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Solar Eclipse today – first time in decades.  Here is a link so you can figure out when and where the best viewing is.

Pittsburgh Sports News didn’t hesitate to fire Tim Benz after his uber-critical tweet regarding James Conner’s first actions as a Steeler RB…

Here is that tweet feed of Benz’s

When discussing Conner’s 90+ yards in the game:

“It was against 4th stringers and he had two drops earlier.

 “Conner must be stunned. May not be used to a crowd this big at Heinz Field.”

EJ Borghetti fired back with:

“The man had a chemo port in his chest 14 months ago but go ahead and belittle what today meant. https://twitter.com/timbenzpgh/sta”

I was just strolling through Pitt football stuff today when i ran across this question to Chris Peak in his Rivals Mailbag.  Guess the author and win a free pair of Solar Eclipse glasses – mailed out to you tomorrow morning:

Sorry — again, but I had to ask an “Offensive Question” (lol) —- You sir have been around, and gotten to personally interact with Pitt Quarterbacks face-to-face and feel their Energy in the past… This brings a lot to the “IT-Factor” test (as every Big-Time Quarterback regardless of ‘Star-Ranking’ shows that “IT-FACTOR”) —- how do Max Browne, and Ben DiNucci seem in-person when they interact? Do they seem like they have the ‘Spark’, based on your personal-interaction, to be guys who can lead the Pitt team and excite the Supporters?? Thanks!!

Yeah – I’m sure it was one of us.

The “Pat Signal” went out last night for no apparent reason. Fans are thinking it is DL David Greene or LB Brian Asamoah.  Who knows? Both 3* recruits.

We were talking about ACC money and Pitt’s share of it yesterday – here are some interesting facts – the donations list is old but still very accurate.

Now – Donors by school (into Athletic Departments) 2014


2016 Schools Expenditures on Football;

  1. Florida State (No.2): $42.46 million
  2. Notre Dame* (No. 4): $38.97 million
  3. Clemson (No. 10): $34.67 million
  4. Virginia Tech (No. 16): $31.15 million
  5. Miami (No. 25): $28.47 million
  6. Duke (No. 36): $23.47 million
  7. North Carolina (No. 37): $23.46 million
  8. Louisville (No. 38): $23.43 million
  9. Syracuse (No. 39): $23.22 million
  10. Pittsburgh (No. 40): $23.13 million
  11. Boston College (No. 48): $21.35 million
  12. Virginia (No. 51): $20.33 million
  13. NC State (No. 54): $19.19 million
  14. Georgia Tech (No. 61): $17.38 million
  15. Wake Forest (No. 63): $16.61 million

Here are the national top-grossing schools, note #10 Penn State :

10. Penn State — $125.7 million

1-year change: +6.9%

5-year change: +17.9%

Donations: $27.7 million

Licensing/Rights fees: $48.6 million

3-year avg. football revenue: $66.0 million

Now – wonder why PSU can afford $5.8 million per year for Franklin?  Their apparel sales alone were approx. $23M – Pitt’s total ACC money for FY 16 was a bit above $24M I believe.

Pitt did get that $2M donation from the Guttmans right after Heather Lyke was hired – That money is strictly earmarked for the Football Championship fund and can be used for direct football costs such as recruiting, equipment, etc.

The school announced on Thursday morning it has received the single largest donation to the Pitt Football Championship Fund on behalf of Steven and Kathy Guttman. The fund “is used to enhance such critical areas as the student-athlete experience, facilities, recruiting and advancing technology,” according to Pitt’s statement.

Note that it cannot be used for salaries.




91 thoughts on “POV’s Monday Bits and Pieces

    1. Wahoo! You made my day. Paris is a Panther – the rest of his career will take care of itself – redshirt or not…

      Reed – good article – thanks for filling up my lunch hour with something other than work.

      Much appreciated!


  1. Well everyone on this site please donate to Pitt athletics to keep the pursuit alive.

    Benz put his foot in his mouth but he has a history of doing that.

    Great news about Ford hopefully he can make the transition to the college game. Also what is up with Hamlin?


  2. Asamoah is a big get even though he’s only a “3 star”

    Big time offer sheet, could easily be bumped to a 4


  3. With the lack of donors, attendance, and merchandise sales, do not expect things to change. We couldn’t afford to keep Sherill after 7 straight years in the Top 10, and that began the downfall.

    Tim Benz has been fired about 6 times in the last 12 years; and may I suggest the Vukovcan makes it 7.

    According to PSN, the new recruit is not local.

    I would not waste a redshirt on Paris Ford, as I don’t see him as a 4 – 5 year guy.


    1. apparently HCPN doesn’t agree … from the Trib:

      His academic issues are cleared up and coach Pat Narduzzi said Ford is in school. But Narduzzi indicated it would be a “miracle” if Ford doesn’t redshirt this season.

      “He’s been here for a couple of days,” Narduzzi said.


  4. Can’t blame PITT on Sherrill leaving 95% of all college football programs couldn’t have afforded him back then.

    Asamoah is a little like Bonnie and Clyde, he’s wanted in several states.. He and Raines would be the stars of next years class.. ike


  5. It’ll be a miracle if ford doesn’t redshirt just like james conner had a nothing injury that was nothing to be concerned about in 2015

    Ford gonna play this year, by october at the latest


  6. I’m with you Deep, as I think PN is blowing some smoke at the opposition and expect to see him play first in the PSU game.


  7. As far as Ford red-shirting. Need to play him as early as he can help or sit him down for the year. We don’t need a repeat of Hamlin blowing his red-shirt last year.


  8. anyone here a member of Pitt fan experience — see below. (Or even if you are not a member, maybe)

    Craig Meyer ✔ @CraigMeyerPG
    Looking to talk to members of Pitt’s fan experience committee for a story. Anyone who’s interested can email me at cmeyer@post-gazette.com


  9. The “redshirt” issue is completely overblown

    If Paris Ford pans out… he will not be here for 5 years and maybe won’t be here for 4.

    If he doesn’t pan out, no redshirt means he frees up a scholarship sooner. It also allows for a injury redshirt at some time in the future.


  10. It was great to see Conner on the field yesterday and fun to watch him break a couple nice runs. Even did a decent job of pass blocking. Would like to see him in there with the Ben with the A team. I thin the starters play the 1st half Say night and without LeVeon Bell, he is the logical starter.

    Those donation stats are PATHETIC. I’m not a Pitt grad but I give every year, so make that number 8030. I wonder how overall donations rate. Hopefully ADHL will make an effoprt to ask alum why they aren’t giving to athletics. If you went there and aren’t donating, please give something. Every little bit helps!


  11. Speaking of merchandise. I went to buy my son a new Pitt football jersey. Could not find one at a mall. Plenty of Steeler and PSU stuff.


    What the heck is the Athletic Department doing?


      1. Tim Benz’s job at PSN is open Upitt.
        I’m sure they would like to hear your enlightened viewpoints.


  12. Not rock, try Dicks, I know the local one has all the Pitt stuff out front, ahead of the Nitter stuff. Where do you live?? I see more and more Pitt stuff at the local stores all the time. I actually think they have done a great job, at least in my area!!


  13. My son gave me a really nice PITT script shirt from Dicks. plenty PITT stuff there. My daughter also gave me a Very nice PITT script shirt as well but I forget where she got it. I think it was in Oakland and not on the corner or their store. It’s a newer place.


  14. I checked Robinson Mall. Dick’s had no Pitt jerseys. Maybe I missed it because I want to leave the mall before I walk in.


  15. Rocket, ya, you must have missed it. I was there on Monday and they had all kind of stuff. Nice hats too. Bottom level, make right.. Large displays. Even Costco had a ton of stuff a couple weeks ago!


  16. I think Conner would agree it is time to judge him on his ability not that he had cancer, etc.

    As far as the performance the message was true that guy tweeted. It sounded agenda based but nothing about Conner’s performance wasn’t true. He graded a C- considering he was playing against the 2nd to 4th string. He better start catching the ball. His hands looked like stone.

    The Steelers Defensive looked terrible.


  17. That’s not fair Upitt. Like I posted. Two of my kids got me a great PITT script shirt just a few weeks ago from two different stores. There is plenty of PITT script merchandise out there. C’mon, play fair. .. ike


  18. BTW Upitt.Reed did move the round-table back one hour for you. It’s 9:00 est but see if you can plan ahead with the family and try and make it. The POV world anxiously awaits your pontification’s. Yes I know that’s not a word.


    1. Ike – I’m in Miami for work. We have corporate meetings so will try to sneak away for the round table.

      Anytime I’m shopping back home the merchandise is circu 2003. Hell I still see dinocat garbage out there.


      1. It always takes a little longer for things to happen in Fayette County. Even news of Genral Braddock’s arrival took too long. 🙂


  19. Last year when I was down in Tallahassee for the Clemson game, at halftime they brought out donors that had given the athletic department over a million dollars. I’m not talking one or two, it was closer to a dozen individuals.


  20. Narduzzi said the offense had a really good scrimmage Saturday. Looking better and improving. Injuries aside, the O won’t be an issue. Look for some surprises on D especially in the secondary. Mathis and Pinnock will play. It won’t take long for Ford to get in the mix. Way to good to not see the field.


  21. Even if Ford plays on special teams he won’t redshirt, too good of an athlete.

    Just glad he cleared and isn’t going to a prep school.

    Benz either is or plays the jerk real well.

    Pre-season means nothing in Pro ball.


  22. Can someone remind me again why The Great Dark Knight reigned from the POV again?

    Why I ask is I hope it wasn’t because of the phantom missing posts. I think it was BigB who pointed this out while I also figured it out that it’s a small change in the format I believe. When we open up the POV first time in the day it goes to the first comments first. If there are over 60 posts, which is new, they will not show up unless we hit newer posts.

    I had trouble with this myself a week or so ago, it was confusing. I’m thinking there was a small change in the amount of posts per page or something different but I could be crazy? << Don’t say it…..

    Maybe darkie will come back if this makes any sense to him or anyone else.


  23. Just wanted to remind everyone the story when Paris Ford went to the Army all-star game.

    When the Florida kids went back home they raved about Ford to their respective committed schools. If you all remember that’s when the rumors were flying about Ford de-committing to PITT. That never happened but it was a sure sign of just how good this young man is.

    He’s a game changer for sure! … ike


  24. I didn’t know the Dark one went missing…figured he has been making preparations for the eclispe…you know kinda like the comet Hale-Bopp Heaven-s Gate crew..purple robes and converse all-stars..
    We need the Dark One on here…”Earth to Dark One, come in please.”


  25. Great writeup on PSU today with the title, Same Scheme For Pitt Defense After Dismal Season. I really can’t disagree with anything Alan Saunders wrote on this subject.


  26. Some of our Negative Nellies didn’t expect Ford to be eligible because they’re just ingrained with negativity.

    I’m sure Ford will be 100 percent up to speed by the Oklahoma State game. He is not redshirting and why some believe what a coach says is gospel is beyond me.


  27. get mathis and pinnock in there

    if they take some lumps they take some lumps

    if they have as much potential as the coaches seem to think they do, the secondary could actually be decent by the end of this year and really good next year


  28. @Ike, pontifications is a word…just omit the apostrophe before the s. Maybe we end Sweet Caroline and get Donnie Iris to perform his hit “ah Weah”. 😃


  29. ^^LOL Lastrow! The ultimate yinzer battle cry. Jester wouldn’t get it though and 99% of the rest of the universe. 🙂


  30. Upitt, did you read my comment on when Ford played this past year in the Army all-star game? Florida State, Florida and Miami recruits and others couldn’t believe their eyes and told their future coaches to go after Paris hard. He is a gem.

    Oh and no he hasn’t played D-1 ball to answer your sarcastic question.

    One player cannot save PITT this season especially a true freshman. One really good true freshman could help though. Don’t blow your cold smoke on my me. … ike


    1. I wasn’t being sarcastic I don’t know much about them at all is he a four star or another three


      1. he was the 51st best overall recruit in 2017 according to rivals… 6.0 4 star (highest 4 star, really should have been a 5 star)… i suspect you may have heard a bit about him


  31. He dint do nuffin, thought they were salt of the earth people rkb?

    God bless you and the work you do. Can’t even fathom how many times I shook my head in amazement while sitting in the courtroom.


  32. Upitt my buddy, 3 stars don’t play in the army all-star game and Florida kids certainly do not rave about them…

    Then again I agree with you. The dudes and I mean dudes that rank and rate the high school athletes for a living can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Except for Peak of course. He’s been proven to do just that. < Respectfully for Reed. …. . .ike Pittman, you lost in Maryland?

    Let’s get this party started!!!


  33. Love to see someone turn this commitment into a negative of any kind. In that case, their opinion in my mind is out the window.

    A great pickup for PITT and Narduuzi in more ways than one.

    This kid is good and he is from Florida. << A win win in every case you can think of. Seriously, the young man is a player and a game changer. …. ike


  34. He is not a typical corner as to what they have been recruiting. But he has really good attributes as a DB. Really good hips and can run very well. He can be a slot cover and at 5-9 and 185 that is not small. Offers are really good so he is a very good get.


  35. More proof Narduzzi is the perfect guy for Pitt with this latest verbal. Better lock him up, Gallagher. I’m sure if you don’t though you’ll have a bunch of Panther fans supporting your decision since so many Pitt fans feel like the school shouldn’t pay a head coach.

    Those fans, you deserve the crappy 123-90 record since 2000.


  36. First off, pay the coach!! Who can’t see he’s worth it? Rear-view mirror people that’s who.

    Proactive thinking should be more of the train of thought than the fear of the timid! PITT has played the part of the pussy cat way far too often, WE ARE THE PANTHERS, not pussy cat’s!!

    Secondly, I can’t wait to hear this William kid’s offers weren’t legit. That argument just doesn’t hold water with me. PITT and many other big-time schools wanted this young man very badly. BUT!! PITT got him, hope he sticks like glue… . . .ike



    1. Williams’ Hudl tape reminds me of Terrell Buckley, long ago a player at Florida State. He runs away from other Florida high schoolers.


  37. That one DB (Blades maybe) was throwing a straight arm punch to thwart the efforts of the WR’s. Not much tape specific to our guy. Time will tell. Solid offers.

    Potential WR Phillips was in the group and he looked good too. Time to push for flurrrrida kids, Kwantel and TJ. That would be solid.


  38. Love Broward kids but 5’9 is small as a DB. They will move him to slot or Henderson type. Get the St. Thomas Aquinas kids or Belle Glades or Booker T or Northwestern kids Narduzzi.


  39. Ike… Only one person on here would think that Narduzzi is only worth $1.9 million. And we know that would be UPitt.

    I think he’s worth more and that is why is why I said that we should consider jacking him up to $2.5 million this year just like Huff said in a comment yesterday. But my point all along has not been what Narduzzi is worth it is what Pitt is willing to pay.

    Absolutely two totally different things.

    My thoughts about Ford were based on his going to three different high schools with two of them being private which has different types of curriculum than the standard public high schools have. It wasn’t based on whether Ford was smart enough to play college ball or not as a student / athlete

    Williams looks like a nice recruit for the 2018 class, but I think it is interesting that the Pitt fans who have complained for years about the height level of Chryst’s CB recruits now all of a sudden thinks that it’s totally fine to have another 5-foot 8-inch cornerback come onto the roster.

    Williams is here because of Partridge and it’s always good when a player is recommended straight from a coach who was down there watching them play high school football

    But I don’t think he’s going to play defensive back anyway. I think he’s going to be a slot receiver or going to be a Henderson type roster player where he can fill in different positions. But we saw what happened last year when you have short CBs in the DB 2-deep and it looks like we’re going to keep getting, them at least in part.

    I think we are averaging around 6’0″ or so since PN started recruiting. Maybe a small bit taller

    Starting the 2016 season our DBs were 5’11”, 5’11”, 5’9″ and 6’0″. This year it looks like; 5’9″, 5’11”, 5’10” and 6’0″.

    Personally I think it’s the coaching back there anyway.


    1. If Pitt somehow beats PSU this year, I think PN is worth > $3M … same if Pitt makes ACC title game. I think there is a lot of young talent here … and it is spread out among many positions. I would love to see this staff stay the course but, of course, any great success here only enhances their early departure. The Pitt Dilemma.


    2. Pay Narduzzi!
      Williams is short & fast. A Henderson clone unless he hits a growth spurt before he starts playing at Pitt around the 2019 season.


  40. Top 100 in Florida and 35th rated DB in USA according to Rivals. Many programs liked him so his 5-9 height was not a issue. He is not great at contesting the pass at it’s high point but with one year S&C and coaching, he looks to be that slot cover guy. He can cover and run and has really good hips.


  41. When Maddox is All-ACC this season, it will take away the issue of his height as a college corner.

    Go Pitt.


  42. After losing two bowl games is it really time to say, Hell that coach can’t win a dam bowl game? Same as, Hey that coach will never not win 8 games in the regular season.

    Just like Narduzzi doesn’t have that signature win yet after only one season. I guess he put that one to rest. Hyperbole stuff is a pet peeve of mine… ike..


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