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OK – onto to football. Here is some info from the Pitt Media Dept.

September 18, 2017  Pat Narduzzi Press Conference 

Georgia Tech Week  PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO:   Narduzzi Georgia Tech Preview

PITT (1-2, 0-0 ACC) vs. GEORGIA TECH (1-1, 0-0 ACC)

September 23, 201712:20 p.m., ET

Bobby Dodd Stadium (55,000/Natural Grass) • Atlanta, Ga.

ACC Network • Pitt IMG Sports Radio Network

PittsburghPanthers.com • @Pitt_FB • #PITTvsGT

LINK (PDF):   Pitt Game Notes (vs. Georgia Tech)  


  • Pitt opens ACC play on the road when it travels to Atlanta to face Georgia Tech. The Panthers and Yellow Jackets are annual foes as members of the Coastal Division.
  • The 1-2 Panthers are coming off consecutive losses to Top 10 opponents Oklahoma State and Penn State. Pitt is one of only two teams in the nation to face a pair of Top 10 teams this early in the season. (Fresno State, which played Alabama and Washington, is the other.)
  • Georgia Tech enters its ACC opener with a 1-1 record. The Yellow Jackets were idle this past week due to the cancellation of their Sept. 16 game at UCF.
  • Pitt has won each of the past two meetings with Georgia Tech. Late field goals provided the winning margin in each contest: 31-28 in 2015 and 37-34 last year. Chris Blewitt, who graduated as Pitt’s all-time leading kick scorer, was responsible for both of those game-winning kicks.
  • After facing one of the country’s most explosive passing teams in Oklahoma State, the Panthers will now have to defend the nation’s No. 1 rushing team in Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are averaging 372.5 yards rushing, while the Panthers are giving up 119.7 yards on the ground.
  • Pitt is fielding one of its youngest defenses in recent memory. Through the opening three games, the Panthers have essentially been breaking in nine new starters on that side of the ball. Only two seniors—end Allen Edwards and cornerback Avonte Maddox—are listed on the defensive two-deep.
  • The Panthers and Yellow Jackets both feature ball-control attacks on offense and rank among the nation’s leaders in time of possession. Georgia Tech averages 36:30 in possession time to rank fifth nationally. The Panthers are holding the ball for an average of 34:48 to rank 11th.

    This is the 12th meeting between Pitt and Georgia Tech in a series that began in 1918…Pitt leads the overall series, 7-4, and owns a two-game winning streak against the Yellow Jackets…the Panthers are 4-1 in games played in Pittsburgh and 3-1 in Atlanta…Pitt and Georgia Tech have twice met in bowl games with the Yellow Jackets winning each time…Georgia Tech defeated the Panthers in the Jan. 2, 1956 Sugar Bowl (7-0) and the Dec. 29, 1956 Gator Bowl (21-14)…the 2017 game marks the fifth Atlantic Coast Conference encounter between the two schools…the ACC series is tied at two wins apiece…the Panthers triumphed in each of the past two meetings courtesy of late field goals by the graduated Chris Blewitt…in 2016, Blewitt’s 31-yard field goal as time expired gave Pitt a 37-34 win at Heinz Field…in 2015, Blewitt boomed a school-record 56-yard field goal with 1:11 left for a 31-28 victory in Atlanta…the initial three games of the series from 1918-20 were all played in Pittsburgh…led by legendary coach Glenn “Pop” Warner, Pitt won each of those three contests by an aggregate score of 58-9…before the 2013 revival of the series, the two schools had not played since a pair of games at Georgia Tech in the 1970s…in 1976, Tony Dorsett scored three touchdowns as Pitt routed the host Yellow Jackets, 42-14…under the direction of Coach John Majors, Pitt would go 12-0 in 1976 and claim the national championship, while Dorsett would win the Heisman Trophy…the Panthers also defeated Georgia Tech, 27-17, in Atlanta during the 1974 season.

Sorry for the short article – volunteer day today. We’ll have a great Roundtable tonight I’m sure.  First off will be Browne vs DiNucci and why?  That why?? is the hard part I think…

Here is something great that Pittman4ever just sent me…


All is not lost guys, even though at this point it may look dim…

123 thoughts on “POV Roundtable & Bits & Pieces; 9/20/17

  1. 7 seniors in the two deep. that’s out of 36 players. 5 are starters counting Browne. Why did PITT get blown out against one of the best teams in America?

    No fullback listed at all.

    Now add on the fact that PITT hasn’t had a handful of players that could have helped out and some others have been a disappoint to put it mildly although I understand the competition influenced the poor play.

    Again, PITT was one of two teams to face two top 10 teams in the first 3 weeks. You’re right rocketman. << no that one. It’s not rocket science. . . ike


    1. Indeed, some of those seniors are red shirts seniors. Quite a few red shirt juniors (12) too.

      Rankings mean little at this point in the season. Just ask the 2016 version of Penn State.


  2. Look for Browne to start. In the PG HCPN mentioned they would be graded in practice. In practice the defense cant touch the QB so a play extender like BN is at a big disadvantage. Browne’s lack of mobility is not a factor, and completed 5 yard dumps are rewarded. IMO Browne starts.


  3. Both lines are worse than last year as is the QB. Plus no Conner or Aston in the red zone. Some people saw this coming. No one should be shocked. The real question is if the talent is there for the future? Are Narduzzi’s recruits future stars or duds?
    So far not looking good.

    Coaching should be questioned as well.

    Chryst had no choice but to play his young guys, perhaps time for Nards to do likewise.


  4. Gave my brother-in-law my tix for the OSU game so they could escape a baby shower. Good seats – 10 yard line, home side, lower level…

    Not only was I able to scalp a club level seat for $15 walking into the stadium 5 minutes before kick – I sat right next to them til we left because the seats next to them were open.

    Against a top 10 team on a beautiful day.

    I’ll probably keep my tix for another year just for the nitter game – but I’m done after that.

    I’ll still go to games, but if you can get tix walking into the game at 10-20% of retail, what’s the point of season tix?


  5. And Re: the stadium conversation from the last thread… what’s the harm in starting a fundraising campaign? You don’t even have to call it a stadium campaign, fall athletic capital improvement funds, or something, and start raising money.

    Worst comes to worst, you have a rainy day fund.

    I know the other facilities needed to be upgraded to ACC level – but how is no Stadium ACC level… and where’s all the ACC money going? They can’t earmark some of that for capital projects annually? And does anybody in Oakland that matters actually care about athletics, and want to win? Cause if not, this whole conversation is pointless….


  6. I see we had our, at least twice a year, OCS fantasies on the last thread. I am a huge proponent of an OCS, as it never should have been torn down, without a plan in place to replace it. The curse of Cornhole and Nerdy has us playing in the Ketchup Bottle until at least 2030. As Pittsburgh only considers replacing stadiums in 30 years time periods. See opening of 3 Rivers in 1970 and last game played in 2000.

    Most of us will either be dead or demented by the time Pitt decides they need an OCS.
    Oh wait..some of us are demented already.
    That’s what watching Pitt football in the last 34 years will do to you ! 🙂


    1. FWIW .. Forbes Field was built in 1909 (in just 122 days believe it or not) … and used until 1970, often for both FB and BB.

      Thus, if Forbes Field was used for 60 years, and 3 Rivers for 30 years … that means Heinz has a 15 year useful life. Thus, we are overdue for a new stadium


  7. And if NFL TV ratings continue to decline and they probably will, as besides a good portion of middle age folks are tuning out for various reasons. And the millennials are much more into playing video games than watching or attending football games. The Stillers could be playing at Ketchup Bottle for much longer than 2030. And as long as a football stadium is on the North Side, Pitt isn’t even going to entertain an OCS.


  8. Emel posted
    “Most of us will either be dead or demented by the time”

    Isn’t that the truth! Some of us are fast approaching one or the other or both 🙂 ike


  9. Nard Dog has come up with a new defensive scheme for GT. We go with 9 guys on D !

    It will confuse the heck out of the Yellow Jackets.

    The continual poor defense over several years now, suggests at a minimum, the current coaches are very poor teachers. The continual flat appearances in Bowl Games, suggest they are also poor motivators.

    Players can get themselves up when playing the #1 team in the country or the in state rival, where they know many of the kids on the other team.


      1. wwb, 9, 11 or 13. I don’t think it will much matter. They could have had 22 for Okie State and still would have been down by 6 TD’s at the half. ha


  10. You give up 61 points to a horrid Syracuse team, in a season where Cuse’s 2nd biggest scoring game was 33 against Colgate, and no heads rolled. Syracuse threw for 440 yards and 5 TD’s and Conklin and Hill survived. Somebody at Pitt should have demanded that NardDog fired someone, anyone.

    There is no sense of urgency at Pitt to do anything. Fire incompetents, OCS feasibility studies, get into something other than a joke bowl game, and of course win big.


  11. PN came in with a reputation as a guru on defense and TV announcers still refer to him as such even
    with what has happened on defense the past 2 (and now 3) years at Pitt, which I cannot understand. Pitt wasted a huge opportunity last year given the talent they had on offense. With a even just a “respectable” D last year, Pitt would have won 10 or 11 games, the ACC Coastal, and been ranked in the top 10 nationally. Yes, Syracuse, that “offensive juggernaut” scored 61 points last year. Its worrisome that there has been no improvement observed on the defensive side the past several years. Just think how bad the defense could have been without our coach who is a guru on defense (tongue in cheek).


  12. Great to have you back Emel.

    Who wouldn’t want an OCS? Problem is no one to pay for it.

    Plus it won’t solve Pitt’s performance problems.

    If ever there was need for figurative Viagara, Pitt could surely use a dose.

    Every time we get a partial woody (Clemson), we somehow can’t get it up again.

    Fanta won’t get her done, we need something a whole lot stronger.


  13. OCS wont solve Pitts product but it will make a good atmosphere and perception. Those yellow seats just kill our recruiting and national perception. We are not taken seriously. On capus events are a great way for visitors, alum and students to connect to campus and the university. Pitt is Oakland. Its not Pittsburgh.

    Heinz was only built to last 25 years. They dont build them like they used to and for good reason. Ask the engineers and architect – HOK.

    Pitt needs to begin answering the question – what will Pitt do when Heinz has outlived its life much like old Pitt stadium? Will it hitch a ride with the Steelers to the suburbs?


  14. TX_ with all due respect. I don’t believe Heinz will only last 25 years. Also, PITT stadium did not outlive it’s life. imo That building was iconic and should been kept up throughout the years. The potential to transform PITT stadium into a smaller Colosseum was lost on PITT officials with their own agenda altogether.

    Take tearing down the Syria Mosque. The people that made that decision should be thrown in jail right along with steve.

    Not reeling in the Schenely high school building and the PAA is shameful and more proof that nothing has changed at PITT. It’s like I’m beating my head against a wall.. ike



  15. I don’t want an OCS. I would kill the most beautiful part of PGH.

    And that is why the city will never let Pitt build a stadium on the campus in Oakland anyway they won’t stand for it and neither will the people that live all around there

    Pitt blew it when they could have bought the Hazelwood site


    1. They also may have had an opportunity to use the land now occupied by Petersen Sports Complex (soccer, baseball and softball). Between that land and the practice fields (including Barnes’s practice dome) above Robinson Street Extension. Still would have had major ingress/egress issues for a 40K stadium.

      If Amazon does come to the Burgh it may provide another golden opportunity. That’s the kind of money and excitement (drunken sailors or shore leave!) needed.


  16. There’s room all around the Oakland area and a few miles beyond. South Oakland needs rearranged to be brought up to the 21st century, like destroyed. Walnut Reality has big plans at the top of Bates St coming into Oakland. With the possible T-station addition. Pipe dreams? PITT should jump on that band wagon. but hey won’t..can’t even get Bigelow shut down.

    I’m fine with Heinz to a degree. It is very accommodating for oldish folks that have season tickets.


  17. Reed, what was the panic about with Weah? You didn’t explain.

    Upitt, I agree on that hacker golf course cow field and I’m sure you know that it is protected by some sort of agreement when donated it is not allowed to go anywhere.

    PITT needs the brand new Mark Cuban Event Center that’s multi purposed to hold events year around.. I know he didn’t graduate from PITT (neither did I) I did attend the school though like Mark and he loves his home town. Boom ! . . . ..ike



  18. South Oakland isn’t beautiful but the campus and north of there is just stunning – it is the gem of the city and Pittsburgh will keep it that way.

    Look all – there will never be a OCS inside Oakland proper. That won’t happen. Best to try to get land elsewhere and think about that but regardless Pitt will be associated with the Steelers as long as Pitt is a D1 program.

    That is what Pitt wants and they will keep it that way.


  19. Ike, he cut off part of the depth chart so Weah wasn’t posted. Do we really think Canada could really do anything better? My guess is play calling might be a bit better but LSU looks like the same ole LSU. Run the rock decent but not much creativity on the passing side of the ball. Talked w/ a few LSU fans and they think Canada just landed the worst contract in coordinator history because they can’t see a diff. Granted this all came after a dreadful loss to Miss. State.


  20. Let’s face it, they wore out the jet sweep last year. It won’t work this year as a steady diet since everyone has it covered now. I have an idea, how about some off tackle runs with Ollison actually breaking some tackles? Can JJ Smith run block? We saw his misses on the DE, he sure can’t slide. Why can’t Browne at 6’5″ hit a slant or two?


    1. The sweep has actually worked with Ffrench a little bit. However it sure seemed like PSU and OSU were ready for QH.

      Ffrench and Henderson are listed as the same weight, but Ffrench sure seems more chiseled to me. He’s also faster than QH and apparently a better receiver.


  21. Ted, I really do not think he could. Different players and remember, Canada didn’t set the world on fire first 3 games into the season, well at least Peterman didn’t. I can’t figure out why some are so impatient with Narduzzi.

    I get it! The defense stinks but 2 years and 3 games against the competition PITT has faced is not that big of a disappointed to me. It’s up to others to decide how disappointed they are.. ike



  22. Reed says “Pitt will be associated with the Steelers as long as Pitt is a D1 program.”

    Question, from a pure financial perspective, does Pitt Football generate enough revenue to be a viable long term “business”? If so, then the BOT clearly only cares about that and are not interested in the investment that it would take to be at the next level.

    I think I got it now…


  23. QO should be back #3 at this point in time behind Moss and A J Smith. If I have to watch him trying to run wide one more time I may get sick to stomach at that sight. He has no lateral speed and is still easily taken to the ground. As for Hall better that he should consider transferring come next year.


  24. Duzz wanted Ollison to hit 2000 yards this year! That’s a complete joke, he still can’t break tackles. Hall goes down easy as well. Other than Moss, the RBs are a major disappointment. I agree, watching him run wide is a bit sickening. ike says give the offense some time, but they can’t seem to do anything right behind a very disappointing OL.


  25. jrnpitt,
    I agree. But what OC is dumb enough to continually run a 6ft -2 “, 230lb runner laterally? It’s elementary dear Watson.


  26. The jet sweeps, used to have much more motion, pre-snap than now with Watson as OC. Also there is no threat of the QB keeper, on the jet sweep, either with Capt. Max at QB. Most of Pitt’s gains were on misdirection plays, as this line can’t just plow forward and create space. Big Q should have play calls that are run between the tackles, as jrn pointed out, running him wide is not his forte.

    Pitt’s whole offense looks pretty disjointed to me. And with this sieve of defense, that spells more losses than wins this year. Only see possible wins against Rice, UVa & Cuse. Although Cuse game is in Cuse and they
    due for a win.


  27. Ike,
    Your line about the parking garage on the last post was classic!!!:
    “I’m not sure if you’re complaining or bragging.” – PRICELESS


  28. I love the look of Oakland, classically classy. And you are absolutely correct about the Schenley trust, but it is not impossible to build a stadium that contours to the land in a classical manner. Think, think, think, go retro. It does not have to look like a modern mess from the outside like most all the modern stadiums(sorry Upitt, but most new football fields are ugly from the exterior.)
    Make it blend with the terrain. I am certain you could find a architect that would be thrilled to do something so challenging. Stop the old thinking, you must admit it could be done, just have some vision.


    1. The Parks conservancy and the City will never give up parkland – that is a dead end, it has to go somewhere else.

      Look – the citizens of Pittsburgh love their parks – they has literally put us on the international map… but they don’t give one crap about Pitt football and never will.


  29. Sorry, is it not possible. Not it is not possible. And I have some ideas as to how we can get creative designs on the cheap also, which should appeal to the Oakland Geriatric Society, otherwise known as our BoT.


  30. And Reed, in your career in S&R, did you ever say it’s not possible, or did you look endlessly for a solution? Maybe sometimes it isn’t, but tell me, did you ever get somewhat more creative than what was suggested?


    1. Of course – that was life and death and everyone was on the same page and cared about the outcome… no so with a stadium as it doesn’t mean much at all to the overwhelming majority of Pittsburghers – and most will be negative about it in the first place and some will work hard for it to never happen.

      Sorry to sound down but it just is not going to happen .


  31. Not sure how Pitt being associated with the Steelers is a strong plus.
    Half of Pitt’s class probably didnt grow up rooting for the Steelers.
    I think most players would rather be associated with a school than a pro team.
    When the Steelers move out of town, does Pitt follow?
    I seriously doubt the Steelers majorly re-invest in Heinz when its far easier to get someone else to at least partially pay for a brand new stadium with all the amenities, and technology needed for viewing the game in 15-20 years.
    Is Heinz really a great atmosphere for the college game anyway?
    Even if Pitt somehow managed to fill it, is it fun before and after the game? Are there still places to tailgate? Are there things to do besides tailgating?…like walking campus, visiting old stomping grounds.
    Pitt never was associated with the Steelers until Cornhole. How has that worked out?


    1. TX_Panther, is Heinz Field even a good experience for an NFL game? The thing was thrown up because the Pirates were getting a beautiful park. The Steelers didn’t have time to submit a request to the NFL an exception so they could have the open end of the stadium view downtown. They were ready to move to Washington, PA but the city ponied up big time and have continued w/ how that lease was negotiated and the “required” renovations that they are on the hook for.


  32. That was when the Steelers were associated with Pitt. How did that turn out?

    College and pro teams have no business sharing venues. The fans and games are far different.


  33. Heather is kicking butt

    Craig Meyer‏@CraigMeyerPG

    Pitt men’s soccer won its 3rd game of the season last night, giving it more victories in 7 games in 2017 than it had in 18 games in 2016.


  34. Am I cracking up or does it seem like TX_Panther is arguing with himself above? I haven’t been on my A game recently so I have to ask.


  35. Hey Upitt, hope you jump on the round-table tonight before the new beautiful wife disallows it next week.. wink wink your buddy ike. . . . .whoo hoo


  36. Dont ever lose hope.
    What I hear is many discounting the possibilities because of fear, ignorance, uncertainty and doubt.
    Pitt beating Clemson last year, showed me anything was possible.
    But you cant have fans accepting the status quo or a BoT negligent of their athletic duty.
    So if you want a respectable team in the ACC and overall sports, the BoT needs to meet Jesus.
    I’m already a disciple so how can I get elected to the BoT?


  37. “Schenley Fields is a great name. Undoing a trust can sometimes be effectuated by having the trustee disclaim the assets, essentially negating the gift. So if the asset loses money every year, which I am sure it does (due to high maintenance and labor costs), the city of pittsburgh can disclaim it, potentially freeing it up. This is where a person such as Tressel would be able to create a groundswell of people to pressure the city to disclaim the gift and propose splitting the property so that Pittsburgh makes money off the new facility and Pitt get Schenley Fields.

    Not sure how PA handles trusts, but that seems to be most appropriate. The city needs to look at opportunity risk versus defensive risks. It’s convincing the city administrators that it is the right thing to do.The question is how much does the city actually lose each year maintaining that golf course and polluting the environment with all the chemicals used on the course? See, make it an environmental issue and poof, new stadium.

    Glad you all are thinking about an OCS finally. Pitt is going to win another game with Max Browne leading the way! The comeback kid, the cinderella story.

    Hall is our fastest RB – he just doesn’t have vision to cut before he gets to a tackler.

    Narduzzi has blown through Davis’s redshirt. Play him and Moss, now. Same with Sear. Play the kids, whose shirts you have burned, now.


  38. Huff – why would you want to take a part of the city that everyone owns and enjoys and rip it up to benefit a small slice of the population? NO ONE CARES.

    Look, Pitt doesn’t want an on-campus stadium or they would have fixed up Old Pitt Stadium… or built a new one when they could have used the cheaper land. But they didn’t and that speaks volumes.

    Now there is no place to put it plus the infra-structure needed. and again NO ONE CARES.

    How many times does a Chancellor have to say it isn’t going to happen – Nordenberg and now Gallagher have flat out said it wouldn’t happen and it won’t. That stadium would do nothing to help Pitt in the competitive world of education and research and that’s why it is a pipe dream.


  39. Reed – That was a BoT 15 years ago with an infamous AD and Chancellor that didnt literally know the rules for football. To say it will NEVER happen is just plain ignorant.


  40. UPitt is marrying a princess.
    Dr. Tom is back yanking teeth.
    Darkie is in his secret lab creating…well, who knows?
    We POVers have the funds. We just need the spark.
    Can you say: I HAVE A DREAM!


  41. Obviously many people do care and do have a vision.

    That ‘stadium’ wont be just a stadium. Thats why you fail. You do remember Yoda’s famous line dont you my young Padawan?


  42. For me, I lived in the burgh for 40 years and can say that I didn’t necessarily enjoy the Park. Didn’t care for it at all actually. Economically, Golf courses are going away for various reasons. They don’t generate enough revenue. It’s a nice debate though.

    A stadium does help in the competitive world of education and research. If you study demographics and big data, there is a direct correlation between successful sports teams (revenue generating) and applications. Greater applications mean, greater selection of the best academic talent. The best academic talent leads to better research. Being able to recruit the best means getting your name out there and the best way to do that is through competitive sport. The demographics are going to change drastically in 5 years for states like PA/OH/MI. The talent pool will shrink dramatically and Pitt will be forced to recruit academic talent from other states. That is difficult when nobody recognizes the brand because of athletic failure. If they aren’t studying it and how they are going to compete into the future, they are not smart. .

    Mesta Machine, J&L, Republic, USSteel, refused to think ahead strategically and went belly up. They adopted a prior administrations philosophy and poof. Times changed, they didn’t. Pitt is not seizing opportunities and they are defensive in their approach to new revenue generation, private partnerships and monetizing technology.

    We are one Chancellor away from a new stadium and one last conference expansion away from being on the outside looking in if we don’t turn around the athletic programs quickly.


  43. Quick Poll: What’s a greater possibility right now?

    Pitt getting an OCS in the next 10-20 years or so, or….
    Pitt winning 4 or more games this year? (I was going to say 5, but let’s not get ridiculous.)


  44. Just watched the extended highlights of GT v Tenn. The GT QB is FAST! GT’s two feature RBs are lightning and thunder. The GT D is not very good and the DBs are the weak link. The GT DBs miss tackles and don’t turn there heads on pass plays. Looks like we should be able to chuck the ball around a little this weekend. But, we won’t stop Marshall the GT QB. He’ll have a career day against us.


  45. Average Attendance in All ACC Games in 2016 was 49,734.

    Pitt’s Avg. Attendance last year for ACC Games was 46, 076,
    Add in the Pedo State game and Pitt’s Avg. was over 50,000.

    Pitt’s Muckety Mucks I’m sure are more than happy.
    For we’ll never be at the bottom of the Conference, as long as Duke, Wake Forest & BC & Cuse are in the Conf.


  46. Pitt’s Avg. Attendance was better than several (7) Big Joke schools. Surprise, surprise.

    Buttgers 44,000
    Purdue 34,000
    Minnesota 44,000
    Maryland 39,000
    Indiana 43,000
    Illinois 45,000
    Northwestern 35,000


  47. Re: Schenley Park… For us commuter students at Pitt (back in the late 60’s) who had a car, Schenley park, and more specifically the Schenley Oval (appropriately named), was a handy close-by location to take our Pitt dates to park for a couple hours of romance and hopes of exploring some hidden valleys if the stars aligned in our favor!

    Perhaps if an OCS was to be built, you could build it on the Oval. After all, it did seem like a great place for scoring.


  48. Is that tickets sold or buttocks in seats? I forget.

    So if Narduzzi makes all these changes and Pitt wins 7 games, is it because of the changes or the lower level competition since last week?

    If Narduzzi makes zero changes and we win 7 games, is it because he was right or is it because the competition was weaker in the middle of the schedule? My sense is Narduzzi doesn’t make changes because of public outcry to do so. He got to this position because of his belief in what he is doing.

    With the prediction thread we may want to put out there who should play qb, rb, te, lb, cb, safety. Sorry to miss the call tonight, hockey. uggggh, going to be long year!


    1. Having attended every home game last year, Pitt reporting 46K per ACC game is either tickets sold or a complete fabrication. Attendance at the VT, Syracuse and Duke games was dismal with very few in the upper deck and lots of empties in the lower deck. Many have lamented the Duke and Syracuse attendance after the Clemson win on the POV.

      The ESPN reported attendance for GT was 47,425. The reported attendance for Syracuse and Duke was under 36K. I suspect those numbers are high.


  49. The powers that be, the BOT, and the guys that write the big checks are happy with Heinz. Until that changes, an OCS is just a pipe dream.

    In fact Pitt is more likely to go the way of CMU or Fordham, than win any championship.


  50. Recruiting is the lifeblood of any sport. Narduzzi was obviously snakebit this year.

    Taleni, Blair, Wirginis, Whitehead, Hamlin, Ford, Aston. Two medical disasters last year. The collective impact is huge.


  51. This all begs the question, can Narduzzi recruit enough good players? Chryst built an O -line and got lucky with Boyd and Conner. Where are Narduzzi’s impact players three year’s in?


  52. Played Schenley Park about 30 years ago…hit a ball and a guy stops his car along the road, hops out, grabs my ball and drives away. My jagoff buddies laughing and gave me a penalty for a “lost ball”. Like Upitt I never went back.


    1. now in fairness, if you read the story you will see that by gametime, a sellout is likely, but nonetheless, this is the only game in town so-to-speak.

      I lived and worked in Morganhole from ’88-’94, and can tell you that all sports conversation whether in-person or on the radio is centered on the Eers. Yea they all watch the Steelers on Sunday … but from Sunday night thru the next Sunday morning, it’s the Eers 24/7 … and that’s not only the town, it’s pretty much the whole state.


      1. Lived 20 miles south of Morgantown 2003-2015. I worked in Clarksburg and Fairmont. You are spot on. Nearly the entire state lives for the Mountaineers. The in-state media reflects that market.


    2. And Kinnick Stadium is located on campus. Perhaps it’s the bleachers or that it’s not a rivalry or even division game?

      On the other hand Kinnick Stadium is a 70K stadium in a city of 75K. Cedar Rapids is the closest city at a half hour drive and 131K population. Pittsburgh a city of 304K. The Pittsburgh metro area over 2 million people,


  53. Jerry DiPaola‏t @JDiPaola_Trib 13h
    More from @CoachDuzzPittFB : Safety Damar Hamlin is totally recovered from an injury and will be play “significantly” Saturday

    with Whitehead and Hamlin playing, I’m going to make an extremely brave prediction that GT will not even come close to the passing yards that OSU got last week. I know I’m sticking my neck out … but that’s who I am.


  54. the claim that “Boyd didn’t make much of an impact last year” was kind of curious when he finished 3rd on the team with receptions (54), which was only 10 behind starter Brandon LaFell. The Bengal offense has yet to score a TD this year, with and without Boyd; maybe they should bring in Kapernick. LOL


    1. This is from ESPN Bengal team page discussing the Bengals No. 1 pick WR John Ross who has yet to register a reception in two games ….

      Spin: Coming off a disappointing debut in which he fumbled his only touch (a 12-yard carry), Ross should have plenty of time to get back to full health before Sunday’s game in Green Bay. He only played five of 64 offensive snaps in Thursday’s 13-9 loss to Houston, unable to take advantage of the Bengals’ decision to make Tyler Boyd a healthy scratch. The team instead turned to Alex Erickson as the No. 3 receiver behind A.J. Green and Brandon LaFell. It’s no secret the Bengals want Ross to seize that role, but his continued struggles to stay on the practice field are delaying the seemingly inevitable.


      1. BTW, the Bengal OC who made the decision to scratch Boyd is now unemployed. Not because of this decision, of course, but because of 0 TDs in 2 games.


  55. I’m still basically in Duzz’s corner, but frankly, his demeanor is starting to annoy me. After closing practices and going into full battle mode for these past two games, he is now saying they mean nothing and the ACC is everything. All games are important if he wants to become nationally ranked. I think he let expectations run wild for this year with all of the transfers, and now he is eating crow. So he responds by shutting off access to players and coaches. He doesn’t come across as a coach that people want to get behind.


  56. It’s getting time I crapped or get off the pot. << not the kind you smoke. ….but dam,.. here comes another game that may not tell Me exactly what PITT has or more importantly doesn’t have.

    1) Game one YSU. PITT up handily 21-0 and making it feel like a yawner. but not so fast. YSU well you know the story. So that game is a question mark to me, a game of two halves. ?? Don’t really know what to think

    2) Game two psu. Couple big turnovers resulting in 14 easy points makes the score look worse than how the game was played. Here’s where I use stats. PITT had more rushing yards, passing yards and TOP. The held a Heisman trophy candidate to 80 yards rushing and their QB to something like 180 yards passing. I was very encouraged with PITT and the way they played the #4 team in the country.

    3) Game three OSU. Completely dominated with no answers except to say that team is really really good. PITT played another Heisman candidate and he kicked our butts. The whole OSU team is darn good and poised to put together a remarkable season. Although they have a couple of tough games ahead.

    What I’ve gathered over the first three games is that PITT’s pass defense is still terrible. It sucks.

    I also lean heavily on benching Browne. Give Dinucci a start and see what he can do with that week of practice with the first team. Can’t afford to waste one possession this week.

    Can one player make such a big difference? Usually I would say probably not but that one player is Whitehead and he’s PITT’s best defensive player. The other reason I think he can make a difference is that it’s GT and he’s also PITT’s best tackler.

    ….but is this game going to tell everyone what this team is all about? or will it be the Rice game? Truthfully, I think I’ll still be on the pot come late Saturday nite. << not the kind you sit on… . .ike



  57. Ike, this team is going to be hard to turn around both offensively and defensively. The offense has a chance to play at a higher level with some substitutions. But I’m not sure we will see any of those substitutions as we can look forward to a rerun of the past 3 games offensively. On defense I’m at a loss to figure out how this defense can be salvaged playing the Conklin/Narduzzi scheme with these players. So I think we will see a rerun from the first 3 games from this group also.— And so I feel we have a fair shot at winning the Rice game. But I’m not even confident at saying that at this point.


    1. In Conklin’s first year of Pitt DC in 2015, Pitt finished 38th in total defense out of 138 teams … I assume playing the same scheme as the last 16 games.

      As I had been implying, I thinks it’s more about the schedule than anything else. I would suspect that by late October, we will be seeing a fairly big defensive improvement … in small part to the players getting some experience and in large part due to who we are playing.


  58. We’re on the same page wwb. The competition has been stiff for PITT but there has been plenty of breakdowns as well.

    I suspect that the passing yardage per completion is probably going to go up this week but the overall average YPG will go down.

    That said. The rushing YPG is going to go through the roof. I think this game will be a big test for the inexperience PITT has at linebacker.

    Here’s hoping that PITT’s winning percentage will go up. I think the roof on the POV house will cave in if PITT wins this game. .. .ike



  59. Good article in P-G today about Pitt football. IMO Wanny would still be the coach but for off field disciplinary issues he had with players. Would have saved the fiasco years between Wanny and PC. Good to remember 2009 season. So close to a major bowl bid. Packed stadium for Cincy game. Unfortunate for Pitt that Wisconsin job opened for PC. Hope for major improvement this week vs. GT. I like PN but its time to remove his defensive guru status based on what he has and has not done on the defensive side of the ball since he became Pitt’s head coach. Like idea of making room for OCS near the Pete…Also, Shenley Park would be a beautiful site for a stadium if it ever could be done. Traffic is no excuse. Traffic is terrible around Heinz Field on game day. Have you ever been to a game at the Linc or Citizens Bank Park in Philly? H2P!!


  60. First off the golf course is but a very minor part of Schenley Park let’s try to keep that straight. You could do without the golf course and still have keep the park but none of it’s going to be used for an on-campus Stadium…ever.


  61. Blaming it on “fundamentals” or the lack thereof… is REALLY blaming it on the Players.

    Of course, it could NEVER be the Coaching.

    This Narduzzi schtick is getting old… REALLY fast!


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