Roundtable Call-In’s Tonight; August 9th

Remember tonight we are back on our regularly scheduled Wednesday evening Roundtable Call-In show.

Here is how to get into the mix:

 POV Roundtable Call-in
 07:45 pm09:15 pm
Meeting ID


Phone Call-In number is:

408-740-7256   then  770439# – (don’t forget the pound sign!!)

We have a lot to discuss with the suspensions, new OL, injuries, QB battle (?),  what can the AD to get UPitt off her back, etc…

Which game is the most important given all that has gone on over the offseason?  And how about these questions to players on Media Day?

27 thoughts on “Roundtable Call-In’s Tonight; August 9th

  1. Nice find, BigB! Looking forward to having a beer with you in Hotlanta – to celebrate a win over GT. And NOT by only a last second field goal!


  2. Savannah… beers for sure… flying into Atlanta September 22…. I think we should have an off-site bachelors party for UPitt…our wives can go shopping


  3. Just saw reported on PSN that TE TJBanks has it down to WVU and Temple. I think PItt made a mistake with this. I think he was a heavy lean to Pitt but couldn’t pull the trigger so he could enjoy the recruiting process.

    I would not have stopped recruiting him as he is a 4 star TE. At the worst you could bring him in with the goal of converting to an Offensive Tackle.

    PITT is not in a position to look away from ANY 4 star, period. Wake up pitt.

    Sorry i missed the call in. At some point, I will make it on there.


  4. BigB – Maybe we can get UPitt on the phone Friday nite after his rehearsal, and toast his good luck and his future!!

    I’m staying at the Hampton Inn 2 blocks from the stadium – about 6-8 blocks from your hotel. We have 5 at the hotel, and another couple – Mr & Mrs Sarcastic Panther From the South – who live in Atlanta.


  5. How was call in? I can do them if we start at 10-11pm EST.

    Heather can do her job and not just do kumbyeya meetings. Then fire Dog Shaft Rockports and save Pitt some face. After he wins 9 games she will be forced to fire the bum and about 4 other check collecting Penn Dot USPS worker coaches.


  6. Happy Birthday Ike…from one geezer to another. Dan 72, happy upcoming retirement. Hope to golf with you in the fall. I hope to retire next spring.


  7. SavannaH.. on the Fridabefore the Tech game we will have to get some FaceTime with UPitt, better yet the Estonian beauty queen or future mother-in-law.
    PittPT.. UPitt for AD ” Make PITT Great Again!” Love the (their)bravado


  8. Erie – Vukovcan wrote an update to that article – here it is:

    UPDATE (7:01 AM)-

    **Forget my previous post, I’m being told Paris Ford won’t be on the field today but the target for his much anticipated debut is next week. His grades are being submitted to the NCAA tomorrow.

    Which means two things. 1) he isn’t cleared to play by the NCAA yet and with that three HS journey he made might not be and 2) the NCAA takes some time reviewing these submitting – remember they have to look at every athlete in D1 and D2 in every sport who is submitting to the clearing house. From what I read they take the individual cases as date stamped and not by school urgency.

    I still have a gut feeling he’ll miss part or all of the year. If it gets too long into the season for the NCAA to decide his status he’ll probably get a redshirt.


  9. As far as Ford goes, he’s staring at a red-shirt at best. I/3 of camp has gone by and he has never practiced with the team. Just wondering if a prep school might be his and PITT’s best option? That way he could save his red-shirt.

    Thanks guys for the birthday wishes

    Reed, how did the round-table go? Sorry again I missed it.


  10. Here’s a good one I just read from PSN. Pine-Richland just brought in a big time recruit form Miami Fla. Thomas Burns. Narduzzi should look into hiring their recruiting director.


  11. With Tom Burns matriculating north, it would seem that Narduzzi will have a few months to make inroads towards a possible flip. It would make sense for the kid. Obviously, something is not write in Miami for the youngster that 9 months will probably not change because he would be injected back into the situation he is trying to get away from now. I would make a strong run at him if he is more talented then what we have in the fold now.

    Same with TJ Banks. At some point you need to just get the 4 stars. Any 4 stars. I get that Symonds is classified as a TE, but it seems he is destined to be the next George Aston (if we are lucky). The other TE (Alaimo) comes as a package with QB Patti, right? Stockpile what you can Mr. Narduzzi.


    1. IMO if they thought TJ was worth it, they would have had made room for him. It’s kind of like the Kapernick situation … if any NFL team thought he was worth the baggage that comes with him, he would be signed. Further, had Kapernick not done what he did last year, he would already be signed most likely as a back-up.


      1. I should have already stated that with the TEs brought in this and committed for next, then TJ would have to be really good …. since the number of schollies are limited this year.


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