POV Roundtable Is Up; 8/23/17

Many thanks to Richman, Ike, Pittman4ever, Dan72, and two new contributors; Huff and UPitt for taking the time to make me piss my pants laughing last night.  I only wish we had been in a bar with drinks in front of us – that would have been perfect.

And – that’s why we tailgate, right folks?  More on that later.

Here is the article from the Trib’s Jerry DiPaola that Ike referenced in regards to Max Browne winning the starting QB job (if you believe Narduzzi that there was a real competition going on).  I think the only time I can remember a fall camp where that wasn’t stated was last year’s with the incumbent Peterman returning.  Other than that we hear it every season regardless of who is in that QB unit.

We also talked about the two true FR who are being touted as sure to get playing time, if not start, in the defensive backfield – 3* Damarri Mathis and 3* Jason Pinnock – and how we fans had heard so much about last year’s true FR who we though would play this year as rsFR  – 3* Phil Campbell, 3* Therran Coleman, 3* Henry Miller and 3* Bricen Garner.

BTW  all those rsFR listed are between 6’1″ and 6’3″ tall and the two from the ’17 recruiting class are 5’11” and 6’0″ respectively… what happened to going with more height in that backfield.

Speaking of which Pitt fans believed that 2016 DBs recruiting was just wonderful (even if all 3*s practically) and they were the guys who were going to unseat the experienced Maddox, Briggs, Motley, etc…  My bet is we see a starting DB lineup with those experienced guys starting and the younger kids in the two deep and rotated in if needed.

We also discuss what we felt the end-of-season “points for” and “points against” were going to be after we had 40.9 PPG for and 35.2 PPG against.  Here is what the POV experts predicted…(+) is better in the defense column:

Point diff

This is interesting I think and it falls pretty much in line with the answers I get when i have asked the same question to others.  Of all the talk among Pitt fans about how much better we think the 2017 defense is going to be compared to last season the reality of opinions given was that it would only be a titch more than a field goal.  But on the other hand they believed the offense was going to drop by more than a TD this year.

Looking back at that offensive points prediction; if we had scored 33 points per game last season we probably would have lost at least two more games – but maybe as many as four as we did the below in four of our wins:

PSU win – 3 point game; GT – 3 points, VT – 3 points and Clemson – 1 point win.  Of course this idea is in broad strokes especially because we are dealing with season averages… but to me looking at these knowledgeable fan’s thinking that we are still going to give up almost 32 points per game – and then score seven less per game than ’16… well, I don’t see 8, 9 or 10 wins happening if that comes true.

Personally I think we score around 32 PPG and give up around 33 PPG – I just don’t think our defense is going to be all that much better this year if at all.  For reference here is what we have done in the last seven years:


All in all this was a great Roundtable to produce, we really had a lot of fun and we all agreed that the new time of 9:00 pm on Wednesday evenings is much better – so put that time slot on your calendar and I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.

Notes: From Peak at Rivals: When Narduzzi was asked about possibly redshirting Hamlin for the 2017 season he replied “I hope not. That’s not the plan.”  which doesn’t sound all that good for the young man.  Miss two years, or a year and camp and part of the season, and that opens up pathways for others to grab that spot he was supposed to fill.

Promising player/recruits who figured to contribute in 2017 such as 4* DB Hamlin, 4* RB Hill, 4* OL Grimm, FB Aston, WR Tipton, DE Gilbert, DL Moody,  haven’t played, or can’t play, due to injury or illness this season – some have left the team (but retained on scholarship).  That is a lot of talent we were banking on to help us this year and in the future.

Add those dismissals of Blair, Taleni and the suspensions of 4* Whitehead and Wirginis and you can see why some fans are wonder if this season is going to be what we thought it would be when projecting the ’17 lineup last year.

I wonder…

Remember POV Tailgating starts on Sept 2 in Red Lot 5A for the YSU game – articles on that to follow…

Here is the last Fall Camp Report – #20 in its entirety:

2017 Pitt Football Camp: Day 20, Videos & Quotes
PITTSBURGH—The Pitt football team held its 20th practice of training camp on Wednesday afternoon at the UPMC Sports Performance Complex on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Coach Pat Narduzzi, defensive coordinator Josh Conklin and offensive line coach John Peterson were the coaches who spoke with the assembled media, while quarterback Ben DiNucci, offensive linemen Alex Officer and Brandon Hodges and linebacker Oluwaseun Idowu also featured in interviews.

Coach Interview Videos: Narduzzi | Conklin | Peterson

Player Interview Videos: DiNucci | Officer | Idowu | Hodges

Below are transcripts from all seven media sessions.

Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Opening statement:
“Practice number 20 today. We are just looking to get another day better. We had a good day yesterday, and we will keep pushing forward.”

On what the defense has shown during camp:
“I see more guys making plays. I see the attitude; it’s so much better. If you look back, was it like that last year at this time? I don’t know. But it just seems a little bit different. I see guys making plays on the ball. In the past year, guys were in position but didn’t make something happen. Our guys are playing a little bit different.

I’ll reference one of our ACC officials who comes out and works our practices every day: ‘you know, that [Avonte] Maddox is different than he was last year.’ It was good to hear that from somebody else who watches every day. We will find out Sept. 2. It doesn’t matter what you do in practice. It doesn’t matter what you did against Clemson or Youngstown two years ago. It matters what you do Sept. 2. That’s when we will find out.”

On if any clarity has emerged from the running back competition:
“We have a stable of guys back there. Darrin Hall has done some great things, as well as Qadree Ollison. Darrin had a nice move the other day. Coach [Andre] Powell has been on them hard about getting yards after contact, making something happen and making someone miss—don’t just run them over. Darrin had one of those plays.

Coach Powell as an old fullback, I know he didn’t have any moves at all, his move was to go right through people. That’s kind of how his tailbacks have played. So he is trying to get them to play with a little bit more elusiveness. It will be whoever the hot guy is back there.”

On Aaron Mathews‘ ability to get caught up after missing some camp:
“He’s doing okay. There is nothing special right now. I would like to see more.”

On where Brandon Hodges is playing along the offensive line:
“He’s playing both guard and tackle—50/50.”

On Damar Hamlin‘s progression:
“He’s as healthy as he has been. I’ve seen a big smile on his face. We are just taking it easy and taking it slow. We don’t want to mess anything up. We just don’t want to go backwards. We are going forward right now and that’s how we will progress.”

On the likely hood of the freshman running backs being redshirted:
“If they are going to be fourth or fifth on the depth chart, then yes. But if we feel like they can help us win a game, we are going to play the guys to help us win. They have done a good enough job in camp. You would like to pick one—redshirt one and play the other—and find out who is close enough to help you. You have to see how your injuries go, too.”

Defensive Coordinator Josh Conklin

On how the secondary has progressed:
“It’s going well. The safeties have had a good camp and the corners have had a good camp. I think Avonte Maddox has really come along nicely. We knew he was a good player coming into the fall, but he’s really addressed some shortcomings and issues that he felt like he had.

That’s been encouraging to see. I think the young guys, Damarri Mathis and Jason [Pinnock], have done a really good job of developing. They’re not perfect right now, they’ve had a lot of mental errors and they have a long way to go. But I think they’ve gotten all that they can out of camp. I think at the safety position now, I look at a guy like Dennis Briggs, who hasn’t played a lot of safety, he’s spent most of his time as the star [linebacker], has done a good job really picking up the boundary safety.
We’ve had Bricen Garner, who we felt like could come in and help us out. He’s done well and also Jay [Jazzee] Stocker has had a really good camp. When you look at the last guy, it will be Phil Campbell at the boundary safety. I’m really pleased with the progress. We’ve got about a week before the opener, but it’s still a work in progress the whole time throughout the season. That’s what we’re trying to stress to them as well.”

On how he feels about the front seven generating pressure on opposing offenses:
“It’s amazing. I think Charlie Partridge has done a great job getting that group on the same page. Their knowledge level has increased ten-fold just in terms of what they know about the defensive package. I think a guy coming in like that that understands being a head coach, sees big picture and understands how to put the whole thing together, it’s really rubbed off on our guys. Anytime you know more than just your responsibility, or more than just your world, you have the ability to impact the game in some different situations in a better way.”

On the three starting linebackers:
“I think we feel pretty good about them. I think they’ve had a good fall camp. I think we knew what we were going to get when they developed. I think Saleem Brightwell and [Elijah] Zeise—those guys have taken a lot of reps in games. I’m excited to see them play a real college football game and take 65-70 snaps.”

On the linebackers’ speed and their ability to react:
“I think they’re there. That’s why they’re the guys. I think if they got to that stage where they know what they have to do, they understand what they have to do and then they also can operate kind of at an unconscious level, just in terms of the defense and the package. Now the challenge is for everybody on defense though.

You get a new test every week. Everybody’s a little bit different. You’ve got that foundation that’s already been built through your fundamentals and your techniques. Now, you look at Youngstown State and you pick and choose what you want to manipulate a little bit in terms of how you’re going to gameplan against those guys.
Then they have to be able to adapt to that moving forward. Like I said, that’s something that we haven’t seen yet and they’re excited to get into that mold now and move forward.”

Offensive Line Coach John Peterson

On why he like to cross-train offensive linemen:
“It’s really about building depth for the unknown factors. That’s the thing when you can’t predict what happens through the course of the game or the course of the season. Anything can happen and that’s why you practice guys in cross-training, because it allows that flexibility and depth.”

On picking his players’ positions:
“Everyone has their weaknesses and strengths, so I’m just trying to put guys in a position where they can use their strengths. So when you cross-train guys, whether it’s sized-based, knowledge or fitness, whatever it is, you try to put the pieces together that are going to help the team. That’s what this camp has allowed us to do.”

On how he prepares positions for game week:
“You do less [cross-training], because the guys really get honed in on the game plan. But just like anything, you could play right side, left side, guard, tackle. We have that versatility with guys that can snap the ball then play guard also.”

On Pitt’s center position:
“It’s a competition. Jimmy [Morrissey] and Connor [Dintino] have been battling, and they’re doing a great job. Like I said, you have guys like Alex Officer, who is really improving at center. We’re going into the season having multiple centers, and it’s very reassuring.”

Offensive Line Alex Officer

On playing different positions:
“I enjoy it because Coach Pete [John Peterson] likes to cross-train the guys, and I think that helps a lot with playing different positions. We don’t really have a set group of starters right now, and I think that Coach Pete does a great job with getting guys ready for all positions.”

On Pitt’s offense:
“I definitely think that Pitt’s offense has made a lot of progress over these last couple of weeks of camp. Each day we’re getting better and better. We’re trying to match or go over what we did last season. We have a lot of goals to reach this year.”

On Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson:
“Coach Watson is definitely a great offensive coordinator. He really wants the guys to be able to learn the whole offense. It’s not just your position to learn, but to learn what the other guys around you are doing.

He’s making it easier and more functional as football players. You have to know what everyone is doing. You have to know where the running back is going, so you know what you’re aiming for, where everyone is, so the end can be a full, orchestrated product.”

On being a leader:
“I’m not really the most vocal guy; I’m not a ‘hoo-ra-ra’ type of guy. I lead by example and just try to teach guys individually, behind the scenes. Brian O’Neill is our main vocal leader on the offensive line. I just help guys out and do my job.”

Quarterback Ben DiNucci

On if the news that Max Browne will be the starting quarterback was difficult for him:
“I don’t know about difficult. Anytime you’re in a competition, somebody is going to be the one and someone has to be the two. I just have to know my role now and be the best backup that I can be. I have to help the team in whatever way possible.

I’m always one play away. I think that Coach [Shawn] Watson and Coach [Pat] Narduzzi have been harping on me the last few days that I’m always one play away, so I have to stay ready.”

On if he felt like he had a true opportunity to earn the No. 1 job:
“Yeah, it was a great competition. It went three weeks and even all the way back to spring ball. It was a great competition. I think we did a great job of pushing each other every day trying to make each other better and make the team better in whatever way possible. He [Max Browne] came out on top; he’s a good player, so credit to him.”

On what he has improved on since the Pinstripe Bowl:
“The biggest thing for me in the offseason was working on my footwork, my reads and quicker decision-making. I feel like I’ve gotten way better in all three of those areas. The only way I can go from here is up, so I feel good.”

On how competition helped him improve:
“I think competition brings out the best in anybody. I felt it every day—competition against him and competition against myself. When you see him make a play, you want to make a play yourself. It’s kind of that ‘what does he do, what do I do?’ But you try not to make it that, you try to just control what you can control and let the rest handle itself.”

Linebacker Oluwaseun Idowu

On how the linebacker group is improving:
“Every day—three percent. Coach Narduzzi preaches it and we preach it to our younger guys. Every day we come out here with energy and focus to try and get three percent better every single day. Whatever we can, whatever we need to do to lock in mentally. It’s been every day. Every time we came out on this field, we’ve improved at something. No matter how much it may be, we improved at something. Every day we are always moving up the ladder and scale trying to get up.”

On how competition has changed their dynamic on defense:
“It pushes you to do your job better than the man next to you. You can be competing with the guys next to you, but you can also be competing with yourself and seeing how well you can do your own job. That’s what I preach to the guys every time.

Any time something bad happens, move on and do your best. Keep trying to improve on yourself and focus on yourself and what you can do for the team. It’s still competition, but you have to work on you, work on your craft and perfect your craft as best as you can.”

On how a year of experience has helped him develop:
“Now it’s just playing ball. We’re back to basics just playing ball. You’re not hesitating on a step just because you might think ‘oh, it might be this.’ You know what it is, you’ve seen it before. When you’re taking these reps, you’re comfortable on the field with where you’re at and where you know you should be. You can get yourself in position as fast as you can, which helps you play the game faster.”

On the attitude of the defense being different from last year:
“It’s all about getting better as much as you can every day—three percent better. You’re seeing guys come out here with more energy, more passion for the game, more attitude towards their goals and more attitude towards getting better.

They’re locked in and focused on what they need to do in that day, that second and that moment to better themselves and put themselves in a good position to help us win games.”

Offensive Lineman Brandon Hodges

On his excitement for the season:
“I’m excited for it. I’m ready for the fans. Coaches have been lathered up all camp. I’m just ready for it. It has been a great camp. It’s great bonding with the team, too.”

On what ‘lathered’ up means:
“It’s a term that Coach [James] Patton uses. Before every practice it’s, ‘get lathered up! get lathered up!’ Everybody is out here getting sweaty. The juices are flowing. I take that from Coach [James Patton].

On if Coach Watson has changed since his time at Texas:
“He has definitely hasn’t changed a bit. He’s always been a mentor to me, always been a shoulder to lean on. He’s always been a great guy to me and a great guy to the team. He gets on you. He’s hard-nosed; but at the end of the day, he loves you. He loves the team. If you mess up, he’s on you. After the play, he will come talk to you personally to let you know what you did wrong. Then everything is good from there.”

On his ability to get caught up to speed on the playbook and the motions:
“I’ve been in the film room. I’m up late at night—even right before I go to bed. I’m always on the film. That has been a big thing between me and Coach [John] Peterson.

He’s been telling me to just get in the study room, stay on the film and just do everything I have to do to know the plays. Because you never know what you’ll have to do. It’s kind of new to me. Learning fast has always been a thing I was good at. I take pride in it.”

On where he is lining up:
“I’m playing both [guard and tackle]. You have to be ready for anything, any possible time. I’m ready to play whatever Coach [John Peterson] wants me to play.”


79 thoughts on “POV Roundtable Is Up; 8/23/17

  1. I’m afraid the “Hamlin hernia” may be a problem throughout his whole career at Pitt. I do not expect to see much of him on the field this year if at all.


  2. Great conversation guys. I tired to listen to it while working. Great to see Upitt on, along with the regulars.



  3. Looks like Pitt just got $250,000 for the “wrestling room” at the Field House. Good job Heather.



  4. enjoyed the telecast, very entertaining …. except for that nice impostor who claimed to be UPitt.

    Under the you know you are old when category … I believe it was Dan73 with the Johnny Michelolsen reference.

    Ike, you didn’t replace the PSU blanket with the Confederate flag, did you?


  5. while UPitt makes a good point about alumni and the campus, we may have a lot alums around campus, but since the campus is undefined, we don’t know it. There are hospitals, public businesses and offices right in the middle of campus.


  6. Reed, you need to drink more Koolaid. There are lots of pitchers available.

    I see three ways that Pitt’s defense can improve.

    One possibility would be if the opponents have inferior offenses. UNC, VT and Miami are fielding new QBs this season. For what it’s worth, Pitt plays all three at the end of the season. OSU and PSU have QBs returning who threw for big yardage last season. Not that Syracuse throws fear into many, but junior Eric Dungey returns this year. Dungey gave Pitt trouble two seasons ago until he was presumably concussed. Dungey didn’t play in the basketball game at Heinz last season but did throw for nearly 2700 yards despite not playing the final three games and barely having played in the game that knocked him out. Sophomore Daniel Jones returns for Duke after throwing for over 2800 yards last year (243 versus Pitt). Senior Ryan Finley returns at NC State after having thrown for over 3000 yards last season. GT not included, but let’s hope the meaningless bowl games of the past two years were run stopping anomalies. I surely hope that Pitt can contain the offenses of YSU, Rice and UVA at home.

    A second possibility is that Pitt applies more pressure on the QB this season. I believe that Pitt’s front 7 returns only 1 guy from last season that started more than 1 game (Idowu). Predictably, Idowu had no sacks last season as he was typically found in coverage. Edwards and Brightwell had a total of 5 sacks last season to lead the projected 2017 starters among the front 7.

    The third possibility as that the returning DB starters, Maddox and Whitehead, improve (turn your head and don’t guess on routes) and become consistent pass defenders. Hopefully they sort out the mix at the other safety and corner positions from guys that have played some (Briggs and Jackson) and haven’t played at all (Pinnock and Mathis).

    I don’t see Pitt’s defense improving much if at all. I sure hope I am pleasantly surprised. I will be there cheering regardless!


  7. I enjoyed the Roundtable and the speculations(s) at this point…I hope for the best and a team that is in the hunt, plays hard and never quits no matter the foe or circumstance.

    Regarding attendance at games..#1 Pitt was a commuter school in my days there 70-75 with most of the students heading home. I imagine that still holds true and I always felt the ones who went home on Friday did’t want to commute back in for a Saturday game. Enjoyed UPitt’s take on attendance and school spirit and was able to experience it 1st hand at Clemson last year.
    #2. I lived in a frat house 3 years and most of the sororities/fraternities had houses and were huge supporters of football. We would carry our frat nad sorority standards onto the field at the beginning of the game when the team would run out of the tunnel at Pitt Stadium. There are no frat houses anymore..I am told my ole frat Phi Delta Theta meets monthly in Hillman library (now try to get drunk and laid in that environment!)
    #3. I really think the damage done by Pederson/Nordy still impacts at least recruiting -all vestiges of that era need to go ASAP including Dinocat and the color BEIGE which we are told is Gold(we ain”t that stupid.)
    #4 I would like know the University’s plan on increasing attendance. the bobblehead is a good start and a gimmick that might put an extra 5-10k butts in seats. Lots of well though-out ideas have been posted on here…Does the brain-trust in the athletic dept ever read this sight. We are Pitt people who care and have lived with their decisions good and bad.
    #5. I do miss the campus and would walk down the memory lane(s) each time I went to a game when we had Pitt Stadium..New stadium has it’s perks but it’s different in a good kinda way.


    1. BigB

      Come on, man. Even in Hillman Library, you don’t give up hope of getting laid. I remember those little private “study” rooms.



  8. I think the push should be there for a new stadium 45-50k but not OCS because from what I read, heard and believe, it’s just not going to happen


    1. if pitt is not going to build an on campus stadium it definitely is not going to build an off campus stadium


  9. I like him running but not sure he brings much to the table on the DL at 265lbs. He’ll need to bulk up 30 lbs and hopefully retain his quickness off the ball to be really effective inside at DT.


  10. Reed, The roundtable is a treat and professionally done..I value the opinions of all who post..lot’s of great POV and insights that can be found no where else..POV Roundtable is good for the soul and what ailes ya.


  11. Excellent roundtable. Just got around to viewing it. Reed, can you let me know when we can discuss the tailgating. Maybe a 5-10 minute call? No rush. Just want to be able to meet expectations.


  12. Welcome to PITT David Green. One of the players I really wanted to see come to PITT. If anyone gets the chance to see PCC play a game, keep your eyes on Green. Great Pick-up as Narduzzi continues to reclaim the WPIAL. …..ike

    Looks for the radio
    Voice for the newspaper


  13. I’ll take a shot at scoring predictions –

    Offense – 35
    Defense – 27

    I think the starting 11 on offense is as good as anyone in the ACC. Again, no one has played a game yet in 2017, so it is all speculation. Now, the 35 the O scores does not count what the D may score. I’ll give the D credit for 6 TD’s in 2017 – so add 3 points per game to Pitt’s scoring average.

    The D will play better and not give up as many long TD passes in 2017 as the DE’s will pressure the QB’s more and the LB-ers will cover more ground with their athleticism and nose for the FB. But, the O will give up points to the tune of 4 TD’s to the opposing defense via INT’s and QH fumbles. Add 2 points per game to Pitt’s “scored against” average.

    Pitt scoring average per game = 38
    Pitt scored against average per game = 29

    Equates to 9 wins (YSU, psu, GT, Rice, ‘cuse, unc, uva, vt, duke)
    4 losses (ok state, nc state, miami and bowl opponent)

    I hope I’m wrong on those four losses – I just as easily see W’s if the lightning strikes often this season.



    1. where is my pitchfork rabble rabble rabble

      seriously tho id expect a rookie to play like a rookie at times


  14. Welcome Mr. Green – glad to have you join the Pitt family.

    Three other WPIAL commitments I’d like to see –

    K.Raines – 4 * DB from Aliquippa
    TJ Banks – 4 * Athlete (DE/TE) from East Allegheny

    K.White – 3 * Athlete (RB/DB) from Pine Richland -> if Pitt does not land RB C.Beck from Virginia


    1. Banks had his chance

      The staff moved on

      We really don’t have more than 5 scholarships to give max – esp with FR Morrissey earning one


  15. Raines and Banks would be great. White would be another good one but Beck could be a game changer with that speed. I’d take all four of them yesterday. … and call it a day. ….. ike


  16. I’m surprised Upitt didn’t have a Texas twang. I’m 25 years removed from swpa and I’ve entirely lost my yinzer accent.


  17. No one is sure that was Upitt. The consensus is that must have been Upitt’s less radical twin brother. or his meds had just kicked in, I know mine did… ike


  18. As far as David Green’s size goes. Anyone remember what Aaron Donald’s height and weight was as a senior in high school? The young man is quick as lightning and has the motor to be a star. ike


  19. Firstly. Pittman4ever (Jim) and others down southern Texas way. Hope you are all safe and on high ground as Harvey comes baring down.

    EE, thanks, Green I believe goes 6’2 265lbs. So make of that what you will. Plus this reconnects PITT with PCC. < A school who almost recruits as well as PITT. … ike


  20. Reed I will give you a even odds right here today that neither Pinnock or Mathis burn either one of their redshirts during this 2017 season. There is just too much talent ahead of these two freshmen cubs. And for that matter behind them with Paris Ford now eligible.

    I’ll also give you 1 to 5 odds ($20 gets you $100) if you’re convinced that BOTH are good enough to see the field. They have to play in the defensive secondary though, not just special teams play.

    You want some?


  21. Fran – I don’t have your phone # please send it to me via email (I sent you an email just now).

    If anyone has Fran Lokar’s (“Lastrow of section4”) phone # can you email it to me at rkohberger@gmail.com. I need to talk to him about tailgating as soon as possible.


  22. Ike,
    Thx buddy!
    To know where I am find Lake Houston (NE of Houston). Look on E side of lake for Walden C.C. I live in Walden.
    Right now things appear that it’s going to be very bad. Have evacuated twice before but as of now plan on riding it out.


  23. I see where you are at Pittman, take care and be smart. Can’t replace lives. Galveston area can get really rough.. your bud … ike


  24. I too am hoping Upitt, TX Panther, and Pittman4ever have battoned down their hatches when the storm of the century rolls in. Be safe boys!


  25. Hey guys,
    I really enjoyed the roundtable while driving home from the office today and then in my driveway. Riveting!
    Interesting how much more reserved people are when speaking and viewing others than when writing under a screen name. Reed did a really nice job of spreading the ball too.

    My two cents on the Youngstown game – I think they will throw the ball a little bit more than some think so as to get Browne an opportunity to work on timing with the receivers in a real game situation as a opposed to a scrimmage. I expect to see mostly short to intermediate stuff, with one long one. Having said that, I agree that’s we will see large doses of Ollison, especially in the second half if we get a lead.

    As for the season, UPitt mentioned the Clark kid at TE and I think he could be the key receiver this year. If he has a big season and Ollison does too, the offense will be ok. Not as prolific as last yr, but good enough to win games if the D does it’s job.

    On the other side of the ball, I’m hoping to see Watts show us more of what we saw early last year. I’m most concerned about LB…someone made a comment about not having experienced ones. That is what I believe will hurt us most and unless someone makes a splash, it may be a long season for the D.


  26. Outside the talk overs due to the audio lag of the internets, really good stuff on the roundtable….particularly UPitt’s reasoned and accurate and non-profanity laced assessment of the huge benefit of the OCS experience at other Universities that Pitt lacks.

    Just made reservations for Youngstown St game as daughter will visit Friday with interest in nursing program at Pitt. I’d much rather she choose UMd for me to afford…:))


  27. When leaving a meeting at a big10 school today, I was surrounded by several thousand kids being herded like sheep to……an on campus stadium party. These kids were on campus for two days and the meeting point was the end zone of the football stadium. In all, I heard over 10k students showed up and were introduced to the stadium. The band participated and turned it into an event.

    They were making memories at their on campus stadium, two days into their first semester. That is how you create bonds to a university. It is also how you create enthusiasm for football to the newbies. Reed mentioned that he sees no activity or pride two days before a game at Pitt. Upitt said the same thing. I am confirming that with how things are done when you commit to playing on campus.

    @Joel, that is an astute observation. When in a group setting, there is no time for the development of a rockport analysis because you can’t go off on a tangent and say what you want when you are asked a specific question. It was a great time and i enjoyed it. May even do it again!


  28. Ok. It’s way past most of your bedtimes, and the medication carts are all safely tucked away, so I can make a prediction from LaLa Land w/o much fear of it being noticed or remembered… I like Erie Express’s thinking. I see total points in the upper 30s. Let’s say 37.7 with D and special teams getting maybe 8 scores… defense can’t be worse, and I think it will be a lot better with respect to scoring. Anything over 30 will be surprising to me, so I’ll say 29.1.. of those dozens of bomb 50/50 balls, 90 % of which were caught, it seems, we’ll cut by 1/3 to 60%, and get ten more interceptions. 9 wins should be a given. I expect ACC costal at a minimum, so there will be two post season games, at least one of which we’ll win, so that makes 10.


    1. 10 wins!? You’ve taken up TT’s banner! With this young team to get to 10 wins we will have to see some very unexpected fireworks early. Just not going to happen.
      And that’s even if Pitt is lucky enough to win the Coastal which will get them a 14 game season. Just too much bad Karma in these first three games. The loss of Blair, Taleni, Whitehead, Aston, Wirginis & Bookser is just too much to overcome when you’re facing good top ten teams like PSU & OK St. early in the season with so many inexperienced guys in the two deep.

      However the schedule does set up well for a run at the ACC Coastal crown with potentially the Miami game being the one that determines who gets it this season.

      But who really knows? This team has over a dozen players, each of whom could be receiving hero accolades by season’s end by their performance this season. None of them having shown us anything of what they can really accomplish as of yet in a Panther uniform.

      On offense:
      QB- Browne
      OL- Hodges
      F-Back/TE- Flanagan
      TE- Clark
      RB- Davis
      RB- Sibley

      On Defense:
      DT- Carter
      DT- Roy
      DT- Camp
      DE- Hendrix
      DE- Jones
      LB- Ziese
      DB- Hamlin
      DB- Coleman
      DB- Miller
      DB- Campbell
      DB- Ford
      DB- Garner
      DB- Pinnock
      DB- Mathis

      If the cream rises to the top with this bunch, we’re going to develop a pretty good football team by season’s end. Maybe a bowl win does get us to 10 wins after all. I’m feeling a little bit of optimism creeping back into my psyche the closer we get to our home opener. Who knows? That’s why they play the games, right? One thing for sure, it should be fun to see what transpires this year. So many unanswered questions. H2P!


  29. Dokish’s assessment of the Pitt is very good. As one of Pitt’s great cheerleaders I sensed his lack of excitement in his analysis of this years D. If that’s the case I second that lack of excitement. And if any great amount of injuries to the starters set in well there is no telling how many losses Pitt can rack up in 2017. The offense may have to do better than the 2016 numbers for Pitt to have more wins than losses this season.


  30. The most important numbers to crunch in the final analysis are the ones on the scoreboard when the final gun sounds.
    42-39 & 43-42 are some important 4 points in the all important win loss column. Just do what it takes to win.


    1. One of the roundtablers noted that most of what 93.7 The Fan covers is the Pirates and Pens and of course the Steelers. But they do regularly discuss Pitt and it usually occurs at 730am as today’s discussion with Narduzzi, who has been on there a number of times.


    2. Someone noted in the round table that 93.7 The Fan gives limited coverage to Pitt even though it’s the flagship station for Pitt.

      I find that they give regular coverage, but it’s typically at 7 or 730am as is the case today. Narduzzi has been on a number of times – talking a lot, but rarely saying anything.


      1. But that could also be because of HCPN’s schedule — not sure. My guess is that they would be willing to accommodate their guests as much as possible since otherwise, it is just the hosts trying to fill in their 4 hour time slots .. like most radio sports talk. Just my 2 cents


        1. But you are right Joel, he rarely says anything. About the only thing he revealed this morning is that the 2-deep is set for the 1sr game … but didn’t reveal it. I assume it will be out early next week as is custom for most teams


        2. 93.7 would have narduzzi on all day every day if they could

          I’m sure realizing that nobody calls in until the hosts get desperate and start saying more and more outrageous things to try to rile people up so they call in is as painful to them as it is to most people in Pittsburgh to listen to. Few things entertain me more on a boring morning or afternoon than putting on the Fan and listening to the host(s) blather on uninterrupted save by commercials for a half hour because no one wants to call in, so with each passing minute more and more snarky / troll-ish comments are made. And still most of the time nobody calls in lololololol


  31. If you’re interested …

    2 Pitt commits will be on ESPN at 9 pm tonight playing for DeMatha HS. Judson Tallander CB and John Morgan DE

    ex-Panther Eric Kasperovic’s Pine-Richland on ESPN Sunday @ 1:30


  32. Breaking …

    Brian Batko ✔ @BrianBatko
    Pitt just announced that “Sweet Caroline” will now be moved around to different points during games. This is not a joke, this is not a drill.

    Does this mean the students will be leaving in the 2nd Quarter sometimes?


  33. Several good comments about next years team on the call.

    The trick to college ball is getting a Junior/Senior team on offense and defense to sync up every few years. That is the years you make a run. Next year all those young D players will not be young any more but the offense will be starting an inexperienced QB and many inexperienced lineman. They will not be in sync.

    I get Upitt’s argument for a young QB to start. At a minimum. It is imperative that one of the young QBs get playing time this year. I don’t give a crap which one, just get one experience. That is why I thought you give MacV or Pickett a package that has some run option built in. Something Watson is familiar with. Next year is the year for the D to be good. The offense can’t be left to take a nose dive.

    A problem college coaches face yearly. If PN played a ton of young guys and Pitt only wins like 4 games, people will call for his head so he is inclined to win now.


    1. Chas (PittBlather) has a good solution. Play it while refs are reviewing replay … if anything will speed them up, this might.


  34. In addition to Conner Bobblehead vs NC St, the Thurs night game vs UNC will be Star Wars Night (not kidding) .. is there still another Stars Wars movie coming out this fall?

    Also if you don’t get indigestion from what is occurring on-the-field …….

    The in-stadium eating experience will also get a boost in 2017 with Aramark adding several new items to existing stands in general concessions as well as on the club level. Among the new items at general concessions will be a steak and egg bagel, deli stack, signature nachos with ancho rubbed smoked brisket and a Boski kielbasa, while the club level has added a shrimp po boy, country dog and the Pittsburgh cheesesteak burger. Heinz Field has also added a new stand with the Pittsburgh Pierogi House moving into section 119 with Traditional (potato cheese pierogies with sauerkraut, caramelized onions, sour cream and bacon), Mexican Streets (potato cheese pierogies with green chicken chili, pinto beans, salsa verde and cilantro crema) and Bloomfield (potato cheese pierogies with spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella, vodka sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano) pierogi options.


  35. That’s a good post wwb. Reading that menu this time of the day does kind of make my stomach rumble a bit. The deli stack does sound kind of interesting until I remember where it’s coming from though. The food is better than OK but not like stopping at Deliallo’s picking up some fresh deli and making my own.

    The North-Shore Deli up on E Ohio St makes a great sub for a great price.

    Couple nice comments on how Reed handles the POV round-table discussions. He’s got a real knack for it and the participation really picked up. Here’s hoping the regulars stick with it as you are dependable but also hope for more new faces.

    Gotta tell you though I was kind of shocked when I clicked on to see Upitt but in a really nice way. < never thought I would see the day… then comes along good ole Huff to make things even better. Great stuff guys..

    Pittman, Pitt-cocks, WealthyMan and Dan are great knowledgeable PITT fans. I learn a lot from these older fellows. Thanks. …… ike

    We All We Got PITT FANS!


    1. Ike

      I had forgotten about Delallo’s. We used to drive out there all the time to buy everything in sight.



  36. I just caught this one after a comment of mine on David Green being a good pick-up. Reed posted “I believe you have said this about every single recruit we have gotten since Narduzzi got here”

    Yep, I’m always looking out the front windshield but I hardly think every recruit. I do follow local recruiting fairly closely though. Not pounding my chest but I did see Aaron Donald a mile away when PITT was recruiting Dan Mason. Green jumps out at me like AD did.

    Another note, I don’t reply to comments anymore rather that copy and paste a quoted comment on a new post. Sometimes if we aren’t on the POV for an extended time some some posts can be lost. Is there a way to look up more than 5 recent comments? … ike


  37. Let’s see….You all bitch that the student’s don’t get involved…So they have a Star Wars night….then everyone bitches about the Star Wars night…..

    Newsflash – The athletic department wasn’t considering 70 year olds who haven’t been to a Pitt game since 1956 when they came up with star wars night.


  38. Upitt looks like a combo of Big Ben and Donnie Walberg, lol. Hey Mark, this year I’m going to stat track all your bets, whoever loses buys at next years POV golf outing at Quicksilver.
    Golfing with Nitter friends the next two weeks, they are all trying to convince me game will be very,very close. Me thinks they protest too much.


  39. Gotta agree with you Yeti. Some people live to complain. Star Wars night is an idea and an a attempt to bring in more younger fans. If you don’t like it, then leave your Darth Vadar mask at home. Same goes with fireworks, bobble-heads and rib-fest. Just keep walking, no one is twisting anyone’s arm to watch, take home or eat anything.


  40. I love the Star Wars idea. The cheerleaders can all do their hair like Princess Leia.

    And, Dark Knight clearly will fit in.



  41. pmd..I was thinking that exactly about the Dark One…maybe Heather has read his writings and has put him in charge of Star Wars Night- I could see him directing with that Darth outfit complete with the deeeeep voice…that would explain his LoA on the POV…I will be beaming home to the Burgh for that game and bringing 4 Carolina grads and great friends with me..nothing like driving from the airport through the Fort Pitt tunnel at night !!!


  42. Yes BigB, I think the Dark One was upset but I really believe it was a misunderstanding. A few of us had trouble finding some of our posts but that got sorted out. I to wish Darkie would come back. Hell, it’s almost kickoff time…

    BTW, Who doesn’t love the view coming through the Fort Pitt tunnels? Your Carolina friends are in for a treat for sure. . . . …ike


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