited. People seem to forget the articles about Pitt football being so high in the number of arrests? It wasn’t a pretty time.

Heyward. Enough of that subject which was a huge embarrassment for Pitt.

Todd Graham, he was a highly rumored to be a great football coach. He was on almost all top ten recruiting lists for a new head coach. Pitt upped their pay scale to get him and made promises. Maybe he knew, or maybe he thought, he could reshape the team into the type of players needed to play his spread offense. Well, you can’t get lumbering OL who were recruited to be road graders into being stallions able to pull and sweep but really quick to pass block.

He quickly seemed to realize that he was in a terrible situation which would require many years to recruit the types of players he needed. At what risk to him? His coaching reputation would take a huge hit, and he decided to quit and get out-of-town asap.

Yes, he took a hit for his classless manner of handling things, but he preserved his coaching reputation by the move he made. I don’t respect him for what he did, but I understand why he did it.

Now we come to Pat Narduzzi, who was acclaimed as perhaps the top assistant coach in the nation. Again, Pitt went into uncharted territory in coaching pay and incentives. What has been the result? It hasn’t been a powerful, fierce, and fast defense. It has been a Big Ten program approach with the pro set offense while the defense is being recruited to play what the type of defense that Narduzzi believes works best. It takes time.

If there is any justification for whining, perhaps it is with the defensive coaching.  Is Josh Conklin really able to be a strong DC? Is the DB coach getting through to the kids? We don’t know the real answer yet but we haven’t seen immediate hopeful change. Maybe in a couple more games, something will give up defensive hope?

In conclusion, The University of Pittsburgh has invested more than it ever has in the athletic program, the coaches, enticements, and publicity. Maybe Pitt football and basketball fans should realize that efforts are being made to strengthen all Pitt athletic programs.

Will Pitt ever match the publicity of Penn State? NO! It is impossible due to: (1) the great contracts of the Big 10 for bowls and payouts;  (2) the comparative sizes of Pitt being so much smaller in students than PSU;  (3) a local media that is not dominated by Pitt graduates;  (4) a marketplace largely devoted to the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.

Pittsburgh has been a city dominated for decades by blue-collar workers in the heavy industries who found their “university” in the Steelers and other professional sports.  It is similar to living in Florida wherein the older communities that lack a heavy preponderance of college graduates instead have “Retired US Army etc.” signage, stickers, license plate holders, and mugs.

Please note that if this grand experiment by the University of Pittsburgh to increase spending, promotion, merchandising and building football and basketball into a highly respected annual contender fails then you may well see Pitt duplicating the old Carnegie Tech model of downgrading athletics and focusing purely on its academic side which has not hurt Carnegie Mellon one iota.

Carnegie Mellon today is nationally recognized as one of the premiere top twenty-five universities in the country. Pitt can do the same and more as it has outstanding graduate and professional programs.

Remember, there comes a day for all people, businesses, and enterprises to re-evaluate their long-range plans, finances, and aspirations.

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  1. This is perfectly indicative of what the team is going through right now and how not on the same page everyone is

    Ben said after the game that you told him he’s still the guy, still going to be starting. Is everyone on the same page there? Is that what you expressed to him?

    NARDUZZI: You know what, not really. To be honest with you, I saw him coming in right as I was walking out. I think he was the next one up (in the postgame press conference), I just said, hey, go in there with confidence; you’re still our guy. He is still one of our guys; we’ve got two of them we like.

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  2. While the letter accurately describes the FB program recent history, I find it curious that the author:

    1) went from Graham directly to Narduzzi, and

    2) claims “Pitt went into uncharted territory in coaching pay and incentives.”

    I believe I read recently on this site that Graham is still the highest paid coach Pitt ever had. But nonetheless, salary (and I assume budget) should be in line with the competition and Narduzzi is far below the average pay of the other Coastal Division coaching salaries. (And the other division has the two highest paid ACC coaches.)

    Here is another perspective of recent coaching history posted today on PSN, some of it similar to the above …….. http://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2017/09/26/steigerwald-will-history-change-narduzzi-pitt/


  3. Wow, what an excellent article, and very much to the point! Having watched all of this firsthand, I agree with most of what was said. However, there were some other Chancellors, like Wesley Posvar, who occupied the position for many years and had many chances to offset the choices made by Litchfield, and the author does not fully address the period from Majors 1 on, why Majors and Sherrill both left, and why they didn’t elect to continue that great success by hiring a first rate coach with significant head coaching experience to continue the successes of the previous 7-8 years. Then there were the bad AD hires, including interim ADs who didn’t make many decisions, bringing back Petersen, then Barnes leaving suddenly, and now Lyke. It is not all about the money, it is also about making bad decisions on staff and the direction of the program (such as moving to Heinz Field).


    1. The article has some good points, especially regarding the civil war we know has never been settled. Otherwise, the articles does not break new ground, and is a good sales pitch to counteract criticism of the current state of Pitt football and basketball. A Pitt spin but a good read.

      Seriously, no one in their right mind is calling for Narduzzi’s head. Many fans are concerned about the level of support he receives. Will Pitt ever hire a big timer recruiter? And yes, where’s our guy Chryst? Leaving his 3 years out is a major omission along with neglecting the self-imposed stadium fiasco which, despite all those fans (at best 30,000 or less) who just love Heinz Field, is like the civil war.

      Here is Texas, there is no fear of building, no Yinzer anxiety about change.


  4. If I had the writing skills that’s exactly what I would have wrote. Well, except for the last paragraph, I understand I may never see an OCS in my lifetime but I sure as hell do not want to see PITT drop down in football class. . . . . ike



  5. Great letter!
    The ideal would be for the university to have both great academic and athletic programs. I would not define great athletic’s as a top ten program every year. Teams that are competitive and consistently play with pride would be great. I think a on (or near) campus stadium would be more in line with a culture that realistically promoted both goals rather than trying to build a program that could regularly hienz field.


  6. Pitt will never compete with schools like Alabama, who have no academic standards, and would sell their souls to win a championship. If Saban would leave to go to the NFL, would they hire an assistant from some other program to take over? No way. They have prior head coaches just hanging around and helping out! But achieving success similar to what Duke, Stanford and VA Tech have done should be possible in Pittsburgh. Steigerwald was wrong about Pitt’s academic standards. Very few are turned away because of academic performance, with the emphasis placed on graduating not admissions. Look at Ford, for example.


  7. As frustrating as it has been, I like Pat Narduzzi and think he has some of the intangibles that make him capable of being decent as a head football coach.

    There are definite flaws and he needs to understand those and be held accountable for those. That obviously includes his inability to adapt or adjust to the changing landscape and his stubbornness related to engaging the fans by opening practices, etc. Perhaps hitting rock bottom this year will be a good humbling experience for him and offer that opportunity to self reflect and listen to alternate perspectives.

    It’s not like he can cut and run and preserve his coaching reputation. On the contrary, he now has the opportunity to create a really amazing legacy by changing. Heather, et al, will need to demonstrate their support of his needs and wants. Hopefully at a higher level than say hotel rooms.

    BTW, a colleague of mine played football at Rice. I NEED this win!



  8. Excellent read,,,I remember applying to Pitt in 1969, the last year last year being a private school..for some reason (which I can ‘t remember) I had to take a science and foreign language achievement test for admission. I do remember taking the tests at Kiski Prep..I did well on those exams (Physics and Russian) and was accepted.

    At least I think that was part of the admissions process in that by-gone era..and please correct me if I am wrong.

    There are tons of bad choices and decisions to over-come committed over the last 10 years and we faithful stay out of our love for the university.We start each season with our individual perception of the state of Pitt football and once the season starts reality sets in..

    So far, it’s been a tough year that most didn’t expect at least from the standpoint of playing hard, being competitive and improving as a team. That hasn’t happened and that is my biggest disappointment to date. I am not giving up..heck, most of us never give up. We are true fans. maybe, just maybe, the roller coaster with our spirits on board will soar to the top of the loop.


  9. The letter was well written and make some good points, however his omission of the era from 1972-1983 is curious. While I agree, the focus of the University has always been primarily education (and should be), the administration made a commitment to be successful on the football field during those years.. and results followed.

    While some of the players in that era may not have been Pitt’s “top scholars”, many did quite well during and after their Pitt careers. And, have you listened to the post game interviews of PSU, WVU and even Notre Dame players these days? These aren’t Fulbright Scholars.

    I’m not asking or expecting Pitt to be OSU, Texas or Alabama (nor do I want Pitt to be). However, The author of the letter seems to be longing for the day that we are CMU. I see no reason we shouldn’t be a 8-10 game winner CONSISTENTLY, with an occasional “big” season sprinkled in. Excuses are just that, excuses.


  10. I don’t think he’s ‘longing’ to be like CMU – just that Pitt fans should understand in a clear manner that schools do sometimes choose to go down in division status. Mostly in the past though but not always. Here is a listing of schools that have done so – this is in football.


    I have written on here before and not believed that while not seriously considered this was discussed at Pitt after the 2010 season. I feel that if we ever experienced a SMU – PSU maybe even NC type scandal at Pitt we’d quite possible do that.


  11. Nice letter from another caring fan who only wants the best for Pitt Football. I loved that 63 team and thought they were the best team in the country. The Pitt malaise has been going on from the mid 50s. Anything run by committee BOT is always going to be a Cluster F. That is Pitt. It will always be Pitt. SOP It’s just now that football has become worse than SOP. WTSOP!

    Like with NFL football it makes me very sad. No longer outraged….just very sad..


    1. Gary Parrish‏ @GaryParrishCBS

      It appears federal authorities are alleging Brian Bowen’s family received approximately $100,000 to ensure his commitment to Louisville.

      Note – this is the FBI, not the NCAA … maybe Pitino will finally get what he deserves (but somehow he’ll get out of it I’m sure)


      1. back in the early 70s, I attend a Slippery Rock game and a few Westminster games because I had friends and high school classmates playing. Also attended a Youngstown game when Jaworski was QB, and get this …. they played their home games at Struthers High School (seated about 8k)


  12. I believe we are caught in a cycle of experienced team and inexperienced team. Just like a team playing B10 FB or ACC FB or something in between.

    A good coach tries to prepare to not be in that good/bad cycle even though being out of such a cycle may mean you never have a great great team. But one way to beat the cycle in my opinion is to always have a capable QB either playing or waiting as a backup. Call it QB depth?


  13. Pitt should not drop down in class, sorry we are not the Ivy League or CMU as much as the smug professors would like to believe they are. Frankly based on my sources the BOT are pretty much morons for reasons that apply to more than FB.
    That said, how about the Florida Gators where football is King. Nine players indicted on felony charges.

    Those list of schools are frightening. None ever approached the height of Pitt. rkb


  14. I guess my job on the POV is to remind everyone that PITT just had back to back 8 regular season wins. Narduzzi has only been at PITT for 2 seasons and 4 games.

    Am I happy today? NO but it becomes increasingly more obvious to me why PITT struggles with attendance issues. We all deal with losses in our own ways but the generalities take me a bit by surprise. You know the saying about sinking ships? I’m not saying anyone is giving up but the negativity cuts through me like a knife.

    You know the, he’s the worst and they are simply terrible. It blows my mind, although like Reed points out. We are entitled to our own opinions.

    I still contend we really haven’t seen enough to know much about this PITT team yet. The competition has been very strong up until this point. Hey, I’m not saying PITT has played well or they will play better this year, jus saying I’m willing to lean in a little closer and get a longer look into what this PITT football team can bring all of us the rest of this season. . . .. .. . . .ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  15. HaHa. I just can’t get enough of this site! You guys are a Mountaineer fan’s comic relief. A hardened Pitt fan and supporter wanting to drop all sports!!

    Yes!! Great Idea… just GO AWAY!!! Hahahaha


    1. BTW….your still is boiling over. And please don’t come here for our professional teams to call them your own either. You only have a mediocre B-12 team to rally around.Now that’s comedy….


  16. Ike the competition in two games has been strong – GT lost to a Power 5 school and beat up on a non-major school in Jackson State – not even a FCS school but lower. We should have at least played them straight up – then if we had lost we fans might feel better… but we got blown out – again.

    We almost lost to FCS YSU and was completely outplayed in those last two quarters against them.

    We have scored 4 offensive TDs in the last 14 quarters of play and given up 35 ppg on the season… while scoring 20 ppg.

    Sorry but what we have seen so far is exactly what were were – and notice I said “were”. Maybe we get better and grow as the season goes on but right now I think it is a bit much to spin our 1-3 record in any way.

    We have sucked pure and simple – regardless of any of the few bright spots we may have seen against PSU – which you and I completely differ on. You point to holding Barkley to under 100 yards on the ground – but the fact is on only 20 total touches (14 runs, 4 catches and 2 returns) he had 183 yards, @ 9.2 yards per touch, and two TDs. He tore us up.

    And you keep overlooking that PSU only ran 52 plays against our 86!! Yet they scored 33 points at .63 points per play against our measly .22 ppp.

    We have looked like crap in every game.

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    1. no issue in anything you wrote here, Reed. But your next to last paragraph about PSU running only 52 plays embellishes what I have trying to point out here the last week or so.

      The PSU game where we were actually in it early in the 4th quarter against a Top 5 team was the only game so far where Pitt didn’t look like total a$$clowns. It is also the only game where we were able to maintain a ground control game (except for 1st half vs YSU.) When we control the ball, instead of going 3 and out, it provides the other teams less possessions …. which is essential when you plays teams like we did the last 3 weeks.

      The defense not only has 8 new starters, most of these new starters had very little game experience. And I still maintain it will be a pretty good (but by no means great) unit by mid to late October. But my big worry now is definitely the offense, much more than the defense.


  17. I’m not saying PITT hasn’t played badly. I’m saying that it’s still hard for me to gauge this season due to the last 3 games being against a quality opponent.

    BTW, going into the GT game you/yourself pointed out how GT barely lost to a top 25 team in Tennessee in 2 OT’s and should have won. Now, it’s just GT team lost to another P-5 school? I don’t get that?

    Again, PITT has disappointed me across the board and the offense has been just plain horrid. I still feel it’s all relative to whom PITT has played so far. I will add, PITT may not win another game as anything is possible but I try my best to listen to the whole story before I begin any judgement. . . . ike



    1. Not sure which Reed post you are citing but perhaps he had forgotten last week that Tennessee had dropped from the rankings after losing to Florida. Tennessee then went out last Saturday and no doubt made their fans VERY uncomfortable by beating winless UMass 17-13 in Knoxville.

      In the end Pitt has to play them all out and we’ll see who the quality opponents are after that. OSU fell last weekend at home and PSU nearly did at Iowa (Barkley is something else). Both have some challenging games coming up in the second half of October and early November.


    2. Here’s the gauge..Pitt can’t run the ball or stop the run. Pitt can’t pass the ball or stop the pass. Special teams is OK though….


  18. 2 more things with my tongue in my cheek, sort of

    Reed: did you send yourself that wonderful letter a lot of us received? If so, please reread it a few times.

    Also glad you liked your own comment. lol I’ve accidentally did that a few times myself. << at least hoping that was an accident. Remember the old saying about throwing roses at yourself? You might just get pricked! . . . . . ike



  19. How can that blocking be so bad?? What is the problem here. The number of missed assignments is unbelievable. Officer and JJ Smith are nowhere near the players they were before. Few of the plays Saunders shows involve a player just getting beat (except for on the edge). These are mostly assignment issues.


  20. Pitt enrollment has had virtually no increase since 2001.

    PSU in the same period increased from 81k to 99k for all campuses.

    Pitt is making no effort to expand campus space, enrollment, student housing, stadium, etc.

    They sure as hell don’t mind buying up city property for hospitals. Until that changes, the football program stays behind the eight ball.


    1. The medical industrial complex is a more profitable industry than education. 10,000 ppl a day are turning 65 and they mostly all have medical problems or treatments needed.


  21. Just an FYI, Walt had head coaching experience….HC at Pacific before coming here. Actually coached against Pitt at Pitt stadium!


  22. One big thing to me is to try and not to engage a wvu or psu troll. That will drive me right out of this place. The POV has become my safe place to spend my down time, (yes i have a lot of down time) 🙂

    Let them eat cake…. that’s all . … .. .. . …. .. …..ike



  23. notrocket… my guess is UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh are 2 separate entities… I wish Mr Romoff (@$ 9 mill / year)CEO of UPMC would change the name of the beast and leave the “Universty” out of it.


    1. I am sure you are correct. Just saying, where there is will…

      You have to invest to grow the enrollment and improve student life.


  24. Ike .. we can take it.. we are tough sombitches !!!
    I wish all the Hoopie nation well.. best team to follow if you enjoy building up frequent flyer miles.


    1. It’s the shoes….it must be the shoes…. (not Rockports of course)

      Dixon refused to get into that corrupt side of basketball. I’m trying to think of the name of the local guy here who was involved in that but his weird name escapes me…


  25. Like I am not down on the team. I’m just trying to look at it as clear as possible what happened to those last four games I don’t think there’s any way to spin the fact that we played poorly and got beaten or almost beaten by teams that we should have least stood toe-to-toe with like we did last season .Now we knew this season wasn’t going to be as good a team but I think we’re all surprised about how bad it is and that’s pretty clear.


    1. doesn’t the fact that PSU had 17 starters returning while we had 7 or 8 have anything to do with that? Pretty much the same for OSU also


  26. Glad some liked the The Band song. One more for the road..

    Guess you’re right BigB, We Go This. I’m more than willing to have the load put on me as well!


  27. I hear the school has a campus review underway. Physical campus facilities are a thing of the past. Maybe keep some labs and dorms for those students and sports kids. Maybe on campus facilities for senior and graduate kids. I guess our OCS is a dead duck. Maybe our teams go into a semi-pro league as farm teams for the Steelers, Pirates, Penquins, etc.


  28. Off topic. Does anyone remember seeing a few years ago a beautiful light blue jacket that said, “Pitt 1976 National Champions?” The sports store at Station Square used to have them but I was a broke college student/truck driver then. I haven’t seen one of these jackets since and would love to buy one…I don’t care how much it has been worn. If anyone has one or a connection, please let me know…it would piss off some of my neighbors here in PSewww country.


  29. PSN reporting that at the Pitt practice today they are breaking the huddle shouting “ACC Champs. My guess it’s something the food that is causing them to think that scenario is possible. Surely those shouting that must not have seen the film of our offense in action this past week.


  30. Interesting letter. Including omitting the Cheesehead Paulie years. Maybe he didn’t want to offend someone. 🙂

    Pitt’s not going to give up the $20-$25 million a year from the ACC. Even if we have to play at Tartan Field.


  31. Didn’t want to copy and paste the PSN highlights from practice today but it looks like Whitehead pulled up lame on the first one. ??


  32. @WWB – I relayed the basketball recruiting game between shoe companies, players, AAU, agents and coaches over two years ago on the blather and here as well. The fix is currently in against Pitt although I haven’t studied Stallings relationships yet. That is why Jamie always missed on 5 stars and high 4 stars. Many complained about his inability to recruit, but if you understood that he was not invited into the group, you would understand he just didn’t have a chance. The game behind the scenes is unreal and you wouldn’t believe it if I explained it in 20 pages. It is dark and it is really convoluted.

    The article is well written, thanks. However, it is not solution based and may not have been intended to provide solutions, just open-ended (not a complaint). It would be great to hear from the Chancellor, what the long range Plan is now instead of masking it. Transparency is not a bad thing.

    Also, the point about Pitt putting more money into athletics is mis-leading in my opinion. Football is bringing in more money than ever and in order to not breach the ACC contract, they are probably most likely required to invest a certain portion of funds back into the sports programs/facilities. It is best to always know all three sides of an issue.

    Similar to the idea that if your freshman and sophomores are not pushing out your juniors and seniors for playing time, you need better recruits, the same can be said about Pitt Administrators including the BoT. Old thinking gets old results. The Higher Ed landscape is changing quickly. The reliance on old thought processes will get you run over. That has been our Pitt Administration in a nutshell.

    In other news Robert Morris is breaking ground on a $50M sports complex….paid for by UPMC. This may be old news but I just stumbled upon it. In return UPMC gets to underwrite the health benefits plan for RMC employees. Good trade.


  33. Huff, agree

    BTW, the Steelers just re-signed LB Matt Galambos and WR Justin Thomas. The last time we saw these two, Galambos was chasing Thomas all over Heinz Field in 2014.


  34. UPMC is somehow related to Pitt or was at one time – hint University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Recently Pitt entered a horrendous deal on patents with UPMC losing tens of millions. UPMC has become the monster that could have been Pitt – oh yeah UPMC is a “charitable organization” with zero employees – at least that is what they said in a lawsuit with Highmark. Getting way off here.
    Back to Tartan football, what an impressive and exciting schedule – at least they won under Klausing when Reed watched. rkb


  35. Chris Dokish‏ @ChrisDokish 2h
    “Hello? FBI? Yes, I’d like to report that Steve Pederson and Scott Barnes have systematically ruined Pitt sports.”


  36. This week would be a good week to flip the OT’s. I suggested this a couple weeks ago, but they didn’t take my advice. Brian O’Neal back to RT and JJS back to LT. At least we might have one OT side covered.
    Presently both sides are porous. I’d also think about moving Officer back to Center and getting Hodges (the Texas beef) at OG.

    Since Rice is so so bad, this is the perfect week to revamp the O-Line. Or are they just as stubborn on the Offensive side of the ball.


    1. Emel – I also have made that suggestion a few times. Stubbornness can lead to the same old, same old.

      In this case, the same old Pitt?


  37. Anyone else glad that Pitt isn’t an Adidas school at least for the time being so we haven’t had the chance to be linked to the current FBI investigation? One would have to think Louisville is destined for the death penalty.


  38. Huff.. know any good antitrust attorneys… seems like they are all in the pockets of the big monopolies….down here it’s Sentara and Vidant formerlyUniversity Heatlth Systems ( East Carolina)


  39. They have to do something, Pitt’s offense has scored 66 points in 4 games. 16 ppg isn’t going to cut it with the Keystone Cop Defense giving up 37 ppg.

    This isn’t Rocket Science.


  40. Emel.. I am starting to think ONeill might be where it best favore the shoulder he had surgery on…. just a thought.. he could possibly be wearing a range of motion limiting device… pure speculation


    1. Hey Bernie, you might be right. If his shoulder was that bad, he should have been medically redshirted.
      Or are we that thin at the Tackle spot. Cause a DE can swim past an OT on either side.


  41. Ike.. I saw Whitehead leave the game for a couple of series but later returned… also a player come out of the locker in street clothes on crutches wearing a walking boot…I don’t know who he is…


  42. Here is my POV on high academics and championship football. It is impossible anywhere!!!! ANYWHERE!!!!
    There are not enough Mike Reid(s) for even one platoon at one school. So the reality is NCAA football is a business, yup a business, if you don’t run it that way other business owners elbow you out of market share. Either be in it to win it (Majors I through Sherrill) or drop down or out.

    When Pitt decided to up entrance requirements above NCAA requirements unilaterally back in the 80s they admitted they were not in the game. Donations followed and will not return until there is concrete proof they are back in the business. (Upitt’s stingy related comments are not wrong)

    And as far a academic reputation goes Pitt’s has been on a steady decline over the decades to. In my own case even mentioning Pitt to my own (nonathletic bookish son) was a complete nonstarter. Way too far down the lists for his take.

    Maybe the rotting front porch has undermined the foundation.


  43. Emel and VOR, good post and question. One answers the other imo. I agree, move O’Neill back to RT and JJS back to the left side. The one problem here is that Hodges left the field last week first half and never returned.

    We all know Narduzzi’s policy on the I word << injury…. so we just don’t know?

    As this season moves on I would expect and surely hope that more and more younger players get their feet more than wet, I hope they get soaked up to their knee’s in experience.

    teds, I’m not holding my breath about justice being served with rogue programs that continually run their programs in disregards to fair rules and fair play. Louisville being one of the biggest examples of cheating. I suggest you breath as well.

    What is the oldest saying in sports we were all taught? “Cheaters Never Win” LOL!

    What is the newest saying in sports the kids are being taught? “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying”

    Thank you belichick, nick, joe, jimmie and all the rest of the pieces of garbage that wormed their way to fortunes, fame and shame! . . . . .ike



  44. Interesting BigB and an eye opener as my comment was about today’s practice. J Whitehead limped back to the back of the line this morning with a substantial limp/gate.

    Between the two of us I think we cracked this case wide open. Jordan Whitehead is at least a little banged up. PITT doesn’t need this, need all hands on deck. << a nautical reference for Reed. … ike



  45. ike, you’re on the mark as always. I think that Narduzzi gets at least two more years, maybe longer, to right the ship. Guys like Steigerwald and Ron Cook are ripping him pretty badly now, Cooks says we are looking at 4-8 this year. I won’t go that far, but of course I previously said Browne would be a stud with 2900 yds passing this year. I say that Duzz cannot afford to red shirt anyone this year who can help, because he may never see them graduate anyway.


  46. Much like the namesake cruiser, we are missing, instead of the bow, our rudder. I read Reeds friends letter, and almost puked. There were truths and half truths in it. It sounded like it was written by the academics who have almost ruined Pitt football several times.
    I do not have the energy today to go thru it piece by piece and tell you what I disagree with. Sorry, I just am not up to it, but I think it is a slick cover to get to his main point in the last couple paragraphs.


    1. Right JoeKnew….the USS Pittsburgh lost it’s bow in a Typhoon in mid 1945. But it did win 2 Battle Stars in the short period it was on duty in the Pacific. Was one of the ships who towed the stricken and flame engulfed USS Franklin after that ship was hit by several kamikaze attacks.

      Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign – BARBARIAN, CHEETAH

      Displacement 13,600 Tons, Dimensions, 673′ 5″ (oa) x 70′ 10″ x 26′ 10″ (Max)
      Armament 9 x 8″/55, 12 x 5″/38AA, 48 x 40mm, 24 x 20mm, 4 Aircraft
      Armor, 6″ Belt, 8″ Turrets, 2 1/2″ Deck, 6 1/2″ Conning Tower.
      Machinery, 120,000 SHP; G. E. Geared Turbines, 4 screws
      Speed, 33 Knots, Crew 2000.


  47. During my time in the Navy, the ship I was on almost sank in port. It was inadequately tied to the pier and banged against the pier overnight with no alarms. True story. But it was not named the USS Pittsburgh.


  48. Below a list of three terms, by my own football definition. What I feel that is interesting is that, these words/terms do not exactly interact the same way in real life as in sports such as PITT football.

    Optimist = Having a positive feeling even when the chips are down. Believing better days are ahead and the sun will come up tomorrow. Good possibility they are in denial.

    Realistic = Having a feeling that you know all and the other two groups don’t know what they are talking about. Fence sitters at best and I told you so group at worst. The people who are never wrong.

    Pessimist = Having a negative feeling even when the chips are up. This group likes to be heard more than the other two. This group most commonly likes to spew non facts but actually their predictions are wrong as much as right most of the time.

    So what was this all about? Who the hell knows? I’ll say this though. Why all the hysteria and panic? Is it because we are an optimist, realist or pessimistic group of POVer’s? <<< or all the above? . .. .ike



  49. A realist (like myself) is one that knows Pitt is cheap and does not aspire to greatness.

    A realist knows to expect 6-6 mediocre seasons with the occasional 8-9 win season. A realist doesnt really believe that Pitt will challenge for the Division and will only rarely catch lightening in a bottle.

    A realist knows that Pitt is more concerned about the academic side than the athletic side despite all of the front porch BS. A realist understands the motives of the BoT and the actions of the Chancellor.

    So say hello to Fanta sodas. You wont get the AD on record about an OCS. Pitt will continue to have sub standard facilities (the ones they dont rent). They will continue to have sub-standard pay (you get what you pay for). They will continue to run a squeaky clean program with compliance watching like a hawk. And they will do just enough to stay in the ACC and reap the millions, but Pitt will never be a marque program or standard bearer.

    Thats our fate so we must accept it because reaching excellence requires money, leadership and a change in culture. We’re not going to see that anytime soon.

    Now although our fate is mediocrity in the short term, excellence can be achieved the right way through change. That means changing the composition and structure of the BoT. Having the Chancellor focusing on the academic side only. Hiring a real AD and paying the money for one. Hiring coaches with proven head coaching experience. Investing in facilities. And walking the walk on the front porch and not just talk. I still have hope so thats why I’m also an optimist.


  50. Louisville – From Adidas 2016-17

    Equipment and apparel allowance 2016-17 $4,850,000
    Cash 2016-17 $1,540,000
    Discretionary apparel allowance 2016-17 $730,000

    7 Million from Adidas. Add that to ACC money and you start talking big cash. This is all without parking, food & beverage and ticket sales. Would be interested to know what type of deal our AD has landed.

    Also, those Cal Cheerleaders are nice. Those are Cal’s uniforms now aren’t they? Pitt dropped the ball on the color scheme. You snooze, you lose. Protect the Brand Pitt….i mean, once you figure out what the brand is.


  51. TX_ that’s a really good post and many truths spoken. Can’t argue it has seemed like PITT hasn’t cared much about the PITT football program recently.

    A couple things though. Talking down about the the new AD is a little on the pessimistic side imo, a little to early for that.

    You also post: ” A realist knows to expect 6-6 mediocre seasons with the occasional 8-9 win season. A realist doesnt really believe that Pitt will challenge for the Division and will only rarely catch lightening in a bottle”.

    Well PITT has just experienced 2 “occasional” regular 8 win seasons in a row.

    What I think is funny is that optimists know who and what they are, as pessimists know what they are as well. The ironic part is that realist really don’t know where they stand? Thanks for making my point.

    I have to say one thing TX_, you are one hell of a PITT fan and there is no doubt about that! Would love to meet you sometime. .. . ike



  52. Gentleman plus Upitt Pitt will handle rice a real step down in play. Things will get better have faith as for me my first grandchild was born today He has been to two games this year so it’s in his blood already. Third generation Pitt grad to be. Great day. Be positive there are many things in life to enjoy. H2P. PENN STATE SUCKS


  53. ike – I also forgot I’m a pessimist at times. But I’m a firm believer in ‘dont let the bastards get your down.’

    I count all commentators on Reeds site as friends. We’re all in this together. Sometimes I dont think the administration understands the pain they cause. And they surely dont understand the powerful resource they have that is ready to be put into action

    Pitt is a sleeping giant. That sleeper can awaken if they chose. I truly think they are afraid of what ‘bad’ things may happen with the pursuit to excellence.


    1. Mizzou enrollment is down hugely since their little blm incident on campus. 7 dorms on their campus are apparently totally empty. And of course Gary Pinkett was forced out (retired)


  54. Friends of P congratulations, it just doesn’t get better than that!

    Tx_, you again make my point. You admit to being a realist, optimist and a pessimist. Not making fun but a realist just doesn’t know where they stand. It’s like having your cake and gobbling it down at the same time.

    Yeah I guess we are all in Reed’s neighborhood. Mr Rodgers would be very pleased with Mr Reed… . . .ike



  55. Pittsburgh Fanta Deal
    1) .004 cents per bottle sold to students at end of 4th quarter $5
    2) advertising at Heinz Field on tarps $250
    3) Fanta logo on unis $45

    4)Picture of smilling Heather accepting check for $300 from Fanta during break in game action PRICELESS


    1. Pitt if they were smart, should have spun the media making fun of free soda if you said, was really an attack on our Female AD. We have to use the media’s own tactics against them.


  56. I hope Heather chooses mustard. Grey Poupon can sponsor. When we lose big we can say we were pouponed…Sonny Vacarro was the local shoe guy. I think a Nike guy.


    1. Yeah, that’s him. Smizek did an article on his blog on how great a guy he was for local basketball. I had to school him in the comment section on the shoe deals.


  57. Tx… Canary yellow = WVU yellow while real Pitt Mustard is a color known as “Autumn Gold” how appropriate with a romantic ring to it.. I know I have had a love affair with Pitt Autumn Gold-Mustard for 44 years…..


  58. Agree wholeheartedly Bernie. Love that color. One more The Band comment…AXStv has The Band:The Band on classic albums tonight at 8:00.


  59. PITT made the USA TODAY misery index:

    Pittsburgh: The alarm bells should have sounded this offseason when celebrated offensive coordinator Matt Canada left for LSU and Pat Narduzzi replaced him with Shawn Watson.

    This isn’t meant as a personal insult, but Watson’s offense should have been put in the dust bin of history many years ago. Sure, Watson experienced some fairly recent success as a coordinator in 2012 and 2013 when he coached Teddy Bridgewater at Louisville. But other than that, he wasn’t very good at Colorado in the early 2000s, wasn’t very good at Nebraska in the latter part of the decade and was disastrous at Texas when Charlie Strong took him there to allegedly run a spread offense rather than the West Coast scheme he knew. Now Watson is at Pitt, and well, it’s going about as well as you’d expect.

    Pitt hasn’t scored more than 21 points in regulation of its first four games, but he’s by no means alone in getting the blame here. Narduzzi is supposed to be defensive guru, but the Panthers looked helpless against Oklahoma State a week ago giving up 59 points. Then Georgia Tech did what it does, beating Pitt 35-17 on Saturday and racking up a 484-235 advantage in total yards.

    The idea Pitt couldn’t even come close to beating the Yellow Jackets despite getting gift after gift — four Georgia Tech turnovers in all — is a huge indictment on Narduzzi’s program. After doing some good things his first two years, it looks like the Panthers are taking a huge step back — all the way to the bottom of the ACC.


    1. Brutal man just brutal. The scum vermin media just loves to pile on…us…when things aren’t going well.
      If USA Today was only that brutal with the Creepsters.


      1. Emel – It’s harsh but when the BoT is full of Pedo’s; what can you do? The BoT should be full of PITT men and women. Absolutely no one from rivals schools that do not have our best interest.


  60. All on you coach. Pitt gets what it pays for. Thanks Nard Dog for using Pitt to gain experience to get back to Michigan State. Use us like Paulie did. We’re a proving ground and a step stone for you scums. But I dont blame you personally. I blame the BoT for allowing it. Tell me how 3 wins feels at the end of the year.


  61. Poor little Bobby, poor little Rick
    Poor little stripper, trying to turn a trick.

    Poor little recruit, 100K bill
    Just to sign to play for the Ville.

    Poor little school, heart of Kentucky
    How’d they ever get so unlucky?

    Poor Tom Jurich, thought he was swell,
    Now gonna burn in the depths of hell.

    Sean aint so lucky, Enfield, too.
    They’ll lawyer up fore the day is through.

    Wear my jersey, try this shoe.
    We dont care who we will screw.

    At least we don’t cheat…not one bit
    Perhaps thats why we are the same old Pitt


  62. Have to laugh a bit on the “celebrated offensive coordinator” comment on Canada. Narduzzi hired him after Canada was fired as the NCS O-Coordinator when HCPN hired him. He was only celebrated after he coached one year at PITT. << you know, one of Narduzzi’s friends.

    Narduzzi helped make Matt Canada a multimillionaire but now all of a sudden, Narduzzi is a crony hiring his friends? Talking out the both sides of our mouth’s is how I describe PITT fan’s. Insufferable is another-way. . . . . . ike



  63. And this is why the BoT is afraid to change the culture. And we accept mediocrity in the name of but ‘we run a clean program.’

    Is it too much to ask to be the Stanford of the East?

    Our culture just needs to embrace the Force. It doesnt have to sell out to the Dark Side to win.


  64. Wow, I’ve never heard the term Autumn Gold, fantastic. Maybe this will solve the mystery why PITT cannot get the color scheme on the same page as the glory days as we all know and remember?

    Reed with BigB and Fran are the rocks of the POV. Thank you for your sacrifices, hard work and dedication I salute you all!. . . . . ike



  65. @Tex-I think you need to define clean. I would not be so certain that we are spotless or anything. My sense is that we are better than most, but not spotless….at all.

    So, if Narduzzi makes some changes and browne or dinucci lights it up against Rice, will we feel better? This would have been Picketts week for me. It seems obvious to start planning for next year and getting the youngsters some great experience. It sends a message to everyone on the team and every potential recruit.

    Henry Miller move from safety to LB is a good move. Suggested this against Georgia Institute of Technology. This move reminds me of Wanny. Take safeties and turn em into LB’s. Take LB’s and turn em into DL. That improves team speed. Bigger CB’s turn into safeties.


  66. Anyone besides me that kind of feels the POV goes to bed a little early? Roll up them sidewalks boys, it’s bedtime!

    Bunch of old farts we are!. . . . . ike



  67. Not to school you Upitt but you’re heading laterally if coming from Austin/Ft Worth. You know, just to fudge with your mind. 🙂 . . . . …. . . .ike


  68. My bad, you said you were up and heading. Got you. See what’s it’s like to be burnt out? . . . .ike …Stay awoke M&M! The world needs you!



  69. Not much left to say, other than we were due for a bad season. We have tied our longest bowl game streak of consecutive bowl games in Pitt history. That being 9 years in a row.

    The ONLY other time that occurred was in the latest Glory years of Johnny and Jackie. 9 straight Bowl Games, albeit that were mostly Top Tier Bowl games. Unlike this current 9 year streak.

    So really, do we really want to top that era with 10 straight bowl games, with the type of bowls that the last 9 years have represented. Since several of them are defunct.


  70. I bet stallings will finally be caught. You know he has given away the Fall Chukah and Wingtips as well as the new Winter Lacer Rockports to these recruits.


    1. LOL – Married with two seven year olds and peak recruiting season. Getting a hotel in Dallas on Sat and relaxing and hitting spa or at least she is while
      I watch some football.


  71. Big B thanks for the flag and the explanation. We have been through so many colors it gets confusing. I know if bothers some but Majors1 and Sherrill were our golden era. The other throwbacks are a little too bright yellow and well not sure what the present “gold” is but it mirrors GT and ND too much for me.


  72. Ike buddy,
    The dictionary definition of a “realist” is a little different than the Ike meaning of the word:
    “A realist is a person who accepts things as they actually are and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.”


  73. lol boys, I’m up and at em. I made it clear Jim, that those were indeed ike’s meanings and definitions, and get this, of PITT football fans. Big difference there I think? << we PITT people are whacky!

    Never was much of a book learner. Life has ruled my world for good, bad and the ugly. Eh, you live and you learn.

    PITT wins one this week and then goes on a roll! You ever see a ball roll up a hill? Crazier things have happened.


  74. lol boys, I’m up and at em. I made it clear Jim, that those were indeed ike’s meanings and definitions, and get this, of PITT football fans. Big difference there I think? << we PITT people are whacky!

    Never was much of a book learner. Life has ruled my world for good, bad and the ugly. Eh, you live and you learn.

    PITT wins one this week and then goes on a roll! You ever see a ball roll up a hill? Crazier things have happened.


  75. It’s 7:30 am here in Luxembourg, leaving for Rome today.

    I think the panic is over the top. This was always going to be a rebuilding year. Made much worse by losing Taleni, Blair, Wirginis and Whitehead. Then Browne isn’t as the previous transfers.
    The question remains regarding the development of Narduzzi recruiting. Is it good enough?
    Not enough guys making plays, no substitute for talent. Great players make great coaches, not the other way around.
    Of course it gives guys the opportunity to blame, uniform color, no OCS and the AD. Broken freaking record.


  76. Mix in ineffective QB play along with dismal offensive line play on one front along with an inexperienced defense playing a system that has been ineffective for the past two seasons on the other front and what do you all expect the end results to be?


  77. I know BigB, it just cracks me up to read a bunch of grown men whine about how the boys are dressed.

    I liked the MacVittie article. If he is a real running threat, maybe they ought to work in a few series for him. It certainly couldn’t be less effective than our current offense. Should make Henderson more effective.


  78. Right BigB, It just cracks me up to read guys whining about how the boys are dressed.

    If MacVittie is a real running threat, they ought to give him a few series. With Henderson and the freshman RB should open up some lanes. To quote your guy “what have they got to lose”?


    1. sounds like a plan to me …. and how much worse of a passer can he be if the other QBs are only going to dump the ball off to the safety valves?


  79. GC, it is a broken record because the Pitt football team and the Pitt football program don’t really give us a whole lot to talk about as far as Grand expectations that are realistic enough for us to hang our hat on.

    We know we’re not going to win national championships at Pitt and if we’re honest in our hearts every single one of us believes that. So what we do is we talk about other things..we talk about our coaches we talk about our players and then when we’re done with that we talk about all the peripheral stuff – and we do that time and time again.

    Try figuring what to write about 5 or 6 days a week if you think those topics you mentioned are repetitive.

    It ain’t easy. So that’s why I always try to reach out to our readers and our commenters to get you all to submit either ideas for articles or even better written articles themselves that I can polish up and add stuff to and put up on the blog.

    But that’s only happened about four or five times in the last year and I really would like some more help but people have their own lives to live…(hint, hint)

    Liked by 1 person

  80. The Roundtable Call-in show is on again this evening at 9 p.m. We have a lot to talk about as we are 1/4 of the way into the season and things have not been going too well.

    However we have a team this week in Rice who we should be able to match up with and then we can talk about how well we’re going to do for the rest of the season. Or about how long ago Conklin should have been fired.

    So set aside an hour or so tonight, we’ll get some good conversation going and we’ll figure it out as we go. 9 p.m. Be there or Ike will make all his comments about you tomorrow…


    1. I suggest Reed (and others of his ilk) take a knee during the alma mater until Conklin is fired, (Since Sweet Caroline is no longer played)


  81. I hear you Reed and you know I think you do an amazing job of keeping the conversation flowing.

    I also agree the coaches are fair game. For some time I and I think you have questions about recruiting, but have received a lot of pushback. While I think it is too much to expect young D-Linemen to excel, I am somewhat disappointed in our so-called better recruits in the backfield. Where are the impact players?

    They haven’t been able to beat out a walk-on and wide receiver at linebacker.

    Really disappointed in the O-line. Did not see this much of a drop off.

    The other major problem is that none of the transfers have lived up to their ratings.

    I think the WVU troll is on the money describing the hyperbole from some on POV.

    Time to pull up the big boy britches and circle the wagons. So far the transfers, youngsters, and the coaches have not seized their opportunities. It is unfortunate that this ragtag bunch had to face such stiff competition this early.

    Hopefully they can turn things around. It doesn’t look good right now.

    Coach needs to take a good hard look in the mirror. He needs to get better. When times get tough the tough get going. When faced with adversity we find out what we are made of.

    It wouldn’t hurt if a few POVers look at that mirror as well and show up for Rice this weekend.


  82. Reed

    What is the strategic plan for facilities past the Heinz agreement? Facilities outside of sports also. Campus expansion.

    Pitt has liked the status quo for the past 30 some years. I don’t think it is changing. There is nothing published to suggest they are changing. They are a research university pretending to be a major power in athletics. The commitment is not there.

    They are like Watson’s offense. No identity.


  83. 2003 Heisman voting:

    1 Jason White* Oklahoma JR QB 319 204 116 1481
    2 Larry Fitzgerald* Pitt SO WR 253 233 128 1353
    3 Eli Manning* Ole Miss SR QB 95 132 161 710 275
    4 Chris Perry* Michigan SR RB 27 66 128 341 338
    5 Darren Sproles* Kansas State SR RB 15 30 29
    6 Matt Leinart* USC SO QB 5 27 58 127 255
    7 Philip Rivers* North Carolina State SR QB 18 20 24 118
    8 Mike Williams* USC SO WR 12 12 18 78 95
    9 Ben Roethlisberger* Miami (OH) JR QB 5 9 14 47
    10 B.J. Symons* Texas Tech JR QB 1 7 21


    1. 1980 Heisman Voting

      1 George Rogers South Carolina SR RB 216 179 122 1128
      2 Hugh Green* Pitt SR DL 179 125 74 861
      3 Herschel Walker Georgia FR RB 107 120 122 683
      4 Mark Herrmann* Purdue SR QB 58 71 89 405
      5 Jim McMahon Brigham Young SR QB 30 32 35 189
      6 Art Schlichter* Ohio State JR QB 18 34 36 158
      7 Neil Lomax Portland State SR QB 10 11 17 69
      8 Jarvis Redwine Nebraska Sr RB 4 16 20 64
      9 Kenny Easley UCLA SR DB 5 5 19 44
      10 Anthony Carter* Michigan SO WR 4 6 10 34


  84. The one constant through the period described in the letter as “Unfortunately, time has not been kind to Pitt after the 1983 season”….me. I showed up on campus August ’83.



  85. BigB,
    Thanks for the good article!
    Powell fibbed on one thing. Aston’s 4 plays were right in front of me. He was at 70% at best with a massively wrapped ankle and an obvious limp.


  86. No one said it would be a straight line up. We are having a tough year, maybe worse than most, but you guys got to come back from the edge. We were very happy only one year ago. Narduzzi needs to keep recruiting better players and give promising young guys more experience this year.

    Recruiting has been difficult. Probably for similar reasons to what is finally being proven in basketball. There is no level playing field unless you spend and cheat.

    ND came in and took the best guys from WPA last year and the wunderkind QB for next year. How do you think their boosters stack up to ours? It certainly isn’t their coaches personality.

    Follow the money.

    Liked by 1 person

  87. What I want from Pitt football…

    At a minimum…8 or 9 wins, a top 25 finish each year

    Maybe every 4 years the seniors align and you finish top 10

    That should be doable.


  88. When Pitt got good during the Majors/Sherrill era, a group of boosters calling themselves the Golden Panthers kicked in a bunch of cash. The then realized they couldn’t compete with the big money and the rest is history.

    Do Pitt Fans who can only fill half the seats in Heinz deserve better?


  89. As a member of the Golden Panthers, we never got what we thought we were supposed to get in the mid/late 80s. Getting rid of Pitt stadium was the final blow to me.


  90. Narduzzie says we have to coach em up when talking about recruits .Well I see a lot of guys on the field this year that are not up— especially on offense.Most of the problems worst are offensive and that is squarely on OC decision making, use of personnel and play calling. Watson fails on all. Couple that with a weak DC that can not stop the same dive play time after time and the only bright spot left is special teams. I am not doom and glooming when I say I see us at 2/10 at seasons end unless some drastic changes are made. I have watched our competition playing each week.


  91. I have an idea. I am sick and tired of the coaches handling of this qb situation.
    Now is the time to realize we have no capable qb to play this year.
    My idea is you take ur best athlete on the team and u make him the qb. My personal feeling is jordan whitehead at qb. The defense is just as bad with or without him.


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