POV: Know The Enemy – YSU

BYLINE: Chris Logue

It’s that time again where we finally get to look, objectively, at our opponents and it starts this week with an anticipated re-match with a 2015 foe. Yes, Pitt did win that game, closer than desired, but this time around, for growth and the loyalty of fans, it must be a blow-out. But, how does Pitt stack up against this FCS power?

Youngstown State is coming off a season where they went 12-4 and amassed that fourth defeat in the FCS Championship where they fell to James Madison. Still, it is a program reborn under Bo Pelini, who more than doubled their win output in just his second season.

YSU is a senior-laden team (20) that drives on experience and discipline, but now lacks a running back duo that vaulted the Penguins into contention last season. That being said, YSU will trot out a running back that is looking to complete a dream that extends back to high school. If the name Tevin McCaster sounds even the slightest familiar, you’ll know that he grew up and attended high school at New Castle.

His dream was to play at Heinz Field and win, as far as the Panthers are concerned, they want to wash that dream away. The most crucial position on any field is the quarterback, and YSU returns a solid one in Hunter Wells. This will be Wells’ second trip to Heinz Field where he started in 2015 and went 19-38 for 274 yards and a single touchdown – which equates to a 119.3 passer rating.

When asked about his team’s performance in 2015, Pelini said, “I watched the film from that game the other day and maybe I want to burn it.” Continuing, “That was probably as bad as a defensive performance as I’ve ever been around in a while.”

That should give you an idea as to where the main emphasis will be focused; and rightfully so given the ultimate state of the Pitt defensive backfield where Wells will look to pick apart the  youth that makes up the grand portion of the secondary. In the time since, it is evident that Pelini has cleaned up some portions of the 2015 effort, I mean he did reach the championship in just his second season at the helm.

If Browne’s arm is as solid as advertised, especially on the deep ball with Jester Weah and Quadree Henderson, Pitt can exploit the main weakness of the Penguins as well, their secondary. While they have experience with two seniors at the corner positions, word out of the YSU camp is that they lack proven polish and strong technique that allow for opposing quarterbacks to eat plentifully, when equipped with a ‘full’ playbook. That alone will provide incredible tailgate-talk leading up to kickoff.

YSU will look to flex its muscles at other areas of the defense where they brought in three FBS transfers that have big-stage spotlight experience. Two of the aforementioned players put in time in the Big Ten – or whatever you want to call the conference now-a-days.

In reading plenty of articles online about the match-up, the one I liked the most was from Brian Batko of the PG. In it, he detailed a fun-fact about how similar the Youngstown State defense is to Alabama’s. You read that right.

“It’s funny, it’s the same exact defense,” Browne said with a chuckle.

Wait, the defense that had three first-round NFL draft picks and who knows how many other future pros? Well, no, but Alabama and Youngstown State both employ a coverage called 4-trio, a popular scheme in college football but one “you don’t see every day,” according to Browne.

So while he’s feeling a bit of deja vu preparing for the Penguins as he did for the Tide, Browne’s also trying to get on level footing with his 43 teammates who got a glimpse of Youngstown State as Pitt’s opening foe in 2015.

If you remember far enough back to that game between Browne’s Trojans and the Crimson Tide, it didn’t fare well as Alabama dispatched the Trojans 52-6 in each team’s opener. Well, here’s to hoping for more on the side of Max.

What offense will we employ? Well, I will refer to a previous comment on a prior article in which the commenter believed we will keep the same playbook as last season under Canada before introducing the Shawn Watson wrinkles in Happy Valley for week two.

My overall grade of the Youngstown State Penguins regarding playing a FBS team is a D+. It might take a quarter for the Panthers to get their feet beneath them on offense, but I believe our young defense will be the champion of the game (yep, I said defense). . Despite framing me as a worry-wart about us being able to handily beat the fighting Pelini’s, I am confident Pitt will exceed my early expectations in the match-up and leading us to a 45-17 victory.


Notes – Reed here now:

Thanks Chris – that is a nice write-up and detailed to boot.  For our readers;  here is another look at the upcoming game via the Post-Gazette in conversation with a sportswriter from the Youngstown Vindicator.

Here is another P-G piece; Brian Batko’s Q&A from yesterday and here’s one that you all know I endorse heartily – and not just at the end of the season.

Matt: Do you think that if the D doesn’t improve this year that Conklin is gone? I have convinced myself that Duzz brought in Partridge as his DC in waiting….
Brian Batko: I hate to speculate on a guy’s job security, but sure, I’d think Conklin would be the first to tell you that his unit needs to improve. So would Pat Narduzzi. Partridge has been praised a ton since getting here, and his bona fides would make you think he could be in line for a bigger role at some point. Linebackers coach Rob Harley is probably a future DC, as well, whether it’s here or elsewhere.

Honestly – if our pass defense, and overall defense, looks anything like last season’s coming out of the Rice game then I say make the move for a new interim DC right then, if not earlier.  Remember – the reason for the season is to win the Coastal division.  That starts in earnest after we play Rice (with the exception of the GT game a week earlier).

And here is a question and answer that echoes my constant thoughts about this YSU game on Saturday-

Gary77: I think the Youngstown game will be close and possibly an upset. What are YSU’s strengths?
Brian Batko: Experience, in some ways, Gary. Talent, in others. Hunter Wells is a returning starter at quarterback and a senior. Three offensive linemen are returning starters. But there’s a lot more new faces for the Pens on D.

That’s sort of where the talent factor comes in. Narduzzi mentioned that safety Jalyn Powell is a Michigan State transfer, so Pitt’s coach knows him well. There are some other FBS transfers here and there, and probably a few guys who could’ve gone to a higher level out of high school but didn’t, for whatever reason.

As far as positional go, I think YSU’s QB and receivers could give Pitt some headaches.

So along with Chris’ Pitt 45- YSU 17 win he predicted above I’ll add my thoughts also. This true lack of playing time among our Panther defense, combined with the rather poor talent of returning starters in the backfield, really bothers me and I see that as a possible pivot point of the match.  If we can hold their passing game down – and that sure isn’t a given based on what we saw last season and with the players we have in the D’s starting lineup – then I see us winning this game.

But I do not see a blowout on Pitt’s behalf because I think we have some concerns on offense also with a new QB, Bookser out, a rsFR at Center, Ollison coming of a down 2016 showing and most of all losing George Aston which could really impact our run and passing games with Aston’s great run blocking and pass protection missing.  so… I think it will be closer than others may do.

Pitt 28 – YSU 21 Closer than we’d like.  28-21 YSU if the staff and team look too much forward to Penn State 😉

If one is interested here are the  betting lines for the game  from oddsshark.com such as they are – basically Pitt is giving away 15.5 points.  But here is something interesting from one betting site:


I can’t find anything that is current that says Browne is “probable” for this game. My advise is to revise your predictions if he doesn’t play my friends.

As to the Roundtable or lack of:  Well, Mark K. (PittPT) and I had a great and interesting one hour conversation as we were the only ones who showed up at the Call-In… except for our stalwart caller Pitt-Cocks who checked in to say hello then had to tend to his wife who wasn’t feeling well.  Talk about up and down!  Six callers one week and two the next.  Look – if you feel like you shouldn’t call-in to give others a shot don’t do that – call in anyway and we’ll sort it out before recording.

POV’ers!!  Please don’t forget to jump on this link over to our Tailgate page and let us know if you’ll be attending the initial POV Tailgate Extravaganza of not. all are welcome, friends and family of course also.  BTW – whatever rain we may have in Pittsburgh on Saturday is likely to hit well after the game starts so the pre-game tailgate should be cool at 67* and dry…


Tomorrow we’ll post our season predictions and I’ll include some prediction subsets to make it interesting.  Then I’ll tag it with a unique ID tag so that we can check back on it at regular intervals.

Hail to Pitt!! and let’s light up the Cathedral of Learning on Saturday afternoon!

P/S: This is interesting and I believe every word of it. When I visited my Podiatrist the first thing he asked me was “How long were you in the military?



103 thoughts on “POV: Know The Enemy – YSU

  1. Pulling no punches, Pitt is in for a very difficult game. YSU has no less than 4 D1 Transfers coming in to play defense and this game makes their season. I say Pitt, barely 31-28.


  2. I don’t think YSU will be able to handle Henderson and Weah. Also I see both Ffrench and Lopes adding to the YSU problems as speed kills and that’s one thing Pitt can bring in any game offensively. Believe it or not I think Pitt’s speed on the D will also cause YSU headaches. Pitt covers the spread 48 to21.


    From Pittman4ever
    Thank you all for your many prayers and concerns as millions of people find their homes with water in them from 1inch to 12 feet! Continue to pray for all of these people. I am one of the approximately 5% who did not get flood water into their house. We are very very thankful for this. The best way to describe this is to think of Houston as a sunken ship with only the nose of the ship sitting above the water line. Us 5% are sitting on the nose of that ship!!! We have invited flood victims to come stay with us and as soon as the water has gone down far enough for them to safely travel to get here we will have house guests, which is the least we can do.
    Now, for this Saturday I see a fairly close win for our Panthers but one that will answer a lot of questions for us! #H2P


    1. Sorry about that but being new to wordpress guess evidently I don’t know how to post on it. Anyways check out PSN they have the Hudl video. He kind of reminds me of Kenny Pickett


  4. Thanks Chris great article.

    We say things like, we don’t know much about PITT’s transfers, which is true so I’m not exactly quaking in my boots just because YSU has 4 D-1 transfers. We know less about them

    Bo P is a really good coach and playing this team won’t be a walk in the park but here’s another thing. We talk about how it’s the ACC games that matter the most to PITT but out the other side comes thoughts like “this will make YSU’s season” Now I do get that but I’m trying to show how we can go a little off track trying to make one point while we lose focus on another point.

    Their QB does concern me. A third year senior starter sounds dangerous to me. Fact is, I’m happy to be playing these guys as it should and will be great competition. I know this is not Villanova and so does Narduzzi. and btw, wasn’t Villanova coming off a really great season prior to last year’s game. I think they were.

    Should be an interesting game to watch and I love game one of the season.

    Looks like we have 12 sure’s and 10 maybe’s for the tailgate so far. That’s around 17 possible’s if half the maybe’s show up. X that by two and we have 34 people at least. I’m looking at 50 people in total by the time we all gather up, clean up and head inside.

    Real bummer that the round-table didn’t get off the ground last night. I figured from last week that the POV round-table had spread their wings and was ready to take off. It’s funny to me now that the season is upon us we sputtered last night. I should have made different plans but you guys are sick of me by now. I would prefer to give someone else a chance.. See you guys Saturday! .. . . . . .ike Hope everyone is safe in Texas!

    Hope To Hear From


  5. Reed.

    As much as I’d like to put faces to (screen) names, I won’t make it to the tailgate. I have a long established spot and it’s on the opposite side of Heinz Field (Green 22). However, if there’s a tailgate planned for PA School of Agriculture and Pedophilia, I’m in!

    On that note, my son is now a freshman at Pitt and I was wondering if any POV’ers living in the Pittsburgh area might be willing to shuttle he and his roommate to the game. I’m coming from Harrisburg and would rather not drive Hburg-Pgh-State College-Pgh-Hbg.

    My guess (let’s be honest, with this many unknowns we’re all guessing at this point) is Pitt 34 YSU 27.


    1. Jay: if you do not have any luck, note that Pitt provides transportation for the Students. Buses continuously leave from Bigelow Blvd in front of the Cathedral hours before kickoff.


  6. Pittman4ever: Very happy to hear you are safe and dry. Kudos to you for welcoming others into your home. If you have any needs, let your follow POVerts know. We’ll get some goods together, and if necessary, send UPitt on a road trip. Stay safe.


    1. Can’t even get gas here unless you want to be in a line and pay $3 bucks. It was a 1.88 eight days ago. Flying to Pitt tomorrow to get a marriage license.


  7. Thanks Wlat, I did not see your update Pittman. So happy to hear that you and the family are safe. Here’s hoping the the worst is over… You’re a good man, a good Pittman, 4ever! . . ike


  8. If ya’ll are worried about YSU, then we might as well submit 0-8 for our ACC year.

    As for me, YSU better hope their 3 year starting QB can complete a pass from the prone position!

    Partridge puts 🎼A penguin in a Pear Tree🎼!! Good guys win going away – 51 (or, as much as we want) – 17.


  9. Jay, you may have to make it to at least one tailgate this season. Just take a rickshaw (bicycle driven) over to say a quick hello and straight back. It will be on me. btw, It’s a hoot.

    Took one from the casino last year to the Springhill north-shore. Zips right through the traffic. … ike


  10. JRN – I’m with you on the 48-21. With a late TD by YSU as we are subbing the D. I think big days by Weah, QH, QO and Browne.


  11. The role of pitt’s opponent this week will be, as it will be every week, played by Doctor DOOM. Comics Doctor Doom, not the awful fantastic four movies Doctor Doom.


  12. YSU’s defense at the National Championship looked much like Pitt’s against Oklahoma State after attending both games. Could be a shootout which could be good for the over/under. Any ideas on what that number is at?


  13. Pittman4ever – great news!! Tense days for sure for You! So glad you’re safe AND dry. Good on ya for helping those who’ve lost everything. That’s the way I’m gonna “Never forget Houston”!!


  14. For those of you out of town, if the rain comes as expected in the afternoon it will negate any speed advantage we have, and make throwing deep an issue. It’s a day early but I like the Guins in this one 26-21.


  15. Joe I respect your opinion and not meaning to pick apart your prediction. I’ve never really understood why rain and mud slow down the better faster teams only. Wouldn’t the same conditions make a slower team, even slower as well?

    I think the rain is called for early Saturday morning ending very early around 5:00 AM then again rain later on. Let’s hope the weather guys get one right after all the swings and misses this year. ….

    I forget whole stole the thought out of my head but if we are all worried about YSU then, let’s just bag the whole season.

    No I’m not saying PITT can’t lose the game. I’m only saying they shouldn’t and it’s not keeping me up at night. Although the thought of the first game being almost upon us does a little. I’m ready guys and gal…. ike

    Great News Jim


    1. I guess it depends on just how much rain … and thankfully there shouldn’t be much mud this time of year.

      I’ll never forget when Woodland Hills went to the state title game with Steve Breston at QB. They had to play in a constant downpour on a field that already had 3 other games played on it in the last day. Breston fumbled something like 7 times and the heavily favored WH lost.

      7 months later, Breston returned to the same field and dominated … winning MVP at the Big 33 Game.


  16. These early season games can be very unpredictable = WVU-VT, PSU-Akron, OSU-IN (tonight), etc.

    I think at least 2 major upsets.


  17. wwb, Breston had a severely sprained ankle in that game if I remember correctly. BUT the field was sloppy and very soupy.


  18. This game is ALL on Pitt’s coaching staff.


    FCS team for sure, but a championship FCS team. YSU’s coach, bigtime persona. Bo knows! The guys been involved with more big time games on the large stage then probably any other coach in the FCS. Plus the guy is the typical blue collar hard nosed football coach that Youngstown guys totally get. These guys will be ready to stand toe to toe & trade punches with the Panthers. We best expect a full 60 minutes of football out of our “Cream puff” home opener opponent.

    Now how do our coaches control the controlables? Well first you make sure to suspend or kick a half dozen guys off the squad, not good. Then you make sure that your workhorse Fullback breaks his ankle, worse. Then you convince all of the youngsters that are going to be seeing the field for the first time to come in expecting YSU to just roll over for them since they’re only a minor league football squad. That would be a big mistake, huge mistake, tremendously huge mistake.

    I don’t know for certain how our coaches make it clear how dangerous this team could be to our young, inexperienced, untested Panther squad. But they better impress it on them good, REAL GOOD, because back in 2012 this school kicked Pitt’s butt for 60 minutes in our own house! YSU made it crystal clear who the better team was on that day.

    Maybe that’s the film this team should watch come tomorrow night over a few dozen pizzas and soft drinks. Let them watch how easily Pitt can get beat by a good FCS team wh n they come in unprepar d for battle. This YSU team is a worthy opponent. True, you should respect every opponent but this one demands respect. If you don’t, Bo has them prepared to rip our heads off and spit down our neck holes.

    If all of Reed’s apprehensions come to be valid, we get beat on Saturday,,,,,,, if we come into this game flat.

    That’s the coaches job, to be sure that isn’t allowed to occur. We ain’t nearly good enough to take ANYBODY lightly, & definitely not YSU.


    1. you never know how a team is going to react. I remember last year after we won the emotional game with PSU, we had to go to OSU which had just been been upset by a MAC team. I made the case here that I thought OSU would have the emotional edge since they would be ultra-focused while Pitt was due for an emotional letdown. I was wrong … at least the emotional letdown part.


  19. Ike, if your predicted number for the tailgate is 50… add in my 15 original tailgaters. Thank the Lord I didn’t plan on cooking at this one. My plan was to get 4 cases of beer and bloody Mary’s. Cheese plate, sandwich rings, and homemade hot peppers. Chips etc. My guys bring beer too.


  20. How bout making the entire football team, coaches and all, sit down and watch the Chryst fiasco loss to YSU a few years back. That’s how you learn NOT to lose to YSU.

    Man, I hope the football team has more faith in themselves then some of the POVer’s have… and I’m certainly happy you are not playing in the game Saturday. Winners have a winning attitude or they go home crying to their mommies…… That wasn’t an option for me… ike

    or Get the Hell Out Of the WAY!


    1. Talk is cheap, ike. In 48 hours we’ll see if these new recruits that Narduzzi has brought in can live up to their press releases. They better too, cause the hill gets ALOT steeper over the next two weeks.

      Time to prove it. Hail to Pitt.


  21. Fran, Let’s review this together as I could be all wet and having another stroke and don’t realize it. (joking)

    12 yes’s and 10 maybe’s. Half of the maybe’s show up. = 17. I would say there will be at least an average of 2 per party? that = 34 I kind of roughly counted in your tailgate and other walk-ups.

    So around a total of 50 (with your group) but wouldn’t be shocked if more just stop by to say hello and see what the rumpus is all about. We will be fine. I have a cooler on two wheels and will try and bring a case of bud-light or so.

    Like we talked about, keep it simple first week. Although the spread doesn’t sound all that simple. The hot peppers caught my eye. < (don’t allow me to have one) I love them but they don’t love me back.

    Sounds like you have all things covered but yell if you need something. I think we can lessen the load for you as we move forward.

    We need a game to figure out what we are dealing with. I hope it’s a little more consistent than the round-table.

    I remember when we parked in Red-6 when it was a pay lot. We lined up just like you do. Brutal by day’s end. Also I do have Pirate tickets to show the parking cops if anyone wants to stick around?

    All in all, I think you have things laid out perfectly Mr Fran. Again, how gracious you are to share your tailgate and PITT pre-game experience with your POV family. Need something just me know. ..ike

    Thank Bernie
    Thanks to All


  22. We’ll make our own predictions on here tomorrow – and that will be right along the lines of what those media writers predicted between 7-8 wins some 9s and maybe a 6 or two thrown in.


    1. 7-6 with a win over a MAC team in a toilet bowl in Birmingham Alabama.

      That’s the best Upitt impression I can do. Have to give them a winning season, even if it’s only a win against Ohio University.


  23. ^ and you Upitt, I could have guessed your prediction as well. Although it is a little more on the positive side than I would have thought.

    What are your thoughts on the upcoming PITT basketball season?

    BTW Upitt, will you make it up to any PITT games this season? Football that is..

    Reed, maybe we could designate a specific game for a homecoming tailgate for the POVer’s that live out of town? It doesn’t have to be PITT’s homecoming. Whatever suits the out of towners best… ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


      1. That turd won’t when 13 games if the opponents played 4 and we suited up Wilt Chamberlain.


  24. Biggest concern with YSU is I’m convinced that the President of the school — Tressel — would allow the head FB coach — Mr. Bo — to enroll any football players he wants.

    And Bo has been around the block, has a ton of connections to find players others won’t take, and is an experienced coach. A good combo for everybody. I’m thinking Paris Ford could have been an early enrollee at YSU…🙂

    Didn’t YSU have two NFL draft picks last year? Hummmmm…

    So I think Pitt fans should realize it will be a close game but Pitt wins by 10.

    Go Pitt.


  25. M&M. You make some good points here.

    The downside though is, that these kids can’t be all that great if they were shown the door. In other words, if they played under Tressel and Bo in the first place they would still be playing at their original school. < Which is where we agree completely.

    YSU lost a lot of grunts from last year. O-Line as well. YSU’s defense is beatable.

    Not trying to be all correctness here but I understand Paris Ford is not the complete dummy he’s portrayed as. It was his moving around and high school credits transferring from private schools and public schools.

    I’ve always have been told that the better baseball fields in WPA have had sand from Florida shipped up and mixed together with the soil to help absorb the amount of water that drops from the heavens around these parts?

    I’ve also been told that playing marbles on the parkway could be dangerous. Oh wait, I think that one may be true?? . . . .ike


  26. Pitt 24 YSU 21. I was going to make it a blowout but our resident optimist seems down. If we lose to YSU, and of course we could, it is going to be a looooong season and even i am not that much of a skeptical cynic.
    ps Robert Lee will be announcing our as he was too controversial for Charlottesville for ESPN.


    1. A season opening loss to YSU is nothing more than 0-1. Plus a very loud wake up call!

      However if this coaching staff has these guys focused as they should be, this game is in the bag.

      So much of football is prior preparation combined with game day readiness. The veterans get that. They’ve been there, done that. They all realize that the guy that they’re up against might never have gotten any press but on that day if he wants it more than you, well then you Sir then have a big problem to contend with if you didn’t show up anticipating any heavy lifting today.

      It’s one of the main reasons I enjoy following the college game so much more than the pros. At the NFL level, these guys are all well aware that they have to bring their “A” game consistently less bad things occur. By comparison, 18-20 year olds are still in that learning curve. Some excel, some survive, some bail on the entire commitment necessary to make it happen in the first place & are washouts.

      It is also why I get so defensive when certain individuals (no names) discount those accomplishments that can occur when it all comes together for these kids. Remember, these are not grown men with multimillion dollar contracts who are going to work as the professionals in their chosen field. These are just kids that are still figuring it all out. Still playing for the love of the game. Games like last year’s victories over PSU & Clemson. Those are experiences that can never be taken away from those kids who lived it first hand. When they are 60, those memories make them 18 once again just by reminiscing.

      That’s what these guys from YSU are thinking about right about now. Do you think that the celebration by the Penquins back in 2012 was any less enthusiastic than Pitt’s 13-9 over WVU or last year’s win over Clemson by the Panthers? Nope.

      So all that I was attempting to project, in my prior post, is what the essence of college football still is, pure competition and a simple matter of who wants it more come September 2nd.

      We could just as easily get beat by a YSU team on Saturday, if that team comes in smelling blood in the water as easily as Pitt could upset penn state yet again the very next week, if on that day the Panthers decide to play like champions.

      It’s a game of emotion. Are you prepared? Do you have the knowledge by doing your necessary homework before hand, and when you wake up on Saturday morning does your psychie tell you that you’re willing to do what it takes to beat the guy who is going against you across the LOS that day? That’s simply a matter of who’s got more of the “want to” that day.

      Man, I love college football. H2P!


  27. I get the feeling that Pitt will be looking ahead. I see an upset looming.
    YSU 28, Pitt 24

    Why couldnt Pitt schedule Gannon as a tune-up for Pedo State?


  28. Here’s two questions for you guys.

    ..1. Why all the angst over YSU?

    ..2. If the ACC championship is the ultimate concern with this season, who cares if PITT loses to YSU?

    Losing to YSU, psu, OSU and Rice is of no matter for PITT’s goal this year. Well at least that’s what I have been told..

    Get a hold of yourselves guys, we have a game to play in two days… ike

    Wake UP
    Dust off
    Get To Work


  29. If one of the top 25 losses this weekend and we win, we should be ranked before PSU game. That looks good to TV people advertising the game.


  30. Say hello to what remains of Harvey when you see it on Saturday. Dallas was spared but now there is no gas to be found. I might resort to siphoning my neighbors tank.


  31. No need to get that vanilla this year. They have seen last years film, just run that and keep the new stuff for the following week. That would give them nightmares.


  32. Interesting that Paul Zeise predicts Pitt will end up 9 and 4. I suspect PZ has access to more inside info than any of the other local win-loss predictors…

    GO PITT.


  33. BTW, gave out some fake news earlier. The Tulsa va. OK St. game is not on ESPN. In my location it’s on FS1 Network.


          1. Come on, man. I think your brutal honesty is great, and usually funny. But Narduzzi was a great D.C. at MSU. He inherited a lot of two star talent on defense. He had virtually nothing at LB or in the defensive backfield left to him by HCPC. Call him a fraud in two more years if the shoe fits, but not yet.

            Liked by 1 person

  34. Lastrow and Ike: I will be arriving in Gold 4, probably at around 10:30. If you guys need anything last minute, I’ll get you my cell number and can stop on my way in if it appears that you are running short on anything. Particularly cold beverages.


  35. Not sure why it would be difficult to find gasoline in Texas. There were 10 million vehicles not driving for the past 8 days. Should be a surplus there.


  36. Ok St 38-14 1 min left 1st half over Tulsa. Tulsa said they wish they had The Fraud back!


  37. Gas refineries are out of commission as storage and refineries are along the coast. Hope all are well in TX.
    Either Zeise has inside info or he is supporting his son, who wants to predict 7-5 when your son is starting LB. Wonder if Zeise, who is a good reporter who took himself off the beat due to a conflict, is allowed to see practices?

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  38. Same with me guys. I hope to get out to the tailgate 10-10:30ish. I’m local so if you need anything else give me a shout.
    Regarding a let down, I’m hoping Narduzzi has enough of a rivalry with Pelini from their high school days that he has made it clear that heads will roll if they have a let down. We’ll know in about 36 hours!


  39. In watching OSU IN game, it is evident that passing teams are really at an advantage by throwing and throwing and throwing and …


  40. Zeise was removed from his duties as a PITT beat writer for cause of conflict. Possibly mutually agreed upon.

    PittFan28 makes an interesting point. That’s a lot of cars not gas guzzling. Yet the world doesn’t revolve around Texas alone.

    I sure hope that if Fran needs any help or anything for the tailgate he/you give a shout out.

    I think that Paul Z has a little inside info?? hmmm?

    Wlat and PittPT, this is on Fran’s shoulders. I just typed in my two cents. You will be next door so I hope Fran reads this. I hope to be checked in and ready to party at 10:30 ish, so we’ll only beat you by a short time if that.

    Meanwhile, I’m a little surprised at the lack of enthusiasm from you deadheads. Summer is over in two seconds and soon the PITT football season will be as well. We got to get with it!!


    Early give away. Darrin Hall will have a BIG season………………..ike

    No Pep Talks
    You Need To Get With IT!!


  41. All right Upitt, you got me. I’ll bet you one hundred dollars that OSU does not put up 60 points against PITT this year.

    It seems to me when you travel out of Texas you become ……. a more reasonable person?

    The only two things I can say I like about the state of Texas would be Jim and you and you can be a bit iffy at times…… 🙂

    Actually all the POVer’s in Texas. Plus the brisket and beef-ribs and… ….. OK I was trying to make a point…. ike


  42. Friend of mine was talking to an o-lineman who has been in the program since 2014. Had some interesting things to say. First that Browne is head and shoulders the most talented QB since he’s been there. Also said he can’t wait for everyone to see how good they are this year, and that a lot of people are going to be very surprised. We’ll see. I’m sticking with 7-5.


  43. Ok State’s offensive line didn’t impress me much again. A lot of three- and four-step drops because they couldn’t protect Rudolph longer than that. Then their very good WRs did the rest abusing Tulsa’s much smaller DBs when the ball came down. Get those tall freshmen and redshirt freshmen DBs out there.


    1. And a lot of two steps back and throw it from out of the shotgun.

      Good to see the team feels confident but if that is true it would be nice to see it by dominating YSU. A team that surprises a lot of people should be able to make it a nice pleasant afternoon beating up an FCS team, even if it’s one of the best FCS teams.


  44. If Pitt is able to be 9-4 this year Heather better sign Nard-dog for life. I’m sticking with 7-5 and a bowl win to once again be 8-5 and that will be a good season for sure.


  45. Ike, Wlat and others offering tailgate help…I should be good. Food is never a problem at the early games. Especially when ribfest is in town. The first one is always a learning experience…H2P.


    1. good choices … don’t forget Deondre Francois who Pitt will play against in the ACC title game, and Jalen Hurts who Pitt will play against in the national semi-finals, and Sam Darnold who Pitt will play in the final game


  46. Tom Beckett, Yale AD, announced he will retire in June. He’s been Yale’s AD since 1994.

    Tom was a coach for the Pitt baseball team a long time ago when I played…

    Congrats to Tom on a great career.

    GO PITT!


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