POV Friday Bits & Pieces; Aug 25, 2017

My POV’er friends…

I have three more full-sized Pitt POV car magnets that attach to the sides of your car – I’ll mail them out to the first three POV’ers who promise to use them while driving to and from, and at, the home games.

Rich Car Magnet
That is Richman’s beautiful set of wheels – the Mexican Drug Cartel pays well.

Anyway – if you want one then send me an email ASAP with your address and “CAR MAGNET” in the subject line and the first three get one.  I’ll say this though – the tiebreaker will be if the requester is a past donor to the POV.

I wish I had extras and am now in the process of begging money off my darling daughter so I can afford a few more… but she’s being a hard ass.  That ‘Just think how much I spent on you as a child‘ argument is not working with her any longer.

But I will get a few more if these go quickly – so send me that email if you want one now and I can get it to you before the YSU game… rkohberger@gmail.com

I just mailed two to Fran (Lastrowofsection4) as thanks for his hosting the POV tailgates this season – remember that we’ll be in Parking Lot Red 5A right next to the Red 5 parking garage and the Renaissance Inn… and right where the North Shore Light Rail stations steps are.

Fran gets their five (5!) hours before game time, it starts at 1pm this week, and I am driving up from Maryland and will get there around 10am.


Here is something for the Pitt fans attending the Penn State game in Naysayers Valley:

Registration Here: https://www.alumni.pitt.edu/news-events/2017-pitt-football-pregame-events/


Central Catholic DL David Green joins Panthers

The Pitt football program added its second recruit of the week Thursday, as local product David Green committed to head coach Pat Narduzzi.

A 6-foot-1 defensive lineman from Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School, Green chose the Panthers over Virginia Tech, Minnesota and Rutgers, among others.

He is rated a 3-star player by 247Sports and is the fourth defensive lineman in the 2018 class, joining fellow WPIAL products Noah Palmer and Devin Danielson and Maryland native John Morgan.

The trio of players will be critical in rebuilding depth on Narduzzi’s defense after the coach dismissed two projected starters this summer — seniors Jeremiah Taleni and Rori Blair. A number of young, inexperienced players will be expected to step up this year, but the team will need to recruit the position heavily to get back to a healthy number of players.

In total, the class of 2018 now has 14 players, with all 14 ranked as 3-star recruits by 247Sports. The website currently has the group ranked No. 53 in the country and No. 12 in the ACC.

There’s still a long way to go though, and the class could come a long way by the Feb. 7 signing deadline.


70 thoughts on “POV Friday Bits & Pieces; Aug 25, 2017

  1. Reed, please, Red 5-A is next to the Residence Inn. The Renaissance Hotel is in the cultural district downtown.

    Tonite is week zero for high school football in WPA. Meaning that it is opening Friday night rivalry week. The weather here in beautiful downtown Latrobe is definitely football type weather. Let’s get fired up!.. . . . ..ike


  2. In the dim dark days of the 1950s only LYSOL could save a woman suffering from the curse of a stinky… well, you know.


  3. Narduzzi is recruiting well. He has spread the talent much deeper than previous regimes. Ratings aside, for the most part raw material is good and S&C and coaching are what separates programs. Narduzzi has the support of the chancellor and has ACC money even if Pitt is poor in total revenue. The question is will Pitt win and increase the take.


  4. The angle I’m looking at for PITT this coming season is to not expect too much at this point. Then again, I believe the ACC is down a bit this year. So the chances of the season being a case of the ups and downs is very possible.

    This will be the year when conference games are extra especially important. Coastal wins could be the season savior for PITT.

    Now next year is when I expect Narduzzi to show the world what’s happening at PITT. . . . . .ike


  5. Reed, you mentioned the Feb LOI deadline. But is there also an early LOI date this year … Oct or Nov?


  6. according to The Fan, Chancellor Gallagher made some statements today that included … “I want Coach Narduzzi here for a long, long time”

    We’ll see if he backs that up


    1. looked at 3 different online sites and none of them have it listed

      PSU -32 vs Army

      Va Tech -3 1/2 to -5 vs WVU


      1. wwb, I believe that PSU line is against Akron not Army. Not sure why the bookies didn’t come up with a line for the Pitt game as of yet. It’s not like YSU hasn’t been competitive against us in the past. I’ll post a line Pitt minus 18 points for the opening game.


    2. How about this as an “opening line” by Narduzzi regarding our game against the Penquins next week, “I don’t care how many Stanley Cups they’ve won, take their skates away from them and they’re just a bunch of guys with sticks”?


  7. early signing period starts december 21st or something like that. they only moved it up like 5-6 weeks.


  8. The time has come for predictions. Two years ago I hit it right, last year one off.

    This year 9-3 as the new kids grow up.

    No bowl prediction because kids not into it.


  9. JoeL… “I wouldn’t be shocked if Wendell became one of those guys that more guys come in and start recruiting harder now that he’s committed to Pitt.”

    The above is why I say that really good players get recruited by schools the all the way up until letter-of-intent day. They don’t stop just because a player commits to a one school or another… they keep going on them”


  10. Attended the Kickoff Luncheon today. Fired up! Some thoughts:

    –Brandon Hodges is one big guy – really impressive looking. Wished him well and welcomed him to Pitt –he was well-spoken. Looks like a player – what a great bonus it was for Pitt to pick him up…

    –This might sound odd, but I was glad to see Jaryd Jones-Smith walking freely. I remember him wearing two knee braces last season and wondered if he could come back to form.

    –Max B. said he was surprised to be voted a captain. Coach Duzz said might be first time a kid was Captain at one P5 school and then grad-transferred and was voted Capain at another P5.

    –Avonte is the same height as me. Fortunately, he can play. Wished him well. Seems very likeable.

    –All the players were well spoken as they went down the table. Allen Edwards was really cool and had the crowd laughing.

    –Someone said that Brian Popp already has a job waiting for him in Chicago — cool.

    –Of the 15 seniors honored, which included walk-ons, someone said that 9 have already graduated. Nice.

    –They had a table for the local media — hadn’t noticed Pitt doing that before.

    –Very awkward moment — Heather said she was pleased to see some of the other Pitt head coaches attending the luncheon and she wanted to acknowledge them. Turned out to be maybe 7 other head coaches there, but she started by naming Coach Stallings and he was no where to be found. The room was quiet as people waited for Stallings to stand or wave — a very awkward moment for Heather. I suspect she was not too pleased. Coach Suzie and Jordano were there…

    –The last think that Coach Duzz said in his talk was that “We need to fill Heinz Field. Bring a friend.” I’m telling you that when he leaves, the lack of a full or nearly full houses at Heinz will be the reason…

    –Nicely staged luncheon by Pitt — and it was great to see part of the band and the cheerleaders there.

    Go Pitt.

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  11. Reed, that parking lot map is outdated….from 2001. Note the dinocat. The red 5A lot hadn’t been invented yet. Haha. And how ironic that RICHMANs chick magnet Audi now has a POV magnet.


  12. narduzzi will not ever leave because of attendance.

    he’ll leave because he personally isn’t getting paid enough or because he isnt getting enough money for assistants and for whatever else he wants the program to spend money on. if he leaves. coaches don’t leave any program because of attendance. they leave because an offer comes that includes more money for them and more money for their new program than what they were getting at their old one.


  13. Coaches also leave to get to the pinnacle of their profession and not always for way bigger money (if salaries are equitable). Pitt is in the middle of the pack when it comes to football programs – but if one of the perennial Top 25 schools want him – or a better Big Ten school wants him – I’d say he goes. Don’t let the “Youngstown Guy” schick fool you – he’s like anyone else. And that’s not a bad thing…

    As I said before – as soon as he wins 9 games, including a decent bowl, game he’ll be heavily courted by a bigger program and he’ll take it. He’s been good for Pitt but other than the Clemson win he hasn’t done anything earthshaking or even very memorable. The PSU game last year was great for Pitt fans but really not that important outside of PA.

    He has to win a bowl game for his resume’ though, you know that is killing him


    1. You’re entitled to your opinion irrespective to how irrelevant it may be to the reality of the situation when that opportunity arises.


  14. Pitt Football Gameday to Get a Boost from New Initiatives

    Fans Can Expect Various New Features at Heinz Field This Season

    PITTSBURGH – The passion and excitement for the start of football season is unrivaled in Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh is constantly looking for new ways to build on the terrific tradition and history of the program, while also pushing the envelope to introduce new and exciting gameday experiences. Head coach Pat Narduzzi will bring a hungry team with a strong mix of veteran experience and emerging young talent to Heinz Field in 2017 to energize the stadium, while the athletic department sought out to enhance an already strong gameday atmosphere.

    “Heinz Field is one of the best gameday facilities in college football and I have heard a lot of good things about the atmosphere in and around the stadium,” said Director of Athletics Heather Lyke. “The new HD videoboard is an awesome addition for our fans with replays of all the action as well as stats and in-game video presentations. I am extremely excited for the start of the season and look forward to building a remarkable gameday experience that is among the best in the ACC and across the country.”

    Panther fans will see new banners and branding initiative throughout Heinz Field this season as well as a new 5,000 square foot scoreboard (48 feet wide X 125.5 feet tall) with full HD technology. The new board is 45% larger than the previous board allowing fans to enjoy compelling video packages, replays, graphics, stats and much more. Among the new in-game video features fans will enjoy this season are Pitt Hall of Fame moments and a segment on Pitt Football Moms.

    Pitt also recently announced a full promotions schedule for the 2017 season highlighted by a James Conner bobblehead giveaway at the Oct. 14 game against NC State and “Star Wars Night” Thursday, Nov. 9 against North Carolina. Complete details on this season’s football promotions are available HERE.

    Pitt will also tweak one of its in-game fan engagement traditions with Sweet Caroline, previously played between the third and fourth quarter break, moving around to different points in the games. The song has traditionally inspired a stadium-wide sing-along that brings fans out of their seats and closer together. After taking into account feedback from the Pitt Athletics Fan Committee, The Panther Pitt, coaches and players, the song will now be played at different points in the game, targeting specific moments in an effort capitalize on its unifying effect and preserve the tradition of playing it at Heinz Field.

    Pitt will also recognize and host a group of Pitt Employees during a Faculty/Staff Spotlight at each home football game this season. The individuals selected are the recipients of awards given by either the Office of Human Resources, the Chancellor’s office or the Provost office.

    The in-stadium eating experience will also get a boost in 2017 with Aramark adding several new items to existing stands in general concessions as well as on the club level. Among the new items at general concessions will be a steak and egg bagel, deli stack, signature nachos with ancho rubbed smoked brisket and a Boski kielbasa, while the club level has added a shrimp po boy, country dog and the Pittsburgh cheesesteak burger. Heinz Field has also added a new stand with the Pittsburgh Pierogi House moving into section 119 with Traditional (potato cheese pierogies with sauerkraut, caramelized onions, sour cream and bacon), Mexican Streets (potato cheese pierogies with green chicken chili, pinto beans, salsa verde and cilantro crema) and Bloomfield (potato cheese pierogies with spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella, vodka sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano) pierogi options.

    Along with significant improvements to the in-game experience, Pitt has also collaborated with Tailgate Guys to create a unique and hassle-free tailgating atmosphere on the Great Lawn at Heinz Field. Housing 40 tailgate tents and featuring packages that include tents, tables, chairs, coolers with ice, TV and media service and food options, Panther fans can celebrate in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere a short walk from parking, Heinz Field, Stage AE and the Allegheny River. Interested parties can call 412-525-4125 or contact pitt@tailgateguys.com with questions and reservation inquiries.

    Season tickets, mini packages and single-game tickets for the 2017 Pitt football season can be purchased online or by calling (800) 643-PITT (7488).


  15. Hey Tx_ I know Upitt could come up with a better line than “he ( Stallings) was buying new rockports”. Probably something about his prostate or maybe changing his adult diaper. He’s creative that way..

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  16. Sweet Caroline is gone so that immediately improves the experience. But really what will get fans out of their seats? I give credit to that song for that even though I hated it.

    And yes I’m waiting for Upitt to tell us where KS was and why he wasnt in attendance. Maybe he got this luncheon confused with the seminar hosted by Paul Evans – ‘How you can read the writing on the wall.’


  17. I don’t know how bad the two bowl losses are bothering Pat Narduzzi but they sure as heck are haunting me to high hell. New season coming up let’s look out the windshield. 🙂


  18. the 2 bowl losses are haunting me because Reed won’t leave it alone.

    Heck we are 1-5 in bowls since 2010, and that win was vs Bowling Green


    1. both times. I actually won a meaningful bet when Marino hit Brown in final seconds. (which only partially made up for the $330 I lost in late 70s when Montana led 4th quarter comeback at ND)


    2. It may just be me, but asking such a question in the first place exposes the lack of historical perspective that you possess concerning the Pitt football program.


  19. As soon as that POV magnet is applied to my chick magnet car, it becomes a chick repellent dirty old man car.


    1. There are a lot of benefits that DOMs bring to the table, they just require the ladies who are aware enough to appreciate those said benefits.

      Just remember, contained in every dirty old man, there exists the spirit of a young dirty man yearning to express himself. But now he has those years of playing experience to back up his enthusiasm.


  20. Hey WealthyMan from the looks of it on the round-table a few weeks ago you already have a good looking lady. Maybe time to buy a minivan?


  21. Harvey’s eye just came ashore near Corpus Christi, Texas. Looks like they’ll have that hurricane for 2-3 days, while it turns around and goes back out to sea. Keep those folks.in your prayers. Hopefully, everyone has bugged out.


  22. Pulled this clip from the Pitt luncheon where the four team captains were introduced by HCPN –

    “A year ago, three of the captains were far from earning that distinction.

    • Browne was at USC where he also was voted a captain.

    • Briggs was a sophomore, who still hasn’t made his first start.

    • Weah, a wide receiver, had no collegiate receptions at the time.

    “Max was shocked and Jester was humbled,” Narduzzi said.

    But the vote is an example of how some players are growing, and how welcoming the players are to newcomers. .”

    This plays right into Dr. Tom’s concern over lack of player leadership – the dismissals, suspensions and now this vote. I like that Max is a captain (most important position on the field) and Maddox was the only sure bet for captain. The other two came at me out of left field. Don’t get me wrong, both good representatives of the University of Pittsburgh, but during Spring practice I had Bookser, Whitehead and Wirginis on the captain list. We know why they aren’t.

    That shows how little we fans (at least me) know about this football team. This top secret stuff must translate into championships (at least for me) very soon.

    There is no “wait until next year” for me. I want it now.



    1. Just more questions to be answered in the midst of battle. Does this group have what it takes to provide the leadership that will be required when this young team starts taking it’s lumps to prevent the Panthers from tanking this season? Answers begin coming in September 2nd.


  23. I just use the link on the Blather blog. Takes you right to the PITT page.

    Chas has plenty of links (some outdated) to interesting sites (PITT & opponents). Also can get to twitter without being a twitter member.


  24. Don’t get me wrong EE, I still hold out hope for an ACC coastal championship this year but it’s next year I expect it!

    I’ve said this a few times now. Championship teams are not built in 2 years with rs-sophomores. That’s another area Narduzzi gets credit for. The graduate transfers are sweeping the nation and PITT has been right in the thick of it. Winning while waiting is the markings of a good coach.

    Hopefully the coaches can get one or two of the younger QB’s some experience this season while still having a great season. …. ike


  25. Did not know how serious the knee injury was to JJ Smith. Team mate said he nearly lost his leg. Explains a lot. Hope he is fully recovered.

    Don’t know why but I am feeling good about the season. Even better about the program.

    PCC beat by Erie Central Catholic last night. Maybe they have some recruits.

    In any case Narduzzi doing a lot better in the WPIAL this year.


  26. Says a lot about Brown that he has been made a captain.

    Hope that Wirginis and Whitehead get their heads on straight, need them for the ACC.


    1. Kids make mistakes. How they respond to the resulting discipline and learn from those mistakes make difference providing the life lessons for a life of successes or to the contrary, a life filled with feelings of constantly being victimized.
      IMO, time for those guys to pull up their “Big Boy Pants” and get on with their lives.


  27. Pitt Fan Fanatics reporting that Robert Lee has been reassigned to cover the Pitt/YSU game next week. Maybe Joe Gnu will be in the booth with him.


    1. The Ravens’ radio announcer, Jerry Sandusky (real name) will be coming to Pgh later on. That poor guy has received death threats


  28. Just watched the 49 minute version of the psu vs michigan game from last year. I strongly recommend that the Pitt coaching staff use it as a template to beat the nitters this year in creepy valley.

    I also had fun beating my nitter friends on a tough golf course in Lancaster, PA this morning – beautiful August day – winning by 3 strokes, 1 birdie and 5 pars – priceless.



  29. @Erie, nice round. Glad you negotiated through the windmill on the last hole. Well played my friend. Gotta admit. I like watching a complete game on the internet in 50 minutes or less.

    I was originally disappointed with the captain picks. I was hoping that our db’s had come far enough to make Avonte Maddox a nickel back and Dennis Briggs a dime back. That said, when looking at the roster, who else could it be? The only other leaders you would expect to get it are out for smoking the ganja, gone for smoking the ganja or disciplined for drinking and driving. I guess we were left with our other 3 returning starters from last year. Disappointed that the young crop didn’t step up and take the lead in the off season.


  30. 7-5 this year fellas, 1-3 in our first 4 games and then it all starts to come together. But we win the bowl game to get back to that oh-so-familiar 8-5. The coaching staff stays intact. Next year 10 wins, with a top 25 defense. And then we see if Patrick GaGa-Lager was blowing smoke and/or if Reed is Really Right.

    Hail to Pitt.


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