POV Sunday Podcast; August 13th 2017

Qadree Ollison’s 2015 season (212 for 1121 yards @ 5.3 ypc and 11 TDs) extrapolated to Conner’s 298 carries of 2014 = 298 carries for 1516 yards (5.3 ypc), 16 TDs and 121 ypg. 

If he grabs the starting RB role this year and is the workhorse like Conner was in 2014 I have no doubt we can see the numbers above from him this season… and that would go a long way to helping Max Browne settle in at QB.

Peak’s Mailbox:  Fears…lack of experience at a lot of spots, lack of depth on the offensive line, a whole new situation for Max Browne, an unforgiving September schedule, unknown/unproven talent at running back. The offensive line is a big one.




24. Pittsburgh Panthers 

Pittsburgh had an up-and-down season in 2016, but keep in mind they beat Penn State and Clemson. Pat Narduzzi’s third season should bring better results, and the addition of USC transfer Max Browne at quarterback is exciting. The Panthers must be more consistent to stay on here. 

  •  Sporting News – Browne as a ‘special mention” QB.
  •  Pitt picked 3rd in Coastal

X-Factor: Transfer QBs 

Former USC quarterback Max Browne is at Pitt, and former LSU quarterback Brandon Harris is at North Carolina. Can both of those highly-touted recruits energize their offenses enough to make it interesting? 

Sleeper: Pittsburgh 

Georgia Tech also is a possibility here, but we like what Browne could do for Pitt’s straightforward attack in Pat Narduzzi’s third season. Remember, Pitt beat Penn State and Clemson last season, but the Panthers also were wildly inconsistent. A bonus on the schedule is no Florida State, Clemson or Louisville.



Former five-star tight end Chris Clark, who is no longer transferring to Syracuse, told The Daily Orange Monday night that SU pulled his offer and that he wanted to join the team.

“Like it makes no sense to me whatsoever … that they pulled my offer,” Clark said via Twitter direct message.

He said that Scott Shafer had the discussion with him and the head coach said, “(Syracuse) wasn’t the best fit.” Clark also added that the offer was pulled before Syracuse played Pittsburgh on Saturday, a game he was planning to attend.

And now…

“I don’t really think I was mature enough to handle all the expectations that come with college football,” Clark said. “I was making some bonehead decisions out there and not really following the way that it goes. I was just kind of being a headache.

“Over the last couple years, I’ve matured so much. I don’t even remember that guy I was. A lot has changed. Not to mention it was also so far from home. It was a lot to deal with. Getting to a school closer to home seemed like it made the most sense to me.”

Good – we need him to be mature and effective. He’s one I think could live to billing on offense.

49 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; August 13th 2017

  1. Ah, he’s too dam skinny Reed. 🙂 I can’t listen to podcast for a little while but I’m sure there is plenty to disagree with you about. Just keep in mind that The Sporting news ranks PITT (I think) 24 and thinks highly of the two upset wins..


  2. They are going to be fine this season, they have some pretty good athletes that will make plays. Narduzzi is a good coach, Partridge and Watson were great additions. Can’t wait how about you?


    1. I opened the link and got a good dose of politics on the front page! This is forbidden! That is a violation of POV rules on many sides!


  3. Here’s my thought…

    I don’t think we see Whitehead back on the field unless due to injury or spot duty. Jazzy will shine and lead Panther Nation to say Jordan who?


  4. Reed, I have never seen you in such a fine mood in a long time. Especially considering your ailments. It must be getting close to PITT football time!!

    So I jotted down a few notes while listening, so here we go.

    1 cup of mayo
    1/4 cup of go cho jang
    smoked paprika Oh wait, that’s a recipe I wrote down on top of page.

    Agreed, this is a very weird year to pin. I was thinking it was going to be a tough year from the get go being Pat’s 3rd year and Reed you show positive proof that head coaches do struggle in their third year for the large part but now, who in the hell knows? It could be disastrous. imo the schedule is winnable however there is a ton of unknowns. More than usual I think.

    The hotel may be small potatoes but it’s another sign to me that PITT may be willing to invest in the football program???

    The F-Back?? Could this be a sign that Flanagan is pegged for that spot? He’s kind of big for a fullback but he would make a great extra blocker.

    I don’t understand the critique of JJS? He hasn’t done much because they almost had to amputate his leg on the field after his devastating knee injury. He started games a a young kid for PITT. Hope he’s recovered completely and I hear he has.

    Quadree Henderson called Browne’s arm a cannon in the papers. That’s good enough for me

    Where PITT starts out ranked means nothing to me…. PITT is a unique football school. A player wants to attend or they don’t… ike


  5. 1-3 start. Easily see 6-6. VT and Miami far superior. Narduzzi never proved he was a good coach. Canada was his savior. Watson is a old dog who gets canned every 3 years. I call 6 wins and bowl loss. Mark it down. PSU wins by 20.


    1. I’ll take some of this action even though I’m not a betting man. You’ve already told me you’d pay my mortgage if Pitt beats psu.

      If your giving me 20 points on a side bet, I’ll go easy on you and make it loser pays for a round of golf & cigar in the Pittsburgh area. That way we both have to pay travel expenses to get there and it’s a common location that we both frequent.

      You in?


      1. I’m with you Erie. I’ll take the 20 points all day long. Pitt will pull the upset with an easy win. Pedos are hugely overrated!

        Golf soon!


    2. I’m with Upitt. The early season will be ugly. Throw in some more injuries and we might not even qualify for a bowl game. Who are sure wins besides YSU & Rice? NOBODY!

      20 point loss to PSU is being kind. You’re such a nice guy Upitt.


    1. what’s the difference between this year and any other? PSU has ruled PA for quite a well … and you may note that for 2018, many of the top recruits are from the eastern part of the state.


  6. The state is the state and I thought Nardozzi could recruit?

    We make excuses for this guy but we were on Chryst left and right.

    Erie – Where you live. If in south easier for


    1. I actually liked Chryst until he was nicknamed Potato Sack and he spilled mustard on his sweatshirt.


      1. He was a sloppy midwesterner and deserved that title and other than stud lineman he recruited MAC worthy guys. That sweatshirt was terrible.


  7. Down year for PA – only the top 5 are top recruits nation wide. To steal a phrase from you – the rest are way overrated, including the players from Erie.

    Pitt can still land #4 and #1


  8. Upitt and Erie, why not have it in Charlotte, you know, close to when Pitt is playing here for the acc championship 🙂


  9. @Reed – you hit on something that goes further than overblowing recruits. I think there is a bit of overblowing on win/loss expectations too. We seem to over emphasize both because we are too close to the situation. I tend to group my beliefs in the realist category, not getting too high on recruits or too high on W/L expectations.

    With regard to our db situation, if we don’t have underclassmen unseating the upperclassmen (that haven’t perform well), it tells a bad story about recruiting. Freshman and sophomores need to unseat the upperclassmen if you want to get better. If Maddox starts in the big games and is not the nickel back, we haven’t recruited or developed our db’s appropriately.

    JJS is a question mark, but there is no getting around that he had talent as an Offensive Tackle. You can’t teach size and arm length. Very good early in career until off the field injury. I am comfy with our OL right now. Dorian Johnson was a 5 star but performed like a 4 star in my opinion. Fralic was a 5 star rock star. We talked about him before, during and after games. Not so much with DJ.

    Glad to see you coming around on Clarke a little bit. Who knows. My favorite TE is Reaves. His body type and skill level at this point reminds me of the Steelers Eric Green, from back in the day. He will be a stud.

    Nice job on the broadcast Reed. Question marks in positions are a good thing. We lost a lot of personnel to graduation, nfl and dismissals. No whining here. Let’s go get em! 1-0 after the first Saturday!

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  10. FYI:
    While we were in Ocean City, MD this past week with our daughter and grandkids, my mom, age 89, passed away. Memorial Service will be in Pittsburgh this Saturday on the 19th. She was a great mom and my sister and I were blessed to be her children. She grew up on The Southside, married my dad and moved to Dormont and then Upper Saint Clair. I will miss her dearly.


  11. Pittman4ever – my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It is my hope that a lifetime of memories with your mom will help you thru this time of grief.


  12. @Pittman – Will hold you and your family up in thoughts and prayers this week for sure.

    Did you grow up in USC as well? I remember the classic dormont story about fireworks, but didn’t know you did time in usc as well.


  13. Oh no Pittman. My condolences. A great woman to raise such a great son. God Bless you and prayers to you and your entire family.


  14. Pittman4ever: Condolences to you and your family.

    I like this thought: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


  15. Reed..half-way through listening to the pod-cast….I think the OL will be a strength this year. I know we lost 2 great ones to the pros. As you s.aid we have a great on in O’Neil returning (barring his injury) Officer is 3 year starter and will not be at center( that’s a positive- stll see ball’s sailing over the QB’s head-’16 Carolina game for one) JJ Smith, if I remember correctly, was mentioned in high regards prior to a devastating knee injury/surgery so there are 3 quality guys with several newbies ready to step-up – Dintino, Pilato. I remember Pilato being a good athlete-also played basketball or wrestled- one or the other. Our TE’s should also contribute to the blocking schematics.


  16. We need to beat YSU and be very competitive against OSU and Penn State heading into UPitt’s nuptial week-end September 23 !!!


  17. Guys, thanks for filling me in on the coach/cheerleader situation. I always wondered why Walt Haris was let go so suddenly. The Pitt administration must have done a good job of sweeping that one under the rug.


  18. Not sure what the Harris-cheerleader story was, but he left his wife for a younger lady who was no cheerleader. Gottfried may have banged a cheerleader, but so what. Only at Pitt do these antics get a coach ito trouble.

    Harris’ contract wasn’t renewed and his agent did Pitt no favors by bashing the school despite being spot on with his assessment of the football programm. A lot of that fell on his client and him choking away the 2000-04 seasons. That was soft-ass football with Harris and Tom Feeeman’s offenseive lines that couldn’t block. The defense became no better against the run and Wannstedt had to gut both units early in his tenure.


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