POV Sunday Podcast; Aug 20, 2017

It looks like Pitt has finally come out with a Barrack Obama bobble head doll for homecoming…


I confused SO DL Amir Watts, who played some last season, with rsFR Keyshon Camp who didn’t.

Here is that P-G article about the Southside hotel rental for the players.

DL Jim Medure’s Bio.

DB Damarri Mathis’ Bio.  And here is his Rivals.com info. Note that he had offers from some pretty good football schools in Louisville and South Carolina… so not all that far-fetched he’s in the mix in the DB two-deep… but still unsettling to me.

The Pitt Alumni Association is having away game pre-game events – here is the link with the info.

Here is the POV Hoodie I bought for distribution through donations – I’ll ask for $30 at least.


Compare that to a Pitt script Hoodie at $70.00


48 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; Aug 20, 2017

  1. FWIW, Medure’s HS coach is a good friend of mine; known him since he was a kid. He also coached FR TE Tyler Sear.

    In fact, went to his scrimmage just yesterday where his team, led by the son of another friend of mine who scored 2 TDs, played against a son of yet another friend of mine. All of us are from same area and we are all had a good but all too brief post-game visit.

    wwb (my Google browser is not responding)


  2. Great podcast today Mr Reed. You did a nice job going into depth with the depth chart.

    About the money needed for the ACC network. This works hand in hand with the football program in a way as it’s an investment. It may take awhile but PITT will get the money it takes to start it up back 10 fold and more. Just like the BOT needs to think about the football program all around. It’s an investment.

    I’m not worried about the the unknowns surrounding the PITT team as far as who’s ahead. Narduzzi does indeed know who the starters and immediate backups are. What they need to find out is who are the 3rd team replacements. It sometimes is that group that defines a season.

    You had me believing that you are more worried about the O-Line that you let on today. Me? I’m not worried one bit. I think there is good youth waiting in the wings as well.

    This is a real tough trying to pin this PITT team down for this season. We don’t know much about too many players to gauge the team as you say.

    Mathis as a top 40 CB. That’s pretty dam good considering how many CB’s there are in this country at any given time. He’s going to be a good one.

    Happy for you that you will begin the important work of hospice. It’s more than a well worth thing to do Reed. Very honorable of you! << Hope it doesn’t keep you away from the tailgates and PITT games though.. ike


  3. BigB – in the last thread (I just finished catching up) re: LSU: “Hey Baby”. The students could sing along:

    HeyyyyHey Panthers,
    I wanna know-o-o,
    You’re gonna win this game.

    When I saw you running on the field,
    I said, “hey, there’s the kinda team that will never yield”.
    They’re so beefy, They’re so fine,
    We’re gonna smash em
    With our offensive line…..

    HeyyyyHey Narduzzi,
    I really know-o-o,
    You’re gonna win this game.

    I could go on, but I’ll spare you!


  4. I had pegged Medure a few months ago when I noticed his name on the roster. I know a little about the family from work. I was going to predict him as a possible replacement for Georgie. Didn’t know he was coming on so strong on the D-Line?


    1. wwb – yeah, I mentioned that. I’m still at 50/50 if he qualifies. it is the private school courses that bother me and test scores. Usually when it goes on this long test scores are involved. If the NCAA gets that back in 2 weeks I’ll be impressed, Pitt sent it off last week and it usually it takes longer.


  5. Pitt was never able to have football games during pirates games because of parking if I remember correctly.

    How is it that there is suddenly enough parking space for both the steelers fans (4pm) and pirates fans (7pm) today?


  6. PittFan28 —

    Because the Pirates game today is not in Pittsburgh; it is in Williamsport at BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field.


  7. Great Podcast Reed. Pitt should give you an honorary degree for this service. They could then seek donations since you’d be an alumnus. 🙂


      1. 20 carries for 98 yards against 2nd & 3rd string players. Clipped this from Jeff Hartman from Behind the Steel Curtain –

        “James Conner – I’m not going to lie, I had James Conner on my losers list until about mid-way through the 3rd quarter. I know he was playing against the second and third string players, but the way Conner ran the ball, even against the first and second string, shows tremendous hope for the young running back. 20 carries for 98 yards, a 4.9 yards per carry pace, is a tremendous start.”

        He needs to work on his pass catching – 2 drops I believe vs Falcons.


  8. The kid is trying too hard. He will be ok enough. Bell is coming back to town and will carry the rock exclusively anyways.

    The Obama reference was a good one though. Maybe Conner is still reeling from that horrible image of his bobble-head doll?


  9. I had forgotten that Clemson didn’t score at all in the 4th quarter. Of course, they scored 42 in the 1st 3, but still ….


  10. I just hope the tailgate attendance isn’t like the game day attendance. I mean, at the very least, the tailgates are the best part of the game usually, along with the dance team of course.


  11. Hey POVert or oh I mean Richman, I agree. I’m worried about not seeing a swirl of enthusiasm pointing towards the POV tailgates.

    A little feedback with Reed would be nice guys and gals, or just let him know on this site. I’m really hoping for some readers and not necessarily commentators who I also hope will BE THERE show up but he needs to know for the most part. Although not necessary, walk up’s are on me. …and Reed…. ike


  12. Pat Signal went up about ten minutes ago – anyone know who may have committed?

    Hoping for an impactful LB – maybe the one from Ohio that we are competing with OK & psu.

    Pitt is lit!


  13. I don’t expect a large tailgate crowd for the opener since it’s an early game and the Bucco game follows and the parking lots get cleared between games. @Ike, I will email the group later today and respond to you.


  14. Savannah… your are the master of limericks and lyrics…
    I have a hard time trying to figure what sweet Caroline has to do with sports.. a real downer for this 65 yr old..
    Reed … usually listen to the Sunday podcast on Monday or Tuesday. They are always great.


    1. IMO. Sweet Caroline has seen its limit. It is or has been played at many sports sites (did you know it used to be played at PSU until 2012 and halted because of the scandal?) It also is a wimpy song..

      My suggestion is Thunderstruck by ACDC. The crowd can yell Panthers instead of Thunder, and when it comes to the part that says “I’ve been thunderstruck” the scoreboard and the crowd can substitute with “Pantherstruck” or Pantherpawed or whatever. I think it’s much more inspiring than Neil Diamond


  15. Too late for Paris Ford to have an impact on this years team unless he is a freak of nature, which I doubt. Take the redshirt.

    I am not liking the linebackers for this year. Brightwell will be good but he is too small for inside. Then Pitt has a walk on and a converted WR. That worries me more than a freshman playing CB.

    I was hoping Chase Pine would step up and Pitt would finally have a dominant LB. PN needs to get his (&&^*& together recruiting linebackers.


  16. For some reason political commentary was allowed to sneak into this thread under the guise of a toothy grinning bobblehead that doesn’t resemble James Conner.🤔


  17. Clemson soph wins US amateur golf. Do we even have a golf team?

    I have been calling for bobbleheads for years to increase attendance.

    Conner is a good one. Could have one for all Panther greats.

    Ironhead’s could be huge.

    Still think they should have fireworks after the night games to fill seats.

    Maybe a gimmick, but anything to fill seats is worthwhile.

    Free hotdog and beer with a ticket would work.


  18. Thought Conner looked OK last night considering he hasn’t practiced much and the O-line hasn’t jelled.
    What’s wrong with Pouncey by the way. Pre-season is pretty much worthless other than to give borderline players a chance to make the squad. Tons of yellow seats visible. I remember when they used to pack the house for pre-season in the 70’s.


      1. not nationally … but after 1972, they changed the blackout rule that home games can be televised locally if all seats were sold 24 (or 48) hours before game time. Not sure if that rule still exists .. but I do know that pre-season game tickets are mandatory for all season ticket-holders at regular season prices.

        The rich get richer


  19. I thought there was a Flurrrrida recruit close a few weeks back…..WR, Phillips?

    If Damar Hamlin covers Ok States James Washington, we would have a double hernia situation?!@$#@@

    I didn’t read the Banks story but if Pitt is smart and I will reiterate from last week, we bring in the 4 star kids regardless of position vacancy. Personally, I think Sear and Reeves especially will be fantastic so long as they remain injury free.


  20. @ Upitt – Agreed and will reach out in the next few days. Turf toes from Old Pitt stadium. Who would have thought we had that in common too! You were probably sporting the Adidas Rockports! Actually, I was wearing Adidas Turf shoes when it happened. I remember that incident very clearly. Messed me up for a year.


    1. if memory serves, turf toe caused Jack Lambert’s retirement. Now he had played for 10 years or so but he had to call it quits before he intended to do so.


  21. Anyone remember when Myron Cope suggested that Terry Bradshaw had suffered a turf head injury when Jim Haslett stepped on his forehead? 🙂


  22. Huff – So was I… The black ones with the grips that came up on the sides. 95-2000. When were you there?


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