POV Sunday Podcast: Pitt vs PSU 9/9/17

Well, we have met the enemy and it is us… as Pogo used to say.  Here is the POV Sunday Podcast and we’ll follow this up with our normal Monday Morning Quarterback tomorrow. Remember in that article we’ll look at the Good, Bad and Ugly specifically.

Here are some facts to chew on as you listen – first off



Team Stats – Through games 09/09/2017
Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 99 345.0
Rushing Offense 59 181.5
Passing Offense 105 163.5
Team Passing Efficiency 112 104.26
Scoring Offense 102 21.0
Total Defense 67 365.0
Rushing Defense 55 127.5
Passing Yards Allowed 80 237.5
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 100 142.33
Scoring Defense T-77 27.0
Turnover Margin T-91 -1.00
3rd Down Conversion Pct 58 0.424

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103 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast: Pitt vs PSU 9/9/17

  1. My random two cents….

    Demote one of our top two WRs and put one in who may have hands. Speed at the position is useless if the guys cannot catch passes in traffic when it is really needed.They are not a real threat as currently constituted.

    BTW – am I the only one who thinks Henderson looks one step slower this year?

    The O-line should be ashamed of themselves for the lousy pass protection yesterday.
    You can throw the blocking backs in there as well.
    Officer is way too slow to be a pulling guard as witnessed by the pathetic sack he allowed in the first half.

    Hard to see how we will be viewed as having any downfield threat without addressing those items.

    So many problems with that first pick. Henderson – downfield – in double coverage? Bad decision making and a bad throw by Browne. Bad call by Watson making Henderson primary in a downfield route

    I’d start DiNucci next week so that Browne’s safety is not compromised.

    The stat sheet shows that this could have been a much closer game.

    PSU is a good team and deserves credit for pouncing on our mistakes, but we beat ourselves yesterday.


  2. If we want to go .500 and 6-6 then yes we hired for it and pay for it and recruit for 6-6. Heather Lyke should say that. I stead that goof says we want ACC Championships in all sports. Well if you say that garbage then your actions should speak to that. That is why I am sick of this junk. Say you are happy at 6-6 and playing in a rental and the gameday atmosphere stinks and I will be a preacher boy on here. But when she ans Narduzzi talk of championships and playoffs then they better own the situation.


    1. Agree with you 100%. For all of Gallagher’s big talk about how important recruiting is, who has listened? Football recruiting is consistently worse than Wannstedt’s tenure, basketball is a joke, and Pitt will be moaning about the dwindling crowds at its rented stadium this season. (remember Georgia Tech 2014?) Too much yinzeritis all over the place. It’s no secret why Pitt has had only one ten win season since 1981. Let’s see, Virginia Tech hired an experienced coach. Pitt did not. Who is doing better? It’s the hypocrisy that’s as annoying as the results.


  3. and may I add that the stats next week at this time will be even worse … at least on the defensive side.

    But they will level off by mid October after a proper sampling


  4. Yes – this talk of ACC championships is silly when the Pitt athletic program lacks the funds, leadership and experience. You get what you pay for and mediocrity it is.

    Yesterday, we got beat by better players and better coaches. We also beat ourselves. The Pedos have better players because they have better recruiting. Recruits like the atmosphere in Creepy Valley. The coaches know how to recruit and have their players prepared mentally.

    If Pitt wants to win, it must be prepared to spend the money, change the culture and do things it refuses to do (play in the gray areas).

    Having a mediocre to slightly above average front porch is what this university desires. So dont expect more than 35-40k fans in those yellow seats. And we fans should expect to always have cheap hires and cheap or rental facilities.


  5. Narduzzi: on Dinucci “He gives a spark because he can run.” Hey coach this offense will never be able to carry the load this season with Browne at QB. They will absolutely need a QB back there that can escape when pressured as well throw on the run. And IMO Dinucci is not the answer when looking for a QB that can do both.—-My guess is that it will take about 6 losses before Narduzzi and Watson come to that conclusion.


  6. Posted this on the last thread before I knew Reed started a new one and would like people’s thoughts:

    So, question on the Max debate here. Give him another game or two to prove what? Will he get faster, will his feet improve, will his delivery and decisioning get faster, will he start throwing bullets instead of floaters (which only work if we are wide open which we are not capable of)? Look, I desperately wanted him to live up to his 5 stars – and yeah with glass half full I look at the pathetic dropped passed and say “what if”? I just don’t think the things that are wrong with Max are fixable at his age.


  7. Reed

    You are completely wrong about the YSU game. Not sure what games you watched. Pitt showed a ton more against PSU.

    On D, various coverages and personnel packages. Thus the D’s success. I thought PSU would hang 50 on Pitt.

    On O, things like 5 wide receivers, different routes, etc.

    You need to get in the film room, LOL.


  8. As I said before the season started, this team will be 1-2 after the first three. The POVers will be crying in their beers and acting like it is the end of the world.

    This team will be so much better because of the PSU game and the Oklahoma St. game, they are young and will improve as the season progresses. Lots of positives from the game. The will do well in the ACC.

    Good offensive stats and good long drives against a very good D. Red zone failures, penalties, drops and turnovers killed them.

    The D was shocking to me. All those redshirt freshman played some damn good ball against a fantastic offense.


  9. I was hoping Watson would go more toward a college offense. He totally went with a pro offense and just kept the shuffle passes and jet sweeps. Took away many of the formation shifts.

    Random thought…

    Brycen Garner is really good and is going to be even better as he plays more. Not sure how you take him off the field when Whitehead comes back.


    1. NRS, you took the words right out of my mouth. Everyone on here is complaining because we lost to a team (#6, #4) that we should have lost to. This team (Pitt) looked much better than last week. I suspect we’ll lose to OK state, but I don’t really care. By the time, ACC comes around, that’s when I care. Let’s get better week to week. All you POVers on this site, stop listening to people who only complain. My guess is had we won, those same people wouldn’t be posting at all or would still be picking at the negative.


  10. Well I was very proud of our boys. Thought they fought like hell against a much more talented team. I’m up for a qb switch


  11. I am still digesting. On the very bright side i have come down with an atrocious cold and the DR. cancelled my colonoscopy tomorrow (i was concerned about Nurse Sandusky). I have yet to listen to podcast but am fading fast. Tuesday I have a trial with Tyler Boyd’s attorney on an attempted homicide (no not Tyler) classy friend for 30 years and huge Pitt fan and served Tyler well. Rambling.
    I thought overall it was one of the better defensive efforts I have seen from us in a while – not good mind you, average at best but better. I still am not sold on this scheme. Young DLs got beat but made some plays too which is much what you get with inexperienced youngsters. I still think we gonna get a can of whoop arse laid on us next week.
    The offense was disappointing, The OL led by JJ Smith made mistakes throughout. RBs in spite of this played fairly well. That leaves us with let’s see, Reed’s new whipping boy, Di Nucci. Look his sidearm throws arent great but they were on the whole accurate, he has speed to avoid the rush and make plays off it. I look for him to be beat by Pickett next year as Reed generally knows his QBs. I think I understand Brownes high ratings; much like Morrelli (rocks in a box for brains) he would look great in 7 on 7s but lacks the ability to make quick decisions or adapt and overcome, cant see the rush on the backside, and is slow slow slow. This is the problem with letting transfer QBs become captains Reed. I personallyl would not allow any transfer to become a captain, you want to be a captain commit first to our university. All that said Browne will start next week and probably the week after.
    Finally, I hate Penn State, Franklin with the jumping up to hip bump with TE on first touchdown, to Creepy fans in spandex, to Blackledge. We beat them everywhere but the scoreboard. STats, which can lie big time, show us dominating in first downs etc. Heather did you Lyke the field with bold lines, end zones of 21st century etc,? Already hearing from my sources in Athletic/Law DEpartments you are not too bright..
    Nice for Emel to join the in game thread. .


  12. Great Sunday morning podcast, had a feeling you would pump this one out a little sooner than usual. BTW, I hope to get one of those blue POV shirts in the mail and thanks ahead of time. You know my size is extra small but would be ok with an Xtra large.

    As Not Rocket mentioned. You missed the boat on hold parts of the game plan back. No one mention it was the offense exclusively being held back, in fact I mentioned it was probably the defensive schemes and it was the most noticeable difference.

    I really don’t get the negative view of the defensive effort at all. Holding McSorely to 164 yards passing imo was a good thing and I was pleasantly surprised. Overall I was happy with the way the defense played. Let’s not forget who it was against, forget it was psu, remember they are the #4 ranked team in the country.

    The offense did ok but I do agree on Browne and the O-Line. Not too great. Oh and throw in Watson there. Again we have to understand the competition yesterday.

    imo Henderson would make a great decoy, he’s being keyed on big-time and I did notice Maddox in the game before he was given the ball on the jet sweep. wtf?

    Playing psu on the road does make this game hard to judge, of course we really don’t know how good psu will be this season but if they pan out as expected then PITT played a good game all things considered.

    Ollison look like a different back. Loved the way he ran the ball and dodge defenders. I also believe he will have a great season moving forward. Hall and Moss got jacked up a few times. Try dodging the tackler guys.

    Watson lived up to his billing that he’s not big on throw to the tight-ends. We did see the F-back play yesterday. but 3 passes to the TE’s is not enough.

    Hey in college a QB’s sack yardage goes against rushing as in the pro’s it goes against passing yardage. Take away Browne minus yardage PITT’s rushing average bumps up to 4.325 Take away Henderson losses and only count the RB’s, the average is a respectable 4.6 . Stats suck…

    I would hope PITT game plans Dinucci into next weeks offensive scheme. He needs the work although he did a nice job AGAIN yesterday. About Browne, I wanted Malik Zaire more than Browne, I forget where he went.

    Geseki and Barley were open due to player breakdown’s. For all the raving by the psu homer about how great the psu is on offense PITT out gained them. psu WR’s had a grand total of 80 yards receiving. Not too shabby for PITT!

    Bricen Garner for the second week in a row deserves a shout out. Did I hear 7 tackles and second on the team? Not too shabby.

    Reed, what you do here on the POV bog is very unique and you certainly are great at critiquing with your honest opinion. You do a great job

    … and about Shawn. I don’t see him posting on here? What’s with the incognito screen name friend? Drop me an Email and let me know how you’re doing and what’s your screen is pitt22/smegma. … ike



  13. Ike – McSorely missed 4-5 WR’s that had he hit half would of got another 75 to 100 yards. McSorely looked bad to me.


    1. Some people make the game seem worse than it is by only counting missed opportunities on one side. A missed opportunity for PSU is oh, they could have scored even more. A missed opportunity for Pitt is oh, they suck. Tell me I’m wrong!


  14. NOT STATS AGAIN!? We lost the game!

    The only stat that matters is 33-14. Penn State wanted to embarrass us and they were unable to do that. So screw them. They did take full advantage of our self inflicted errors with those two early INTs being turned into TDs, but make no mistake about it our young team played a full 60 minutes yesterday.

    The Good: Our defense. They grew up a lot yesterday, especially considering the quick 7 that they spotted PSU after Browne’s first INT. Also Kessman got the YSU Monkey off his back, replacing his two makes yesterday for last week’s two misses. Winslow’ punting. DiNucci’s performance. Nice mustache BTW. Lastly, we have a promising running game, Ollison was good & there’s guys behind, pushing him.

    The Bad: Max Browne’s INTs & the well thrown passes dropped by WRs that have to make those catches.

    The Ugly: Q Henderson’s total performance yesterday. He was a non factor in every facet of the game. Our pass protection blocking, especially the RBs & pulling guys on the OL. Franklin’s really dickhead comments after the game. That guy is a classless prick. And finally, even though I didn’t even look at any of over the 700 in game comments on the ingame thread yesterday, since I’ve been way too busy prepping for Hurricane Irma down here in Savannah, I will guarantee you that about 50 of them were some form of trolling comments offered up by Upittbaseball denigrating every aspect of Pitt Football for all it’s deficiencies and short comings in the Panthers losing effort. Please call me out if I’m way off base on this assumption but I think I’ve got Upitt’s MO accurately profiled by this time.

    Oh, one last “Good”. Since Pitt covered the 21 point spread. I’m a winner this week by taking Pitt & the points.


  15. Every coach and coordinator puts in new wrinkles for a different teams during the week, that’s called game-planning, that’s not necessarily called “holding back” so they surprise somebody. This is what happens every single week and every single football game in both the college and NFL level. And I’ll say again if we held anything back on defense in that YSU game while giving up 21 unanswered points and almost losing the game… it’s a stupidest coaching decision in the history of Pitt football.

    We just gave up 6.2 yards per carry. Plus they scored 33 points in 39 plays… How does anyone really think that is good defense?

    rkb, you need to listen to the podcast before you start repeating yourself about my denigrating dinucci. I just spent 10 minutes saying that I thought he did a good job and will probably start next week although I think he won’t.


  16. the defense benefitted from something they didn’t have last year … a ball control offense (which incidentally was the proper approach in winning this game) But the issue was that they just couldn’t finish — 3 times inside of the ten and 0 TDs..


  17. Reed & Jay91 – If in fact I was the winning bid, let me know who to write my check to. You both have my e-mail address.

    I believe Pitt is currently recruiting Rickey’s son in Florida to play football. Can anyone verify that?



  18. Everyone talks about the porous defense last year and RIGHTFULLY so but a ball control offense can make any defense look better. Right you are wwb

    ..and now for something completely different. Reed showing kindness to Dinucci and no mention of Conklin. It was the defense that kept anywhere close to being in the game.

    Question, Rashard Weaver standing up before the snap and other changes, was this Conklin, Partridge, Narduzzi or all the above? BTW, Weaver looks like a real player imo. . . . . . ike


  19. QH is trying too hard – running backwards on every punt, except the one he caught at the five yard line. Instead of playing grab-ass with the punt returners during summer camp, perhaps HCPN should make them scream where they are on the field prior to making a fair catch.
    JJ Smith is not the answer at right tackle, and i cant remember a game when Officer didnt have a penalty or allow a sack.
    I will say that Lopes has been a bright spot.
    Finally, Lamont Wade appeared to be really small. Anyone else notice that?


  20. Wbb and Ike, it’s all well and good to have a ball-control offense and it does keep the opponent’s defense off the field. But that if the opponent has a quick strike capability, which Oklahoma state does, and some other teams do I believe then it doesn’t really matter. We have to finish or series out with points.


  21. I dont think Pitt’s D played all that poorly. Pitt’s O was not firing on all cylinders. It was a somewhat respectable loss considering the circumstances. Fact is that Pitt beat the spread. First time in like 20 some games that Pedo State didnt cover. Thats means alot of Nitters crying in their bears. I love being called Akron.


    1. No, it was OK considering who they played but in truth it wasn’t all that effective given that Penn State held the ball so little. But they did show flashes… And PSU did have to punt 6 times.


  22. I got beers mixed up with the Pedo Bear. They cry in their beers (Creepy Valley Light) and on their stuffed Pedo Bears (with a Scarlet S on the back)


  23. Oklahoma state is in the top 25 nationally of all five offensive categories. I’m posting up a Links of you can see it but they are a very good offensive team and again I think it’s going to be one of those games where we’re going to have to try to keep up with the scoring and we haven’t been doing that well against Penn State.

    So it’s going to be a different type of game I think our offense is going to have to come out and actually score points none of this 21 or 28 or 14 points it’s not going to cut it against them.


    Stat Rank Value
    Total Offense 10 572.5
    Rushing Offense 22 247.5
    Passing Offense 18 325.0
    Team Passing Eff 14 181.19
    Scoring Offense 9 51.5

    It is also interesting to see that Oklahoma State is 101st with time of possession and that is telling because they have less than 27 minutes top per game… Even then they score a ton of points very much like what Penn State just did against us.

    If Penn State would have had a normal 30/30 split time of possession I think they could have got into the forties.

    so it’s going to be a tough ball game all around guys and I think we’re going to come out of it 1-2.

    The key to me is really going to be the ACC Georgia Tech game; we did not do that great of a job against Penn State on rushing defense and it’ll be interesting to see what we do against the Cowboys in that area. If we can’t get that together in two weeks then Georgia Tech is going to churn us up.


  24. Huh, just thinking… Narduzzi has never had a losing record either in one season or overall so far. Depending on the Oklahoma State game it might be the first time he’s had one, which would be 1-2, in season since he has become HC.


  25. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The OSU game is next week. jimmie “one finger” is shocked at how well the PITT D played yesterday.


  26. Hey Ike,
    Use gloves to handle that thing. And make sure you’re upwind when you set it ablaze.
    No telling what’s on it.


  27. Ah, Reed laid out stats! Granted, they are terribly misleading at this juncture, but at least it’s data worth discussing. Why continue the litany of stupid, chest-pumping from the last thread. Yikes, I read the game thread, and it was embarrassing. How about stepping up with analytical comments worthy of a fb blog?

    And yes Tvax, the defense, much to my surprise, looks a lot better this year, but it’s only 2 games, so I’ll bite my tongue on any grand conclusions at this point.

    Glad to see DiNucci get some live game experience, he certainly didn’t hurt us.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. PITT wins next weeks game against Oak State. I’ve said it all along. Some of you are not convinced of Narduzzi’s game planning, just watch.

    Many thought jimmie was going to run up the score against PITT. That didn’t happen, in fact, statistically speaking, PITT control psu. Yea, we all know how I feel about stats. The lying bastards! Yet non the less, mistakes aside, PITT represented well. imo

    Is there anyone who thought psu would only score 33 points on PITT? All said and done. I’m fairly happy with this season so far. . . . .ike



  29. Reed, if you have any issues with t-shirts just let me know. I have a good friend whose family owns a shirt making business. I have ordered shirts in the past for fundraisers and they have always come through.


  30. Last year both Ok State and Penn State were in the Top 20 in several offensive categories … and they both brought back most of their offense and their star players. In the B10 championship game, PSU scored 38 against Wisconsin which finished #7 in overall defense; and of course PSU scored 49 vs USC in Rose Bowl. In their bowl game, Ok St scored 38 against Colorado which was #19 in total defense last year.

    So next week when we are complaining about the defense, please try to keep this mind. We all predicted a tough September … and with very good reason


  31. psu and with good reason, thought they would have their way with PITT’s defense. That didn’t exactly happen. I think credit is due and with good reason.

    How anyone can say PITT’s defense played bad yesterday is being a little too hard on the PITT football program. That was the #4 team in the country they played.

    I feel I witnessed another step in the right direction for this team! We fans need to stop with the SOP fan behavior. …ike

    Control what you can control.


  32. Reed Kohberger posted this morning.

    “I’m looking for one that request resumes of defensive coordinator…”

    Now I get the frustration with the PITT defensive woes the past 2 years but on the heels of yesterdays game I just don’t get that. All I’ve heard is that PITT’s pass defense sucks, (which it has) but holding McSorely to 164 yards passing may not be the time to continue to complain about a coach that it’s obvious you don’t feel is good for the PITT football team.

    PITT was outscored yesterday and that would be hard to argue. Yet saying the defense didn’t step up would also be hard to argue as well.

    I did see new schemes and looks and saw lots of hustle from some new guys. Garner is a keeper.

    I think the Conklin hating should take a week off for now. Next week? Have at it… . . . ike



  33. Also, PITT did an excellent job with their rushing defense against Barkley, holding a Heisman trophy candidate to 84 yards rushing. McSorely not so much. Again, against the #4 rated team in the country. . . . . . . .ike



  34. I saw Pitt in zone defense at least 10x. Give Conklin credit for understanding that we don’t have the personnel to play press D all the time. Still…the 5 receivers running free in our secondary just baffle me.


  35. Dan and I am supposing, the defensive scheme is to take away the intended target and leave it up to the QB to make a rush judgement while possibly leaving a another receiver unguarded. < not intentionally of course

    Think about it? The offense tries and fool the defense and vice versa. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

    After some real contemplation, I give PITT, Conklin, and the entire team a plus plus grade.. . . . . .ike



  36. I posted this question on the last thread and got no response so I will try again here…

    It seems like most if not all of Pitt’s opponents when on offense, their QB will get the offense in place and then after seeing how Pitt’s defense is set up, will step back and await instructions on a play call change. I don’t recall seeing Pitt do that, and I made a point of looking for it. Is that just a difference in offensive philosophy? Wouldn’t you want to adapt based on what the defense is giving you?


    1. I’d rather Pitt not adopt this methodology…..again. Walt Harris used to do that and would take his good old time getting the call into Rutherford which resulted in more than a few delay of game penalties.

      I’m not sure if this coaching staff would be better at it or not.


      1. Fred, i have started to wonder, is that a difference between a pro style offense which Pitt employs, and a traditional college offense?


  37. Hey PT, what’s up buddy? imo I really didn’t see PITT lining up on defense the same way all the time as they did last year. There is a new wrinkle on D that YSU didn’t see. The D-Line standing up and a couple in the linebacker spot. This will cause a QB to pause I guess.

    About the PITT offense? I can’t say what’s going to go on there. I reserve hope they they can find more rhythm moving forward. PITT needs more down the field stretching the field type of a passing game. Man is the jury out on Watson as of now! . . . . . . .ike


  38. Here are my thoughts on yesterday:

    D: Some good things – some DL guys showing flashes or potenital (Carter, Watts, Hendrix, Weaver); LB’s looked good for the most part; secondary was better than expected (though can’t wait for Maddox to graduate). To hold an offensive juggernaut – and that’s what they are at Ped State – to 33 points, with 14 basically gifted to them – is impressive.

    O: Running game sharp. Q Ollison better runner. Moss and Hall not bad. Q Henderson a gimmick – when teams game plan for him, they shut him down. Saw that in the later part of last year – and he’s not a receiver. The Jester can’t keep dropping big passes – we’re so challenged to get downfield and then he fails. Clark is a loser – two big drops. UCLA and ‘Cuse laughing about that one.

    Finally Browne – sigh – is just so blah… not a great arm, no mobility, no real fire. Why waste time on him? – play DiNucci or (better) Pickett. Our O needs a QB with some mobility – Peterman was actually pretty good in space. OL is not what it was so we need somebody who can make plays when sh** goes wrong. That ain’t Max.

    This team could be really awesome next year if we can develop a QB and some young receivers. The other pieces are coming into place.


  39. PittPT .. just saw the last thread.. Karl Gibson was in the class ahead of me in PT school. If you see Karl let him know his classmate, Bob Madtes and wife, are going to be at the Duke game with me.

    As far as life goes stick with the QB and girl who delivers that SPARK!!!


  40. Agreed.
    Cam brought game yesterday.
    Don’t know about his practice effort, but he needs to see the field more.


  41. Thanks, Ike, I agree on the jury being out on Dr. Watson and Bernie, that was the first time I’ve seen Karl Gibson in probably 15 years, but you never know, I might see him again this week.

    ….We are who we think we are…trouble is on the POV everyone differs on who we think we are!


  42. Take away the first 2 picks which spotted the Pedos, a 14 to nil lead and this was a 19-14 game.
    Pedo’s first TD was all of 8 yards after the first pick.

    The O-line was pretty good in the rush blocking side, but suspect on the pass blocking side. O’Neal
    was in excellent RT and I believe Jared Jones-Smith played LT, pretty well when he played instead of
    Biz, when he was struggling at LT, a few years ago. I’m of the belief instead of weakening 2 positions
    by moving O’Neal, where he has been only avg or worse, put O’Neal back at RT where he was excellent and that is one less position you have to worry about. And put JJS back to LT and lineup with the TE on that side to provide help.

    Surprised there weren’t any comments about the very strange play call that got Max hurt. A QB run ?
    Seriously. Yea it turned out ok when DiNucci performed his magic, but seriously 2nd & goal on the Ped State 5 and Watson calls a Quarterback keeper ???

    And this was the type of game, where a gamechanger like Whitehead COULD have made a difference.
    Not only on Defense…….but on Offense, where the lack of another big playmaker, really hurt Pitt.
    I believe Whitehead avg’d 10 yards a touch on Offense last year.


    1. Emel – I made reference to the Browne option read during the game thread right after it happened – what a shocking sight. I also welcomed you back during the game thread – hard to catch all the noise when there are over 700 comments.

      Whitehead coulda, woulda and shoulda made a difference on both sides of the ball. Looking forward to his return for ACC play vs GT.

      My pedo friends are giving no credit for Pitt’s effort. In fact my wife and I ran into one loudmouth yesterday around lunch and my wife blasted him with “Joe knew” after his spew of dominating the game.

      He mumbled something about living in the past and we talked about the CNN release the day of the game – he of course questioned the credibility of the source. And we go round ands round…



  43. Emel/POVers speaking of the OL ( I haven’t seen either game) Officer just looks to be too damn fat to be a guard.. I would think he would be better back at center and someone with quicker lateral quickness moved to guard…


    1. Agree BigB. Kid has been overweight since arriving on campus which is an epidemic apparently across the nation with a lot of kids anymore. He isn’t a Russ Grimm for sure. Hopefully the transfer G from Texas isn’t hurt seriously as it appears that position could be very thin, since they moved Officer there. Team appears to be running mostly to the right side again.


  44. Next week all you we were way better on defense folks please post. Mason will annilate this year defense. Dline, Lb’s and DB’s. OSU will score 45-50. Pitt’s offense will be lucky to put up 33. We better pray for rain bc if weather is nice we are doomed. Then throw in no time to truly prepare for GT and could be 1-3 almost 0-4. I think we beat GT because they are young but we have no talent to compete with VT or Miami. Narduzzi is geting smoked in recruiting and his supposed defense stinks.


  45. Preseason talk was we would probably be 1-2 after PSU and OSU but looking down the schedule, Duke has scored 101 points in two games (including a victory over Northwestern), Virginia Tech beat West Virginia, Georgia Tech lost to Tennessee by a point and Miami is, well, always difficult to beat (two wins since 1997). It doesn’t appear to be getting much easier and are coastal rival’s have offenses that are much farther along than ours. It’s disconcerting.


  46. Well Tony, you cherry picked a couple games so let me suggest that Syracuse lost to middle tennessee state high school and virginia is not that good and Rice on top of that. I think the idea is to get better over the next 3-4 games as we figure out who are qb is going to be and also get one of our defenders back that is a difference maker.

    I had a random thought that the Dairy High School may have been pretty vanilla against us so as not to show future opponents their new wrinkles this year. Ha, just kidding. I was just trying to emphasize a point that these coaches want to win and take no opponent lightly. They can’t afford an unexpected loss. Beat the teams you are supposed to beat. Lose to the ones you are supposed to lose to and then split the rest. Sounds like a recipe for 7-5.

    I am not concerned over a 1-2 start. I want improvement. Watson needs to open it up, today.

    QH is getting too cute for my liking. Play ball and play hard. O’Neill looks hurt and not having as much fun in general. Injuries do that to an athlete.


  47. Seems to me we can do a decent job now of covering the WRs. The problem now are the reads the safeties and LBs have to make.

    Think about it though — if the opponent runs 70 offensive plays and our guys read it right 90% of the time, that still gives the bad guys 7 plays with somebody running open. Which could be 4 or 5 TDs against a team like OSU.

    Obviously we need to score more points! Duh! You need a mobile QB in college ball. Even several of the plays Max ran were just silly because they look like an option — what run “options” are there with Max? Who are we kidding?

    I’d give MB 2 series and then BN 2 series and then decide who plays more. Use this game to prepare for the game that really matters — GT.

    Go Pitt.


  48. So for all you glass half empty(99% empty actually) guys including your the fearless leader Upitt, how many predicted PSU would only score 33? Add that we gave them 2 points directly and offered short field opportunities for 14 more. The D wasn’t perfect, but PSU did not tear them up Lyke you all predicted.

    I haven’t seen OkSt but as EE posted, their stats come from facing 2 semi-Akron like opponents so must be judged in that context. Reed makes the point above about the defense being bad based on 33 points on 39 plays. Same thing applies, no interceptions giving short fields and maybe no points are the result. Lots of guys here mistakenly attributing causation without considering the full picture of all factors affecting the numbers..

    Reading this blog is still somewhat entertaining, but really it is getting tougher with Upitt’s “realism” compounded by Reed’s tilt in the same direction. I don’t want pie in the sky, blow smoke up your a#@ optimism, but at least it would begin to balance the majority here.


    1. tvax1 – the issue OK State will have against Pitt is that they don’t really have a decent D. Poor at best, so Pitt should be able to sustain long, clock eating drives like they showed vs the pedos.

      Our D seems better than last year, so give their O less opportunity to score and Pitt has a recipe mix for a W.

      UPitt – yes, the Panther’s hold the pokies under 45. Their QB is less mobile than McSwirley – I say 3+ sacks and 2 INT’s. I’ll throw in a RB fumble and a Pitt W.

      You know in business, you are not always dealt a bowl of cherry’s – if you are constantly negative about the dealings, your team begins to lose it’s belief that success is available. Try to put you business face on your Pitt comments for one day and see how that works.

      This current team is not as bad as you spew, but it definitely is not as good as we all would like it to be.



      1. Browne needs to have a good game and QH needs to be at least a shadow of his former self. More than a shadow and a good game by Browne and it is def a game. Might try to make the trip.


  49. At least save your pessimism and bad mouthing for the basketball season where they have already and will possibly exceed in earning every bit of it.:>(


  50. The Dark knight disappears and Emel returns…the circle of life. Haha. Welcome back Emel. I appreciate your humor and insight.


  51. Okie state is a passing offense where PSU is more of a balanced attack. McSorley isn’t being thought of as a top QB but Rudolph is. Look at the early drive where all he had to do was look off Zeise and he bit like a lonely puppy dog who wanted a treat. How many times will that happen? To think all of these Narduzzi kids are sitting behind a scrub WR turned LB is frustrating to think we have talent in the wings.


  52. Again, much of it depends on your schedule:

    Pick Six Previews‏ @PickSixPreviews

    Through 2 games, Nebraska and Ohio State are DEAD LAST in passing defense

    129th- Nebraska (390 per game)
    130th- Ohio State (403 per game)

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  53. Really thought our offense and special teams let our defense down–the exact opposite of last year. This week offense and special teams need to step up for Pitt to pull the upset, Ok St defense is poor but Athletic so pounding the run will work, jet sweeps and short passes not so much. Defense will need more solid play from safeties, really liked what Idowu and Karter did on Saturday and Garner continues to play well. The next 2 are huge, gotta win 1.


  54. PSU first played Akron in 1999; PSU and Pitt started playing in 1893
    PSU has played Akron 6 times; PSU has played Pitt 98 times
    PSU has never lost to Akron; In addition to 4 ties, PSU has lost to Pitt 43 times .. including the previous two meetings before Saturday

    Yea, seems pretty even to me

    BTW, the average score in PSU-Akron series is 43 to 10; sorry, but it would take me all day to calculate the average score in the PSU-Pitt series … plus I would need that lady from the ‘Hidden Figures’ movie to certify it.


  55. McSorely had a bad day passing the ball against Pitt.
    Idowu started playing like a LB instead of a safety, looked a little more aggressive.
    Don’t let Max Browne run the ball again, ever.
    Mason Rudolph runs the ball about as well as Peterman does.
    OSU has a very good freshman RB.
    OSU runs the no-huddle at an extremely fast pace, much like tOSU and Oklahoma.
    The Okies are a bad matchup for Pitt’s defense.


  56. Reed

    The defensive changes were not just an adjustment for the next team on the schedule. Pitt played some cover two D against PSU. That means Narduzzi actually switched on certain plays from his base defense of cover four.

    I was listening to the radio broadcast for part of the first quarter and Billy Osborne was calling out the D and sounded quite shocked that Pitt was switching coverage. He was yelling out “Pitt was in a cover two!”

    I said after the YSU game Narduzzi almost out smarted himself. You are correct it is stupid but I bet PSU was shocked to see different coverage.


    1. It’s still mainly about execution, not desgn. In last year’s PSU game, Pitt played zone in a crucial 4th and 16 .. and gave up 17 yards. They also played zone a few times in UNC’s final game-winning drive .. including a 4th and 8.

      I’m sure they played zone a large handful of times last year … but if the players on’t execute, then there is not much you can do.


  57. TVax – I write these articles based on thoughts and conversations that all the readers, commenters and I have had including pre-season discussions as to how good or not-so-good Pitt will be during the season. Along with the individual players of course…

    Thus I recognize in these pieces written after games when we are correct, wrong or mislead. That is what I do on here. If that isn’t what you want that’s really too bad.

    I have said this before and will say it again – I believe some readers have conditioned themselves to expect that I’m going to be negative on a subject and because of that they miss the things I write which are not only positive but complementary.

    Look – I have said this many times in the past seven years I have been writing about Pitt football. I assume the role of a critic of the college game and Pitt program. That is critic in the definitive sense: “a person who judges the merits of literary, artistic, or musical works, especially one who does so professionally.” except of course I apply it to football.

    I try to get as much info as I can, formulate informed opinions and present them. I understand a lot of Pitt fans don’t like that but there are other Pitt football sites that may make them feel better reading about Pitt there who don’t say anything that isn’t glowing about the team and program…

    But let’s not kid ourselves that I had nothing good to say about Saturday – I discussed how well Ollison has been playing; I talked about how DiNucci impressed and that I think he should be the starter. I talked about Hendrix getting his feet wet and his first sack; I talked about how we got some good pressure on McSorley but our DL, I mentioned I thought the OL will take some time to gel but that they should be OK later on… etc…

    But I don’t consider Saturday’s game as a ‘win’ in any sense of the word really. Sorry – I don’t. We scored one TD in 60 minutes of play, had a 3.4 ypc rushing average, had 2 INTs with no passing TDs, gave up three sacks and a key fumble (a TD even at the end of the game would have done wonders for the O’s morale) and had below average QB play from the starter.. and then lost by 19 points.

    Did the good things balance that out? Not in my opinion – but that doesn’t mean good things didn’t happen for us either.

    BTW – here is a prime example of differing opinions – I think our run game was subpar on Saturday – a low ypc average, no RB TDs and, aside from Ollison’s work, our other RB’s ypc was 2.8 and that on 16 carries. To offset that a bright spot was that out of 5 1st downs made 4 were by RBs…

    Another poster above says he thinks the run game played well… Difference of opinion.

    Serious Question: Is it only Pitt fans who think that just because a team didn’t get stomped into the ground then it is a good game? Because that is what I’m reading now after the fact.

    Yes we had high points – but 14 total points isn’t one of them. We played poorly overall and I think one should admit that if they are being honest about what we saw on Saturday – flashes of good things yes, but overall we lost by 19 points to a team we won against last season.


    1. I am conditioned to think you are a glass hand empty guy when it comes to Narduzzi … and another coach which shall go unnamed. I don’t think think the run game was subpar; it may not have lived up to last year’s standard, but IMO that’s an unfair comparison. Like it or not, this is a rebuilding year and patience is required.

      No, by no means did I think it was a ‘win’ on Saturday … but I think the team is progressing which is pretty much what I have expected.


      1. one more comment … I firmly believe that if Chryst was the head coach, you would have further qualified your posting above … but overall we lost by 19 points to a team we won against last season .. by pointing out that it was a Top 5 team which graduated very few while Pitt lost a large handful.

        Pitt was favored by about a TD last year; PSU was favored by about 20 this year.


  58. Reed: Don’t know if I was poster above commenting on the run game but I did point out the RB’s had a 4.6 ypc average if you take out sack yardage, which isn’t too bad.

    PITT needs to play a cleaner game against a very good Oak State team. BTW psu dropped down a spot to #5 this week.

    Tvax is a good poster who is a half glass full guy. < like a few of us and I usually let opinions roll off my back after I get a word in edge wise. A different take than mine is welcomed as everyone is entitled on a blog so it’s no biggie.

    Here’s an example and I think anyone is crazy to think PITT didn’t hold back their defensive scheme against YSU. Yes it made PITT look bad first game but psu was surprised. 164 yards passing for psu. Someone deserves credit there. . . . . . .ike



  59. It seemed to me like the run game clearly struggled for the first 20 minutes or so, then got better as the game went on.

    Give the PSU defense credit: they looked fast and disciplined. Their secondary did a good job in run support.


  60. McSorley isn’t nearly as good a passer as the OSU QB – so we get to see this week if the corners have improved. (I remember questioning after last year’s game whether McSorley would even keep the starting job up there…) We will give up passing yards this week just because OSU is so talented and experienced at QB and WR. Obviously we need to offense to get into the endzone several times this week.

    I posted on here after the spring game that BN looked like a different player from the bowl game BN — he looked confident and threw some nice passes (though they were all short throws). I agree with Reed that it’s time to give him a shot to play several series and see what he’s got. Either that or we have to change the offense to get rid of those “option” plays…

    Go Pitt.


  61. Also, Idowo looked awful for the 1st quarter – then he started to play much better. He was the LB fooled on the initial score, not EZ.


  62. Good points Jeff R and psu was ranked that high for a reason. The whole team is good.

    OSU is good also but their defense isn’t as good as psu’s. Rudolph could be better than McSorely and their receivers are better but they don’t have a Heisman Trophy candidate at running back. Plus it’s a home game for PITT. I give PITT a serious chance at winning this game.

    …and here is another point I disagree with Reed on. We ask for realistic predictions on the PITT games. The fact that there is none of my money riding on my predicted outcome don’t expect me to ever give a score against PITT. To me, that’s bad karma all the way around. If you want to know how I feel then ask me if I would bet straight up if PITT could win, cause I sure wouldn’t have bet the psu game straight up in a million years. 🙂 …. 🙂 . . . .. . . . . …ike


  63. I just want us all to be friends and united against our struggle against our common enemy.

    Opinions and stats are what they are. We lost and jimmy couldn’t stand and called us Akron. I’m ball tickled pink.


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