POV Pre-Game Bits & Pieces; Sept 9, 2017

First off let me give you a great example of generosity from a reader and a great opportunity for any Pitt fan.  Our friend Jason Smith (Jay91) has graciously donated a signed Ricky Jackson Pitt uniform shirt to the cause for auction…

In lieu of my pessimism and negativity surrounding this game, I would like to extend an offer to POV’ers only. I would like to offer an Autographed Rickey Jackson Pitt Jersey (with COA) in an open auction here on the site. The ENTIRE amount will be donated to the charity of Reed’s choosing or the POV itself, whichever he prefers. We sell them for $129.99 in our store but remember, this is for charity/donation… and few are readily available

Rickey Jackson won TWICE in Happy Valley (1979 & 1980) and perhaps this little show of altruism will please the football gods. Anything it takes, right?


Bidding starts at $0

Guys – I’ll put any proceeds of this directly into the POV tailgate funds so that we can all enjoy the purchase.  We’ll keep this action going for a week… best offer gets the shirt.  Just bid via comments and I’ll try… try that is, to keep track.

Back to present day football.  I’ll post up the normal Game Thread article this afternoon an hour or so before kickoff – but I want this piece to stay up for at least a few hours.

To get you in viewing mode here are some media highlights from the Pitt website to get the blood flowing.

Jerry D. at the Trib kicks in with this piece about the importance of this game.  This quote is rather ironic in light of what Paterno insisted he didn’t hear years later when the subject was much more important than a football game:

Moments after Pitt’s most recent game at Beaver Stadium — a 20-17 loss to Penn State in 1999 — Joe Paterno was asked about keeping the dying series alive.

“I’m a little bit hard of hearing,” he said.

Kev Gorman of the same paper   has this to say about the match:

The Pitt-Penn State rivalry should return to being an annual affair, one that benefits the state.

Consider: The 2016 game drew a record crowd of 69,983, the largest ever for a football game at Heinz Field. Another record will be set Saturday at Beaver Stadium, which has expanded from a capacity of 93,967 since the last meeting there in 1999 to its current 106,572.

There are lots of reasons the Pitt and Penn State series won’t continue, but none of them good.

“It’s the battle of Pennsylvania; winner takes all,” Conner said. “We’re the top dogs in Pa., so we should play every year. Whoever wins gets bragging rights.”

For now, we get a Grudge Match.

So true and what a shame that college football  has gotten so big and so financially important to universities that a hundred year of tradition is just completely ignored. I feel the same way about the Backyard Brawl with West Virginia.

You know that even with my running this Pitt football blog and going to as many games as I can make – I’ll be the first to say that it isn’t half as much fun as it was back in the late 60s and ’70s when things were smaller, slower and just more enjoyable – and when a rivalry was on the field only and not people from one group hating people from another after the game was over.

Brian Batko of the P-G has an interesting look at today’s game:

So, what can the Panthers do except focus on what’s ahead?

“You know all about their stadium, and all that stuff, and all that hype,” said quarterback Max Browne, perhaps the best embodiment of the new-look Panthers. “So, we’ll have to go in there with our heads down, but I’m excited. It’s a great opportunity for us.”

Preparations for this rivalry redux have focused on more than just Trace McSorley’s deep ball, or Saquon Barkley potentially running wild on a wheel route. And it has been about more than just blocking a defensive line Narduzzi has praised every chance he gets, or figuring out a way around experienced linebackers Manny Bowen, Jason Cabinda and Koa Farmer.

Actually Browne might be on very intimate terms with those LBs by the end of the day.

Linked in the article above is this good bit from Omari Sankofa II of the P-G about PSU’s McSorley’s deep ball ability.  He’s a new writer there and this is a nice bit of work…

Specifically, he wants to silence the concern that he throws too many deep balls. He is one of the best in Football Bowl Subdivision at throwing them, leading FBS with 16.13 yards per completion in 2016. But some fans saw an over-reliance on his arm last season.

At Penn State media day, offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead gave an impassioned defense of McSorley when asked what the quarterback’s next step will be in his development as a player. A quarterback who set as many single-season passing records as McSorley did a year ago couldn’t do so by dropping back and repeatedly chucking the ball to the farthest receiver, Moorhead argued.

“This thought process that’s prevailing that you hear about — and frankly, this is gross mis-characterization, No. 1, of the application of our offense and the role of the quarterback — that Trace just drops back and picks the deepest receiver and chucks the ball up and hopes the guy makes the play,” Moorhead said, “that’s, in a lot of ways, ridiculous at best and, quite frankly, asinine at worst.”

Well, except this afternoon in Happy Valley – I think he’ll do just that, pretend he’s 10 years old playing street football and chucking it as far as possible… wouldn’t you against our pass defense?

Here is an awesome look at Pitt Football from Lexi Kendall of The Pitt News and a different take from what most fans think about when it comes to our team.

Sporting black long-sleeved turtlenecks and dark pants, Pitt’s 1899 football team looks like a bunch of brooding postmodern writers.  But the beatnik era didn’t happen for another 50 years, making our athletic predecessors look like fashion-forward icons.

And as our school went from the Western University of Pennsylvania to the University of Pittsburgh, football fashion trends shifted. Gone were the days of our subdued, minimalist uniforms.  Touchdowns and tackles aside, Pitt will always look swankier than Penn State — even dating back to 1890 — so take a look.

Another Pitt News article written by Mackenzie Rodrigues piece draws from the sentiment I expressed above about sportsmanship and common ground.  Here is a true example of one fan dragging others above the fray when it comes to Pitt-PSU.

“One night I saw on Twitter all the Pitt-Penn State hate, and I wished people could get this excited about helping people,” Handyside said.

Handyside decided to create a GoFundMe page and call on all Pitt and Penn State fans to donate money to Hurricane Harvey relief. She wrote a note explaining what she was doing and reached out to both the Barstool Pitt and Barstool Penn State Twitter accounts.

“It was out of the blue,” said Connor from Barstool Pitt, who asked that his last name be concealed for privacy. “There’s a first time for everything though!”

“@PSUBarstool and I have decided to put our differences aside for a good cause, RT and donate #HurricaneHarveyRelief,” Barstool Pitt tweeted on Wednesday, Sept. 6, at 11:18 a.m. The tweet then linked to a Handyside’s GoFundMe page.

Fans are encouraged, on the donation information page, to donate the monetary equivalent of their team’s points. The goal is set at $10,000 and, as of Thursday night, fans have raised $410. The funds raised will be donated to the Houston Food Bank.

I just dropped $25 into this worthy cause and challenge POV readers to match… or any amount.  This is what is good and great about our youth.

OK then – that’s a bit of news and stuff to get you in a Pitt frame of mind for this afternoon’s game. We had a lot of honest predictions yesterday and I know it wasn’t easy for some readers to pick against Pitt in any game, let alone a Penn State one – so thanks for your real look at what might happen.

Hey, if our OL can play way above what we saw last week we may have a chance. We are going to have to somehow match their scoring – which will be a lot – because I think our defense can’t stop them. If the OL men can keep Browne upright and get some consistent running lanes for our ‘regular’ RBs then we could pull it off.

53 thoughts on “POV Pre-Game Bits & Pieces; Sept 9, 2017

  1. Can’t wait for the game guys – here’s to a upset win… but most of all to safe travels for all who are driving today.

    As always – if you should need take a taxi due to having a few, please do that and I’ll gladly reimburse you… just email me afterward.



  2. About that beautiful Ricky Jackson shirt, don’t know where to start the bidding so I’ll let someone else get the ball rolling. Thank You very much Jay91.

    Some great day stuff there Reed. Lots of information and talk on this rivalry but the quote that instantly put me into game day mode was this “Moments after Pitt’s most recent game at Beaver Stadium — a 20-17 loss to Penn State in 1999 — Joe Paterno was asked about keeping the dying series alive.

    “I’m a little bit hard of hearing,” he said.”

    Oh how I despised that man but he got his at the end. Rot in hell joe.

    It’s a beautiful day for football, cooking wings, pizza and kabobs on the smoker and plan on stinking the entire neighborhood out with smoke and loud music. Actually the neighbor’s like when I kick out he jams. I shovel my sidewalk in December to the sounds of Jingle Bells and Xmas music.

    Back to the game. It’s really a weird feeling not knowing a dam thing about this PITT team. Some of you think you know and you might but are we sure of that? imo there is no sense doubting what PITT can do. If loving them is wrong, then I don’t want to be right . . . .ike



  3. That’s a good one Reed, you know I was going to post that exact same video but didn’t want you to get sued…. again. Don’t worry, I’m thinking about baking you a cake with a file and hacksaw inside….. ike


  4. Ike, you seem like the perfect neighbor…I do the same stuff. My next door neighbor is a Penn State Prof and big booster. Has WE ARE signs in his yard and has fundraiser events at his house. Wait till he sees my new Pitt flag…thanks Bernie! When we win later today I will run the colors on the boat and cruise the Allegheny River.


  5. Wave that flag Lastrow and get him a We Are Farmers T next year.. This game should be played every year…college football needs to be ” taken back ” ( “Revolution” by the Beatles playing in the background)…..
    Reed… I will start the bidding $200.00


  6. One uniform comment… amazing how a simple uniform literally unchanged over 50 years can become so iconically and traditional, talking the PSU garb… Ricky Jacksons jersey represents a great period of PITT football….. but just a part of history but one many fans identify with… a shame management doesn’t get it… that look was timeless and one of the best ever in college football…


  7. Raise that flag proudly Fran and tell your neighbor he can kiss my butt.

    What would the POV do without Reed, Fran and the very generous BigB.. Thanks for all you guys do… ….ike



  8. I’m revisiting my previous prediction. Why? Because f-them that’s why.

    Pitt – 34
    School that should not even have a football team if the NCAA had any balls – 33

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  9. Thanks tedspitt I added that to my collection of research. I almost fainted when someone floated the idea of Bradley coming to Pitt to help the defense. They all knew and now I am even more pumped for the just result today. Ron Cook of the PG published a column and says constantly he refused to believe Joe Pa knew.

    Now as a segue to the media coverage. Yesterday the PG had an article on Pedos stopping QH with player comments. The Pitt reporter in the PG because Nard wont talk had an article on how tough our Basketball schedule was so tough this year, The day before Penn STate!!!! Wake up Nard you must publicize your team by opening spring and fall camps, starting a TV show for the ACC channel, and get rid of that stupid defense of yours. Quit being stubborn or you will fail as an HC.

    After 3 years I cannot believe how bad our LBs are in terms of talent – the backups do nothing for me except maybe chase pine but that is 2 MLB. . This and an inexperienced DL will be our biggest problem today IMO

    All that said P-E-N-N S-T S-U-C-K-S!!!!!

    ps I have a Paturdo story about how i almost ran him over, literally, but avoided it not knowing it was him Gotta save that for Roundtable


    1. The PG is a rag run by ex-pedo grads. Cook has always been anti-Pitt.

      When Pitt was in the Big East all he ever said was it’s the worst conference in Div 1 and never said a word about the then mediocre ACC. As soon as Pitt moved to the ACC, all he and other local ‘sports experts’ (who lobe the B1G) say is the ACC stinks. Cook doesn’t even care that his daughter goes to FSU.

      It must kill them that the ACC holds both championship crowns.


  10. Now we’re getting in the spirit of this game against those delusional cultist enablers. If we go down, we will go down fighting. If psu goes down, they will go down crying like the babies they are. …ike Clap on PITT!

    HAIL 2 PITT!!!!!
    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  11. Ike even if the troll could sue Reed and POV for 150K ReeD would declare bankruptcy of the POV the next day and immediately incorporate POV2.0. Sometimes its good to have a basturd lawyer in your corner. Do you and Reed have a Bromance going? Not that there is anything wrong with that.!!
    Nice to hear from OhowIh8Ohiostate the other day, hope you are improving our friend.
    To play as a frosh Jackson was told he had to weigh something like 220, which he did not come close to, so when he was officially weighed he put barbells in his pockets and got to start..


  12. Great gesture with the shirt donation by Jason Smith (Jay91).

    I want two things today:
    –Pitt plays a competitive game and does not look over-matched.
    –No significant injuries.

    And for good measure:

    Hail to Pitt, hail to Pitt every loyal son!
    Hail to Pitt, hail to Pitt ’til the victory is won!

    Alleghenee, genac, genac, genac!


  13. I just came back from a yard sale where the guy was a Penn State grad from Central Bucks PA we had an interesting conversation about the whole Scandal and he was one that believe that it happened and was disappointed and discouraged.

    But he described Penn State as a cult which really kind of raised my eyebrows.


  14. lol RKB, We do argue like an old married couple don’t we?

    M&M, if what you wish for comes true, I too will be happy …..somewhat happy . . .ike



  15. Perish the thought John. Trust me Todd knew too. My now retired dentist was a starting OL who blocked for Franco at Ped State. His opinion was everybody in the program knew. His son was a walk-on in the mid 2000’s and the joke among players was ‘don’t drop the soap Sandusky is in the building’, They all knew of. My doc, the non-toker, also told me it had become like North Korea over the years at Creepy Valley (my words). His brother was the VP who fired Poopy Pants.
    Watching Louisville v N Car – N Car plays a standard defense not the scheme we have and they actually are covering the WR and giving Jackson trouble. Can someone send a tape to Narduzzi?


  16. Penn State announcers say this is a tune up game to work on some things for Big 10 play……as the emperor said in return if the Jedi “your arrogance blinds you”


  17. Jacksonville State 7 – Ga. Tech 10 @ the half. DO NOT schedule a good FCS team.
    Eastern Kentucky 13 – Kentucky 10 @ the half. DO NOT schedule a near by (rivalry) &,decent FCS team.

    In the uniform article. Is that a black guy kneeling at bottom left (1’st & 3’rd picture)? Whoever it is would definitely would fit in as a beatnik.


  18. Desmond Howard is the only media person I have seen, heard or read that picked Pitt to win today outside the Pitt circle.

    Rickey Jackson jersey bid – $220

    Boy did I get verbally roughed up at the golf course today by the psu boys. Two 87’s to my 91 and the verbal trash talking about the game was relentless.

    One pedo actually said “Pitt won’t get 2 in a row on psu”. I reminded him Pitt is riding a 2 game win streak as we beat them back in 2000. They are so smug…


  19. $220 to Erie at this point… You guys are great.

    I am also watching the North Carolina – Louisville match and I can’t get over the team speed Louisville has . Their quarterback just went on a run for 70 plus yards I think, effortlessly and he was just too quick to catch… very good talent on these teams both of them.


  20. PSU needs to win 3 in a row to gain anything better than a split in this current series. That said, I am feeling a game within the spread but…….

    OMG, can’t do it PITT 31 PSU 28


  21. Great that the RJ jersey bid is at $220, with kids to help to college soon, I am glad I got the POV golf outing football on the cheap.:>))


  22. The movie guys just gave me 200 cash to use my lawn to set up a video game commercial next door. So. Do I put it on Pitt to cover or putt to win?


  23. Btw – Miles Sanders had one run for 16 yards last week.

    FAU D-line doing a good job of getting into the backfield and disrupting plays. That’s how they’ve remained in this game. But Wisconsin always a threat to rattle off big runs and run away with it,

    That is Talani’s new team and Chris James is running well for the Badgers in this game with 60 yards on six carries.

    Taleni seems to be in the backfield a lot.

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  24. North Carolina seems to have another pretty good quarterback and Surratt he’s got only under 168 yards braced room for two touchdowns in 12/14 passing in 3 quarters.

    UL’s Jackson has 313 and 2 TDS on 22/35 … In 3 quarters


  25. Unwrap the offense and Browne lets the gun loose.. Nothing to lose as Pitt needs to score. PSU offense is a bad match up for Pitt’s D. Hopefully Pitt will not miss Matt Canada this game.


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