POV Sunday Podcast; August 27, 2017


“I’ll just reference one of our ACC officials that comes out and works our practices every day. I didn’t ask for it; he just said, ‘Hey, that Maddox is different than he was last year.’ So for whatever that is – maybe you guys can find him somewhere; I’m not going to give you his name. But it was good to hear that from somebody else that watches every day.”

That’s a big question for me, too. So much of this defensive scheme is geared toward stopping the run, but the DTs are a big part of it; are these young guys up to the task? Charlie Partridge says they’ve done a good job learning their assignments and filling the right gaps and all of that, but I think that area is where Pitt has taken the biggest hit with all the departures on defense. Shakir Soto and Tyrique Jarrett were really good against the run.


The Pitt football program added its second recruit of the week Thursday, as local product David Green committed to head coach Pat Narduzzi.

A 6-foot-1 defensive lineman from Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School, Green chose the Panthers over Virginia Tech, Minnesota and Rutgers, among others.

He is rated a 3-star player by 247Sports and is the fourth defensive lineman in the 2018 class, joining fellow WPIAL products Noah Palmer and Devin Danielson and Maryland native John Morgan.

In total, the class of 2018 now has 14 players, with all 14 ranked as 3-star recruits by 247Sports. The website currently has the group ranked No. 53 in the country and No. 12 in the ACC

Redshirt SRs for 2018… Drop Herndon and LB Jaylen Williams?



Losses on the defensive line have forced shuffling and resulted in the emergence of junior defensive tackle Shane Roy, who was repeatedly recognized by coaches for his efforts in camp. Roy also needs seasoning, but he may start next to redshirt freshman Keyshon Camp.

Pitt needs a pass rush to offset deficiencies in its secondary, but not even Ejuan Price’s 13 sacks could help last year. With Price in the NFL, that task is passed on to Dewayne Hendrix and Edwards. Hendrix is another of those players whose potential — due to injury — has been talked about more than put on display.

Both players are transfers, which says something about Pitt’s recruitment of defensive linemen before Narduzzi arrived in 2015.

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More detailed info on the GT vs Pitt game…



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25 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; August 27, 2017

  1. Ok, here is how I see the season for Pitt this year. Light Kool-aid alert for the Debbie Downers among us. Keeping it simple, I think the defense will be a little better than last year, the offense not quite as good as last year. This makes the team about the same as last year and I expect another 8-4 regular season.

    I do expect Max Browne to be a little better than Reed expects, somewhere between Tom Savage’s Pitt season and Peterson’s first year. Unfortunately I think we lose both tough OOC games but go 6-2 in the ACC w losses to VTech and Miami. (We get the NC monkey off of our back!)

    With an 8-4 regular season record (again), we get slotted in a same tier bowl as last year. However, I don’t think fate will hit Pitt with the injury bug like last year and Pitt wins their bowl to finish at 9-4 with a ranking around #22. OK, what did I miss, gang?


  2. Dog gone it, I wish I would have thought about how to use the Pirate tickets I was offered and turned down. I’m trying to get them back and if I do I’ll let Fran know. More on the great Sunday podcast later. Thanks again Reed…. ike


  3. On Shane Roy. He played a good bit last year and it’s not unheard of for an older more experienced player developing later on in his career. I think it’s more of that we wished a younger player would have blown the doors off the coaches expectations and catapulted themselves up the depth chart.

    Scott McKillops took a few years to develop but boy did he. I think that is where Shane is and where Wirginis will be when he gets back.

    I have liked Folston myself but he hasn’t cracked the starting rotation. For all the underachieving talk on Blair yet he started way more games than Folston’s zero games started.

    High rated 3 stars are not average players and even many lower stars are undervalued. It a subjective ranking and quite frankly, the “EXPERTS” don’t always get it right. As we all know. Aaron Donald was a low ranked 3 star at best.

    Hoping everyone is safe down in Texas!

    First prediction for me this season. PITT wins against YSU! ..ike…



  4. Hey Reed, I think you nailed it, that the latest article may get lost under-neath the pinned thread. Yo, fellows, over here.

    To all my friends in TEXAS!! Keep safe!


  5. Reed – A few thoughts.

    As long as you pin the tailgating article at the top of your blog, I suggest you edit it to announce a new article directly below the tailgate post. Maybe link it. Really surprised that only a few posts on this really good podcast.

    Okie State had an average defense last year. Per Football Study Hall S&P #67 out of 128.

    SBNation Football Study Hall preseason write up on Okie State,

    Here’s PITT’s

    The Power Ranking site seems interesting but a lot of stats, Do they do a preseason write ups? I like to read.

    Thanks for the shout out.


  6. Not shocking he did not cooperate, only the women come forward on shootings.
    Reed if you watched Shane Roy last year he was all over the place going from snap to whistle in his limited play. Such was the case with Jazee Stocker who also played snap to whistle. Those two caught my eye and i have expected them to step up this year, hopefully with minimal mistakes.


  7. according to the sbnation link that Pitts-cock linked, the Panthers should go 7-5 .. with close losses to Ok St and GT but close wins over NC St, UNC and at Duke and Cuse. While I think the future is bright for this program in the near term, a 7 win season would seem like a disappointment.

    On the serious issue … no doubt pittman4ever has more serious concerns than PittPOV, and may not even have power. Really sucks. Best wishes


  8. rkb – that really isn’t the point – maybe Roy can play OK but the fact that he’s a starter after being a 2nd string guy at best tells me that we are hurting on defense


    1. Why couldn’t it be that after three years in the program that Shane Roy is now ready to become a starter?


      1. I agree with Dr. Tom on this. Look at the big leap forward that Soto made last year. He didn’t do much of anything at DE, but then he made a bunch of plays as a senior at DT…

        Another angle here is that the DL has a new coach and Coach Partridge seems to be well regarded by the players. I’ve seen a couple players comment to the effect that Coach P. has taught them “details” about playing DL that seemed to be new to them. We can hope…

        Go Pitt.


  9. I don’t agree about Shane Roy, being second string last year makes it seem normal that he should have improved enough to be first string this year. This is exactly how the good football programs operate.

    Roy becoming a starter is not an indictment of the younger guys just yet. It is possible the young man (Shane Roy) has become a beast in his own right?

    The rear view mirror and the half glass empty attitude has, imo, never been so prevalent with some of you posters in my memory. Hells bells, even the good doctor seems a little off right now. Let’s get with it ….ike.

    or to hell with you!


    1. It’s called the Aston affect, ike.
      I’ve been back on my meds for weeks now, my wife has refused to allow me to play with Upitt for awhile now, and I’ve been rehydrating myself with Pitt Koolaid in moderation. So all in all my attitude is improving.

      I’m feeling like we’ll win on Saturday. I just hope it isn’t an ugly win that raises more questions than it answers.


      1. A good Pitt drubbing on their opponent, like the Panthers put on Delaware, a few years back in their home opener, would be very encouraging.


  10. Well I don’t disagree the D-Line may be a weak link but it’s not unheard of a player finally getting a chance. It could be that he should have been playing a lot more than he has in the past. Yet he has played some last two seasons.

    Shane Roy did play a good bit last season but I admit I wasn’t overwhelmed by his play. He does hustle though. I think it’s possible that “IT” may have click into his head.

    Bottom line. If Roy is the best PITT has to play, I’ll stand behind him and the coaches!!! . . . . . .ike


  11. for those who may be interested … pittman4ever provided an update at 2:49 Monday am (EDT) .. he’s OK, at least so far


  12. If Pittman can make it thru Harvey – and early returns are favorable – then I think it’s safe to air my prediction. My optimism is based on the teaching abilities of the staff, the addition of a lot of speeed (what we lacked in speed last year, we more than made up for with slowness!), and the presence of depth on the D. Finally, turning heads will “turn heads”! ( And lead to a great increase in turnovers for the good guys!)

    The past 2 years I predicted 8-4 (also the win at Death Valley – although I predicted 13-9!) so to me, it would be quite boring to so do for a 3rd time. I say we go 10-2 (TT, are you listening?)!!. Further, I will state that we are 3-0 going to Hotlanta to hit GT in the mouth. I think Miami will be the rough one, and we’ll be close all the way with VT.

    Also, in the CFB Upset of the year, I predict we smash SOP!

    Doc, pass the Kool Aid, please, when you are finished!


    1. Nope, wouldn’t be prudent, you’ve already had enough.

      3-0 to start the season huh? Are you in the habit of just snorting the Koolaid powder or do you actually add water first?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  13. This Cat from Savannah ain’t slim;
    Yet, I put myself out on a limb.
    This branch will not break,
    And hence I won’t quake;
    I’ve great faith in Pat, Joey, and Jim!!


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