Note: the previous article’s comment thread was closed by me due to the fact that it veered into the political arena.  We had our say and now it is back to Pitt football. Let’s all try to keep to the no politics policy that has worked so well on here… myself included.

Well, it is time for our post-match report cards in our Monday Morning QB articles where we all throw out our “Good, Bad and Ugly” for the last game to be discussed.

Monday-Morning-QBThis will be pretty simple today, just as last week’s was with the OSU shellacking.  We had the same result Saturday with a twist of the offense we had to face.

Where OSU passed all over the field against us, Georgia Tech did the opposite and ran up and down the green grass of Bobby Dodd stadium.  But they were actually pretty generous in trying to give us the game with their four fumbles that our kids recovered.

Our OC Shawn Watson hates charity though and promptly called the plays so as to give the ball right back to them after each turnover.  I have said many time Pitt football needs to humble itself and one way to do that is to take those altruistic offerings and score points afterward… then it is a win-win situations for the giver and the taker.

OK – onto the grading:


♣  Our first offensive drive if only for the fact that it showed we can actually score a TD in more than a couple a FBS games.  Too bad that was it on the day.  DiNucci hit Ollison with a nice pass on a seam route on one of the only good play calls by OC Shawn Watson all afternoon. It was like a tasty appetizer where no main course came after.

♣  Alex Kessman hit a long 55 yard field goal to make his record now 3 of 7 attempts. I’d like to say that we may really need him to become more consistent because we’ll have to depend on him in the clutch at the end to win a future game but from what we have seen from our Panthers so far that situation may not arise.

♣  We didn’t throw any interceptions.

♣  Pitt’s plane didn’t crash on the way back from Atlanta.


♣  Where to start?  Like last week’s review the “BAD” tends to meld with the “UGLY” in this game.  So let’s do this…


♣  And it sure was bugly out there. Giving up 436 yards (6.1 ypc on 67 attempts)  on the ground jumps right out at ya, doesn’t it?  I had written before the game that I thought GT’s running game would be Pitt’s ‘Death by 1000 cuts’ but that the back-breaker would be the GT QB hitting a rare long pass to totally demoralize the defense.  But no – I was mistaken as GT’s passing game was a non-factor pretty much.

Yes, GT was the #1 rushing team in the nation going into the game but it wasn’t like we didn’t 1) know this already and 2) have a week to get ready for their ground attack.  I sort of kept my fingers crossed that we might do what we did last season with GT which was be able to hold their running game to a semi-reasonable output of 241 yards and squeak out a win.

But this season we didn’t have those slow, white LBs and untalented Defensive Lineman that we had last year.  No, this season’s speedy, Power 5 offered  “obviously better than Chryst’s guys” defensive players didn’t come close to holding the GT squad to last year’s low total and we got our collective asses kicked.  Bugly I say!!

Really – did anyone at all think that at this point in the 2017 season we’d be wishing for those 2016 defenders to be back on the field?  Even if almost all of them ended up in NFL camps at one point or another?

♣  Shawn Watson’s play-calling and overall coaching.  I don’t know what the answer is here but it was hard to watch our kids come out of the huddle looking confused and run horrid plays.

There has been a real constant between Brown and DiNucci at QB and that is that both of them look unsteady from the time they receive the playcall from the sideline until the play was whistled dead.  I think what is happening is that they are getting plays sent in to them that they hadn’t gone over as using much during game preparation week.

Either that or both QBs are too dumb to execute simple plays and that sure isn’t the case. I think Watson is panicking on the sidelines and shifting things around to situational plays that weren’t discussed and practiced as laid out during the week prior to the game.

For instance we had one pass on 3rd down that was obvious executed as called but left us five yards short of a 1st down.

  • 3rd and 11 at PITT 34

    (4:36 – 3rd) Ben Dinucci pass complete to Matt Flanagan for 6 yds to the Pitt 40

  • 4th and 5 at PITT 40

    (4:36 – 3rd) Ryan Winslow punt for 46 yds, fair catch by Brad Stewart at the GTech 14

The weird thing about that play was that it was an Out Pattern timing pass where the QB had to throw the ball before the TE came out of his break – so it worked perfectly but was as stupid a play as could possibly have been called.  A check-down pass is never a timing pattern so it wasn’t like everyone else was covered and DiNucci went through his progression.

Either Watson had a brain fart, which as we have seen so far this year is completely within the realm of possibility, or Narduzzi did it on purpose so to punt and try to get better field position by relying on our defense to hold GT back deep into their territory – which is complete insanity given our defense Saturday.  Although that was something Wannstedt would probably do come to think of it.

Sad to say but we have seen this from Watson time and again and the season is only one-quarter of the way played.

♣  The disappearing 5* and 4* players.  Ultra-Hyped and Narduzzi Acquired, these 4* and 5* recruits were supposed to waltz in and lead us to victory… but QB Max Brown, DE Dewayne Hendrix and TE Chris Clark have done absolutely nothing so far that would lead you to believe they were ever given those high ratings.

We’d have thought by the fourth game of the season these players would have shaken off any rust they had from not playing due to transfer or injury, or from sitting on another team’s bench for four years, and would start to really produce for us – and boy we sure could have used those phantom talents on Saturday.

But it isn’t to be it appears, and I wouldn’t bet the house we’ll see any miraculous turnarounds from them either this year.

Max Brown has been benched for cause; Hendrix has floated down the depth chart, been surpassed by Rashad Weaver and is currently the team’s 15th leading tackler (with five on the season) and Chris Clark has had all of 3 catches for 8 yards and is in danger of becoming the 3rd string TE.

Man, when you really depend on and need these so-called ‘highly‘ talented players to come through for you and they don’t that means even more inexperienced kids have to play in their place.  Which then opens up even more problems.

♣  Speaking of young kids – these players have played in one game only, some burning their redshirts, and have not been seen again (at least so far): RB AJ Davis, DB Phil Campbell, QB Thomas MacVittie (on special teams), LB Anthony McKee, DB Henry Miller and DB Therran Coleman – each of these DBs were highly regarded as the ‘new breed’ who would take over and really raise the play of the defensive backfield.

That’s a quick overview assessment of my thoughts regarding Saturday’s game – what are yours?

Note:  Here is the latest national rankings in the major categories for Pitt – remember when you look at this chart that there are only 128 D1 teams in play…

924 stats.png

Folks – have we ever seen a Pitt team with rankings like these across both the offense and the defense?  I can’t remember that we have.  The best we are so far this season is an 87th rank in passing offense and that is still in the 68th percentile of the teams (or lower 32nd depending on your frame of mind when looking at it).  Kind of makes you a bit sick in the stomach to look at this doesn’t it…?

145 thoughts on “POV: MMQB; Georgia Tech 35 – Pitt 17

  1. Predicted 6-6. Now after a review of the schedule predict 4-8. Nothing on any aspect of this team is encouraging. Did
    you see Cuse play LSU? Thought that was a winnable game not now. Another season of frustration for Pitt fans. Also attendance will be dismal.


    1. Where do you see 2 ACC wins? Cuse maybe….but they have a good QB. I don’t see another one. In fact I’d bet on Cuse to win. (Take Rice & the points BTW)

      2-10 looks about right.


  2. C’mon Reed .. ‘last year’s Chryst guys’ wasn’t put on the field nearly as much as this year’s team is. Last year’s team had very few 3 and outs which is the standard for this year’s offense.

    Did you see how TCU beat Ok St the other day? … by one long offensive drive after another, and yet, Rudolph still passed for well over 400 yards. Ok State’s defense is still not strong but you wouldn’t have known it by the way our offense played against them.

    Our best defensive game this year was vs PSU when we were able to run the ball and use up the clock .. the trouble was that we couldn’t finish the drives Barkley was held to well under his average, as was PSU.

    Also, you mentioned yourself that GT was the leading rushing team …. they are averaging nearly 150 yards more this year than last. This is clearly the best GT team since 2014 …. when our defense gave up 612 yards.


  3. Gotta put Winslow punts in the good column although I wish he could drop a few on the 5 yd line that sailed thru the end zone.

    And this morning on FB Pitt is seeking input on their 30 year master plan for the campus. Have at it, OCS advocates.



  4. Just what are you people expecting? We had only 2 returning defensive starters back from last year (Maddox and Oduwo) until Whitehead came back … and we played 3 of the best offensive teams around.

    There is no doubt in my mind that by mid-October we will have a respectable defense …. and JoeKnew, I will guarantee that our defense will not be ranked > 100 by the end of the season even though we already dug a deep hole (like trying to raise my GPS after my freshman year)

    By far, my biggest disappointment is the defense. I knew t wouldn’t be nearly as good as last year … but didn’t think it would be this bad. Weah, Browne, Officer and Jones-Smith are big disappointments ..


      1. my typing is as inefficient as our offense. 2 more corrections …. guarantee that our defense will be ranked well below (<) 100 by year end … and GPA instead of GPS


      2. I agree…especially the O-line who should a strength of the team. I thought the defense actually played well given their inexperience and they got us some turnovers.


  5. Did not see the Game.

    Did not have to in order to know what’s becoming increasingly clear over time.

    Narduzzi is NOT a Head Coach. Don’t even believe he’s a GOOD Defensive Coach.

    I’ve been saying this for a LONG time… actually since before he was hired.

    Everything in time.

    Including coming to the realization that Narduzzi and his Staff look to be VERY BAD when it comes to eyeing and recruiting talent at every position.


    1. It certainly would be nice to have some good 4th and 5th year players around to mix in with all the youth, but instead all we have are O’Neal and Bookser. on offense …. Weah, Officer, and Jones-Smith have been disasters so far. And the only 4th or 5th year players on defense are Maddox and Briggs


      1. By 4th and 5th year defensive players I assume that guys like Edwards and Hendrix don’t count? Edwards is 23. Hendrix is 22.

        It wasn’t all that long ago that some on this very board shrugged their shoulders, or rather mocked Reed, at the dismissals of Taleni and Blair as well as the suspension of Wirginis.


  6. As for the here and now… looks like Narduzzi is going to do ONE thing right.

    Signs are that DiNucci will remain the Starter.

    Give the Kid a chance. With his athleticism, natural LEADERSHIP abilities, and history of winning football games… he could actually end up being a very GOOD College Quarterback.

    But you’re never going to know unless he gets the opportunity to get better.

    Granted it won’t be easy. The MUCH BIGGER problem is everything surrounding DiNucci starting with a lack of “Coaching Fundamentals” in nearly every aspect of the Game.


  7. The good:
    The defense, minus the linebackers and bonehead schemes against OSU. I think there is talent on this D. The inexperience is killing them. Guys like Camp and Weaver show flashes. Idowu is actually playing better than I ever expected but you can see what a year of experience has done for him. Brightwell is out of position.

    The bad:
    Offensive coaching. I could name 10 missed blocks on basic plays by Moss, Ollison, Weah, etc. The list goes on and on. What the hell happened to Officer? I blame it on the coaches.

    The ugly:
    The QB’s and Ollison. They stink.
    DiNucci dumps the ball short before the WRs are even into their patterns or he runs from the pocket instead of stepping up into it to buy the few seconds needs for the WR to get open. Play Pickett now or next year will be lost also.
    Ollison can be tackled by a little girl. Moss is by far the best RB. Give Davis some PT.

    The offense lost that game. Sure the D gave up tons of yards but with any kind of offense with the turnovers, Pitt wins the game.


  8. This defense is faster at getting to the wrong place (inexperience), last year’s defense was slower but was getting to the right place. Eventually the newbies will figure out where they are supposed to be, but after 4 games it’s taking too long.


  9. Unbelievable how tentative and indecisive this teams appears to play. Watching other teams, Iowa against PSucks for example, there just seems to be a higher sense of energy from the players. Understand that talent matters but there’s something else missing that has to be a coaching issue.


  10. The frustration watching these QBs is the same frustration I had watching Tino. The staff has to go young at QB and get Pickett some game experience.


    1. These coaches never do that because they insist right up to the end that they can get 6 wins and a bowl game. Maybe when we have 2 wins going into the last 2 games they’ll do it, but they won’t burn his red shirt then.


  11. Good: Henderson punt return. Nice to see that old form for at least one moment

    Bad: The offense. 4 turnovers resulting in 4 3 & outs. I owe an apology as I said all week that we could move the ball on Tech and their defense wasn’t good. I still stand by that and fully expect tech to get steamrolled in future games. Just a pathetic offensive performance, almost Sun Bowl level. Throwing short of the sticks on every 3rd down, incredibly bad. ONCE AGAIN THIS WAS NOT A GOOD DEFENSE WE FACED!!

    Ugly: Not being able to stop the fullback dive and giving up 200 yards to the FB. How can anyone say the defense was okay? You can’t stop the fullback dive in the triple option, it is game over. Once again failed to stop it after Narduzzi seeing this offense for the 4th time!

    Ugly (off topic): Seeing Penn State win at the end. Just curious what the reaction would have been if we hired UCONN’s former OC who was the head coach at Fordham. Yet Franklin strikes gold with the hire.

    Epilogue: The revolving door of OC’s is hurting big time. But a revolving door of head coaches would be worse. Narduzzi needs to figure this out. We can’t afford another coaching change in 2 years. But if we are looking at 5-7 in 2019 after 2 consecutive sub .500 seasons, all bets are off.


    1. Re: Your Moorhead hypothetical…

      I thought about this when watching the PSU-Iowa game, too.

      I recall Moorhead’s name being mentioned when the search to replace Chryst was going on. I seem to recall a lot of response in the vein of “what, Pitt is now stooping to hiring head coaches from FBS Fordham?” type comments. Not everyone was against it, but I don’t recall the news knocking anyone’s socks off.

      Had he been hired instead of Narduzzi, I think the usual skeptics would have torn the hire apart from that angle.

      Taking your hypothetical out a little further, I’m honestly not sure what would completely placate the majority of the Pitt fanbase when it comes to a head coach, outside of the impossible dream of Nick Saban deciding he’s bored and needs a new challenge. Get a young head coach like PJ Fleck and out comes the paranoia that he’s just going to use Pitt as a stepping stone. If they hire a coordinator, the lack of head coaching experience gets criticized. Hire someone who doesn’t have enough ties to Pitt or western PA and some will make THAT an issue. Get a current coordinator who was once a head coach and you’d have someone complaining that if he knew how to run a program, he would never have gone back to being a coordinator. If he comes from a non-P5 conference or – god forbid – a lower division (see Moorhead), THAT would get criticized.

      There’s probably no correct answer. I don’t think there’s a perfect coach for this program, but I think that’s the case for most programs for that matter. Pitt certainly isn’t a blueblood program propped up by rich, football-mad donors who will write blank checks each year to make sure the coach sticks around. If Fleck has two good years at Minnesota, someone will steal him away just like Texas did with Herman at Houston. I don’t know how TCU has managed to keep Patterson and that may change if has a couple more 10 or 11-win seasons in the Big XII, but that’s what I’d love to see at Pitt.


      1. the reality is we aren’t going to get a P5 coach to come here, Even a top group of 5 coach now might be a reach. So that leaves a top P5 coordinator, a retread (like a Mark Richt, Les Miles), or someone in the FCS ranks.

        Coordinators are such a gamble. You can strike gold like Franklin and RichRod, or you could get Foge or Hackett. I think in our situation you have to keep trying the coordinator route, but for the love of god no more from the Big 10.

        Note I’m not giving up on Narduzzi. It is just what I have seen so far he seems very wanny-esque in that he has shown no adaptability from his style and no signs of improvement in year 3 on defense. He has to get 5 years no matter what. Even 2 back to back losing seasons.


  12. wwb… That’s all you have… considering my MANY other calls and predictions that proved true over the years?

    My call on Bertke was based totally on his High School highlights… and the fact he was going “head to head” with Voytik who I was ABSOUTELY RIGHT about.

    There first time I saw Bertke in person was during the Spring Game on the Southside a couple years ago.

    If you actually look at my postings about the Game, you will see that I was CRITICAL of him… citing his INABILITY to step up in the Pocket and take command despite being 6’6″.

    But wwb, you can keep pointing to Bertke. No problem.

    So long as you don’t have a problem with me reminding YOU and EVERYONE what a “Die-hard” supporter you were of Tino Sunseri.


    1. we all tend to emphasize what we got right over the years and ignore what we got wrong. For example, I will tell you that I was in the minority on Blather when I argued against the booing of Stull and him being replaced (by Tino), and I pride myself on being the very first to designate Graham as a ‘snake oil salesman’ the very tight after his very first press conference. I also said that the Wanny firing was a mistake because the program badly needed stability instead of all the coaching changes .. but even I didn’t foresee what was to happen after.

      It may surprise you that I actually think Chryst did a very good job, except for his lack of focus on the defense. I just can’t believe that Narduzzi is getting all of this criticism when this team is obviously in a rebuilding mode … and also can’t believe the lack of empathy over the quality of teams that Pitt ha splayed over the past season and this one.


  13. Good: I learned that the QB is probably 4th on our list of problems on offense behind shaky offensive line, Wide receivers who can’t get open or catch, and offensive coordinator who is clueless and conservative. Special teams was overall pretty decent (80 yard punt return, 55 yard field goal). Defense had 4 turnovers.

    Bad: It has been pointed out by Reed the number of pass plays that were well under the distance to achieve a first down. The one that send me over the top was on 4th and 14 in garbage time and Pitt had a 6 yard pass. %^*$#$%# if you don’t get it you are going to turn the ball over on downs anyways. Every eligible receiver should have ran a route a minimum 14 yards down the field. Browne should have just thrown it up, who the heck cares if it gets intercepted. Until this team is capable of executing a pass play more than 10 yards plus down the field they will not win another game.

    Ugly: Offensive line after first drive was utterly a disaster. Pass blocking maybe gives the QB 2 seconds to throw. Run blocking gives the RB two defenders in front of him as soon as he touches the ball. Part of it has to be the other team does not respect the 5 yard outs on 3rd and 10 and just stacks the box but some of it is execution as well. Have to give Reed credit as he was very concerned about the O-line at the beginning of the year. I thought it would regress just to slightly above average from excellent last year but it has gone south like the whole team.


  14. I had great close seats at this game and here’s what I saw that was:
    1. Our first scoring drive (it gave me hope for 15 minutes).
    2. QH’ punt return for a TD – awesome!
    3. Our punter (who is our best player) :>(
    4. GEORGE ASTON PLAYED (his ankle was heavily wrapped and he was limping as he played FB for a handful of plays.
    Most everything else was bad – but the really really bad is what was worse than bad! (see below)

    a. We have no passing offense. Nothing down the field, nothing in the middle, nothing but throwing the ball sideways and short of the 1st down marker – EVEN ON 4TH DOWN!!!!!!!!!
    b. Running 230lb Q Ollison on sweeps with 340lb hippos trying to pull out and block in front of him – at the snap of the ball you could run up to the men’s room, take a leak, wash your hands, and get back into your seat before that 2 tons of offense makes it to the outside!
    c. If your offensive game plan is to craft a scheme that highlight’s your weaknesses and conceals your strength’s – WATSON IS YOUR MAN!!!!!!
    d. Our defensive scheme: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! Oh, let’s see, it hasn’t worked in 28 games straight, so naturally why change it???? If it’s broke don’t fix it, right? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
    The players played hard and while there may not be a lot of talent on this team (which is from poor recruiting), the game planning on both sides of the ball gave them little to no chance to win this game or any remaining game if things don’t change now.


    1. Pittman4ever. You pretty much captured a lot of my thoughts earlier but better stated and with better humor. Point b. under worse made me spit out my coffee. Point C is spot on. This is why I come back to read the comments. Thanks!


    2. Spot on analysis Pittman4ever! BTW, great to meet you in person on Saturday. I’m certain that you enjoyed your time spent with BigB and his Mrs.


  15. Most interesting game this week may be Miami at Duke as we remember the ACC debacle 2 years ago. If we lose to Rice my 9-3 regular season prediction is mathematically toast. However my prediction with the bowl game is 9-4.


    1. I got a better chance of being the next Chancellor at Pitt than Pitt getting 9 wins…..combined through next season for that matter.


  16. Good: defense causing turnovers, punting, kicking, and punt return
    Bad: d line not stopping a simple dive play-that is numero uno on GT game film and Pitt acted like it never saw it coming
    Ugly: Watson and the o line. Absolutely horrible play calling against a defense that was shredded by an average Tennessee team and gave up plays to Jacksonville State. The Cleveland Browns pass routes (3 yard check down on 3rd and 7) were maddening and using Ollison for speed plays is beyond dumb–he is a power back get a clue!!! Then the line can’t block a speed rusher or get out quick enough when they need to pull it’s just horrible horrible football that basic coaching fixes.

    The hope–Rice is so bad that things can get corrected
    The reality–tight game late fourth vs Rice 6-3 final


  17. Good: special teams … Winslow, Kessman (a 50 yarder that hits the upright i acceptable) and of course QH: Dr T taking on the Bee (or whatever that was)

    Bad: the lack of protection for the QB couple with the QB’s indecisions

    Ugly: Weah, Officer and Jones-Smith; playcalling; and getting the ball on GT 33, and two other times near midfield after turnovers and going 3 and out


  18. Seems that it is a lot easier for us sports enthusiasts to keep political comments out of our sports discussions than it is to keep some politician’s personal comments regarding politics out of those same sports discussions.

    Just sayin.


  19. We must be missing something: Heather called Narduzzi the best coach in America! So it must be the loyal supporters who are wrong.


  20. Neither QB should see the field for the remainder of the season barring an injury to Pickett. DiNucci has got some mobility but lacks the arm strength to throw down field unless he gets time to reset his field(as he was able to do on the one touchdown). And getting to the outside the pocket is definitely needed with our dismal offensive line play. Give the ball to Pickett and see if he can get to Henderson, Lopes, Ffench or Weah on some broken plays.


  21. Coaching: Narduzzi needs to change his defensive philosophy/scheme to match the offenses we see in the ACC. That is very clear and I don’t understand the refusal/stubbornness to change it up. Narduzzi also is putting way too much faith in coordinators who are just horrendous and have shown us nothing. Reed, definitely agree with you there. Watson and Conklin need to get the f’ up out of here.

    Players: Young and inexperienced for the most part, but I do think there is talent on this team and I do expect these players to improve a lot throughout the season. I kind of feel bad for the players at times because of who they have coaching them…but regardless of the coaches, I expect them to improve from the on-field experience. There have been and will continue to be growing pains (and yes it has been painful to watch at times) but I still believe that there is talent and we’ll see more than just a couple flashes in games as the season progresses.

    Recruiting: Reed, you said in an earlier podcastt “if you recruit 3-star talent, you get 3-star results” or something like that, but we have a lot of players on this team who were at one time 4-star recruits. I do take the star ratings with a grain of salt but look at these players we have who were 4-star recruits from one recruiting site or another.

    2016- Hamlin, Camp, George Hill, Watts, Matthews, Flowers, Pugh

    2017- Ford, Davis, Sibley, Twyman, Warren, Drake, Reeves, Cam Karter (formerly a 4-star), Browne (5-star but obviously garbage and I hate to even mention his name)

    Also, Narduzzi is recruiting a lot of 3-star recruits, yes, but many of their offer sheets have strong P5 programs. That is one thing that I do like to look at (i.e. who else is recruiting these guys), and it seems to me that Narduzzi is doing a pretty good job. I also like to see where the recruits rank in terms of positional ranking. Again, pretty good. Now, if the recruits don’t live up to their rating, maybe they never were 4-star guys or maybe Pitt just needs to get better coaches to help them live up to their potential. In any sense, I am happy with the caliber of recruit Narduzzi is bringing in and I am hopeful that a lot of these guys, after getting more experience, can be pretty damn good.

    H2P! And sorry for the ramble. Just got a lot going on in my head after the first couple of games.


  22. The Good: This should be real popular, Narduzzi, for having the guts to change QB’s and bench Browne. …but if that’s the extent of Dinucci’s repertoire in the passing game I hope he has the guts to try another candidate.

    Winslow is having a real good season so far but he needs to get better at the coffin corner punt.

    Henderson breaks out.

    The first drive was most likely choreographed. Can Watson do that for the entire game?

    The Bugly: Speaking of Watson. The play calling sucked. Could be little Benny couldn’t see the field and/or he didn’t have the time but like everyone has pointed out, he has to throw past the sticks more times than not.

    The O-Line continues to underachieve, really a big disappointment.

    Throw in the running backs for bad blocking and equally bad running.

    The D-Line, couldn’t stop a run up the middle. Where is Kam?

    This exercise really sickens me. Seriously!

    Whitehead played well for his first game back but the loss of Wirginis has really really hurt this PITT team real bad.

    Well this coming week do we finally get to play a team that isn’t rated first in one category or another?

    So a little heads up. The game is on AT&T network on Comcast and I’ve already transferred my tickets to the BigB/UNC game.

    Annie that’s nice giving your tickets away but you do know you can transfer them to a future game this year? jus saying. I plan on giving my two club seats away at the POV UNC tailgate. Reed gets first crack but he is all high and muckety muckety he probably won’t need them? << Mr box sitter

    This should be my only game I don’t make it down there and I agree with Reed. We need to keep the faith and appearances up. . . .. . ike



  23. Good.. you folks have mentioned all the good (very few aspects) of the game. Wife and I had a great time on the trip. Win or lose I love at going to games – I take in the whole experience- the sights, sounds, food and drink of college FB. The POV has enhanced this experience big time. Now there are new friends to hang with..

    Met Savannah and Atlanta Panthers and their wives through Dr Tom. Celebrity Pittman4ever was easily picked out of the crowd- recognized immediately- I regularly see him on the Wednesday night POV TV show! Pitt fans show up for these away games and we even got loud after that easy drive for a TD….

    Met ONeill and Morrisey’s parents .. nice people. ONeill had a shoulder surgery. Still fun to go to games but hard for me to expound even with my vast experience of playing 3 years of high school football. I am as dazed and confused as the product I saw on the field.
    The world won’t end.. there will be more victories and chaos.. count on it.. we are PITT!
    Ugly… those were the ugliest unis I have ever seen on the Panthers….

    coming up for the UNC game and my first tailgate..hope all attend- I want to put names to faces…but onto Duke and Virginia Tech first and more adventure! Folks matter how bad these times feel- there is also a silver lining!!! Stopped and bought Earbuds at Best Buy on the way home from Atlanta.. now if I can just figure out how to work em.

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    1. Haha BigB that was not me! (nor was it my wife). But i was at the game. 30 yard line 14 rows behind the Pitt bench, at the closed end of the stadium. Walked in just in time to see DinUcci connect with Ollison for our offensive touchdown. The play unfolded right in front of our seats. Thought we might actually have a chance. (how wrong i was)

      If by the end of the game you heard some guy screaming at Watson at the top of his lungs right after he decided to go HORIZONTAL on 3rd and 1 foot (which we promptly fumbled) then you did meet me. Sort of.



  24. The Good: This transition season will soon be over giving hope for next year
    The Bad: We still need to play 8 games and more bad losses will follow
    The Ugly: How this season will detrimentally impact future recruiting, attendance and brand perception


  25. Good – a seemingly standard annual FG made of over 50yds against GT.
    Bad – there was nothing else good.
    Ugly – EVERYTHING else.

    With that said, I do find it interesting how a few years ago a number of commenters were very much excited about Narduzzi – especially after his appearances on the CFP Championship coaches circle broadcast where he really was impressive – and now are saying the complete opposite.

    I get it – rough times right now and it appears everything is tanking at the same time. I’ve not given up hope on him yet nor this team. Definitely lowered my expectations and could definitely see a scenario where we end up losing all the rest of the games….but I do think there will be a lot of improvements over the next 2 months and that next year should be a much better year across the board. I will agree though that Watson has been extremely underwhelming and I wouldn’t at all be upset if he was let go….although I’d be shocked.


    1. One thing that happens at Pitt almost like 100% of the time. Nobody ever gets let go. (sans the wife beater). Near everyone let’s Pitt go (as in get out of town asap)


  26. Upitt, shouldn’t you be far away on an exotic honeymoon somewhere?

    BTW M&M, now that you have someone to help with the childcare, we will see you Wednesday night.. Right? . . . . ike



  27. i know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion but this will be a rough year.

    I do see some potential on defense. On the DL Camp, Weaver, Wheeler, and Jones are all freshmen, Carter, Watts are sophomores. Plus guys like Twyman, Pugh, Alexandre, Van Lynn,

    For LB Brightwell is a sophomore and Pine and Reynolds are freshmen. McKee, Tucker, Bright, Nunn are also underclassmen.

    For DB, Jackson, Hamlin, Stocker are sophomores and Mathis, Pinnock, Coleman, Garner are all freshmen. Plus Ford, Malik Henderson, Henry Miller and Ffrench as other underclassmen

    Other guys like Folston, Roy, Hendrix, Wirginis, Idowu, Zeise, Williams, Motley, Briggs, and hopefully whitehead will also be back. I think that by the end of next season this defense will be above average. I know its a long time but I see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    I am actually far more optimistic for the defense than the offense. Totally lack an identity right now


    1. These are the tuff times when experience is earned by getting your butt whipped a few times. They say, that which don’t kill you only makes you stronger. I’m hoping this is a learning experience for this coaching staff as well. They win & lose as a team and the coaches have a major responsibility themselves in the outcomes.

      I still think that we will be seeing a much improved defense in a couple of months, even with our opponent being Miami by that time.


      1. Dr. Tom….that’s not working at all for the Cleveland Browns….and losing has it’a advantages in the NFL because of the Draft. Losing in college just kills you….


  28. Man, I’m an 06′ grad and am seemingly not as jaded as some of you older dudes. But I am extremely passionate like you guys and consider Pitt football and basketball my favorite past time. I will always bleed blue and gold, but are all these posts a window into my future? Scary.

    Just kidding to an extent. I know you guys have seen some )&)(&) over the years….football )(&)() that is. I’m kind of reserved to the fact that Pitt will lead me to high blood pressure and an earlier demise.

    EDIT: Fade2 – I know you are new on here and welcome aboard – but there is a no swearing policy in our comments. I edited this one but will trash others. And no politics either – those get trashed.

    The Blog is read worldwide and my name is on it so those are my decisions…


  29. O’Neill, Bookser, Morrissey, Warren, Drake jr, Drexel, Ford, Houy, Morgan, Pilato and some big dude from Aliquippa named Kenny Rainey the third, 6’3″ 330lbs. Next year and beyond PITT’s O-Line should re-stabilize a good bit. Also add new commits Chase Brown, Kradel and Zubovic.

    This was a transition year from day one.

    Of all the recent coaches I can remember, Narduzzi has been given less rope than all of them.. . . ike



  30. As to PSU and the OC, take away the RB and the offense is pretty pedestrian. Sorry like Canada, he is a beneficiary of talent he had zero to do with. Iowa was one play away from winning. and that was with a great performance by Barkley.


  31. As to the D, I posted I thought the GTech game would start to see the turn in the D. I was wrong. But I will say Narduzzi will have more to work with if he continues to play the players who represent the building of the D. But I also am concerned he is doing a lousy job with what he has.


  32. Ike,
    Hey good friend, great hearing from you!!!
    To my memory (which is about as good as yours) I have supported Nard Dog and have yet to criticize him. The problem now is that reality has hit, he’s hired his good ol’ boy buddies, and his famed D philosophy is on the bottom of the ocean next to the Titanic. He’s the CEO . He’s responsible for this situation – he has to decide what steps to take and I’m glad I’m not him!


  33. Has anyone heard any feedback from the recruits that suffered through that OSU game? As I recall, there were only about 6-7 scholarships left. Must now hope to eliminate bailouts.


  34. OK Upitt.

    Hey Pittman, (Jim) heard you and the good ole POV boys tore up that great southern city. Hope you didn’t spend the night in the hoskow after dropping a 2 X 4 on someones car. 🙂

    Hey, I’m every bit as upset as you and the next guy with what’s going on this year at PITT. Just try and remember Narduzzi hired Canada and won 8 regular season games, first two seasons. Not done for a very long time.

    Remember how Nate Peterman ended up in the burgh? The schedule has been a little rough and the record is not a complete surprise.

    I say remain calm and carry a big big stick and PITT will beat down some teams in the very near future… (I hope) . . . . ike



  35. The Good:
    1) The Game Ended (same as the Good from last week)
    2) Pitt is #28 in Punting
    3) Bernies Babes, especially the one on the far left, Bernie’s right)
    (keep up the good work Bernie ! )

    The Bad :
    1) The Offense
    2) The Defense

    The Ugly
    1) See Numbers 1 & 2 of The Bad
    2) The fugly Pitt uni’s and helmets (please burn )
    3) Worst combo of DC & OC in NCAAF pending Rice game(as yet to be determined)


  36. One thing to consider – if the O had scored on even 2 of those 4 TO possessions it could have been a totally different ballgame. Our O kept our D on the field way too long.
    To me the O completely lost this game for us.


  37. PITT scoring yes but more importantly, holding onto the football with first downs. A young team on the field for that long is doomsday for a defense.


  38. Good 1) Special teams Winslow, Kessman strong leg needs to gain accuracy but he is Fr 3) QH – not only him but the screen was a thing of beauty.

    2) Bernie’s Babes – I am hanging with the Big B when I go to an away game

    3) We play Rice this week

    Bad) 1) run defense, particularly the FB dive – 6 yards a carry. This shows why the gain experience and improve this year is only somewhat accurate. IMO the greatest thing is that the young D line will learn they need to get stronger and improve technique which is tough to do during the season.. The experience gained doesn’t necessarily lead to improvement during the year but the young players learning what they need to do in the off season to get better.

    2) tackling

    3)coaching (see 2)

    4) Weah, Officer, Bookser, blah blah blah

    Ugly 1) the OC in so many ways, the play calling was the worst I have seen in a long time, in fact all year it has been uninspired. After a great opening drive he was as Reed pointed out throwing short outs not giving any QB a chance to succeed. Even 6th team announcers noted we weren’t even running intermediate routes, Nothing in the first four games has inspired anything. QO should run between tackles not outside tackles, how many times does a bad play need to be called before you quit calling it. – answer ask our OC

    2) could go on and on and on eg OL play and coaching

    3) the thought that me, my brother,, fellow POVerts and Fanta reps will be the only ones in attendance Saturday



  39. The Good: Maddox & Officer will be gone at the end of the year.

    The Bad: The rest of the team will be back next year along with Dizzy Narduzzi and his clowns.

    The Ugly: We play the pedos 2 more times.


  40. Had my wife take the pic hoping she would get a little jealous .. NOT… 53 years of marriage and we are like an old pair of slippers…


  41. Good: I had a wedding to attend

    Bad: It was not Upitt’s wedding

    Ugly: Realizing my4-8, 5-7 was overly optimistic.


  42. A few things:

    I don’t think that Wirginis will be back next season… More to the story then just 3 weeks & ‘injury’ I believe.

    Pitt fans are already starting the wait until next year song… As we do every year… But when is enough, enough? Sometimes there are just no excuses any longer.

    I don’t hear many fans calling for Narduzzi to be gone… But it has been exceedingly evident staff changes had to be made and he refuses to do so. What does that tell the fans? Either he is oblivious or he’s using Pitt as a purse to take care of his buddies. And might be the latter.

    We wondered and wrote about Watson at his hire given his sketchy resume’ (Coaching Bridgewater was a no-brainer given his talent). And now we are seeing what we feared may happen.

    I’m starting to wonder about the talent level of Ben DiNucci because even though I’ve never thought it was that high but now I’m starting to think we’re not seeing what he’s capable of doing because of the crap play-calling that he’s been having to deal with since he’s been on the field.

    And that’s too bad really because I know neither QB has the green light to audible and change plays based on the defense they see. That, and Watson & Narduzzi’s irrational fear of INTs means they aren’t getting any deeper, middle of the field passing opportunities.

    It’s almost like Narduzzi believes that this horrid defense is going to be able to keep us in close games and that an interception thrown would change the momentum or somehow be the decider of the outcome of the game. But that’s obviously not the case since our defense is a sieve and if we don’t open the game up… the passing game up especially… then we’re never going to keep up with our defensive lapses in scores allowed.


    1. LOL, kind of a different vibe than the letter you had sent. Thanks for that BTW.

      We fans really aren’t asking for too much in my opinion. How about some decent effort from all aspects of the team, creativity, energy, a sense of purpose and pride, and some humility. Deep down we know we really won’t be at an elite level without elite recruits. But this is embarrassing.



  43. What if Nick Savannah felt the need to do some charity work while he is on this side of the turf, wanted a real challenge and took the PITT head coaching job @ $1.8 mil and all assistant coaches paid proportionately… could Nick and his reputation produce consistent 9-10 win seasons ??? A hypothetical question…


  44. Reed.. couldn’t believe Pitt didn’t try to get Matthews or Weah one on one on a deep route and throw it to them. Both had 3-4 inches on the defenders… not much to lose if you don’t play to win


  45. Staff changes have to be made. If Narduzzi refuses, he is fired. Ben is the QB…PERIOD. Ride him for the rest of the year.

    I’m thinking Pitt should never hire someone unproven ever again. You need to have head coach in your resume.


  46. Seriously, I do wonder if the University has a huge “kick me” sign attached to its backside. Laughing stock, punching bag, joke, all apply. Why not just put an ATM on the lawn and let people withdrawal all the universities funds?? Maybe this is all just part of a plot by the BoT to use as excuse to eliminate athletics??
    Who will tell PN he has to make staff changes?? Ain’t gonna happen. And Heather will have that dumb ass look on her face at the Pete also.


  47. Hey if you’re ever bored what I do is look through some of the old Pitt magazines and they are enlightening and hilarious and here’s just one bit I saw as I was researching something else today… but it kind of strikes the heart of old-time Pitt students and reminded me a little bit of my parents also. Here it is:

    Ain’t Love Grand?

    Nestled among the “I love you, Pookie!” classified ads in The Pitt News’ Valentine’s Day edition was this heart-warming message:

    To the South Oakland Party King:

    You are insolent and disgusting. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

    Much Love,

    The South Oakland Party Queen.


  48. “You HAVE to stop the fullback on every play!” (D. Wannestadt, pre Navy game – not sure which one).
    At one point in the game, the scoreboard said we were 1-6 on 3rd down conversions. At the same time, GT was like 6-9. I agree with those who said the O killed us. I’ll bet we were close to a school record for 3-and-outs. I don’t recall seeing 1 pass attempt over the middle, until Max came in against the shock troopers.

    The Good: I got to meet BigB and Jeannie! I’m out of smart-assed comments;
    The Bad: There is no glass;
    The Ugly: I’m out of Kool Aid. But that’s OK, cuz there is no glass.

    Thought the DL would be much better by now — NOT!
    Thought the OL would be serviceable by now – NOT!
    Based on Spring Game, wasn’t enthused about Brown – CHECK!
    Didn’t think I’d be disappointed by now – NOT
    CONCLUSION: Why have I kept disregarding Upitt??


  49. Well for the last few months I have enjoyed the banter back and forth on the POV. Some very interesting comments that both made me think and sometimes chuckle. You guys are dedicated fans and I’ll bet a few of you have Pitt script tattooed on your body somewhere. In the spirit of the Good, Bad and Ugly I am giving you my GBU for the Rice game.
    Good- Taking my 9 year old Grandson to the game. Even though his dad is a PSU fan. Gotta start them young.
    Bad-Me walking to the game from Blue Lot 7J with a banged up knee.
    Ugly- Heck that’s easy, me. And getting uglier every day.
    Hang in there guys. I told my son I ain’t dying till Pitt gets in the BCS playoff. And yea I plan on living a looooong time.


    1. Etna – catch a ride with the bike chariot- your grandson will enjoy it and your knee will thank you for it.

      Don’t forget to treat him to a Fanta soda.

      I’ll be at the Rice crispy bowl game with my wife. No give up yet in this family.



  50. It’s a sad night in my house tonight. There is really not much with me to lay my head on the pillow tonight considering PITT football. The PITT football nation pretty much divided or in a complete negative state. Don’t get much worse than that.

    Perspective is a state of mind depending on what? Think about that one. Perspective is a subjective word that can mean what we all think it is. Hell, what in the hell do we all know? Despair, frustration and bad memories. We need to remember the kids on this team don’t go back as far as most of all us complainers.

    Shame, our PITT football boys are going to play and win a football game this coming Saturday with practically no one there to watch it…. and we all wonder why? We wonder why local recruits shy away from helping their home team to get back on the right track..

    Reed’s letter was on the beam and with the right message. Let’s hold the fort down and keep the faith! . . . ……. ike



    1. I’ll be at the game. Since I was there in the early 70s I’m used to this kind of Pitt FB. Still will go and enjoy meeting with friends and maybe see a good game.


    2. If it’s a nice day on Saturday & especially if you’re a Pitt fan with season tickets, what better game to show up for to see Pitt play? If we don’t beat Rice THEN I’ll get on the SOP wagon later Ken the majority of posters here.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure Pitt ends up .500 or worse after watching they’re first four games but this young team is far from hopeless. There are a lot of moving parts in a successful football program and this coaching staff has them at this point all working out of harmony.

      The team leadership is also suspect. A young team, without leadership can really flounder. This too will get better as the season progresses. It up to the coaches to get this ship righted and going in the right direction. This team has as much talent as either of the last two 8-5 teams that Narduzzi has coached IMO. The difference? Experience is absent, confidence is shaken and the lack of leadership is apparent. This all will continue to morph into another entity by season’s end. 6-6 regular season finish is still possible with a minor bowl bid.

      Take a deep breath.


  51. From yesterday: Announced crowd of 23,882 for the #Tigers’ 2017 home finale
    Pitt is far from the only way that fudges on crowd numbers


    1. That poor kid sports writer for the Pitt News, doesn’t know what he’s in for. For the next 35 years.

      Somebody should perform an act of charity.


  52. The good:
    1. Bobby Dodd Stadium. A little gem of a field nestled in an urban setting. Easy in, easy out. Feels full even when it isn’t. Hey Gallagher…LOOK
    2. I saw Ziese make a number of diving tackles on the edge. Camp flashed. For the most part coverage was good when the Jackets tried to pass.
    3. That Winslow sure can punt

    The bad:
    1. Defense is obviously inexperienced. But they played hard. I think they will be pretty solid by the end of the season, and the two deep will get plenty of experience because the offense can’t stay on the field and we will need fresh bodies out there on D.
    2. I had to sit next to a Penn State fan that was married to a GA Tech fan. The man from Tech was a pure gentleman. His wife was about as annoying as they come.
    3. Forgot to wear sunscreen.

    The ugly:
    1. If Ed Conway award winner, Jaryd Jones Smith was our most improved offensive lineman in the offseason I shudder to think about how poor of a pass blocker his backup is. Might be time for a new O-line coach.
    3. As the aforementioned GA Tech gentleman said towards the end of the fourth quarter “I’m pretty sure a 7 year old playing xbox could call a better series than your OC”. I was not a position to disagree.


  53. I also need to add that the entire team lacks swagger, confidence. Especially the offense. Maybe it’s youth. Maybe it’s coaching. If you read between the lines in the preseason the Duzz alluded to a lack of leadership. I think this is part of it. I’m not saying that confidence cures all ills but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


  54. Why should we keep the faith? I don’t believe in unicorns, rainbows and fluffy kittens. That’s what our administration promises. Yet we consistently get donkeys, twisters and rabid bobcats. No. Until this administration builds a front porch and I can proudly invite my friends over for a kegger on that porch, I can’t support the abomination.


  55. Sometimes you want to speak your piece and sometimes it’s best to hold your tongue. Gag Gag.

    Me personally, I do not know the definition of defeat until it becomes reality. Even then I can be a defiant sob. Should PITT just forfeit the rest of these games?

    Can’t talk about this year objectively and next year talk is out of the question. hmmm…. glass half empty crowd strikes again but “I’m not negative”.

    I’m going to support this PITT football team and give them all my good vibes I can muster as We Are All We GOT! If we all stand together. We All We Need! . . … …. … . .ike



  56. Etna the Nuch is not allowed to throw longer downfield, as Reed pointed out the short out passes were called that way. Watson a conservative play caller is thinking, its his first start and we cannot risk an interception. Hey Watson its his third year, nothing ventured nothing gained. Let the Nuch play. He will back up Pickett next year but at least he can be an experienced backup. Gosh they gave more freedom to Tommy Yewcik. For those calling for Pickett, playing him behind this OL could result in serious injury or scarring his psyche forever.
    I shall be there Saturday with my Fanta. Actually where students get on the buses after the OSU game students left so early that they gave me water to get rid of the supply.
    Emel – something nobody mentioned, I think, is that the OSU blowout was so quick that Sweet Caroline was not played the entire game – YOU WON!!!!!! Booyah!

    Liked by 1 person

  57. Maybe B10 style football much different from ACC style football a cause for some of our problems. We seem to be caught between the two.


  58. Big B is indeed right-handed. Correct Emel the two biggest racks of lamb are to his right.
    Big B I have been married only 31 years – seems like forever. 🙂 Married on Pearl Harbor Eve (single guys get married near a day that is famous and you wont forget, usually).


  59. ike – you need to leave fantasy island. The reality is that this team is terrible. Will be lucky to win 4 games this year. I refuse to support an abortion. Rationalize all you want.


  60. And yes ike I would take a 1-0 forfeit over losing 72-0 any damn day. Theres a good chance Rice beats us this Saturday. Thank God I wont be there to see it.


  61. I LOL, the POVer’s can’t even agree on a consensus which babe with BigB has the biggest racks. To each their own I guess? << not to be a degenerate. << Too much!

    TX_, I don’t know what PITT will do this weekend. If I knew what team will win I wouldn’t be sitting here talking with my beloved POV brothers. I would be laying back on a yacht somewhere right now with my wonderful wife sipping some wine.

    Well, I am allowed to sip some wine… .. .. Dearly departed Rich Danko from “The Band”


    1. ike….have you been sipping the MD 20/20 tonight. Of those that commented we all agreed on the same rack/////////////of lamb.


  62. Someone earlier mentioned Pitt’s two 3 loss streaKS in one of Paul Chrysts and giving up 40 points per game during one of those streaks….I really don’t remember that, possibly because the offense kept us in games better. But if that is the case, maybe Pitt can still salvage a mediocre season. I’ll have to see some results to believe it though …


  63. Ike, thanks for the Danko clip. Watched The Last Waltz over the weekend. See you Saturday. Reed, let me know if you need a ticket or not.


  64. Good – QH punt return; Winslow punts; Mathews’ 4th qtr performance.

    Bad – coaching; Oline; RB play; lack of a D1 QB.

    Fugly – Offensive play calling, again; Saturday against Rice could be a contender for the smallest crowd for a Pitt game in Heinz Field history.


  65. Pitt is exactly where the generated football revenue puts them. Only the administration can chage that.


  66. Disappointed we did not learn of any coaching changes yesterday.

    As a fan, I’d like to see something in this area – at the very least, tell us that you promoted Salem to co-OC and he will sit up in the booth with Watson and help call the plays.

    It will be a long season unless changes are made with the coaches – seems to be the main weakness followed by player experience.


  67. Narduzzi worried about the Offense and lack of a Running Game.

    Of course, “1 and 3” couldn’t have anything to do with the TOTAL inability to stop a Running Game or a Passing Game.


  68. Programs around the country fire staff all the time. Keeping Conklin for continuities sake is insane. He needs to go as the D is horrible. Watson was a retread hire. The O was fun to watch last year, this year, not so much.


  69. Total lack of experience at the QB position.
    RB’s can’t run if there is no hole to run through.
    Most positions on defense lack playing time and experience.

    Narduzzi has to be patient as well as stubborn, we know the fan base is NOT patient.


  70. This season is lost because there is no QB. It’s all about getting the young players experience and there are plenty on the roster who will play a key role in the program’s future.

    I don’t want to hear about attendance or Narduzzi being on a hot seat anymore. It’s tiresome and pointless. If Gallagher and Lyke have any common sense they will support Narduzzi to no end and give him five more years to build the program. There will be some tough decisions coming with both coordinators at year’s end. I thought Watson should have been fired already and Salem given the play-calling duties for the rest of the season.

    Who knows, maybe after Pitt beats Rice this week the team gets some confidence and goes on a little run. It would help if the O-line coach started earning his paycheck and got the unit playing better so the run game can get cranking.


  71. Last straw for me- Sat am national sports talk arguing if OkSU is legit- “their non-conference schedule is a bunch of cupcakes…Tulsa, South Alabama, PITT….!!!
    We are now a cupcake.


  72. Come on folks, with the turnover in starters and another OC how is this really surprising? I thought the team would be better than performance to date has shown but I’m not going to be a fair weather fan and quit on them. The record is 1-3 with 3 butt whippings, how could a none yinzer not think Pitt is a cupcake team? Support the team we have! H2P


  73. Back when college football ruled Fordham and the Yale bowl were filled to the brim and scholars graduated and became professionals. Would have loved to been a part of that time if it didnt require being dead today!


  74. Agree, college football has become a abomination compared to those days. The love of money ruined college football and the tv networks that provide it.


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