Who Disciplines D1 Players?

I have read many things about these latest suspensions on the message boards and other blogs and I think there’s a pretty big misconception out there regarding exactly who can and does disciplines a school’s football players. The only thing the NCAA can do is yank eligibility from a player, not suspend him for games.

The other point in error is that the internal discipline is already set as team rules i.e. if a player misses a practice for no valid reason it is a one-game suspension etc… (as an example).

 This hasn’t been the case that Pitt before Pat  Narduzzi and I don’t believe that’s changed since then…  at least it sounds weird to me if it’s true. I doubt it is.

 Unless I am wrong on what this is, and things could have changed at Pitt, but through my research the only thing I can find that the NCAA can apply to a university student athlete is a “Loss of Eligibility” –  not game suspensions. I have a link here that will help with that I think.


 Look at the Summary of Regulations in the link above.

 On the other hand I have not ever heard of Pitt having a mandated  or set X amount of games suspension for a certain type of incident.  Unless something has changed it is always been at the discretion of the head coach with input from the athletic director.

 From my conversations with people at Pitt over the years it has been up to the head coach, with input from the position coaches, and the athletic department to determine how many games a player is suspended for what infraction.

 As I said I don’t think the NCAA has any play in this matter at all… Game suspensions awarded is a totally internal thing with Pitt.  NCAA isn’t involved unless it is a failed NCAA drug test ( automatic one-year loss of eligibility) or lack of meeting the eligibility requirements set by the NCAA (academics or amateurism).

 That’s the only time the NCAA would get involved.

 On a personal note I think if you don’t have leeway in what kind of discipline you will award as the head coach then you’re shirking your leadership duties.  You don’t leave discipline up to the players you are leading… you do it yourself and you do it based on different circumstances and different levels of threat to the team unity and cohesion. Some coaches are tough, some aren’t,  but the school knows that when they hire him.

So when we see Whitehead and Wirginis’ getting three games and Bookser are getting one game it all depends on what Pat Narduzzi thought about what Whitehead did as opposed to the rather dramatic, I thought actions, Bookser did in his DUI.

It will be very interesting to find out exactly what the details are about Wirginis, Whitehead and Blair’s misdeeds.

If I find that the information above has changed or is wrong I will let you guys know right away.

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  1. Flipping through the channels last night, I came across “Bong Appetit” where chefs were infusing every part of a pizza with some essence of marijuana. The sophistication of the pot products was amazing.

    It makes you wonder how long will it take for the NCAA, NFL and others to stop enforcing these antiquated rules. Medical marijuana is showing real progress in treating many conditions and is legal in many states.

    Recreational marijuana is legal in a few, and the tax revenue will make most states jump on board before long, just like gambling.

    With real problems like meth and heroin, it is crazy to ruin more lives of people that use pot.


    1. Marijuana Is a gateway drug don’t you know? All you have to do is watch the documentary “Reefer Madness” to fully appreciate the impact of legalized pot.

      Yeah, heard that argument and it just doesn’t hold water.
      Marijuana is in it’s own pharmacological category. So there is no basis for such a gateway proposition. The only gateway that pot leads to is one of peace & tranquility.

      Cocaine/crack, opiates & Methamphetamines a whole set of different set of circumstances.


  2. gc, I mentioned the other day that people are getting ready an official pot growing farm just a few miles from the south-side sports complex. This is getting complicated for me now, let alone what message I would have been receiving when I was 20 years old.


  3. Pitts own internal rules and policies for reefer are probably stricter than every SEC school. But I think these guys are repeated offenders hence the 3 games. These players knew the rules and were warned and previously disciplined. They are stupid to be in this place right now. Thats all on them. But yes when it comes to reefer, I believe it should be disciplined more like alcohol. Dont drive in a car, dont get caught out in public. Stay in your dorm room and order lots of ‘O’ pizza.


  4. I just finished my Maryland Medicinal Marijuana registration this weekend – I’m good for up to 4.2 ounces at any one time.

    But I don’t get high, so I won’t be using it. My son and daughter use medicinal MJ for valid reasons (it works very well for them) and I just want to be covered in case they leave something in my car or house.

    However, my registration is legit for both my PTSD and lower back pain. But I prefer to drink beer with you guys at ballgames… that takes my mind off any pain I might have. until the final score that is…


  5. I have been watching the series, “Last Chance U” on Netflix the past week or so. For those of you that have not watched the series, viewers have been given a glimpse into the attitude and behavior of Kamonte Carter. Extremely troubling if you ask me. Given the losses of Taleni and Blair, Carter is somebody the DL will be counting on to make an impact. While the talent is evident, there are not many positive things you can say about Carter after watching this series.

    Davern Williams is the EMCC defensive line coach. He comes across on screen as the most reasonable and measured of all the EMCC coaches – especially when compared to head coach Buddy Stephens. Williams is part motivator, part teacher, part father figure, and part disciplinarian to a very talented, but very dysfunctional group of D-1 cast-offs. Last night, when I saw the episode where Kam pushed his coach, I became disillusioned with Carter. When you consider the act of pushing a coach in the context of calling the female trainers “bitches” and the constant defiance and lack of effort in the face of teachers, coaches, and the team academic administrator, this guy is more than just a problem child. The lack of personal respect Carter shows to the people trying to help him the most is sickening. When even Brittany Wagner (team academic counselor) doesn’t like you, that says a lot.

    Based on the footage, the biggest takeaway from the series is that Carter’s peers do not respect him. The most telling example is Episode 7 when one of his teammates calls him out for his actions against coach Williams. Kam eventually says, “I belong at Bama,” and the teammate responds by saying, “Your going nowhere. Your height and size belongs at Bama, but you belong in D-III.” Maybe Narduzzi is the D-Line whisperer, but I think it is wishful thinking to expect Carter’s attitude to change once he gets to Oakland. For an already depleted d-line, this is a guy Pitt may have to rely upon? Time will tell, but I don’t see this kid playing out his eligibility at Pitt. Maybe Pitt can get Carter’s uncle Aaron Carter on staff; former ECU player and high school coach/guardian for Kam. He seems like a great guy, and the only person that can get Kam to respond to anything.


      1. Hope he doesn’t turn out to be another TJ Peeler or Jeff Knox from 2010 class who both backfired big time.


    1. Thanks for the insight, since I’ll probably never get around to watching it. That is not encouraging, but the guy is still young and still has the slight chance to mature a bit, I guess? Maybe his new teammates can give him the Private Pyle treatment and get him whipped into shape.


    2. Dallas Mike, we need to meet up and watch a few games w/ Upitt as long as he isn’t married yet. Agree with everything you said. Ted in Ft. Worth.


    3. I’m comfortable with Narduzzi’s decision to bring Carter in until he displays attitudes or actions that are detrimental to the team.

      I’m pretty sure that coach will be forthright in his expectations of Carter. Kam would be well advised to follow those directives as well less he be reminded that Pitt will probably be his true “Last Chance U”. If he screws the pooch here, his D1 football playing days are over.


    1. Whitehead was absent (excused) from practice today because he had to take of care of business required by the university (whatever that meant) .. but I believe both will be participating

      HCPN just had a presser and stressed that a program that lacks discipline lacks credibility.


  6. The one big thing about legalized marijuana that I don’t see talked about is DWAI. Colorado has had a huge increase in vehicular accidents due to people driving while high. The impairment is similar to drinking and driving, which we all know is illegal. I haven’t seen any emphasis on not driving while high. The last thing I need is to be run into by Rori Blair at 120 mph . . . .I have enough problems avoiding the drunks, texters, eaters, make-up appliers, etc. without MORE hazards on the road.


    1. Distracted drivers are huge problem. I sure don’t want to have somebody who is high running me over in a crosswalk b cause they’re distracted rolling a joint either!
      A place for everything & everything in it’s place. Drive sober.


  7. Driving while high is illegal no matter what. Although what I remember about driving while stoned is that you were more likely to get pulled over for driving at 35 mph in a 65 zone. Have to believe that Blair was also on alcohol or a stimulant when he was pulled over.

    I don’t understand why the use of hand held devices is not illegal in PA as it is in many states.


  8. here are a video and series of tweets from PG taken from HCPN’s presser:

    Pat Narduzzi said there’s no update on Paris Ford. “He’s doing better than expected. We’re just going to wait for a decision to be made.

    Asked if he anticipates adding to the offensive line soon, Pat Narduzzi said he does. I don’t think he can utter “Brandon Hodges” just yet. (apparently he hasn’t been officially cleared yet)

    He said Jordan Whitehead will be back at practice tomorrow … maybe

    Pat Narduzzi said Damar Hamlin’s at CB and S, but “going to meetings with safeties, for whatever that means.” I’ll say it means safety, tyvm

    Chances of playing again seem bleak for DL Zack Gilbert. Not on camp roster, now in same category as medically DQ’d George Hill per Narduzzi


  9. I’m very glad fall camp is finally here!!!! Hopefully we can again begin to focus on PITT FOOTBALL – the x & 0’s and Jimmy & Joes! Bring on camp, we are more than ready for “2 a days.”


  10. Connor hurts hamstring non contact and now shoulder on Day 3 of practice.. how in the world is he going to make it through a game let alone a season.


  11. Outward selfishness sinks ships (teams). As part of the punishment, I would make them write three thousand times that “I will not be selfish again”. “I am no greater than my team”. Single space, no typing. Handwritten.

    Based on what I read above. For Cam, if he pushed a coach, he should not have been allowed here. That may have been made for tv, but his leash must be short. “I will show respect for women and elders” x 3000.


  12. The fact that Whitehead got three games shows me that he has been having a series of issues.

    What a shame for a kid that if he could just keep his nose clean (another 12 months) will be making big money playing on Sundays.

    Narduzzi is old school I love the fact that he is not putting up with their crap.

    All the discipline problems seems to be on defense so its no surprise as to why we sucked so bad last year. A lot of Me first guys going rouge.

    Maybe these young no name guys might decide to play as a team and we just might have something.


  13. Huff: if the kids are told to write that 3,00 times they would immediately get someone else to do it. They are selfish and I hope they realize sooner than later.

    Pittman my friend and brother. I agree with you 100% I’m sure Reed will post some short video’s of today’s practice that are pretty cool.

    Kam certainly did not put his best foot forward in that stoopid show but he’s here, #5, and if he fudges up he will be gone. PITT fans claimer for PITT to loosen up and roll with the big boys. We can’t have it both ways.

    PITT has 5 kiddies disciplined after last season so I’m very confident Narduzzi has a handle on the situation. I always hope for the best with trouble young people and I’m not willing to tear his playhouse down until he’s a bad boy. Iron threw a lady cop over a car when she was giving him a ticket. He played again and made lots of money for his family.

    You put a camera on some people they act a fool, put a movie camera on some people, they act! … It’s what TV character’s do. ….ike


  14. Good point about the burnouts being on D. Multiple offenses shows they are selfish, have questionable character and are pretty damn stupid. Doesn’t make for a good D.


  15. On if there is any update on Paris Ford’s status:

    “Not at this point. We’re obviously in constant contact with him. He’s doing well. He’s doing better than expected at this point, and we’ll just wait for a decision to be made. I am hopeful with him and so is he.”

    On the status of Jordan Whitehead:

    “His status is status-quo. He’s got some things that he needs to take care of from a university standpoint, and he’ll be in-and-out basically this week and the next.”

    On his message to the suspended players:

    “It’s personal. It’s all personal stuff. First thing, this is going to be a disciplined program. We’re going to go by details inside too. I was a coach’s kid growing up and if I was one minute late, I’m not going out for the next month. That’s just the way it is. We’re going to be disciplined. And as soon as you lose your discipline, you lose your credibility as a football coach and as a program. And we’re going to have discipline. It’s going to be little things and it’s going to vary from time to time, but that’s all in the accumulation of pride. Three months of stuff comes out in one day, but those are all personal things that are talked about in that office. You got my statement and keep it right at that.”

    On if he was disappointed by what occurred:

    “I think I used the word ‘disappointed’ in my statement. Of course we are. Where our kids are, what they’re doing, who they are hanging out with and what choices they make are so important. We preach it all the time. It’s just like at home with my four kids. If there’s something I’m not happy with, I’m disappointed there and I get disappointed here; except I have 105 kids here. I have a lot of children and there’s going to be issues at times. You guys don’t hear about them all. There’s other ones. You don’t see guys out here pushing the plate for whatever they did. Discipline is what we do. We are going to be a disciplined program.”

    On keeping “credibility” when it comes to discipline:

    “I think it’s just being consistent. I think you have to be consistent with what you are doing. Surely we don’t want to do what we don’t need to do. I’d like to see everybody play; but you know what, if that happens, what’s going to happen now? So it’s a consistency with discipline that’s very, very important. It’s consistent to what we have done in the past. Those are older guys and we hope they make smarter decisions than some of the other guys.”

    On if he thinks the rest of the team is getting the message as far as violations:

    “I hope so. I mean, usually it’s three percent of the football team that you worry about, and then there’s that 97 percent that we aren’t even talking about—all the good stuff that’s done out there. A lot of guys already had the message.”

    On the circumstances of the suspension and if it was a first occurrence or repeated:

    “A little bit of both. Maybe one of them is a one-time deal and one is a few different things. It is what it is.”


    On the talent and amount of options at the running back position this year:

    “We’re obviously excited. We have a great backfield replacing James Conner. We’re looking forward, whether it’s Darrin Hall or Chawntez [Moss]. [Qadree] Ollison right now is leading the way I believe, at least after today. We’ll see what he did after today from the video, but I’m excited with what they are doing.”

    On the challenge of getting other players ready while getting Jordan Whitehead reps:

    “It’s important for all of the safeties. You look at ‘T’ [Terrish] Webb leaving and Reggie Mitchell. We’ve been looking. And we had a good spring with all of those guys back, so it’s no different than what it was. We need other guys back there to step up and make plays, and they will.”

    On who is taking the most snaps at middle linebacker:

    “It will be Saleem Brightwell, who had a great spring. We looked at the depth in the spring. He came out really playing well. He’s athletic, he can run, he’s very locked in and focused. He’ll be the guy. Chase Pine will be another guy, but he’ll have to grow up. Elijah [Zeise] will be another guy, so we have plenty of guys.”

    On how much they’ll get out of Damar Hamlin in camp:

    “I think that we’re going get a lot out of him. Damar [Hamlin] feels as good as he has ever felt. We’re being very cautious. The NCAA talks a lot about player welfare and keeping them healthy; we don’t need them to tell us how important it is to keep them healthy. I don’t want to be back where we were. Damar said, ‘Coach, I feel as good as I’ve ever felt.’ And I’m talking back to his sophomore year of high school, so he was injured through high school. He had a nagging issue and he feels great right now, so I’m excited. But I don’t want to get so excited that I throw him out there and say, ‘let’s go.'”

    On if Damar Hamlin will play more safety or cornerback:

    “He’s played a little of both. He ran a lot of the stuff with the corners in the summer. I didn’t get to see much of it. He’s going to meetings with the safeties, but he’s getting the mental load back there. I think that there is more mental in the safety area, but he can line up and play corner. So we expect him to play both. We want him to be a utility guy depending on how healthy he really gets, but we’ll decide that when it comes.”

    On if there will be an addition to the offensive line in camp:

    “Yes, but I can’t really talk about it. Hopefully tomorrow.”

    On working with players having finals during the first week of camp:

    “Everything is sped up here with our kids going to classes and writing papers. Avonte [Maddox] was up until midnight worrying about a poetry class. The issues that we are dealing with here are not just football. It’s university-related, which is great, but we are a week early, so it’s like spring ball. We’re practicing in the morning and have the afternoon off.”

    On Avonte Maddox’s leadership:

    “Avonte was a great leader in the spring. He’s continued to be a leader so far. We voted for our leadership council last night in our team meetings. I haven’t gotten the tally yet. We’ll see who after the summer, who our kids thought were the top dozen leaders, and we’ll do it again after camp and go from there.”

    On if Zack Gilbert is still with the team:

    “Yeah, he is. Zack is, and so is George Hill. But obviously, they’re [medically disqualified], so there’s no sense in bringing them back here yet to stand around and play music. They’ll be back and join us when school starts. We’re allowed to bring 105 in, so we are going to bring guys who can play.”

    On what Ben DiNucci has proven to compete for the starting quarterback job:

    “Well he’s showed me the past year, and he showed me some good stuff today. Just composure in the pocket—I told him to scramble today out of the pocket, and he doesn’t go throw the ball to the wrong guy. Those decision-making things that Ben has done, I think he has come a long way. The bowl game has done a lot for his confidence; that’s probably where it started. As much as I didn’t want to see him go in the game and Nathan be out—because I think we win that game if that doesn’t happen—I wanted to get him in for that other reason. He did a nice job in that bowl game. He made some nice plays and he kind of said, “Hey I can do this.” It’s hard until you get thrown in that fire. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance all year to get a backup quarterback really in there. Manny Stocker got in there at the end of a game at home I believe down in the end zone, had a couple runs. It will be interesting, and this will be a great camp for [Ben], Max, Kenny and Thomas.”

    On Brian O’Neill’s participation in camp:

    “We’re going to be cautious; we’re not going to be crazy. We know that guy can play. It’s just like Damar [Hamlin] or anybody else. He will be a little limited, especially early. If you saw some of the craziness that happens out there. Some of them can’t control themselves. You throw a crazy guy out there during what we call Wiz tempo, where there’s no contact and they’re not supposed to be bull rushing, and someone bull rushes. We need to be careful out there.”

    On Max Browne’s gained confidence with his new team:

    “I think every day, you see him walk down the hallways. He’s gotten so much stronger since he’s been here. Coach [Dave] Andrews and the strength staff has done an incredible job with his body. They’ve got him bigger and stronger. He’s put on 14 pounds of muscle, lost a little bit of baby fat. For an old guy, that’s a lot. Usually from your freshman to sophomore year you make that stride, not from your senior to grad year. Just watching his face and confidence on the field as far as knowing the offense. You can imagine having 15 days of spring ball, and all of a sudden now a lot of things are thrown at you—a blitz, a stunt, a different coverage you haven’t seen. I think his confidence and his look and demeanor have improved every day.”

    On having former players next door with the Steelers:

    “I wish they were next door, but they are out in Latrobe. I wish I could just peek out the window. That’s impressive what those guys are doing over there—James [Conner}, Matt Galambos, [Scott] Orndoff. It’s impressive they’re over there, and I think they are doing well from talking with Coach Tomlin.”

    On if he expects the former Panthers with the Steelers to be at any Pitt practices:

    “They’ll be really busy. They better be focusing on their new job, because if they don’t focus on their new job, pretty soon they won’t have a job. They’ll be there. I’m sure they’ll come in some days to say hello or shoot a text. But they have bigger and better things to worry about.”

    On if he has been in contact with James Conner about his recent injury:

    “Nope, I’m focused on my job. You know, if I worry about his job or what the trainers are doing over there, I’ll have some problems. I watch the news; I was talking to my wife the other day and I said, “God it’s weird, I have to watch the news to figure out what’s going on. Maybe I should text Jerry [DiPaola] to see what’s going on and get an injury report.”

    On if James Conner changing body types was a concern going into the NFL:

    “Not really, it’s not a concern for the Steelers. I think they know what they are doing. You’re talking about one of the best NFL teams in the United States. I think they’ll get him where he needs to be. I don’t make those types of decisions.”

    On if more internal leadership is necessary to prevent future disciplinary concerns:

    “No, I think it’s the same thing. It’s a different age we live in. Every year is a different culture that we are raising our children in. Who remembers growing up and wondering, “What is it going to be like when my kids are growing up?” It’s a crazy world out there. Every year things get crazier.”

    On upperclassman leadership on this year’s Pitt football team:

    “It’s a smaller class than we had last year. It’s obviously a smaller class. We had 21 last year, now we have 10 and a couple transfers; Matt Flanagan and Max [Browne] haven’t been around. I’m talking about Pitt guys who have been here for the long haul and have seen this thing built from the Paul Chryst era to what we’ve done the last two years. Every year, you’ve got a different group of leaders. We’ve lost not only good football players but great leaders. I mean Bisnowaty is about as great of a leader as you’re going to have. I was telling the guys last night, I’ll never forget Biz in my first year was up in the dorm, sitting Indian style on the floor with a little grease board teaching the freshman up. That’s leadership. It’s not trying to be a leader on the field; it’s the stuff you don’t see that makes good leaders. It’s something you try to teach these guys as a coach. We’ll see where we are, and it’s something we will try to develop through this camp. We’ll get closer as a team and the chemistry will be important.”

    On the chemistry with the new coaches:

    “It’s going great. Starting with Coach Watson, he’s done a great job. I think the guys are buying into to all the new stuff we’re doing and what we’re doing offensively. And Coach Partridge has those guys working on the D-line. Those are our two new guys, besides two quality control coaches in James Patton and Tim Cooper. It hasn’t slowed down a bit; it’s been going smooth and straight forward.”


    1. Narduzzi’s comments sounded very positive for our team going forward. Unfortunately he’s working with a very inexperienced and depleted upper class roster entering this season. I think Pitt is at least 2 years away from being a serious contender for the Coastal title.


  16. Great write up.

    I would add, the University also has its own standard disciplinary rules. For example, if you are found to have been smoking weed 3 times, you are kicked out of the school.
    Something to keep in mind, in addition to whatever rules the coach may have.


  17. Another note on Kam Carter. He was shacked up with a big group of misfits like himself. This doesn’t sound like a great idea to me but is certainly the reason why the TV show came a knockin in the first place…. ike


  18. He made his choice to be there he was an whole at PSU. If you don’t want to go to jail don’t commit crimes. Ike bet you a $100 he is gone before 2018.


  19. I won’t be taking that bet. I wouldn’t be shocked if he blows his last chance, which btw, I thought East Mississippi was last chance U?

    I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt just like I got growing up, a big pain in the ass as I was. Upitt, I just can’t figure out although I’m not trying all that hard to do so but why is it that you garner so much pleasure tearing others down? Not trying to be a jag-off here but you puzzle me.

    Are you still experiencing dizziness? Being dizzy is no fun at all… ike


  20. I praise tons of kids and athletes. I just think Narduzzi is trying to take short cuts and this kid can sway other kids to do dumb stuff. Weah is someone I am a fan off. Great potential seems like a good kid. Hope he stays away from drops. Love Ollison as well.


  21. Great report on Kam, but very disappointing to hear what his background was. Some players are just too stupid to realize what they could be throwing away at the next level. Maybe he has seen the light, but I sort of doubt it. I think Whitehead better watch himself with his history of discipline issues. Just slipping one round in the draft because of his history could cost him big bucks. I was surprised to see the number of games he has missed. Whether injury or discipline, he could get a reputation as being unreliable. To me, three games means multiple occasions of internal discipline.


  22. After watching Last Chane U. I wonder about the direction my University is going. While Kam may have had decent grades, I doubt the academic climate at Pitt is similar To EMCC and the attitude of this young man hardly points to being a viable asset to the University and the football team.
    Do we need to recycle PSU’s mistakes.
    I hope I am wrong, but I don’t see this working out.


    1. Pat Narduzzi‏Verified account @CoachDuzzPittFB 2h
      Replying to @CoachDuzzPittFB
      PITT IS IT!! #L1TS8URGH #H2P


  23. Cameron ONeil new PITT recruit. Reed will have a field day with this young man but I like him a lot. Good size and speed from Bama. I think it’s a solid pickup.


  24. Way OT here. Narduzzi has said that PITT will wear the throwback uniforms twice this upcoming season.

    Which two games do you think they will be?
    Do you think it will only be two games?
    How about the psu game? I think they wear blue jersey’s at home?
    Does PITT have a white throwback uniform?
    Do the throw-back uniforms help fire up the team at least for the beginning of the game?
    Does anyone really want to talk about uniforms?

    We All We Got
    We All We Need


  25. Ready for REAL throwbacks… and do away with the matte blue helmets, white shirts and blue pants.. I think they lost every game they wore’em


  26. No ranked kid with 2 decent offers. Another Narduzzi weak recruit. Potato Sack buries this guy in recruiting.


  27. Come on – quit being so negative. He’s a solid 3 star according to ESPN and has offers from Wisconsin, Virginia and Illinois.

    UPitt – you always criticized Paulie for his MAC level recruiting at Pitt – suddenly, he goes to Wisconsin and he’s a better recruiter? Well, Paulie got beat for this recruit by Pitt.

    Welcome Mr. Cameron O’Neill, we’re glad you chose Pitt. Some of us, at least…


  28. I’ve officially seen it all. Ron Cook actually wrote a decent article on Pitt without some sleazy cheap shot. Well, at least he likes discipline. It is a good piece. Nice coverage by the PG again, someone is doing a good job on the PR front. Nice to be able to read more about the local team!


  29. I guess a lot of people here just continue not to realize how freakin hard it is to recruit at Pitt

    1) geographically, it is right between PSU and OSU … two large schools with with large alum bases that fills 100k stadiums, and gets much national TV exposure.
    2) even WVU gets more exposure, almost all their games are nationally televised … not to mention their rabid (both definitions apply) fanbase which also travels well
    3) and if you don’t think all of these rival recruiters constantly remind the recruits of the empty seats at Heinz, you’re out of your mind
    4) and none of the above has to directly compete with pro teams
    5) Western PA remains a shrinking population area

    Wannstedt allegedly was the best recruiter here but that was just compared to his predecessors and successors … go back and compare his classes to PSU and WVU at the time, and you will see that Pitt compared favorably only a couple of times.

    Looking at the past couple of classes, Narduzzi gets most his 4-stars and high 3-stars late in the recruiting cycle. This is how he has to do it. He, or any other Pitt coach, has to be great judges of potential when it comes to 2 and 3 stars .. and coach them up.

    Dion Lewis and Greg Romeus were 2 stars. Maurice Ffrench was not rated when committing, but after his senior year, he received a handful of attractive offers. And there are more. Anybody who thinks that Pitt can get 4 stars on a regular basis is only fooling themselves.


  30. UPitt … time’s awasting. Hop a plane and make it to PNC Park by 6:55 pm EDST. Your favorite college basketball coach is throwing out the first pitch tonight (he may get his Rockports dirty but what are going to do)


  31. Jesus have the Pirates run out of anyone else? A Juggling Midget would be more appropriate. Let me guess Rockport Jr. got called up for the total trifecta of zero talent.

    This kid in Alabama played private school ball. If you know Alabama or the South that should be all you need to know. Little to no talent in that league in Al. Kid will miss home and transfer to Alabama State by 2019. Aka Barnes Jr. That lasted so well.


  32. Erie – Yes. Potato was no guru and still beats Narduzzi. Wait to Narduzzi quits winning with Chryst’s players.


  33. Reports are out that a 7 ft. kid from Western Kentucky has been released and will be looking for a new college. He apparently got crosswise with the coach who claims he is a good kid. What are the chances that Pitt will go after him? Many other good colleges may be out of scholarships.


  34. Upitt, did you understand that Paul was recruiting the Alabama kid very hard and Narduzzi beat him out for the kid.


  35. On Reed’s previous D1 disciplinary article- Reed posted Duzz’s pressor. One of the Duzz’s statements regarding guys (linebackers)who will be moving up gave me a reason for some concern was regarding Chase Pine was the “he will need to grow up.” Hoping he means he’s a rookie who has had no playing time. That statement could be interpreted negatively. I am sure that’s how he meant it.


  36. Hope Brian Asamoah chooses PITT but his tweets sound like he’s heading west to Oklahoma…we shall see…son’t know if these recruits see how many pros and HOF players PITT produces…just ask Robert Foster…”what were you thinking.” Big time program, filled stadiums with crazy fans…Tyler Boyd is earning his paycheck in the NFL for the 2nd year and if he plays 1 more year he will be eligible for retirement benefits.


  37. Upittbaseball, continues his journey into the realm of dispair.
    Anybody remember the dissing he was putting on the Pitt guys that were getting their shot in the NFL after the draft finished up? Something like only a couple of our guys would still be on a NFL roster come August. Do a current head count, wrong again.
    Always a contrarian, but mostly just a big bag of hot air.
    Give it a rest Upitt, if I wanted to listen to the constant negative din of a master BS artist that can’t back up his vitriol, I’d just follow national politics more closely.


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