Pitt – PSU Two-Deep is Out

Here is the info for Saturday’s games… as always take a look at the “Game Notes” link for the full barrage of information.

LINK (PDF): Pitt Game Notes (vs. PSU)

We’ll start off with the two-deep and note that this week we see a that it is exactly the same as last week with the exception of RG Bookser being listed as an “OR” with Brandon Hodges. That, of course, is Bookser coming off a suspension.

PSU 2 deep 17.png


  • Pitt and Penn State meet for the 98th time in a series widely regarded as one of college football’s most historic rivalries. The Panthers have won each of the past two encounters, 42-39 last season and 12-0 in 2000.
  • At one time an annual Keystone State clash, the series began in 1893 and has pitted former high school teammates and even family members against one another. This year’s contest marks the second of a four-game agreement that concludes in 2019.
  • Pitt will be visiting Beaver Stadium for the first time in 18 years. The Panthers have lost each of their last four games at Penn State (1990, 1992, 1997, 1999) and are just 6-17 on the road against the Nittany Lions.
  • Pitt’s last win in State College, a 14-7 decision in 1988, was spurred by the late Curtis Bray, who had a sack for a safety and key interception as a freshman linebacker.
  • A victory at Penn State would give the Panthers three consecutive wins in the series, something they have not achieved since 1944-46.
  • Pat Narduzzi’s familiarity with the Nittany Lions predates his time as Pitt’s head coach. As Michigan State’s defensive coordinator from 2007-14, Narduzzi faced Penn State five times, winning three of those contests.
  • Narduzzi’s last visit to Penn State was the 2014 regular-season finale when Michigan State yielded just 233 yards in a 34-10 victory.
  • This will be Pitt’s second road game against a Top 10 foe in its last six contests. The Panthers played at No. 2 Clemson last Nov. 12 and handed the eventual national champion its only loss, 43-42. Pitt’s victory in Death Valley snapped the country’s longest home winning streak at 21 games.


Pitt and Penn State meet for the 98th time in a series that dates back to 1893…the Nittany Lions lead the all-time series, 50-43-4…the Panthers have won each of the past two games, 12-0 in 2000 and 42-39 in 2016…both of those meetings were in Pittsburgh…the 2017 encounter marks Pitt’s first game at Penn State since 1999…the Panthers are striving for a third consecutive victory over the Nittany Lions, something they have not achieved since 1944-46…Pitt has lost each of its last four games in Beaver Stadium (1990, 1992, 1997, 1999)…the Panthers’ last road victory in the series was a 14-7 decision in 1988…Pitt is 4-6 in its last 10 games at Penn State, dating back to 1979…Pitt’s longest winning streak in the series is 14 games, achieved under legendary coaches Pop Warner (1922-23) and Jock Sutherland (1924-31, 1935-38)…from 1913-38, Pitt achieved an incredible 20-1-2 run against the Nittany Lions (the lone loss occurring in 1919)…Penn State’s longest winning streak against the Panthers is 10 games, achieved under Joe Paterno from 1966-75…despite being located less than three hours apart, this will be only the second game between Pitt and Penn State since the series went on hiatus following the 2000 season…Pitt-Penn State was once an annual affair—the teams played every year from 1900-31 and then again from 1935-92…four games were played from 1997-2000 before last year’s resumption of the rivalry…the 2017 game is the second of a four-year agreement that ends in 2019…Pitt hosts the 2018 game (Sept. 8), while Penn State will host in 2019 (Sept. 14).

126 thoughts on “Pitt – PSU Two-Deep is Out

  1. This is a tough match-up for Pitt. PSU has more experience and talent and it’s only game 2. I’d rather play them the last game this year (though catching them early last year was good for us).

    In the YSU game Pitt tried not to give much in the way of tendencies to look at on film on either O or D. My guess is that we will see more motion, misdirection and guard movement on offense this week and more run blitzes, stunts and coverage on defense. Not saying that this will be a miracle fix, but it will help some.

    My hope is to see improvement from week 1. I’d be impressed if Pitt can play them close for three quarters. Still, experience and talent will win out unless Pitt plays inspired and PSU comes out flat.



    1. I agree John. I say 2-2 after 4. I’m hoping that it rains for the OKST game to slow down their receivers. IMO, Pitt sees GT each year and generally know their unique offense, so we should be in that game throughout. Time will tell.

      This season will be interesting.


  2. Just because PSU (52 pts), Ok St (59 pts) and GT (41 pts / 535 yards rushing) all looked impressive in Week 1, doesn’t mean an ugly 1-3 record. 1-3 record … yes, but not necessarily ugly.


  3. To all you Dairy players and fans … so you think this game doesn’t matter?

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    Big week coming up!
    7:49 PM – 4 Sep 2017


  4. Conklin sucks. Its not the Pitt offense holding this team back – its the defense. Namely the DC. Nards would be wise to call the defense himself from now on.


      1. You’re full of 💩 if you think Narduzzi is calling the defense. Yeah it’s “his” basic Cover4 defensive scheme but it’s all Conklin come game day.


      2. about time someone recognizes this. Narduzzi hired Conklin for (1) recruiting, and (2) because Conklin is a disciple of himself. He made this plain when he hired …. I suspect the third reason is due to budgetary constraints since Conklin may have had even less credentials tha House when hired (although he did have DC experience.)


  5. Game 1 last year was ugly as well. We all survived to see a mediocre 8-5 season play out with two big wins against psu and clemscum.

    I was a competitive long distance runner in HS and college – I ran many races where I knew I could ease up to beat a certain opponent and then there were other races where I far exceeded what was expected of me – even as a FR in college.

    Motivation, desire, dislike for an opponent, focus, strategy and deep-down personal drive play a big role in athletics. Bringing 11 guys together on each side of the ball in the same game for four qtrs is tough. Both Duzz and Franklinstein have had their ups and downs over the past few years.

    Who will be up Saturday? – I’m betting on Duzz.



  6. A little locker room pin-up material compliments of Twitter –


    Squash the secret shower stewards of creepy valley!


  7. That’s a good way to put it EE. Emotion drives motivation which all comes from adrenaline. I think that’s where the phrase he gives 110% came from. < How is this possible. Emotion! …ike


  8. I’m anticipating an embarrassing blowout this week. Franklin will run the score up on us to avenge last year. HCPN refuses to shake hands after it’s over…


      1. Already did and if Pitt beats all the odds and naysayers by actually outscoring the mighty nit wits, then my mortgage will be paid as well.

        Life is good!


  9. When PS wins this weekend, and unfortunately I believe they’ll win easily, the media will make a mockery of Pitt football. We’ll be hearing more and more of they aren’t worthy to play us and all the other nonsense that the culters spew around. If Pitt pulls the upset, it will be all about what PS did to give the game to Pitt. The media is so slanted towards the cult.


  10. Line moved up a little. PSU thinking blowout. Pressure on them to produce. We just need to play best we can with effort. Then if we lose we can say we tried our best. H2P


  11. Last year Canada surprised Franklin with the Jet sweep. It was also Peterman’s second season and everyone was focused on Conner. Our front seven had a good first half and kept Barkley from getting loose.
    We also had an offensive line that was seasoned and intact from the year before. Also Cabinda did not play.
    We had Jarrett and Soto in the middle and Price rushing the passer.

    It will take a major miracle for Pitt to be competitive. We were relatively even last year, this year we are a 20 point underdog. I will be in Spain and glad to miss this game.

    If Narduzzi wins this game he should get a ticker tape parade down Grant Street.


    1. gc I’ll be in Pennsylvania and going to church at game time. I think we’ll have a better chance if the almighty intervenes on behalf of Pitt.


    2. You sound a whole lot like me explaining Pitt’s chances against Clemson last year.

      My excuse for still attending the game, “I just want to experience Death Valley on game day”.

      Well, I had no idea on just how great that experience was going to be.

      Penn State is “over” everything.

      Over rated
      Overly obnoxious.

      We beat them again & they’ll also never get OVER it!

      This win could happen. Tell me who saw 13-9 coming? At least we have the common sense to recognize a rivalry when we see one.

      Hail to Pitt!


  12. All great points here guys.

    PITT can play loose with little pressure.
    PITT hasn’t lost to psu this century.
    The media is not PITT’s friend.
    jimmie “one finger” is an ass. < ok that was on me…. ike


  13. Remember that will have our official predictions thread going on Friday and tomorrow, Wednesday will have our Roundtable call in show at 9 p.m. as usual.

    Please show up for that. We have a grand time when there’s a lot of people but sometimes there isn’t and we just have to shut it down.

    We have a lot of Pitt football to talk about between YSU and Penn State…


  14. Maybe Jimmie “one finger”, er uh I mean Franklin will hear me clapping from my couch and blame me for throwing off their rhythm.


  15. Hey gc, don’t forget that Narduzzi broke out the hand clap that befuddled those geniuses up in sorrowful valley. Maybe this year the defense will just cough or sneeze to throw them into a fit? . . .ike


    1. funny thing is that 15 years ago, PSU would have been one of the highest on this poll … and any PSU fan would tell you that with all JoePa’s success, he was never accused of any wrongdoing. Then a series of arrests began around 2006 or so … followed by pedophilia


  16. You know what I just realized thinking about our kicker is that all through camp the staff kept talking about how strong his leg was but nobody ever said anything about how accurate he was.

    I remember that in the fall scrimmages we read he missed a bunch I think he was under .500 or close.

    So he can kick long balls let’s hope he can get them through the uprights Saturday. We are going to need every point we can get in this one.


    1. If you read the paper today, Narduzzi blames himself for not putting the ball on the left hash which is a Kessman’s preference … but to Kessman’s credit, he didn’t buy any of it. I suppose the good thing is that both are taking responsibility … and also the kick only missed by 2 feet.

      Did you see how low the kick from GT was when they could have won in regulation? And the previously reliable VT kicker missed 2 short FGs vs WVU. Those two SOBs probably will make everything against us.


    2. Yeah. He hit the upright on his first miss but it was really really high up on the upright!

      I bet he could of missed that one wide right from 55 yards out, no problems!😂😂😂😂


    3. Reed if he kicks 15 field goals in the game Pitt will have a fighting chance. But I think he may have to kick at least 20 field goals to do the trick.


  17. Good point Reed. Still think if Kessman makes that first kick, YSU doesn’t come all the way back. Mo switched sides…

    Reed where are you watching the game? I was invited to the daughters house but I’m going to decline. I can’t stand outside interference when I’m focused on a PITT football game. Maybe a question for the viewers and listeners?

    Fire up the smoker and the fire-pit with maybe a pot of chilli on. Turn it up!!

    H2P! …ike


  18. One thing that needs to be brought up amidst all this doom and gloom talk is that, as someone pointed out via link to fivethirtyeight a few days ago, PSU is always one of the most overrated teams in the country and they’re really not as good as their lofty top ten ranking nor was their dismantling of Akron anything to write home about and by the end of the season, they’ll be about where they usually are: 9-3 or 10-2 and falling short of winning a Big Ten Championship by a game or two.

    Remember, this is the team that gave up 52 points to USC in the Rose Bowl last year. Got stomped by Michigan, needed OT to beat Minnesota, and padded it’s conference win total with games against Rutgers, Maryland, Mich State, and Purdue, who were a combined 5-31 in the Big Ten. THEY’RE NOT THAT GOOD.

    Not saying Pitt is better. Not saying we’re going to win. Just a reminder that this isn’t the ’85 Bears we’re playing this weekend and that if this 2017 Pitt team is at all comparable to the 2016 version (and I think it should be), then this game is still winnable.


  19. Pitt be is almost square in the crosshairs of that graphic as far as most embarrassing to least embarrassing programs. That’s SOS for Pitt.

    It is exactly what we are… we’re not good we’re not bad we’re not great we’re not terrible. We just exist; that’s what we do.


    1. $&#@ to bed one week, Champions the next, an enigma of the average Joe football program.

      Tom, I have to edit your posts all the time now for swearing… This is the last one I will do… others will be trashed.


  20. Pitt fans shold just start cheering 6198 during the pre-game. The Dairy Farmer High School won’t know what it means. Most of their players weren’t out of their diapers the last time they won.


  21. Hoping for a repeat of last years game in Death Valley…go in as heavy dogs and pull out a W…good for PN to not throw Kessman under the bus…Remember the Kiss last year after Blewitt missed a kick at Death Valley? Remember what happened at the end of that game? Kessman needs to make a few for us this Saturday…need big games from Ollie, Quadree, Max and the D….Hope the D can cover the wheel routes tis week…Wow, the GT QB is going to be tough to stop…is he really a freshman? GT snared defeat from the jaws of victory!


  22. Reed interesting depth chart.

    Bookser should be on the field. Put him and at center and leave the rest as is or let him play right guard and try Hodges at Right Tackle as opposed to Jones Smith.

    Is the OR there because he was suspended?

    The O line has to be right because in Browne I see a QB that can manage the game as long as he is clean.


    1. And I forgot to mention why the He ll is Darin Hall still the first back off the bench? I guess he is a great blocker but when he is in we run with no success each and every time.

      What happened to Moss? He was on the sideline with what looked like a brace on his elbow. If he is hurt I would much rather see AJ Davis get his shot as the first back off the bench.

      He showed his Florida pedigree at the goal line when non of the other backs could find a way he did.


      1. Josh – mark my words, you will see AJ Davis on the field Saturday, unless QO tears it up so bad that no other RB is needed.

        What AJ showed against YSU was a small sampling of what is to come AND the situations the coaching staff used him in were critical and he came through.



  23. Good for the Duzz to say it was on him. No way he believes that, but unlike some recent Pitt coaches who took ownership for nothing he supported his player.
    This is a really tough week for me on the football front. Deep down I lean toward Dr. Tom, especially where the Nitters are concerned, but they want retribution. I’m channeling my Upitt vibe, and I don’t like it. Not this week. Also going to the shore next week and Irma lurks. Wonderful!


  24. Hey Josh_ A, good to see you the other day, not sure about Moss but I did hear he may have broke his arm?? Watched him on the sideline (in uniform) and far away from Narduzzi and the play. So???

    AJ looks like a keeper and a nice option. His redshirt is probably gone so play him imo.

    Bookser may not play much and I hope if he does it’s at guard. More importantly the O-Line needs to be kept the same so as to form some chemistry. ike



  25. On a footnote here. The POV is so clean and managed in the right way we are not seeing much of the opposing team trolls over here. So refreshing and mature, you have to love it. Great job Reed.

    Knock on wood….. ike


  26. Yes, Moss has been injured if you read between the Narduzzi line. Hall is straight ahead fast. Once he shakes or bakes, he is toast. He is best hitting the “A” gap fast, or a pitch to the outside using his speed to get to the corner. I like him if he runs those specific plays. Poor Vision.

    Moss has great vision and not as much speed.Ollison has neither the vision or the speed but is quick for a big guy and tries to overpower you unless he jumps over you. Davis looks to be quick, fast, strong with good vision, but it is too early. Not enough carries.I prefer quick and great vision, over the other attributes.

    I expect Givens to have a big game if our OL isn’t ready. Why? Because the weakness for Dairy are the 2 CB’s. Go long to Weah and FFrench all day, which will be GGood. The difference will be whether Max can hold the safeties while picking the corners apart.


  27. POV friends and neighbors,
    I call myself “Pitt man 4 ever” because I am a diehard Pitt Panther fan for life! I desperately want our panthers to beat the pants off of our evil rival to the east…………..however, while I can see that our offense was fairly bland last week, the fact is our defense was not vanilla – it was a total train wreck!!!! I’ve played and watched a lot of football thru the years and if we, as fans, would be HALF WAY objective we have to see that our defense is beyond bad: 13 wide open receivers, playing with only 10 men, being out of position continually, have zero pass rush, and being ranked 88th(?) or worse in total defense when we only played a 1A school! I saw little to no talent, little to no football IQ, and little to no front 7 play. If you believe somehow our defense is going to be transformed by eating their Lucky Charms all week (you realize their magically delicious, right?) – that is your prerogative! For this loyal Pitt fan reality trumps Lucky Charms every time.
    LET’S GO PITT!!!!!


    1. Pitman, like you played and watched a lot of football and saw the same train wreck on defense. Some of it was first game jitters but it reflects very bad coaching. One thing to get beat one on one and another to get beat because you’ve completely lost your man. 13 receivers running alone in our secondary is inexcusable…hell two is bad!!!

      I also noted that “tight line” on offense where their were no gaps between lineman. While it provides safety up the middle it leaves blitzing lbs wide open. It is usually used to protect bad matchups. YSU poured thru holes in that line in the second half by suckering our center out of position and blitzing a lb thru the hole.

      I would love to think this whole YSU game was a planned ruse to fool the Peds but my eyes tell me differently. Sorry PSU 70- Pitt 19 ( have to account for 2 missed extra points)


  28. HCPN fired Tom Sims, a Pitt alum and letter-winner.
    Hired in his place – Charlie no-qb-pressure partridge.
    If HCPN can toss Sims, why is Conklin still on the payroll?
    One missed wheel route…ok. First game. But five blown plays? They do have headsets and coaches, do they not?
    We’ve seen accountability with suspensions and departures. Shouldn’t we expect the same with the coaches?


  29. Well upon further review and as the POVer’s that have met him have stated, Upitt isn’t a bad guy after-all. (everyone knows that) So I retract 50% of everything I posted in any derogatory type manner towards him.

    In fact, I retract 75% of all the derogatory things I’ve thought about him. Seriously, I think the Estonian woman may have hit the jackpot. Of course I’ve been known to be wrong many times.

    Good Luck to you Mark and thanks for the kind words and thoughts. ..ike


  30. STopped to gas up this am dressed in Pitt gear. Guy at pump said it took guts to wear Pitt gear after the pathetic pass defense Saturday. Answer – never gutsy to wear Pitt gear but the pass defense has sucked for three years.


  31. Went to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Sunday with my wife and counted 15 people dressed in Pitt garb (not including my Mrs & I), 2 pedos and 1 hoopie.

    The arangatang (sp) and chimp could of passed as pedos (sure smelled like them), but don’t count cause I was looking for shirts and hats. The ant eater had too many teeth to be a hoopie.

    Many “hail to Pitt” shout outs – even after the loss to YSU – we did lose that game right? ESPN has Pitt down for a W – both psu and Pitt are 1-0. Something must be wrong cause yinz are acting Lyke we lost.


  32. ^ Right Jeff R above, we all needed the perspective. Who crowned their asses? They are who we think they are. Pompous cultist! … your truly … ike



  33. Browne was brought here to give Pitt a senior QB who hopefully plays well. Browne may well need to do more than a caretaker to keep his job. The game will be on the coaches and players to play up. Hopefully they can. Mentally the team has to be ready to compete 100% every play.


  34. Here’s an email I received from a well wisher that makes some valid points. Name withheld and I hope you don’t mind.

    “Frankly, I’m not too keen on the roundtable discussion concept. It comes across as a little too clickish for me. Many people, including me, are unavailable in the evenings, and discussions that are held live may not shift well over to the written comments the next day. I think people can feel excluded when the discussion involves setting up a roundtable meeting or moves to comments related to previous roundtable discussions they weren’t a part of. I really believe that increasing focus on the roundtable will cost the POV in the number of written commenters.”

    OK I don’t disagree but Reed has practically begged for newcomers but more to your point. How can the POV bridge that gap? I’ve thought of this a good bit today and really have no answers. A blog is way different then a message board and options are more limited in a good way.

    The round-table is so unique I would hate to lose it or impede the POV in any manner. Feedback is so important and is always a great idea. Any other ideas from you guys? Reed is the boss/commander and I know he’s a great manager. imo, input is always appreciated.

    Very honestly, I would rather watch than partake. .. ike


  35. I’m for a round table on game days at home. 8 hours before the game so the inebriation is kept to a minimum. Held at the non OCS parking lot. Its POV game day at Heinz.


  36. So summing up your comment TX_Panther.

    You’re saying the round-table participants are drunk?
    You’re all for an on campus stadium? (with parking)
    You’re in for a round-table for the OSU game at 4:00 am?
    You’re saying the wonderful in the moment discussions are too much for your eyes?
    I thought you were a pain in the ass, thanks for proving me right. All respect there Tex . . . .ike

    It takes all kinds
    To make the world go round.


  37. The title should not be two deep, but rather too deep, as in we are going over the top if we can get some pass blocking. Their weakness are their corners. ATTack, attack attack with weah, mathews and FFrench..

    Will need to run clark and flanagan down the seam to keep the safeties in.

    Will be in “MAX” Protect…..to go deep!

    Ike – roundtable is brilliant. I like the idea of a gameday cast as well. Would be great to have about 4-5 of us with a moderator. After every play each commenter suggests what they would do offensively and defensively on the next play. Brilliant. Not an 8 hour show, but a three hour program.


  38. Minus 23 is much too low. Minus 35 might get some money betting on the Pitt side. However I can easily see a Pitt loss equal to what Akron experienced last Saturday. The number of Pitt turnovers this week MAY shock the majority on this board into reality come Sunday. I put “may” in capital letters because I’m not sure anything could shock some cheerleaders into reality when it comes to Pitt football.


  39. I’m with dr t, double e, Jeff r and the rest and the rest of the dreamers.

    PS3 not that good. If you saw USC last weekend, you saw a good bit of max brown like play from the great darnald. Happens. 21 points is way too manybut I wouldn’t know where to go to make the play herE in somber LA. ID KIND OF LIKE TO GO TO THE GAME, but coming from central pa, I’ll wind up being related to b
    Nearly everyone in the stands (in a couple ways:: second cousins one removed and then reinstated. Cuzunkles, double half cousins, —it’s not just the lint in the gene pool, but something in the cherry coke jello with little marsh mellows and some thing sparkles from unkle booster bugger down in the double wide.

    Pitt 37. Punks 23


  40. Linebacker play will decide this game, if our linebackers fall asleep again Barkley will win the Heisman on Saturday, if they actually care to play then we can hang-comments of “mailing it in” vs YSU are all to familiar to the Akron debacle of Reeds beloved PC


    1. actually the above is not the link I intended. There was another one where Barstool Clemson made the point that Pitt is hated by two biggest inbred fanbases …. you can guess who they are


  41. So nice to see others wanting to take the reins of this blog. Well for $25 and a hot dog you can have the whole thing.

    I like the round table because if nothing else it is the most fun I have in the whole entire week of the POV. I don’t care if it’s one person like it was last week where Mark and I had an hour-long conversation that wasn’t recorded… but we had a great time talking to each other, or if 7 people show up like they did a couple weeks ago.

    But you guys have to understand something. I write two to three hours a day for this most days and it isn’t always fun. Then I sit here and I read comments that really kind of drag me down through the mud a lot of times. Now I let that roll off my shoulders but I have to say sometimes it makes me think is it all worthwhile to do this for absolutely free?

    I appreciate the donations you guys have given me but quite honestly it is a sliver of what I spend on this thing.

    So let’s not try to make this blog something it isn’t…let’s keep this a family and fan-friendly blog where we all reach out to each other for fun and enjoy ourselves.

    But honest to God if someone can’t watch a video and think that ‘boy those guys were having fun doing that‘, or they feel excluded then just don’t watch the damn video… turn it off.

    As to the readership for this blog I have to say that I honestly don’t care if we have 100 commenters and readers or if we have 50,000, which is a low number by the way. I really don’t care. I don’t know if I can express that anymore clearly.

    I did not start this blog to become famous to become some sort of person people point to. I do this because I felt like I had the time, energy and effort that I could put in so that others would have a small window of fun and contentment during the day to get out of life’s problems and be able to talk about Pitt football with friends.

    That is the bottom line here. I honestly do not care and I think that it’s becoming bigger than I wanted it to be and that’s fine. I love the tailgates – that was hilarious. I love the round table because they are literally the most fun I have all week with this… sometimes the only fun, but you know, you guys think a lot in terms of what this blog does for you and you forget it’s a one-man operation over here. I get great help from Chris and Fran for tailgating and others chip in but really – it’s on my shoulders and that’s perfectly fine.

    So I appreciate the sentiments, I appreciate the advice, but we’re going to keep doing exactly what we’re doing. And I can’t stress this enough, and it isn’t just about the roundtable, but if this blog bothers you for any reason then don’t take it so seriously. It is not mainstream media; it is not journalism and it sure as hell isn’t a business where I have to worry about losing customers if I choose to do one thing or another.

    Damn, first thing in the morning…. 🙂


    1. I want just want sunshine plus nothing other than Unicorns & Rainbows on this blog, oh & one other thing a 15-0 season & another PHUCKING National Championship!

      I have to go meditate now before my yoga class.

      BTW, checked with my phone’s Siri, phuck is not a swear word, it just the word “pluck” that spell correct failed to amend.


  42. Ike – this guy has to much time on his hands to complain. Sheesh. I think the roundtable is fun to listen to and the podcasts as well.

    Just left Miami and getting scary there. Gas lines and issues.

    Headed to Boise State and the Blue Turf who draw more than us.

    I took Pitt +20.5. We get our ass kicked but they cover. It is a sucker bet. Take Pitt plus points.


    1. I can’t even watch that blue turf on TV .. let alone live. It hurts my eyes. (FWIW I wasn’t too thrilled with turf at Pitt Stadium either … although it never stopped me from watching)


  43. Right on Reed! While the Podcast isn’t my thing, and I haven’t felt the need to participate in the Roundtable, I think they are great and totally respect Reed and others that participate. Any vehicle to increase Fan suppoert and interest is valuable. When I read that comment I thought, “who the bleep do you think you are? If you don’t appreciate Reed”s efforts go somewhere else or Go to bleep! The utter lack of respect from some guys is amazing.

    While we all can debate the finer points of Pitt Football, to not respect what Reed gives us in this blog is just plain stupidity. If you think you can do it better start your own damn blog. Reed’s opinions are just that, his opinions, disagree with them, debate them, but show some respect and dignity. I know that is a lot to ask on a blog, but we should expect more from Pitt Fans.


    1. My only complaint is that Reed needs to get better looking guys to participate in the Roundtable, or else change it up to a phone call in format exclusively. Personally, I’m well aware that I have a face well suited for radio.


  44. Reed,

    Keep doing what your doing. The blog to me is a place were Pitt fans of all opinions can gather and share a common bond. Reed is the cataylst which in itself is a very noble thing.

    The tailgate was awesome as well because I meant some great people of various backgrounds that without the POV I would have never taken the time to do.

    If the blog is something else to others than they should probably stay out. Someone made a similar comment to one of the admins of the Pitt Panther Fanatics on facebook that they were Trolling PSU.

    My suggestion to that person is anyone that calls someone a PSU Troll i.e. they were saying don’t hate on PSU doesn’t belong in the fanatics LOL.

    Sorry had to add my two cents.


  45. Too early for Know your enemies but here is what we are up against including a legit Heisman candidate:


    As Irma probably blasts Florida on Saturday we will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the Pitt Football team. Long odds but anything is possible in a rivalry game. Will our guys grow up fast or learn how far they have to go? To me, this upset would be the biggest ever, bigger than WVU and Clemson and would make Narduzzi legendary. A team, cobbled together with Transfers and youngsters beating the might PSU with experienced four and five star upperclassmen. One for the history books.


    1. I call BS. The Nitters are over rated as is their tendency when they begin believing their own press clippings in the echo chamber kno n as central Pennsylvania. They lose two again this season and spend the post season formulating the 2017 excuse playbook for why they didn’t make the big stage again this season.

      They’re good but not unbeatable by any means. Wait, watch & wonder how they falter by the end of the year. Over rated.


  46. Emel left because he could no longer take his political shots.

    He was banned by Chas and then disappeared from POV.

    I always enjoyed his Pitt commentary, maybe he will stop being a big baby and rejoin the fun.

    But I don’t think he can resist the political stuff.


    1. Yeah – I think Emel took off when it was so obvious that he couldn’t ignore the fact that Peterman (who he swore would only be a back up) was 10 times better than Chad Voytik. He and I went around on that for a year.

      But I never banned him – and miss his other insights.


  47. We struggle enough trying to figure out Pitt Athletics, let alone politics.

    Reed +1

    State Penn has covered 11 straight times. This is a scary line. Howard overcame a 40 point line last week to beat UNLV straight up, right? Anything is possible.


    1. FWIW, PSU may well be a legit #4 right now. Just remember, whatever happens the next two weeks .. and it may not be very pretty … it’s against two explosive top teams.

      And also keep in mind … Narduzzi only makes $300k more than John Chavis. Chavis is the Texas A&M defensive coordinator whose team surrendered 35 points in the last quarter and a half vs UCLA the other day.


    2. If you know anything about Howard football, & I mean ANYTHING, you would realize that that UNLV win was the equivalent of a biblical indicator of the coming apocalypse!

      By comparison, Pitt beating the dairy college for a third time in a row will be a walk in the park.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think we lose on Saturday, we should, but such lessor miracles are a plenty in Pitt’s history,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a decade legacy of losing seasons followed by another Pitt NC in four short years after Majors arrived on scene, 13-9, Aaron Donald winning all the awards, really everything possible but the Heisman at his position & the Clemson win last season @ Death Valley no less.

      This game is just another opponent on our schedule. Get it? You guys seem to forget an over riding constant that never ever varies.

      Penn State Sucks.


  48. Reed’s Rant: Part II

    Also, please try to re-read your posts at least once before you hit the “Post Comment” button – I’m getting two or three, or more, posts sent to my email by WordPress to moderate because of swearing. I get some posters don’t care what is said on here but most agree that it;’s better without it – anyway I have to stop what I’m doing then going into WordPress, edit the comment; approve it then post it again.

    My problem is that I really don’t want to just delete them because the other 99% of what is written is fine.

    Just use the word “crap” instead “sh*t” and that will solve almost all of these pulled posts and make exactly the same point.

    Now – that said if I get pissed enough to swear I’ll let that stand… “Pissed” is great – it sums up the fan’s feeling about the YSU game perfectly and even made it into a title. Wonder what I’ll come up with for this Sunday’s article – any suggestions?


  49. Reed, have you figured out that jimmie “one finger” first name is James?

    It’s too early in the day to be in a mood during rivalry week…


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