POV Bits and Pieces; 7/24/17

Will do this ever so often to feed the beast that is a Pitt Football fan…

Superstar in making?


PSN Recruiting:


Recruit Article; WR Cameron O’Neil:


Uniform Crap:


No Real news:


Most wishful Thinking Ever:



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  1. Well that was a weird weekend for me. Reed decides to take a much needed break while working on a great project so great luck with that BUT! Inside the Huddle made it official and shut it down and turning it into a 24/7 pay-site. Which I will never partake in. So I am left out in the cold just a bit..So I guess I’ll be taking a break as well as I have threatened to do. See you guys around I guess ….ike


    1. That five minutes is appreciated. Enough subjects listed above to keep a discussion going right into camp week.

      In that regard, “most wishful thinking ever” gives the impression that you may not hold the same opinion as the author of this piece. He pontificates on exactly the same items that I have in the past. Not to realize that this defense improves, if for no other reason than addition by subtraction of the personel involved, is pretty short sighted. Our defense just stunk the place out last year in pass coverage. Read my lips, “it can’t get any worse than last year”.

      I stand by my previous comments, which are mirrored in this piece. The only ingredient lacking is the determination of who is going to take on the leadership roles for the DL & LB corps. Maddox is the hands down leader in the backfield, but as I said before, he may find himself coaching from the sidelines by season’s end when the Panthers are up against tall dual threat WRs simply because of his height disadvantage.

      BTW, if anybody is interested, in the comments section of this article, some over confident nitter fan is giving out bets on the penn state game giving Pitt+29 points. Now that is easy money. Some of which I’m going to take advantage of.


  2. I have great respect for the values you express both in the manner in which you critique and analyze as well as the work you do in other areas of your life. Sports can unify and appeal to excellence but also can bring out the judgmental and emotional responses that reflect the underbelly of competition.

    But sports are addictive and there is great pleasure following something that allows for one to escape the more upsetting elements of life. Therefore, as someone who has recently retired and seeks to sustain meaning and value in my life I understand the struggle for how to utilize my time which seems all the more valuable.

    Whatever you choose to do must be right for you, though I have found your efforts on POV to be extremely enjoyable and would miss it.


  3. First time seeing the “wishful thinking” article…I for one probably pre-judge the defense based on last years abysmal performance without knowing or plugging in all the new talent that Duzz brought in during the last couple of years on the defensive side of the LOS. Hopefully, we stay healthy, and guys named Camp, Alexander, D. Hendrix are very disruptive and productive, Hamlin becomes the “island” as advertised. Had lotsa young guys get their feet wet last year and they have been growing their bodies and their football smarts…soon will be time to put the hard work and effort on display. I think we will be pleasantly surprised by our D during the 1st 3 weeks.


  4. Thanks Reed..you provide the spark…
    Ike…..you and Reed cannot take off at the same time- POV company policy!


  5. On an entirely unrelated subject: Saw Heather Lyke’s name pop up recently, and it dawned on me. The way she spells her last name sounds like it may be Eastern European – possibly Estonian??? You don’t suppose….. UPitt – you been covering up??? Nah!

    Jus’ kidding, buddy!!!

    Per BigB over the weekend, I saw a pic of The Estonian Bride-to-be, and her mother. They are knockouts!

    Anyone on this board should be proud of his selection! And any one of us would be delighted to be his father-in-law!!


  6. Well I’m back already, at least to share an email back and forth with Reed and I’m figuring many others may have conversed with him this way but here is what he asked to me to relay to all as we know, he’s a very busy man right now.

    ” let people know that I’ll try to post topics up each day or so that they can discuss. I won’t really write articles – don’t have time for that at present – but there will be at least links up for discussion.”

    These are my words. This man who calls himself Reed is a good man. He’s having a little trouble managing all the things he wants to do in his “golden years” He’s taking a break and I hope he figures out that you can’t go “all in” on several different projects at the same time. I’m very confident he will get it all straightened out in his mind over a short while.

    I give him lots of credit that he could see and feel the angst it was causing him when there was a build up literally piling up. I think and believe going forward and there should be a future for the POV, that things can be made a little more manageable for him.

    He works dam hard to pump out article’s and he’s worked dam hard to bring us all a place to share, laugh and talk PITT stuff…… and he’s made it dam great if I say so myself.

    Again my words, I think a break is what he needs and when it comes time for fall camp wild horses couldn’t keep him away! It’s in his blood and his family history. BUT Reed, if you decide you have other endeavors that need done I’m behind you 100%…….. your drinking pal, friend and yours truly Inoke..


    1. Wait a minute….. If you take out the N and O you have IKE. Could it be that “Ike” is really Inoke???


  7. I need to add, I feel Reed is hoping the POV family stays together for the upcoming football season. Better days are ahead my brothers ans sisters. ike


  8. Any comment on PSN’s possible freshman impact players on offense(Dontavius Butler-Jenkins) and defense(Paris Ford) for this season? From where I’m sitting it’s hard for me to believe DBJ will get much of an opportunity to play much at WR this year. And as for Paris Ford we could only hope that he will be available to play for Pitt this season.


    1. I will guarantee you that Butler-Jenkins will not see the field this season. Mark my words.


  9. jrn…read the article,…my question regarding Paris Ford( if he is able to suit up this season)..Don’t you think he would be better served taking a red-shirt regardless of his stature-potential? What do you guys think.
    Bulter sounds like he could possibly go especially with Tre’s injury.


    1. Well if Paris Ford can play to the level that Whitehead did as a freshman then I see no reason to not suit him up this year. Pitt can use any and all the impact players they can find on defense this year IMO.


  10. Here’s a possible topic for discussion — An element of the Pitt offense that really impressed me last season was how “crisp” they were in running plays. Especially how they handled all the shifting and motion and timing (especially on the jet sweeps) with so few blunders.

    AND, they did all that in loud, hostile stadiums. Which brings me to my topic / question:

    How in the world does the “silent count” work? How do visiting teams get a play off crisply when no one can hear the signal??

    Can anyone explain the specifics of how this works?

    [ If not, I wish we could get someone like Reed’s buddy Pat Bostic (or someone like Walt Harris) to give us a primer on this subject…]

    Go Pitt!


  11. Has anyone else watched the “Last Chance U” season and came away with a bad taste in their mouth about Cam? I get he is talented and there are other things going on and I am only 4 eps. in but so far I the best thing he has done is tell the camera to get away while he apologized to his professor…..


  12. Still here this get place going…

    Kam Carter has problems and they are great. … but, watch a little closer. He owns up, which many young people do not do. His explanation is that weed offers him more relief than his medications do without the side effects and also states he knows now it’s off limits. He suffers from severe depression which is a REAL thing.

    Ford is as good as Whitehead. Last year at a high school all-star game (I think the Army game) where Ford played and more importantly practiced with many great young players from Florida and the deep south, those committed players raved about how they need to get Paris Ford to join them. Anyone remember that fuss? He’s really great.

    Kwantel Raines? He’s just as good or better. PITT needs him and I hope he realizes he needs PITT just as much!! Hope I got the spelling correct Mr. Raines.

    Here’s an interesting article on PSN that Reed may share at some other time but here it goes. (it’s PITT related)

    Pitt has made the Top Five for a talented defensive end from Florida. Jarret Jackson (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) holds 20+ offers and has narrowed his list down to five schools. Jackson (6-4, 257) says he decide between Pitt, Louisville, NC State, North Carolina and Florida State. Jackson is the nephew of former Pitt great Ricky Jackson.

    I can’t leave the POV high and dry.. We got a good thing going and we need to keep it up for Reed for when he rests his weary head and comes back to his POV family…….. … ike

    REMEMBER !!!!!!!!!!!
    We All We Got
    We All We Need


    1. I’m with you Ike on that issue but I may just be a farmer and steel mill workers kid who doesn’t appreciate the attitude or language. I hope he dominates and turns his life around but count me as a person who wouldn’t want my daughter around him. They know they are on TV, no filter. Hard Knocks, even the god forbid Kardashians (girlfriend choice) don’t use that language so I just wonder the maturity level we brought in. I hope it’s collegiate Junior not 7th grade.


    2. If Kam Carter needs a support group I can think of a better one than us long term Panther fans. We know what depression is, we’ve lived it for most of the last three decades following Pitt Football. Hoping that Narduzzi is the sports Prozac answer to cure our ills.


  13. Thank you for feeding the beast Reed. Your insight and color commentary is very insightful. Your chosen topics for discussion are very timely. Allowing fans to comment on what you posted today is a tremendous service to the Pitt community and allowing us all to connect. Because its the connection that matters. This should always be a labor of love and not a demon. What you did was remarkable for the past year. But it doesnt have to be a full time endeavor. A few bits here and there are more than enough. Quite frankly, Pitt should be subsidizing your efforts. I’m pretty sure SEC schools do. 🙂


  14. from all that I read and films that I viewed, Paris Ford pretty much looks like a 3 year man at Pitt … thus, I don’t think redshirting him is a good idea. If he is not eligible this year, then he probably will join the likes of Larry Fitz , Shay McCoy and Dion Lewis who will only play 2 years at Pitt (after a year at a prep school)


  15. Exactly, wbb. And like those par 4s, you must have confidence and super control to even contemplate taking one on. I think Nard Dog can pull it off – and have an easy birdie attempt!


  16. So glad the POV family will continue. I really think I would have gone through some major withdrawal!


  17. Reed — Thanks for all the years you helped to bring Pitt fans together. It has been a real pleasure reading your thoughts and those of Pitt Nation.

    ike — Thank-you for supporting Reed as well.

    I hope we still have a forum in which to vent, predict, debate and celebrate. There was a time in which I really challenged myself to continue with season tickets, but I finally have that fire and optimism back. It is a good place to be — hope Coach Narduzzi can continue to provide better times ahead outlook.

    Take care and God bless.


  18. As well-meaning as Ike is I want to clarify something.

    What I am doing with the POV is only taking a break from actual article writing so that I can really concentrate on my training and getting ready to start my new volunteer work at hospice care. I feel that it is so important for me at this point that I’m putting everything else aside and getting ready for that because the last thing I want to do is make mistakes in that arena.

    That and the fact that I am so worried that Ben Dinucci might have to play quarterback this year that I’m about to jump off a bridge. Max Browne is not a lock for success for me at this point… In a month I might feel differently about him.

    The worry about players who haven’t even suited up yet possibly being 3-year kids is rather intriguing to me and I wonder why fans feel that way. We have very few guys at Pitt going after their 2 or 3 eligibility years are finished anyway… maybe one or two over two or three years but it’s sort of rare at for us.

    So I think you play any player the way you want to use them whether it’s redshirt or not and then don’t worry about whether he’s going to go early.

    Programs like Alabama or OSU – all they do is reload so they might be able figure that two or three kids might leave early but a team like Pitt where we have to concentrate on every single year and on every single game to get wins, then you play him as you need him to be played and if that’s immediate you do it right then and if that means Narduzzi is comfortable enough with his existing defensive backs then wait then you wait and redshirt.

    Speaking of possible starting defensive backs I think we’ll see the real familiar names starting back there at first.

    Watched the Last Chance U program and I’m not impressed with our pending defensive tackle.

    Plan on regular POV stuff for fall camp.

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  19. .1 PittPT, I, as well as Penny, have never been to the islands.

    .2 Did not intend in anyway to speak for you Reed. I know what you have going on and the hospice environment is real serious business. It should be at the forefront on your mind which I know it is. My best wishes as that has to be a tough role to be in.

    .3 Reed has made the POV the real thing fellows (as you all know). We are getting close and tailgate/game-time is almost upon us. Let’s keep the best PITT football forum rolling and we will be here when and (HOPEFULLY) if Reed decides is a good time for him. …ike

    We All WE Got POVer’s
    We All We Need POVer’s
    Let’s roll and H2P!


  20. MajorMajor – I don’t know how Pitt executes the silent count.

    34 years ago when I played high school ball (at a low level I might add) the silent count worked like this: In the huddle, the QB would say to go on the snap of the ball. We’d break the huddle and hustle up to the line of scrimmage. The QB would walk up behind center and as soon as he put his hands into position the center would snap the ball. The rest of the team would be looking in towards the ball to see, instead of hear, the snap. When a play was called with motion, we knew that there would be delay in the snap. The QB would tap the center to initiate the snap.

    For us, the silent count worked because the play would begin faster than normal. I preferred the verbal snap count as I felt it gave me a better first step without having to look inside.

    Not sure how the sophisticated college offenses do it.

    As far as crispness, I assume that it is a result of focus and practice. Our high school coaches used a snap count for most drills and jumping off sides resulted in sprints. Again, not sure how Pitt practices…


  21. If you look at the PSN Sunday Recruiting article picture, you will see why so many folks get a bit nervous on balls thrown to Weah. Look at his eyes. He is not looking at the ball in my opinion. What do you guys think?

    He needs to have a huge season for the Pitt Panthers! Reed, glad to see at least a post. Tiny steps big fella!

    I am for playing the best players regardless of their class or age. At this point, we have plenty of rs sophomores, redshirt freshmen and freshmen ready to go. Let them play. We know what we have with our other db’s. As I previously stated, if Maddox is not a nickel back, we are in trouble.

    And one additional thought. I did not include Briggs as a starter from last year coming back. If he is anything greater than a dime back, we are in trouble.

    If Cam is still a weedie, we are in trouble. I hope that Pitt has shown him plenty of tape on the Cleveland Browns wide receiver (Josh Gordon) that has been sitting out for a couple of years now, Losing millions! Get it straight big fella. This is your last chance and it is only pot. Smoking is bad for you.


  22. Beyond the weed, the issue may be Kam’s ability to fit in with the team and the resulting chemistry. While you want your DLs to have a little bit of an attitude, it sounds like Kam just doesn’t like people, and might have some sort of illness that he is dealing with (depression was mentioned by Ike, I believe). That could be an issue. Or not. Wait and see.


    1. I hope that Kam doesn’t like the people from creepy valley. Especially when they’re dressed in their white pajamas and running around on the lawn at Beaver Stadium on Sept. 9th.


  23. Reed’s last sentence of his 8:44 pm comment was sweet music to my ears (and eyes!). It read: “Plan on regular POV stuff for fall camp.” – FANTASTIC, WOO HOO, & SLAP YO MOMMA!
    Reed, we do not expect or need the same fast paced articles as before. Take your time to smell the roses (and Panther victories) along the way! We’re here for you friend!!!!!


  24. I’m with Reed on our QB issues for the coming season. Browne is mature but who knows if he can execute the game plan. Also if he can’t be effective as a runner we will lose another dimension in the game that Peterman was able to provide at times. As for Ben D, Narduzzi said he has improved greatly over the off season. That’s sometime I’d have to see to believe and quite frankly I’m not too anxious in wanting to see that take place.—I’m still hoping the Watson has the “guts” to use Pickett as the backup if he shows up as our best option at the position.


  25. Reed, I know a woman quite well who manages the hospice for CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.) I can’t even start to think how difficult and stressful her typical workday can be, yet she has been at it for a long time. I have little doubt that once you get started on your noble new venture, you will have a new perspective on who is playing QB at Pitt. And you will also realize your overall value to the point that if you do the find the time for PittPOV, it will be nothing but a great release for you, and you won’t care nearly as much about Dinucci and Conklin.


  26. This team’s success in 2017 is directly proportional to the fortunes of one USC graduate transfer QB by the name of Max Browne. If he isn’t “the guy” for this season, then get ready for Pitt needing a late season victory to become bowl eligible.

    On Paris Ford, good point brought up on PSN’s piece on him about the multiple schools that Ford has attended while getting through HS & the details of credits for classes not all being transferable from one school to another & how that all relates to the NCAA academic guidelines to qualify for acceptance.
    With that in mind, I feel a lot more hopeful that we’ll see him in a Panther uniform In a couple weeks if that is his current dilemma.

    Now whether we’ll see him on the field or not for real games?????? Well that would mean he’s a lot more of a player than I’m giving him credit for. He’s got great potential for sure but the leap to ascend to playing college ball as a true freshman is a major leap. We’ll see. One step at a time. First he has to get on campus!


  27. Of course Browne’s performance is probably key to a strong season, but not the only question mark. Each of the transfers has never done much on the field of play, but are much needed if we are going to win. Obviously many of the young guys need to excel as well. Will Ford be Whitehead or Hamlin in his freshman year? That is if he is eligible. I also think the linebackers are the key if the defense is to improve.

    Overall, I think there are way too many question marks to be certain of anything. Just like the last two years, I place the over/under at seven games. Narduzzi has beat the odds two years in a row. Will he do it again?

    Glad to hear Reed plans to return to form during the season. I will be out of the country and miss the first half of the season so POV will be my lifeline to Pitt Football. Hopefully you guys will do more of a play by play to keep me informed. A real time scoring summary would be much appreciated.


  28. Dr t – I think we’ll not see Ford in a Pitt uniform this season – a belief echoed by Chris Peak and others in the local media. it isn’t just a matter of credits not transferring. He has a lot of academic work to do to qualify thru the NCAA clearinghouse.


  29. Big 10 Media Days—–AP Dantonio promises Spartans revival—My hunch is Dantonio may be on the hot seat at MSU this year. Another year like the last year with the disciplinary problems and lack of wining may have the MSU faithful clamoring for Dantanio’s head and the subsequent hiring of Narduzzi.


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